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Fixing a Marriage and Having Fun!


Lacy and I have been happily married for a little over 9 years.
We married in our early twenties just out of college and
decided together we would take on the world and all of the
challenges before us. We still have not had any children
and being now in our mid thirties we are not sure now if we
want too.

We started a small retail business selling gifts and chocolates
in a seasonal tourist town. During the summer, business
was always good, but after Labor Day until Memorial Day
business was dependent on holidays and special occasions.
To help boost our business we set up sales booths at wedding
and craft shows around the state. We specialized in wedding
favors, gift baskets, and custom candy orders for any event.
This is where my story begins.

I should pause a moment and tell you a little about us. Lacy
is beautiful. She is 5’4”, 115lbs, Brunette, with a perfect
figure. What most attracted me was her eyes. She has beautiful
brown eyes that have that sparkle that can be so damn sexy.

I am not a bad looking guy, but I also know I am not the hottest
guy in the group. For the record I am short, 5’4”, a muscular
140lbs. I am average and that is okay. I just did not think
I was the kind of guy that could ever attract the attention
of Lacy. However, the fates smiled on me and I won her heart
with a good sense of humor, and as she tells me a winning smile.

The summer season had ended and we were getting ready for
our first wedding show to start in a few weeks. The show season
begins the first weekend in October. I could tell that Lacy
was feeling a little down and seemed depressed. When I asked
her what was bothering her she would often just shrug her
shoulders and say, “ nothing, just tired I guess.” I did
not pay too much attention at first and figured she was probably
tired it had been a long summer. We both have been working
a lot and made little time for eachother. Even sex had become
more of duty then a passion for both of us. That is when you
really know you are in trouble. I was getting concerned
because I did not want Lacy feeling depressed or just plain

We stay open at the shop normal business hours during the
month of September, but today was going to be different.
I got up earlier then normal to allow myself time to pack
us a picnic lunch, a bottle of wine, some towels, and the
usual odds and ends. I then got out the silver tray service
we had received as a wedding present. (that had not seen
the light of day in a long time.) I filled the pot with coffee
and made some toast, and even put a red rose from the garden
in a small vase.

It was a beautiful Indian Summer day and I decided to surprise
Lacy with a drive in the country and picnic at one of our favorite
spots up the coast. I hoped that getting away for the day
we would be able to talk and re-kindle some passion in our

With the tray in hand I went upstairs to wake up my beautiful
wife and start her on what I planned to be a very pleasant
day. I had remembered to shut off her alarm and it was good
thing because it was after 8:00am and she is always up by

I did feel a little devilish as I sat on the edge of the bed
and began to gently kiss her awake. I had not done anything
this spontaneous in a long time and it felt good. Lacy began
to stir and then her eyes shot open as she realized the sun
was coming in the window and she was still in bed.

Lacy rolled over and put her hand over her eyes and said “
Oh God Josh did we over sleep? Give me a minute and I will hurry
up and get dressed.” I leaned down and kissed her lightly
on the forehead and said “Relax, you did not over sleep.
I shut off your alarm to let you get some rest.” Lacy removed
her hand from her eyes and looked at me with a scowl, and exclaimed
“What, are you crazy! I hate starting my day behind.” I laughed
and shook my head and said “You are not behind you are taking
the day off. Think of this as a early birthday present.”
“Its not my birthday for several months” she said now with
a small grin on her face. I laughed, “I said it was a early
birthday present”

It was then she noticed the silver service and coffee. “What
is this” she said as she pointed to the side table. “This
is your morning coffee, the paper off the front porch, and
there is a hot bubble bath you can slip into when you feel
like getting up.” Lacy laid there looking a little like
a deer in the headlights and said to me “ Who are you and what
have you done with Josh?”

I laughed hard and told her “do not worry there were no pods
in the basement. I just know that we have had no time for eachother
and I want to escape and have fun with you today.” “What about
the store?” She exclaimed “We can not just leave it closed!”
“Oh yes we can.” I said “that is the advantage of being the
boss and the owner. Besides honey, it will not make any difference
to the business if we play hooky, but it will make a difference
for us.” I kissed her full on the lips and then laid out the
rest of my plan for her. “I am going to go into town and put
a sign on the door that we will be closed today and open for
normal business hours tomorrow. I will change the message
on the answering machine to say the same. There is nothing
that is going to happen today we can not follow up with tomorrow.”
Lacy smiled and nodded her head and said “I guess you are
right. I feel like I am skipping school.” and then she smiled
like I have not seen her smile for a long time.

Lacy then sat up and leaned back against the head board and
reached for her coffee. “Let me do that for you My Lady” I
said in best English Butler accent. As I poured Lacy her
coffee I told her about the rest of the day that lay ahead.
“Now there are some rules for the day.” Lacy looked at me
and one eyebrow raised slightly. I continued on “ Well not
rules exactly, maybe one rule. Well that is not right either,
I guess there are no rules for the day. I just expect us to
have fun and be spontaneous.” I smiled and Lacy clapped
her hands together and said “I can do that”

I leaned over to kiss Lacy goodbye so I could make arrangements
at the store to be gone all day. Lacy wrapped her arms around
me and kissed with more passion then we have both enjoyed
in a long time. When we broke our kiss I grinned and told her
“if you keep that up I won’t make it too the store!” She kissed
me again and said “Thank You Josh for such a wonderful start
to my day. Hurry and go and take care of business, then get
back here, or I won’t let you leave.”

As I backed out of the driveway I smiled to myself and thought
today may not solve all of our problems, but it is certainly
a good start! I hurried into town and posted the sign on the
door at the store and changed the message on the answering
machine. On the way back home I stopped by the party store
to get some ice and beer, along with a small cooler. Being
spontaneous again I grabbed a bottle of champagne and some
orange juice. The makings for some Momsas early in the day.
I walked past the magazine rack and seen a magazine of erotic
stories. What the hell I thought I am being spontaneous
today and picked up a copy.

When I got home I found Lacy soaking in the tub and singing
to the music on the radio playing in the other room. I walked
in and smiling I said “this is the happiest and most relaxed
I have seen you in a long time.” “Oh Josh I am enjoying myself.
I am feeling great! Why don’t you slip into this tub and I
will show you how good I feel.” she said with a wicked grin
and a wink. “Give me a moment, I will be right back.” I went
down stairs and fixed us each a tall Momosa, with more champagne
then Orange Juice. I shed my clothes and entered the bathroom
with our champagne and nothing else. Lacy laughed and said
“I love the service here! Hot men and cold champagne, what
more could a girl ask for!”

I slipped into the tub and handed Lacy her glass. “Here is
to us, and a day long over due.”
As we both drank deeply I looked at her and her big brown eyes
and thought “My God she is beautiful.” I could feel her soft
skin against me as our legs touched and my hand moved up her
inner thigh massaging her leg. I could feel her toes move
up and down my leg as she leaned back against the wall and
began to explore my body with her feet. Her breasts were
floating in the water just enough that her nipples came
out of the water. The cool air and heat of the moment made
them hard and sensitive. As I moved my hand up and down her
leg I would just tease her pussy lips and brush the tips of
my fingers over her clit. I felt her nub get hard and erect.
Lacy’s breathing quickened as I felt her move her feet and
grasp my erection with toes and gently begin to stroke me.

We both set our drinks down and I leaned over and sucked one
of her nipples into my mouth while I lightly pinched the
other. I could feel the tip of my cock slip between her pussy
lips and rub against her hard clit. Lacy began to gently
moan and rock her hips to better move her pussy against me.
I moved up to kiss Lacy, as our lips parted and I felt her tongue
in my mouth, at the same time the tip of my cock moved inside
her. We both moaned together as we shared our kiss. I did
not penetrate her then, but just moved slightly and teased
her sensitive pussy. Lacy began to move against me trying
to impale herself on my cock, “Fuck me Josh, I want you inside
me.” I thrust my hips forward and buried myself deep inside
her. I held myself inside her for a moment and then we began
to move together.

The angle was right with both of us floating in the water
and I could feel the head of my cock move over her G Spot with
every thrust. Our passion took over and we both began to
move faster and faster. Lacy cried out “Fuck me, Fuck me
hard Josh.” Then with a loud moan Lacy cried “I am Cummmmmming”
Just as I felt my erection swell and my balls tighten I also
began to cum. Lacy and I held eachother with my cock still
deep inside her as we calmed down after such a intense orgasm.
Catching our breath with both shared a kiss and enjoyed
laying there holding eachother for the moment. I playfully
pinched her nipple between my finger and thumb and began
to massage breast in my hand. Lacy cooed and said “If this
is how the day is going to be I want play hooky more often!”
I kissed her again and said “Are you ready for me to get you
a towel, or would you like to stay here awhile longer?” “Lets
get out of the tub, I want to see what else you have planned
today.” She said.

Lacy finished cleaning up and got dressed while I loaded
the car with our picnic lunch and all the odds and ends for
a day away at the beach. We were both smiling and singing
to the radio and felt no pressure as we got ready to go. I could
not help but think I have not felt like this since we were

The weather was perfect as the forecast promised. The sun
was shining, big puffy clouds, and looked like it was going
to hit 80 degrees. A great day for the beach. The beach we
like to go to is about 60 miles up the coast. You can not see
the beach from the highway and only the locals know about
it this small strip along the coast. You have to climb down
about 100 feet to get to it once you park, so even the locals
do not like to go there. It is a popular spot for teens and
anyone in shape to make the climb. This time of year is great
because the teens are all in school during the week, and
everyone else is working. It is almost certain we will have
the place to ourselves.

Lacy and I drove along the highway cuddling with her head
on my shoulder, and just relaxing to the radio. After about
a half hour Lacy broke the silence and said “Josh, Thank
You for today. If it ended now it would still be perfect,
but what brought this about? I can’t help but think that
there is a reason.”

I did not want the day to be serious, but I also wanted to be
honest so I said, “Lacy I was getting worried about you and
about us. We have both been so busy and stressed we stopped
having fun. I could also tell that something has been bothering
you, but you have avoided telling me. If you want to tell
me now I am listening.”

Lacy sat up and looked it me with a sheepish smile on her face
and said, “I will tell you what has been bothering me but
I don’t think you will understand. I am 32 years old and I
feel like I have missed out on something.” It must have been
the shocked and hurt look on my face because Lacy smiled
at me and said, “Oh Josh it is not you. I love you very much
and do not regret one minute of our marriage. I think I just
sometimes miss going out with my girlfriends, and living
the single life. Back then I would work all day play all night,
buy new clothes every week. It is that nostalgia feeling
of not having any responsibilities, and just worried about
having fun. Now all my girl friends are tied down with families
and life responsibilities, as it should be. I would not
want to go back to that life all the time I have grown past
that, it is just that sometimes I miss it. I just want to sow
a few wild oats every now and then and know I can’t. I know
I am being silly that is why I have never brought it up.”

I looked over at the woman I loved and smiled and said, “I
think that I do understand, and no I do not think you are being
silly. I have been feeling the same way, at least I think
we are on the same page. We have both been under alot of stress
to get this business up and running that we never have fun
like we used too. We started this business a little over
5 years ago. You were 26 and I was 29. When we were working
7 days a week our friends were going out golfing, on vacation,
having cookouts, etc... Now we are planning to be traveling
off and on now until next summer doing shows. I do understand
how you feel.”

We both looked at eachother and it was if a weight had been
lifted from us. We both started to get big smiles on our face
and then started laughing. Lacy moved over next me and put
her head on my shoulder and cuddled up to me as I was driving.

“So lover what do we do about our problem of being overworked,
and bored with life?” Lacy said to me. “I think talking like
we are is a good start. We have a big advantage over our friends
you know. We do not have any kids to worry about, and our business
is doing well enough that we can make time for ourselves
in the off season. We both have a very spontaneous and wild
side that has been dormant too long, lets change that to
start. I think today is a good indication we are on the right

With the mood lightened and both of us feeling much better
we soon found ourselves pulling off the main road on to the
dirt track leading to the beach. It did not take us long to
gather our things and head down to our favorite track of
sand. We were surprised to find four more people on the beach
laying out their blankets and settling in. Obviously two
couples. The girls were one very attractive blond, and
one just as attractive brunette. The girls were about 5’4”
and filled out their swim suits nicely. Both guys looked
to be about 6’ tall and in good shape. They all seemed to be
mid twenties and well tanned. It looked as if they had spent
the summer on the beach. We looked at eachother a little
disappointed and shrugged our shoulders and headed out
on to the sand.

The beach area is not very large, maybe 100 yards. Not big
enough that you can avoid anyone without being rude. So
we waved and said hello as we now felt a little like intruders.
They all waved back and smiled in a way that seemed genuine
and made us feel welcome. Then one of the guys yelled over
to us that we were welcome to lay our blankets over by them
and join their party. The high walls of sand around the small
beach left a limited amount of sand that got sun all day.
Our new friends were camped in the center of the best spot
on the beach.

We walked over and the guy that had yelled to us held out his
hand and said, “Hi my name Brad and this is Chris” pointing
to the other guy standing with him. I reached over and shook
his hand, then Chris’s and said “I am Josh, and this is my
wife Lacy.” Just then the two girls came running up from
the water. The brunette beamed a smile at us and said, Hi
my name is Mandy and this is Nikki. Did I hear you say your
names were Josh and Lacy?”
We both nodded and said “Yes.” “Thank You for being so friendly
and sharing the beach with us” Lacy said “We did not expect
anyone to be here today.”

All four of them laughed and Mandy spoke up and said, “Hell
we should not be here today, we are just stretching out our
summer as long as we can. You see we all graduated from college
this past spring. We decided to enjoy the summer before
we started looking for jobs or going on to grad school. We
figure after 4 hard years of studying we deserve a break.
So we have spent the whole summer partying and playing and
just having fun. We are always up to making new friends so
the more the merrier. You are both welcome to join the beach

“That sounds wonderful, and I am properly jealous.” Lacy
said with a smile. We started to lay out our things and get
settled in. I had to go back to the car and bring down the cooler
as it was too heavy to carry down the hill with our other things.
As I was walking back towards the blanket I heard Chris say
“There is no way you are 32! You look great. I don’t think
you are over 24 or 25.” Brad sat there nodding his head and
said, “I agree if you were not married I would be after you
out right now.” Lacy just smiled and laughed and said “ you
are both just what my ego needed.” Mandy and Nikki were getting
some beer out of the cooler and Nikki looked over at Lacy
and said, “they are right, you are very hot and I would never
think you were 32.”

Just then I came walking up and Mandy says to me “ Hey Josh
how old are you, if you do not mind me asking?” “I am 35, does
that mean I am too old to join the party?” I said with a smile.
Nikki said “ I don’t believe it! You both look great. I hope
I look as good 10 years from now.” I looked at Lacy, laughing
I said “can this day get better?” We all laughed then and
settled down to drink some beer and get some sun.

After a short time Chris went over to the cooler and got out
a small bag and started to roll a joint. He looked at us and
said “I hope you do not mind?. Do you guys smoke?” Lacy and
I looked at eachother and shrugged our shoulders. I said
“ No we do not mind. It has been a long time since either one
of us smoked pot. We got up today and decided to just go with
the flow. We have been workaholics, and today is our day
to cut loose and have fun.”

Mandy threw her hands in the air and shouted, “That sounds
like it fits in with our philosophy. Lets party and have
fun. We have been coming down here everyday this summer.
Since school started you are the first people we have seen
on the beach in almost two weeks.”

For the next hour we sat on the beach and laughed and got stoned.
All the time we became very comfortable with eachother
as if we were all old friends. The more relaxed we got the
more openly everyone flirted with eachother. We found
out that Brad, Chris, Mandy, and Nikki were friends, but
not couples. They would have sex with eachother without
any attachments. Each of them were going in different directions
for their career goals, and relationships would just not
work for them right now. Their openness about sex along
with the beer and pot was disarming and had Lacy and I talking
openly about our sex life or lack of it. Before we knew it
we were all stoned and talked out. Now we just were laughing
and being silly. The girls kept whispering to eachother
every now and then as if they had a female secret, and then
they would chuckle and laugh.

Mandy stood up and said she was getting hot and was going
to go for a quick swim. She wanted to know if anyone wanted
to join her? She then shocked me and Lacy by taking off her
suit. Lacy looked at her and said. “Mandy what are you doing?”
Mandy laughed and said, “We never swim in our suits. Who
wants to ride home in a wet swim suit? Come on Lacy don’t be
a prude come swimming with me.” Then Mandy held her hand
out to help Lacy up. Lacy looked at me and I grinned and said
“Do as you want I am fine with it.” Lacy smiled and let Mandy
help her up.

Lacy was wobbly getting up and I know very nervous, but also
excited I could tell. I had seen that look before where she
was throwing caution to the wind. The next shock was when
Nikki moved behind her and together Mandy and Nikki started
to slowly undress Lacy. Brad and Chris got into the act by
singing the old stripper bumb and grind. Lacy relaxed and
let the girls remove her clothes. Mandy then moved up against
Lacy and let her nipples rub against Lacy’s, as Nikki removed
her suit bottom. I watched as Nikki stood up she slowly let
her hand rub up the inside of Lacy’s leg. Lacy then slightly
spread her legs as Nikki’s hand covered her mound and slid
a finger between her now wet pussy lips. Nikki then lifted
her finger to her mouth and sucked on it a minute.

Mandy then turned Lacy around and said “It is our turn to
undress Nikki.” Mandy then guided Lacy in front of Nikki
and they moved close together until their nipples were
touching. Mandy stepped behind and Nikki and removed her
suit bottom and then moved her hand up her leg until she too
dragged her finger along Nikki’s very wet pussy. The next
shock was when she lifted her moist finger to Lacy, Lacy
stuck out her tongue and let Mandy slide her finger into
Lacy’s mouth. By this time Brad and Chris stopped singing,
and we all had our mouths open and were sporting huge hard
ons. Standing before us were three beautiful woman. All
were about the same height of 5’4”, 34Cs, sweet tight ass,
two brunette and one blond, all clean shaven except for
a small tuft of hair just above their pussies.

Brad said it for all of us “That was the hottest thing I have
ever seen.” The girls all looked at us and laughed and Mandy
said “See I told you we could give them all hard ons without
even touching them.” Then the three of them ran down to the

Us guys all looked at eachother and shook our heads. Chris
said, “They can play that joke on me anytime they like!”
Looking down at the water Brad said “I think it is our turn
to play the same game. Lets drop our shorts and join them.
That is if you are okay with it Josh, your the one that is married,
and we do not want to upset you or Lacy.” I looked at them both,
Maybe because I was high and having so much fun I grinned
and said “Today there are no rules for Lacy and I. Thanks
for asking but you can both even fuck her if she wants you
too. Let the games begin!”

The waters edge was only about 25 feet away from where were
sitting. The girls were all wading in about a foot of water
splashing eachother and being silly. Mandy yelled over
to us, “It looks like you guys are still sporting your hard
ons, is that why you are afraid to come down to the water?”
The three of us stood up and dropped our shorts together.
We all had raging hard ons still and it did stun the girls
at first. All three of us had nothing to be ashamed of. We
were all about 7” long and thick. It was the girls turn to
stare at us gap jawed.

We all started walking towards the water and the girls moved
out further and began to swim in the water, laughing and
inviting us to join them. We jumped in and all splashed around
awhile. Lacy swam over to me and pulled me aside and asked
“Josh are you okay? I am having fun but I do not want you to
get mad at me.” I looked Lacy in the eyes and explained to
her that I was just fine with what has happened or what may
happen. She looked at me quizzically as if she needed a explanation.
“Are you feeling uncomfortable in anyway?” I asked her.
She shook her head no. “Then listen to me. We are both having
fun. I do not know why but I am not a bit jealous or feel threatened
by Chris or Brad. I think because we will most likely never
see any of them again. So if you flirt and play or even if you
got totally wild and fucked them both I would not care. It
is only sex. That is if you do not get mad if I do the same with
Mandy and Nikki.” I said with a grin. “Isn’t this the wild
oats you were talking about?”

Lacy put her arms around me and gave me a deep passionate
kiss and whispered “I do love you.” Just then everyone started
to get out of the water and head back up to the beach. Lacy
and I followed them to the blankets.

Chris started to pass around another joint for everyone
to smoke so we all bunched up together on the blanket. This
time however, we were all naked enjoying the sun. It was
my turn to get up and get everyone a beer, so I walked over
to the coolers as we had moved them into the shade. When I
turned around I noticed that Chris and Brad had taken the
opportunity to each move on one side of Lacy. I didn’t mind
as that left me a spot between Mandy and Nikki.

I passed a beer around to everyone and we all toasted to new
friendships. I leaned back and was enjoying the sun and
the feel of these two naked woman next to me when I heard a
sigh that I knew was Lacy. I looked up through half open eyes
and as everyone was talking Brad and Chris were each casually
making little circles with their fingers on Lacy’s legs.
Moving them up and down slowly working the inside of her
thighs together they would keep getting a little closer
to her pussy and moving back down her leg. It was if they were
choreographed they moved together. I watched as their
hands slowly worked their way up until they both glided
their fingers over Lacy’s pussy as they moved up her belly
towards her very hard nipples. At the same time Mandy and
Nikki began working on me the same way. It was electric to
feel two separate hands moving over my body. I instantly
got hard and sat up a bit so I could watch.

Brad and Chris were also both very hard and were now each
massaging one of Lacy’s breast, rolling her nipples between
their thumb and forefinger. Everytime they would pinch
her nipple Lacy would let out a little moan. I watched as
their hands moved back down her body and Chris’s fingers
parted Lacy’s lips and he inserted a finger deep in her pussy
reaching for her G Spot. Brad at the same time started to
rub her clit.

Mandy and Nikki at this time were doing something very similar
to me. Nikki was gently massaging my balls while Mandy was
stroking my cock. I then watched as Brad leaned down and
the tip of his tongue touched Lacy’s clit. Lacy flinched
and began to buck against Chis’s hand as Brad began to lick
Lacy into orgasm. At that same moment I felt Mandy lean down
and engulf my cock in her hot warm mouth. As Lacy began to
buck from Brad’s tongue lashing, Mandy began to bob her
head up and down on my cock until she was deep throating me.
It was so hot watching my wife being serviced by two men at
the same time I was being serviced by two beautiful ladies.
Just as Lacy began to moan deeply and her orgasm hit her,
I felt my cock swell and balls tighten as I also began to cum.
I told Mandy I was going to cum and she just sucked harder
until I exploded in her mouth. Lacy and I both came together.

While Lacy was coming down Brad and Chris gently stroked
her and sucked on her hard nipples. Mandy sat up and shared
my cum with Nikki in a passionate kiss. I watched as Lacy
reached down and grabbed Brad and Chris’s cocks and began
to stroke them. I heard Lacy say, “ I need to be fucked. I want
one of you to fuck me right now!” At the same time Nikki laid
down on her back next to me and pulled me on top of her. I watched
as Brad climbed between my wife’s legs and spread them wide
while I was watching Brad guide his cock into Lacy, Nikki
guided me into her.

Then Chris placed the head of his cock on Lacy’s lips and
she eagerly began to suck him off. Then Mandy climbed over
the top of Nikki and lowered her pussy to Nikki’s mouth.
Once again I was watching happen to Lacy the same that I was
doing. Only she was fucking to studs and I had two hot woman.
Lacy began to move against Brad so hard I could tell she was
going to have another orgasm. Just then I seen Brad and Chris
both clench up and grunt that they were cumming. I watched
as they began to pump their hot cum into Lacy. Chris cam so
hard that Lacy could not swallow it all and it ran down her
cheek. At almost the same time Mandy also screamed she was
cumming thanks to Nikki. This set Nikki off and I could feel
her pussy spasm around my cock that she was cumming. I had
just cum so I knew I would take a little longer.

It took a few minutes for all of us to catch our breaths and
we laid together. Lacy with her guys, and me with the girls.
All of us touching and exploring our bodies. I heard a rustling
and noticed that Brad and Chris had moved Lacy on her hands
and knees. Just then Mandy and Nikki also began to move around
and Mandy got on her hands knees for me.

Brad lay in front of Lacy as she lowered her mouth over the
head of his cock. Chris was kneeling behind her stroking
her pussy gently and rubbing her juices to get her good and
wet. Nikki was holding my cock in her hand and rubbing the
head over Mandy’s pussy to guide me into her. As the tip of
my cock worked into Mandy’s very tight and wet pussy, Nikki
laid down in front of Mandy as she lowered her head and began
to tongue Nikki’s pussy and clit.

As I pushed into Mandy I watched Chris push into Lacy. I grabbed
Mandy’s hips and began to fuck her stroke for stroke with
Chris fucking Lacy. She felt so good and I had not cum in Nikki
I was not sure how long I would last. I wanted to last at least
as long as Chris. I could hear Lacy moaning and shouting
how good Chris’s cock felt and her screaming for him to fuck
her harder. I looked over and Lacy was jacking off Brad as
she needed to breath through her mouth. Brad also looked
like he was going to explode any minute.

The more I listened to Lacy the harder I pounded in to Mandy.
Mandy was whimpering and begging me not stop as she was also
about to cum. I do not know who shouted they were cumming
first but it had the effect of a chain reaction. I felt Mandy’s
pussy clench in orgasm around my cock and I began cumming
inside her, as I also watched Nikki thrashing and clutching
at the blanket in her orgasm. I looked over in time to see
Brad send a thick stream of cum all over Lacy’s face and hair
as Chris yelled he was cumming and Lacy was saying I can feel
it shooting inside me as her orgasm hit her.

I do not know if we all passed out for a minute but it seemed
like a little while before anyone moved. Nikki and Mandy
crawled over to Lacy and began to gently kiss her and caress
her, as they licked the cum off her face and tits.

As laid on the blanket watching my wife and these two ladies
Mandy asks me and Lacy if we enjoyed ourselves? We were both
so wore out we just smiled. Mandy scooted up her elbow and
said, “We knew you two have never been swingers before or
with anyone else since you were married. We overheard you
two talking while we were swimming and decided to make your
first time special. I know we all enjoyed it!” We all laughed
out loud at that comment.

“I am wiped out how about you Lacy?” I said to my wife. Lacy
smiled and looked around and said to our four new friends,
“You are all wonderful, I am still tingling. How did you
know just what buttons to push?” Nikki spoke up and said,
“Didn’t we tell you we are all pre-med. We have been studying
anatomy for four years!”

Soon after that Lacy and I left for home and the end of a long
day. Mandy gave us the phone number where they are all staying
and said they would be in town for two more weeks. Lacy and
I also have some time before our shows begin and nothing
says we have to keep regular store hours in the off season.

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The joys of sharing is a wonderful thing!


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That was a lovely, well written story and we truly enjoyed
it. WE are newlyweds and trying to keep the juicy in our marriage(SMILE).
Thank you for sharing abit of your life with us.

Martin & Sukeyna

Martin & Sukeyna


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Very well told story, enjoyed it a lot. Glad it helped you
out too.


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Very well written, very precise, very good grammar and
very good effects!!!!! You get an A+!!!!!!!


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Such a nice change for a man to tell how great his wife looked
and to discribe himself so modestly. It really made the
story believable. So sick of hearing, right off the bat,
"I am 6' tall, very muscular, with a 10 in prick".
Well done you two. Great story.


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Great story! What happened to Lacy?


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I totally agree, very well done. I only have one minor quibble.
Your profile says you are a 45 year old guy, but the story
is from the perepective of a 35 yr old guy in a marriage. What
happened since then?


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Great story...did the adventure continue?


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Where's the beach?


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way to turn the tables on the betterhalf