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Five for a Marathon


Evelyn had done it. She had confided in her room mate, Brandi.
She had talked of fantasy; of secret sexual thoughts she
never really intended to act out. “They are fantasy, ”
she told Brandi. “They are things I think about when I’m
in that mood.” Brandi knew how often Evelyn got in that mood.
She knew how long it had been since Evelyn had gotten laid.
They had roomed together for two years. What she didn’t
know about Evelyn was that she masturbated to thoughts
of being done by more than one guy.

It took a while for Brandi to say anything but she had her
own fantasy and this sounded like an opportunity. “What
if, and this is an if; what if I could make that happen for
you? Would you really do it?”

“My god no, ” Evelyn had protested. “It’s a fantasy. I could
never do two guys.” She had gone on to protest just a little
too long. To Brandi, it sounded like Evelyn wanted to be
talked into it.

“I wasn’t thinking about two, actually. I was thinking
about three.” She paused and looked coyly at Evelyn for
a moment. “What about Rob? Would you do him?”

“Rob is your boyfriend for crying out loud. What’s the matter
with you girl? I can’t believe you’re talking about hooking
me up with your boyfriend. And three guys? I never said I’d
go through with doing two.”

Brandi decided to give Evelyn a little background. “Evie, ”
she called her. “Rob and I have done some fun things. The
other two guys I’m talking about, Rob brought home with
him one night when I was over there. I’ve done them all and
Rob is the one that set it up. He’d go for this.” She paused
for a while again. “You know Gary and Mark, Evie. They would
be the other two and I’m sure they’d go for it.”

Evie declined the offer and Brandi let it drop. You can’t
exactly talk a girl into fucking three guys if it isn’t what
she wants to do so Brandi didn’t push it. Evie, though, was
thinking about the fact that Gary was black. Somehow, that
felt like it made a difference. Still, she said nothing
until the next night. They were watching TV when Evie took
them back to the subject.

“So, ” she started quietly. “You’d fix me up with three
guys and just hang out and wait for me to do them or what?”

“Hang out?” Brandi questioned. “Well, I actually had something
else in mind. I was thinking more like ‒ you doing three guys
and a girl.” Brandi looked Evie straight in the eye and waited
to see how she responded.

“You’re talking about me getting done by Gary and Mark,
and your boyfriend, and you?”

Brandi laughed, “well it’s not like everybody is just doing
you, Evie. You do have to participate.” After another pause,
Brandi added, “I want you to do me too.”

For the next couple of days there was a lot of silence mixed
with a few questions, but at week’s end, Evie found herself
in the back seat of Rob’s car heading with them to a cabin
they had in the mountains. Evie was a bit giggly on the trip.
She was excited about the thought of what the weekend had
in store. The thought of simply cutting loose for wild sex
had grown more and more appealing to her and she kept hearing
those words Brandi had used. “Sex fest” had a nice ring to
it. And then too, when Brandi said, “If you get into this,
Evie, you are gonna get fucked.” After one of her pauses
for emphasis, she added, “a lot.” “You are going to get looked
at and touched and tasted all over. You are gonna get eaten
and poked and probed in ways you never imagined. Mostly,
you are gonna cum so much you’ll loose your mind.” Brandi
was grinning when she said that.

At the cabin, they unloaded groceries, wine and a variety
of liquor. Everything else they would need was already
there. It wasn’t long before Rob turned his attention to
making Evie comfortable. She was dressed simply. She wore
sneakers, crisply pressed jeans that hugged her slight
figure. Her light blue, cotton t-shirt draped softly down
her torso and was tucked into her tiny waistband. Evie was
used to the terms, slim, very slim, very, very slim, skinny,
and wiry. Any of them would be accurate but skinny was probably
the most appropriate, or at least very very, very slim.
Her clothes were flattered by the lines of her body and legs.
She didn’t consider herself attractive but the truth was
there was enticing look to her from a very pretty face down
to her toes. Rob hadn’t paid her much attention before,
but he liked what he saw. He found himself measuring her
breasts and figured her for a perky 32 B. Rob was looking
forward to getting her naked. He put an arm around her briefly
and groped her very lean ass.

An hour later, Brandi had started dinner for five and soon
after, Mark and Gary arrived. They all did a good job of making
Evie comfortable ‒ one of the group, but Evie was most conscious
of the way Brandi was looking at her. After dinner, they
were comfortably relaxed in heavily stuffed furniture
or on a large throw rug that accented open space in front
of a large rock fireplace. The fire provided the only light
in the room and Gary was smitten with the way it lit the white’s
of Evie’s eyes and her teeth when she laughed.


Brandi couldn’t hold out long. She got to her feet and reached
down for Evie to stand with her. She stared straight in Evie’s
eyes as she wrapped her arms around the slender waist, pulling
her close. They were kissing lightly when Evie felt Brandi’s
deft fingers unfasten the front of her jeans and ease her
zipper downward. Both girls inhaled deeply as Brandi slipped
her thumbs into Evie’s waistband and slid the jeans over
her narrow hips. Brandi dropped slowly to her knees as she
pulled Evie’s pants down to her ankles. Having taken her
shoes off earlier, it was a simple matter for Evie to brace
herself on Brandi’s shoulders while she compliantly lifted
one leg at a time for Brandi to pull her jeans free and discard
them. The guys sat quietly and watched intently as Brandi
kissed Evie’s legs and lightly stroked her skin with the
gentle scratch of fingernails. As Brandi rose, her fingers
trailed up the inside of Evie’s thighs, stopping just short
of her first touch to Evie’s pussy, a sweet spot Brandi knew
she would be visiting soon enough.

As the girls faced each other, Brandi lifted the bottom
of Evie’s t-shirt, pulling it over her head and Evie lifted
her arms to allow Brandie to strip her. Evie wore pure white
bra and panties, both strikingly feminine and modest.
They contrasted exotically with the darkness of her skin.
Uncertain what to do, Evie simply stood there as Rob, and
Gary, and Mark visually measured her for the experience
they were about to have. Where the firelight reflected
from her skin, she appeared as rich bronze, while in the
shadow her skin was as dark as Gary’s. Her modest breasts
loosely filled the cups of her bra, though a slight shadow
could be seen her hardened nipples pressed the fabric.
Evie’s panties delicately followed the slight curve of
the triangle below her waist, and then circled her body
just below her hips. The front panel bulged to a soft roundness
where her pussy lips were already engorged with excitement.
In back, the fabric dipped smoothly across the valley between
her buttocks, accenting the small roundness of her ass.
She could hear the guys talking quietly as she stood there,
not quite making out their words of anticipation, when
Brandi stepped back and started to remove her own clothes.

Brandi removed her shirt first and her unharnessed breasts
were revealed. Each of they guys already knew the full roundness
of her tits was firm. Her nipples stood firmly outward signaling
the watchers that she felt much less tentative about this
than Evie. Brandi wanted this badly. She dropped her own
jeans and Evie saw that she wasn’t wearing panties either.
In only a few seconds, Brandi was naked and moved over behind
Evie. She unhooked the clasp of Evie’s bra and slid the straps
off her shoulders. Brandi moved slowly, letting the guys
have lots of time to look her over. Still standing behind
her, Brandi pushed the white panties from Evie’s hips and
let them fall to the floor. It was evident to Evie that she
and Brandi were the opening act for a weekend of sex.

Brandi got down to her knees and pulled Evie down with her
in the center of the large throw rug. Both girls were bathed
in firelight, their skin colors contrasted in the sparkles
of flame as Evie lay flat on her back. Brandi knelt beside
her kissing and licking her skin as she scratched her softly
with her fingernails. As she kissed Evie’s small tits,
Brandi leaned on her hands, one near Evie’s shoulder and
the other between her legs. Brandi had placed her hand close
to the engorged fullness of Evie’s pussy and her wrist rubbed
lightly on the tender lips. When Brandi started sucking
Evie’s nipples, Evie slow rolled her hips, using Brandi’s
wrist to rub her clit. Brandi felt the wetness build between
Evie’s legs and slowly turned her body as she kissed down
Evie’s chest to her stomach. She toyed around Evie’s naval
briefly, kissed her sides and hips and turned fully to lower
her face between her legs. She drug her tongue slowly through
Evie’s deep, wet slit until she could push it inward at her
opening. Evie’s body writhed against the feel of Brandi’s
tongue but she jolted suddenly at the sensation of her tongue
pushing at her pussy ring. Brandi moved her elbows between
Evie’s legs, opening her widely as she turned slightly
further and swung a leg over Evie’s head. As Brandi licked
at Evie, she lowered her own pussy to Evie’s face and instantly
both girls were engrossed in the pungent sweetness and
delicate textures of pussy.

Both girls, tasting and feeling the soft pulp of pussy against
their tongues for the first time, were engrossed in their
new discovery. Each licked at the other’s delicate folds,
lapped at the wetness, and thrilled at sucking another
girl’s clit. Evie would mash her face against Brandi’s
cunt, rubbing against her juices and Brandi would work
at plunging her tongue into the pink flesh of Evie’s hole.

Around them, three cocks had grown painfully hard and the
guys were peeling off their own clothes as they watched.
Gary was particularly engrossed in Evie although seeing
Brandi’s ass in the air was exciting. He didn’t let on he
was a little disturbed at the thought of two white guys fucking
Evie. He had to remind himself that it was Rob who had arranged
for his first fuck of Brandi and he knew he shouldn’t be thinking
of color. Still, he thought he should get to pop Evie first.
That wasn’t to be. They had played their little game and
worked out who would do who first and it was he who started
the rest of the night in motion.

Gary decided then that it was time to heat the place up. Evie
was on her back with Brandi straddling her face, fully engrossed
in the scent of the wetness that seeped from Brandi’s pussy.
Pussy felt so much more tender and full against your face,
she thought, than it did at the tips of your fingers. She
had her eyes closed when she sensed someone near her head.
Opening her eyes, all Evie could see was Gary’s long black
cock and his legs as he inched closer. On his knees, Gary
moved in for a piece of the action and let the tip of his cock
tap Evie’s face. It was mostly a territorial move. He was
going to make sure Evie knew there was a black cock in the
room and he had yet another gesture in mind for later. As
Evie licked at Brandi’s clit, she saw the head of his cock
slip into Brandi’s tender folds and disappear. It seemed
to get shorter as Brandi’s pussy received his length. Evie
felt Brandi’s legs stiffen as she watched the thick meat
slide deeper into her hole.

Evie realized she had been letting herself focus mainly
on her enjoyment of Brandi’s pussy and now Brandi was getting
double the fun. Evie turned her attention to her own pleasure
as she watch Gary’s slab glide smoothly in and out in front
of her eyes. She focused on the feel of Brandi’s lips and
tongue even though she sensed Brandi was nearing climax.
She worked Evie more aggressively, faster and with more
movement of her tongue. Evie knew she wasn’t far from cuming
herself when she felt Mark reach between them and start
fondling her little tits. Soon, Brandi moaned deeply and
Evie could feel her legs tremble. Gary pumped fast and harder
and she could feel Brandi fighting to keep her face against
her pussy. Brandi shrieked softly and soon began to giggle
with pleasure as her orgasm soared through her body and
Gary slowed his pace. In seconds, Gary was making his own
noise as his cock jerked his first burst of cum into Brandi.
A second burst and Evie could tell Brandi was feeling it.
Before the third, Gary had started to withdraw but it spewed
into Brandi as well. He had pulled free for the next burst
and Evie saw his cum spatter Brandi’s lips and yet another
then hit Evie in the face. Gary made sure Evie was marked
with his cum.

That was all it took. Between Brandi’s artful indulgence
of her pussy, and Gary’s cum on her skin, Evie’s body exploded
with a convulsive orgasm the shook Brandi as well. She didn’t
hold back and her shriek got everyone’s attention. Evie
was instantly pleased she had set her reservations aside
and decided to join this weekend. By the time the trio untangled
themselves, Evie was more than ready to fuck them all.


After the first episode, Evie lay flat on her back with one
knee in the air, letting her body relax from the excitement
of the first encounter. Brandi sat on a towel, her pussy
oozing her juice and Gary’s cum. The group talked casually
like it was any other night but the guys were too aroused
to let it last long. Rob had earned the right to decide his
next move. As Brandi watched, he made his way over to where
Evie lay, still breathing heavily from the throes of her
orgasm. He eased himself between her knees and she watched
him intently. Rob laid down on the rug, his face into her
crotch and started to slowly slide his tongue up and down
her smoothly shaven pussy. He ran the tip deep into her slit
and played with the delicate folds of skin as he savored
the taste of wetness that covered her. Evie felt him plunge
his tongue into her cunt, lapping against the ring that
circled her opening. He moaned with pleasure at her taste
and sucked her juices into his mouth. After a time, he paused
to look at Gary and Mark.

“Ya know, you guys might want to come take a taste of this
before I blow my nuts all over it.”
They needed no encouragement,
and in seconds, Evie was feeling the fingers and palms of
three guys exploring her. As Rob moved to the side, Gary
pushed two fingers into Evie’s pussy while he moved in to
position. He probed and rubbed her channel briefly before
replacing his fingers with the tip of his tongue. Rob and
Mark continued to stroke her skin and fondle her tits while
Evie absorbed herself in the incredible feeling of the
three guys taking turns licking her pussy. Eventually,
Rob had to move Mark out of the way to move on.

As Mark and Gary knelt to the side, Rob lifted Evie’s legs,
hooking his arm under her knees and lifting them. Evie found
herself on her back with her legs bent back and spread wide.
Her pussy, agape and sodden, poised wantonly for what he
did next. Rob leaned forward, drug his cock the length of
Evie’s slit and then pushed firmly into her cunt. Her inhale
was long and slow, matching the thrust of Rob’s cock as it
glided smoothly into her wet grip. Evie was getting her
first fuck of the weekend and she suddenly felt the fullness
of Rob’s pressure against her tender walls. She also realized
it was exciting to be taken like this with two guys looking
on just as she noticed Brandi moving in for a closer look.
Brandi leaned down and whispered into Evie’s ear as Rob
began to pump her slowly. “You take good care of my man,
Baby, ”
she said and Evie immediately tensed her muscles
to squeeze Rob’s cock. Rob moaned with the instant feel
of her clutch and Evie was jolted with the sensation of already
growing to her next orgasm. She turned her head to see Mark’s
cock buried in Brandi’s mouth as she worked it with hunger.
That sight and the slow pumping in her cunt caused her orgasm
to surge like none she had felt before. Evie’s body trembled
and screamed at the sensations, taking Rob over the top
as well. Evie felt like all of her nerves were heightened
and she could feel the distinct wash of four bursts of his
warm cum splashing inside her.

Rob had pulled out and milked the last of his cum to drop dollops
on Evie’s pussy. Evie laid back spread eagle and exhausted
when she saw that Gary was moving into place. There wouldn’t
be a break in the action and no sooner had Rob moved out of
the way than Evie felt her pussy ring stretched again as
Gary pushed his cock inside. She glance toward Brandi,
as if to say, “so this is what it’s like, ” and what
she saw was Mark’s cum dripping from Brandi’s lips. She
held the shaft in her hand and licked the cream from his skin
as Gary thrust upward to drive every inch of his cock into
Evie. Her channel was slicked from her juices and the cum
Rob had shot into her and Gary pumped hard and fast. Evie
felt her ass pushed along the carpet from the strength of
his thrust until once again she sensed cum flowing into
her. Without a break, Evie had been eaten by three guys and
suddenly the second load of cum was filling her cunt. She
regretted that his thrust had been so abrupt and he’d finished
so quickly that she wasn’t ready to cum again, but she took
his cream gratefully. This had been the first time she had
thought of the fact she’d be so filled with cum. This was
also the first time she had realized the pungent scent of
sex in the room.

As Gary withdrew Evie noticed Brandi straddling Rob. With
both hands she was stroking his cock as she watched Evie
fucking. Evie saw Gary move up and stand next to Brandi.
As she stroked Rob, Gary held his cock to her face and Brandi
started to lick his dark meaty shaft. At the same time, Mark
was moving in to take his turn with Evie.

Mark was a little different. He rolled Evie to her side,
stroked the length of her body and then scissorred himself
in between her legs. He was on his knees and he lifted her
top leg to his shoulder, once again poising her pussy agape.
He continued to stroke her softly as he inched forward watching
his own cock as it pressed between the folds of her lips until
he was pressed too tight to her to see any more. Evie felt
his cock drive forward to the hilt at the same time as his
hands stroked her and caressed her. Mark began to gently
roll his hips, using his cock to probe her insides as he explored
her body. Evie lay relaxed, feeling indulged as she faced
Brandi, artfully working Rob’s cock with her hands and
sucking Gary.

Evie felt a warmth at being indulged all over at the same
time she was filled with another cock. Mark had a way of involving
her whole body while she lay compliant to his cock groping
her insides. It wasn’t long until she felt the radiation
of another orgasm. She grinned at the thought that she was
getting her third cock in a row. It didn’t hurt that she could
visually tell that Gary was in the middle of dumping a load
of his cum in Brandi’s mouth at the same time she was inching
herself forward to settle her pussy down on her boyfriend’s
cock. The scent of the room continued to grow more pungent
as three of them sat and watched Brandi slowly gyrate as
she sat on Rob. It was a slow, comfortable fuck until the
grin on Brandi’s face told them all she was feeling Rob spewing
again. They guys hooted a little, but Evie found she was
more enthralled by the site of Brandi’s pussy, her slit
spread and her hole full of cock.


The group sat around the fire for some time as Rob made them
all drinks. There was an occasional frisky moment: a cock
pressed to a girl’s mouth, a little groping and a little
fondling, but eventually Brandi turned to Evie. “So,
girl, are you about ready for bed?”
she asked. The guys
started hooting again, thinking more action was about
to start. Brandi had action in mind, but it didn’t involve
the guys. ”Settle down, boys, she protested.
”This is girl time. You guys get to sleep down here. Evie
and I get to give our pussy a rest in the bedroom so we are ready
for the rest of the weekend.”
She gave them a wink and
they all watched admiringly as two pert little asses strolled
slowly up the stairs.

They showered together, each washing the cum from the other’s
pussy and thighs. Of course they compared cocks and talked
about Evie’s enjoyment of the night. It was obvious to both,
though, that they had enjoyed their female experience
more than they had expected. Both were looking forward
to their time alone.

It wasn’t long before they were on the bed exploring each
other. They touched and tasted and fondled every inch of
each other’s skin until soon they were back and sucking
each other’s clits. Eventually, moved to intertwine their
legs and pushed herself forward to Evie, pressing their
pussies together. They laid there quietly, gently rolling
their hips, rubbing their wet lips on each other. It was
relaxing as well as stimulating until Brandi reached toward
a chest at the foot of the bed.

Evie watched as she pulled out a double dildo and grinned
at Evie. It wasn’t a large one. Brandi had thought it out
when she bought it. It seemed just the right size to fill
them both and still let them rub their lips together. Evie
was grinning now too, as Brandi bent forward to ease the
shaft into her. Brandi watched wide-eyed as Evie’s ring
gave way to the phallic and it started to slide into her.
Then Brandi scooted herself forward, pointing the other
end at herself and repeated the motion. Brandi grabbed
Evie’s thighs and pulled herself forward, driving the
dildo into them both. They giggled a little before each
reached down to fondle the other’s clit.

Both girls would say later that their orgasms seemed to
go on forever. As they gently rolled their hips to fuck the
other with the silicon cock and fondled each other’s clits,
the orgasms swelled but didn’t seem to peek. As long as they
relaxed and fucked each other slowly, it just lingered,
their bodies on fire and nerves excited. Brandi was the
first to peak. Without warning her body had seemed to erupt
in convulsive orgasm. She shrieked and gasped and both
girls began to laugh at the sudden convulsion. The instant
the laughter started Evie’s climax and she suddenly fell
silent. She had a look of shock on her face as it shot through
her thighs and up her sides. Both girls stared at each other
briefly before they started laughing again. Each was still
feeling the surge of orgasm but neither could move to work
the dildo. They fell to their backs and let the orgasms run
their course, letting out small giggles. Not surprisingly,
the girls were the last to get up in the morning.

The next day would bring more of the same. The girls came
down to the kitchen wearing only snug boy shorts. Brandi
was in blue while Evie wore pink. Mark and Rob were standing
in the kitchen drinking coffee while Gary sat on a stool
leaning back against the counter. They all wore short robes
and Gary kept his eyes on Evie as she poured coffee. As they
stood around talking, Gary eventually suggested the Evie
need some cream in her coffee. He let his robe fall open to
reveal his marginally erect cock and there wasn’t much
question what he was suggesting. Evie didn’t protest.
She walked directly to him and got down on her knees between
his parted legs. Without hesitation she moved forward
and pushed his shaft into her mouth. She took him clear to
his base and started sucking and rubbing his cock with her
tongue. As she felt the shaft harden in her mouth she started
to work him in long slow strokes, pausing once in a while
to flick his head with her tongue. Evie never released him
from her mouth until eventually she felt the sharp twitches
that signaled the flow of his cum. She pressed him deep just
as his cum spewed from the tip and shot to the back of her throat.
His groans and “oh, baby’s” excited her and she
suck him harder waiting for his final release.

The others glanced their direction now and then but mostly
carried on with their morning. That was how the day went.
Each got their share of groping and fondling. The guys all
got sucked more than once and the girls were fucked till
they flowed white with cum. It was later in the evening though
when Evie again found herself transfixed with the sight
of what Brandi was doing.

Brandi was on her knees directly in
front of the blazing fire. Rob was behind her preparing
to do her once more. What Evie hadn’t expected was when he
pointed his hard shaft to Brandi’s ass. Evie’s eyes widened
and her mouth fell open as she watched Brandi’s sphincter
spread to receive him. Evie had done anal plenty of times,
but just like her pussy, Evie was enjoying the sight of Brandi
having a cock pushed into her opening. Brandi groaned some
when Rob would push and she would arch her back when it hurt,
but mostly, Evie could see she enjoyed it. She enjoyed it
more when Mark joined in, reaching beneath her to caress
her tits and fondle her clit. Rob didn’t pump, he just pressed
himself in and rolled his hips. With Mark’s help, Rob and
Brandi came together, Rob spewing cum into her ass as she
chortled with delight.

When they had finished, Gary turned to Evie. “So, Evie,
you’ve been very accommodating. Maybe there’s something
different you want to try to finish this off.”

Evie thought about it briefly, knowing full well she be
getting it in the ass eventually. ”Actually, I’ve been
trying to think of how we can all do it together.”
laughed nervously. Anybody ever done something with

None of them had, but Gary had his ideas. It wasn’t long before
he was on his back, a pillow under his shoulders so he was
reclined. He held his cock in his hand, poised toward Evie’s
ass as she back onto him. He watched as his head disappeared
into her butt. She groaned as she pushed. He loved the sight
of his cock sliding into her hole as much as he loved the feel
of it slipping through the tight ring of her rim into the
spongy wetness of her ass. Evie winced at the pain of the
meat stretching her tiny ring as she pushed. She exhaled
loudly as she took him deep. Then, Gary held her hips as she
lay back against him and spread her legs.

Instantly, Brandi was on her knees licking Evie. She licked
from the exposed base of Gary’s cock, up to her pussy hole
and the length of her slit. She was sucking Evie’s clit when
Mark moved in to fuck Brandi from behind. Rob knelt beside
Evie, turned her head to the side and leaned in to push his
cock into her mouth. He fucked her mouth as long as Mark fucked
Brandi and only once Mark had shot her another load did they
change places.

Rob moved between Evie’s legs and slid his cock into her
pussy. He could feel the pressure of Gary’s cock against
the back wall of her pussy and Evie was amazed at the sensation
of being filled with two cocks at once. Brandi has moved
around to squat over Evie’s face and pussy juice and cum
seeped from her as Evie licked at her hole. Mark was standing
with his cock in Brandi’s mouth at the same time. Gary wasn’t
moving but Rob’s thrusts got them both off at the same time
and Evie felt the hot cum flowing into both of her holes at
once. Her own orgasm took control of her body and seared
from her fingers to her toes. Evie went limp as her muscles
seemed to turn to jello. Brandi’s orgasm had already started
and even though Evie was not longer licking, Brandi felt
a surge of wetness that must have gushed juice and come all
over Evie’s face.

Once Brandi had given Mark one last finish, the group sprawled
out on the carpet. Nobody got the bedroom that night and
when they awoke, Gary was fucking Evie one last time. While
they prepared to leave, the conversation turned to coming
back for another weekend. It was Evie that suggested they
bring a few more people. She was thinking five couples instead
of five people. She was even thinking of fuck games and movies.

This quiet sail is as a noiseless wing to waft me from distraction ~ George Gordon Noel Byron

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By far the best story I have read. Awesome job.


DunksLumenTeams replies on 1/24/2008 7:00 am:
lol...well I don't know about best, mostwilling, but I do appreciate that you think so and took the time to comment

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Way to go, dpenn2! I agree. It's one of your best!


DunksLumenTeams replies on 1/24/2008 7:01 am:
Well, Hi, Texas. Thank you for saying so. I enjoy writing when someone likes it.

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An excellent group sex story, tastefully done with respect
shown for all.


DunksLumenTeams replies on 1/24/2008 7:02 am:
And thanks to you icecream. I'm glad you enjoyed it and appreciate your comments

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wow, non stop steam. It could be quite a fantasy thowing
caution to the wind, forgetting everything except sex
and just blowing it out for a couple days. Nice writting
as usual


DunksLumenTeams replies on 1/29/2008 12:06 pm:
Yeah, Colleen. Kinda wore me out writing it.. Thanks for it when you visit.

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great story...


DunksLumenTeams replies on 1/29/2008 12:07 pm:
Thanks, MsShay. I appreciate that you took the time to say so. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

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Well, thanks MsShay. I appreciate that you took the time
to say you thought so.


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excellent story, would like to do that one day....


DunksLumenTeams replies on 1/30/2008 5:58 pm:
I've heard from a few that said they'd like to do that. Yep, that cut loose and go for it might feel good, huh? Thanks for reading luvlihips, and thanks for commenting.

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Awesome tale .... and I found it deeply erotic ... thank
you .. I will look for some of your other articles

xxx Charmers55_2


DunksLumenTeams replies on 1/30/2008 9:10 pm:
thanks, charmer, I have quite a few in here. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I'm glad you liked it.

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mmm that was well written. i would love to do that.


DunksLumenTeams replies on 1/31/2008 4:43 pm:
a few of you girls have suggested they'd have their hands up as a volunteer. lol...thanks for reading and for leaving a comment bindabella. I appreciate it.

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Very good story, I could not write it no better. LOL..


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Keeping me warm, wet and my fingers busy as usual baby! Read
one of your stories to a friend a couple of weeks ago. I think
u are his favorite author now also. Thanks for the fun!


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hehehehe, got your finger on the trigger do you, Cher? So
you read it to a friend? Um, might that have been in the manner
of "Margaret's Narrator?" Nice seeing
your footprints, Cher.


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something like that! Keep them cumming sweetie!


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You are singing our song. Read and comment in our MFM Blog
voyeurs69in2003 and join our group MFM lovers, the highest peak


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I think that I came every time Evie did - wow that was hot...
I didn't dream when I sat down to read that you'd
take me so far in so many minutes. Wow! I'll be back for
more and more..... mmmmm that was delicious! J.


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jonesgreg...settle you have me breathing
heavy now. Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the
time to comment


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Excellent story. Hope you keeping them cumming. You really
know how to enjoy the weekend.