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First time with my Aunt ( correct edition )


It was a rainy Thursday afternoon. I was home since the college
was closed for two days due to the weekend. After taking
meals, I had come to my room. The atmosphere was such that
I did not feel like picking up any book to study. So, I rummaged
through my cupboard and pulled up a couple of playboy magazine’s
my friend had loaned to me. I plunged into the bed and started
browsing through the magazine. The white smooth naked
boobs of the models were arousing enough and my tool started
responding to those pictures by growing in size. Automatically,
my hand went inside the pants and started rubbing it. But
my pants were too tight, so I unbuckled and lowered the pants
and underwear. My fully erect penis immediately popped
up like a pole and I started stroking it gently while enjoying
the beauty of playboy magazine.

Not even two minutes passed since I started stroking my
erect penis in the open, and my room's door was pushed
open and my aunt walked in the room saying to me something
like "Kareem, the rain is wetting these clothes.
I will dry them in your room". But when she had a sight
of me lying on my bed half naked, she just froze like a statue,
her eyes widened, her jaw dropped and the clothes she held
falling on the floor. I swiftly hide the magazine under
the pillow and covered myself with a bed sheet and rose from
the bed. My aunt too got back to her senses. She gave me a stern
look and left the room immediately. While leaving, she
banged the door shut. I was shaking with shame and the worry
that she will complain to my uncle Samy.

After my aunt left the room, I wore my pants and picked up
all the washed clothes she threw on the floor. I hung them
on the drying line to dry. Since it was afternoon time, I
had thought that she must be going to take her daily noon
nap so I wasn't expecting her to enter my room until
3:30PM when she would bring me tea. It was a mistake to keep
the door unlocked. I told myself to be careful next time.
Next time? Would there be next time? Would I dare to do these
things next time? I wondered.

After passing my 12th three years ago, I had moved from our
town to join them in the city to study Computer Engineering
and stayed with my uncle and his wife and their son Khalid.
My uncle worked in a MNC. My aunt was a housewife and Khalid
went to primary school. My aunt came from a very conservative
upper class family and was very strict but caring person.
Ever since I started living with them, she had made sure
to serve me warm food and ensure that I was studying hard.
Although she wouldn't know much about what I studied,
she certainly used to check if my studies were on track or
no. Fortunately, I used to score good marks. Only once had
I scored just passing level marks in Math and my aunt had
given me a long lecture about importance of academic scores.
In summary, I was quite scared of my aunt.

I shed all the thoughts from my mind and started studying.
At 3:30, my aunt knocked the door and said "Kareem,
tea is kept on the dining table" and walked away. I
could imagine that she was still very angry. I opened the
door and went to the dining room. My tea cup was lying on the
dining table. Aunt was not to be seen. She was probably in
her bedroom. I picked up my cup and went to my room and continued
studying. But I could not focus. I was still thinking about
the incident and wondering how I would win my aunt's
confidence back. I replayed the afternoon incident in
my mind. Aunt had seen my naked, erected penis. That thought
made my penis rise again. "Oh no! What is happening
to me?" I thought. Imagining my aunt seeing my erect
penis was arousing me. My aunt was in her early 30's
was very beautiful. She had a very good shape. But she always
wrapped herself well in clothes so exploring her assets
was quite difficult. Still, I had a glimpse of her cleavage
once in a while when she bend while doing household chores.
But so far, I had ignored the sight of those cleavages. But
today, I was getting only bad thoughts about her.

At dinner, Aunt seemed normal. But I was very quiet since
I was expecting the worst thing, my uncle knowing about
the incident. I feared that he would throw me out of his house.
But nothing like that happened. As a matter of fact, He asked
me why I was quiet. I did not lift my eyes and just said, everything
was alright. But he would not believe. He asked my aunt,
"Sarah, what happened to Kareem? He is very quiet?"
I was shivering from inside thinking what aunt would say.
But I was surprised with her answer, "He must be tensed
about the exams. Kareem, you need to study very hard.."
She said. I was so relieved with her response. But at the
same time I don't know why I thought that she intended
a pun when she said the word "hard". Did she intend
to remind me about my hardness in the afternoon? I just couldn't
stop thinking about the incident. Other than this discussion,
the dinner was uneventful.

At night, after I got in my room, I locked the door from inside.
I could not get rid of the dirty thoughts about her. I removed
my pajamas and underwear and started stroking my penis
while imagining that my dear aunt was stroking it and telling
me that you have to make it hard. The way she had uttered the
word "hard" at the dinner table was very sexy.
I started stroking faster. I realized that I was going to
cum. So, I paused and looked for a cloth to wipe. Suddenly,
I spotted my aunt's panty hanging on the drying lines.
A wild thought came in my mind and I pulled it. I smelled her
panty, but I only smelled the detergent. I wrapped her panty
around my penis. Oh! What a warm feeling it was. I shut my
eyes and imagined of my aunt in that panty and rubbed my penis.
It was feeling like my body was getting electrified. I had
lost all my senses. I rubbed harder and harder and in few
more strokes, I had a huge orgasm. I ejaculated my semen
with the force I had never experienced in the past. My aunt's
panty absorbed my whole semen. I wiped my penis with it.
Now I got dressed again and washed her panty in the basin
and hung it back on the drying line. I was now so exhausted
that I ignored studying and went back to sleep.

Several days passed by. Aunt was acting normal with me now.
As if she had forgotten this incident completely. But the
incident had changed my outlook towards her. Now, she used
to be my star fantasy to masturbate on. Now the way I looked
at her also changed. I never missed an opportunity to spot
her accidentally viewable cleavage or any visible part
of her sexy body. One day, when I was having my breakfast,
Aunt said to me that she was going to take a bath in my bathroom
since their bathroom had a choke-up problem. She also instructed
me to stay outside of the study room until she was done. I
nodded. As she went, I started having wild ideas. My aunt
was having a bath in my bathroom. The thought gave me an instant
hard. I waited on the dining table until I heard the bathroom
door closed and the shower running in my bathroom. I gathered
courage and got up from the chair and sneaked into my room.
I was hearing her singing her favorite song while bathing.
My bathroom has a key hole through which one can get a sneak
peek. Actually, it’s a stupid idea to have a key hole to
the bathroom door; I was seeing my aunt's bare back
and her ass crack. I started rubbing my cock right there
while enjoying the view of her wet naked body from behind.
What a smooth texture of skin she had. And her plump ass was
very inviting. I was hoping that she would turn around to
give me the glimpse of her naked boobs but due to excitement
I started shaking and to avoid getting in trouble, I returned
to the dining table and started eating breakfast.

After 10 minutes, Aunt came out of the room. She was wearing
fresh clothes and her wet hair tied in a towel. She walked
to me and said, "Kareem, I found your watch in bathroom.
Take it. And don't leave things around like this".
While taking the watch, I felt the touch of her hand. In past
so many times have I experienced such touch, but today it
was so different that it sent current through my entire
body. It was warm and very soft. Oh man! I was again having
a hard on in my pants. "Thanks Aunt!" I said and
left the dining room. I wanted to shag immediately, but
with the fear of she again finding out my dirty secret, I
dropped that idea and left the house on the pretext of meeting
a friend of mine. Since then I must have seen her 3-4 times
through the keyhole. I was glad that the plumber was not
able to fix their bathroom.

Now I really wanted to have sex with my aunt. I had fantasized
about her so much that now I wanted the real taste of her.
But how would that be possible? She was very strict and conservative.
Sometimes I even wondered if she ever has sex with my uncle.
And if she does, then how she must be reacting to my uncle's
humping. "Hope she doesn't chant some prayers
and doesn't ask the god for forgiving the sins she made
while having sex" I used to think and laugh to myself.

Months passed. I graduated engineering with first rank
in the entire college. I had scored very high marks and secured
a very good job in a campus interview. Everyone was very
happy. Actually my scores were superior to my brother's.
Both uncle and aunt were very excited. We all celebrated
my graduation and the new job having dinner in a five star

After I got the job, I mentioned once to my uncle and aunt
that it was time for me to look for new accommodation for
myself and not remain as a burden on them. My uncle was surprised
with my proposal and said, "You are my nephew Kareem.
How can you be a burden? Don't spend money on rents.
Accumulate enough for your marriage." My aunt was
very angry with my thoughts. She said, "Are we so distant
to you now? Why do you want to move out? Who will cook warm
food for you? Don't be stupid like this Kareem."
I felt bad. I said, "Sorry aunt. I did not want to hurt
you. I like you so much. I will not move out. I will continue
staying with you. But at least don't ask me to study
now." We all laughed. I was so relieved that I was not
causing a burden. Also, I was happy that I would get to be
around my secret love more often.

I must admit, after my graduation, my aunt's attitude
towards me had changed. She was no more a disciplinary person
with me. Earlier, she behaved with me as if I was a kid. But
now she had started becoming friendlier. I had bought a
computer from my first salary. So, I taught her how to operate
it. She was a quick learner. I also introduced her to face
book and Gmail, chat etc. She often chatted with me on ym
when I was at work and she was alone at home. Overall, we were
developing a very good friendship. In three months of starting
a job, I also bought a modern bike on installment. The day
I brought the bike, my aunt did serve sweets to all of us. I offered her a ride behind me. First she hesitated,
but my uncle insisted that she goes. Upon his permission,
she readied. Khalid also wanted a ride. So, I made him sit
in front of me and aunt sat in the back with her flank facing
towards me. Since I had to sit a bit behind to accommodate
Khalid, she had a very little room and she was completely
sticking to my back. Such a soft touch it was. I had to apply
breaks a few times while maneuvering through the traffic
and to adjust the balance; my aunt put her hand on my shoulder.
I also felt a soft touch on my back and I was sure it was her
boobs. The very soft boobs I was dying to press were resting
against my back.

That ride was memorable. After we returned, I asked Khalid
and aunt to get down and told them that I will take a solo ride.
Actually I did so because my dick was so erected that if I
got off the bike, it would have been apparent to others.
Aunt asked me to drive very carefully and waved to me. I took
a round for 15-20 minutes and after I was cooled down, returned
to home. That night I shagged very hard while recalling
the soft touch of her boob on my back. Even though I had the
entire world of porn at disposal through my computer, I
wanted to shag thinking of my aunt only. No sexy woman on
the planet could beat my aunt. God, I wanted her so badly.

I had realized that aunt indeed used to love a bike ride.
Even though my uncle had a car, aunt often asked me to take
the bike out whenever she had to go for vegetable shopping.
On the bike, she would causally hold me from behind and I
was sure that she had no sexual intention. I gave her ride
many times and after every ride, I would recollect those
casual touches and mind fuck my aunt several times. But
after my shagging was done, the reality would bite me and
remind me that it was impossible to have sex with my aunt.
She was such a decent woman.

One day, there was a small accident at our office. The electricity
transformer had exploded. There was no backup power either.
We were given a half day off. So, I returned home at two in
the afternoon. I knew it was my aunt's nap time so I retrieved
my keys and very gently opened the lock so that her sleep
would not be disturbed. As I entered, I gently shut the door
and walked to my room. Surprisingly, the door was half shut.
When I approached it, I realized that aunt was inside, in
front of the computer. And to my surprise, she was video
chatting with some unknown man. I also noticed that she
was lifting her blouse to give that man a glimpse of her bare
boob. My heart started beating fast. My aunt, who I was dying
to have sex with was exposing herself to some jerk on the internet. I was having mixed emotions.
I was angry for her act, but at the same time I was very aroused.
Without hesitation, I pushed the door and entered the room.
aunt was shocked and she shut the monitor and dropped her
blouse and said "Kareem you?" "Aunt what
are you doing?" I asked. But she did not respond. She
quickly got up and left the room. I was stunned.

I switched on the monitor. That jerk had logged off, but
the chat window was open. My aunt was having a cyber sex chat
with him. He had started asking her to show her boobs when
I entered. I was so aroused to read the chat transcript.
The woman, who I wondered if ever she has sexual feelings,
was actually having a slutty chat with a stranger on internet.
And I was dying to have her in my arms for last so many days.
Shame on me! I thought.

I got up and left my room to see my aunt. She was standing in
the kitchen near the counter top facing away from me. I could
see that she was panting heavily. I don't know what
happened to me, but I rushed towards her and forcefully
turned her towards me and looked in her eyes. My hands held
her shoulders. She looked down. The next thing I did was
totally unimaginable. I still don't believe I had
courage to do it. I lifted her face and kissed her lips. She
pushed me away and said "Kareem, what are you doing?"
But I had lost control over myself. I again pulled her closer
to me and said, "You act like slut at home and do such
things? I wanted to fuck you so long but you don't let
me touch you but you don't mind getting undressed in
front of strangers you bitch?" "Leave me Leave
me Kareem" She screamed and pushed me forcefully.
She escaped from my arms and ran towards her bedroom. She
locked herself inside.

I started yelling. The anger, the arousal and the feeling
of dejection, all attacked me at the same time. I sat on the
chair with head resting on the dining table. After 15-20
minutes, Aunt opened the door. I lifted my head to look at
her. She had been crying. Her eyes were sore. She came to
me and stood behind me. I was looking away from her. And her
hand came on my shoulder. She gently patted my shoulder
and said, "Kareem, I am sorry for what happened."
I stood up from the chair, turned to her and said, "No
aunt I am sorry for the bad things I said to you". Her
eyes watered again. "Aunt.. Why did you do this?"
and I hugged her. There was no sexual feeling at all. "She
remained in my arms and started sobbing". After two
minutes, she separated herself from me and asked me to sit
and she sat beside me on another chair.

She said, "Kareem, you are not just a nephew but my
friend too. I will tell you everything. But please please
keep it a secret. I don't want to ruin your uncle's
happiness." "Ok!" I said. My aunt saying
that she considered me a friend was a great honor for me.
I was ready to forgive all her sins for being her friend.

"Your uncle and I still have a good married life. But
Kareem, I am a woman. And every woman needs an attention.
Your uncle does not understand that. After Khalid was born,
your uncle has never bought me a single gift or never has
appreciated my looks or my body. I know that deep inside,
he loves me. But when I am alone, I dream about how it would
have been to be appreciated. Whenever I go out, I get looks
from other men. It feels nice. I also knew you too liked me."
"You knew?" I asked surprisingly. "What
do you think Kareem, I didn't know? Tell me how many
times have you peeped through the keyhole when I bathed
in your bathroom?" "Aunt, how did you know?
I used to take so much care." "Yeah that’s
what you think. But remember, women have sixth sense. You
know, the bathroom door reflects on the mirror we have against
the door. When you peeped through it, I noticed the movement
in the reflection. That's how I knew".

Now it was my turn to be ashamed. I looked down. Aunt held
my hand and said "That's not the point though.
What I was saying is that it felt nice when you peeped like
that, or men turned their heads when I went out. But your
uncle never shows any indication that he is attracted towards
me. And my conservative culture held me back from demanding
such attention from him. But still my emotions ruled me
at times. I knew you liked me sitting behind you on the bike.
So, it was my excuse to get some kinky fun by going out on a
bike ride behind you."

I was getting hot now. So, my aunt was not the cold, dull woman
the way I thought. She was pretty advanced in these matters.
I put my other hand on her hand and said, "So, you liked
my touch?" My voice was very husky. She blushed and
looked down smiling. I knew this was my chance. She already
had some feelings about me. I had to take my next step very
carefully. I dragged myself closer to her and pressed her
hand. My face was very close to her. I whispered in her ears,
"Did you also enjoy my kiss I took in the fit of rage?"
She nodded. Wow! It was going well for me. "Then why
do you show your beautiful body only to a stranger aunt?
Why not to me?" She slapped my hand and said "Shoo!
Naughty boy".

I did not lose any more time and held her face and kissed her
lips again. Then I kissed her neck. I pulled her blouse.
"Stop Kareem, not here. Let's go to your room.
She whispered. I released her. She adjusted her blouse and
headed towards my room. I followed her. She sat on the bed
and asked me to lock the door. I smiled in agreement and bolted
it. I jumped on the bed and pushed her down and climbed over
her. I pulled her blouse and kissed her. She held my neck
and parted her lips so I could insert my tongue inside. Oh
man! I was kissing my aunt. Then I moved down and kissed her
cleavage. She opened her blouse and pushed her bra down
so that her boob would pop out. I kissed it and started sucking
her nipple. "Ah! Ah!" she moaned. I was sucking
the boobs of my strict aunt, who I used to be so scared of.

Aunt patted my shoulder and asked me to separate so she could
unhook the bra. I lifted myself from her. She arched her
back and unhooked the bra. Then she removed both blouse
and the bra. She was topless now. Her big round, white melons
and erect tits were so gorgeous. I again started sucking
them. My erect cock was rubbing on her crotch. While sucking
I bit her nipple. "Ouch!" she screamed and slapped
me on my ass. "I looked at her and said, didn't
you like it?" "No silly! Don’t bite me. Your
uncle can notice." We both smiled. I said, "Ok
Sarah! I will be careful". "Why are you calling
me Sarah?" she asked. "Because we are making
love?" I said. "No! Call me Aunt. Especially
when we are making love. It’s hotter!" I smiled.
I had never imagined that my aunt would be so advanced sexually.
"Take your clothes off Kareem. Come to your aunt naked"
she whispered. I got off her and removed all my clothes.
She too removed her skirt and panty. Now we were both naked.
I again leaped over her and started kissing her. She held
my bare ass. Her fingers buried in my bum cheeks. My rod was
rubbing over her busy pussy. It was hot and wet.

"I want to fuck you aunt!" I whispered. "No!
Not today Kareem." I was surprised with her answer.
"But why?" I insisted. "You need to wear
a condom" she replied. "But I will pull out my
dick before I cum ". I badly wanted to fuck her. "No,
that doesn't work. No risks okay?" her voice
became stern as it used to become when she was strict with
me. "That's unfair. I am so hot and we are having
so much fun, but looks like I will have to shag to get relieved?"
"No my dear nephew! I will help you relieve"
She naughtily said. Then she asked me to lie on the bed and
she came between my legs. She held my erect cock had a close
look at it. "So, this naughty thing gets big when you
see me Kareem?" She said. "Oh yea aunt! He is
eager to get inside you." "Ummm! Remember the
first time I had accidentally seen you naked Kareem?"
"How can I forget that incident aunt? I have been shagging
on you since that incident." "Really? I too
have thought of it many times when I was alone." aunt
said while she gently stroked my dick.

"So you want me to be the first woman to take your dick
inside Kareem?" "Oh yea aunt! I do.. "
aunt opened her mouth and wrapped he lips around the tip
of my dick and slowly pulled her mouth away like eating an
ice candy. Her lips rubbed against my tip. "Ah!"
I exclaimed. Now aunt licked my tip thoroughly making it
wet. I crossed my legs around aunt's back. She was locked
between my legs. Her boobs rubbed against my thighs. She
held her falling hair in one hand and took my dick in her mouth.
The wet and warm touch of her inner mouth sent shivers through
my body. It was an unexplainable feeling. I moaned as she
stroked my dick with her mouth. Her head lowered and rose
over my dick. Whenever she raised her head, she sucked my
dick. It was such a great feeling.

After sucking for a few minutes, she released my dick and
looked at me and asked, "How are you feeling Kareem?
Is it better than shagging alone?" "Infinite
times better aunt!" I said "Don't stop.
I want to get my juice out." She smiled and said "Okay.
But tell me when you are ready to release. Don't release
in my mouth else I will vomit". "Okay aunt, take
it take it please!" 'Ok.. But keep praising me
loudly when I suck you okay?" I nodded. Aunt took my
dick inside her mouth and started sucking it. I started
praising her looks. Her body. Her sexy boobs. As I continued
praising her, her strokes on my dick paced up. It was such
an intense experience.

I came to a point where I knew I would ejaculate anytime now.
"Stop it aunt, its coming out" I yelled. No sooner
did she release my dick than I ejaculated. Her entire face
was sprayed with my semen. "Ewe Kareem! Couldn't
you wait?" she said. "Sorry! Sorry aunt! I couldn't
control." I said and I got up to find a towel. Since
I didn't find one, I pulled my underwear lying on the
floor and wiped her face with it. "Are you ok aunt?"
I asked her. "Yes my sexy nephew! You had fun?"
she asked. "Oh yeah aunt! You are awesome. You made
me lose my virginity today!" "Not yet Kareem.
Virginity will be lost when you get inside me here"
she responded while pointing to her naked bushy pussy.
"So, when will we do that?" aunt smiled and said,
"Get a condom. I do not want to take any chances".
"Why you are afraid that Khalid will have a brother
fathered by his cousin?" I said naughtily. She smiled
for me and went to the bathroom to get cleaned. I followed
her like I used to, and peeped through the hole again. "I
know you are peeping Kareem!" I laughed and said,
"Yeah aunt, Old habits die hard! Your ass is sexy"
She also laughed and said. "Now enough for today.
Lets cleanup fast. Khalid will come home in 15 minutes".
I agreed and I gathered my clothes and waited for her to come
out of the bathroom. As she came, she kissed me and said,
"Nephew is sexier than his uncle after all huh?"
We both laughed. Aunt started wearing her clothes and I
went to the bathroom to cleanup. After the cleanup, Aunt
made a nice tea for both of us. We sat on the sofa in the living room, very close to each other.
I put my arm around her and held the tea cup in other hand.
"Oh! it feels so romantic to sit in your arms like this
Kareem. I and your uncle have never cuddled like this ever."
"Ummm" I responded and kissed her cheeks. "When
you and I are together, don't talk about my uncle. It
turns me off" I said. She laughed and said, "Turns
you off or makes you feel guilty for stealing his wife?"
We both laughed. "Okay! I will not talk about him."
Aunt said. It was about 4:30 now and it was time for Khalid's
school to end its session. Aunt asked me if I could fetch
him from school on the bike so he would be happy. I agreed
and stepped out of the house.

Since I took my bike to Khalid's school, I reached pretty
early. So, to kill time, I took a stroll around the school.
When I saw the chemist, I realized that I had to buy condoms.
I had never bought condoms in the past. Since the chemist
had no rush, I approached the store. Before I could even
ask for it, two ladies came to the shop asking for sanitary
napkins. But seeing them, I got very nervous. They did not
hesitate to ask for the sanitary napkins, but I felt so nervous
asking for a condom. The chemist asked me what I wanted,
so I just asked for few Halls tablets and lingered there
until the ladies went. After they went, I asked the chemist
for condoms. Due to the fear of someone else over hearing,
I spoke so soft that the chemist did not even understand.
I had no choice but loudly ask for it. Good lord! I finally
had enough courage to ask for condoms. But it was not easy.

The bugger asked me what type, flavored, ribbed, max pleasure
which ones. Now that made a difficult choice. Stupidly,
I asked him what the difference is. The chemist naughtily
smiled and asked, "You seem a newbie. Who are you doing
with Girl friend or wife or prostitute?" Oh man! I
was not going to do with either of these. I was going to do
it with my aunt. But I could not have said that so I said girl
friend. He finally gave me a pack of DURAX deluxe ribbed
condoms wrapped in a paper bag. I paid him and as I left, I
heard him saying, "Enjoy!" I looked back at
him and smiled.

As I brought Khalid home, Aunt gave us warm snacks and then
sat with Khalid to check his homework. I went to my room and
relaxed. It was indeed a hectic day for me. At night when
we were having dinner, I could not see my uncle eye to eye.
But surprisingly aunt was normal as usual. As if nothing
had happened between us. She had actually cheated on my
uncle today. But me being a part of the crime, I had no morale
right to be angry upon her. I convinced myself that my uncle
must not be keeping her happy. That night, I masturbated
again thinking of what happened in the noon and went to bed.

Next day, I saw aunt logged in the yahoo chat in the noon.
I pinged her, "Hey my sweetest aunt, how are you".
She sent me a kissing smiley and said, "Me doing good
my sexy nephew!" Her Instant message brought an instant
hardness in my pants. I looked around to make sure that no
one was reading my chats and then I too sent her a kissing
smiley. "I feel like coming home right now to be with
you sexy!" I said. "Mmmm... You are making me
hot dear" my aunt said. Man! I could not stop now. "Wait."
I wrote to her and went to my team leader.

I told my team leader that I felt very uneasy and the headache
was very bad even after taking panadol so had to go. I also
told him that I would cover up for lost time by coming on weekend.
Being a typical boss, the bugger liked the idea that his
team's productivity would not be down so he agreed.
Swiftly, I came back to my desk and wrote to her "I am
coming to you sexy!!! Be ready" "Hurraaay!"
She wrote. She also did not forget to remind me about the
condoms. I shut my PC down, picked up my helmet and left the

I reached home in 45 minutes. I thought it was the longest
ever drive I have had. I impatiently kept ringing the door
until aunt opened it. As soon as I entered the house, I shut
the door behind me and took her in my arms and started kissing
her wildly. She stopped me and said "Let’s go to
my bedroom". I followed her. As we entered the bedroom,
I locked the bedroom door. "Brought Condoms?"
She asked. "Yes! Let me get them from my room"
I said and swiftly left her bedroom to fetch condoms. I entered
her bedroom waving condoms in my hand. She smiled as she
removed her clothes. "Take your clothes off"
She ordered me. I threw the condom's pack on the bed
and removed my clothes. My erect tool popped out.

She lied on the bed and opened her arms inviting me over her.
I jumped over her and started kissing her again. "You
are so sexy aunt." I said. "Ummm" she responded.
"Suck my nipple" she whispered. I moved down
and picked her left side nipple and licked it and started
sucking it. My cock was rubbing over her inner thigh. She
moaned softly. After giving a good suck to both of her boobs
for a minute or so, She pulled one condom from the pack and
opened it and gave to me. I wore it over my tool and then she
asked me to lie on my back and she came over me. She held my
cock and inserted inside her vagina. "Ah!"
I exclaimed. I just lost my virginity. Despite wearing
the condom, I could feel the wetness and warmth of her insides.
Aunt rested her knees on the bed alongside my legs and did
up and down movement with my cock inside her. As she moved,
her boobs bounced. I put my hands over them to squeeze them.
She bent forward to kiss me. Her boobs pressed against my
chest. My hands held her buttocks. What a feeling it was.

After a pause in this position for 10 seconds or so, she again
started stroking me. As she stroked, she moaned. As she
increased her pace of stroking, her moans became louder.
I was enjoying watching her boobs bouncing as I held her
ass. We were totally involved in the act and her mobile rang.
"Oh no! Who is calling me now?" she said and reached
her mobile. "It’s your uncle!" she said looking
at the number and picked up the phone. Aunt was talking to
my uncle while still riding on me, with my erect cock inside
her. I watched her naked body and caressed her beautiful
boobs, and listened to her conversation. "Kareem
is home today. He got bad headache" she was telling
her husband. Probably my uncle asked her to give me Panadol
because she was telling him, "Don't worry, I
will give him a good medicine. He should be fine by the time
you return. Don't worry. Now let me hang up and look
after your nephew okay? Muaaah" She hung up the phone.
"Look after your nephew huh?" I asked and we
laughed. "My poor uncle does not know how his wife
looks after his nephew” I said. We both laughed again.
Aunt again kissed me and said, "You should thank your
uncle for not paying attention at me. Else, you would never
get a piece of me!" "Oh! Aunt, I would be missing
something precious then!"

Now Aunt asked me to sit on the bed instead of lying down.
I did so. She again came over me and inserted my dick and wrapped
her arms around my neck. Our bodies were rubbing against
each other. I held her by the flanks. Her legs wrapped around
my waist. It was a great love making position. We both kissed
each other as she moved up and down. She moved such that my
dick would get deep inside her touching her uterus and then
she would move up so it retracted towards the opening. She
was so wet that it was very smooth movement.

I bent my head down to kiss her boobs. She parted her upper
body from me and bent backwards with the support of her arms
resting on the bed. Her boobs lifted upwards and I kissed
and sucked them. "Don't bite whatsoever ok?
Your uncle will suspect it!" She instructed me. So
I was careful while sucking and licking her boobs. She kept
on moving up and down. We both were very intimate now. We
forgot about our relationship of Aunt and Nephew. We were
just a man and woman, united together, experiencing the
bliss. Her long moans were indicative of her satisfaction.
I wondered how come my uncle ignored such a sexy, horny wife.
He had to be a loser. Thank goodness at least I recognized
her potential. Else, she would go outside of our family
to get satisfied.

It must have been more than 20 minutes we'd been having
intercourse, when aunt separated from me. She looked completely under the control of sex god. She now lied on
the bed with her legs folded in knees. She asked me to come
in between her legs and insert my cock. I did so with her guidance.
"Fuck me hard now!" She ordered. I felt like
a slave of my dear aunt. But I didn't mind being her slave.
She has always commanded me in past. As an uncle's wife,
she had right to command me.

I started stroking her. "Hard harder Kareem!"
she said. I followed her instruction. "Oh, fuck me
baby fuck!" she exclaimed. I couldn't believe
that my otherwise conservative, god worshiping aunt was
actually using the word FUCK. It was so exciting. I started
stroking her harder. Aunt was biting her lips and holding
back her desire to scream. I sensed that my cock inside was
immersed in her juices and there was some spray like sensation.
I had read in books that only few women ejaculate at high
intensity. That time I wondered if I would ever experience
such ejaculation, and as a matter of fact, I experienced
a strong woman ejaculation on the day of losing virginity.
I must have been very lucky! That spray like feeling was
enough for me to lose my control. I got deep inside my aunt
and gave 2-3 jerks to ejaculate. She opened her eyes and
looked at me and said, "What an experience Kareem!
Thanks!" "Oh you are welcome aunt" I murmured
and fell on her naked body. I was damn exhausted.

Aunt asked, "Tired my boy?" "Hmmm"
I said. She moved her hand over my head and we remained like
that speechless. I was feeling very light. After lying
like that for 10-20 minutes, I got up and looked at her. She
pulled my head and kissed me and said, "You did well
Kareem!" "So did you my dear!" I said to
my aunt. We then got separated. I picked up my clothes and
went to my room and aunt went inside her bathroom to cleanup.
It was the first time with my sexy aunt but sure it was not
the last

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Very good story. Got me hard


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The real beauty and eroticism of this story is found in the
pure taboo of the relationship and how it takes place in
what appears to be a traditional Middle East or Indian religious
family. Although the words "Muslim" and "Hindu"
were never mentioned, there are certain things in the mannerisms
of their interaction that leads one to believe they are
either Muslim or Hindu. In either case, it is those forbidden
elements that help really add heated spice to this story.


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super...............very hot it..........
its a honour


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Thx guys, i had some previous real sexperience, wish i could have
enough time to write it down.

Let's wait and see


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It's so nice to fuck your aunty even nicer without a condom on