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First Meet


I knock on your door and you call out that the door is open, come on in. As I enter I see that the room is dark except for the blaze of the fireplace. From that blaze I see you in front of the fireplace, leaning against a pile of cushions on the soft through rug. I walk towards you picking up the bottle of wine and wine glasses you were about to get before I showed up ten minutes early. My early arrival has caught you a bit off guard, but your are happy that I have finally arrived. I move through the room like a cat seeking out it's prey. Swift, stealthy, but quiet. I throw off my coat and kick off my shoes, pouring wine into the glasses at the same time. I arrive to where you are and stare down at you with wide eyes. You are relaxed on the cushions, enjoying the warmth of the fire. Your not quite warm enough as your erect nipples are pushing hard against your silk nightgown, either that
or you are excited to see me. I would say that you are excited to see me. I let my eyes drift from yours and stare at your nipples for a moment, I can already taste and feel them in my mouth. I continue down to where your womanhood lies quietly behind the silk of your gown. I can only dream of what "she" looks like. I picture
a big patch of red hair, you did say you were a natural, with your little clit safely tucked away behind the folds of your womanhood. I let my eyes continue down your legs where your gown ends just above your knees. I see your feet and admire how cute they are with your painted toe nails. "Are you going to sit down or what". I am awoken from my little day dream by your soft caring voice. I kneel down and give you a soft caring kiss. You pull me closer to you, with a slight hint of roughness, and jam your tongue into my mouth. Our tongues play with each other, almost dance with each other. We finally seperate out first french kiss, and as I sit down next to you on the cushions, hand you your glass of wine. We sit quietly for a moment, just enjoying the thought of everything that has brought us
to this point, and what will finally happen this evening. You reach behind one of the cushions and pull out a shirt box. "What's this" I ask.
"Just a little something that I bought for you today while I was buying this nightgown. It's something more comfortable for you to wear, why don't you go get out
of those street clothes". I go to open the box right
there and you grab hold of my hand "no silly, change
in the bathroom". I lean down and give you a peck on
the forehead and I'm off to the bathroom with my box.
You watch me walk away, sipping more of your wine. I return shortly after having changed out of my clothes, freshened up and slipped on the cute pair of silk boxers you bought me, a nice shade of red to match your nightgown and our natual hair colors. I walk back into where you are relaxing on the cushions, sipping your wine. By now you are starting to get a little tipsy, but are glad for it. You have had a busy week on the job, and have been looking forward to this evening for a long time now. You watch me as I enter the room and your eyes are drawn to my boxers and what lies underneith. You see the tenting of my shorts and realize you are very much going to enjoy the prize that awaits. Your mind and heart tell you this. Plus the little wetness you now feel down below tell you this. Oh my you say to yourself. He hasn't even touched me and already I'm getting wet with excitement. I walk back to where you are and stand there grinning at you. "There cute, I like them, thanks". Your
welcome, you say, I picked them both out for our evening together. "You have good taste". Yeah,
and I'm sure that I taste good too. While saying those words you see that the tent in my shorts just got a little bigger. If the light was just a little better, you could almost see my balls hanging from my rock hard shaft. But you realize that soon enough you won't have to worry about any shorts being in the way.
Soon you will have me and I will have you. You take my hand and pull me down towards you. In one quick move I have gone from standing over you, to lieing right next to you. I find my wine glass which you have refilled along with yours, and we toast the evening. It has been many months and many emails and many miles to get to this point, but we are both glad that it has worked out this way. We both take time to stare into each others eyes and to enjoy each others company. I am running my finger tips up and down along your arm and your foot is running up and down one of my legs. We wisper quietly to each other, not really talking about much, just enjoying the quietness
of it all. You reposition the cushions and readjust yourself so that your almost to the point of sitting up. You pat your lap which has just now been created with your adjustments and I lay my head down, not looking at you, but rather looking at the fire. We continue with our soft wispers, enjoying the moment, both looking forward to what is yet to come. Your eyes dart between the blaze of the fire, the top of my head, now mere inches away from your 'oven' which
is now dripping wet, and your nipples which are very much standing at attention. We just lie there quietly, you playing with my hair and me playing with your legs and gown. Your mind is at ease, everything feels right, it has been a wild ride, and you are glad to where it has lead. You stare at your nipples, many nights you have been left to play with them yourself. But this evening, you know that I will be playing with this. Licking them, pulling on them, biting them, enjoying them. You long to take your other hand and pull on them right now, but you will wait for me to play with them. Your love box is getting wetter and wetter as each moment goes past. You know it will not take you long to be pushed over the edge once I start pushing you. I am enjoying my time on your lap, just staring at the blaze of the fire. Feeling the heat coming from it, but at the same time, my head feels the heat coming from your pussy. I know you are getting more and more excited, I can smell your aroma and I'm not positive
but I can almost feel a wetness through the silk of your gown. I could almost fall asleep, it was a long trip getting to where I am, but I know that much pleasure awaites the both of us, and then we will sleep. But first the pleasure...... Here we are, enjoying each others company in front of the fireplace. By now the wine is gone, and the fire has settled down to a nice soothing pace. We both fell into little cat naps. Both exahusted from our busy days, both needing some rest before a night of lovemaking. I open my eyes, but don't say a word. I can hear your breathing behind me and just listen to it for a few minutes. I will enjoy giving you pleasure and aftewards I will enjoy listening to you sleep. I ever so gently slide my head off your lap and notice that your gown is a little damp where my head was. Either I was drooling in my sleep, or your oven was letting some juices flow. I would say that it was your oven letting some juices flow. I stare at the wet spot for just a second, my cock waking back up, knowing that I got you excited by just resting my head on your lap. I look up at you and you are in fact sleeping, ever so peacefully. I notice that your nipples are still very erect and that you have a slight grin on your face, probably dreaming about me during your little nap. Your gown strap has slipped off your right shoulder, and with no physical support from the gown, your right breast is trying to excape from it's confines. I decide to be a sly little fox and start the fun but not wakeing you, just yet. I slide over to your right side, moving the wine glasses out of the way and making sure not to disturb you. I examine your strap and see that it has a quick release hook on it, I'm in
luck. I undo the hook and fling the strap over your shoulder. Once this is done, there is no way that your breast will be held back by the gown, the only thing holding the gown now is your erect nipple. I slide the gown out of the way, exposing your beautiful breast to the room. My cock jumps again at the site and my mouth becomes a little wetter knowing that I will soon be sucking on your sexy nipple. I take the scene in, the blaze of the fire settleing down, but still providing more then enough light for the room. You, lieing there ever so sweetly, now with your breast exposed, and your nipple, now no longer confined by the silk of your gown, growing a little bigger and a little harder. I lean down and give it a soft lick from my rough tongue. This causes you to let out a little moan, but not to wake. Again, I lean down, but this time take your sexy nipple in my mouth and suck on it. You start to moan some more and turn your head back and forth. I don't want to wake you, I'm having too much fun bringing you pleasure while
your still sleeping. I reach over to your left nipple and allow my fingers to slide past it's hardness, sortta like a bunch of small speed bumps. The sliding of my fingers and the softness of the silk gown causes your nipple to grow even more. I can't belive how big your nipples are and the area around them is large and dark, very sexy. I decide I can't stand it anymore, I just have to have you, fully, completely. I lean my head forward once again to take your breast fully in my mouth, I'm able to suck on your areola and
lick your nipple at the same time. I continue playing with your left nipple with my fingers and hand. Pulling on the erect nipple, pinching it, and kneeding
your breast with my hand. You are really starting to squirm now. Your legs are moving back and forth, almost trying to massage your pussy, and your little moans are getting louder and louder. I keep up with my licking and my finger playing of your nipples. But soon you can't stand it anymore, you open your eyes,
the view causes your pussy to twitch. There I am sucking on your one breast, while roughly playing with
your other breast. You grab my head and pull it closer to your breast. Knowing that your awake and with my face firmly planted in your breast I suck even harder and pinch even more. The orgasm rolls through you like a large wave crashing into the beach, and another wave and still another. By now your legs and hips are almost bucking off the cushions as you ride your orgasm wave. Your times of playing with your nipples was never ever like this, and you have never had an orgasm without something or someone playing with your pussy. I ease off and settle down to soft licks and soft strokes of your nipples. You pull my face off your breast and up to your lips. With mouths wide open we lock them hard, our tongues once again finding each other. Darting in and out. Finally we seperate and kiss each other gently over our faces. Your orgasm now just a faint ripple against the beach. But still so fresh in your memory. "That was increadible. Thank you thank you thank
you". I smile a sly grin and say to you "wait until
I feast on your hot pussy, that will really make your head spin". "Not until I have a taste of that
cock of yours". We giggle and roll around on the cushions
like two school kids.......... We continue our rolling around. Enjoying each others company. We giggle and laugh and are having a really fun time. You stand up and try to get away from me. But I'm up and chasing you in a flash. We grope and grab after each other. Finally you make it to the couch and plop down onto it. I come around the couch and stand in front of you. My cock meat hiding behind the shorts you bought for me is now in line with your mouth. I look at you, you look at me, and then you look at my shorts and the tent that is jutting out. You reach out and softly stroke my dick through my shorts. I quiver as your touch sends bolts of lightening through me. You giggle and lick your lips, looking forward to seeing it and tasteing it. You unbutton the little button that holds it back. You reach your hands into my shorts and pull out my six inch cock. You stare at it a minute and softly stroke it up and down. The touch of your hands on my hot cock drives me crazy. I grab the back of your head and softly pull it towards my waiting cock. Your one hand take a hold of my cum filled balls while the other directs my cock and it's mushroom head into your
waiting mouth. I let out a moan as you take me fully into your mouth, your nose burrying into my natural red pubic hair. You pull out, but leave the head still in your mouth. You look up at me and smile. The look of my cock in your mouth drives me crazy. You let go of my balls and reach your hands around to my cute little ass. You pull hard and bury my burning cock deep into your mouth once again. The pleasure of this is wonderful. The sounds that are coming from your mouth have my brain doing loop de loops. I watch you as you let me cock slide out of your mouth to the tip, then slam it down once again until it's head burrows deep into your throat. "Do you like to suck
my cock" "Uh Huhhh". "Does it make
your hot pussy drip with cum" "Uhh Huhhh". "Suck
me...Suck me hard". This dirty talk causes you to speed up the pace, I can feel the cum boiling in my sack and know it will only be a short time before I'm shooting my man juice down your throat. "I'm gonna cum"
and with this you take one hand from my ass and grab a hold of my balls once again. While the other hand, and specifically your finger, buries itself into my butt hole. I can't take it anymore and I have to steady myself by placing my hands on your shoulders. The sight of your breasts bouncing up and down, the nipples going every which way, is too much for me. In a roar of heat, my balls release the nectar deep within them and as the orgasm takes over me, streams and streams of cum leave my cock and enter your wanting mouth. You swallow a couple times, then pull my cock out and rub it roughly, my cum spewing all over your mouth. I practically collapse on top of you. You lean back against the couch and let me fall on top of you, the whole time not letting go of my hot cock. Our tongues find each other once again. I can taste my own cum as I take your tongue into my mouth and suck it. I can't stand it anymore, I need to eat your
pussy. I stand back up and do a little dance for you and pull my shorts off. You admire the cock you have just satisfied as you can still taste it's salty cum
in your mouth. By this time your gown has hiked itself up past your waist. I finally get a look at your beautiful pussy. My cock twitches an my mouth waters as I admire it. Dark, thick red hair covers the clit and love canel that lies within. I reach my hand out to you, you take it and I have you stand up. I flick your other strap off your shoulder and your gown easily falls to the floor. Now, by the light of the dimming fire, we can finally feast our eyes on each others bodies. I reach for your nipple and give it a pinch. You moan and bury your head in my shoulder. I take you in my arms and we dance ever so softly. There is no music but the crackle of the fire and the beating of our hearts. I lean down and take your breast once again fully into my mouth. "Do you
like to suck my nipple" "Uhh huhh" "Well,
I like it too. But you know what, someone is lonely, she wants to feel your tongue also". With that suttle hint I
have you sit back down on the cushins. The warmth of the fire feels good against our naked bodies. I kiss your eyes and nibble on your ears. Our hands explore each others bodies, feeling and groping. I kiss down your neck to your chest and lay my head between your breasts. I look up at you and you smile at me, ever so lovingly. I spend some time playing and licking your breasts and nipples. They never did stop being hard. You lean your head back and start to let out little moans and wimpers. I know you are getting close to the edge of another orgasm, but I don't want to push you over the
edge, not yet at least. I leave your breasts and kiss down your stomach, past your belly button, and finally
to the treasured prize, your beautiful, red, wet, pussy. I take a deep smell in. The aroma is intoxicating. You can feel my hot breath against your pussy lips. "Kiss her....Lick her". I look
at you and smile, and kiss my way down your legs. Your pussy will just have to wait a few more minutes. "You are
a tease arn't you". I'll I do is giggle and
kiss down your legs to your toes. Once I reach them I take them in my mouth and suck on them. This seems a little strange to you, but you enjoy the newness of it. On to the other foot where I kiss and massage it. Then finally, I kiss back up your other leg to your waiting pussy. As I get closer with my kissing, your legs spread more and more apart and 'she' gets wetter and wetter. You can almost
feel her pulsating, waiting for my mouth, tongue, and fingers to attack her with gusto. I look up at you and say "What do you want". You practically
beg back "I want you to make me CUM!. Like my hot little snatch, she has been patiently waiting for this all evening. Make me cum, make me CUM!". I smile and bury
my face into your waiting pussy.......... You let out a gasp as my rough tongue rakes along your velvet pussy lips. You spread your legs wide and pull your knees up to give me full access to your sweet love box. My tongue slides with ease as your pussy is well lubricated from being aroused the whole evening.
I soak up and gulp down all the juices that I can. The taste is wonderful, the best I have ever tasted. I lift my head up and smile at you, your cum practically dripping from my mouth. "Come here and
give me a big kiss!" you demand. I slide up and you grab the back of my head and pull me close to you. Our lips lock together and our tongues are once again dancing with each other. You push me away a little and lick your own cum juice from my chin, cheek and nose. "Ummmm, that tastes good", you say. "It
sure does and I want some more", I say as I leave the lips
of your mouth and start my way back down to the lips of your hot cunt". Along the way I stop at your perfect pointy nipples and give them a hard suck and bite. All evening I have been very gentle with you, but now I'm being just a little bit rough, and you love it. You push the top of my head down, demanding "she's lonely, she wants your tongue once again".
"My my, arn't we anxious" I say with a sly grin. I leave
your breasts and kiss my way back down to your sweet triangle of hairy bush. Once there I take the base of my hand and slide it up and down your pussy with the slightest of pressure. I take my other and and start to massage your love box. The feeling of my hands and fingers is driving you totally crazy. You lean your head back against the cushion and enjoy the ride. I massage her for a good ten minutes. Making sure I get the muscle and nerve endings smoothed out and relaxed. I take my hand and slide it up and down your pussy lips, opening up my fingers as I head up. Your hood peels back and shows me your cute little nub, your clit, your cherry, your sweet spot. And boy is she ever cute, I can't wait to suck and nip her all evening. The more my hand slides up and down exposing your little clit, the more labored your breathing becomes. I break my consentration of my task at hand and look up at you. Your eyes are closed, your head is back, and your biting your tongue. The more I slide my hand up and back, up and back, the quicker your breathing becomes. So I know you are getting ready to cum once again. I lift my hand away from your pussy and you open up your eyes and give me a look of "why did you stop". You start to wimper
as you watch me lick your juices off my fingers. I grin at you and blow you a kiss and give you a wink as I lean my head and talented tongue back in for the kill. But I stop just a few inches away from your lips and gently blow air up and down your pussy. This new feeling has your mind spinning. You buck your hips up to attempt to reach my mouth, but as you lift your hips up, I raise my mouth up. "Make me CUM!" you
yell out. I let out a little snicker, take my fingers and pull your lips apart, exposing your clit, and slam my mouth onto her. Your orgasm, which was receiding, quickly rushes back and slams into you hard. You take your hands and pull my head down against your love canel. I have your clitty in my mouth and am sucking on her, nibbleing on her, licking her. "Yes Yes Yesssssss!" you scream out as the orgasm rolls all
through your body. You buck your hips up into my face and back down again, then back up again. You are trying to hump my face. I continue to lick and suck your clit and attempt to hold on for the ride, almost like a cowboy trying to hold on to a steer at a rodeo. I finally release my lip grasp of your clitty and it lets out an audible "pop" as I do so. Your hips
slowly start to settle back down again, and you release your vice grip on my head. I give your lips another broad, slow lick from the top of your cute butthole to your clitty, enjoying your sweet juices as
I go. You give another shudder as I do this. I kiss my way up your stomach, poking my tongue into your belly button. Up to your still heaving breasts, they are heaving because your breathing is still labored. I give each one of them a soft gentle kiss. Then it's
up to your neck, chin and lips. You let your legs relax and I cuddle up close to you. I take my finger and ever so gently, ever so softly, play with your still erect nipple. This keeps your fadeing orgasm from disappearing all together. We speak softly with each other, enjoying our time together and relax watching the glow of the fire. "That was wonderful"
you say. "I'm not done yet, I still have a few tricks
and treats for her" I say. "Ummmm, I can't
wait" you coo.......... We spend some time just relaxing with each other. Catching our breath in between your 'waves'.
"Shes lonely" you say. "Oh is she" I reply. I
take this hint and kiss you with extra passion. Our tongues are once again darting and diving at each other. Our body temps are once again heated up and we are both ready for another stage in our evening of love making. You reach down to my hard six inch cock and play with him for a little bit. The feelings drive me crazy and I kiss you with extra gusto. You take the head of my cock and start to rub it against your erect clit. I reach to your nipple and give it an extra hard pinch, which both hurts and feels very good at the same time. I kiss down your chest and devour your other breast and nipple into my wet hot mouth. The feeling of my cock head rubbing against your clit, my fingers pinching your nipple, and my mouth sucking and slurping on your other breast and nipple has your waves or orgasm building up once again. "I want your
hot cock deep inside of me!" you demand. "Not
so quick" is my response between my slups and licks of
your nipple. "Your the woman, I will give you the perfect pleasure that you are looking and longing for.
I will slam my cock deep within you when I say so", I
say almost in an order like fashion. Your take a little back by my almost harsh comments, and you enjoy the tone in my voice. "I'm sorry, please don't
punish me" you wimper out. "Do you want to be punished?
Have you been a baadd girl" I ask. "Oh yesssss.
I Have been a bad bad girl for trying to push your rock hard cock into my wanting pussy. Please disciplin me as you see fit". Your words are music to my ears. I wasn't sure if you were the type of woman that likes
to be spanked, but now I know that you are, and are in need of some serious spanking..... I finish sucking on your tits and give each of them an even harder pinch then I had before. "This is for being a bad girl". I pinch them even harder, but not
too hard, and instead of winceing in pain, you let out a grin and a wimper that you are very much enjoying me pinch your erect nipples. I sit up and adjust some of the cushions so that they make a mound. "You have been a bad girl for taking my cock and trying to push it into your pussy. You much be Spanked! I want you to lie across this mound of cushions with your butt sticking up into the air.", I command. You quickly
scamper to your knees and mount the mound of cushions in a flash. If I didn't know any better I would say that you were hoping that I would spank you. I look at you from behind and am presented with a perfect picture of your ass cheeks, your butthole and your pussy all stareing me in the face. I have to catch myself as I am almost tempted to bury my tongue into your hot butt, but that will have to wait until later, first the spanking. I adjust your knees and legs so that they are spread out even wider. The cushions are the perfect size. You are able to lie across them with your butt sticking way up in the air. The cushions are under your torso and your large breasts are able to hang over the other side. You have your hands down on the floor for support. I kneel up and admire the site in front of me. I bring my hand to your pussy and slide a finger inside of your hot snatch. You let out a giggle and a wimper of delight. You have been waiting all evening to have my finger deep inside of you. But as quickly as I put it in there, I quickly pull it out. You still need your spanking. I caress your soft butt cheek. "Have you
been a Bad Girl!" I demand. "YES!" you
moan. "What should I do to you for being a bad girl!" "Spank
Me Spank Me SPANK ME!!!" you yell. I take the hint, bring
my hand back, and slam it down against your ass cheek with a hard Slap! "Oooooo" you screech out.
Slap! "Ohhhh". SLAP! "Yes Yes Yes, Spank me,
I have been a bad bad girl!". Slap Slap Slap! You almost seem to
be getting off by this, because the more I slap your ass, the more it appears your trying to hump the cushions. "You like me spanking you, don't you"
I ask. "Yes, it feels wonderful" you say between
heavy breaths. "Well, you have been disciplend enough,
time for more pleasure". "But this is pleasure to
me" you cry out. "Well it's time for you to pleasure me,
it's time for you to suck my cock once again". "Anything
for you baby, I am puddy in your hands" you coo. And
with that I scooch myself over to where I am kneeling in front of your face. You take my hard cock in your hand and direct it to your waiting mouth. I begin to buck my hips back and forth. You relax your throat and let my cock slide all the way in. I continue my humping, and soon you can feel my balls tightening up and you know that my sweet juices will soon follow. I look down at you and the view pushed me over the edge. Here I am with my cock buried on your waiting mouth. Your body is slumped over a bunch of cushions and your ass and pussy are sticking way up in the air just waiting to be fucked. I let out a moan as yet another orgasm rolls through my body. You lock your lips even tighter around my shaft and suck even harder. My hot cum shoots load after hot load down your throat. You suck it all down, release my cock but keep the cock head in your mouth, and suck the last bit of juices out of it. I collapse on your back, exhusted. My hips are still trying to hump your mouth as the last part of my orgasm slips by. I pull my cock out of your mouth, lean down and give you a hard kiss. My tongue diving into your mouth and tasting my cum juices along with your saliva. "Oh baby, that was
wonderful, thank you", I coo. "Anytime! Now
get back there and take care of my hot pussy. With all this cock sucking I'm doing on the front side, she's
dripping wet on the back side". I take the hint and
lick my way past your face, along your neck to your back. I spent a lot of time there kissing and licking your back. Bringing my hands into the picture I give you a nice massage as you relax on the cusions. I have piled a couple more up in front of you so that you can rest your head and arms. You lie there relaxed, the last part of my cum juices leaving your mouth. My touch against your back feels very good. You could lie here for hours just enjoying the moment. I continue with my massage, working my hands all over your back. Even though your head and arms are relaxed on more cushions, your breasts are still hanging free.
I slide my hands off your back down to your waiting breasts. With them hanging down like this, they are extra heavy in my hands. I cup them softly, there will be no pinching this time. I kneed them and massage them ever so gently. You let out a "Purrrr"
of delight as you both feel very relaxed and can feel yet another orgasm building up deep within you. I reach my hand to your face and slide some fingers into your mouth. You take the hint and take them deep within, sucking on them and getting them all lubed up. I do the same with the other hand and bring them both back to your waiting nipples. The wetness of my fingers allows them to slip and slide all over your breasts and nipples. I gently rub and massage them some more. "That feels very good baby" you say.
"You do such a good job taking care of me, I feel like I'm in a sea of silk roses the way you touch me, caress me". "And I enjoy giving you pleasure, I would
rather see that you are pleasured first before I am pleasured. As they say Ladies First", I giggle. "Whatever you say baby, just don't ever stop".
I continue with your boobs and your perfect nipples. Kneeding them. Moving them. Pushing them together. Flicking the nipples. Letting them slip and slide out of my fingers. I can tell another orgasm is building inside of you as your breathing is once again becoming labored and once again your hips are trying to hump the cushions. I give your breasts one last tug and let them fall as I slide my hands back up to your back. I continue with your massage. Sliding my hands down to your ass cheeks and up to your shoulders. I work my way down your arms, then back up to your shoulders and back. Then down to your ass cheeks once again. I stay there for a while. The more I massage them, the more labored your breathing gets. I work my hands down the backside of your legs. Letting my fingers get ever so close to your hairy pussy without actually touching her. The feeling of my fingers that close to your hot pussy has your head spinning once again. You desperatly want me to massage your pussy lips once again, but so far I'm being a tease, sticking with your legs. I finsh with your legs, then work on your feel, tickleing the underside of them. I finish off your massage by playing "this little piggy"
with your toes. You giggle as I do this and think to yourself how much of a lover I am, but at the same time how much of a kid I am. You ponder the thought of making love with a man twenty years younger then you, but that thought quickly passes and is replaced by one of passion as you feel my hot tongue and lips attacking your feet. Our minds must be connected because as I start to kiss and lick your feet, I have the same thought. Here I am biting the feet of a woman twenty years older then me. Should I not be doing this to a girl my age or younger. I think not, the key being that girls my age or younger are just that, girls. This woman I am now with is exactly that, a Woman. Older yes, but not 'older' in that
sense, rather more mature. This thought quickly leaves my mind as I'm too busy being you pleasure once
again. I kiss and lick each of your feet and toes and work my way up the back of your legs to your knees. Alternating from one leg to the other. Finally I find myself kissing and licking your beautiful ass cheeks.
I nibble on them. Bite them. Kiss them and lick them. You look over your shoulder at me and wiggle your hips and butt in my face. The sights and smells are again driving me nuts. The musk aroma from your pussy is filling my senses. I look down at your pussy and see that she is once again excited for me being so close, as she is covered in pussy juices that are almost dripping off of her onto the floor. I kneel between your legs so that your pussy is staring me right in the face. "Ready to be tongue and finger fucked", I ask you. "Ohhh yes yes yes, do what
you please. Every part of me is yours, no restrictions. Just Make Me CUM!". And with that, I stick my tongue
out as far as as hard as it will get and plunge it deep into your butthole!!!!..........

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