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First Hotel Meet Part 2


Now it's time for a rest and after round 2 will commence. My cock is now beginning to soften we lay on the bed you in front with your back to me. I slide my cock in your ass while it is still hard enough to go in. We lay there and each doze off.

After a while you begin to feel my cock harden again but you aren't sure if you are still sleeping. You continue to feel it swell and and grow after a little while you know it's fully hard because of how deep it is in your ass. Right about that time is when you feel a hard pull on your hair and another hand around the back of your neck. I slowly slide my cock out leaving just the head in, you feel a harder pull then slam! I bury my cock deep in your ass again, and my balls slap your clit. I roll you over on all fours still pulling your hair and keeping my cock, in you. I start fucking your ass with long slow deep strokes and your orgasm is building, I reach around and rub your clit hard, this sends you over the edge and you cum hard again. I can feel you pussy quivering while I am deep in your ass.

I pull my cock out of your ass and move you to the edge of the bed, on your back with your head hanging over the edge. You start to lick and suck my balls, while stroking my cock. I pull back a bit and you open your mouth wide I slide my cock in your throat and my balls rest on your forehead. This time you get a slow long face fuck, I pull your legs to me my cock still in your mouth and start sucking hard on your clit , you cum hard again while my cock is in your throat.

I spin you around so your ass hangs over the edge of the bed and you are still on your back. I grab you by the throat and place the head of my cock at the entrance of your pussy and you are trying desperately to slide more of it in. I make you wait until you start whining and can't take it anymore. I then start sliding in , inch by inch very slowly, finally you feel the head of cock hit your cervix and my balls resting on your ass. Aaahhhh finally you have it all again.

I hold onto your throat and start fucking you with long hard and deep strokes, it doesn't take long and you are writhing in orgasm again, i can feel your cum dripping off of my balls. Once your orgasm subsides I tell you it's my turn to cum. I pull out and put you on your knees in front of me. You anxiously wait looking at my cock with your mouth open. I stroke my cock a few times and you see my cock twitch and you tilt your head back further, mouth open and you feel the first hot blast of cum hit your face, then another you get some in your mouth and lips and slide your tongue out to get more.

I pull you closer to me and place my cock in your mouth and you lick my cock and balls clean, of course you can't help yourself. Once you are done you open your eyes and look up at me face covered with my cum and I tell you how hot and sexy you look right now!

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