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First Hotel Meet Part 1


I am in a hotel and you are to meet me there. You go to the room and knock on the door not realizing it was left ajar. You walk in and don't see me inside, suddenly you feel a presence behind you. I walk up behind you grab you by the back of your hair and push you up against the wall.

I loosen your pants and push them to the floor followed by your panties, out of the corner of your eye you see my hand raise and suddenly SMACK! AND ANOTHER, AND ANOTHER your ass starts to turn red. I grab your hair again and put you on your knees. I tell you to place my cock in your mouth, you fumble taking my cock out of my pants and when you finally do you realize that you are actually drooling. You put my cock in your mouth and take it as deep as you can. You manage to take a more than half in your mouth. I sense you need help and grab your head and slam my cock deep into your mouth and throat until your nose rests against my stomach and your chin touches my balls. I begin to face fuck you hard and fast and this sends you to your first orgasm.

I then pick you up and put you on all fours in front of me. I place my cock at the entrance of your pussy and you try to push back to get it in, but I don't let you. Again you see my hand raise out of the corner of you eye and suddenly SMACK, AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Suddenly you feel my balls smack against your clit and you realize I just buried myself balls deep in your pussy. I start fucking you with long and hard strokes, as my pace picks up and balls are slapping your clit you come to another orgasm.

Once it subsides I put you back on your knees in front of me and tell you to lick your cum off of my cock, and you happily oblige. I place you back on your knees and again you see my hand raise then smack again and again. Then I grab you by the back of your hair and another hard SMACK on your ass, you suddenly feel a strange sense of fullness and you realize I am now balls deep in your ass. You have never felt this full ever before I slowly start to quicken the pace, giving your ass time to stretch and loosen around my rock hard cock as my pace picks up and balls continue to slap your pussy and clit you cum hard again.

I tell you I am going to cum soon and I ask where you need my cum, you say I need your cum in my mouth and that you need to taste it. I pull my cock out of your ass and slam into your mouth balls deep. You feel the head of my cock in your throat, I begin to face fuck you again. You feel my cock start to pulsate and you feel the first shot of cum hit the back of your throat, this sends you over the top and you cum again. You start swallowing as much of my cum as you can but its too much and some leaks out on your tits. I tell you no you need all of my cum, and use the head of cock to wipe it up and feed it to you. You gladly lick my cock clean.

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