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Fingered by a Stranger with A Small One


So, I decided to have some G&T before lunch today. But just as I sat down, a man came up and asked if he could join me for a drink. Pretended that I was waiting for a friend, but if he would like to keep me company while I wait, sure, why not, right? The man himself was also having G& about that? We soon started talking which lead to the subject of sex..surprise!

From me being polyamorous, to loving being fingered, the man soon got real hard, and was practically begging me to go to a hotel with him. Told him my prerequisites...I dont do budget hotels...I hate thin walls because I am a loud lover. I am expressive. I will moan so loud I'd have to bite the pillow to shut me up as you fuck my tight pussy. I then told him that I love big cock. And the honest reason is because I love the feeling of pain turning into pleasure...when a thick hard cock rubs against my pussy wall, in and out so much, stretching it, it gets sore. But oh so good, knowing my tight pussy is making him even harder. Just the thought of it, while typing this down is making me wet. Now, a small cock will not do it for me. Sure, I can squeeze my pussy tight for his small cock, but I will not be satisfied. So, I said to Mr Stranger that, honestly, as horny as I was talking to him about sex, but if he has a small cock, I will be frustrated and will end up having to call another lover to make up for Mr Stranger.

To my surprise, he admitted that he probably then wont be able to fulfill my needs. So, I quickly said that he might fit into my ass though. yes...yes...I am quite charitable. We then decided to go over to his car as we decide where to go next...what hotel etc...I honestly just wanted a finger fucked. With a small cock, I am pretty sure this will not lead to a hotel room. He is an average sized Asian man after all. I was still horny from having my favourite couple last night, a nice finger fuck would be a bonus.

We walked into the parking lot, and it was fairly empty. His beemer was all alone at one end of the lot. I knew I was gonna get my pussy rubbed...nice...we got into the beemer, and he quickly started the engine. Placed my bag down, lifted my dress, and spread my legs open. His eyes followed the movement of my left hand as I slide aside My panties. With my right hand, I reached out for his hand and placed it on my fat mount. He gasp and moan and he started searching for my clit. As I had already whispered in the elevator that I was moist there after all the sexy talk, the minute his finger went for my hole, he could feel the wetness. The moment he inserted his finger, in and out, we could here the sound of my gush. I was just so wet. So horny as always. I practically pushed my pussy down so his fingers could go deeper. His other hand went for My breasts. From left to right. He was eager to touch. Pinching my nipples as his other fingers were fucking my pussy. Deeper and deeper...getting legs spread more. I took his fingers out and put it into my mouth. Love tasting myself. Then returned the fingers into my lonely pussy again. Again and again he rubbed my clit and jabbed further in. Taking his fingers out only to taste it, and then kiss me. I then held his wrist, and like a dildo, instrumented his fingers in and out so I could cum hard. When my clit couldnt take it anymore, my pussy exploded. My juice gushed out and his leather seat was wet from our sinful escapade!

I took his fingers out and placed it into his mouth. Suck my juice. and pull his head to kiss me. Let me taste my lovely juice. We kissed hungrily in the car...until he pulled my hand to his covered cock.

Asking me if I would like to see his cock, and suck it. I just said I wanted to see it. And unfortunately, it was small...for me. I am sure some small petite girl with a tight pussy will appreciate it. But with my big ass, thick pussy, he will not be able to satisfy me for sure. He asked me to suck it. He tried to even command me, and I just nonchalantly said no. I cant suck a tiny one. It will put my skills to waste. So I tried to stroke it. I truly did...I tried. My full palm covered his cock from sack to head. How now? I tried to rub the tip and it was just weird. He was nice enough to make me cum, and I cant, I just cant stroke him or suck him...I am a bad bad girl...

So, he asked if we could meet tomorrow. I lied and said I am not free the whole day. I'm sorry I had to lie...He then asked if we could meet next week. I agreed and said he should plan it, and let me know...well..oh well, who are we kidding...? He drove the car out of the parking lot, down to the lobby, and I got out like a bitch...Mega bitch who got fingered by a stranger with a small one...

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so sorry he was to small