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Female Boss


Part 1

Her name is Jen, she is in her late 30s, slim, sexy with a bob
haircut .Her figure was not flattering but she has a feminine
appeal about her when she puts on her long flowing skirts
and cardigans in the office, she has long silky legs and
ass for some real hot pumping and a mouth which makes cum
when she scolds you. She's a bitch. No one in the office
likes her. She's rich, married, lives in a condo. But
she's deprived. I found it out when she first interviewed
me. I was okay looking sporting a tan playboy look, jovial
and like to kid around. When the questioning went jokingly
about whether I had gal friends ‒ I told her I like older women,
looking her in the eyes (I was 2, and then mentally leaning
forward towards her looking her from her head to her toes
‒ mentally stripping her. She blushed and crossed her legs
and giggled. I got the job, the pay okay. I needed the cash
to pay for my car and rented apartment - nothing to brag.
But I guess she must like me as she kept asking me to give her
a lift home as my house was near. She likes to summon me to
her private office to discuss sales techniques she sitting
in her swivel chair long legs crossed and her slits getting
higher and higher each day giving me a clear view of her delicious
silky white long legs she loves to cross them like Sharon
stone in basic instinct - I smile coolly. She smiles back
seeing how hard she makes me. We sometimes bump into each
other in our crap pantry - and I have to inevitably squeeze
past her to get to the coffee maker brushing my groin on her
tight ass butt ...this morning I could see she was wearing
a g-string in her long tight skirt. I love g-string and I
could see how smooth her ass cheeks were from the taut tight
long skirt of hers. Her hubby's a lucky guy - I thought
as if she was reading my mind - she smiled & asked me whether
I could give her a lift home as her hubby's taken the
merz to KL. Sure boss - I brushed past her smooth ass with
my raging hard-on. Her back was to me but I could almost hear
her close her eyes and let out a short sigh as the feeling
of my hard groin brushed past her tight ass valley of a married
lady. That evening, I opened the door to my Lancer 1.6, and
my sexy leggy lady boss smiled and stepped in, her long legs
stretched through her high slits, exposing white creamy
long limbs up to her thighs near her hips. "Oops "
she said and gently pulled back the folds of her long black
skirt. "Its ok "I smiled. She's a real tall
bitch - tease. It was a long drive to the north in Singapore
we chatted. I found out her hubby's always away in KL
on Biz trips and that she was abit bored living the life of
a semi-taitai at home. "Look at me, John, I am already
38 yrs old and we still haven't start a family...I fear
I will die an old hag..." I glanced at her while keeping
my hands on the wheel - her chest was heaving, her mouth wet
and luscious, her legs stretched all the way to my car front,
her china doll hair slick and cool ...her long fingers embracing
her handbag. I took her hands and said " No worries,
Boss ‒ I don’t think you look that bad..." I smiled
coolly and gave her hand a squeeze..."Call me Jen,
pls, outside office" her hands touched my muscular
thighs & gave it a cheeky rub..." What was that
for " I asked , "Nothing , just for listening
..." Her hands continue to rest on my left thigh thru
out the drive - it gave a real hard-on . We arrived at the condo
and the guard waved to her and let us in. We parked and I told
her to wait in the car while I open the door for her - me being
a gentlemen. But my motive was to take a peek at her panties…I
opened the door and her left leg opened wide, her slit exposing
her shaven, tight pussy under a pink g-string! She acted
as it nothing happen, exposing her married legs and panties
to a young bachelor employee ...I held her hands - her face
was near my groin - boy has it grown…hard and thick. She coolly
stepped out of the car. "Thanks John". "Jen,
can I use your toilet?" I asked - my hard on was hard.
"Sure, follow me " I followed behind her as she
swayed her luxurious taut fleshy g-stringed arse. She's
one hot tall bitch tease, my lady boss ...She stopped suddenly
to open her handbag to look for the keys - I bumped into her
with my hard groin - " Hmmm. " I thought I heard
her say. Play it cool John, play it cool. Her place was lavishly
renovated. Classy not cheap, she showed me around, her
kitchen, then her master bedroom, guestroom. Her master
bedroom was real nice, king size bed, wedding photo above
the bed in a lovely dovey pose - her husband look older - she
married late, she showed me her closet lace panties cheekily…Wow!
"Jen…I need to go to the toilet..." She said
use the one in the master - I left the door slightly ajar,
as I unzipped my monster I pee, and I swear I heard a gasp from
the room ...I smile to myself - "Jen I think your flush
is spoilt ...can you help me? " The door slowly slide
open, I left my dick hanging out ...Her eyes was embarrassed;
I quickly fumbled with my zip. Deeply loving her look or
awe and shock and embarrassment at my throbbing monster..."Err,
err, its okay don’t flush, its spoilt I use water to flush
it…come out “, I did not zip up everything, I let my throbbing
cock head maneuvered at 9 o'clock exposed near the
band if my under briefs with zip 3/4 up, my cock head was looking
at her. She acted nonchalantly like nothing happen ...but
I could see she looked flushed .I could see that my lady boss
was clearly aroused by my big member. Her actions began
to be awkward and shy. I felt like it was a long time she ever
seen a cock feeling. I unzip my pants and let my dick out and
let her see it clearly in the light of her master bedroom..."
My goodness, you have a big one, & its curved..."
" yep " I smile . "Want to touch it?"
" Err…" I moved closer to her, my dick sticking
out like a curve knife glistening with pre-cum…"Please
John, I'm married…” "I know…”“Please…"
"I know…" "Please …" I took her hands
and out it on my dick, wrapped her fingers on it. "I
never. Oooh…its so big…& hard…oooh"."
Like it. Boss?" She look at me & smile, her eyes
yearning for more…" ... But I am married ...err ...Ohhhhhh..."
" Want to kiss it? " " No.oooh ...its growing
… oh my hubby's not so hard”." It’s been so long
...sighing..." "Kiss it ...boss Jen..."
“. No....pls don’t..." I slowly push her beautiful
china doll head down to her knees... " Kiss it.”...Her
tongue licks my crack in my dick. " Oh " I moan
... My slim sexy married 38yr china doll lady boss went on
her knees, shamelessly licking & kissing my huge swollen
member. "Yes Jen. Kiss it, hold it & Suck it..."
"Oooooooh " she moaned, here I was in my boss's
bedroom standing there with my dick exposed & my pants
unzipped with her on her knees giving a man 10 years younger
then her a blow job…She was hungry ...she must have no cock
for a long time. I looked at the wedding picture of her &
her husband wearing their wedding attire & glance
at her sexy bob hair implanted on my pubic hair your
heart out you lousy husband! I saw her slowly moving her
left hand towards her crotch, pulling the high slit of her
long black skirt exposing her pink fluorescent g-string
panties while her right hand adjusted my dick on her sweet
matured mouth .She slowly touched her panties, which now
has a damp patch by the look of the patches of different color…"You're
a bitch, Boss" "Yes, I know..." "Do
you know guys in the office would like to fuck you?"
" Slllllurp sluuuuuuuurp, yes, oooh yes I know "
The hungry bitch groaned & was swallowing my long curved
cock up her throat w/o missing a beat. " You like my
cock don’t you..." " Yes john …it’s so hard,
my husband is so soft..." " Can I get a raise boss
? " "Slllllllllluuuuuurrrrrrrpppppp"
"Can I get a raise boss? " “Ssssssssssssssssslllllluuuuurrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppppp"
I pulled out my cock, I saw her sweet mouth covered with saliva,
her eyes crying out for more meat…I used my Thick shaft &
slap it on her cheeks twice. " Can I get a raise boss?
" " Yes, yes ...give it to me, plse...."
" Stand up, bitch " She stood up, I sat down on
the bed. " dance for me bitch & take off your clothes
slowly “, She obeyed without a second word, her lust filled
eyes & wanton look showed how deprived sexually she
was from a lousy hubby who does not know to fuck her…She gyrated
her hips & held her hands over her hair, slowly taking
off her cardigans, exposing her 34C white moulds mounds
under a Wacoal maximizer electric pink mini bra ...And
slowly like in a trance gyrated her long black high slit
skirts onto the ground , exposing her electric pink g-string
- she's one tall hot sexy bitch this boss of mine .All
the time her focused on my exposed dick as I masturbated
on her wedding bed ..."Turn around & bend down,
Mrs. Jen , no…don't take away the bra & panties…"
She turned & bent her torso, giving me a view the janitor
to our vice president wanted to see for a long time - her long
creamy smooth legs from her high heels to her curved slim
calves to her firm long thighs coinciding to 2 moons of smooth
taut white arse cheeks separated by a pink g-strings… She
bent, she squatted, and she pulled her g-stings up her hips
giving me full visual access to her womanhood. She's
one hot tall sexy bitch chee bye, this Mrs. Jen. " I
have never done this before ...I am ...married ...oooh
" " Boss, Shut up & get on your knees &
crawl to the edge of the bed " "Suck my cock while
I molest your tits " "ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
Jen moaned as we started. I squeezed & grope & massage
& press & rubbed & shove my strong hands under
her bra, while she complemented by sucking my boner. "
When was the last time you had sex?" " 3 months
ago..." I see . " You masturbate? " "Yes"
"who do you imagine was yr lover? " She pulled
her mouth from my cock - her eyes looking at me, tears coming
out." You, john, you..." I nearly shoot my load
at her face..."now you happy? " "Yes “....
It was time I tame this bitch who verbally fucks all her staff
at work & was a real industrial hot head all the other
managers hates her but would really like to bang her &
... lucky me. I carried her up & threw her on the bed,
I took off my tie & unbuttoned my shirt, she helped me
to take off my belt & pants..." Boss I am going
to lick you good " I grabbed her ankles & pulled
them to the edge of her wedding bed , split them apart , pulled
them over my shoulders & dived into her wet g-strings…which
was now wet & damp, it smelled cheesy, but what the fuck
, she's a free fuck . My long
Tongue explored her well trimmed pussy, tracing every
contour of her crack..." oooooooh, John " """"
Ooooooooooo oooooooh ---- John " """""Plse,
no, no;;oooh john, plse....” I traced her cunt with my hot
saliva, tongue, mouth, my mustached was making this 38
year old bitch hot & sandpapered ...she shove her groin
up my face, pushing my hot tongue deeper into her love hole.
" Lick my..." "Say chee bye, Jen "
" Lick me..." "SAY IT, bitch!" “....
Lick my chee bye...." "SAY IT LOUDER I WANT YR
neighbours to hear " "LICK MY CHEE BYE...oooooooh
" …I looked up at her wedding photo & smiled at
her wanton body ...she was grabbing her boobs & squeezing
them & pushing her cunt up my mouth. She probably can't
tell where my moustache Began & where her black pubic
cunt hair ended..." I put my middle finger in to test
- she shivered as my long middle finger slide away her cunt
walls to her inner sacrum ... " Oh John, you're
so gooooooood.... ooooohhhh yessssss yessssss YYYYYYYEEEESSSSS"
I put in my index & my middle now, my fingers rubbed faster
& faster." OOOOHHHH GOD OOOH GOD...I.... am....
ccuu...ccccccuuuum cccccuuummiiinnnnn.... cuming
AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRH. Oh John, oh John " Who said
older women have no cunt juice? Her wedding bed was drenched…&
wet…a dark grey compared to the rest. I licked it up "
Can I lick it dry, boss " " Plse, don’t tease me,
plse" she sobbed. " I 'all give you a raise
John, plse. Plse fuck me " she sobbed ... " Fuck,
you want your young employee to fuck you, Tai Tai? "
"Yes, plseeeeeeeeeee "......... My mature
sexy lady
Bitchy long legged boss was now incensed about me fucking
her. " Fuck me, plse John, plse..." " Sure,
bitch " I push her to the center of her wedding bed,
under the "watchful" eyes of her wedding portrait,
I laid her on the bed, she was squirming, as I placed my long
hard curve dick at the entrance of her sexy wet hot juicy
squirming hairy cunt lips..." Plse john , put it in
" I smile at her coolly & took my swollen cock head
& rubbed against her throbbing wet entrance , she was
shivering as my red cock head slowly 'popped'
into her cunt . "Ooooooooooo, my Goodness - ITS SO
BIG “, her eyes OPENED wide in shiok pain.”PLSE, PLSE ...Shove
it in, SHOVE IT IN - GIVE IT TO ME" pleaded Mrs. Jen my
boss, I Slowly slide my dick in, 1-inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, She
was grabbing the bed sheets. I pin her long arms down look
her in the eyes, her tongue was searching for mine, this
lady is sex starved. "Plse more, its only half way
in plse..." 4-inch, 5 inch, pause. I pin her hands
licked her ears, she was shivering & her hips was pushing
up to devour my dick " Oh goodness John, I am going to
cum again.... cum, cummmmm... " 6 inch & for the
last inch I shove it in HARD to the hilt, all My 7 and half inch
was inside Mrs. Jen, my sexy 38 yr old leggy married bitchy
AGAIN no no plse I AM CUMMMMING - John you bastard....
you are making me CUUUUUUMMMMMINNNNNNNg" "You
I banged her hard, all 7 inch deep up her womb. "FUCK
ME JOHN, FUCK ME JOHN" she screamed as I banged her
tight pussy, I brought all 7 inch out of her cunt & then
thrust it in, 1 inch. 7 inch. 1 inch 7 inch, in out in out in
out pump pump bang pound the sexy married bitch boss her
hands were tearing away at her bedsheets " Fuck me
john ...fuck me john" " Say I am better than yr
husband " " NO....plse I ...uuuuhhhh am married,
no, plse " I pound her harder " Say it bitch "
" UUUUUUUUGHHHHHHH, John plse I increase
my intensity, I grabbed Her ass & carried her up the
bed, her cunt impaled onto my dick her hands on my shoulder
as I carried my slim sexy boss & fucked her while I stood
up. Her eyes opened wide in shiok pain & she screamed
" O h fuck oh fuck ...I never been fucked like that,
o h fuck fuck " I banged her hard upright, my dick entering
her entirely, her nails were gripping my muscular shoulders
... "Bitch say I'm better that your lousy husband!!"
"You are.... better, oh, " "Say it LOUD
HUSBAND!!!!!! Uuuuuugggggghhhhhhhhhh" She kissed
me hard & hugged me tight her tongue searching hungrily
for mine, MMMMMMMMMMPphhhhhhhh....mmmmmmpppppppphhhhhhhhhhhhh"
I continue to fuck her & carried her impaled on my dick
in front of her dresser mirror." Look Jen.... see
how sluttish you look." There in the reflection Jen
could see her sex starved dishevel look, her breasts heaving
her lips locked on mine lusty wanton her hand on my shoulder,
her hairy wet matured 38yr cunt on my young glistening cock
...she must have liked the sluttish image as it make her
renew her search for my tongue & undulated her cunt
downwards to absorbed my whole long shaft, her china doll
hair all over her face, all she wanted was my cock, my fuck.
I get to fuck this sexy married lady in her master bedroom
on her wedding bed for free. And becos of my curve dick it
could tickle her G-spot. Mrs. Jen was sweaty now, her body
wet, her cunt quivering, it is great to fuck your superior,
knowing going to see her everyday... "Plse cum John.
Plse cum.make me pregnant ... " "What about
yr husband " " Fuck him " she stared at her
wedding portrait on top the bed - " Make me PREGNANT
- I love yr big hard cock in my chee by! " " FUCK
MY CHEE BYE, fuck me JOHN!" I knew she was in total submission
now; I was about to blow my load my balls were aching. "OKAY
BITCH - I am going to shooooot my sperm up your chee bye - NOW!!!"
inside -…so hot. YR COCK IS GROWING, aaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk
JOHN ...OH JOHNnnnnnnnnnnn "make me ...make me..."my
sperm was flowing out her cunt along with her juices I must
have unloaded a liter inside her. I slide it out slowly &
put it near her mouth - lick it Jen, lick my dick. Took her
panties, bra, skirt, cardigan & use it to wipe my sperm
... " Wear this to work tomorrow, boss, want you to
smell me when you're in the office "...Jen smiled
& cooed like a new born babe " I love you John "
Yeah sure ...

Part 2

"Hi”, I looked up from my workstation & there
was this gorgeous, 30 something lady with long curly hair,
sweet mouth, sharp nose, rosy cheeks, & my god - her
boobs were like bursting out from her tight suffocating
bra.” I, where can I see Mrs. Jen for an interview for a private
secretary?" I took my eyes from this tall amazon tan
bitch, showed my teeth ^ gestured to her to the receptionist
...she smiled back & said " Thanks " cockly
she fumbled with her file & after a brief chat with the
reception, sat on the couch...her bums are so fucking tight....
her legs so fucking long ...what a fuck babe & that face god looked like Kit Chan with a stripper's voluptuous
body. Man, I hope Jen employs this bitch ... "Hunny,
you can go in now, Mrs. Jen will interview you …" "Hunny,
yummy " I thought, I smiled & gave her a thumbs
up sign, she stifled a giggle stood up straighten her short
skirt (what fucking legs!), breathed in (what fucking
big tits!) & Walked to my lady boss room. The guys swarm
to my station " What a hot bitch! " " Yeah,
my cock real hard already " " Wah lau. Sorry I
have to go toilet and shake " " no wait, for her
to go to toilet …then I shake" were a few. Of the complementary
comments about Hunny. " Hey john I heard you took boss
lady home on Friday - what happened? " " Well
I took her to her room & fucked her brains out "
“ HAHAHaHAHH hah h - Wah John you sure know how to talk cock!
" I smiled & walked to the pantry. Hunny reappeared
from Jen's room, " thanks Mrs. Jen for your time
…" " How was it? " " Don't know?
So so." "Nice office you got here " "
Yah " " Hey …sorry what is yr name?” " John."
" Yeah, I really need this job you can help me? "
How? " " Eavesdrop for me, Call me at my home no.
…Here, if you hear anything " " Sure " I
took her no. " Call me if you need a chat, too."
She smiled & slowly begins to walk away her huge boobs
in that tight blouse & her short white skirt jiggly,
shhhhhhhhheeeeeeeesh. " My name is Hunny "
(I KNOW BITCH) " …err yah ok. Thanks " I smiled
back. A HOT BABE HAS JUST PICKED ME UP! & She is so fucking
COOL about it, my cock was at attention, Hunny has the boobs
the size of mount kilimanjaro. "John, " "
Ya? " " Boss Jen wants to see you in her office
now - urgent …" (THIS IS MY LUCKY DAY!) Jen was in a fiery
mood, she was in white cardigan & wearing the same long
skirt with high slit Which I cleaned my sperm on last Friday,
"John, I want you to fax this to Shitybank, call the
GM there & fuck him for delaying my funds for coming
in …then call my gym instructress to cancel my appointment
tonight " "Sure boss, anything else? "
I move to her my cock already hard from images of sexy tan
tall bitchy boobsy HUNNY … "Close the door…"
I did. I took out my cock from my zipper & flash it to my
boss bitch … "Now suck it " "Oh john plse
not now …" " SUCK IT BITCH - I want my cum inside
your mouth." I moved to sit on her table & moved
my boss's china doll hair head to my groin. " Mmmmmuuummmmppppphhhhh
“ she groaned, " Its so big, " " Suck harder."
I glanced at Hinny’s resume on her table. Age 32, height
1.68, weight 48 kgs, divorced, likes swimming, aerobics,
Father chinese, mother malay, hhhhmmm her tan. A levels,
previous jobs private secretary, insurance, car sales
hhhhhmmmmmmm interesting. I looked at her white t-shirt
photo on the resume - boy! Her hot curly locks & sensuous
mouth. And those boobs, those melons. …- I looked at Jen
sucking my cock; her head boobing up & down her swivel
chair … I close my eyes & wish it were Hunny, " John,
and plse cum hhuummmpp sllluurrop, plse cum mmmmcuccmmm
plse darling. Plse “ I took one look at Hunny's photo
& lick the photo - breast & unloaded my man juice
into Jen's hungry mouth, " Take off your panties
& wipe my cock & your mouth, " She obeyed,
her mouth edge still has my cum drooling out … " Can
I see you tonight John? " "…. Put on your panties, "
" Plse John …" I put Hunny's resume on her
table ….zip up my pants … " Sure " " Boss."
" Ya? " " Hire this Hunny “. Hunny was a hit.
Within a week of joining the company, she had everybody
in the building making stupid appointments to see Jen or
come to the office. Actually for that matter the whole CBD
must have know about our investment co's hot sexy tall
tan boobsy long curly hair divorcee chinese-Malay secretary.
Among the office she's known as the sex-cretary as
every straight male was finding ways to bump into her, see
her panties, follow her to the toilet, squeeze past her
in the pantry, help her carry files, zap paper, buy her lunch,
buy her dinner, make her drop things & pick up, staring
at her cleavage, drooling at her cleavage, mentally spirtually
fucking her silly, sleep with her, put mirror on the shoe
to peep up her skirt, shine their shoes to peep up her skirt
& the best part of it. Hunny loved the attention. She's
the biggest cock Tease since the invention of g=string
panties. Hunny Luvs to flaunt her assets -" if you
have - show it " & the other office gals will giggle
at this new hot sexy mama-been there done that SPG. Rumor
has it that her previous Ang Mo boss her one night when
his first wife was away in England. After a bad divorce,
a 6-year-old kid & another bad divorce - she was collecting
alimony twice her current monthly salary. She's rich
& this job is just to keep her busy. Her standard attire
was simple - TIGHT / SHORT / SEE-THRU / ALL WHITE. Her boobs
seem to grow everyday - 36 C, no, 38 DD, no 40 DDD, NO NO I BUMPED
INTO HER ITS 44 EEE! In the midst of this sex storm, I was keeping
my length away from Hunny. Concentrating on my promotions
& just fucking my lady boss. Mrs. Jen. I was now her chauffer
to meeting & travel Companion to KL, London, New York
- I fuck her like crazy …I think she's pregnant."
Hi Mr. Cool " Dolly-Amy-Nina Doll was at my workstation
again, dressed in an all white body hugging hunza short
tight mini dress, from her low cleavage & high hemline,
I could see her poor black maximizer bra & black g-strings
straining hard to see daylight, her left hand holding a
stack of reports for me to sign, " Hi Hunny " (yummy!)
"Sir John, Indeed ….you." She smiled &
sashayed her sexy hips towards my seat “. To sign these documents
…" I swivel my chair toward her, pen pensive in my mouth
" Hunny … you're a cock tease …" " Heavens!
I am glad you notice - you like ok or what? Never looking at
me, never ogling at me …for almost 3 months now." She
did Sales so I know she's an apt talk cock queen. (YEAH
SURE, wait till you see my big fat curve cock up your pussy
you chee bye) I sniffed a smile and took the files dropping
2, she bent down to pick it up, deliberately spreading her
long tan legs wide, keeping her knees straight, her legs
a long inverted V, allowing me to see her sexy arc lower spine
leading to her g-string 2 mooned taut buttocks, she brushed
her hair to one side exposing her well endowed cleavage,
my god her boob valley is so fucking tight if my cock can go
in it will be like fucking a virgin's hymned cunt. She
wanted me to look. " Hunny you're sexy and beautiful.
…But I have currently a steady girl (Ya, your superior bitch
frustrated long legged white smooth skin bitch boss - Jen),
& " I finish signing the docs & handed it back
to her " & I would like to remain faithful to her
(until she goes away so I can tear your fucking chee bye to
bits), okay dear? " I smile coolly looking at her Beautiful
brown eyes. She smile back " John, you gentleman,
I like " I called Jen's extension - "Boss
I need your help for something " "Cum in "
It so happen that Jen Had to take an overseas trip for 2 weeks
with one of the brokerage house Barbarism for a road show
in London & I had to stay behind to hold the fort for an
IPO launch in a Week's time. That night, lying naked
in Mrs. Jen's wedding bed, she in my arms, my sperm in
her mouth, she instructed me to work closely with Hunny
as she was following up on the details. It was a frantic week,
as Hunny & I had to handle the media, the press, the charts,
the enquiries Etc. Or should I say it was a hard week for me
- My cock ram hard most of the time working with this Sexy
long legged tan cock teasing divorcee chinese Malay long
curly hair boobsy bitch, Hunny was not only sexy but efficient
& a great colleague to work with. It was just 3 days away
from the launch. The office was close except for Hunny and
myself. It was 11.30 pm & we were just finishing the
final remains of Pizza Hat’s. Her hair was bundled up in
a knot, tendrils of hair coming from the side over a pair
of black horn rim glasses. She was wearing a translucent
cream blouse, black belt on a short white skirt with a short
slit behind - black lacy Bra & g-strings …Do I want to
Fuck her so bad, "Oooooooh John I am so fucking Tired
"she groaned She stretched her long lusty body on
her swivel chair, cocked back her head close her eyes, Her
twin boobs moving up & down.

Part 3

"Come Hunny, let me give you a rub " I walked behind
her, my strong hands kneading away her stiffness, on her
shoulder, Neck, upper back, biceps …" Oh John, that
is so fucking good " (SHE SAID FUCK again) My cock was
hard … I slowly move down her spine, nearing the rib cage,
touching the hug bra-boob outer circumference…. brushing
it, (play it cool john) If the boys would see what I am doing
now - they will boil there dicks in vegetable oil. I slowly
finished with her torso & walked to her legs (FUCKING
slowly massage her ankles, her claves, her kneecap slowly
relaxing this sex bitch, Slowly discreetly pushing the
knees apart slightly & enough for me to take notes up
her skirt - white g-string, trimmed pussy, tan lines, golden
brown pubic hair curling from the sides …Jemez she is so
tight …I could see the outline of her pussy lips on the g-string
there was a feminine sexy musk emanating from her panties
from the hard walking the whole day in her sexy high heeled
pumps - I AM GONNA THIS BITCH! ." Ooooohhhh john,
yyyyoooouuu are soooooo strong …" My cock jerked
in my pants & a bit of pre-cum lubricated my undies.”You're
most welcum, Hunny " She close her eyes to doze off.
Her thick red lips slightly open (SUCK MY COCK), her bit
boobs Heaving slowly (LET ME SUCK THOS TITS!) …. Her long
body outstretched. …Time for

Part 4

I stood up - THIS IS IT MAN - I went to my work station 5 m away
from my " victim “, open the drawer, unbelted, took
off my pants, shoes, socks, tie shirt, pulled out the tube
of KY & spread the gel all over my 7.5 inch long hard vein
filled curved GPMG. I was shivering, looking over my workstation
a few feet away Hunny fully clothed and half asleep. My muscular
body fully nude & cock glistening with KY and my pre-cum
….I took the whole tube & lubricate my huge penis … I
SWEAR I am going to make this divorcee feel like a married
woman all over again TONIGHT!

Part 5

" Hunny. …Hunny? " I whispered near her ears.
No reply. She was dozing away her beautiful long curly black
brown hair cocked over the top of her chair, her lovely big
40DD breasts. Heaving up & down inside her tight black
lacy bra, her sex cleavage clearly visible under her translucent
white blouse (what a hot bitch), her smooth taut tummy under
a black belt on her 26 inch waist, tapering to flattering
tight hips to smooth taut flesh 32 inch tan buttocks leading
to long sexy Smooth tan fleshy chee bye sinful legs ….she
looked so fucking long at 1.68 m & she was not fat. But
her big boobs stood out like fucking headlights compared
to the rest of her body …a true blue SARONG PARTY GIRL >
I stood there In the near darkness, naked, my cock rock hard,
dripping with the full tube of KY & my pre-cum, just
looking at that sinful long tan body of my 32 yr chinese Malay
secretary was enough to make me cum …(control …control.
REN …REN). I moved in front of her chair ….my cock cm away
from her sexy mouth … (CHOW CHEE BYE!!!!!!) I grabbed her
boobs and squeeze it for dear life ….it was more that a handful
…Hunny screamed… " AAAAAAHHhhhhhhhieeeeeeeeee,
JOHN! " She almost fainted when she saw my hard muscular
well tones tan NAKED body & my huge Penis shining like
torchlight. “ John, plse no, plse." I was silent.
I grabbed her squirming long body & slide it on the black
big conference table, she shrieked & struggled, I
grabbed her boobs blouse & ripped it, the top 3 buttons
flew open, revealing what I am dreaming & planning
for the past 3 months. …What I was imaging when I was fucking
my lady boss, Jen - Hunny's huge breasts, under the
cover of a soft lacy black bra. " Plse john, Plse Don't
hurt me. …Plse Plse. I beg you, plse. ……Plse …I will tell
Jen I tell Jen." I remain silent .It only made my cock
harder … She struggled & I turn her around & tore
her belt away, my hand up the helm of her short skirt, tearing
her helm slit from behind exposing her twin fleshy mound.
She scratched me. I ignored it. I love to see long body squirm
& struggle. I took her left hand & ripped of her
sleeve, in the struggle her left bra cup was exposing &
her nipple pooped out - MY GOD! HER LEFT NIPPLE WAS 1-inch
THICK, brown, swollen with many nipples around her 40DD!
I squashed the big grape while continuing to pin struggling
long Hunny down … " PLSE JOHN, I AM NOT WET, PLSE DON'T
--! " I remain silent “ JJOOOOOOOOHHHHNN…………no I
am not wet yet … " Pushed her down doggy style, propped
up her sexy curve brown arse, her smooth sexy arse which
all the guys in the office wanted, dying to fuck."
John JJJJOOOHHH NNNNOOOOO." pulled away her g-string
to the side, let hand on left chinese-Malay arse, right
hand on another, " JJJJJJJOOOOhn, I thought you were
…decent. …Gentleman." And just RAM …… “ AAIIIIREEEEEeeeeeeEEEaaaaaaarrrEEEEEEEEGGGGGGHHHHH"
THE WAY UP Hunny, Hunny sexy, Hunny’s SEMI - DRY CUNT! Straight
up her arse to the hilt ….my pubic scrubbing her smooth ass
OooooooooooHHHHHOOOOO.aaarggggggge, ooooooooo J lllllllll
Jon JJJJOOOOONNN Aarrgggggg plse not so HARD! ………."
I pump her HARDER - taking Hunny 's Honey! " Plse
not so HARD …PAIN." I increase the intensity, my long
hard cock, everytime she want me to slow I fuck her harder,
spreading her tight semi dry cunt hole, she couldn't
Take my width from behind & slowly spread her legs wider
to accommodate my big fat cock … Hunny hands was now gripping
tightly on the sides of the conference table, from the reflection
I could see her huge left boob swinging left right center
….I ripped her right sleeve away, her right breast was still
inside the
Cup, my right hand went it to feel it, massage it, squeeze
it, milking the breast for all its worth.milking the right
breast out of her bra cup. FUCK FUCK THIS SEXY HUNNY! I PUMP
IT DEEP 1 inch, 7 inch, 1 inch 7 inch, in out in out in out. Her
hair from behind was flying out of her bun, flying everywhere
with each piston pump. With my right hand still milking
her right breasts. I release my left hand, pinning her down
with only my cock & grabbed her long curly locks from
behind…. pulling them …like riding a wild horse. No a wild
Chinese Malay divorcee tan long model slut sexy cock tease
bitch SPG secretary " Oh John.Oh john, you're
are hurting me …" Hunny Was sobbing. " Oooooooh
John, plse. …Pain …I never thought you …would …do this to
me…" Hunny was crying …but I knew she was slowly enjoying
the sensation …my smooth KY cock was wet enough to enter
her without friction to hurt my dick & slowly making
her semi dry tight pink warm cunt. Slowly but surely wet.
I like it slow, & slowly after the initial shock was
over, Hunny knew my cock was well lubricated. And did not
hurt so bad…as a pure …I Slap her tight arse leaving
some hot marks on her taut cheeks …" Oh Jon …Oh Jon its
Yes sass (I pump fuck ram give her all my loneness) "
" YESSSS YESSSS YEEEESSS…” she screamed, this sex
starved cock teaser must be really really. …Slowly …enjoying
it now. Hunny the slut big breasted cow was now moving her
arse up to receive my Cock ----- Hunny's Hot, Hunny's
is slowly fucking me back, HUNNY IS MINE! "OH JOHN
…oh gad it feels so good, I'm getting wet …oh gad "she
shrieked as I rode her ass on the conference table … "OOOOOOOOHHHHH
"OOOHHH I am ccccuuuuummmiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggg"
Hunny screamed. I could felt her Chinese Malay cunt spasm,
convulsions, she is wet now, she is cumming - So I continued
my Pumping… " OH JON, you're so good …oh …I'm
cumming again ….oh plse John, plse." Pump pump pump
pump pmmp pump……… Hunny was having cumming multiple now
… I ripped off the remain of her blouse & tore away her
her short skirt - she's nude except for her bra &
g-string. ………Time for,

Part 6

" My god Jon, I did not know ….did not know you're
so big…& good …I never imagined…." Shut up &
turn around. Its my turn to enjoy, I sat on conference table
on her knees her hair disheveled her boobs partially exposed
from her tight bra, She was good as licking, taking me from
the side, licking & massaging my cock, better than
Jen…She must have not been having a cock for a long long time
as she hungrily lap away swallowing Every inch, her tongue
going round and round, " "Open the door to Jen's
room " I want to fuck you on her table " I walked
to Jen's room she was on her knees following me her mouth
on my hard long cock…never leaving my cock her mouth …it
was like a life line to her …Sucking & moaning &
caressing her big boobs ….her mouth never left my hard cock
….as I walked to Jens room. I sat on Jens manager chair &
let her secretary suck me, All the time I was imagining Hunny
sucking me, finally now cum true. Looking at Jen's
photo on her table … & her secretary sucking my cock.really
really. DAMN FUCKING GOOOD. … I sat on Jen's chair &
Hunny went on her knees taking control of my huge penis,
tracing the outline of my cock sucking it.liking it ….she
was now mine

Part 7

"Get on your back on the table.' I hissed, her
eyes looked up while my cock was still in her mouth."
I want to fuck yr big tits! " She sided on her back onto
Jen's table, pushing away the stationary, she's
hot now ….I straddle her huge firm breasts, my ass near her
face. Placing my swollen member between, she clasps her
breasts tight squashing my cock in between (GOD ITS SO FIRM
AND TIGHT). I slowly slide in & Out of her boob valley
…while in the 69 position, I went in & started tearing
her cunt with my mouth.""""""
OOOOOOOHHHHH GAWD JJJJJJOOON “ I was fucking her breasts
and licking her cunt …her sexy semi- tan Malay chee bye.
I licked her like a mad men while fucking her big boobs with
my man meat." Oh saying …” Suddenly I felt a warm sensation
on my arse hole - the semi Malay bitch was licking tm ARSE
HOLE! " Ooooohhhh HUNNY YOU’RE A BITCH!!!!"
" Only for you JOHN saying …only for you " …… "SUCK
ME JOHN. …Make me cum." She continues to rim my ass
hole holding tightly my firm tight muscular arms while
my cock was growing up in her boobs ….my goodness she's
CHOW CHEE BYE BEST! I licked her deep, my mouth pushing deeply
into her now wet snatch, she was tasting real Feminine now
her juices flowing ……" Oh John." My tongue went
round & round & round.”Oh Jon, I ……am, cummming,
again." Hunny shrieked. Hunny / Honey Hunny Honey
Hunny my brain was screaming ….my cock was about to shoot.
Fucking her tight breasts …I felt Hunny’s honey flowing
out from her cunt, drank it…. she was squirming, stationary
was all over the floor as I we ate each other on our managers
table. I was determine not to waste my sperm in thin air,
swiftly, I took my mouth away, slide my cock out her boobs,
stood at the edge of the table lifted her ankles over my shoulder
…looking at her. Slut filled sex starved look. " Hunny
….I am going to give you what I have been saving for the whole
3 months for all the cock tease you're given me &
the days I spent shaking in the men's room just thinking
of you I banged the semi Malay women hard. …Pumping away
….she screamed again & again. She imbedded her nails
on my shoulder. " My Gad - I …never …got fuck so hard.
… ME JON ME …" I THIS SEXY Secretary until
she cum & cum. " Fuck my chee bye Jon" Plse
Harder oh yes harder. …Ooooh JJOONNHAARDERRRR"
I give this hot bitch one thing she REALLY KNOWS HOW TO enjoy
being bucked! I Pounded deep inside her ……… OOOOH JON I AM
CUMMMMING AGAIN ….I put my mouth on her hungry mouth both
of Us searching for each others hot wet cum stained tongues.
…MMMMpppp Jon plse Don’t cum in me, plse don't cum in
Jon” she moaned in submission. I took out my cock & dangled
the long tube still spilling out residual sperm all over
her face, nipples hot body. …Rubbing every part of her body
with my man made sun tan solution. She was beautiful &
still sexy her hot body smothering with sex steam lying
on my boss lady's table her long hair wet with sweat
…looking at Me with her beautiful brown eyes … watching
me taking a drag on a Marlboro rubbing my thick muscular
thighs …" John, saying, I think I am falling in love
with you " I smile & kiss her nipple. (Yeah sure,
wait till I you again)

Part 8

The rain was down to a slight drizzle now & I could see
she was one cool babe. I took notes, 1.7, blond flowing straight
hair, fair skin, red cheeks freckles blue eyed, slim. Sleek
long legs, let me see drenched, g-strings? - Yes ….bra -
at least smelly smelly 36 c. Her smile & sharp features
was angelic …sweet face, smells good too and a body for SIN!
"U here on attachment?" She nodded. "First
time to Singapore? " "Obi …yes." I smiled
at her. "Care for a drink?" "Not tonight,
I have an urgent engagement, " "Here's
my card call me for lunch, or whatever " I took her card.
We smiled & she walked towards the Pub, her sweet tight
buns sashayed left right left right. Hunny, my lady boss's
sexy CFM secretary with her sexy SPG big tits & long
legs was waiting for me in my car … " Hi lover …"
"Hi Slut" " Where to? " her hands
on my thighs. I turned the key …drove to the car park at Melinda
Part near the Esplanade …pulled down my sweat grassed mud
shorts, pulled down her low cleavage mini, massaging her
big tits, " Kiss my cock Hunny …" Mrs. Jen, my
lady boss was in a foul mood, screaming & slamming the
conference table .A few of the junior staff were already
red in the eyes, her sarcasm & pettiness was sharp,
curt & unrelenting. I could see a few of the section
heads gulping down the fury of chiding & ridicule.
Adjusting their collar & pants, feeling a damp feeling
creeping up their Kelvin Clients underwear. It was our
usual moon morning weekly meeting & today was extremely
merciless, she's was a true bitch. Prate white cotton
t-shirt, under a Liz Claymore stripped jacket & pants,
Gucci white high heels, her china bob hair immaculately
styled & nails manicured with a glossy shine, her sexy
lips creamed with a LancĂ´me peach earth color - she was stunning,
stunningly Bitchy …highly animated. " Now get out
of here all of you & make sure you don't disappoint
me by the end of today - get this blade report all ready by
5 pm " she threw the stack of notes in the air "get
out of here - the lot you " All the section heads filed
out of the room sheepishly. The sexy secretary Hunny's
eyes were on the floor, clearing up the mess, her boobsy
cleavage juggling … " What are you looking at. Jon
- get your butt out of the chair & type out the fucking
report." She glared at me. Boy was she in a bad mood.
" Wah lau that Jen must have got no fucking again fm
her husband " " No I think her period again "
" What period - at that age must be menopause …"
" Yah, still like to fuck her sexy lau chow chee bye
though …" The boys were chatting at the cooler. Mrs.
Jen was upset & stressed about something, she was unbearable.
Time to do something. Knock knock. "Ya? Jon? What
do you want? " She looked at me her china doll face Visible
annoyed. I close the door behind me, slight of hand lock
it. Approached her desk, Jen stood up " No, No …Not
today …Jon, " She protested. I sat on her table; I
have to finish this in 15 I put my left index
finger on her lips. " Humus “, My right hand travel
down her smooth belly to her pants zip, Slide down the zipper
slowly, Looking at her brown shocked eyes, Slip my hand
inside the front of her pants, Slide up her panties waist
band, Snake my hand down into her pink panties, Using my
whole palm I began rubbing her pubic near her clitoris,
"No, Jon" "Sheet " I scrubbed her
pubic, slowly, alienating my middle finger to service
her dry laic clitoris entrance, Slowly & with steady
strokes I used my middle finger to slowly traced her cunt
in Slow small semi circular arcs. Making it slowly relax,
releasing her tension, slowly massaging, tracing, feeling
her clit entrance Slowly making it damp, pinching it, feeling
it ...teasing it ... "No boss, stand still, hands
by your side don't touch me, close your eyes ...relax
& enjoy " she was breathing deeply now, her bra
cups moving inside her tight prate shirt ... "oooh
" she whispered her approval as she close her eyes,
fully clothed in shantung way female " office bitch
gear " with her zip open & her fully clothed employee's
muscular long fingers massaging her vagina .I could feel
, slowly she was getting a little damp now , as I slowly put
2 cm of my middle finger inside her cunt teasing her soft
, semi dry virginal muscles …going round & round , never
stopping , searching for a lost spot …She kissed my index
finger with a soft smack . Her china doll Faced slowly wrinkled
with pleasure...easing her tension…I slowly slide my
middle finger very slowly up her Virginia walls, feeling
the muscles slowly enveloping the foreign agent, accepting
it willingly with slow excretions of feminine dew, musk,
that float up her gradually damp hot love hole feeling our
nostrils with womanly fragrance …"too" she
cooed. My middle finger slowly moving up her 1-inch, 2 inch,
3 inch, …holds it there. "Oooh" she cooed silently
standing there hands on her clenching her fist, as her young
employee slowly finger masturbates this 38 yr married
tall slim sexy managerial bitch…. 4" ...5 "
…I insert it ALL …in …deep. …Hard." Ooooooo"
"Hush" I whispered into her ears …"quiet
" ….I bit her ear left lobe ...slowly pulled it ...blowing
into her ear. My middle finger then started to rotate, feeling
her. …Lingering inside her …abusing her inner walls searching
for Innermost secrets. …Masturbating Jen.... "OOO"
"Suck my fingers." She licked my index on her
lips…her tongue hot & wet ...glistening in her wet
hot saliva & slowly peeled open left middle finger
…eyes close …standing, legs slowly opening apart. …Moaning
ever so softly. …Clenching her fist on her sides …as my lone
digit was creating havoc in her mature hairy wet chee bye…."
Hhhhmmm" she took my left middle finger in her mouth
& hungrily sucked it …her lipstick shading it peach.
…Undulating her hips upwards to receive more of my finger,
wantonly pushing her pelvis up, and rotating it like a slim
belly dancer. My right hand was moving faster now …Jen was
shivering …her legs slowly getting astride inch by inch
to accommodate my rotating motion …tickling her g spot,
the little sexy love knob, sex button, feminine Testes
that make her wet, wet. "Jon, plse I am going to cum.
…Plse Jon. …Plse.harder. …Hard…" "Hush "
My index finger now joined in " OO…hhhhmmmmmpp "
she sucked my middle finger deep down her Sweet mouth …her
buns tense, her long legs quivering ... I then recruited
my ring finger …" OH …OH …job…juju ….nun mmmmmppphhh…pal;
" I felt her thighs strengthened to close the section
between her married legs…3 of my fingers were now serving
my lady's boss's open fly. She bow legged her shivering
legs ….her mouth clamped on my left hand ….my right keeping
her Semi-upright, like a hand puppet. …Round & round
& round & round & out ... Pump ...poke…pump.
…Rotate; pull out ...Put in …shove. …Teasing, feeling,
masturbating her anxieties…stress away via her g stop
button ...she sighed & gyrated her long legs ...her
hips ...her cunt around my wet fingers. Jen was lubricating
my whole hand now, her eyes closed in ecstasy, I looked at
her damp patch now forming at the front of her pants &
delighted at the power I have over this bitch lady my married
lady slut ...long legged. China doll.... executive bitch
chee bye.... "J…too…nun, I am chum. …Hhhhmmmppp"
She bites my middle finger, red crimson blood slowly flowed
down my finger, her hands grabbed my left forearm. She opened
her sweet brown eyes to see me impassionate digging her
cunt, no feelings.cold. …Hard. …Digging, feeling, …violating
her chee bye which she only shares with her husband … Small
droplets of my blood flowed stained Her lips, she licked
it up, I could feel her shudder, her spasms, contracting
in her pussy, water, juices, fluid slowly trickling down
my right forehand. It lasted for a full minute, I could Feel
Jen cumming & cumming & cumming .Her eyes opened
passionately sadly. Her screams muffled over my hard long
red middle finger. Cumming...spasm ...her insides massaging
my fingers inside her she was having multiples ...orgasm
…while standing up with her fly open. In her office…Slowly
her eyes pleaded me to let go of her cunt …I release it …my
damp wet fingers sliding out her warm wet pussy with a small
'pop' …she slumped to her chair …exhausted, Her
fly open, a circle of dampness on her pants ….I smile sitting
on her table.she smile back …I put my wet, damp right hand
to her mouth. …Without any asking, Jen slowly lapped up
her juices from my hand .Her 2 sweet brown eyes looking at
me lovingly … " I am sorry Jon …I shouted at you."
" Its okay boss you're under a lot of stress, relax,
I go make you a cup of coffee …" I stood up, adjusted
my tie, open the door, walked to the pantry, close &
locked the door. Unzipped my hard - on, masturbated &
milk my creamy white hot salty pent up sperm, man cream into
the coffee cup, coating the rim of the cup with my man milk,
zip up, pour the coffee in 2 sugars, stirred & slowly
walk back to my lady's boss's office. Another
day, another stupid week. Damn! There must be more to life
than this fucking lousy 9-5 job...I take a slow drag on my
Marlboro staring out of the toilet window into the evening
shantung city skylights ...slowly pulling out my tie
money money where to find money? ... Of course there is still
my sexy frustrated lady boss Jen & her sexy SPG busty
Chinese - Malay secretary Hunny. At least my sex life is
great. Hunny ... Hmmm knock, knock ...on the toilet door
"Ya?" "You there Jon" 'Ya"
"who's there?" the door open & in stepped
Hunny, dressed in a long body hugging high slit high throat
white dress ...her long brown curly hair tied up her long
1.68 m tan sg body 38-40 inch boobs, slim waist & luscious
arse just crying out for molest. Her every move as she walked
towards me cried out fuck, , touch, molest, abuse,
lick, suck ...what a hot bitch ... "Hey Hun, this is
the gents u know?" "I know, I am the last one to
lock up its already 8 pm on a fir - everyone's at boat
key…" She slithers up to me leans her body on my chest,
her boobs bursting out from her dress ...poking at my chest…
I blow smoke into her face & smile at this slut,
she is a good fuck & She's all mine ...I lean against
the window in the toilet my eyes slowly close as I take another
drag on my cigarette as she slowly slithers down on her knees,
massaging my thighs, feeling the soft woolen fabric of
my pants rustle as her hands slowly smoothen the creases
towards my slowly hard tool ...god this Malay bitch is good.
"Blow me bitch, " Hunny smile & looked
up at me. Her hands on my groin, feeling it grow, swell, moan
for release she smiled & licked the zip of my pants,
nibbling at the bulge of my blue woolen pants ...massaging
it…coaxing my hard on…harder…she was greeted with greater
expansion ...which she shrieked in girlish wonder. "
Jon BIG COCK”. She grinned she slowly placed her lips on
my pants zip & pulled slide down the zip...zzzzziiiiippp...her
sweet Brown eyes looking up at me as I am smoking my cigarette
her sweet luscious full wet lips, her beautiful face in
front of my exposed underwear ...what a fucking slut ...her
hands slide in, slowly pulling down my calving ...she groaned
at the sight of my 7 inch cove saber, "Oh Gad "Hunny
moaned as she kissed my swollen red prick head ...I place
my hands on the back of her banned hair & eased my dice
slowly, very slowly into her sweet mouth, she was semi-choking,
but what the hell…"Hunny, drink me dry " ...

Part 9

"RING RING RING RING..." the telephone ...
my hair was tussled ...where the fuck is the phone...panties
...bra ...fuck. "RING RING RING RING." where
the fuck i? I feel the soft satin sheets & the softness
of my pillow, and then the image of my bedroom slowly filters
down to my mind wat Saturday already? What time is it ...9
.30 am ... "RING RING..." fuck phone ...I looked
over my shoulder & see Hunny's naked breasts next
to me...breathing slowly, her mouth & cheeks before
stained with my cum from the night..."RING RING..."
I finally found the phone under the bed ... " YA? "
"Jon?" "Whose this? " "Me
Jen " my lady boss … "Did I get you at a bad time?"
I looked over my shoulder ...Hunny’s sexy firm long tan
body was stretched butt naked …next to
Me in my bed. " No, it's okay …just abit tired "
" oh Jon you work too hard …what time did you go home?'"
" About 11 pm" I look at Hunny's smooth tight
ass yeah real hard. "Boss whets up? " "Nothing
just called …bored - I missed you " "Ya"
I smiled " I missed you too" "where is yr
hubby?" " In the hall watching cable …"
"You?" " On the bed in master bedroom "
38 yr old slim tall sexy frustrated sexy cam china doll bitch
…I close my eyes and envisioned her. "What r u wearing?"
I asked" …my pink lingerie …" Describe …Why?
…Just say I want to know …U? …I am naked U sleep naked? … No
not always (only when I have guests) … "…well its pink
…its lacy, thin, silky, smooth & low cut …high slit
…long to my ankles …" I see …my pole slowly waking up
Jen close yr bedroom door…why? …Just do it …in the phone,
I hear my sexy lady boss walked to the door & close it
"Hello…Jon?" " Ya …" " I close
already …" " U miss my cock Jen? "Yeses"
I hear her whisper … " Say it …I miss your cock …"
"Jon. …I miss your cock, " she whispered. "Want
to suck it? " "Jon you are so bad …" Say it."
I want to suck it …" I pulled away the bed sheets …exposing
my naked body, Hunny moaned.”Are you alone Jon " "Yes
I am watching a blue movie …" I lied Hunny's eyes
slowly opened …she smiled at me. I pressed my finger to her
mouth …cupped the telephone and whispered …" EX Girlfriend
…" winked at her …Hunny smiled back understandingly.
Stretching her luxurious brown sexy tan 1.68 m long legs
& arms bring her boobs up, lifting her Chummed Brown
nipples to my view … "darling you want me to lick you?
"I asked into the phone …Hunny’s eyes were open wider
now …"Plse Jon, plse …" I snaked below Hunny’s
long legs, …smooth my head between her thighs, the phone
on one hand …I started licking Hunny, " Slurp, sllluurrrppppp
…" " Ooooohhhh. Jon …" came Jen's
voice over the other end … " Sllluurrop sllluurrop
…lick liiiiiicc k ccllliiiccc kslllllluurrppp pp. Lies
kiss ….is …kiss …smooch" Hunny was slowly getting
aroused now. …Hhhhmmm she moaned. Pull down your lingerie
…Ok Jon.sslllluuurrrppppp …place yr left hand in your
cunt …slluurpp. Squirming as. …Ooooohhhh Jon.Jen moaning
over the line, Hunny in front of me in my bed naked my long
hot wet tongue explore red her. Ssss; sssllluuurrrpppppppp.
…Masturbate you bitch …with your middle finger. I ixia
oooh Jon. Follow my instructions bitch ….yes Jon ….Jen
….my lady boss was probably butt naked now in her room masturbating
with me on the line while her lousy husband outside watching
tv. Lick lick lick lic lic lic sllluurrpppp Jon you're
making me wet …. I know becos Hunny is wet already, the sounds
of my licking Hunny live was projected into the phone…I
was having sex with 2 ladies from my office on Saturday morning
- one live, one on the phone & they don't even know
about it - Am I good or what. …Chee byes. …Chee byes, arrrggghhhh
I thought as I lick Hunny's wet hot. Snatch. …Going
round & round with my long tongue …Hunny was pumping
her hairy pussy. Thrusting it up my mouth now ….I was giving
REAL sounds to Jen on the other, hearing her. Moan as I commanded
her to masturbate herself. Now …imagine I am in a 69 position,
Yes Jon …ooooohhhh Jon, plse. Now SUCK MY BIG COCK.Jen moaned
oooooohhhhhhhh as she started slurrping away on the other
line. …While Hunny was giving the real service, man this
bitches are so fucking fucking over sexed - who said singagapore
's woman
Can’t be sluttish - bull. Put her middle finger in your cunt,
and dig …I spat over the phone, as Hunny's mouth was
swallowing away …sucking me. JEEEXXXXZZZZZ. I moan ….oh
oooh I am so wet ….Jen moan. …Hunny. …Moan Oh Gad ….O Gad Jon
I cant stand it, FUCK me Jon Hunny my naked divorced secretary
must have heard, and skillfully …slide her mouth out of
my cock ….I lied down. …While Hunny slowly took hold of my
pole, knelt down between my hips & slowly slowly teased
my cock head at the entrance of her brown snatch … fuck me
Jon. I'm putting it in now … Oh Jon. Oh ….Jon, plse fuck
me …Jen begged …I am putting it in now. 1 inch. 2 inch 3 inch
… Oooooooh 5 inch. ………JON.plse FUCK me - Jen moaned over
the line.
arrrrgHGG I grunted …on the other line; JEN WAS moaning,
softly fuck me fuck me FFFFFFF muumuu cocks kkkkkkk… Hunny
was grinding my cock hard on my bed, my hands was shivering
on my receiver. Jen was moaning.on the other line. …FUCK
This I AM GOING TO BLOW. Hunny was riding my cock, like a champion
equestrian, her hips undulating her sexy womanly butts,
she fucked me like there was no tomorrow, swallow my cock
with her cunt …masturbating my man muscle she grope my balls,
massaging it easing my swelling sperm load, Jen's
breathe was getting quicker …her grunts louder."
Oh gad. Jon I am going to cum …Oh Gad …Jon ….wet …I am soooooo
WET …" Suddenly …I heard on her phone someone knocking
the door …"Jen you ok?" Job Jon plse fuck me hard
AARRGGHHH AARRGGGHH I shouted at the top of my voice. My
muscles all red, my bed all wet with Hunny's sweat &
mine & heat, Hunny was about to climax. As I upthrusted
my hips to complement her own ward Grind. We were like a fucking
machine ……one unit one piston one hole well oiled lubricated…
sinful, shameless, dirty, Very dirty, FUCKING OUUUUUUUU
in Tandem CCUMMMMMCCCcccuuuuuuucucmmm aarrggghhhhmmmmmm
" Jen are you okay? Open the door." Jen's
husband was getting impatient." CUMINNIINGG” Hunny
screamed, Jen Screamed, I screamed. Hunny spasms milking
my Cock, uploading my hot sticky cream up her sexy long tan
sg divorce Malay cunt ….I Cupped my Hands behind her Hunny's
head & sucked her mouth. …Searching for her tongue
…Mmmmmm [ppppmmm… " OOOOOOH JJJJJJOOOOOOOON …fuck.'
Jen 's phone line. …Went dead … I threw the phone on the
ground & held Hunny tight her thighs gripping me tighter
her nails on my already scratched back the night before
….our mouths searching sucking sucking making a vacuum
….our hot bodies melting into one sweaty wet pool of wanton
hot burning. …Yearning piece of flesh… on my bachelors
bedroom … I slowly withdrew my long monster from Hunny's
drenched cunt
Putting it near her mouth Per normal procedure to clear
& clean my weapon. …Licking every drop clean ….her
juice and my milk. Who was that Jon …" Hunny moaned
…her hands massaging her sore cunt, " Oh …It was a wrong
number …" I smiled …and lighted my Marlboro,

Part 10

It was a fucking lazy Sunday afternoon. The clock was donning
2.30 pm ... I was on the sofa watching some crap HBOO movie,
smoking my Marlboros, switching channels .Jen, Hunny
& that Charlotte ... my dick was getting aroused ...
Hmmm ... an ad on the TV. Nadia Alaskan-long the NTV Bj was
in her fucking tight white blouse & tight shiny rubber
pants ...withal hint of fucking g-strings ... this Nadia
chee bye is one fuck babe, I really like to cram her chee bye
with my sticky spank, I lowered the volume to the Tv &
put my left hand into my white silk boxers …massaging my
monster as Nadia was on TV introducing the HITS ...Hit my
curve cock bitch … She was gyrating & speaking incoherently
like all fucking bj, her boobs were like bursting from the
fucking tight blouse ...chee bye , ,, those fucking Indonesian
nipples need to be sucked so fucking
Bad ...wondering who's the lucky fuck, fucking the
broad. Lying butt naked with his cream on her fucking sweet
bitch face. Ever thought of that? My dick was growing out
of the boxers & my hand was getting faster ...faster,
Her lips, her boobs.... I WANT TO FUCK YOU NADYA my mind was
screaming ... DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG ... Door Bell.
3 pm who the fuck? Hope it's Nadia, he he he, Hi, I am from
AIL Insurance. My name is May. Wow! SCAN-Assessment Anita
Mai look-alike, 36c 28 32 body, shoulder length hair, parted
to the left, 1.65 m, 55 kg, hot long legs, good hips, thick
lips that could take my dick and bring to heaven & back,
... White T-shirt with AIL on the chest (FUCKING NICE tight-lacy
BLACK BRA), white tight pants with ... let me see, YES ...BLACK

Part 11

Yeah What? I scratched my head looking cool & angry,
cigarette in my mouth, what u want? Sorry Sir, I am May from
AIL and I am wondering whether I can have 10 mines of your
precious time (I CAN GIVE U 24 hours you chee bye, ) FOR WHAT?
I growl ... YOUR FUTURE ... Your retirement ...Plse err
... 5 mines then ...not long ... Her fucking big brown eyes
open wide, her fucking white cheeks rosy, her shoulders
shrugged & she breathed in ...waiting for my reply
T-SHIRT... My cock was hardening below ...swelling, growing....
I HOPE I CAN FUCK THIS BITCH! OKAY Lah ...not more than 5 Mines.
I just woke up ...I unlock the gate & May walked in … NICE
House... Yah I sneered (nice breasts) Live alone ...Yah
... Sit down, I pointed to the sofa, with the blue Vices,
used condoms packages, underwear ...Hunny's panties,
I lighted another cigarette & took off my singled,
only by white silky boxers with nothing but my tool, I sat
next to her ... she smiled you look tired, Yah long night
HOUSE) Let us begin ... she pulled out her folder & started
giving me the low down on unit trusts and life & endowment
while the only fucking endowment I want & want to to
give is the one in our pants, May had a high pitch voice &
the way her bucking t-shirt chest keep inflating &
deflating is making me go fucking crazy , ,, I don’t even
know what the fuck she's talking I was already mentally
this bitch , ,, SO Jon , , ,, what do you think She
smiled . My dick was growing 4 ...5 ...6 inch I lifted up my
right leg & put it on the coffee table, my cock head was
peeping from the fucking ...boxers, her eyes was abit amazed
...grew bigger ...she kept her cool So Mr.

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