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Fay's Christmas Bonus


Mrs King had received an invitation like this before, but
last time it was under duress, when she didn’t really have
any option. This time, it was to discuss her salary, with
the hidden promise of a possible rise ‒but on a Friday evening?,
to include a drink to celebrate Christmas??

Tony Fisher had called her aside for a few minutes one afternoon
in the corridor and explained that the Headmaster wanted
to discuss her salary the following Friday and, as it was
nearing the end of the term with Christmas only a few days
away, it would be a good idea to combine the discussions
with a drink or two to celebrate the festivities. Fay went
home nervous but excited.

Fay had made an effort since her previous ‘interview’ with
the Head and Fisher, back in April, as they had both insisted
that that her fine, shapely body should be attired in more
‘glamorous’ clothes when she came to work. She only worked
part-time at the school, helping out with the difficult
pupils, but she enjoyed it immensely, particularly as
she had gained more confidence and self esteem from knowing
that, at 39, she could still attract admiring glances from
some of the males around her.

It had been more than ‘admiring glances’ that had been thrust
upon her at that first meeting ‒God, she couldn’t think
about it now……. but it hadn’t stopped her improving and
becoming a little ‘risque’ with her attire ever since.
Fay knew it wasn’t coincidence that even some of the senior
boys were now engaging her in conversation more, or that
she could feel eyes on her from behind as she went up the school
stairs, or along the corridors–and it made her feel good.

She wore tight jumpers and blouses, to accentuate her full,
firm, breasts, trousers that fitted snugly round the curves
of her bottom, usually with high heels or boots, and occasionally,
if she was feeling extra daring, she would put on a skirt
that was tight to her arse and legs, and perhaps two or three
inches above her knees. She got on well with the pupils and
other staff members, and it had all given her a new zest for
life with new energy. Her two teenage children now had their
own active lives and Fay found that life with her husband
of 20 years could become just a little boring occasionally,
although she never really wanted to stray. Anything that
may or may not have happened was entirely due to her weak
nature, and the fact that Fay could not resist a seductive
assault on her submissive body. However, Fay did think
that a rise in her salary would be wonderful ‒and perhaps
well over-due ‒and so she looked forward to the little Friday
night get-together.

Her husband was on nights at the oil refinery that night,
but she did tell him there was a little Christmas function
at the school, and so nothing seemed amiss. Fay very often
attended meetings and functions at the school in the evenings,
so this was nothing out of the ordinary. The kids had already
gone out with their friends by 7o’clock and so she bathed
and got changed, ready to catch the 7.45 bus from down the
road ‒Christ, I must learn to drive the car in the New Year,
she promised herself.

Fay had learnt, quite conclusively back in April, the Head’s
proclivities to the feminine form, and decided that she
would try to influence his thinking when it came to discussing
her salary. As Fay put her underwear on, she felt sexy already.
The lilac bra was thin, see-through, but hard and shapely,
and held the firm breasts quite wonderfully in place. As
she pulled the minute matching panties up her thighs, Fay
shivered at the material’s touch on her skin, and she gently
pushed them into place between her legs, the high cut of
the leg ensuring that her full expanse of thigh was on view.

With the suspender belt in place, Fay pulled the dark stockings
up her legs until they were stretched in place across her
thighs. The black suede skirt was worn above the knee, but
smart, and the suede jerkin she wore hid the tightness of
her red, buttoned blouse across her chest. Minutes later
the bus driver gave her legs an admiring glance as Fay disappeared
up the stairs of the bus, her red, high heeled sandals clipping
each step quite loudly.

Winston Parker was an 18 year old black sixth former, very
handsome, tall and muscular, good at sports as well as being
quite intelligent, and he was popular with the girls at
school as well. He was a quiet boy, though, never brash,
but with a good sense of humour, and probably kind. Tonight
he was off back to school and Fay saw him as soon as she reached
the top of the stairs on the bus.

‘Hello Winston, you look very smart tonight, off somewhere
nice?’ He wore clean smart jeans, an open necked white shirt
and a leather jacket and, Fay thought as she sat down next
to him, looked very much the adult now he was out of school
uniform. Winston immediately smelt the gentle perfume
and, without looking directly, saw the nylon clad thighs
come into view as Fay sat down.

‘The Head’s invited me in to have a drink with him in his study
‒I don’t know if anybody else is going, but I had nothing
else to do, so I thought I’d go along. What about you?’ There
was talk that Parker might next be the Head Boy, so perhaps
tonight was a ‘grounding’ for him.

‘I’ve been invited too, ’ she laughed. ‘We won’t all get
in the room if there’s too many, will we?’ Fay wondered how
many had been invited, and where they were all going to go,
and when would her pay rise be discussed ‒ah well, enjoy
the evening anyway, it’ll all become clear soon enough.
She could feel this young, large, manly body next to her
making polite conversation and she felt a little risqué

‘We must have a drink together when we get there, Winston,
and you can tell me about all those girlfriends that you
have, ’ teased Fay. He smiled back at her and tried not to
glance at the shapely thighs just down from his line of vision.

‘I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment ‒too busy with rugby
and football and studying.’

‘Oh, come on, ’ and Fay warmed to the tease, ‘a handsome
young man like you must have loads of girls chasing him round, ’
and her hand just briefly caressed the huge, muscular thigh
through the jeans, and then took it away again. She was still
a teacher, still a married woman 20 years older than Winston,
but she immediately saw the caress had woken a twinkle in
his eyes, stirred his masculinity.

‘Not really, ’ and Winston sort of blushed and looked away,
not wanting to admit that this woman was attractive, not
wanting to do anything in case he had misread the signs,
the ‘come-on’. The polite conversation continued but
they joked, laughed and smiled at each other until they
reached the stop near the school where Winston took the
teacher’s hand to help her alight from the bus. Fay felt
the massive palm around her own and didn’t want to let go,
so secure was it.

The night was dark and quite chilly, so Fay linked her hand
into Winston’s arm without asking, and the two made their
way along the pavement towards the school. She could see
his beautiful, dark eyes twinkling in the street lights
as they talked and, only momentarily, wondered how he was
going to get home. They very quickly reached the front door
of the school and found it unlocked. In they went. The foyer
went round to where the Head’s study was and, as the two approached,
the door opened and there was Tony Fisher to greet them.

‘Evening Mrs King, evening Parker, it’s a bit chilly isn’t
it? Come on in.’ The heat from the radiators in the Head’s
office soon warmed the visitors and the blinds were pulled
to keep out the dark night.

‘Ah, good evening, it’s wonderful to see you both. I’m so
glad you could come.’ The Head was beaming as he greeted
them from behind his desk. ‘I thought that as it was Christmas,
you’d like to join us in a little drink to celebrate the Christmas
season, and as a thankyou for all you’ve done for us, Fay,
this term. Parker, you’ve also excelled yourself this
term, both on the sports field and in the classroom and,
as the Head Boy position is likely to become vacant quite
soon, I thought that you may care to join us for an informal

‘Thankyou Headmaster, ’ was all that Winston could reply.

‘I hope you haven’t forgotten that we also might be discussing
my salary, ’ Fay cheekily reminded the old man.

‘Exactly, Fay, exactly. Perhaps we could discuss the details
later, but let me get you a drink first, ’ and, after the
requests, Parker had a bottle of beer and Fay was given a
large brandy and lemonade. She felt the first swig go down
her throat, beautifully burning as it went, and felt exhilarated
by the first taste of alcohol for a few weeks.

She already felt warm in the study and took her jerkin off,
so as to ‘feel the benefit’ later. Her breasts stretched
the red blouse across her chest, the buttons straining
to fly off, and when the group sat down in front of the Head’s
desk, Fay’s legs tantalisingly came into view as her suede
skirt slid up her crossed thighs.

She made sure that only the nylons were on view but, even
so, she knew that her feminine charms had caught the attention
of the others round the desk. The Head smiled at her, carefully
thinking about the words he was about to use as he eyed Fisher,
Parker and the delectable, mature woman in the centre.

‘Earlier in the year, Parker, Mr Fisher and I tried to persuade
Mrs King that she was a very attractive woman, and that she
should not be afraid of dressing as such when she came to
work at the school. Do you not think we were right, Parker?’
The young man blushed once more but managed to reply to his

‘Yes, Headmaster, Mrs King is an attractive lady, ’ and
Fay turned to him and gave him a seductive, knowing smile.

‘Thankyou Winston, and you’re a very handsome young man, ’
she returned the compliment.

‘Exactly Parker, ’ went on the Head, ‘and we’ve all seen
what an effort Fay has made in her appearance. It truly brings
a breath of fresh air to the school, don’t you think.’

‘Yes Headmaster.’

Fisher then joined in. ‘And it’s because of this that the
Head is happy to discuss a possible rise. Do you think that
Mrs King deserves a rise, Parker, ’ went on Fisher.

Again Parker blushed and was very diplomatic

‒‘I don’t think that Mrs King’s salary has anything to do
with me, Sir.’

‘No, perhaps not, Parker, ’ took up the Head once more,
‘but you can be a party to a democratic decision over the
matter. I think that’s only fair.’

‘Where exactly is this getting us, Headmaster, ’ interrupted
Fay, her shapely figure still moving seductively as she
sat on her chair.

‘Perhaps if you could just get up and stand before us, we
could all get an idea of what I’m trying to say.’

‘Are you sure.’

‘Yes Fay. Just move over to the door, please, take your drink
with you.’ Fay knew that something might occur after her
earlier experience, but she thought it quite harmless
to go along with his little game for the time being, so she
rose slowly from her chair and walked over to the office

In the high heels, her legs looked wonderful, and the tight
waistband on the suede skirt led the watching eyes up to
the hard breasts that pushed out from her chest. The skirt
fitted snugly around her bottom and tightly round her tummy,
and she felt quite proud of her appearance.

Fay knew this and stood sideways to the 3 men looking on,
and then she moved right round in a full circle to give them
all a full glimpse of her enticing shape. As she moved round,
the Head took from his draw an up to the minute digital camera,
already out of its case and ready to ‘fire’. Fay took a gulp
from her glass as she quickly comprehended the situation,
but before she could speak, the Head carried on regardless.

‘Mrs King, it really would be nice to take some photos of
our Christmas evening, just for posterity, you do understand,
and you do look so attractive.’ Fay grinned at the old man

‘I suppose this will have a bearing on whether or not I get
a decent pay rise, won’t it?’

‘I haven’t said that at all, Fay, it would just be wonderful
to record our private evening, nothing for public consumption,
you understand, and certainly not outside of this room.’

‘Well, fire away then, at least I look decent, ’ and she
winked at Winston who had not yet grasped the full implications
of the situation.

‘Perhaps you could handle the camera, Mr Fisher, I expect
you’re more familiar with the workings. Make sure you do
Mrs King justice, ’ and the Head giggled at his own attempts
at humour. Before Fisher could start clicking away, the
Head had refilled the glasses and gave another bottle to
Parker who, in spite of his embarrassment, was quite happy
to admire the woman who was twinkling a smile at him from
across the study. Fay’s glass was full to the brim again
and she took another large gulp to give her the Dutch courage
that she thought would be required.

Fisher took a full shot of the fine body and Fay was happy
to smile and turn various ways for the camera‒in fact this
had come as a surprise and she began to enjoy the attention.
She made a point, though, of watching the young black man
and, whenever she could, she shot a smile at his dark eyes,
and let her own wander over his wonderful physique. She
wondered whether or not to tease her audience but thought
better of it, because of Parker, but more because she fully
expected the Head to become greedy in his requests. It wasn’t
long in coming.

‘Let’s have a little group photo, as it’s Christmas, that
would be a good idea ‒one for the album. Come on Parker, ’
insisted the Head, and he rose and beckoned the young black
man to join him. They moved over to Fay by the door and both
stood behind her, but up very close. More clicks and smiles
and Fay even put her arm round Winston to feel the rippling
muscles in his waist and back. Just to liven things up, she
moved her other hand across his chest, inside his leather
jacket, and felt all across the wonderful manliness of
the teenager. She had felt like doing this on the bus earlier,
but now she had the excuse that it was for the camera and the
private album.

‘You’re very muscular, Winston, aren’t you -I said that
we should have a drink together, didn’t I?’ This was a golden
opportunity for the Head to return to his desk and instruct
the couple now alone across the room. As he sat down again,
he motioned to Fisher and said,

‘Take some more of Fay and Parker ‒they’re very photogenic,
aren’t they.’ Fay smiled and suddenly took the jacket off
from the blushing hunk.

‘There, that’s better isn’t it, Winston’ she smiled up
at him. Fay snuggled into his chest, and took his hand and
placed it round her waist. Winston warmed to the action
and held the mature body tightly, even letting his hand
wander down the short skirt until he was resting his fingers
across the material covering Fay’s shapely bottom.

This encouraged Fay to whisper in his ear, ‘Ooh that’s nice, ’
and she put her own hand on his firm buttocks in the tight
denims ‒and almost orgasmed on the spot.

‘About that increase Mrs King, ’ started the Head. ‘Would
you like to sit on the chair now, and perhaps show a little
more of your wonderful legs.’ Fay quickly used the request
to her own advantage ‒

‘Only if Winston can join me?’ and she didn’t wait for an
answer but held the young man’s arm and walked over to her
chair by the desk.

‘Move it to the middle a bit more, I can’t see you, ’ protested
the Head. Fay quickly moved the chair under the light in
the centre of the room and sat Winston down, immediately
seating herself across his lap and putting her arms all
around him. Without waiting she placed his big hand on her
thigh, drawing the skirt up as far as it would go and making
sure the black hand was right at the top of her crossed leg,
on her naked skin above the stockings. She looked into his
eyes and gently pulled his head down and gave him the most
sensuous kiss she had experienced for a long time. Her tongue
searched out Winston’s open mouth and Parker fell naturally
into a wonderful, surprising response.

Fisher had moved closer by now and was clicking away with
the camera, and Parker did not take long to drop all his inhibitions
and shyness and warm to the enjoyment ‒if this was being
condoned by his Headmaster, then get on and enjoy the thrill
to the full. Fay briefly turned and grinned at the Head,

‘You bastard Headmaster. Is this the Christmas bonus you
expect to get? Well, we need to talk about my actual pay rise
I think, as we go along.’

‘Definitely, Mrs King, ’ but it was too late as Fay had returned
her attentions to Winston, and was undoing his white shirt
until the broad, shining chest was at her mercy, and she
was nibbling away with relish.

‘Not so fast, Fay, ’ and the Head was interrupting her enthusiasm.
‘Before you get carried away with young Parker, I was considering
a 5% rise from January the first. What do you think?’

‘5% of not much is even more not much, isn’t it, ’ she replied.
‘I was thinking along the lines of 10% Headmaster, ’ and
as she spoke, Fay began to undo the buttons on her own tight
blouse, all the way down until it was completely open and
the swell of her fine breasts could be seen bulging over
the thin bra.

‘Don’t you think 10% is reasonable, ’ she smiled as the
Head took in the voluptuous breasts spilling over the bra.

She moved one of the huge, black hands onto her tummy and
could feel it go slowly up to her swelling bra to enjoy the
full breasts. Fisher was still taking pictures of the good
looking woman as the Head continued.

‘10% is a lot of money to a school budget such as ours. Take
your skirt off and come and kneel on the desk. Your tendency
to cheek deserves a little something that I know you have
enjoyed previously and, particularly if Parker were to
administer, I know you wouldn’t object, and it could obviously
influence my decision.’

Fay was now in the mood to take her skirt off, and she deliberately
stood in front of Winston and undid the skirt and let it flop
to the floor. No more shyness for the hunk with his shirt
open. He looked at the fine skin, could see the hairs from
Fay’s cunt peeking out from the tight pants, and marvelled
at the large breasts pointing out at him in fine shape. She
walked forward and planted another, lingering French
kiss on the more than willing young black man. He held her
head for a second or two before allowing Fay to come up for

‘What do you mean, ‘administer, ’ she gasped.’

‘Just come and kneel on the desk Fay. Do as I say–you can help
Mrs King up, Parker.’ Parker moved quickly and easily held
the scantily clad woman as he lifted her up onto the Head’s
desk. Parker really didn’t know what was going to happen
but he couldn’t help but admire the wonderful arse that
was pointing backwards at him from the desk. Fay didn’t

‘Winston, I think the Head wants you to smack my bottom.’

In fact, I think he wants you to smack me quite hard, don’t
you Headmaster.’

‘That’s quite right. Parker. Mrs King is a lady who likes
to be disciplined occasionally, and I thought that tonight
you might like to be the one who carries out the task. Please
don’t hold back, in fact I insist that the harder, the better.
Do you understand, Parker?’

The 6th former was totally stunned at the request. He had
heard about ‘spanking’ from books and adverts, but never
imagined that it was something that he would encounter
so soon in his life, but the idea of smacking this sexy woman
suddenly became appealing and he looked forward to this
new experience

‘Absolutely, Headmaster.’ He took his shirt off completely
and by now, Fisher had exchanged the digital camera for
a video camera that he took from a cupboard.

‘You sly bastard, you conniving old man, aren’t you, ’
grinned Fay, but she looked back at Winston and wiggled
her cheeks, then leaned her head down gently onto the desk.
Parker rubbed his great hand across the hard buttocks and
Fay groaned in appreciation, and then the huge hand hit
her across the tight pants. It wasn’t very hard at first,
as Winston was a little hesitant, but the Head soon reprimanded
him ‒

‘Harder Parker, Mrs King likes it very hard, ’ and Parker’s
second slap was sent with more venom, causing a groan of
pain this time. Winston moved his hand under the undone
blouse and held Fay’s back firmly as he carried on with his
first assault on a woman. ‘Harder, Parker, much harder
if you will, ’ and Winston now started to use his strength.

‘Ouch, ouch, ’ but it was glorious to the onlookers, and
Fisher was capturing every moment, and then Winston, warming
to his task, slid the tight panties down Fay’s thighs to
reveal her most intimate area. The spanking continued
on the naked arse and Fay was now in heaven. This wonderful,
handsome young man was spanking her delightfully, he was
holding her with his strong arm and he was enjoying the sight
of her mature womanhood in all its detail.

She could feel herself getting moist between her legs,
but instead of tightening her thighs, Fay nudged her knees
apart as far as the taut pants would allow, and thrust her
open cheeks upwards even more.

‘Ouch, ouch, ouch, ’ and it was painful, so humiliating,
but wonderfully so, and seemed to go on and on. Fay’s bottom
was glowing now and becoming a wonderful pink colour, but
still Winston continued to thrash each cheek as hard as
he could. After 5 minutes or so and whilst carrying on with
his assault, Winston watched the Head rise from his desk
and retrieve a nasty looking thin cane from the cupboard,
along with a length of thick, white cord. He knew what was
coming next.

‘You may stop now, Parker. I think Mrs King has had enough
of the spanking.’ Fay didn’t move but carried on kneeling,
and she was breathing heavily and now rubbing her crimson
bottom. She saw the rope and cane in the Head’s hand and began
to protest ‒

‘Not the cane, Headmaster, please no, ’ but there was no
chance of a reprieve now.

‘Stand down from the desk and hold on to the back of the chair,
please.’ Again, Winston lifted Fay off the table, this
time fully in his arms, so that she had the opportunity to
nuzzle against his sweating chest again, and he stood her
on the floor next to the chair. Fay grudgingly held onto
the back of the solid chair, and then the Head passed the
thick rope to the young man.

‘Will you tie Mrs King’s wrists to the chair please, Parker.’
Parker was now enjoying the humiliation, and sexual excitement,
of this very attractive and, obviously, compliant woman.
Before he used the rope, he slid the open blouse from Fay’s
back, and then he undid the clips holding the bra in place.
For a young man, he was taking wonderful advantage of these
new opportunities, and Fay was taking great satisfaction
in how Winston was taking the lead with her body.

She assisted by letting her bra be taken completely off,
and then she stepped out of the panties that had been hanging
across her thighs. She was now naked apart from her stockings
and high heels, and her nipples were stunningly erect,
standing proud from her shapely breasts.

‘Wonderful, ’ slobbered the Head, ‘Absolutely wonderful.’
Parker took the wrists and easily tied them to the back of
the chair.

‘10% Headmaster. This will definitely cost you 10%, ’
blurted Fay.

‘A dozen stripes, Parker, ’ and Fay winced at the thought,
‘and perhaps we can come to some agreement, Mrs King, ’
and the Head would probably have agreed to anything now.

‘Crack’ and Parker sent the first stripe whizzing right
down to slice the wood deeply into the soft skin.

‘Aaaaagh, ’ but Fay couldn’t move and had to bear the pain.
Again, the thin wood whooshed through the air and crushed
the skin inwards as it lashed a second stripe right across
the crimson arse.

‘Cccchrist! God, it hurts, you bastard Headmaster. Winston,
rub my bottom, please rub my bottom, ’ and Winston moved
his hand down to feel his handiwork, but also took the liberty
of sliding his finger into the dripping cunt between Fay’s
open legs. ‘God, that feels wonderful. Ooohhhhh, yes,
some more Winston, ’ but the Head looked at the black man
and nodded vigorously to carry on.

‘Crack’ and the third stripe whistled through the air and
brought more cries of pain from the willing victim as it
landed deeply in her arse. Winston couldn’t resist the
wonderful sight once more, and slid his finger into the
inviting cunt again, this time pushing harder and then
putting more fingers in, to open the superb orifice wide.

‘Ohhhh, God, Winston, do it some more, please, ’ and Fay
opened her knees even wider and stuck her bottom into the
air even higher, so that her vagina was gaping open and pointing
right up at Winston’s admiring eyes.

Fay wanted to really excite her young tormentor, she wanted
him to find her body and sexual movements totally irresistible
‒she had come this far, she was allowing herself to bring
gratification to the Head and Fisher (himself a bit of a
hunk), and she found her own body reacting so magnificently
to the abuse being meted out to her, that she wanted more,
lots more ‒more pain, more humiliation, and a crushing
orgasm from the golden Adonis behind her. The pain from
the next crack across her arse was stunning–stunningly
wonderful, and Fay could feel her own juices rising so rapidly,
and her waters beginning to dribble at her cunt lips.

Parker had only ever seen Mrs King as an attractive teacher
who looked very becoming as she moved about the school.
He had noticed her fine womanhood, her shapely breasts
and smart clothes, and he had even taken a sneaky look up
her skirt as she went up the stairs on one occasion. This
had surpassed all his erotic dreams however, and he couldn’t
believe what was happening. He wasn’t a virgin and he had
stroked the legs and sopping panties of a number of the senior
girls on occasions, but this mature woman was virtually
naked in front of him, tied to the chair, and was egging him

Worse, the Headmaster and one of the senior teachers were
condoning it all, wanting the woman to be thrashed, abused,
and filmed for posterity into the bargain–and now Mrs King
was even begging for more. They’d all had a few drinks and
were merry, Parker was down to his jeans, still with the
cane in his hand, and Fay’s luscious body was thrust up before

‘Still 3 more to go, Parker, if you would, ’ the Head blurted
out. The striped arse was wiggling about in pain, the nylon
clad legs bending and straightening, but Fay was careful
to make sure her thighs remained as wide as possible, just
to entice her flogger at the rear. ‘Crack’ and Parker got
her beautifully once more, using all his power to watch
the body jump on impact, and to hear Fay’s cries.

‘AAAggggghh, oh God, ’ and another thin, red stripe immediately
rose across the blotchy coloured arse. Fay was over the
top now, wanting satisfaction and deeper intrusions into
her wanton body.

‘Please, Headmaster, please, I’ll do anything, please,
just…..ohhhhhh………, ’ and the woman was so frantic now,
that Tony Fisher put the camera onto a tripod that he’d retrieved
from the cupboard, and moved behind Fay’s body, beside

‘Once more Parker, do it once more, ’ he instructed, and
Parker lifted the cane backwards and brought another crashing
blow down onto the vibrant, suffering cheeks of the shaking

‘Ohhhhhh, ’ and Fay sobbed gently, but her cunt was streaming
wonderfully with her juices. Tony Fisher had grabbed one
of the empty beer bottles on the desk and, as soon as Parker
had lifted the wood from the quivering bottom, Fisher parted
the dripping lips of Fay’s cunt with the bottle, and gently
moved the neck up and into the accommodating flesh.

‘Oohh, ohh, ’ but Fay held her ground.

Fisher pushed the bottle deep inside Fay’s cunt and then
started to move it in and out, holding her waist to steady

‘Yes, yes, harder, harder, ’ Fay whispered, and moved
her body backwards and forwards to meet the thrusts of the
bottle going in and out of her.

Winston Parker watched briefly in amazement, and then
he moved a couple of feet so that he could reach under and
grab the two ample breasts that were hanging and moving
so erotically. He held the orbs in his big hands, plying
them, squeezing and pulling, and then he found the nipples.
They were rock like and grazed his palms as he moved them
gently in his hands. He took each of them between his thumb
and finger and playfully pulled at them, each time pulling
that little bit harder, stretching them away from Fay’s
chest. He wanted a reaction from the grovelling woman,
wanted to see her face. He pulled even harder, really tugging
the gorgeous breasts down by her nipples….

‘Oh, ohh, that hurts….don’t stop though, it’s wonderful,
wonderffff….’ The two men were torturing the beautiful
body so wonderfully now, and nobody wanted to cease. The
bottle still whizzed in and out of Fay’s ever widening cunt,
seemingly deeper with each thrust, and Parker was enjoying
the thrill of two wonderful breasts in his shaking hands.
Fay looked up into his eyes, her mouth open, almost begging
for a sopping kiss from the young, black man, but still she
moved backwards each time the bottle pushed up into her,
wanting it deeper and deeper into the extremes of her cunt.

‘Undo your jeans Winston, ’ sobbed Fay. ‘Please, let me
see you, let me touch your cock.’ Fuck me, thought Parker,
this woman is really up for it, and she really needs some
cock. Fay still moved resolutely against the bottle thrusting
into her body, but she watched intently as Parker let go
of her hanging tits and unzipped the fly of his tight jeans.
‘Here, Winston, here.’

She couldn’t assist because of her tied wrists, but he knew
what she was suggesting, and Parker lifted the most stunning
black cock from his jockey shorts. Fay sighed in wonderment
as not only was this colossal, black weapon already standing
to full attention in all it’s glory, but she briefly thought
of how it would feel to have the biggest cock she’d ever seen
moving about inside her, and pleasuring her wanton body.

Fay opened her mouth and looked up again into the gorgeous
eyes. The Head, by now, was open-mouthed and speechless,
and was quite content to let matters take their own course.
It was obvious that Mrs King would not need any more persuasion,
and the Head watched the senior boy stroke and move his fine
manhood in front of the waiting mouth. The helmet of the
shiny, ebony cock touched Fay’s open lips and she began
to open her mouth wider so that Parker could push into her.
The ceaseless pounding of the bottle inside Fay’s cunt
suddenly stopped, but she took no notice as she concentrated
on accommodating the monster that, inch by inch, was filling
her mouth.

‘Um, umm, gguuur, she gurgled, her feelings so rampant
now that she wanted to devour Parker whole, wanted to swallow
him down inside her fully. Parker tried to help, and was
getting as much a thrill from this mature, accommodating
woman as she was. He kept withdrawing and then feeding himself
back into the mouth, and each time he could feel the end of
his cock push at the back of Fay’s mouth whilst she wrapped
her lips round as far down the black meat as she could get.

Suddenly, Fay felt warm liquid on the base of her back, running
gently down over her cheeks, over her anus and into her pubic
hairs, and then on down the backs of her legs. She felt Tony
Fisher rubbing the liquid on her body, his fingers gently
moving round her most intimate area, playing in her hairs,
rubbing her anus gently, and just for a moment, touching
her clitoris so wonderfully. She was soaking, not only
from her own juices, but from the red wine that Fisher had
poured over her. He had taken an open bottle of wine and liberally
allowed it to run down her back to increase the wetness around
her arse and cunt.

`‘Christ….., ’ Fay was in heaven now, and there were no
signs of her ecstasy being curtailed. Fisher had got to
his knees behind Fay, and began to enjoy a further taste
of the red wine, only this time it was enhanced by the juices
from Fay’s own body fluids. He held her thighs firmly apart
and began to eat at her luscious skin. He pushed his tongue
deep into the open vagina, pushing as deep as he could get,
he bit the soft skin right at the top of her thighs, held the
cunt open with his thumbs, and drank the nectar all round
the throbbing area. He licked down between the cheeks of
Fay’s arse, pushed with his tongue at the softening anus,
stabbing into her arsehole, before returning to the clitoris
with his tongue.

The tops of Fay’s stockings were wet from all the activity,
and she was desperate to be fully penetrated ‒but she had
no option but to endure and enjoy (and she was in absolute
raptures with enjoyment at present) the attentions that
were presently being shown to her body. As long as she got
a good fucking in due course, she could wait and wait and

‘Aaagh’ was all she could mumble, as Parker’s cock held
firm in the back of her mouth, and she felt the tongue at her
rear searching deeply within her open cunt.

This was good sex for the 39 year old woman, moments that
she had no control over, with no repercussions afterwards.
Since Fisher had fucked her and beaten her so marvellously
back in the spring, watched again by the Headmaster in his
study, Fay had had to bottle up her new found rampant desires.
She still maintained her decorum outside of the school,
and at home she still enjoyed sex with her husband it has
to be said, but every now and then she had to fight hard the
need for sexual gratification, for perverse actions and
abuse to be inflicted on her body and her mind, and only the
use of a massive rubber dildo could bring her relief on these

She had to admit that her resistance was getting lower with
time, instead of higher, as it should be with age, and this
was evidenced when 3 young men took advantage of her good
nature in her own living room, in the summer, while her family
were away. God, she had been well and truly fucked on that
occasion, and the memories very often found her sighing
to herself in bed as the dildo moved firmly in and out between
her open legs. Now it was happening again, and this was just
as exciting, as her employer was condoning it, and she was
able to use this to her own advantage somewhat.

To also have a senior boy find her attractive and sexy gave
a wonderful boost to Fay’s ego and she was determined to
show Parker how to take great satisfaction from her sexual
know-how. She wanted that thick, black cock right up her
cunt, to feel his hands on her hips as he rode her hard, pulling
her arse back onto his young body, to fuck her to oblivion.
Yet Fay, in all her excitement, had almost forgotten the
video camera whirring away at her side, and now she didn’t
know whether to be worried or put on an even greater display
for future enjoyment. It was a bit late now though, she thought,
as she was bent over, her wrists tied, with a teacher licking
and slurping away at her arse and wet vagina, while the almost
naked 6th form Adonis stood before her, holding her fine
head of hair, with his throbbing cock deeply implanted
down her throat.

Fay determined to go for broke and be as accommodating as
the three men would let her. This was a good Christmas present,
she thought, and then she felt fingers at the entrance to
her cunt–lots of fingers. Fisher was now pushing his hand
at her opening, his four fingers and thumb rolled into a
fist. Fay was certainly wet enough but was she big enough
down there…..??

The teacher pushed, and then relaxed, pushed again and
then relaxed, and with each little push he was opening Fay’s
cunt that little bit more, going a little bit deeper inside
her. Fisher kept up this thrusting and he was getting there.
Fay grunted with each push, pushing herself back to get
the fist up, up, up and deep within her pink, wet opening.

‘Uum, um, ummmmm’, but she couldn’t voice very much as Parker
was still moving his great cock around her soft mouth, now
used to the gobbling and feelings of a woman’s mouth holding
him. He wanted to come but he also wanted to be where Fisher
was ‒behind Fay, fucking her and planting the great wad
of seed that had built up in his body, right into the depths
of the stunning woman. He wanted to say that he had actually
fucked Mrs King, held her open and sunk himself into the
fine body of one of the teachers, and so he was prepared to
wait his time.

To help, he took his cock from the open mouth and smiled down
at Fay, and then he began to tease her, wanting to watch her
suffer. He held his weapon close to her lips and then rubbed
it’s wetness gently round her cheeks, under her chin, and
then back up to touch her eyes and ears before slapping his
tool on her face and across her mouth.

Fay closed her eyes as the thrills in her cunt were overcoming
her. The fist was deeply embedded up her, and each gentle
push was sending spasms searing through the whole of her

‘Ah, ah, ah ahhhhh……….yes, yes, harder, harder, ’ and
her breasts shook backwards and forwards as the fist pushed
her back and forth. The Head had moved to the camera on the
tripod and was zooming in on his favourite pieces of action.
He got Fay’s face mouthing groans and sighs, he had got a
close-up of Parker’s cock moving firmly in and out of Fay’s
appreciative mouth, and now he trained in on Fisher’s big
fist as it held open the dripping cunt, soaked in juices
and wine. He didn’t miss a second of what happened next either.

Fisher beckoned the black boy over and nodded towards the
beer bottle, still never missing a stroke in pushing into
Fay’s cunt. Winston Parker picked the bottle from the desk
and moved to the rear of Fay’s body, alongside Fisher. He
ran the green bottle gently between the open cheeks of the
woman’s arse, and then allowed the open neck to rest at the
soft, wet, inviting anus pointing up at the two men. Winston
allowed a thick, black finger to toy with the pink rosebud,
pushing gently and feeling the bottom open, the juices
making the task easy and pleasant. As he held Fay’s anus
with his finger, he slowly moved the neck of the bottle into
her arse an inch or so, until he heard the erotic sigh of approval
coming from the woman’s lips.

‘Uummm, ’ was the soft response. Fay was still tied to the
chair and bent over, and her face was covered in sweat from
all the exertions. She felt the two men behind her actively
attacking her body, and she gave a little ‘yelp’ as Parker
pushed the bottle a little farther through the lips of her
anus. The bottle and Fisher’s fist were almost touching
now as they vied to get in and out of the succulent holes between
the open legs. Winston pushed the stem of the bottle up and
up, and then withdrew to the lips, whilst at the same time
Fisher was stretching the cunt to its maximum with his strong

‘Aaa, aah, aahhhhh, God, ssssss….., ’ and Fay kept having
to take deep breaths as her body was violated so thoroughly
from behind. The Head moved the camera to Fay’s face to watch
the contortions of her features as they grimaced and sighed,
her head being thrown up and down in ecstasy. Then he re-focused
on her nether regions as the bottle stretched the beautiful
arse, the green neck disappearing and then returning into
view, as Parker moved as much of the glass weapon up into
Fay’s arse as he could.

Fisher’s fist held firm and Fay wiggled up and down in ecstasy
even though she was still tied to the chair by her wrists,
and was completely at the mercy of all three men. Winston,
his cock massive and firmly up in the air before him, wanted
to have Mrs King properly–after all, she had been offering
herself up to him almost since they had arrived, and he couldn’t
contain himself any longer. ‘I want her now. I want to fuck
Mrs King.’

‘Oh yes, Winston, yes, just take me.’ Fay wanted her first
fuck from a thick black rod ‒in fact she just wanted a fuck
from any cock, she was so frustrated. ‘Both of you, just
fuck me, please, just take me.’

The Head decided to butt in again and satisfy his own perversions
before he would allow Fay to dictate proceedings to her
own ends.

‘Stand Mrs King up, can you gentlemen. It would be rather
nice to see her wonderful figure from the front, just for
a few moments, don’t you think?’ ‒He had such a nice way of
putting it!!!

Gently, both men released themselves from Fay’s accommodating
body, the bottle ‘popping’ out of her arse, and Fisher withdrawing
his hand slowly from inside Fay’s cunt to leave her body
gaping open, Fay herself taking very deep breaths to recover
from the assault behind her. Fisher untied the rope and
helped Fay to a standing position as she had been bent over
for some considerable time now. The Head wanted to ‘milk’
the next 5 minutes or so for his own benefit, and asked the
two men to hold Fay by an arm each as he concentrated the video
on her stunning body and face.

‘Turn Mrs King this way, will you please, ’ and Fay was turned
to face the camera as the two men grabbed a forearm each to
hold her. She stood naked, her suspender belt and stockings
forming a neat triangle around the wetness of her pubic
hair, the lips of her cunt and her arse raging with excitement,
and her shoes making her thighs and calves look stunning
in the nylons.

She looked dirtily erotic in the frame of the picture, and
she was still breathing heavily from the exertions, and
her breasts moved wonderfully up and down, the nipples
sticking out like bullets, although her mouth gaped open
and she had a job to keep her eyes open. Her short hair, although
partially matted with sweat, still looked neat, and framed
her facial features so well. Parker couldn’t resist the
hard nipples again, and he moved his palm over the bullets,
rubbing them into her breasts before pinching them gently
and erotically.

‘Uuuuuuummm, oh yes, uummmm, ’ and, again, Fay would do
anything. Fisher whispered into her ear as they all watched
the video train all over her stunning body, and in reply,
Fay opened her legs as Fisher toyed in her pubes once more.
He found the clit easily and moved his finger over it with

‘Fucking hell, Headmaster, aren’t you going to let them
fuck me. I just want fucking, now, badly. Please.’ Fisher
knew her frustration was killing her and used it for just
a few moments more to entice the frantic woman. He picked
the bottle up again and began to move it very slowly up and
down between the lips of the open cunt as Fay stood with her
legs open. He knew it would be worse if he didn’t insert it
inside the throbbing cunt, so he guided the neck gently
up and down the open lips, concentrating the neck on the
clitoris that was now standing up, poking out and begging
for attention. Fay felt the strong wrists holding her,
pushed her breasts out to enjoy Parker’s groping and stretched
her legs as wide as possible to allow the glass dildo to get
at the knob of hard skin that jutted out like a red beacon
between her legs.

She adored this feeling, she could feel her juices welling
inside her groin, she moved her waist backwards and forwards,
trying to entice Fisher to rub the weapon up and down her
harder. Fay couldn’t help the feelings, she was so out of
control. She didn’t want them to stop, she wanted to be penetrated
so badly, yet she also wanted this frantic rubbing of her
clit and the surrounding area to go on and on, to get harder
and harder until she reached the point of no return. She
bent and straightened her legs, stood on tip-toe, sighed
and moaned and she felt her cunt getting wetter and wetter
with her juices, She was streaming and Fisher was rubbing
just in the right places, inside the lips, round and round
and up and down, and each time he hit the clit with the bottle
he would push it hard into her body. He still wouldn’t push
the bottle into her cunt and he knew Fay was very close to
allowing all the nerves in her body to give in and relax completely.

She wanted desperately to push her own fingers into the
raging area to relieve herself, but the strong hands held
her firmly and she was distraught and frantic. She knew
it was coming and moved her thighs closer together to try
to stem the inevitable. ‘No, no, stop, please, ’ she weakly
protested, but Fisher knew differently, and the Head pictured
the tormented face and then panned the camera down the beautiful,
moving body to capture Fisher as he moved the thighs apart
again with one of his feet, his control of the bottle on Fay’s
cunt so masterful that Fay had no option but to close her
eyes and give in totally. She felt the waters between her
legs, felt an initial trickle in her pink lips and on down
into her wet hairs, and then she could hold back no further.

Fisher moved the bottle for a few more seconds but it became
unnecessary as Fay allowed herself to flow.

‘Open wider, Fay, ’ Fisher instructed, and Fay shuffled
her thighs wider apart as her golden waters sprayed into
her pubic hairs so beautifully. It continued through her
hairs and ran down onto the insides of her thighs to her stockings,
but as Fisher now continued the torture with just his fingers
in her lips, Fay was actually pissing her waters out from
her body.

‘God, oh God, Goooo………….., ’ and she flung her head backwards
as the waters sprayed out from her vagina and streamed through
Fisher’s fingers and onto the floor. The waterfall seemed
to go on forever and forever, the golden fountain cascading
onto the floor, and Fay felt her bladder pissing golden
waters everywhere, all over the floor, Fisher’s hand holding
itself over her cunt as she emptied herself.

Before it was over, Fisher pulled the frantic woman over
to the desk, aided by Parker, and thrust her onto her back,
her legs hanging over the edge of the desk, her waters still
dribbling from her open legs.

‘Take her Parker, fuck her like she wants.’

‘Yes, yes, oh yes, Winston, ’ and Fay forgot about the golden
torrent that she’d displayed, and lifted her legs with
effort from the floor as Parker grabbed the nylons and held
them apart, moving in between them to position himself.
Winston slid his pants down his legs and onto the floor,
and his glistening body looked magnificent as Fay smiled
warmly at the young man. She took in the hard thighs, the
strong, slim stomach, but most of all she took in the giant,
throbbing manhood that the black sixth former held in his

This is what she had been waiting for all evening, even though
she had had very little control over events–she had hoped
that eventually, the golden boy she had purred against
on the bus would fulfil her needs. Winston moved his cock
against her pubic hairs and then the soaking, pink lips
of her cunt, and even though she was awash with her own waters,
she still felt that he might hurt her opening, such was the
girth of the black cock. Parker pulled the delicious thighs
up and rested them against his broad shoulders and then
shuffled in towards Fay’s body. He slid the first inch or
so into her and Fay rested her head to one side on the desk,
in pure satisfaction.

‘Yes, Winston, ummmm….. Goooooo…Chr….’, and he was stretching
the wanton cunt lips. He was pushing up into the mature cunt
and immediately Winston felt his sap rise, from the mental
satisfaction that he was getting. He had fucked a young
girl a couple of times in the past, but this woman below him
now knew just how to move, how to give herself, how to offer
her body up for full violation. He truly would enjoy fucking
this mature teacher, and he could feel the ‘cum’ in his balls
welling up for expulsion.

He held one of Fay’s glorious thighs high in the air with
one arm whilst his other hand started to play with the two
stunning tits lying before him. He thrust up into the succulent
cunt and his black cock felt the walls of Fay’s body being
pushed to the sides to take all of his manhood. Fay was sucking
in air as she was stretched to her limits, each breath being
immediately blown out of her body with each wonderful thrust
up inside her.

‘Harder, Winston, harder. Fuck me harder, ’ she just about
managed to

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A Very Good story but it went on too long. It should have been in two parts to make easier reading.

Ready, Wiling, Able.


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A sexually deprieved woman definitely needs my assistance
for her sexual gratifications.... I'll be glad to
help her anytime


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Another masterful piece of erotic writing! Very hot!


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I enjoyed your story though it did drag on. I share her desire
for the young black guys. They are so virtile and full of
energy and loads of cum. I often go to junior college basketball games in the East
Bay to meet up with a couple of my young black lovers (18-21).
I rent a hotel room and get wildly fucked by these guys, who
by the way are hung over 10" easily. Since they still
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