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Fay's Bus Ride


The bus moved steadily through the country lanes, making
its way on the twenty minute journey, or so, into the nearby
town. The view from upstairs was spectacular, spring was
in the air as it was now April, and the trees and flowers were
just starting to open up after a horrific winter. It was
Saturday morning, teenagers were on their way into town
to spend their money in the coffee bars, or buy new clothes
from the many boutiques, young children were on the way
to see their favourite cartoons at the cinema, and wives
were on their way to have a look round the shops and perhaps
get the weekly groceries.

It was still chilly and breezy, but the spring sun was shining
in on the passengers and the warmth could be felt on the faces
of those sitting upstairs. Fay sat in one of these seats,
alone, but didn’t really see the views she was looking at,
neither did she hear the voices all around her, chattering
away to one another. She sat nervously and with trepidation,
aware of what might be in store for her when she reached her
destination, but hoping that she would be wrong. She had
her warm coat on, to protect her against the chilly weather,
but also to hide the garments she wore underneath ‒clothes
that she would never dream of wearing during the day at any
other time.

‘Do you have a basque, Fay?, ’ he had asked.

‘Y..yyes, ’ she had mumbled quietly to her questioner
a couple of days previously.

‘Well, wear it please on Saturday, along with the stockings
and high heels.’ It had been an order, not a request.

Fay was 38, married with 2 teenage children, and lived with
her family in a quiet, little bungalow in the country. Her
husband worked shifts in the nearby oil refinery, she had
a nice little part-time job which gave her a bit of pocket
money, she enjoyed pottering in the garden, and she was
one of millions of housewives who lived a quiet, humdrum
life. She had got pregnant when she was 19, had never slept
with any other man apart from her husband, and was quite
happy with her day to day existence, quietly getting on
with her family life, --but sometimes she did hanker after
just a little bit more excitement!!

Her sexual adventures had been minimal, in fact they had
been non-existent really, and she had only known thrilling
eroticism through her own self-experiments and what she
and her husband had tried together in the privacy of their
own bedroom–when they had the time of course, with two demanding
children and a hectic work schedule. She had, over the years,
become quite adept at sucking her husband’s cock, every
now and then, allowing him to finish in her mouth, and sometimes,
if she was in the right mood, she would be quite happy, thrilled
even, to allow him to penetrate her bottom and fuck her to
conclusion this way. In the early years of their marriage,
he had taken some naughty pictures of her but this habit
had fizzled out and now their relationship could only be
described as ‘normal’.

Fay didn’t regard herself as stunningly attractive, but
still had a fine head of black hair, cut to her neck, was still
slim and shapely and always applied her make-up with care.

Fay hadn’t slept well the previous night, tossing and turning,
wondering if she was doing the right thing. Her husband
had been down the pub for his few Friday night pints and a
game of snooker, but she couldn’t face sex when he came home,
so nervous was she. However, in order to placate the randy
sod, she had dutifully taken him into her mouth and had eventually
brought satisfaction to him by sucking and swallowing
to conclusion, knowing that he would then turn over and
soon be snoring, leaving her to try, with little success,
to get a few hours sleep before morning came around all too

‘If your father goes to football after work, tell him I’ve
gone into town to do some shopping, ’ Fay shouted to her
eldest as she left the front door and made her way down the
path. It was about 10.30 on Saturday morning and she had
managed to get ‘improperly’ dressed and get her coat on
without too much hassle. Hubby was doing overtime at the
refinery ‒when wasn’t there any overtime ‒ and the kids
were either lounging about in bed or flying in and out of
the house with their mates. As long as there was food on the
table at the appropriate times, the kids didn’t care too
much what their parents were up to, and so Fay had managed
to get away without embarrassment.

She made her way down the lane to the bus stop, about 5 minutes
walk away, and the sound of the high heels on the ground was
like thunder to her ears, so unused was she to wearing them
and, although the coat covered her down to below the knee,
Fay got the feeling that everybody in the village was looking
at her as she started out on her terrifying sojourn.

She had a lovely part-time job at the senior school in town,
and she didn’t want to lose it now. She helped pupils with
learning difficulties, giving extra tuition with their
reading on 3 mornings a week, and it gave her an interest,
got her out of the house, gave her some extra pocket money,
and changed her routine away from the hum-drum family life.
It had only been £50, a terrible lapse, out of character,
and she had given the money back straight away anyway, but
she had been caught red-handed by the handsome maths teacher,
Tony Fisher.

Fisher had been very nice about it, very kind but firm and,
after consulting the Headmaster, which he said he had to
do, Fay had been instructed to attend the school on Saturday
morning, to speak with both the Head and Fisher. Fisher
had led her up a cul-de-sac, with no means of escape and there
was no alternative but to take the bus ride, dressed as instructed,
her mind playing havoc with what might or might not happen.
Mind you, Fisher himself was indeed handsome, tall and
dark haired and probably only in his late 20s, and he always
gave Fay a lovely smile whenever their paths crossed at
school. ---But it would be all right, she told herself,
she was 38, married and respectable ‒oh Christ, what’s
going to happen??

Fay knew the Head was a lecherous old devil ‒she had seen
him ogling the senior girls on occasions, watching them
go up the stairs, or peering out of his office window as they
lounged on the lawn at break-time in the summer months.
He was in his late 50s, but looked a lot older, whitish hair
and portly from too many good lunches and even more glasses
of red wine, no doubt. He had probably watched her moving
around the school when he had the opportunity, but Fay had
never dressed for her work in anything other than conventional
clothes, being a respectable married woman with propriety.

Nevertheless, she still had a good figure, her superb breasts
were always prominent and no doubt the Head’s lurid imagination
took over on occasions. On the few occasions that she and
her husband went out for a special treat, she could turn
heads and could look very smart and fetching, but she was
only ever at her husband’s side at these times, and did not
make a habit of dressing provocatively. She shivered in
her seat on the bus again and wondered what the Head would
have to say to her this morning. It was pretty obvious really,
as the instructions about the attire she was wearing were
not done for her health ‒were they? This was different,
this was frightening, she was in a corner and just had to
get to school and fight her corner. Fisher would be kind,
he would protect her from the old man, wouldn’t he?

As she alighted from the bus, with some difficulty in the
heels, Fay immediately felt the chillness from the cold
air at the top of her legs where the stockings ended, and
only her bare white flesh and the tiny skirt existed. Thank
God for the warm coat, she thought, as she wrapped it round
herself even more tightly for the short walk to the school
gates. She was now in a daze and it was only when she was about
to knock on the Head’s door that she froze, suddenly realising
that this was it, she was here, the moment had come.

‘Christ, I can’t do this, I’m going home again ‒no, no, no.’
Fay stood still, she took a deep breath, there was no option,
she had to stay. Knock, knock, knock on the big door ‒oh please
let it be tomorrow already.

‘Come in please, ’ and Fay turned the door handle slowly
and went in. She could see the two men standing opposite
with the window behind them so couldn’t really see their
faces with the light streaming in, but she knew that they
were both watching her entrance. ‘Ah, Mrs King, I’m glad
you could come, ’ said the Head in a kindly voice. ‘Please
come in and close the door behind you.’ Fay turned and closed
the door and then stood before the two men, nervously looking
at the floor and huddling into the big, protective coat.

‘Well, I’m sure you’re aware of why Mr Fisher and I wish to
see you this morning. I’m sure it would be better if we could
keep this matter private, don’t you think Mrs King?’ He
smiled at her again and Fay made no reply. ‘I expect I know
the answer to all these questions, but just to clarify the
situation ‒You like the job you have?’


‘You don’t want the police or the school Governors to get
involved, or your husband to be informed.’

‘No, no I don’t.’

‘And you would like to carry on working at the school, Mrs

‘Yes, yes, you know I would–I love the job very much. I’m
very sorry for what happened, it was a silly mistake on the
spur of the moment, and I’ve paid the money back anyway,
haven’t I, ’ Fay mumbled.

‘You know that matters like these should be reported to
the Governors and taken out of my hands altogether, but
no doubt you wouldn’t like that either, Mrs King.’

‘No, no, I wouldn’t.’

‘I thought so. So I’m pleased that you have agreed to come
here this morning, and I believe that Mr Fisher explained
about your attire.

‘Yes, he did, ’ and Fay’s voice fell to almost a whisper.

‘Have you dressed as Mr Fisher asked, Fay ‒may I call you
Fay, ’ and the Head smiled again as he asked the question.

‘I hope so, Headmaster, ’ and ignored the question about
her name ‒he would call her what he liked anyway. Tony Fisher
then butted in ‒

‘Take your coat off Fay, ’ and there was silence in the room,
as Fay took another deep breath and then unzipped the warm
garment open. Slowly she slipped her arms out and held the
coat in front of her, sheepishly looking at the floor once

‘Hang it on the door, please Fay, ’ instructed Fisher again,
and the two men watched her turn, hang the coat on the door
hook, and then turn to face them again. Fay could see the
two men eyeing her body up and down for a few seconds and she
knew that it was what they wanted to see.

By agreeing to come here at all, Fay was more or less saying
that she preferred this alternative to the other implications
of her moment of madness ‒but this obviously wasn’t the
end. Her 38year old figure looked stunning, especially
to the randy old Headmaster, thought Fay. Her make up highlighted
her attractive face, and the tight, black blouse, done
up to the neck, showed off her stunning breasts, the basque
underneath pushing and lifting the twin orbs and holding
them wonderfully in place. The black high heels accentuated
the shape of Fay’s long legs, fully on view and encased in
the dark nylons, with the stocking tops and basque suspenders
only just hidden from sight by the very short black and white
polka dot skirt. Although embarrassed, nervous and feeling
somewhat degraded by having to be inspected like this,
Fay also felt somewhat powerful in a nasty sort of way ‒her
body was being admired, it was thought good enough to ogle
at, the body which had given birth on two occasions was still
good enough to attract attention, and she felt slightly

The Head sat down at his imposing desk while Fisher remained

‘You know Fay, I find this much preferable to all the paperwork
that would be involved if we had to take this matter outside
of this room, don’t you?’ and he smiled again. ‘You have
a wonderful figure, and I’m surprised that you don’t wear
more glamorous clothes more often ‒it would brighten the
school up immensely.’

‘I don’t really think school is the place to dress like this
Headmaster. It might upset some of the senior boys and anyway,
I would feel embarrassed as well, ’ replied Fay, braving
to the issue now.

‘Nonsense. Everybody would enjoy seeing an attractive
woman around the buildings, particularly me (and he giggled
here), but perhaps we can discuss this later. I am getting
to be an old man now, Fay, not as active as I used to be, if you
understand my meaning, --do you Fay?’

‘Perhaps so, Headmaster, ’ and she led him on a little,
looking him in the eye, daring him to go on. He and Tony Fisher
still had the upper hand, of course, but Fay began to warm
to the verbal dual, knowing that while this was continuing,
and she was able to hold her own, she wasn’t getting into
more serious trouble. She knew also, though, that they
were toying with her, enjoying the sight of her feminine
charms, leading her on to goodness knows where ‒she could
guess though.

‘By dressing such as you have, and by coming here this morning,
it would appear obvious that you are willing to avoid taking
this serious matter any further.’

‘It depends, Headmaster. It depends what else you have
in mind, doesn’t it, ’ and she held her hands in front of
her tiny skirt, trying to pull it down to hide the fetching
expanse of thigh on view.

‘The sight of soft white skin, the contours of a shapely
feminine body, the pleasure a woman can receive and give
‒these are things that bring me such warmth in my old age
‒do you follow my meaning Fay --not that I would dare take
any liberties with you myself, you understand, ’ and his
politeness and concern sounded almost sincere. ‘I think
you get my meaning Fay’ and then his voice changed---- ‘-It
would be very nice of you if you could undo your blouse, Fay,
undo all the buttons, please Fay, ’ and the Head had made
the first request.

This was the moment, thought Fay, this was the crunch, decision
time, a career, a job, embarrassment for all the family,
her husband, friends who would give her a knowing look --oh
my God. Yet the banter with the Head had somehow made Fay
braver, put her on a par with him, she had something that
he admired ‒but what about Tony Fisher. A young, handsome
teacher, just watching and obeying the Head and perhaps
acting as his ‘enforcer’ ‒he probably had a full and energetic
social life himself without needing to resort to this,
and Fay felt even more proud of herself if she could hold
the attention of this man as well. After all, it had been
many years since she had thought that the sight of her figure
was turning a man on, and right now she felt a little bit excited

Fay’s fingers moved to the top of the blouse and she began
to fumble with the buttons, but after the first two, she
easily went down the front until the shirt was open to reveal
the top of the basque, her neck, and just a glimpse of the
milky white breasts trying to spill over the black material.

‘There, that wasn’t too hard was it Fay, ’ smiled the old
letch, and as he spoke, Fisher moved towards Fay and moved
round to her rear. Fay half followed his eyes but couldn’t
speak, and she suddenly felt fingers on her neck, massaging
her shoulders, her neck and the top of her spine. It felt
wonderful and such a surprise. She hadn’t had her neck massaged
for years, and for this young man to start to caress her in
this wonderful way was such a change, that all Fay could
do was relax and enjoy the feelings. This might not be so
dreadful after all, she thought to herself.

The masculine smell of Tony Fisher added to the enjoyment
and when he started to move the blouse off her shoulders,
it seemed the most natural thing in the world. Fay didn’t
move but allowed the blouse to be slid down her arms until
it was right off and Fisher put it on a chair to one side. The
caressing continued, Fisher now using both hands to knead
the strong shoulders.

Fay could tell the Head was watching her closely and that
he could see the basque tight round her waist, up her tummy,
enclosing itself around the firm breasts that swelled
up to make such an erotic frame. Tony Fisher toyed with the
straps on Fay’s shoulders, holding the underwear in place,
and she dared not think what he might be contemplating,
and yet she hoped that he possibly might be‒oh goodness,
these feelings are so wrong, she thought.

Instead, Fisher ran his hands down Fay’s arms and gently
pulled them together behind her back. This caused Fay’s
shoulders to come back and her chest to push out in front
of her, accentuating her superb breasts, and her deep breaths
moved the flesh out and up so erotically. Fay also had no
control now over the way her short skirt showed her legs,
as her hands were gently restrained, but she was aware that
the tiny skirt hung loosely only a short way down her shapely
thighs, and the warm air from the radiator in the room felt
reassuring around the naked skin above her nylons. Without
warning, she felt lips on her shoulders, nibbling at her
skin, then a hand caressing her bottom through the polka
dot skirt. Christ, he’s kissing me, she thought, and it’s
lovely. ‒No, no, no---Ohh, my God.

‘Breath in deeply some more, Fay. He enjoys that, ’ whispered
Fisher in her ear, and then he was back to nibbling her shoulders,
her neck and the top of her spine. Fay took up the challenge
and took some deep breaths, watching the Head admire the
movement of her white skin, her bosom stretching the material
and her nipples almost popping out, but not quite. She was
so enjoying Fisher’s caressing of her bottom, his hand
moving the skirt gently up and down, round and round, back
up again so that it rucked up, exposing the backs of her legs,
and it seemed so natural when his fingers moved to the zip,
undoing it to the base in one slow movement.

Fay knew what this meant, knew that only the basque and the
tiny, transparent panties would be protecting her modesty
if her skirt were removed.

‘This is not right, Headmaster, I shouldn’t be doing this,
I’m 38 and a respectable married woman, no, no, it’s wrong
‒and you know it’s wrong, ’ but she was now caught on such
a tidal wave of sheer eroticism that it seemed foolish to

‘Absolutely Fay, ’ replied the Head. ‘You’re absolutely
right, of course you are. If you wish to get dressed and leave,
please feel perfectly free to go. Of course, ’ and a leery
grin came across his face, ‘of course, I shall have to put
the whole matter in writing and pass it to the Governors,
who will no doubt wish to speak with you.’

Fay was caught, like a rabbit in headlights, and she knew
she was, and her resistance was lowered even further as
she could feel the handsome maths teacher again caressing
her nether regions and, this time, nibbling and kissing
her ears. Natural instinct, though, moved one of her hands
to the front of the skirt to prevent the garment falling
to the floor

‘Let it go Fay, let it go. You have such a fabulous figure,
and you know it’s what he wants, and will keep him sweet.’
Fisher, although enjoying himself into the bargain, knew
exactly what the Head required, and the two of them had obviously
worked out previously how Mrs King was to be dealt with ‒they
would enjoy themselves according to the Head’s wishes,
and possibly push Fay as far as they could, knowing that
she would have to consider any resistance very carefully.

It was blackmail, really, there was no other term for it,
but Fay, so far, had only shown off her underwear and shapely
figure ‒and probably had known that this was going to be
necessary even before she had arrived at the school. She
had never dreamt, over her years of differing fantasies,
that there was the slightest chance any would ever come
true, but she had occasionally thought about being subservient
and submissive. The thought of coming to school this morning
had filled her with horror, but now that events were developing,
she found herself out of control, being carried along,
unable to halt proceedings.

Gingerly she took her hand away from the material, felt
it slide down her legs, and heard it drop to the floor, Tony
Fisher putting the skirt on the chair with the blouse.

‘Magnificent, Fay, you look absolutely magnificent, ’
started the Head, and Fay blushed but smiled at the same
time, enjoying a compliment about her scantily clad body
for the first time in years.

‘He’s right, Fay, ’ whispered Fisher, ‘you look tremendous, ’
and as he spoke, his fingers were on the straps of the basque
again, this time sliding them off Fay’s shoulders, not
pulling them down completely, but cunningly allowing
them to hang at her elbows, so that the cups holding the magnificent
breasts could make their own decision in due course.

‘Take your hands away from your pants, that’s it, let him
see all of your figure, go on.’ Fay was reticent for a moment
and Fisher was reluctant to grab her arms, wanting her to
volunteer the display, but he had to prompt her again. ‘Take
your hands away, Fay, you’ve nothing to be ashamed of. Quite
the alternative, in fact.’

The Head was apoplectic now, as Fay slowly moved her hands
away from her panties to show her legs and waist in their
entirety. Fisher held her arms as they came to her side,
and the basque, stockings and transparent little panties
showed off Fay’s stunning figure in all its glory. She truly
was a magnificent feminine specimen, and felt slightly
proud of the fact that she had been urged on to take her clothes
off down to her underwear. The feelings of Fisher’s body
up close to her had added to her Dutch courage, of course,
and when he turned Fay round to face him, she gave in easily
when his mouth moved towards her own.

‘Put your arms round my neck, Fay, and just relax, ’ and
then their mouths, lips and tongues met in a flurry of passionate
activity. Fisher kept up the movement of his hands on her
body, running them up and down her back, onto her thighs,
back up to caress her shoulders, and Fay was beginning to
feel slightly passionate herself, sighing deeply, with
tell-tell feelings of dampness in her loins and panties.

‘Open your legs, Fay, that’s it. Open them wide. Let him
see your lovely legs and bottom. Go on. Do it!’ She had forgotten
about her attire ‒she was passionately kissing another
man for the first time in nearly 20 years, and it was sending
spasms through her body, shivers of excitement, her mouth
and tongue thrashing about as though her very life was dependant
on her efforts. Fay was not concerned about the display
of her legs and bottom at that very moment.

The Head concentrated with fervour as he could see the high
heels shuffle apart slowly, the inner thighs come into
view and the panties stretch across the fabulous arse as
Fay’s legs opened fully as she rested her weight on Fisher’s

Fisher moved backwards just a fraction, taking Fay with
him, still holding her with the open-mouthed kiss, and
this made her bend at the waist a little, her bottom pushing
up and out, just as if it was positioning itself for an assault
from behind. The suspenders were taut across her thighs,
her pants eased up the cheeks of her arse, with the little
strip of material disappearing into the pubic hairs and
the darkness of the area between Fay’s open legs ‒a wonderful
and stunning view for the Head at his desk.

After a few moments, Fisher raised Fay back up straight
and turned her around again to face the Head. This time,
Fisher held Fay tightly round the waist, getting so close
to her back that she could feel his sturdy manhood rubbing
against her through his trousers.

‘Christ, am I causing this ‒a mature woman with 2 children
‒am I causing this hard-on in this young teacher, ’ and
Fay was excited again, the adrenalin flowing, her pants
were damp, she was bringing pleasure to two of the staff
and with it, the possibility of avoiding aggravation over
her misdemeanour. The Head was speechless but enjoying
himself immensely, but he knew that Tony Fisher was in control
of the situation and would, hopefully, steer the proceedings
so that he would only have to sit back and occasionally guide
the events before him.

Meanwhile, one of Fisher’s hands had encircled Fay’s waist
and gone round to the piece of naked flesh at Fay’s belly,
that showed between the bottom of the basque and the top
of the little panties. He gently rubbed the soft flesh,
round and round, up and down, and this became too much for
the now excited woman. She covered his hand with her own
and slowly, ever so slowly, manoeuvred it downwards, towards
her most intimate area. Never before, not ever, not even
during the bus ride here, did Fay imagine that she would
be actively encouraging another man to caress her down
there…..down there, between her legs, but here it was happening
now, and she was so caught up in her own erotic excitement,
that she was willing it to happen.

The two hands reached the silky feel of the flimsy panties,
yet Fay wanted to go on further, and carried on moving the
strong male hand downwards, downwards, until Tony Fisher
could feel the wisps of pubic hair through the material,
could feel the damp lips open to his touch as he caressed
the skin, and he pushed in gently to feel Fay open her body
to his caress.

‘Perhaps you would like to bring Fay over here, closer to
the desk, Mr Fisher.’ Again, it wasn’t really a request,
and so Fisher and Fay moved the few paces across the office,
right to the side of the imposing desk. The Head had pulled
the blinds, although there wasn’t likely to be anyone around
the school at this time on a Saturday, and he had switched
on the lamp on his desk ---complete privacy.

‘That’s better, isn’t it, that’s lovely. My God, Fay, you
really are a stunning woman, such wonderful skin, such
a shapely body, ’ but the Head made no attempt to touch her,
even though he was only about 3ft away from the couple at
the side of his desk. ‘Aren’t you glad you decided to come,
this morning, ’ he grinned at her again.

‘Perhaps so, you naughty old man.’ Fay was being even cheekier
now. ‘It’s really very wrong, though, Headmaster, and
you really are a wicked old man, ’ Fay replied, with a smile,
but she obeyed immediately Fisher’s touch as he prodded
the inside of one her firm thighs, an obvious instruction
to move her legs apart once more.

Sitting comfortably once more, or probably uncomfortably,
the Head was able to enjoy the full sight of Fay in front of
him. She was held by Tony Fisher, facing the Head, her legs
wide apart, and this time Fisher’s fingers crept into the
top of the panties and began to delve, unhindered, into
her vaginal secrets. His firm finger slid down the very
wet lips of Fay’s cunt and entered her body, pushing in so
that he could play inside her, moving his digit around to
bring sighs and moans of pleasure from her open mouth. He
came out and toyed with the hard clitoris that stuck out
for attention, and had to hold tight to the body that now
began to shudder.

Again Fisher’s finger moved into her body, and he pushed
another digit in to add thickness to the intrusion in Fay’s
cunt. She could hardly stand up now, such had she given herself
over to the wonderful feelings going on inside her. This
was the thing of wildest dreams–showing herself off to
an elderly man, being told what to do, being guided in her
actions ‒and having a young, handsome man caress and abuse
her wanton body …

‘God, this is heaven --and I feel so randy, ’ Fay thought
to herself. ‘Don’t stop, --for Christ’s sake, don’t stop
now, ’ and she was too far gone.

‘Stand Fay up against the desk, Mr Fisher, --let her take
the weight off those gorgeous legs, ’ and now Fisher was
going to really make Fay give herself completely. He took
his hands away from her body, undraped himself from round
her waist and stood her up against the edge of the Headmaster’s
desk, no more that 2ft away from the old man. Fay was breathing
heavily, her breasts rising wonderfully, and both men
could see that they had taken her through the initial barriers
of embarrassment, and that the 38 year old was past making
token protests ‒she wanted events to continue as much as
they did.

Fay leant her bottom against the edge of the desk and her
hand went down between her legs to try and carry on the feelings
in her loins that Tony Fisher had started. Voluntarily,
her legs opened, but now was the time for the men to push her
limits further. Fisher had drawn up a chair and sat down,
close to Fay’s body, but just to one side of her. He ran a hand
up a delicious thigh, just grazing the underside of the
wet panties at her crotch, and then came the next instruction.

‘Lower your panties, Fay. Take them down and then push your
legs apart again. We want to see your body, all of your body,
Fay’ Fisher was leading her on, but didn’t move to help her--he
didn’t need to, as Fay, her defences completely down now,
held the waist band of the little panties and ran the material
down from her hips, across the stretched thighs, to the
stocking tops, and there they were held by the open legs
keeping the pants taut.

Fay’s cunt was open and uncovered, and Fay did not feel one
iota of shame ‒she felt randy, wanton and stunningly excited
at this exhibitionism.

‘Would you like to go home now, Fay, ’ teased the Head. ‘Would
you like to finish the matter here and now, and nothing more
will be mentioned about the episode, ’ and as he spoke,
Tony Fisher ran his hand up between the open legs, pushed
two fingers into the lips of Fay’s soaking lips and held
her cunt apart. With his thumb, he found the hard clitoris
and applied pressure, rubbed hard, pushed the knob of skin
against Fay’s body, bringing rapturous sighs and moans
from the woman’s mouth.

‘Oh God, my Goddd. Uuhhhhh!!’

What a wonderful sight she made. Fay had leant her arms behind
her on the desk for support, her legs were wide open with
her panties half way to her knees, and she was displaying
an open cunt, pubic hairs, and succulent red lips for all
to see.

‘I’m sorry Fay, I couldn’t hear you. Do you wish to stop now?’
enquired the Head again.

‘No, no, ohhhh, ’ and Fay shuddered, her groin almost convulsing
as Fisher played with her, teased her, and stretched her
cunt even wider. She couldn’t help herself, and spat words
at the Head ‒

‘Is this what you wanted, Headmaster, is this what you wanted
to see. Is this why you brought me here this morning? Oh Christ,
oh Godddd, Mr Fisher, don’t stop doing that, just there,
that’s it, ohhhh!!’ and they had her, fully submissive,
she had succumbed completely, and was now putty in their
hands. Fisher carried on with the seduction.

‘Your arms, Fay, --take the straps right off your arms, ’
and his fingers were back inside her again, delving up into
Fay’s body, gently but firmly exploring her, as Fay lowered
each strap of the basque and took her arms out. Her breasts
were still held by the firm black cups of the underwear,
but Fay was fully aware that the Head would want to view them
in their entirety and so, without needing to be prompted
this time, she carefully pulled each cup and lifted the
magnificent tits out, one by one. Her nipples were already
like bullets and briefly Fay held them in her palms, stroking
the meaty orbs, flicking the nipples and generally doing
exactly what the Head would have liked to be doing to them

Fisher was still pushing into her cunt with his fingers,
harder and a little quicker, and Fay could only lean back
again, her basque only a strip of material round her tummy
and ribs, her naked breasts moving up and down with the movement,
and her legs open wide.

‘Well, Headmaster, Mrs King truly is as beautiful as you
thought she would be, isn’t she? And she seems to be glad
that she came here now, I think.’

‘Yes, I’m sure she is, and I’m sure it was the right decision
for her, but we can’t leave her like this can we, Mr Fisher, ’
and Fay was still panting, leaning on the edge of the desk,
still moving her body so that Fisher could get right up into
her with his fingers ‒she wanted it badly, she wanted him
to carry on screwing her cunt. No matter what this blackmail
had produced, no matter how cunningly they had got her into
this state, Fay wanted it to go on, wanted to now be treated
like a tart, like a slut, and she certainly didn’t want Fisher
to stop taking her up and up the stairway to a wonderful orgasm.
She was ripe for anything–this was a chance for her to enact
all those naughty thoughts that she’d had over the years.

But Fisher stopped and released his fingers, and Fay was

‘No, no, don’t stop, please don’t stop, oh God, don’t, ohhhhh.’

‘Fay, do I take it that now you want this episode to go on to
its conclusion, ’ began the Head. ‘Are we to understand
that you would enjoy it if further liberties were taken,
and that these liberties would have your full blessing.
Are we Fay?’ and Fisher ran a finger through her pubes and
rubbed the hungry clitoris just once before leaving the
frantic body again. That did it.

‘Yes, yes, don’t stop. Please. You’ve seen all of me haven’t
you, ---my breasts, I’ve taken my panties down and you’ve
made me open my legs, you’ve seen all of me. Just don’t leave
me like this. It’s not fair, ’ and Fay ran a finger down and
couldn’t help play with herself briefly.

‘No Fay, don’t do that, I’m sure there are better ways. Mr
Fisher!!’ From his seat, the maths teacher held Fay’s panties
and tugged them down her legs and Fay stepped out of them.
He then stood up briefly, tugged at his own trouser zip,
watching Fay’s eyes as he pulled his trousers down and then
took his young, vibrant cock from his jockey shorts. It
was rampant, hard, jutting up in the air, and pointing straight
at Fay.

Fisher sat down again, grabbed Fay’s hand and pulled her
gently towards him.

‘Bend over, Fay, bend over, ’ and as the woman lowered her
head he guided himself towards the lovely lips. Fay had
done this many times, but only ever with her husband’s cock,
and now she was expected to take the young teacher into her
mouth–and she couldn’t wait. Her fingers enveloped the
huge prick and she slid her lips over the helmet in one movement,
sliding the wonderful weapon down into her throat. She
didn’t care that the Head could see every movement from
only a couple of feet away, didn’t worry that she was bent
double from her waist, feeling her own clitoris as she lapped
away at the cock that might bring her even greater pleasure
in due course.

This is what the Head would enjoy, and it didn’t matter that
Tony Fisher was now gently holding her head in position
over his cock ‒she could take this, she was good at sucking
cock, especially this handsome teacher, and she bobbed
up and down, nibbling and sucking, giving the teacher the
benefit of her more than adequate gobbling experiences.
Fisher held her down briefly, and smiled at the Head.

‘Go on Fay, right into your throat. You’re very good, ’
and after a few seconds, Fay happily gurgling as the helmet
pushed deep into her mouth, Fisher let go of her hair and
allowed her to come up for breath. The Head could see Fay’s
naked breasts hanging and moving wonderfully as Fay went
up and down on the firm cock, and he also admired the stunning
legs and thighs that stood straight and rigid in the high
heels. He was quite happy just to be a spectator but knew
he had to interrupt if he was to see Fay get the full treatment
that he had envisaged.

The Head knew that Fay would go on and on sucking the cock
in her mouth ‒she was showing such enthusiasm ‒so he spoke
to Fisher.

‘Mr Fisher, I think we agreed that Mrs King needed to be a
little restrained during the course of proceedings, ’
and the Head winked at the maths teacher, still enjoying
Fay’s enthusiastic ministrations up and down the rampant

Quietly, still guiding Fay’s head with one hand, Fisher
undid his tie with the other, and in a trice he had firmly
taken each of Fay’s wrists and tied them together with the
tie. She briefly lifted her head and looked rather surprisingly
at Fisher, but he just smiled.

‘Carry on, Fay, don’t stop, ’ and he pushed her head down
again, Fay now having to hold the cock in her mouth with her
two hands tied together. She still was enjoying the feel
of the male member in her mouth, still giving her all in getting
Tony Fisher down into her throat with each suck, but she
wondered what was next in store for her. She had read about
bondage in books and magazines over the years, but had never
tried it herself, and couldn’t think at all what her tormentors
had in mind, but was still a little excited, her own level
of wickedness now just hovering below the surface.

The Head rose from his desk as he spoke, and briefly, just
very briefly, he ran his hand across Fay’s bottom and down
her inner thigh. She didn’t flinch.

‘If one of the boys at the school commits an indiscipline,
Mr Fisher, what usually happens to that boy?’ Fay slowed
her motions, listening to the conversation, obviously
spoken for her benefit.

‘Well, Headmaster, it is necessary that he is punished,
isn’t it Headmaster.’

‘Yes, yes, Mr Fisher, I know, but how is he punished, what
is the time honoured way, ’ and he had moved across in front
of his cupboard by now.

‘Well, normally, he would be sent to your study, Headmaster.’

‘For what, Mr Fisher, why would he be sent to my study?’ Fay
had stopped sucking now, she knew the ways of the school,
and some of the rules of the school, and she looked at both
men worriedly. Fisher held onto his tie round Fay’s wrists,
holding her steady in case she re-acted when she realised
what the men were leading up to.

‘No, no, Headmaster ‒noo…. please no.’

‘I’m afraid so Fay. Just six, but absolutely necessary,
and then perhaps Mr Fisher will be able to finish the actions
that I’m sure you would like to continue.’

The Headmaster opened the cupboard door now, and took from
inside a thin, swishy cane, about 3ft long, with the customary
curved handle.

‘No, no, Tony (she used his Christian name now), don’t make
me do this. I’ve never been caned or smacked or anything.
Please, no, I can’t.’

Fisher was sorry that he had to put his cock away, as he was
enjoying the experience just as much as Fay was enjoying
giving it. He also wanted it to continue, he was enjoying
having a sexual experience with a sexy, curvy, mature woman,
and now he would have to placate her, lead her on so that the
Head could get his ultimate thrill from her.

‘I want to fuck you, Fay, push my cock right up inside you
and fuck you hard, make you ‘cum’, make you squeal and shake.
Do you want that? Do you want to be fucked hard?, ’ he whispered
in her ear.

She was in a dilemma again. She wanted Fisher to finish her
off, to fuck her like he was promising, but she was also frightened
to death of the cane, did not want to feel pain. She couldn’t
speak, so Fisher held her tight again, kissed her neck,
hair, face, and then opened her mouth with his own and explored
her with his probing tongue.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll hold you gently, ’ he whispered in her

‘I think if Fay was bent over the desk, that would be the best
position, ’ boomed the voice from behind them.

Fisher shuffled the protesting woman to the desk and gently
leant her forward, stroking her rear as he did so. Fay leant
her elbows on the desk-top, and Fisher moved around to the
opposite side, taking care to hold on to his tie which was
keeping Fay’s wrists under control. She looked into Fisher’s
eyes like a frightened dog, expecting immediate punishment,
but the Head wanted to draw it out, wanted to position her
properly for his own gratification.

‘Just come back a little, will you, Fay, and open your legs
for me please. There, that’s wonderful.’ Fisher nodded
to her and Fay shuffled back a little, opening her legs at
the same time. Her waist dropped a fraction when off the
desk, and her bottom jutted up proudly. The open legs in
this position, and the open cheeks of Fay’s arse, produced
a wonderful target and the Head ran the thin weapon across
the bottom, obviously in 7th heaven now.

‘Are you ready now, Fay ‒this will only take a few moments, ’
and the Head brought the cane back and swished it down across
the restrained woman. ‘Crash, ’ and it landed on Fay’s
succulent arse with a wonderful ‘crack.’

‘Aaaggghhh, ’ and she cried and sobbed quietly at the pain
shooting through her bottom.

A stripe appeared immediately right across the cheeks,
but this only spurred the old man on, while Fisher could
only stroke the dark hair in sympathy. ‘Crack’ and the second
stroke had found it’s target, with just as much venom.

‘Aaaaaghhhh, Christ, ’ and this time Fisher had to restrain
Fay’s arms which were attempting to struggle free.

‘It’s OK Fay, hold on. Think of in a minute ‒right inside
you, I’m going to ‘cum’ right inside you. Just hold on tightly.’
She sobbed gently into the desk top, waiting and waiting
until ‘crash’, the 3rd swish cut into her cheeks, brilliantly
accurate, but just as awesome and just as painful. Her mind
cut off, she shook her legs but dutifully kept them wide
open and her arse shook violently, trying to alleviate
the searing pain. A firm hand caressed the three stripes
on both cheeks ‒it was warm, sweaty and wrinkled.

‘You bastard, Headmaster. You really are taking advantage,
aren’t you, ’ Fay almost shouted in frustration, but the
old codger only smiled to himself.

‘Hold tightly please, Mr Fisher, will you, ’ and he delighted
in bringing the cane down again, ‘whooosh’ it sounded as
it flew through the air and landed perfectly once more.

‘Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh, no, no more, please.’ That was only
four and Fay knew that she was likely to have to endure two
more ‒she braced herself bravely. The fifth and sixth were
just as bad, caused her to cry out just as loudly, but finally
she was able to flop forward onto the desk top, limp, and
in agony, Fisher able to let go of the restraining tie and
watch the heaving body in front of him.

The Head looked very pleased with himself, laid the cane
down across the desk, and returned to his seat to enjoy the
reactions to his handiwork. Fisher undid his tie and Fay
immediately rubbed her bottom frantically, trying to
ease the pain, bending and shuffling her legs, enduring
an experience she’d only ever read about. But she had been
thrashed comprehensively by a man in authority, and was
still alive to tell the tale.

They had both probably planned her beating as part of the
day’s proceedings, Fay had no doubt, but she had come through
it, albeit in terrible agonies, and just lay there, waiting.
Had the Head finished, would Tony Fisher keep his promise/threat.
Her body still heaved and sighed across the desk, the sight
still wonderful to the two men, and Fisher needed no further
guidance ‒he wanted this gorgeous female now, wanted to
take her to the very ends of the earth, for his own gratification,
as well as part of the ‘exercise’.

He moved round and stroked the throbbing arse some more,
easing the pain in the cheeks, running his fingers down
to feel the dripping lips of Fay’s cunt again.

When the Head had taken the cane from his cupboard, he had
also taken out one of his fine walking sticks and leant it
against the desk. It was a sturdy implement, hard wood,
3 or 4 feet long, well polished and with a wonderful wooden
knob on the end. The knob was a solid ball, about 3inches
in diameter ‒obviously one of his favourites, and the varnish
shone as the Head now strummed the stick in his fingers as
he watched Fisher toy with Fay’s legs and between her open

‘Does this make it a little easier, ’ Fisher enquired as
his fingers played in the crevice of the beautiful vagina.
He rubbed Fay’s back gently with his other hand, bringing
her round and arousing her again after her ordeal.

As the Head played with his walking stick and watched the
stunning house-wife begin to become aroused again, Fisher
gently pulled the woman up from the desk to a standing position
and turned her around to face the two men. Fay continued
to rub the welts across her arse, her eyes red from the tearful
pain, and she gently leant herself against the edge of the
desk. But she still looked fantastic and reacted naturally
when Fisher returned to her clit to rub and caress it, and
open her cunt with his fingers once more.

‘Ohhh, Mr Fisher.’

‘Please Fay, it’s Tony, call me Tony, ’ and he held her waist
as he pushed as many fingers up inside her as could comfortably

‘You really hurt me Headmaster, you sod. Are you satisfied
now, ’ but as she spoke, Fay forgot the pain and widened
her legs even more as the feelings of being sexually and
beautifully tormented took over.

‘The beating was necessary, Fay, you know that, ’ replied
the Head. ‘That is the end of the matter now as far as I’m concerned.
Honestly, no more will be said about the affair at all, and
you can leave this office and return to work next week knowing
that not another word will be uttered. Is that satisfactory
enough for you?’

‘Yes, yes it is, ’ but Fay was in such a frenzied state, as
Tony Fisher explored her cunt, that she didn’t really want
to engage in conversation.

‘Of course, Fay, ’ continued the Head, ‘you will want Mr
Fisher to ensure that you go away from here completely satisfied
won’t you? It wouldn’t be fair to ask you to get dressed and
leave now, would it Fay.’ He was teasing her, and Fisher’s
fingers were only ensuring that Fay would not take up the
offer to leave immediately.

‘I want to watch you enjoy yourself fully, Fay. Now that
you have been suitably punished in the time honoured way,
I want to see your body enjoy the attentions of Mr Fisher,
I want you to give yourself completely, I want you to be satisfied
beyond your wildest dreams. That would make me very happy
Fay, and I will take no further part except to be an avid onlooker.’

He continued to strum his favourite stick as Fisher turned
Fay around again to lean on the desk. He positioned her beautifully,
stretched the legs on this accommodating woman as wide
as they would go, and gently arched her back so that the beaten
cheeks of her arse stuck out wonderfully, and the pink lips
of her cunt were invitingly open.

‘Can you remember what I told you earlier, Fay, ’ Fisher
whispered again.

‘Yes, oh yes I can, ’ she sighed.

‘And is that what you would like, Fay, ’ he whispered again,
ensuring that he raised her excited state that little bit
more by holding his fingers deep inside her, and rubbing
her clit hard with his thumb.

‘Yes, yes, oh yes Tony. Do what you said you were going to
do, please.’ She was on fire, her cunt almost burning with
excitement and expectancy, and she let out a flurry of words

’Fuck me, you said you were going to fuck me hard, Mr Fisher, ’
and she moved her bottom around in erotic abandonment.

As the Head grew more and more excited by the vocabulary
of this normally mild woman, he ran the walking stick over
her thighs from where he sat, pushing and prodding the meaty
body around the bottom. He looked at Fisher, raised his
eyebrows and nodded, and handed the stick to his colleague,
knobbed end first. He didn’t have to speak as Fisher got
the message quickly.

Releasing his fingers from the sopping cunt, squeezing
the clit as he went, to make Fay sigh excitedly once more,
Tony Fisher held the walking stick just below the wooden
knob at the end, and began to feed the varnished orb gently
in between the lips of Fay’s glorious opening. She took
a sharp breath, completely surprised by the intrusion,
but such was her need to be filled, that it came as a wonderful
surprise and such a new experience that she made no further
protest, as she felt the weapon open her lips, stretch them
even, and she moaned at the new feeling.

Only rarely in her life had strange objects been placed
inside Fay’s body but, then again, the whole morning had
been totally new to Fay, and she was now willing the opening
of her body to go on and on.

‘Oohhhhh, my God, ’ she sighed.

‘Relax, Fay, just relax.’ Fisher pushed gently and Fay
held her ground as the hard wooden knob opened her cunt further
and continued to enter her, pushing the walls of her insides
wide apart.

‘Umm, um, um, Christ, it feels so thick, oh God!’ Fay continued
to moan.

‘Nice Fay? Can you feel it right up inside you, ’ and Fisher
gripped the stick and pushed ever so gently on up into the
groaning body that just heaved and moaned on the desk.

‘Yes, yes, oh yes.’ The odd dildo came to a stop, the knob
fully embedded up inside of Fay, and now Fisher pulled back
slightly, only a slight movement to and fro, but it was bringing
shivers and such thrills to its recipient. In and out, in
and out, gently, very gently, but it was holding Fay’s cunt
so wide and bringing untold feelings to the walls of her
cunt–she loved it, wanted it up her so much harder, wanted
to ‘cum’, and even brought a hand down between her thighs
to try and grab the weapon and speed up the motions.

‘Greedy Fay, you’re being greedy, ’ Fisher teased her,
and he stopped the movement and held the stick deep inside

‘Do you want some more, Fay. Yes? Do you? What do you want
Fay, tell me.’

‘Christ Tony. Either stick that knob up me hard, please,
or fuck me like you said you would.’ Fay was panting now,
on the edge of the precipice, and she wanted to get there
as fast as possible. Fisher and the Head were grinning at
each other again ‒Fay was frantic, wanted whatever was
going and she had surpassed their greatest expectations.
Fisher slowly retracted the knob and watched it slide out
of the wanton body, wet from her insides, and by now, he had
taken his rampant cock out again. The walking stick lay
on the desk, discarded, but the Head would always have marvellous
memories when walking his dog in the future.

It didn’t take Tony Fisher long to position his body up against
the wonderful naked legs and arse of the compliant, frantic,
desperate woman at his mercy. Fay felt the rigid human flesh
just touch her cunt lips and she felt in heaven. A young cock,
new, vibrant and fresh ---she thought they might want to
see her skimpy clothes and underwear when she arrived,
petrified, and here she was wanting a young teacher where
she worked to thrust his cock up her and fuck her to orgasm
‒what a wonderful change in circumstances.

‘Aaaaaaaaaggh, ’ she almost screamed as Fisher thrust
right into her body, right up to the hilt with his first penetration.
He came back and did it again.

‘Aaaaaggghhh! Christ Tony, it’s huge ‒aaaaaghh, ’ as
the maths teacher slammed right into her again and again.
He was young, he was fit and he could last and last, thrash
into her with his cock until she was drained, exhausted
and satisfied.

‘Go on Fay, you wanted to be fucked hard, didn’t you. Is it

‘Oh yes, don’t stop. It’s wonderful, just keep doing it
…uh, uh…uh, ’ and Fay was grunting like a squealing pig
as Fisher hit the back of her womb with each almighty thrust
up inside her. She turned her head to see the Head looking
at her as Fisher kept up the wonderful rhythm in and out of
her cunt.

‘Satisfied now, Headmaster, ’ she grunted, and she could
see the movements of his hand under the desk, the dirty old
sod. ‘Are you happy to see me being fucked at last ----Christ,
I’m going to come in a minute, oh go on Tony, please, please,
harder, harder.’ She couldn’t control herself any longer,
and looked down again to concentrate on the impending orgasm.

Fisher himself was giving everything that he had now, enjoying
the thrill, enjoying the woman’s body and her appreciation.

‘Can I come inside you Fay. Do you want me to splash deep inside
your body?’

‘Yes, yes, leave it in. It’s OK, go on, do it to me, ’ and Fay
was sucking in air, thrusting her own body backwards and
forwards, her breasts moving below her chest, her mouth
hanging open, sweat on her brow.

‘Ooohhh, aaaaaaaghhh, yes, yes ---hold it in me, that’s
it, just keep it inside me, ohhhhhhhhh, ummmmm!’ and Fay
sighed, oh so deeply. She had felt Fisher explode inside
her, the warmth of his sperm hitting her walls so erotically.
He seemed to go on and on, and her own orgasm was one of her
most enduring for years. She felt the lips of her cunt, and
her anus, open and close without assistance, and she had
no further strength left, only able to flop forward onto
the desk.

As Fay lay slumped on the desk, Fisher had slipped from her
body, and retreated to the seat just behind. The two men
admired the figure of this mature woman and delighted in
the way that they had seduced her fully during the course
of the last couple of hours.

She had stripped for them, opened her legs wide to display
herself, given ‘head’ to the young teacher, been given
six of the best by the Head, had been screwed by a wooden dildo,
and finally been comprehensively fucked across the Headmaster’s
desk ‒what further fantasies could she possibly have?

Fay herself would dream of these events for many years to
come, school would never be the same again, and it might
change her outlook on life completely. She turned and sat
on the desk once more, no longer ashamed of her naked body
on display, but a little worried about the time.

‘I must get home soon ‒they’ll be worried where I am.’

‘I can give you a lift, Fay, ’ volunteered Tony Fisher.

‘Before you go, ’ interrupted the Head. ‘I think we mentioned
earlier about your future attire. It would be a pity if you
weren’t able to come to school looking a little more enticing.
I think we agreed that it would be beneficial for everybody.’

‘I don’t know about that Headmaster. Haven’t you seen enough
today, you naughty old man?’

‘I insist, Mrs King. On Monday, come to school as I and Mr
Fisher would wish you to, and we shall review the situation
at the end of the week.’

On the way home in Fisher’s car, Fay brought the subject
up again. ‘Is he serious about my clothes, you know, the
way he wants me to dress.’

‘Yes he is, Fay, and so am I. We both need to see your legs and
breasts in tight clothing–you have a superb figure, and
I think it would be wise to placate the old man. Oh, and I want
to certainly fuck you again, Fay ‒strictly as part of the
school curriculum, ’ and they both grinned at one another.

‘We’ll have to see about that, ’ Fay smiled, as she got out
of the car at the end of her road. She almost skipped down
the lane towards her front gate ‒ she would have to sort her
wardrobe out again…….., and it would give her an excuse
for more trips to Dorothy Perkins!!!

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Great story! Very well written and thought out. I felt that
I was right there. Bill.


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i had to stop and finger myself while reading

wish i had a job that required such a Saturday meeting