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Farm & Country Daze


Having both grown up in the city, Lizzie and I both loved
spending time out in the country. Camping, hiking or just
about anything that took us on weekends away from the crowded
streets and the noise. So when I saw an interesting ad in
Sunday's paper about Farm and Country Daze coming
up in a couple of weeks, I thought it was something my wife
and I might want to check out.

Apparently one local farmer each year opened up his farm
for city people to come and spend a day on the farm. It talked
about the various animals, the miles of tractor paths between
the many fields and they were even offering a farm fresh
breakfast for a fee of course. And the slogan was "Farm
life at its best."

So I called for Lizzie who was just getting out of the shower
to come read the ad about Farm and County Daze's. Lizzie
had developed quickly being comfortable in her own skin
and her sexuality, once we had gotten married. She thought
nothing of walking across our apartment with just a towel
around her waist. .

I thought my wife was pretty in a natural kind of way with
her broad sexy shoulders and the two soft mounds on her chest. So Lizzie
appeared with a big smile on her face as she walked up to our
table with her breasts bouncing slightly, to read the article.
"That sounds like it might be fun, " She said
before she asked me what I thought.

Of course being a typical twenty five year old husband at
the time, I then reached up and squeezed one of my wife's
tits. Lizzie looked down at me frowning a little when she
reminded me we had just done it the night before. "Well
I know, but now that you have showed me your breasts again,
I am wondering if we shouldn't try it again."

My wife loved a good bed session as often as I did and within
a minute or so Lizzie and I were back in our bedroom. My wife
had wider than average hips so she had the build for a hard
workout. Lizzie was quickly on her back gasping all over
again while my tongue danced on her hairy pussy, some more.
I loved it when Lizzie's pussy lips puffed out and turned
pink when I got her excited.

"Oh my goodness, " Lizzie said once or twice
before she reached her first climax of the day. But she was
the kind of woman who needed more than just one orgasm so
I just kept licking like I always did and Lizzie kept responding
like she always did. It doesn't take much for my wife's
cunt to get nice and juicy and then even juicier until her
flow is like a river after a thunderstorm.

And when I felt I had primed that pump just enough, I pulled
out my hard cock and dove in for another round of fun. Lizzie
was the kind of woman that once she has my cock in her, she
gets down right serious, right away. I just braced myself
over her and watch her twisting and turning as the intensity
really began to grow for both of us.

But for the time being I went slow and enjoy our fuck for as
long as I possibly can. And Lizzie enjoys it too in between
her gasping and her whimpering sounds she makes, while
feeling herself being bred. That particular morning session
lasted long than most because I had already popped my nuts
the night before and it took me longer to build up the pressure

But Lizzie kept bearing down on my hard cock until she had
it tingling with excitement. "Ok honey, here is some
more just for you" I always told her right before I
explode in her tight little quivering tunnel one more time.

Lizzie then showered for the second time before I showered
too and then off to a nature preserve for a leisurely afternoon
hike. I will say Lizzie strikes an impressive pose in her
baggy, army green shorts and hiking boots. And when you
add her walking stick, which she also carved herself, my
wife gets a lot of looks. She is truly an outdoor kind of girl.

As we walked along I remember what Lizzie was like when I
first met her and was amazed by how much she had changed and
in the process of finding herself. Being the daughter of
a strict minister and his wife, Lizzie was raised to be everything
a lady should be down to the way she dressed. Always a dress
or a skirt, always quiet and always extremely polite. She
hid her sexuality so well, I wondered at first if Lizzie
ever got horny at all.

I remember the first time I saw Lizzie, I was impressed,
right from the start. She was standing next to her parents
after the service, smiling and politely shaking everyone's
hands as they left the church. So I waited in line and watched
Lizzie performing the duties her parents expected of her.
And when it became my turn, her father greeted me first,
then her mother and when I got to Lizzie she looked into my
eyes, she blushed.

So shy, so quiet and so lady like, Lizzie was one in a million.
Yes, a far cry from the woman Lizzie turned into after we
married. But first I had to meet this girl and get to know
her, so I asked her parents if I could make a social call on
Lizzie. They talked it over and agreed that I could come
and spent time with their only daughter but only if we stayed
on their property. So our first few dates, Lizzie and I just
sat on their front porch and talked as well as held hands.

Eventually her parents let me start to take their daughter
out, on a real date as long as I had her home by ten, at the latest.
And that is when I really began to sense the passion this
woman had in her waiting to come out. Something in her genetics
kept telling Lizzie she needed a man but her upbringing
told her she had to wait until she was married. But after
a year of some serious dating, Lizzie couldn't wait
any longer and ended up feeling her first cock all the way
up into her pussy.

I won't say it was a great effort but once Lizzie felt
my cock, she knew it felt right. I remember right before
I came in her that first time, I was looking down at my hard
thick cock pumping into her hairy wet pussy and it just looked
perfect. I finally had to explode like a volcano and I did.
Her first official breeding was finally over and Lizzie
was all smiles from then on.

I actually proposed to Lizzie while we were both cleaning
ourselves up after our very first fuck. And I remember Lizzie
looking over at me with a big grin on her face as she wiped
the leaking cum from her pussy, and smiled before she nodded
her head yes.

Our wedding was three months later and suddenly Lizzie
and I were now a couple with our whole lives in front of us.
We got into camping and hiking, shortly after that. But
of course a dress or a skirt wouldn't work so well when
she was hiking outdoors. So I took Lizzie shopping to get
her some outdoor clothes. I remember, when I took Lizzie
to the store to buy her, her first pair of blue jeans. She
liked them baggy but that just made her look even sexier
in my eyes.

We were both up extra early when the morning finally arrived
and we were going to visit "Farm and County Daze."
Lizzie made us a small breakfast, just enough to hold us
over because we planned on having breakfast on the farm.
"I'm going to go shower first' Lizzie said
as she finished her toast and rushed off to get herself ready.
She appeared twenty minutes later with a big grin on her
face. " Do I look like a farm girl?" She asked
giggling under her breath.

White t shirt, baggy army green shorts and of course her
hiking boots laced all the way up. " I thought it would
easier just to pull my hair back in case it gets hot today, "
Lizzie added. I told my wife she looked fantastic and went
to shower myself. Lizzie and I were out the door by seven
thirty that morning, with the ad and the map showing us how
to get to the farm.

We took a few wrong turns and ended up on a lot of dirt roads
but we finally saw the sign at the end of the long driveway
that read "Farm and Country Daze." "This
must be it, " Lizzie said getting more excited by
the second as I turned onto the long dirt driveway and headed
up until we saw a man directing traffic into a field on the
left which was the parking lot that day.

Lizzie and I both felt super charged as soon as we got out
of our car and stood in the field where they had cut the hay,
a day or two before. Even with all the cars pulling it around
us, the place seemed so peaceful and tranquil. I grabbed
Lizzie's hand and together we started to walk toward
the actual farm itself. I guess I thought it looked quaint
with the old farm house on the top of the hill and the barn
and other out buildings down below.

But the biggest impact on me was the smells because the city
didn't smell like the farm did. Lizzie looked over
at me and had a big smile on her face as she reached for my hand
and together we walked towards a large tent they had put
up for the farm breakfast. The farm wives did the cooking
and their daughters all rushed around picking up dirty
dishes and glasses. I thought they all looked like simply
people but really good people.

And as Lizzie and I ate a man wearing a straw hat walked around
and handed out maps of the farm so we all knew where to go if
we wanted to explore or just take a nice long walk. And it
also showed where the animals were located and some instructions
about what not to do and what you were allowed to do with the
animals. "I just loved this homemade jam, "
Lizzie said after we were both full.

First, we went to see the animals and wandered around, just
soaking up the farm atmosphere for a while. But what my wife
I really wanted to do was take a long hike along the edge of
the fields and explore the farm far away from the other people.
And the farther we went from the tent and the barn, the more
peaceful it just kept getting. We were a half mile out from
everything when Lizzie and I walked over a hill, and came
upon an old farmer sitting on his tractor.

"Good morning, " I said as my wife and I approached
him. He just smiled and tipped his cap as we got closer. "Farm
club members that way, " the man said and pointed
to his right. "Everybody else that way, " he
said and pointed to his left. Lizzie and I just stood there
looking at him not understanding everything about what
he had just said. What were farm club members?

Lizzie and I just then saw a couple about our age walking
up from behind us and pass by the farmer after tipping their
caps to him. He obviously knew them and they knew him. And
then the couple walked over another hill behind the farmer
on the path he said was for farm club members only.

"Is that a better path"? I asked the old farmer
as I pointed to the path he said was for members only. But
he didn't respond. Instead he just remained on his
tractor looking down at us. "So how do we join?"I
asked the old farmer. He pointed back towards the farm itself
in the distance.. " Really do we have to walk all the
way back to the farm?" I asked him. His face was quite
wrinkled as he looked at us and simply nodded his head yes.

"What do you want to do?"I asked Lizzie . Lizzie
and I both decided to just continue our hike on the path for
nonmembers and thanked the old farmer before we continued
on. There weren't' t many city people out where
Lizzie and I were but that was sort of nice too. It gave my
wife and I a lot of quiet time when we strolled along and didn't
even speak to one another. Just walking down the dirt paths
the tractors had made along the corn fields, was wonderfully
relaxing. And then every once in a while a breeze would come
up and blow through the corn field as well as our hair.

Lizzie and I were gone for over two hours when we finally
decided to turn around and head back. We hadn't seen
anybody else in a really long time and the farm, itself was
so far out of sight it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere.
But then that is why we went there in the first place. To feel
lost although we knew how to get back to civilization.

And just after my wife and I had turned to head back a young
man on a tractor appeared at a distance and he was heading
towards us. "They are probably just checking to see
if everyone is ok since we are so far away from the farm, itself."
she said. And I am sure not many of the people from the city
who had come to Farm and Country Daze, would have walked
out this far away from everything.

So Lizzie and I continued to walk back as the tractor kept
getting closer to us. And as he approached us, he slowed
the tractor down until he had reached us and then he stopped
it. "You folks ok?" He asked. I chuckled a little
and told the young man we were just fine. "We just like
to take long hikes, " I said back to the younger man
who looked to be in his early twenties. A rather big strong
farm kid but then most of the farm men we had seen had been
big and strong looking. "Grandpa said you two passed him a couple of hours
ago and you asked about joining the farm club too, "
the young man said. Lizzie and I just smiled at him and nodded
our heads yes. "Well we have a few city members but
are always looking for more, " He told us next.

"Well can you tell us what the club is all about?"
I asked him. "Why don' t I just show you instead, "
He said back to my wife and I. The young man had Lizzie and
I then climb onto the back of his tractor and hold on tight
as he turned it around and headed back the way we had come.
It took a lot less time to reach his grandfather riding on
the back of the tractor than if we had walked back.

But it was kind of exciting riding on the back of the tractor
and feeling the wind in our hair as we passed field after
field. Lizzie and I weren't farm people but we sort
of felt like we were, at that particular moment. And then
his grandfather got closer and was still sitting on his
tractor as we passed him and he tipped his cap and the kid
driving our tractor tipped his back.

"This is a real working farm, " the kid said
to us as we passed by and headed over another hills and around
another bend. And then we heard the engine on the tractor
slow down as he steered us through the sharp bend before
we pulled up just above the pond.

"We are going to stop here for a few minutes, "
He told us as my wife and I hopped off and felt our feet hit
the ground again. He climbed off too and pointed to a pond
as my eyes looked down and saw the couple who had passed us
earlier down by the pond. Lizzie and I were both totally
shocked when we saw the woman standing knee deep in the pond,
totally naked.

I had never seen another woman naked other than Lizzie so
I was in shock but so was my wife. The man was just sitting
on the bank of the pond chatting with his naked wife or maybe
girlfriend. "Do you want to go cool off too?"
The young farmer ask Lizzie. Lizzie looked at me as if she
had just been struck by lightning and was suddenly paralyzed.

"The water is nice and cool, this time of the day, "
the young farmer added. My wife just reached out and grabbed
hold of my hand but didn't say anything back to him.
I knew this would be totally insane if Lizzie did strip,
out here in the country in front of a man and a woman she didn't
know. But the idea was also kind of exciting although I can't
explain why I felt that way.

"Do you want to give it a try ? It might be kind of fun, "
I said to Lizzie. She immediately shook her head no as she
squeezed my hand even harder. "Are you sure because
a lot of women like it, once they get use to it" the younger
farmer said to her. But Lizzie shook her head no again so
the farmer got back on the tractor and started it up again.
"Ok then, climb on and I'll give you two a ride
back to the farm, '" he said.

My wife suddenly looked at me with fear in her eyes and asked
me what I wanted her to do. I remember my heart was beating
double time as I looked at Lizzie and told her I wanted her
to try it, at least once. My wife stepped back, looked at
me, then looked at the farmer who was back on his tractor
and then back down at the pond where the naked woman was still
standing in the water.

I could tell Lizzie was extremely nervous but I asked her
again if she wanted to give it a try. She looked terrified
but nodded her head yes. So I took my wife's hand and
began to walk her down to the pond and the other couple while
the farmer turned off his tractor again and watched from
the top of the short hill.

I was nervous but Lizzie was really nervous when we reached
the other couple still at the pond. The man stood up and introduced
himself as Ben before I shook his hand. "This is my
wife Carolyn, " he said as he pointed to the naked
woman in the pond. Her breasts were small but perky looking
and her hairy crotch looked amazing to me but then any naked
woman would look amazing to me.

"This is my wife Lizzie" I told them as the man
nodded his head at my wife while Carolyn waved at her from
the water. "Well ok honey. Take off your clothes and
then go check out the water, " I told Lizzie. We never
imagined we would ever be doing anything like this. But
Lizzie was still in so much shock, she didn't move an

"She is kind of shy, huh?" Ben said to me staring
at Lizzie with a smile on his face. . I explained to him that
my wife and had never shown anyone else her body. "Give
it a try. You might just love it as much as I do, " the
naked woman from the water said to my wife. I was torn and
, worrying about Lizzie while looking at the naked woman
in the water and feeling my dick beginning to grow. I loved
seeing her tits and her hairy pussy even if I wasn't
supposed to like looking at those things, since I was a married

Lizzie slowly pulled her white t shirt over her head and
handed it to me. Just seeing my wife's bra exposed in
public sent shock waves through my entire body. Lizzie
then undid her belt and handed me her green army shorts next.
I told her to remove her boots next as my wife looked up at
me and shook her head in agreement.

Her boots came off and I watched as my wife then took a couple
of very deep breaths before she unhooked her bra and handed
it to me too. She had tits like a woman should have, not huge
but big enough to offer an appealing image. Lizzie then
closed her eyes as she reached down and slowly pulled her
panties over her wide hips while exposing her cunt in front
of Ben, Carolyn and the young farmer who remained up in the

Lizzie then walked into the water to join the other woman
as she seemed to relax a little but never completely. So
Ben and I sat down on the bank of the pond and watched our wives
as well admired them for their womanly features. It was
the craziest and sexiest thing we had ever done. Carolyn
and Lizzie talked a lot standing by one another in the cool
water while Ben and I chatted too, just not as much.

Having her totally naked out in the country was an unexpected
thrill for us as well as a new experience. But then being
able to look at Carolyn's naked body was as exciting
to me as Lizzie felt showing her tits and her cunt off in front
of Ben and the young farmer who had always wandered down
to edge of the pond to admire the women's bodies, even

Lizzie got dressed after about an hour or so in the water
before we began to walk back towards the farm itself. II
was tingling down to my toes as Lizzie and I held hands and
began to make our journey back. "So be honest, what
did it feel like?" I asked her first. Lizzie was squeezing
my hand when she told me it was really scary at first. "You
mean because they were looking at you without any of your
clothes on?"I asked her next. She nodded her head
in agreement.

" But it was exciting too but that me some time to get
use to, " Lizzie added as her face was turning red.
I asked her if it was because they were constantly looking
at her tits and cunt. "Yes, that made me feel very sexy, "
She added as we finally made it back to the farm. Lizzie then
turned to me and asked if it bothered me that two other men
had seen her naked. I told it was really exciting for me and
I had no regrets. "I also got to look at Carolyn, "
I said back to her. Lizzie giggled and agreed that our bizarre
afternoon experience had gotten to both of us. Needless
to say Lizzie and I got hardly any sleep once we got back to
our apartment. She just needed to be fucked over and over
and I was more than glad to help her out.

Two weeks passed before Friday night finally rolled around
and the weather for the upcoming weekend looked to be just
perfect. Lizzie and I had met at a bar after work to get a bite
to eat when I asked her if she wanted to go back to the farm
again and relax in the pond. Immediately her eyes got really
big as she stared at me with a look of horror and excitement
plastered across her face.

"Do you think they would let us?" Lizzie asked
me, still trying to digest what I had just asked her. I reminded
my wife that before we had left Farm and Country Daze, Paul
the owner of the farm had invited us back anytime we wanted
to. "But do you think Ben and Carolyn will be there
or some other people that we don't even know?"
Lizzie asked. I told her there was only one way to find out.

I called Paul the next morning to check with him to see if
Lizzie and I could return to his farm to enjoy the pond again.
We agreed to meet him at noon. My wife and I were both very
excited as we drove out on the country and back to Paul's
farm for the second time.

I really liked watching my wife naked out in the country
and I think she liked being naked outdoors too. We still
knew it wasn't normal and it was also wrong but we still
both wanted to feel the excitement one more time. We arrived
at the farm but of course this time there was no field filled
with cars or a tent where everyone ate breakfast. .

So Lizzie and I drove our car past the field the parking lot
had been in and pulled up alongside one of the barns and parked
our car. Paul immediately came out to greet Lizzie and me
with his cap on and a big smile on his face. I shook Paul's
hand and told him how grateful my wife and I were for his generosity.
"I hear that a lot. Some people, not everybody but
a special few do like being out here on the farm where everything
feels so natural, " Paul explained to us.

Paul then looked at my wife for a second and smiled at her
before he turned back to me and with a straight face said,
"So why don't you have her strip right here and
leave her clothes in your car. " I was shocked of course
as I looked at Lizzie to see her reaction.

We had not been out of our car for more than five minutes when
another car pulled up and parked alongside of ours. Lizzie
and I both looked but it wasn't Ben and Carolyn but another
couple a little older that we had never seen before. Paul
excused himself and walked over to the couple who had just
arrived and greeted them. "We will have lunch around
two. And then another barn session around three. That way
everyone can get back home in time for the evening milking, "
We heard him tell the couple while the woman was already
taking her clothes off.

Lizzie and I were just shocked but it was also very exciting
too. I watched the woman take off all of her clothes in broad
daylight before her and her husband headed out walking
towards the pond. Paul then walked back over to Lizzie and
I and said they were Joe and Karen and had been coming out
to the farm for a couple of years now.

"So are you two going to go enjoy the pond again or are
you two going to leave"? Paul asked us. I looked at
my wife while she looked at me with a very nervous look in
her eyes before she pulled her t shirt over her head. It was
so exciting, watching Lizzie undress in front of Paul,
right next to one of his barns, that I could hardly breath.
She had left her boots at home and had worn sneakers instead
so they were easier to get off.

Five minutes later, Lizzie was standing next to me and Paul
with her tits exposed and her dark hairy pussy on display.
"Ok you two remember where the pond is?" he asked
us. We said we did and began to walk on the tractor path heading
out away from the farm buildings and into the peaceful country
side. And Lizzie only had two things on, her tennis shoes
and a big smile.

Her broad shoulders looked very sexy with her tits bouncing
with each step she took. "How does it feel walking
out here in the field with nothing on?"I asked my wife.
"Kind of strange, " Lizzie said as I glance
down at her hairy pussy and smiled even more. "Well
you look very sexy, " I told Lizzie. She giggled and
said she felt kind of sexy too.

It took us about fifteen minutes before we made the bend
and were able to look down at pond. And we were surprised
to see not only Karen, the woman we had just seen back at the
barn, naked in the water but two other women were there with
her. And when they all spotted me and Lizzie walking towards
them, they all smiled and waved at us and welcomed us with
open arms.

Lizzie walked out into the water to meet the women while
I hung around on the shore with Joe and the other two men I
had not yet met. Everyone was very friendly and it didn't
seem to bother the men or the women that the women were all
naked and we could all just sit on the ground and admire their
womanly form. We had been there maybe five minutes before
I asked Joe if he knew Ben and Carolyn.

He nodded his head yes but didn't say anything to me
about them. So I just went back to admiring my naked wife
as well as their naked wives too. And it didn't take
much before my dick began to harden looking at so many wonderful
tits and hairy cunts. One of the men asked me later on if this
was going to be Lizzie's first barn session.

Of course I had no idea what he was talking about but didn't
want to appear to be stupid and ask him what he was talking
about. So I just told him this would be her first time. "She
looks like she might really like it, " He said as they
all looked out at my wife and agreed Lizzie had the body for
it. I still had no idea what the body for it meant but remained
quiet instead of making a fool of myself.

It was truly a very strange experience but kind of fun at
the same time. I know I was having fun looking at the naked
women. And Lizzie appeared to be rather comfortable letting
the other husband's look at her sexy body whenever
they wanted to. I guess being a woman, it is a turn on to show
men you don't really know your tits and pussy. From
time to time one or two of the women would get out of the water
and sit on the bank alongside of their husband's to
chat. So Lizzie did too and sat next to me with a big smile
on her face as we chatted with each other about how much fun
this had become.

I one time whispered to Lizzie and asked her if she was as
horny as I was. Lizzie immediately blushed and nodded her
head yes. There was just something primitive about being
naked while being surrounded by mother nature. It may have
been totally different back in the city but out here on the
farm, it kind of made sense.

Ben called out to the women when he heard Paul's tractor
coming out to pick us all up. So one by one they all climbed
out of the water and dried off a little bit with their hands
as we all waited as a group to go back to the farm and have lunch.
Paul finally appeared as he turned the tractor around which
was towing a hay wagon we could all ride on back to the farm.

So Lizzie and I climbed on and let our feet dangle off the
side as Paul began to take us all back. And it was thoughtful
of Paul to have towels for each of our wives so they didn't
have to sit right on the wooden wagon with nothing under
them. Lizzie then whispered to me and asked me if I knew anything
about what some of the other women had mentioned when they
talked about a barn session. I just shook my head no as we
got back to the buildings and the old farm house.

And then everyone just walked behind Paul into one of the
out buildings so Lizzie and I followed them. We both saw
a long table with sandwiches and fresh fruit on it and plates
for each of us. "Ok everyone, just dig in and we're
going to get everything set up for you, " Paul said
as his son walked in too. Again Lizzie and I just looked at
each other not knowing what was happening or what any of
this meant.

But little Paul stopped by the table and greeted us all before
he told my wife and I he was glad to see us back again. Finally
I leaned over to one of the other husbands and softly asked
him what was going on. He chuckled before he told me not to
worry because Paul senior would explain everything to
my wife and I after lunch.

Lizzie and I nibbled on our sandwiches which did hit the
spot because of the home baked bread and fresh butter. And
while we ate, we also watched Paul and his son roll out three
odd looking benches on wheels and placed them in a row on
the other side of the building. I will admit that was kind
of scary and I saw that same fear in Lizzie's eyes too.

Twenty minutes later, Paul asked Lizzie and I if he could
talk to us in private. I can't say either of us had gotten
use to having Lizzie completely naked but it was still exciting,
just the same. But being naked turned out to be nothing compared
to what Paul then explained to us. "So you two talk
it over. And if you want to stay, then we will bring out another
bench for you and if not then you should get dressed and leave
before everyone starts arriving" Paul said to my
wife and I before he walked away.

Lizzie and I were so nervous and so worked up we could hardly
speak. "Do you want to stay ?" I asked Lizzie.
"Do you want me to stay?" Lizzie asked me back.
And the other three couples all gave us some space although
they all glanced at Lizzie and I while we softly talked back
and forth. Paul approached us ten minutes later and I told
him Lizzie and I were going to stay. "Good then we'll
get her a bench too, " as he walked back leaving my
wife literally gasping for air.

It just a few minutes some of the area farmers would be bringing
their sons over for another barn session. The boys still
lived at home and worked the fields for their families.
And once a month Paul holds a barn session so the boys can
come over and let off some steam, so to speak. "Ok ladies,
it's time to leave for now, " Paul said as Karen
took Lizzie by the hand and led her off into another side

I just stayed out of the way by the other husband's and
watched as farmers started to show up. Some came in with
their teenage sons although teenage farm boys were bigger
than me. And a few men walked in alone, and looked to be in
their early twenties. There was somewhere around fifteen
boys there but the time Paul spoke to the group.

"Ok boys , today we have four lovely ladies that I just
know you're going to enjoy, " Paul said to the
group. I watched as everyone clapped before little Paul
led the other wives and Lizzie out so the young men could
see them for the first time. And of course, as you would expect
when a group of young men see four naked women, the buzz was
immediate. You don't have to tell a boy raised on a farm
what tits and a cunt are for, because they know about that,
first hand.

The other husbands then walked over to their wives so I rushed
behind them until I got to Lizzie. Her eyes were bigger than
I have ever seen before and she was actually trembling when
I held her hand. "There is so many of them, "
Lizzie whispered to me. "You will be just fine. I'll
be right here next to you the entire time, " I told
my wife as we stood facing the young men who were clearly
anxious to get started.

There was about a ten minute window for socializing I guess,
but no one was there to really socialize. But many of the
young men approached Lizzie and me and chatted with her
but mostly they just looked at her naked female body. There
was no doubt that is what they were after. I knew it, Lizzie
knew and so did all the boys.

"Ok time to get started" Paul called out as each
husband led his wife over to one of the benches and help her
get on it. laying on her back. It felt kind of cold but then
breeding animals on the farm is probably also a cold experience
before it heats up. Lizzie laid down looking up at the ceiling
and waited as I little Paul and I attached her stirrups and
lifted her legs into position. "Are you comfortable, "
Paul asked my wife. She nodded her head as she laid there
with her legs spread and her hairy crack readily available.

Lizzie's breasts were heaving just like the other
three women who were now in a position to be bred. "Make
sure your wife is wet, " Paul said as I reached between
Lizzie's legs and felt how juicy and slippery she had
really become. k you stand by her and make sure everything
goes smoothly, " Little Paul said to me as the first
young man approached my wife.

A big kid, six foot something, with a beard starting to grow
on his face.. He looked at me and then down at Lizzie's
naked body laying in front of him waiting for him to breed
her. He nodded his head at me and then unzipped her jeans
and stepped out of them. HIs cock was swollen but not huge
although a bit wider than mine so I knew Lizzie was going
to feel it as soon as he penetrated her pussy. He then leaned
over my wife and touched her breasts while he moved his throbbing
shaft into position.

I could tell Lizzie was starting to panic but as soon as his
thick cock began to enter her tunnel, she began to suddenly
gasp and whimper like she does when I am with her. It took
just a few seconds before he had a big smile on his face and
so did my wife. He moved slowly at first as Lizzie laid under
him taking care of his cock the way, only a woman can do.

I just stood next to Lizzie and watched in amazement as this
boys shaft kept sliding between her pink pussy lips, in
and out and in and out. Of course he was into it but my wife
seemed to also be into it with him. Their bodies were truly
meant to work together and trust me they were working very
well together.

"Oh yes, " he said a couple of times as he got
more and more excited fucking her cunt. But my wife was so
into it and out of it, she never heard a single word he said.
And if you add in all the other grunting that was going on
as well as the women's whimpers, it was quite an experience.
Lizzie got pounded hard near the end but in a good way before
the young man cock began to explode deep inside of her.

Her pink outer lips still clung to his thick shaft as he stopped
pumping and rested inside of her for a few more seconds.
He had definitely stretched her open but Lizzie laid there
with a peaceful smile on her face, as if she loved every second
of having his shaft inside of her. "Are you ok"?
I leaned over and asked my wife after the man had pulled his
semi hard cock out of her.

Lizzie just nodded her head yes as she tried to catch her
breath. I quickly cleaned up her as good as I could with the
line of boys still waiting for their turn. And older man
was standing there next in line with his sixteen or seventeen
year old son and had just told me this was going to be his son's
first time. So I passed that on to my wife as she smiled and
nodded her head that she understood.

"Ok son, you know what to do, " The father told
his son as the boy moved closer to Lizzie laying on her bench
ready for him. The boy was both excited and very nervous
as he unbuckled his pants and pulled his sizeable hard shaft
out. I remember I chuckled inside because Lizzie was about
to experience a surprise too.

Her whimpers got louder the deep his shaft penetrated her
pussy until she was struggling to even breath. The boy only
lasted about a minute or so but it was the most intense moment
of my Lizzie's life. And my goodness when he got pounded
her hard, even my body trembling just watching the two of
them together. Of course the boy was all smiles when it was
over but Lizzie was laying there still reeling from what
had just been done to her.

In all, Lizzie satisfied four young men and their hard cocks
that afternoon and when I finally helped her sit up, she
was still a little dizzy. So I braced her by holding her back
and let her calm down while she leaked a steady stream of
white cream from between her legs. "I think she is
done, " I told Paul as he smiled and nodded his head
before he directed the last boy in her line to the woman next
to Lizzie.

Lizzie was taken back to the pond riding on the back of the
tractor to cool off, wash up and begin to come off the sexual
high she had just been on. And when little Paul brought her
back to the barn where I was waiting for her, I could see Lizzie
was nothing but smiles. Exhausted but still smiling.

Lizzie and I spent the next several years going back to the
farm during Farm and Country Daze and also attended many
more barn sessions. For us it just became a couple of Saturday
afternoons each summer where the rules of the city was put
on the back burner. And we both experienced life on the farm
in a very special, very personal way.

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Outstanding! Love to hear a great deal more!


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Fantastic the idea of a barn session!


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Good writing but a bit fantisful. Was it an Amish farm? Well no I guess not with the tractor. Horse drawn trailer would have added a bit of spice for "Farm Daze". I have spent a lot of time on farms, and a lot of time having sex on farms as well, but never heard of such an operation. A follow up with the farm daughters and wives being "bred" would make a good story.


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Wow, what a fantastic story - really exciting - keep them cumming!!


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a wild story with a preachers daughter what a life style change