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Fantasy in the Mountains


I have always loved the winter months...but only in the
Rocky Mountains.
There's something about the cold crisp air when you wake
up in the morning...
I love to go out on the balcony and just stare at the mountains...slopes
freshly groomed and clean.... it makes me feel so alive!
I'll ski all day never taking a break...It is so invigorating
and energizing believe it or not...
After a full day up and down the mountain...I love to meet
friends at the local warming ice-cold beer
or cocktail make the day complete...
I was laughing over our...I think it was our third pitcher
of beer when the finger food arrived. As always it's too
greasy and lots of sauces...I was making a total pig of myself.
Sauce everywhere.... ahhh what the hell...we were all
having such a good time...our waitress came over and asked
if we needed anything...
I laughed, "more napkins."
She smiled and laughed out loud. As she walked away I caught
her looking back at us... I thought it was me...nah.
My friend Cindy said, "you should ask her for her number.
She likes you."
"Ahhhh no." I said, "Out of my league and I'm fine thanks."
I hated asking strangers out even though this girl was very
attractive. She had short brown hair and a smile that wouldn't
"You'll never score if you don't ask!" Cindy said. She was
as good a friend. Just like one of the guys. We talked like
that. She would pick out women for me and I would laugh...
But this waitress was so amazing and, of course, just as
she came back with the napkins....I dumped the entire cup
of Bar-b-q sauce in to my lap.
"Oh No." she said. “I'll get some water...."
"No. That’s all's just my ski bib."
"Yeah he's been drooling all over it all night" Cindy butted
"Excuse me." I said.
"Man! You had her..." Cindy said....
"No and I'll thank you not to help anymore...."
I huffed and walked over to the bar mocking my anger...Cindy
giggled and smiled at me coyly as I walked over to the bar
and our waitress....
"Look. I am sorry about all that back there."
"No I'm sorry. Your girlfriend was just having fun."
"She's…uh…not my girlfriend. Just friends."
Listen I know this is incredibly forward and really trite...but
my friends and I are going to our condo later and are going
to hang out...sit in the hot tub and slowly get tanked...would
you like to join us....for all of it.....?"
She bowed her head and smiled that . . . smile.

"Well, " she said coyly, "I usually don't go out with customers,
but this has been a really shitty end to a really shitty week.
And, frankly, a soak in a hot tub sounds awesome!"
I almost fell backwards...that actually worked . . . and
I wasn't even trying.
"Shut up you idiot you're drooling, " I thought.
"Awesome! We're staying at the ...uh...Snowflake condominiums,
see you any time after you're done.?"
“Okay, ” she said, “see you later, ” and she ran off to help
another poor soul slost in his Bar-b-q sauce. I gave this
little afterthought as I assumed surely she would stand
me up and I would be laughing over red wine in the hot tub.
When I got back to the table Cindy asked, "Well how quickly
did you chicken out? We had a pool and I could really use the
"Well for your information, SMART ASS, she said she would
see us there, ” before I could finish she chimed in,
"Well okay the new pool stands on whether or not she'll show...everybody
in?" she elbowed me in the ribs and laughed, "Just Kidding."
I knew she really wasn't though.
My friends and I were pretty gone when we finally left the
bar. I waved at 'my' waitress as we left and she smiled quickly
and turned to wipe off the bar and start closing out her till.
We all sang very loudly as we stumbled down the street back
to our condo. Everybody periodically chiming in with a
rousing rendition of a "Hungry like the Wolf" and "Come
on Eileen" medley.
"OOoooKAAaay." I said, and we fumbled our way into the condo.
Stripping down to our underwear and not bothering to put
on our suits, all eight of us dove, belly-flopped and 'cannonballed'
into the enormous hot tub!
It started to snow lightly. Cindy shouted, "okay who's
ready for more cocktails!" A resounding and drunken Hooo-RAH
echoed through the starfilled sky. She jumped out of the
hot tub and left almost nothing to the imagination. I love
wet underwear. She was just walking back with a tray full
of drinks and some snacks when the doorbell rang.
The entire crowd cooed in 'OOOoooooooooooo" and I got dunked
under the water.
And in she walked. The vision, as I remembered, beaming
that smile and giggling a little when all of the guys stood
up in their drooping wet boxers.
I was a little embarrassed by the little gut I had developed
working behind a desk for too long, but chimed in anyway,
"Hey cool you're here!" What a STUPID thing to say.
"Yeah well I did say it was a shitty week and you guys seem
to be having fun."
"Okay pay up, " Cindy said.
"Oh man!" Chuck jumped up out of the Hot tub and rolled in
the snow.
"Okay looks like I have some catching up to do, " said the
waitress. She said her name was Jan.
We all started splashing and “Whooping” and hollering
as Jan started drinking. Cindy came back with a bottle of
tequila and some limes and Jan was the first to jump in on
the shots!
Salt. Shot. Lime. Repeat.
She did it FOUR times in a row. We looked astonished as she
wiped her mouth for the fourth time.
"What, I work at a learn things and build up a tolerance, "
then she laughed.
Cindy and Jan stayed out of the hot tub chatting up a storm
as everybody else drifted quickly to oblivion. Eventually
it was just Chuck, who couldn't even stand so we sent him
to bed.
Cindy said, "Well well well, it looks as though our new friend
JAN hasn't gotten into the hot tub yet..." and pushes her
in screaming, clothes and Jan pulls Cindy in Towel
and all. Everybody was laughing all along. Cindy jumped
out and asked, "Who's for wine?"
"I'm game?" said Jan.
"What the hell?" I said.
And Cindy walked off....
"What made you finally say yes, " I said, then, FWAP, Cindy's
bra hit me in the face as she ran off laughing.
"My, your friend Cindy is . . . a little . . . "
“Well, yes!”
"Yeah, she can keep up with the best of them."
"So, as I was saying it's been a shitty week and I really needed
this! Thanks for asking me over. What took you so long to
ask me? You know your table wasn't even mine. I just traded
with another waitress to try and meet you."
"Yeah Right...oh, really? You're serious?"
"I-I-I'm sorry. I've been burned a little too many times
so I guess I'm a little gun
“It's okay I understand. Listen I hope this doesn't come
off too forward of me but these wet clothes are a little uncomfortable,
and since you are all in"
"It's about time you PRUDE, " Cindy shouted from the door,
“Oh fine! Well then, ” and Jan hopped out of the hot tub splashing
She sat down on a chair and started taking off her socks and
shoes. Cindy jumped back into the hot tub.
"I hope you don't mind, but I couldn't find any glasses, "
and she took a big gulp out of the bottle of red.
Jan was now in her sweater and tee shirt and her panties.
"Man you move slow...." Cindy shouted, mocking impatiently.
She leaped over to me in the hot tub and stuck the bottle in
my mouth!
"HEY!" Jan shouted, "wait for me." At that she flung off
her sweater and jumped back into the hot tub.
All of splashed around and laughed in the tub, getting everything
around soaking wet...including our towels. Jan rotated
her head on her neck and started to rub her own shoulders..."Man
I hate this, " she said.
"What's the deal?" Cindy said as she took another gulp
of the Beaujolais.
"Why is it so stressful. You work at this beautiful resort
and probably ski everyday...or at least more than we do.
You get to wake up everyday with all of THIS around
could you be stressed?"
"Sure, but I moved here to paint. I wanted to be an artist
and moved up here with my boyfriend--who proceeded to dump
me after 4 weeks! Then I thought, well, shit, I'll just get
a part time job at night, and paint or ski during the day.
That dried up real quick. It's REALLY expensive to live
here and I can't afford to move back home. Plus I don't want
to! But it's proving to be a little harder than I thought.
I travel in the summer around the nearby towns and show my
stuff at the local craft fairs but it just isn't cutting
it. And if it isn't horses or deer antlers it just doesn't
sell very well out here."
"Here let Philly rub your shoulders, he's realllly good
at it wink wink, " Cindy said.
“Shut up!”
"Oh could you...?"
"Ummm, okay sure...but tell me if I'm rubbing too hard."
"Oh I doubt that's possible."
"So what DO you paint?" Cindy asked.
"You're going to laugh"
“Probably but go ahead.”
“I paint nudes.”
“Okay this is a little too easy, Philly, ” Cindy joked
"Shut up Cin, "
“Would you paint me?” Cindy asked.
“I don't have any paints with me, ” Jan replied.
“A likely story, ” said Cindy “see I knew it was just a line.”
“BUT I do have charcoal and a pad. I always do.”
“NYAH!” I said and laughed. Cindy splashed us both and Jan
backed up on top of me so the middle of her back was pushed
against my face...or the other way around. I was feeling
a little playful, thanks to the wine, and grabbed her bra
with my teeth and let it go to snap her in the back.
“Ow! Meanie, ” and she slid back down to sit in the crevice
of my legs slowing down purposely as her hands ran across
the top of my thighs. I felt a shiver run through the length
of my body.
Cindy leapt out of the hot tub and lounged across one of the
deck chairs in an attempt to model for Jan.
“How's this? I've always been told this is my best side, ”
Cindy said, arching her back like a snake on a chaise lounge.
I stood up and faking a camera as a photographer, "YEH baby
whip me with your eyes..."
Cindy started vamping and just as she arched her back to
throw her head back in a Ruben-esque pose, Jan yanked down
my boxers. In a shock I dropped down into the hot tub.
I tried in vain to recover my purloined boxer shorts, but
Jan had a different idea and wouldn't let go! She wrestled
them off of my feet and tried to play "keep-away" with me!
Even though I was much taller than she was, about 6 inches
she held onto my boxers like a bulldog. Just when I thought
I was going to get them away from her she pulled the "I'll-swing-them-behind-my-back-and-toss-them-out-of-the-hot-tub"
ploy, which she managed to pull off without a snag. Unfortunately,
for me when the foam settled in the water, I found myself,
"a little high and dry." It's amazing what a little cold
mountain air and water will do for your clothes with do the
same for your manhood. Who knew things shrank that...quickly.
"Oh, he's so cute!" Cindy howled, giggling her ass off.
Needless to say I plunged back into the water...too drunk
to really care but still embarrassed.
"This is a situation easily rectified, " Jan said as she
proceeded to remove her bra.
"Well, a noble effort but you caught me with my,
asleep at the wheel! Hardly good enough, I think." I said
with a wink in my eye.
"Well I could still use that massage." Jan said. "Sit down.
I am very tense."
She pushed me into a sitting position onto the highest step.
She sat on the next step down with only her shoulders and
neck above the water.
"Okay bend you head forward slightly and tell me if I am doing
this too hard."
"I don't think that will be a problem, " Cindy laughed.
"Bite me!" I yelled, slightly annoyed.
"Oh c'mon you KNOW I love you. I’m just kidding..." and she
moved behind me on the lip of the hot tub and started rubbing
my shoulders!
"Oh my GOD...right...there, " Jan said moaning and sighing
heavily just as I felt an enormous knot in her shoulder muscle.
"Okay hold on, " and I moved both of my hands into the position
where I found the knot.
"Yes! My God, that's perfect. You have the touch, " she
said seductively.
"That's not all he has, " Cindy smirked as she pulled me
back to notice my soldier starting to stand at attention.
"Shut up, Cindy, " I half whispered.
"Is there a problem back there?" Jan said and she tilted
her head back to reveal her perfect breasts just beneath
the water. She was somewhat fair-skinned so she had freckles
just above her breasts. I love freckles there.
"No. No problem." and with that she leaned her entire body
back and found the...point to Cindy's joking around.
"Oh my well it looks as though you're not as shy as I originally
"I am sorry if I am giving you the wrong impression, but you
ARE the one who stole my boxers." I said in my best BAD Perry
"True. I would like to throw myself on the mercy of the court.
Is there anything special I can do for you?"
“Um, not quite yet. Lean back, I still can sense some tension.”
Jan leaned into me and smiled. I started massaging her shoulders
again and moved up her neck to gently rub the base of her skull.
I could hear her breathing heavier and more slowly. Rhythmically.

Suddenly I noticed something. There wasn't a peep coming
from Cindy. Her wisecracks had stopped altogether and
she was just massaging my shoulders. Periodically I felt
her bare breasts rub against my back. I was getting harder
by the second...something I am sure Jan noticed. I began
to mimic what Cindy was doing to me on Jan. She picked up on
the ploy after just a few seconds and began to lead me.
She massaged my shoulders and neck with differing degrees
of hardness and moved periodically to my arms. Using the
water like a lubricant, I could feel every stand of muscle
in Jan's back. She was really loosening up. I started to
use my fingers like feathers and ran them up and down Jan's
back. Going in and out of the water and lower to her panty
line and higher up and over her shoulders. Getting more
daring with every stroke. I could feel her shiver and almost
simultaneously with Cindy's cue I moved up and over Jan's
shoulders and over to her breasts.
“Yes, ” she whispered quietly.
The hot tub had softened the already beautifully smooth
skin of her breasts. They were light in the bubbling water
but full and firm. I cupped my hands beneath them and gently
moved my hands around their shape. Slowly gliding the palms
of my hands over her nipples. Then following the shape of
them up and over.
The timer on the hot tub buzzed startling us slightly and
smoothing out the water to a slow turbulence.
“Please, ” Jan said and I continued my massage on her as
Cindy did on me. Through the now, almost still water, I could
see her hands running the length of her thighs...along
the top to her knees and back up her inner thighs stopping
and rubbing just below her panty line.
I was now hard as a rock. I could feel the blood pumping through
me and watched as I rose and lowered with Jan's movements.
I began staying solely on her breasts. I could see her hand
inside her panties. She was breathing more heavily and
started to arch her back slightly. Suddenly she turned
around and said, "I can't stand it any more!"
Cindy had her hands on my chest too and pulled me back against
her so I came out of the water to my thighs. I threw my hands
back to keep from falling on top of her. I felt Jan's hands
on my thighs and felt her bite my inner thigh just below my
"Panty" line.
I gasped! "Holy Shit!"
"Stay still, " Cindy said, "you don't want her to bite anything
"No I don't! But PLEASE don't stop"
"Oh wow Cindy...Now he's begging."
"I know dear, but he is a man. Perhaps he should beg a little
"Oh I think I'll do him a favor, " Jan said as she moved her
hands up to my cock.
She slithered up through the water and as she moved her hands
slowly up the shaft, I leaned my head back and felt her take
one of my balls into her mouth.
Cindy was holding my head in her hands as it rested on her
stomach just above her navel. I could feel her full breasts
barely touching the top of my head.
Jan used her other hand to cup beneath my balls as she moved
her mouth to the base of my cock. As she moved slowly around
the base she hummed her satisfaction. It was driving me
crazy and I started arching my back with satisfaction.
"Hold on, big boy, you're not getting out of this THAT quickly."
Cindy said. With that I felt Jan squeeze the base of my cock
firmly, just enough to keep me...grounded.
I have always considered my self a rather forward thinking
man, but I must say, in the position I found myself, prostrate
with two beautiful women all over me with the Rocky mountains
as my backdrop, I was feeling like a pig “par excellence.”
Cindy slid back gently laying my head on her legs and began
running her fingers through my hair. I opened my eyes and
saw her breasts just above my face. Jan began to lick up and
down as I wrapped my arms around Cindy's back to stable myself.
I tingled up and down suddenly as Jan used her fingernails
about the head.
I was panting and moaning...and Cindy said, "My goodness,
calm down dear. We're just getting started. Jan I think
it's time to do him another favor."
With that, Jan wrapped her lips around my cock and took it
entirely into her throat. I was floored!
I inadvertently twisted my head slightly as she did this
and ran my face directly into Cindy's breast. I opened my
mouth and took as much of it in as I could.
"OH yeah, Baby, " she said, "Bite it!"
I pulled back and but the tip of her nipple firmly with my
teeth. Jan was using her mouth and hand in unison. Sucking
up and down and making me writhe in ecstasy. I felt that familiar
pressure at the base again as Jan rose from the water to peel
off her panties. I saw the neatly trimmed bush for only a
moment as she lifted my legs out of the water to move me more
up onto the pavement. The cold night air made it only more
invigorating. Jan lay on top of me and kissed me on the mouth
without warning. I placed my hand on the back of her head
and pressed her to me returning the kiss as passionately
as I knew how.
She maneuvered her hips so she was straddling mine and I
could feel her wet pussy almost clinging to me. I was still
so rock hard it almost hurt. She reared back and almost instantly
without guidance, my cock found her deep wet pussy on its
own and plunged deep inside. Her hips were rocking back
and forth.
"It feels like you're all the way in my throat."
"Feels good doesn't it?" Cindy asked as she watched Jan
arch her back and take me in again.
"Looks like you're enjoying that, " Cindy said. "Bite
them again, " she said and she put her other breast in my
mouth. I bit her nipple and darted my tongue all over it flicking
the tip and sucking the whole thing in my mouth."
"I need some more of that tongue, " Cindy said, and she straddled
my face. I pulled her panties back to reveal her moist pussy.
I used my fingers to spread her lips open and sucked her hard
clit into my mouth back and forth. I could feel Jan riding
up and down on me and taste Cindy. I looked up at Cindy and
could see her pinching her own nipples and caressing her
breasts. As I sucked she rocked gently back and forth on
my mouth. Periodically, she would look down at me to watch
what I was doing and put two fingers inter her mouth and slowly
draw them out.
"Time to back off dear, he's all mine, " Jan said to Cindy.
"Oh c'mon, I am so wet I could come any second."
"Nope dear you'll have to finish yourself, " and with that
Cindy plopped back into the warm water of the hot tub.
"Your turn, " I said to Jan as I pulled her off of me and moved
her hips towards my face. I could see the wetness dripping
from her. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled
her lips apart and with a big swash of my tongue, I licked
the entire length of her pussy from the base to the top. I
took my time moving my tongue slowly over her lips and darting
it in and out for a time as far into it as I could go. By the time
I arrived at her clit she was moving her hips back and forth
over my chin. I could hear the slight amount of stubble tickle
her lips gently as she gasped with pleasure. I then burrowed
down and started to suck her pussy with everything I had.
I alternated between fucking her with my tongue and sucking
her clit. I moved my hands slowly up her stomach to caress
her breasts and she beat me to the punch by pinching and pulling
on her nipples. She took one of my hands and individually
sucked each finger as she had my cock.
Then I felt a slight wave in the hot tub and felt a warm mouth
cover my cock again. Cindy couldn't take the pressure and
had quietly moved to suck me off while she fingered herself.
The sloshing water of the hot tub only periodically drowned
the communal moans of the three of us out.
"I want you to fuck me again, " Jan said as she quickly pulled
off of my face. "Sorry honey out, " she said to Cindy who
obliged my sitting on the rim of the hot tub with her knees
in the air. Her panties were off and she started rubbing
her pussy immediately.
Jan stood at the stairs of the hot tub on the second level
and grabbed a hold of the handles while thrusting her beautiful
ass into my face. I slowly stood up and bit her cheeks then
moved to the center line and moving in reverse, licked her
pussy from clit to ass. I stopped for a moment and fucked
her with my tongue for a little while longer this time. As
I did I moved my hands around the her nipples and pulled on
them stretching them and rolling them between my fingers.
Then I stood up completely and took my own cock in my hands.
I rubbed her clit with the head of it and moved over her lips
slowly rocking it back and forth and up and down.
"This time, ” I said, “I want you to beg!"
"Very funny, " Jan said. You know you want me.."
"Really now, I could just finish right on your back. I am
so close to exploding Cindy can taste it over there, " I
Cindy was really getting into the role-playing. "You better
beg baby. I know he's not kidding."
With that I “peeked” the head of my cock into her pussy and
pulled it out again quickly letting the shaft rub against
her ass.
"Oh my GOD!" Jan said as she rubbed her tits and pulled on
her nipples again. Cindy smiled and poked her tongue out.
She curved it around her lips seductively teasing Jan who
was quivering.
"Please, " Jan said, almost whispering.
"Louder, " I said and slapped her ass.
"Ohhh, " she moaned and I pushed it all inside of her smacking
the back of her ass with my hips!
Cindy moaned with anticipation as I fucked Jan with everything
I had. She was so tight, I could feel her lips wrap around
me like her hands did. Jan reached down and massaged herself
as I pumped. I could feel her fingernails scrape me as she
rubbed her clit. Once in a while she pulled her lips apart
with her fingers and squeezed my shaft as I moved in and out
of her. I could feel every ridge inside her. I was so close
to exploding I had to slow down.
"Oh please let me have a little, " Cindy begged.
"Okay... but we're gonna do it my way." Jan said.
Jan took charge and took Cindy by the hand as she waded across
the hottub. "You will do everything I say on ONLY what I say, "
Jan demanded. I felt a twinge of excitement as the two women
spoke about me.
"As you wish, " Cindy stated mater-of-fact.
"Kiss him. Gently." Jan said to Cindy. She moved directly
to my face and gently pressed her lips to mine. Cindy had
full lips and the practically covered mine as she kissed
me. I wanted Jan, but let Cindy do her thing. Plus, it turned
me on so unbelievably.
"Now...harder." Jan demanded. Cindy wrapped her lips
around me and shoved her hot tongue into my mouth. Her eyes
were closed and never saw me look to Jan who was slowly backing
up and fondling her beautiful breasts.
My cock had momentarily taken a little rest, but when I
saw Jan touching herself, it came to attention immediately!
"Now, take Cindy's breasts in your hands and pinch her nipples
with your fingers. Yes that's it. Do you like that Cindy?"
Jan asked.
"Yesssss...." Cindy hissed as she arched back.
"Kiss her between her breasts....gooooood, now lick her
nipples. Bite them...yes pull them with you teeth!" Cindy
was beginning to writhe with delight. Her long blond hair
dragging through the water.
"Now, " Jan said to me, "kiss down the center of her body...but
stop at her bikini line." Cindy moaned with disappointment.
"You may kiss all around her bikini line but never venture
any further." I took Jan's words as law and kissed, licked
and even nibbled all over Cindy's very defined tan line.
She ran her fingers through my hair and tried to direct me
where she wanted me to go, but I was wouldn’t let her!
Cindy started thrusting her hips up into my face and begging,
"Please EAT me I can't stand it anymore!" I looked at Jan
and she smiled and evil smile and licked her top lip with
the tip of her tongue.
I dove into Cindy's wet pussy with reckless abandon. Her
thighs on my shoulders she moved herself up and down over
my lips and tongue. I held her still and plunged my tongue
into her as she moaned. Then I licked up her lips drinking
in every drop of her juice and stopped at her throbbing clit.
I circled it with my tongue and licked it like a lollipop.
Then, I went to town.
I concentrated slowly on her clit. I darted my tongue over
every bit of it. I sucked it; pulling out and slurping on
it. I bit it. Gently at first then a little harder...and
harder. Just when I thought she was going to blow Jan demanded,
"STOP!" I stopped instantly and pulled back. Cindy was
"Now, Climb on top of him, " Jan said. Cindy obliged like
a mindless slave.
I leaned backwards and let Cindy straddle my hips. But just
as she was about to wrap my cock inside her sweet pussy, Jan
said, "No. I just want you to rub it all over the outside of
you. Use his cock like your finger and rub your clit with
It was all I could do to keep from coming right there. I could
feel Cindy’s clit, rub along my head. She would rub along
the length of me then make circles with the head around it.
Sometimes she would use both her finger AND my cock. Sometimes
she would forego her clit and use the shaft over her lips.
"Get off of's MY turn again, " Jan, said with an
evil grin.
She straddled me, but this time when Cindy started to back
away to the other side of the hot tub, Jan held her hand and
kept her there. Jan lifted her leg over my waist and slowly
lowered herself on top of me. I watched as she held my cock
with one hand and caressed her own ass cheek with the other.
She slowly moved about her entire ass, peeking ever so slightly
around the back door. I joined her in and
used my thumb to gently ride over it. I made circular motions
around the rim as she started rocking front and back, stroking
my cock as she did.
"Take his cock and rub it along MY pussy, " Jan told Cindy.
Again, completely willingly, Cindy took my cock in her
hand and rubbed its head over Jan's pussy. Jan used her fingers
to circle around the head of my cock and turned to face me
as she slowly licked the pre-cum from her finger.
"May I have some of that?" Cindy asked Jan.
"Beg for it!" Jan demanded.
Cindy squeezed my cock from its base, milking the pre-cum
out of it onto Jan's waiting finger.
"Please god let me taste him...let me lick his glistening
cum from your finger." Cindy begged of Jan. She complied.
Cindy stuck out her tongue and Jan placed the back of her
finger onto it, fingernail down. Cindy closed her lips
around Jan's finger and took it completely into her mouth.
Then she sucked it up and down like she sucked me. God I wanted
to be that finger again!
Cindy grabbed onto Jan's arm as she sucked and licked her
finger...then her other fingers...then her hand and slowly
started to move up her the bend in it. Cindy leaned
forward and kissed Jan between her breasts. Jan tilted
her head back and twisted from the waist up. Cindy moved
over to her right breast and kissed it moving slowly towards
the nipple. She maneuvered her mouth around Jan's nipple
and took it entirely into her mouth! She pulled back and
licked all around Jan's nipple sucking on it. Pulling it
back with her lips and biting it with her teeth. Jan LOVED
that. Jan placed her hands around Cindy's head as she moved
from tit to tit. Sucking and licking them. As Jan let go of
my cock Cindy took control and rubbed Jan's wet pussy with
it as she devoured her tits! She pulled on me bringing me
to the point of explosion but every time dexterously squeezing
the base at the precise moment to back me away from the edge
but remaining hard. Cindy ran her tongue down the center
of Jan's body stopping just above the bikini line. She gave
my cock one last full-tongued lick from base to tip and then
used her hand AND the tip of her tongue to push it into Jan's
waiting pussy. Jan rode me hard and Cindy matched each rise
and fall with her fingers massaging my shaft. She would
then press on Jan's thigh stopping her motion and rub Jan's
clit with her thumb!
"Pull him out and suck him, then lick me, " Jan demanded.
Cindy ripped my cock from its warm wet confines and took
it entirely into her mouth. Then she pulled back and dove
into Jan's wet box.
She did this several times bringing both Jan and I to the
Lie back, Jan demanded of Cindy. Cindy complied and laid
on her back along the edge of the hot tub. Jan moved over Cindy's
face. She then took my hand and led me out of the hot tub to
stand directly in front of her! She took my cock into her
hand and wrapped her lips around it. As she sucked me off,
she used her other hand to pull back her lips as Cindy fucked
her with her tongue!
I could feel Jan moan with pleasure as she sucked and squeezed
me. Cindy too licked and licked and moaned and rubbed her
own clit as we all approached the edge again. I could feel
Jan quivering and stop every once in a while as she got closer
and closer.
"Not yet, my dear, " I said to her and pulled away. I gave
her my hand and helped her to her feet.
"This is going to be just you and me, babe, " Cindy continued
to pleasure herself as I moved Jan to the towel. I lowered
to my knees gently kissing her mouth. Her full lips felt
so warm and inviting I could have stayed there forever.
But I continued down. Kissing down her chin and making my
way to her neck. Then moving over her perfect breasts. As
I arrived at her navel I directed her to sit down. As she did
I moved her to her back and raised her feet into the air. I
could hee her glistening prize at the end of her legs, but
stopped to kiss her toes. I nibbled the ends of each toe on
her left foot then moved to her right foot. She caressed
her own breasts simultaneously as I moved down along her
inner thighs. I got down to her beautiful wet pussy and gave
it a deep kiss, then licked it completely stopping for a
moment over her clit. I kissed it gently and exhaled hot
breath over it. I then moved over her and moved my cock inside
her while I kissed her again, deeply on her mouth.
I thrusted gently at first, feeling her wrap all over me.
I pulled it out just to the tip and pulsed the tip of my cock
in and out of the outer rim of her pussy.
She said, "No! Keep it in me." and with that I thrust it into
I felt her ass smack against my hips with every thrust. She
pinched her nipples and pulled on them as she moaned with
pleasure. I pumped harder and harder...then softly, pulling
out to the rim again...then thrusting again! She reached
down and rubbed her clit then squeezed my cock as it went
in and out. I could feel her pussy tightening. She pulled
her legs back as I thrust in deeper and deeper. I moved her
legs around my arms and watched myself plunge deep.
"GOD you feel good" Jan said as I pumped slowly this time.
"So do you. You’re so tight!"
I could hear Cindy moaning in the background faintly, but
all I knew was Jan.
I watched her face as her eyes sparkled as she tilted her
head back. I could hear the wetness as I thrust into
she rubbed her clit and around her wet lips.
Make me cum....ohhhh god.
I pumped harder and faster...and didn't let up. Harder
and harder faster and faster...we were grunting and groaning
like animals! She leaned up and licked my lips. I kissed
back hard. Using my tongue; deep, hard and passionate.
I was breathing so hard MY chest was heaving. Jan’s grip
on my back was getting tighter and stronger and she was breathing
in short bursts.

“Oh god, ..., ” she whispered, “I’m gonna cum....uh...I’m
coming.” And she let out a gasping moan arching her back!
She started convulsing and pulling me into her rhythm.

“Oh god oh god oh god....”
Then she quivered and stiffened up through her entire body.
She pulled me close to her and nibbled my earlobe as I continued
to pump with her. She grunted several times and went partially
limp in my arms. Her ecstasy flowed out of her mouth in the
crisp mountain air in an enormous cloud of breath!
Cindy moaned and whimpered as she continued to pleasure
herself. She was holding back as she rocked on the edge of
the hot tub. We all knew it. She was waiting for me.
“Go finish her off, then come back to me. It’s almost your
turn, ” Jan whispered into my ear. I stood up and walked
over to Cindy, still dripping from Jan. Cindy immediately
sprang forward, reached around my hips and pulled me to
her. She devoured every inch of me and started sucking me
off while rubbing herself.
“Turn over, ” I said and she flipped around and bent over.
I spread her legs apart and wiped her wet pussy with my fingers.
She turned around as I raised my fingers to my mouth and sucked
on them. She shifted her hips upward and I plunged deep inside
her. Slamming into her with everything I had. She screamed,
“Oh my god! YES!”
I reached around and rubbed her rock hard clit as I pumped!

“I’m coming...I’m coming!!!!” Cindy screamed. And she
pumped back as she tightened around me! I reached around
and rubbed her clit as she rocked harder and harder against
me. I could feel my self getting close to loosing it myself.
With every thrust my thighs tightened!
“Don’t you dare, whore!” Jan screamed smiling! “Not without
She practically leapt out of the chair and joined Cindy
as they both turned around in front of me.
“This is for you, dear, ” Jan said. “Suck him and then give
him to me.”
Cindy sucked and licked and sucked and licked.
“Jesus GOD!” I yelled.
“Give him to me!” Jan told Cindy. Cindy thrust my cock into
Jan’s waiting mouth. The warm tongue and lips were all that
I could stand! I exploded. Waves of pleasure SHOT through
my body as my legs trembled from the exertion.
“MMmmmmmm, ” Jan moaned. Then she pulled off of me, grabbed
the back of Cindy’s head and open-mouth kissed Cindy full
on the lips. They kissed passionately. I could see them
sharing my juices in their mouths.
“Holy shit” I said and rubbed my still-hard-cock in front
of their faces.
“Oh Yeah, baby, ” said Jan, “do it again!”
I rubbed my cock faster and faster and harder and harder
and to my amazement came again! This time I shot my wad all
over their glistening breasts! Cindy leaned over and licked
every drop of cum off of Jan's breasts as Jan Pulled my cock
to her mouth to milk out every last drop! The pleasure that
shot through me warmed me to the core. I was breathing so
heavily it looked as though my mouth was on fire! Jan rubbed
her slender fingers over Cindy’s breasts and fed her the
liquid that was there. We all walked inside dripping and
piled into the first floor bedroom, which luckily had a
California King-sized bed! Jan in first and I behind her
spooning her warm body. Cindy got in behind me hugging both
of us. Her hand rested on mine, which cupped Jan’s succulent
breast. Cindy kissed the back of my neck and said good-night.
I kissed the back of Jan’s neck and she turned to face me and
kissed me long and passionately on the mouth We held each
other facing one another and drifted off to sleep.

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