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Fantasy Made Reality


We met through – she stumbled across my blog
and I read hers. After making a few comments we realised
that we wanted to know more about each other and so emails
were exchanged and I.M. chats were had touching all sorts
of subjects and reflections of our lives, our thoughts
and emotions, sharing secrets and desires in the safety
of the abstract medium...oh and not to mention turning
each other on when we ventured into the erotic. It was a lovely
natural progression and the ease of our interaction was
remarkable, the words inspired and inspiring...we really
got together and discovered we 'spoke the same language'...and
created our own. Except how were we going to get
ocean apart, completely different lives, so many practicalities
in the way, even if I had started thinking of how to do it -
it just seemed impossible and it was the only question we
avoided because the stark reality would have chilled the
warmth and heat we had generated between us.

Then one day I received an email notifying me of a message
from her so immediately logged on to the site as I always
did, I liked the simple excitement I always felt just to
hear from her because I never expected but always hoped
for something – sometimes just a kiss, sometimes something
really didn't matter, the important
thing was it was from her and that she was thinking of me,
matching my continuous thought of her. Anyway, I logged
on and went to my inbox and then when I saw the subject line
my heart literally raced, 'London'...and in
the message, 'Arriving tomorrow x' I stared at
the screen, aware only of the pulse suddenly beating in
my ears...such brevity...I was absolutely transfixed
by those words on the screen, I looked around the room at
my familiar surrounding and didn't recognise any
of it, actually saying aloud, 'What?!' and noticing
my voice didn't sound like me. Is this possible, is
she really coming – I didn't have time to disbelieve
it because it felt completely obvious, we were always going
to meet and now I knew it was going to be tomorrow. But now
how do I reply, how can I describe everything I was feeling...and
decided I didn't need to, it would be superfluous..and
in any case none of that mattered really because I'd
be able to tell her myself, face to face, tomorrow...and
that little 'x', tomorrow, tomorrow the reality
of the kisses we had sent each other might have another reality,
a physical reality. Then I realised I was getting ahead
of myself, it may not be what she, I don't
need to doubt...we'll have the chance to actually
find out. So I simply replied 'Good x' followed
with my mobile number as we'd always talked online.
I can't tell you what I did for the rest of the day because
I honestly can't remember. If I was able to distract
myself for a moment I kept coming back to those words 'Arriving
tomorrow x' and even went back to the email a few times,
just to see the reality of it on the screen....

She didn't come online all day despite my willing her
to do so. Eventually I went to bed and finally got to sleep;
I had started reading over our emails and looking at her
pictures but then stopped...I'm not entirely sure
why, I think it was because I just wanted to allow as much
space as possible for my reaction to meeting her...meeting
her...'Arriving tomorrow x'...and now that's
today, she'll be in the air right now...and the first
lightening of dawn was in the sky and the birds chorus was
starting as I drifted off, smiling, knowing that very soon
the woman who had captivated my mind, heart and spirit would
be in front of touching distance and that would
bring our bodies together...and I desired that so much...

When I woke up I was still smiling and there was no confusion
of why...but wait a minute, although our email exchange
had a lovely concentrated feel to it – what if she didn't
get the email, what if she thought I wasn't interested,
or changed her mind or...I went to the laptop and logged
on – nothing...'Fuck' I didn't just think
– I shouted it..what the hell am I going to do. I checked
my mobile - no messages...I was about to start to type another
email hoping she'd pick it up, I was shaking with my
anxiety when my mobile received a text – 'Good Morning.
Meetings all day. Finish at 6. Where shall we meet? x'
– shaking my head at the timing of this and embarrassed
at what seemed my lack of faith, I breathed a huge sigh of
relief and really knew the truth of the phrase. But where
should we meet, what would be the best place a restaurant,
a bar, a pub?! Then I realised what I was doing, I was creating
a pressure that didn't need to happen – the important
thing was that we were going to meet and nothing else mattered...still,
I did remember a charming bar in the centre of town that would
be just right. I sent a text with the name and address of the
place, smiling at these short messages after we had sent
so many words to each other previously, it highlighted
that this was different, this was a moment where things
change...but in what direction...that's what I was
so excited to find out. The rest of the day was all about '6
O'clock'. I chose my clothes carefully – not
wanting to be too obvious but knowing it was a compliment
to her, I wanted to look good and the effort was no effort.
I shaved carefully realising how good it felt to be shaving
for someone, I must have tied and re-tied my tie four or five
times before it was how I wanted it. I couldn't concentrate
on my work and went to the barber's and smiled because
only I knew why I was having it cut and having to make a real
effort to join in his casual chat...eventually, as good
barber's do, he sensed I wasn't in the mood and
so stopped trying to engage with me and I stared in the mirror
wondering whether she'd like this face and who it represents...and
I noticed a feint smile move over my lips as I realised that
I'd soon find out and correspondingly get to look at
hers. As I walked down the street I saw but didn't look
at the women, my eyes were filtered against anyone else
but her and I found it funny because normally I would. I noticed
my senses were heightened, everything seemed a little
brighter, louder, warmer as I walked to the bar and I also
sensed attracting some people's looks because of
the smile on my face and remembered that I'd seen it
too – so that's what this kind of smile is all about...

I got to the bar and chose a table tucked away but in view of
the door. I was amused that I didn't want a drink, I mean
if there was ever a moment to have something to 'steady
the nerves' it was now but when I thought about it, having
just asked for a mineral water, and become inordinately
fascinated by the bubbles - it was excitement, pure excitement
and a sense of calm actually came over me...I reasoned that
if I was nervous it would be because of expectation and what
was my expectation? Why limit myself to anything and also
don't forget this involved someone else and until
we found out what happens between us, well it hasn't
happened and no amount of speculation is going to change
that. Do I want to sleep with her? Of course I do. But there
is the possibility that she might not want it, she may not
have time for it because she's obviously here on business...we
may take one look at each other and realise that there isn't
the chemistry we hoped for, yes it would be disappointing
but this is the chance we've find out. A
few more people were drifting in as I was musing away, casual
glances came my way and I thought everyone was looking at
me, everyone knew why I was here...they weren't and
they couldn't of course but I felt that way and decided
with a deep sigh just to relax and sit back – I discovered
that I'd been tensing up with my thoughts and hardly
breathing....this is where it's going to happen,
this is the air we are both going to breathe....I checked
my phone, no messages and it was still a while to go, despite
my efforts to calm down and not arrive too early...

The barman brought a bottle of wine over in an ice-bucket
breaking my concentration as I watched people pass in the
street seeing all the little subtleties of interplay between
couples, a guiding hand here, a leaning together there,
walking in a shared rhythm – all of which I wanted with
the woman I was about to meet. 'Er, thank you but I didn't
order it' 'No, she said she hoped you didn't
mind' I laughed out loud, this mystery was fun but also
we always joked she didn't know about wine and that
I would have to order it, 'Thanks' he turned away
with professional tact but probably thought I was slightly
deranged and a bit annoyed about being obliged to be a part
of someone else's game...I made a mental note to leave
a good tip. Then my mobile buzzed and the text read, 'Your
favourite' – I took the bottle out of the ice and looked
at the label, it was and it was all I could do to keep my laughter
quiet as I crunched the bottle back down into the cold...I
told her this so long ago and was impressed, joyfully impressed.
The laughter was still in my eyes when I became aware that
I was being watched by someone outside, as casually as I
could, I started to move my head and as I did caught the reflection
of the mirror behind the was her, she was watching
me and smiling at my reaction to her efforts. After this
momentary pause I turned around to meet her eyes with mine.
In that moment all that separated us was the glass, any anxiety
I had instantly vanished, this was really happening, fantasy
had become reality...with our eyes locked I slowly got
up from my chair as she made her way to the entrance and came
inside...I took a couple of steps towards her but then stopped
because I wanted to take her all in as she walked unhurriedly
towards me...I think she enjoyed my admiration,
I was struck, happily absorbing the way she looked which
was quite literally stunning, she was in her business clothes,
jacket and skirt tailored well to suit her figure, silk
blouse, her hair worn up and careful make-up...and she
was walking towards me...her heels clicking quietly
on the floor, her legs covered in the sheer silk of
eyes returned to her face, all else went out of focus at the
sight of her mouth that I wanted to meet with mine..her lips
were still smiling and I saw why when my eyes returned to
hers, there was the glint of seeing herself reflected in
mine, in my eyes that spoke for me of complete attention
and desire...and she walked towards me...she
stopped and put her briefcase down...we didn't say
anything, couldn't say anything...didn't need
to say anything - not now, not right in this moment.

We just stood opposite each other...two feet away....and
waited to allow this new reality to take form
and be realised...and it felt so alive....any
sociological programming to break the silence I ignored,
well I didn't need to ignore it because it wasn't
needed....this moment that two days ago seemed so unlikely,
we were giving ourselves to the same time we moved
our hands to reach out and when the fingers touched with
the lightest of touches I felt a charge run through my entire
being, we paused again, the sensation of touch almost overpowering,
despite the contact being so little....and then...then
we moved closer...I inhaled her scent and breathed in,
deep inside me...our motion didn't stop until our
lips made contact and it was as if I had never kissed anyone
before, it felt so unlike anything I had ever experienced....a
kiss of the most tender, gentle and yet so, so, powerful
kind...her lips so soft and warm...yielding but strong...we
were both initially tentative as our lips brushed against
each other but it was as if there were a recognition of knowledge
between us...this was right....this was good....and
then a quiet pressure built up as we pressed our lips a little
harder together and there was such sweet sounding music
that nothing else could interrupt the seal of our mutual
consent to be the one for the other. The kiss was brief but
its energy continued as we released our hands and sat down
at our table both smiling and having to break eye contact
for a moment because the intensity was delicious but too
much. We weren't denying it, we were enjoying
I picked-up the bottle and started pouring the wine....

I actually needed two goes at pouring the wine because my
hands were shaking so much, it was like the adrenalin rush
you get from a near accident but in this situation it was
the nearness rather than the avoidance that was so good
and if an accident, such a happy one, I felt the most fortunate
of men...

We touched glasses, leaning towards each other over the
table, our eyes were smiling along with our lips...'Good
to see you' wasn't just the toast that I made but
was how I felt with my whole being...'Good to see you'
she rejoined but wasn't echoing me, I knew she felt
the same from her own was almost as if
words were unnecessary but it was pleasurable to try and
find expression for what was happening between us.....and
I have to admit a relief that wherever this evening was going
to end up, whatever it is that makes the very physical chemistry
between two people was surrounding us in an intoxicating
cloud that could only become more intense, such was the
sense of possibility created in the meeting of our eyes,
no longer separated by a screen, technology and thousands
of miles but the tangible connection between man and woman,
looking at each other without inhibition and with desire
to know, to really know, the other....and then my smile
suddenly fell away as I looked at her with complete attention,
to anyone else it would have been intimidating and indeed
after a moment she also stopped smiling and returned my
look with serious consideration, we didn't break
this new form of scrutiny, didn't shy away from it,
the windows to our souls were completely open without reservation
and it felt good, so good...despite my excitement I didn't
want to rush this, just allow it to unfurl, I knew that this
was to be an evening of discoveries and I decided to allow
them to happen to allow her to happen to me, in me...

'What are you thinking?' she eventually asked
in a gentle calmness....I didn't have an answer...there
were so many racing through my mind, even more through my
unconsciousness that I knew were happening but didn't
know how to was difficult to isolate something
for reply and I wanted to reply properly...she laughed
as she saw the confusion in my face and reached out her hand
that I met wit h my own with an impulse that was beyond my control...just
a very natural reaction....and wonderful to know the tangible
reality of the warmth of her...' many things'
I had to have two goes at saying that because something caught
in my throat and I had to clear it in order to speak...'I
hope they're good, I thought maybe you'd changed
your mind now you've seen me...' – she wasn't
seeking confirmation but perhaps given the way I was behaving,
a little re-assurance. I realised that despite, or maybe
because of, our attraction there was a rawness to our thoughts
and emotion that at this early stage could seem overpowering
even if I felt so comfortable in her presence...but this
was the point, in her presence...being able to see the rise
and fall of her chest underneath the white silk of her blouse
now that she had unbuttoned her jacket....see her lips
part to receive the wine and the contraction of throat as
she swallowed....being able reach out and touch her hand
and squeeze a little to tell her that she was there and so
was I....knowing that I had no reason to protect myself
or hide what I was feeling because she could see it so plainly....but
I wanted to find expression for all this, it was too much
to take in all at once but I wanted to offer something, even
in answer to a simple question – its moment carried through
to wanting to offer all of me....and this immediacy allowed
me to concentrate on a simple answer, 'You couldn't
be further from the truth...I want much'
- it was her turn to be caught by something unexpected, wanted
perhaps but when she received my words she heard them directly
according to her desire, she knew it, I knew it and the understanding
was sealed with her admission, 'and I want you...'
and our fingers gripped each other strongly forming a physical
gesture of our bond...

...and then to lighten the mood and to give the undercurrent
more room to flow freely she released my hand and placing
her glass down, started to take off her jacket as I sat back
and smiled saying, 'Don't tell me, it's suddenly
got warm in here'...I could tell she was amused as she
reached behind her to hang the jacket over the back of the
chair and I knew that she could sense my eyes attracted to
the shape of her breasts becoming pronounced against the
thin material that covered them as she leant forward with
a glimpse of the curve of the top of her cleavage as her blouse
fell open a little... leaning back, waiting until my eyes
returned to hers, her face completely straight despite
the suspicion of a smile....she slowly and deliberately
undid the topmost button, 'No it hasn't but I have...see
anything you like?' I liked this return to our playful
flirtation and affected a casual answer, 'Oh a couple
of things...maybe we should talk over the menu' to
which she immediately responded, 'Good idea, I'm
very hungry – aren't you?' and I have to say this
was with one of the naughtiest smiles I've ever seen,
'Now you come to mention it I think we share a similar
appetite – I'll go and get some'

She didn't look at me as I pushed back my chair but just
toyed with her glass, her finger sliding around the rim,
down the side and stem...I stood up adjusting my jacket
so that my arousal wasn't completely obvious to the
whole bar and as I stepped past her she caught my hand stopping
me...and then placed it on her chest as my body swivelled
round so that I stood behind her...her skin was hot, actually
hot, to my touch and she leant her head back, pressing against
my growing erection as I slid my hand down underneath her
blouse touching the beginning of the soft roundness of
her breasts...I bent over her and we had a brief, lovely,
upside-down kiss as my hand went further down her cleavage...I
could feel her heart beating fast as she pushed my hand against
her....all this was so quick...and so good, 'So you
are pleased to see me then?!' she asked with mischief
in her tone, 'Whatever gave you that idea?!'...she
knew, she'd felt how turned-on I was and judging from
the tremor that went through her body as my hand slid underneath
her bra to caress her left breast...I knew something too...but
for the moment I quickly kissed her again and withdrew my
hand and stepped away.

I walked from our table to the bar counter (with a slight
awkwardness) but it was as if I was attached to her because
even with my back to her all my energy was in her direction.
Picking up a couple of menus I turned back and paused for
a moment just to look at this woman, the other people, the
music, the sounds from the kitchen I was aware of but they
were all slightly fuzzy...there was only one thing that
was the object of my attention and it was her...this woman
that I'd met and yet was meeting for the first time...and
not to go too far it was as if I was meeting woman for the first
time...everything about her just seemed to fit what I wanted,
what I didn't have...what I I realised
this, hardly a revelation but not losing the shock of its
clarity in its reality of now – she let down her hair, shaking
out her working day, relaxing from the hard no-nonsense
woman that I knew she had to be in her male-dominated business
world...relaxing into the private, personal woman that
was looking for the intimate complement to the feminine
part of her identity, specifically in a sexual context....and
she was giving me the us the
see if I could be her man – and how was she doing it?, she
was doing it by seeing if she could be my woman....yes it
could turn out just to be sex...but I knew that at the very
least it wouldn't be ordinary sex because we engaged
each other, offering not just our bodies but our sensibilities
and I knew as I watched her stroke her fingers through her
hair and pour more wine into our glasses that not only was
I lucky but I had been open for that luck to happen....just
as I knew all my strength and vulnerability would be available
to this beautiful woman with the long dark hair, sitting
at a table in a bar in London with a man she's just met
but knows so well with one exception...that of a physical
reality, sensuality made manifest, sexuality exercised....and
that was happening now....

As I walked back over I noticed the odd glance of other people
at her, this attractive woman seemingly on her own but she
wasn't looking at them, not catching their eye or interested
in their attention....she wanted me and was waiting for
me...and I, and I...I felt pride, I confess, I felt pride
that she had chosen me and had accepted my choosing her...and
that pride was from and of her....of being a man...and her
man.....and once again, the other people slipped out of
my recognition to mere background as I stopped and stood
directly behind her....she was rubbing her neck and stopped
when she sensed me....she moved her hair to one side and
leant forward and placed my lips on her neck...inhaling
her scent that mixed with the scent that she wore (Chanel
No 5, I later learnt) all emanating from her soft, smooth
skin...she sighed as my lips brushed her skin...the prompting
of her invitation I accepted with more curious delight
about how good it was to find pleasure in giving pleasure
because I made her feel that and she made me feel, in such
a way that is rare and when it comes along should be grabbed
with both hands because I had begun to doubt that it was ever
going to happen again – so I kissed her neck and not just
a kiss that touches the surface of the skin but one that goes
deep inside the heart and soul.....

We started to talk properly, as we ate and I knew she was tired
but whenever I made reference to it she didn't care
and waved it away as being irrelevant. We went over so many
of the things that we had covered before but this was in a
new light, albeit the soft light of the candle burning between had immediacy and didn't seem like repetition
because there was the additional unspoken language of
pauses and eye contact and eye averting at times, smiling
and frowning, concern and laughter...and a few times tears
when we got on to very delicate topics...we could read the
others reaction without having to explain it...when I
mentioned her exhaustion again she moved her chair a little
to the side of the table that no-one could see, bent down,
slipped off her heel and extended her foot on to my thigh...we'd
agreed about the pleasure of massage many times but she
pointed out that now was my chance to put it to some practical I started massaging her feet as we carried
on our conversation, smoothing and finding out the stress
and stroking it out...every now and then she would have
to pause mid-sentence and close her eyes as I gently worked
away...venturing up to her calves in seemed
to be doing the trick, when I reached her knee she recollected
herself and changed legs with a look of knowing where that
was leading to but as she changed her skirt rode up her thighs
and she knew precisely what she was doing because she wanted
me to see the tops of her stockings before re-adjusting
her skirt, just in case we got an overly attentive waiter....

'I'm going to have to ask you to stop, ' she
said with closed eyes, 'otherwise I'm going to
fall asleep right now.' She started to pull her leg
back but not before sliding it along my inner thigh where
I stopped it at the last moment saying, 'I'm going
to have to stop you there, otherwise....' she played
along, 'Otherwise?'...'Otherwise I won't
be accountable for my actions and we're in a public
place'...'Pity, I think I'd enjoy that'
she said as she dragged her foot back along my thigh and back
to her side of the table...I caught the eye of the barman
to make up the bill and suggested I walk her back to her hotel
and as she put her jacket on, not to mention her shoes, I went
and paid (not forgetting the good tip I knew to give) As she
walked over I held out my hand which she took and we walked
out into the night.

It wasn't far to go but we meandered through Covent
Garden, listening to the beautifully haunting sounds
of some Chinese musicians as the moon shone brightly above
us...and its reflection sparkled on the dark river as we
came to it...along with the lights in the trees on the South
Bank and the city pursuing its various night-time pleasures...we
kissed, very tenderly, very carefully, lost in our own
world, oblivious to those around us......I put my jacket
over her shoulders when she shivered despite the balmy
air and we hardly talked, just walked in our own rhythm,
at ease, in harmony...together....and eventually we
got to her hotel. She gave my jacket back to me and we both
knew we wanted to carry on tonight...she
saw a whole mixture of disappointment and understanding
and desire and erotic need in my look and smiled, 'Thank
you for a lovely evening' and I knew this wasn't
some elaborate tease, she had an important meeting early
tomorrow and despite what we both preferred to do, we had
responsibilities that could not be abandoned and ignored,
'Will I see you tomorrow?' was my reply - had she
changed her mind, no, of course not, what was I thinking,
why was I doubting....'Of course you will' It
started to feel like a goodbye, I think for both of us and
to stop that we embraced tightly and kissed with strength,
'Tomorrow then' I whispered into her ear, 'Yes,
I can't wait' she whispered back and went quickly
into the hotel....I turned on my heel and decided to walk
back home...and try and take it all in...

Waterloo body glowed with the warmth of encounter...the
traffic passed behind me and I was only vaguely aware of
it because the focus of my thoughts was on trying to process,
trying to understand...what just happened...the meaning
of it wasn't just in my mind but throughout my body,
my whole I looked down at the river,
suspended high above the fast moving mysteries contained
within it, I was floating in the myriad sensations provoked
within me by meeting the woman I desired...the bright lights
of the city's skyline seemed like reflections of all
that was sparkling in my eyes...the charged energy of my
essential response continuing to react all over my very
self....burning deep within me...

The recent memory of our meeting joined with others and
they all made sense...any frustration of not going further
was dispelled by the assurance of the reality of our physical
connection, I smiled when various images of the previous
few hours drifted into my mind....the way she concentrated
on me when I was trying to explain the context of a story and
was struggling to find the right way to put it, giving me
time to find the words and not distracting from the awkwardness
that I felt and equally, when she was talking there were
times when it wasn't enough just to be sharing herself
but really wanting the expression to be significant and
not passed-off as some way of filling any void in conversation
– not that there was any, it was so full...and any silences
weren't just comfortable, they had a significance
that was beyond comprehension but had a powerful
was the language beyond words and specifically the purity
of communication between lovers that needs no embellishment
of articulation beyond the giving and receiving and the
union of two people meeting, really meeting with themselves,
their whole selves.....the way she tilted her head to her
left as she listened, her luscious hair falling away from
her, the slight stretch of her neck bringing my eye to her
throat...there were moments when the candlelight reflected
in her shining eyes seemed to make them glow with fundamental
possibilities and hint that she wasn't just one woman,
no, for all her openness, there was the mystery of many women
combined, all were her, all different aspects of her, some
I knew and recognised, others that fascinated me and made
me thirsty for their knowledge and drink deep now I had the
opportunity of looking at her unimpeded, swallowing her
deep inside me....refreshing my profound connection
to this woman and making it grow beyond my control because
I had no wish to try and temper this effect with limitation,
to slow it down or restrict it by ordinary means of appreciation
– why would I when it created and I felt, such powerful
life within me...

...I loved the way that as the evening progressed her shoulders
went down as we relaxed into each other's company,
the combination of nervousness, tension and stress that
the body takes-on melted away because it had no place in
our world, the one we were starting to explore together....I
smiled as I remembered the way she closed her eyes as I massaged
her foot and the sigh that betrayed her reaction as I ventured
up to her calf – there was much contained in that sigh,
it wasn't just tiredness that was released but a natural
response to a searching touch that was alive to pleasure...her
voice, not specific words, although I did recall certain
phrases and verbal mannerisms that she used, but it was
the physical quality of her voice, the timbre full of colours
and tones that continued to echo and resonate through me,
it found its place, the place that belonged to her in me,
so receptive to the sensation that still filled my body
with warmth that was increasing in strength and felt so,
so, good...I thought, if only we were together right now...and
I shook my head with the irony that she was there, less than
a mile away...but she was probably having a shower and must
be exhausted but I recognised the struggle of my patience
and respect against the raw power of desire that was realised...if
there was any doubt of this happening...well it had happened....I
wanted be with her right at that very moment but....ah
well, a deep sigh welled-up from my frustrated hope and
I let go of the bridge that I was holding as if to keep myself
from flying off or falling down – I felt a sudden vertigo
having reached such interior heights and turned my back
on St Paul's and the City as I walked to the steps that
lead down to the Southbank and the relative peace and quiet
of the path opposite Westminster contrasted with the wonderful
agitation in my heart, mind and body....I wasn't really
in the mood to go straight home and so sat down on one of the
benches, quietly closing my eyes into my reverie...listening
to the wind ruffling the leaves in the trees behind me and
the distant pervasive hum of the city, distant sirens,
far away laughter and footsteps – I was at a still point
as the world continued to revolve around me....

My mobile started ringing and shocked me back into alertness,
my heart immediately started pounding against my chest
– it was her, 'Hey...' she cleared her throat
and I could hear her breathing, what was she going to say...-
'...Where are you?' took me a moment to be
able to speak... - '...not far...wishing I was with
you...' - ' too, can you come back....please...'
I stood up immediately and started walking quickly, 'I'm
on my way.', 'I'm in Room 312 on the 5th
long will it take you?', making a rapid calculation
I said that she'd be in my arms within half an hour, 'It's
just...I want you...I want you so much...' and these
words made waves of invigoration course through me, I could
hardly reply but eventually, once I'd taken in what
was going to happen having resigned myself to it not happening,
my stride increased in length and rapidity, 'I'll
be there very soon' We both hung-up...there was nothing
more to say...actions were going to speak louder than words...

As I turned into the street of her hotel I slowed down my pace,
recovered and controlled my breath as best I could and self-consciously
readjusted my tie to appear correct because I realised
as I was about to go through the entrance that I didn't
know what I'd say if I was challenged...I didn't
want to compromise her, even in the anonymity of an hotel,
I didn't want any fuss or difficulty...I didn't
want anything to get in the it was, nobody paid
me the slightest attention, my measured walk through the
lobby attracted no enquiry despite my expecting it at every
step...I allowed myself to be amused that I was feeling
'guilty' or 'wrong' when I was pleasure-bound
and this was entirely 'right'...As the door of
the lift closed with smooth efficiency I willed that no-one
would get in with me, the only intimacy I wanted was with
the woman that I was seconds away from being with and it was
with relief that I was alone and pressed the '5',
exhaling, trying to calm down...the doors opened and as
I stepped into the corridor, my footfalls were cushioned
in the discrete luxury of the carpet, the hushed atmosphere
contrasted with my excited state...I followed the numbers
down until I reached '312' and gently knocked...the
door opened...

...and as I walked in we were already kissing, no words,
no need, our need was far more simple, basic, we wanted each
other, were hungry for each other..our lips immediately
pressed together sealed in an explosion of warmth and intensity,
their softness moulded together and our tongues starting
to explore and taste, sliding, entwining, moving around
in search of finding our urgency...catching our breath
when we could, not wanting to leave this erotic touch...our
tentative warmth of earlier transformed itself into the
fervent heat of forgetting constraint.....our arms wrapped
around our bodies, mine feeling the warmth of her skin through
the silk of her blouse and hers sliding underneath my jacket
to be nearer to she pushed up against me, my back
closed the door behind and once shut it acted as a springboard,
propelling us into the room...our mouths never leaving
contact...she slid my jacket off my shoulders as I pulled
her blouse out of her skirt....recognising this was the
first significant step of the many stages to the further
intimacy we craved, our kissing became slower, deeper,
stronger and the intensity increased...she untucked
my shirt...undid my tie.....we both started undoing each
other's buttons one-by-one until there were no more
left.....only now did we let our lips separate, not stopping
because they returned to each other a few times, making
sure of the knowledge that we had gained....and we were
breathing hard...looking deep into each other's
eyes....and we both laughed, an impulse of recognition...a
reaction of pleasure... this pause before going on, going further, I took
off my cuff links and watch, placing them on a low table nearby
as we calmed from this initial engagement, then our laughter
quickly faded away, not from our eyes, we looked at each
other with warmth but we both noticed there were flickers
of fire, of an animal energy that had been created and released....we
kissed again, gently, carefully and waiting for the next
moment – we were finding our rhythm, the rhythm of tonight,
of right now when nothing else matters, nothing else existed
other than us, finally being together and deciding to give
ourselves to the other....

With deliberate motion I placed my hands on the top of her
chest and moved them apart along her collar bones, the back
of my hand gathering her blouse and opening it as my fingers
reached the roundness of her shoulder muscles...I started
to slip it off very slowly, first the right shoulder, then
the left.. the smooth fabric sliding down the smoothness
of her arms - as they went backwards to allow it to fall to
the floor, her breasts were pushed hands
stroked back up her arms, over her shoulders to hold her
head as I planted a kiss of wonder at what was happening on
her lips...her hands went my waist and moved up my torso
making me shiver, feeling so sensitive there, and she continued
swiftly over my shoulders removing my shirt and pulling
it off in one go quite roughly...this change of rhythm made
the air between us spark and crackle with the electricity
of sheer lust...we were enjoying the contrast of control
and impulse and had no idea of what would happen next...anything
was possible...her hands came back up to lie on my chest,
just feeling my heat and reality and being made aware of
the rapid beating of my I stroked her chest and
the tops of her breasts...mesmerised and captivated by
the sensation through my fingers slightest touch....

We stepped away from each other and knew what was next....just
who was going to start was the only a game
of Dare when both participants actually want to go first...she
took the lead and reached behind her, undid the button of
her skirt, slid down the zip which had the sound of a final
barrier being opened and let her skirt fall, stepping backwards
out of it to watch me as I knelt, took off my shoes and socks,
stood back up and was already undoing the buckle of my belt,
button, zip and then my trousers were off....we stood opposite
each other – her image burning itself into my consciousness,
the shape of her body adorned with her bra, knickers and
stockings.....and for a moment, just briefly, we were wasn't about a change of mind or a doubt of
the strong conviction of what we wanted from each other,
but maybe it was because this time was unique, it would never
be repeated between us, it was the first time and, for any
of our individual experiences of the past or future, this
was now, it was our experience, only ours and finding out
what 'we' were - what our combination is, in the
present, right now...and this pause syncopated the change
of gear in the momentum that was irresistible, driving
us on to the intimate knowledge that we desired...

I took off my 'shorts, a statement, an invitation...she
had no doubt of where I stood, standing naked before her...desiring
her...wanting was expressed by the incontrovertible
evidence of the growing hardness of my cock....she took
her time to look me up and down and I liked her scrutiny, she
was taking this all in as much as I was and we could both sense
that there was going to be a critical moment of no return
soon, very soon...she reached behind her with slow deliberation
and undid her bra, slipping the straps off her shoulders
and letting it fall carelessly...these movements made
her breasts move and sway a little, their weight and shape
consuming my attention and prompting my walking towards I did she stepped backwards, keeping the same
distance between us...I wanted to touch what I could see,
I wanted to add to my knowledge of her intimately, I wanted
to know the warmth and texture of her breasts....keeping
eye-contact, nervous smiles played across our lips, we
moved together....until she stopped against the foot
of her bed...I kept moving forward....closer...and closer...until
we were almost touching...we could feel the heat radiating
off each other's that would soon be in
contact, to burn against in erotic friction....her hair
had fallen over her breasts and she gathered it up and let
if fall down her back...using my fingertips I touched her
chest, the contact making us both jump slightly with shock...I
stroked my fingers down her breasts, slightly brushing
over her already-hard nipples, and down the underside
where I continued following their curve around the outside,
lifting them slightly with my palms cupping their fullness...she
was warm and soft and made me breathe deeply as I caressed...I
kept my hand exploring her right breast, the other around
her back and her breathing was pronounced as I bent my head
down and placed my mouth over her left breast...over her
nipple...and slid my wet tongue over its hardness, swirling
around and teasing it with rapid flicking...sucking it
into my mouth and pulling it gently held between my lips....her
hands ran through my hair and pulled my head closer into
her, pressing me against her breasts as I swapped over....and
I heard the faintest moan rise up from within her...and
I was amazed, truly amazed that his was happening and just
wanted to lose myself in it...

I raised my head and as we embraced we kissed, starting slowly
but very rapidly turning wild, her hands slid down my body
and squeezed my ass as mine ran up and down either side and
the length of her spine...I don't know what happened,
where it came from, because it's not something I would
normally do - but I pushed her back onto the bed, her legs
open, feet still on the floor and pleased by this surprise
which reassured me to be bolder – she propped herself
up on her elbows and was daring me, wanting me to carry-on
what I had started...displaying herself, making herself
available.....I reached down, hooked my fingers under
the elastic of her knickers and quickly pulled them down,
over her hips, down her thighs and off - I noticed they were
very damp...she returned her legs to how they were before
but now her exposure was total, except for her stockings
which she pushed down her legs, one by we were
naked, man and woman, about to express our feelings for
one another in the ultimate expression of making love...but
my impulse, to touch her glistening pussy that she had already
started stroking, her middle finger sliding between her
pussy lips – was arrested by her sitting-up, one hand
gripped my thigh and the other gripping my hard cock, pulling
down it to expose the head and immediately putting it into
her hungry, hot, wet whole body shuddered and
I moaned at the sensation that thrilled me, I had to steady
myself by holding her shoulders from her fast movement
and from falling over with a sudden weakness in my legs....but
as she rolled her tongue around me and sucked me inside her
mouth I had a surge of strength, of male virility that was
for her and of her...she now had both hands on my thighs that
tensed at her contact and my hands gently started to stroke
through her hair...

I have to admit that after all this build-up I wasn't
sure how long I would last before cumming, I looked down
at her and she was waiting for my eye-contact, waiting to
see how I was enjoying the pleasure she was in control of,
as she let my shaft slide between her lips and licked with
her balls were tight, she increased her rhythm,
she was quite determined to make me cum and I smiled and whispered,
a little hoarsely, 'Wait...' she was momentarily
confused but allowed me to slide out of her mouth and moved
with me as I encouraged her further up the bed, her legs either
side of mine, her body underneath me, my arms supporting
my cock wet from her mouth pressed up against
her wet pussy...our breathing fast and ragged at the effort
of retaining some kind of control....I lowered my body
so we touched all along our skin on hot skin....her
breasts flattening against my chest, her nipples so hard
against me....our lips met and we kissed long and deep but
I didn't linger there and started to kiss my way down...her
neck, the middle of the top of her chest...she knew in what
direction my intention lay and sighed from an erotic depth
at recognising it....I kissed her breast again and licked
its nipple, her body twitched involuntarily, once again
I sucked it into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue inside,
swirling around and flicking it briefly, letting it slip
out, wet with my saliva...before gently pulling it held
between my lips....and then the other breast as her arms
moved around my neck and her hands held my head to her...she
wrapped her thighs around me pulling me into her, my cock
pressed between and parting her pussy lips lengthways
the head rubbing against her clit...

...I kept going, kissing my way past her ribs as she arched
her back slightly at my touch of this delicate part of her
body, over her stomach as she released the grip of her thighs
and I continued, unwavering in my desire to taste her....I
reached her pubis and then moved my mouth over her pussy
but not touching...she felt my breath against her wetness,
so close but not touching, she wanted to feel my tongue and
I wanted her taste, I could feel the heat coming from her
against my hands stroked down her body, over
her breasts, down her sides, over her thighs as I moved my
head away and knelt between her legs...looking at her...devouring
her with my eyes....the image of her sensual abandon burning
itself into my passion...I bent down again and kissed and
licked my way up her inner hands sliding underneath
her thighs to find the roundness of her ass which I started
to caress and squeeze as the tip of my tongue licked up between
her pussy lips from her pussy hole to her clit....barely
touching.....she was so sweet...I
wanted to take time over this but there was urgent need,
erotic need, in the moan that escaped her as I sucked her
essence into me...changing unconsciously between soft,
slow and gentle and fast, forceful, insistent movements
of my tongue and lips, all along her pussy, sucking her clit
into my mouth, sliding my tongue inside her pussy feeling
the texture change from smooth to ridged...she was grinding
her pussy into me and I was losing myself into her and her
juices were smeared all over my mouth and her
she started to moan louder and increasingly, throwing
her arms over her head and the side as I chased her orgasm......and
it soon came, her body bucked and her thighs clamped around
my head as I kept contact with hands slid out from
under her and found hers, we gripped each other tight as
her body convulsed and twisted with the impulse of ecstasy......eventually I barely touched her pussy lips but each
slight touch made her gasp, so sensitive she had become...her
thighs released me and her legs fell to the side...our hands
released each other...and with the softest, gentlest,
touch I gave her pussy one last, long, slow, lick and moved
up her body so we could kiss....

We kissed, with much warmth, she enjoyed the taste of herself
on me and we kissed, with such strength....and we kissed
with such tenderness....such gentleness....such care......and
then with wildness...our hands running fast up and down
our I kissed her neck she whispered, 'I
want you inside me now...' I got up straight away, found
my jacket and the condoms in I looked back at her
she was watching me with intensity, desire and yearning
for us finally to be locked into each slight
anxiety that I'd lose my erection, which I admit has
happened before, was unfounded - I returned to the bed,
kneeling between her wide-open legs, she sat up and took
me into her mouth again as I ripped open the packet - I slid
the condom on and she guided me into her pussy as we both collapsed
downwards, I slipped right inside her, she was so wet and
her breath left her and her eyes closed and face contorted
slightly, had I hurt her, was she in pain, 'Sorry-'
for reply she wrapped her arms and legs around me pulling
our bodies together and she kissed me, stopping me saying
anything more...I was deep inside her...I felt complete....she
felt so good....nothing else in this world existed but
our bodies joined in the most fundamental way.....she
opened her eyes, her look seemed so far away and yet so intimately
close, she was a part of me and I of her...she was vulnerable
and yet empowered and I recognised she had allowed me to
penetrate not only her body but the mystery of the woman
that she familiar but in this moment was revealed
a look so basic, so essential, so naked and raw that it went
beyond here and now to the eternal and yet entirely present,
I knew this was my place even if it was strange to
made sense, it was all sense...

...and I started to move inside her, sliding in and out,
trying to control for as long as I could, the explosion that
was already welling-up inside me...the rhythm increased
of its own accord as we both gave ourselves up to the other,
to what was happening, she moved with me, our hips working
in unison.....I thrust a few times fast, hard and deep as
our eyes locked, both wanting...I slowed down a little
but the change of pace had started her softly moaning with
each movement of my cock...I could feel her tightening
around it, actually making it quite difficult to slide....
my hands followed her arms out to the side and pinned her
down carefully but firmly as I raised by body over hers....our
bodies were shining with sweat...we were panting for
vision started blurring as I felt my body about to clench....I
was so was she...and then I couldn't hold
out any longer and pushed so deep inside her and felt the
hot surge of my cum shoot through my cock once, twice...she
felt me cumming and let out a cry as she started cumming
the third time I released her arms and we both collapsed
into each other, locking ourselves into an embrace as her
orgasm took us both over the intoxicating edge of complete
pleasure....our mouths sought each other and we kissed,
a lover's, passionate, uncompromised
and with the depth of our whole selves...


Disclaimer: Any relation to persons living, missing or
dead is pure fantasy but if related to, much desired...

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