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Fantasy 1


Fantasy 1

I guess my wife Mary has always had the desire or fantasy
of being with one or more big men. I’m about 5’9” and weigh
about 165 pounds so while I’m not necessarily small I’m
not really big either.

The only other sexual fantasy she has that I know about is
to be with as many as 5/6 black men at one time to see if she
really could service that many men and do it well enough
that every one would be thoroughly satisfied.

Well about two years ago now she had the opportunity to
live out one of her fantasies and we seized it. Hell, we didn’t
just seize it we joined it, we reveled in it, we wallowed
in it, we just simply lived it.

I guess I better explain now. We were getting ready for a fishing trip in our 17-foot
bass boat. We just love the water and fishing. It’s quiet
and gives you plenty of time to think about nothing in particular
and everything in general. No sense of urgency, just slow
moving quiet times. It was 5:00 am and we were just finishing
up breakfast when I told her I had invited a couple of the
guys from work along this morning. She looked at me oddly
but said nothing.

The look was as if to say “ why did you invite friends on our
fishing trip?” I told her that they had been asking for quite
a while to go with me or us and I just said to them “next time
we go ya’ll can come with us. I didn’t really think they would.”

You have to understand that “our” fishing trips don’t
happen nearly often enough for either one of us. They also
usually end up with Mary giving me a blowjob out in the open
and me fucking her also in the open. I think she has a secret
desire to be caught or at least watched while she sucks me
off. She always seems to take more of my 9-inch cock into
her mouth when she thinks there’s a boat coming closer.
Anyway we don’t generally invite friends to go along.

She looked at me and said, “Should I change clothes?” I
said, “Not if you don’t want to. You look great with what
you have on now.” “ Who’d you invite?” she asked. “ Doc and
Trey” I answered. Now she really raised her eyebrows. Doc
and Trey are both quite large black men she had met before
on a company picnic. Doc is one of my oldest friends and I’ve
told him many stories about Mary’s fantasies and mine.
He stands about 6’4” and weighs somewhere around 230 lbs.
Trey is about 5’11’’ and weighs in at around 190. While neither
is that much bigger than me, they are nonetheless bigger.

Mary was wearing her customary very short, very full skirt
and a top that did nothing to hide her wonderfully full and
firm C-cup 35” titties. As is her custom she wore no bra nor
did she need to for her titties stood out proud all by themselves.
Besides her top being nearly transparent it did not reach
the top of her skirt. Her bare midriff is a real turn on to
me. She said “ are you sure I’m dressed okay?” and I said “yes.
You look absolutely edible.” Now she really looked at me
with a questioning look. I said, “ Look if the opportunity
arises and you would like to fuck them, then I think you should.
I’ve told you many times how much I would like to see you fucking
and sucking a whole bunch of black men and I meant every word.”
She stood up and came over to me and gave me a very sexy French
kiss that damn near gave me a hard on right there.

We finished up and got the gear packed in the truck and headed
off for the river. We got there about 20 minutes later and
Doc and Trey were there waiting on us. They were dressed
about like I told them I dress for these trips; very short,
loose, lightweight shorts. No underwear. It was obvious
that both men listened when I had told them how skimpy I dress
for our fishing trips. I was glad to see also that they took
it a step further even. Their shorts were a pale yellow and
of a very thin material and with their black skin their cocks
were pretty obvious.

Mary turned to me with a grin and said, ”honey, this is going
to be a truly memorable trip.” Mary got out of the truck and
both guy’s mouths dropped. I said quietly to Mary “I told
you you looked good enough to eat.” She didn’t reply she
just went over to them and first gave Trey a greeting that
said anytime you want to fuck I’m ready. Her hug was a full
body rub up against his entire body and I thought that she
was going to tongue fuck his mouth until one of them came
right there. They finally parted and Trey said “wow”

Doc said, “ Ok now it’s my turn.” Mary said, “Okay but remember
this is just the start of this here trip.” Then she stepped
up to him and stood on her tiptoes to reach her arms around
his neck. In the process her titties rubbed over most of
Doc’s upper body. She pulled his head down to her mouth and
tried to suck his tongue out of his mouth. After about 3 minutes
of this I broke in with “ guys save a little for later.” Mary
broke the kiss and looked at me as if to say “ why are we going
out on the river.” I said “ well I still want to go fishing
for real and I want to keep an eye on the party I’m sure you
three are going to have. The boat is plenty big enough for
at least a taste of what will eventually be a fine party.”
Mary said, ” okay lets get going.”

I got the boat packed and backed down to the ramp and in the
water. Then I backed the boat off the trailer and Mary pulled
the truck and trailer back to the parking lot while I was
getting the boat back to shore to pick up the guys and her.
Trey and Doc were in the boat and facing the rear when Mary
got in the boat. When she stepped in I could see she didn’t
have any panties on. This was more than I could have possibly
hoped for and I damn near exploded right there.

She fairly skipped back to her seat and picked up her lifejacket.
When she slipped her arms into the straps, the natural lifting
motion lifted her skirt to the point that her naked, shaved
pussy showed to all three of us guys sitting there watching
her intently. She kept watching the crotches of Doc and
Trey and was pleased when she saw both men’s cocks twitch
and grow a little stiffer. She sat down and that act also
was cause for her skirt to ride up far enough that her pussy
was very much in the open. She sat there teasing both men
by opening and closing her legs. I said “hey babe take it
easy. They’re not going any where and you don’t want them
shooting their cum all over the boat, do you?” Mary reluctantly
agreed and closed her legs and pouted. Doc and Trey were
doing their part to keep the sexual energy flowing to. Their
shorts were short enough that, like mine, their cocks peeked
out from under them especially if they sat with their legs
spread apart. I started the boat again and we started out
for the fishing hole.

The fifteen-minute ride to the slough that we use for crappie
fishing was real interesting. Both Mary and the guys had
a lot of fun teasing each other. Mary would spread her legs
and finger her pussy for a while and then Doc and Trey would
pull on their hardening cocks a little. Before long I could
tell that Mary was getting ready for her first cum of the
day. Her breathing got ragged and her hand couldn’t’ leave
her pussy. She kept saying over and over how much she wanted
to “feel their cocks in her mouth and pussy”. Doc and Trey
were doing a pretty good job of holding off their cumming,
promising Mary that she would “get everything they had
to give her.”

Mary couldn’t hold it off any longer and she let it rush
through her body while Doc and Trey urged her on. I had taught
Mary many years ago that she could cum as many times as she
wanted. It was nothing for her to cum eight or nine times
during our fuck sessions. Another interesting fact about
my wife’s ability to cum is that when she cums she does so
very obviously. She shoots enough juice to soak through
any towel you put under her. It also has a very sweet taste.
I told Doc and Trey “not to worry, she has plenty to go around.”

We arrived at the slough and I throttled back the boat and
steered into the mouth of it. I turned off the engine and
put out the trolling motor and headed further into the creek.
We got back in a ways and I stopped and dropped anchor. I got
my fishing rod out and Mary got Trey’s rod out. It was about
8” long and 2” diameter, just right for Mary to practice
her cock sucking ability on. It was tough keeping my mind
on fishing when my wife and buddy were having so much fun.
Mary has always had a difficult time sucking more than about
half of my 9” dick, but she seemed to inhale Trey’s 8”s all
the way to his balls in one breath. I thought Trey was in trouble
at first; his mouth opened but nothing came out. His eyes
got huge and he gritted his teeth as if he were in extreme
pain. Then he suddenly got a wild look in his eyes and a beautiful
smile on his face and it was very plain he was about to have
his first cum of the trip. He reached down to Mary’s head
and held it still while he pumped his cock up into her mouth.
When he bottomed out he would pull back a bit and ram it back
in. Mary took it all and looked like she wanted more. She
got it when Trey pumped up and held it there. He started saying
he was cumming louder and louder till he was yelling it across
the slough and river and countryside.

Mary just kept swallowing, trying to stay ahead of all the
cum that was coming to her. It must have been an impossible
task for soon Trey’s cum began seeping out around Mary’s
tightly pressed lips. She backed off Trey’s cock a little
and took a quick breath and went back to cleaning Trey’s
cock of cum. Finally Trey was spent and his cock went soft
in Mary’s hungry mouth. He said, “ That was the best blow
job I have ever had. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone take
my entire cock into their mouth before and I’m certain I
haven’t ever had anyone take all my cum into their mouth
before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Mary replied, “It is I who thanks you. No offense honey,
but this black cock is sooooo good tasting and his cum is
so, so sweet its like milk. Thank you for allowing me to suck
the cum out of you. Anytime you need a blowjob, call. I’ll
be there.”

Doc stirred from his position beside Trey and said, “Do
I get a chance now?” Mary said, “Of coarse you do. What would
you like?” “ A nice sloppy fuck would suit me to a tee, if that’s
alright with you.” Doc said. “Well it sounds pretty tame
but I think we can probably manage to get off.” Replied my
sexy wife. Mary slowly got up from between Trey’s legs and
moved over in front of Doc. She bent over in front of him and
pulled his very stiff dick out from under his shorts. She
straightened back up and admired Doc’s ten inch cock and
said as much to herself as anyone, “ Looks like I might have
a little trouble getting all of that in me, but I’ll sure
have a fun time trying.”

With that she turned to face me, lifted her skirt a tad and
backed onto Doc’s lap and cock. She slowly lowered herself
onto Doc’s stiff cock. Doc sat as still as could be almost
afraid to move lest he scare Mary into getting off of him.
Mary was not about to be scared off. If Doc could have seen
her face he would have understood this. She had such a look
of love on her face that she looked even more beautiful than
normal. She kept saying to herself “More, just a little
more now.” She continued her quest to get all of Doc’s cock
into her pussy. Finally after about 10 minutes of trying
she reached the bottom of his cock and had his large hairy
balls snuggled up against her clitoris. She just sat there
for several seconds letting her pussy get truly comfortable
with this large dick. Then slowly she started moving on
this monster cock. Each stroke would be a little faster
than the last until she was in a constant up and down motion
almost to quick to follow. After ten minutes of this Doc
reached up and grabbed her waist and held her still while
he pumped his cock up into her. Mary was moaning over and
over “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” That was the last thing
Doc needed to put him over the edge. With a howl that I’m sure
could be heard in the closest town, Doc started to cum, and
cum and cum. Soon his cum started to run down Mary’s leg.
She reached down with her hand and wiped it off her leg and
put it into her hungry mouth. The effect of Doc’s cumming
on Mary was stunning. She “sat” as still as she could be what
with Doc pumping up into her the way he was, to enjoy the feeling
of his cum shooting into her aching and ready pussy. She
had this look of utter love for the feeling that Doc’s fucking
was giving her. When Doc finished cumming and sat still
Mary pulled off his cock and turned around and sucked their
mingling cum off of his cock. Tasting the mixture of cum
she smiled and marveled at the sweetness of it. Finally
she sat back in her seat having cleaned every bit of cum from
Doc’s cock, balls and even some that had ran down onto his

She sat back with a satisfied smile and said, “You guys go
ahead and catch some fish. I’ll take a short nap. Wake me
up for the trip back to the landing.” We all agreed to this
and soon had our fishing rods fixed up and over the side.
About an hour later I woke Mary with a gentle nudge and we
headed back to the dock.

It was a fairly quite ride back. Oh Mary’s pussy still showed
to all who wanted to see but the sexual high that was so present
on the way out to the slough was not there on the way back.
It was a lot more subdued. The guys and my wife still watched
one another but there was not the playing with themselves
as much as earlier.

We arrived at the ramp and I went to get the truck and trailer
and got it backed into position. I got out of the truck and
when I turned towards the boat there was my wife with most
of Doc’s cock in her mouth. I just froze afraid that I might
ruin the scene if I moved any more. After a few more strokes
Mary lifted her head and said, “ Oh, you’re back already.”
At first I didn’t realize she had said anything. Then it
dawned on me and I replied, “Yeah it didn’t take as long as
I thought it would. We better get going don’t you think?”

I loaded the boat onto the trailer and we removed all the
gear and Mary and I headed for home with Doc and Trey close

When we got to the house we quickly cleaned and filleted
the fish we caught so they would be ready for supper. Mary
had gone in to get things ready for the fish to be cooked.
Trey asked if maybe someone should offer to help Mary out
in the kitchen. I thought for a minute and then agreed. Doc
said, “I would be glad to give her anything she might need.”
I looked at him and said, ” I bet you would. Go ahead and see
what you can do for her.” That was all the encouragement
he needed. He was gone to the house in a flash.

Trey and I finished up the fish and cleaned up after ourselves
and took the days catch to the house. Doc and Mary were not
to be found in the kitchen or front room. We heard a noise
down the hall and we went towards the bedrooms. There, upon
the king size bed was Doc and Mary feasting on each other.
Doc had his face buried in Mary’s pussy and Mary had nearly
all of Doc’s cock in her mouth.

They were moaning and groaning about how good it felt so
it was hard to say who felt the greater pleasure. Trey and
I looked at each other and started taking our clothes off
to join in. Trey got behind Mary and started to prod her backside
with his cock. Mary squirmed a little and Doc backed away
from Mary’s cunt. This was fine by me. I got on the bed and
started to lick my wife’s beautiful pussy. Mary groaned
and said to Trey, “ Get your cock all slicked up then put it
in my ass, please.” Trey quickly pushed his cock to Mary’s
love hole and of course my face was in the way. He pulled back
and I backed away enough for him to get his cock into Mary’s
hole. Once Trey was in her hole I went back to licking around
Mary’s cunt and Trey’s dick. It was a unique taste, one that
I decided I really liked.

Trey pulled his cock back and I immediately covered it with
my mouth as he shoved it back to Mary’s hole. He groaned how
good it felt and said, ” I’m not going to make it to your ass
this time Mary. I’m going to cum down your husbands throat.”
With that he started to spill his seed into my waiting and
anxious mouth. I swallowed fast and furiously for what
seemed like twenty minutes but was probably no more than
five. Trey just kept groaning how good it felt while Mary
and Doc kept urging him to drive it deeper and deeper into
me. I never let a drop get by and Mary was right, it had to be
the sweetest juice I had ever had.

When he had finished and pulled his cock out I said, “ Thank
you. Mary was absolutely right when she said you had sweet
tasting cum. It was delicious. Thank you for allowing me
the pleasure.” Trey returned, “ It is I who should and do
thank you. That was fantastic. Thanks.”

Doc piped up with, “With ok you two would you please let us
get back to our game?” He didn’t wait for an answer he just
went back to Mary’s pussy and she went back to trying to swallow
Doc’s massive member. After a few more minutes of this Mary
rolled away and put Doc on his back where she could get a better
angle to take his cock into her hungry mouth. At first Trey
and I didn’t say anything. She was having a rough time getting
the head of Doc’s beautiful cock in past her lips. Trey said,
“ Think you could get it into your mouth Tom?” “ I don’t know
but I’d sure like to try.” Both Doc and Mary heard and Mary
said, “You want to try?” “Yes I would like to if it’s alright
with Doc.” I replied. Mary looked at Doc and said, “ Well,
what do you think?” Doc said simply, “ Go for it.”

That was all I needed. I got down beside Mary and started
working my mouth over Doc’s wonderful cock. I opened my
mouth wide and still didn’t seem able to cover the head.
Mary looked at me and said, “ Hey I know. Take your teeth out.
That should give you lots more room.” I looked at her and
said, “ You’re serious aren’t you?” She replied, “Absolutely!!
I want to see you with this cock shoved all the way to the balls
into your throat.” With that I took my teeth out and handed
them to her and went back to Doc’s gorgeous dick. This time
when I opened my mouth, I almost easily encased the head.
When I closed my mouth onto Doc’s cock he immediately started
shoving it in me. I couldn’t have pulled back from it even
if I had wanted to. Both Mary and Trey were behind my head
not allowing me to move it back.

Very soon I started to get used to the size and began breathing
around it to so that I didn’t have to remove my mouth to breathe.
Doc just kept pumping it to me, almost savagely. It was no
wonder really. Mary and Trey were urging him on to push more
and more of it in to me. I don’t think any more could have got
in. I could already feel his coarse pubic hair rubbing my
nose and lips. Besides, I wanted to get every bit of him in
me to; he tasted so good-even better than Trey had a few minutes

Suddenly Doc began to quiver. He reached down and put his
hands on the back of my head and said, “ Now, you fantastic
cocksucker. I’m going to shoot so much juice in you. I’m
going to cum, I’m going to cum. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Now. Now.
Now. Drink my cum. Take it down your throat.” Somewhere
off in the distance I heard Trey and Mary say much the same
things. I thought I was ready for the flow of cum. It was something
I had thought about doing for several years. Then there
it was. Docs cum started gushing out.

It hit the back of my throat with a remarkable force. I swallowed
and swallowed again. I was having a hard time keeping up
already and it had only just begun. I swallowed some more.
It was wonderful, as sweet as Treys but a little more tangy
and salty. It was good and I didn’t want to miss any of it so
I swallowed faster and faster. Finally after several minutes
Doc’s pace began to slow and I began to move my head up and
then back down this wonderful piece of juicy meat. I never
let it out of my lips. Mary and Trey said off in the distance
somewhere, “ I never saw anything like it. That was hot!!”
Doc joined in with, “ You two only think it was. That was the
absolutely only time I have ever had my cock taken completely
in by anybody. It is also the only time I have ever been allowed
to cum in somebody’s mouth before. It was the most intense
sexual experience I’ve ever had. Thank you Tom. Thank you
very much.” I said, “Doc, I thank you. It was something that
Mary and I had talked about for many years. I don’t think
either of us ever thought it would actually happen, so I,
we thank you to. Mary you are going to have to taste his cum.
It is really, really good. Now lets get back to fucking and

Mary said, “ I’ll second that!” With that Trey started
rubbing his cock around Mary’s butt again. Mary again,
started pushing back and urging Trey to get it all slicked
up before he put it in her ass. Trey got his dick to Mary’s
pussy and rubbed it in and around and Mary was cumming again.
This really got Trey’s cock lubed up and Mary asked him to
please put it into her ass “ a little at a time?” Trey was already
trying to do that. I reached down and guided Trey’s cock
to Mary’s ass and helped push it into my wife’s ready and
willing sphincter. Suddenly the head disappeared into
my wife and she sighed and relaxed even more. After a few
minutes Trey started to slowly push more of his cock into
Mary’s ass. Mary began to moan about how good it felt and
Trey began to thrust faster and faster. With each thrust
his cock went in farther and still Mary asked for more.

I got down on the front side of Mary and began rubbing my
cock on her pussy lips and she said, “Oh, yes. Good idea.
Stick you’re cock in me, please.” I tried again with limited
success. Mary said, “ Wait a minute. I got an idea. Trey,
pull out for a second. Les get on your back. Now I’ll set on
your cock and then Trey you put your cock back in my ass. Ok?”
Trey and I silently nodded and I got on my back. Mary climbed
on top and slid her juicy cunt back down over my 9” dick. Trey
came up between Mary’s and my legs; got his cock all greasy
with Mary’s juices again and slid back into Mary’s ass.
We all found this a little harder than we thought at first
but slowly Mary began to open up and soon she was asking for
more from both of us.

Doc was feeling a little left out I think. Mary looked to
him and said, ” Well aren’t you going to join us? I have one
opening left.” Doc’s face lit up and he positioned himself
in front of Mary’s open and ready mouth. I, being on the bottom
looking up, had a wonderful view of Doc’s 10” cock sliding
into Mary’s mouth. Slowly at first and then as all of us got
closer and closer to our climax’s, he began to pump into
her faster and faster and more and more. Soon nearly his
whole cock was in Mary’s mouth. Trey was now all the way up
her ass and I was all the way up her pussy on alternating strokes
with Trey. Mary was in a constant state of climax.

We three guys began to moan our pleasure and then started
shouting as one that we “were cumming. We’re cumming.”
Mary of course couldn’t shout but the constant flow of juice
from her was evidence that she too was cumming.

Shortly we all began to come down from our communal climax
and the three of us men began to shrink and finally Trey and
I fell out of Mary’s ass and pussy. Mary didn’t want to let
go of Doc’s dick but she did. When she did release it, some
of Doc’s juice slipped by Mary’s lips and fell onto my lips.
I quickly wiped it off with my tongue and grinned. Mary bent
down and kissed me and said quietly, “ Thanks. I love you
more than ever I thought possible.” I replied, “Thank you.
Who would ever have thought our lives would have taken such
an enjoyable turn? Again, thank you so very, very much.
I love you with all my heart and soul.”

At that point we all got side by side and lay down on the bed.
I was holding Mary in my arms, up against my chest. Doc and
Trey were on the outside of us, Doc behind me and Trey behind
Mary. Soon I could hear the un-mistakable rhythmic breathing
of someone asleep. Then another and another fell into that
same breathing pattern. I thought of how lucky I was and
fell to sleep myself.

I awoke with a start and an arm that was “asleep” about two
hours later. I didn’t think the arm made me wake up, it wasn’t
bad yet. Then I realized that something was pushing against
my ass. At first I couldn’t make the connection. Then I did
suddenly and I almost panicked. It had to be Doc’s cock trying
to push into my ass. I listened and heard Trey breathing
softly and Mary, still tucked in my arms was also still breathing
steadily. Doc, however, was breathing irregularly, almost
panting softly. I tried to keep my breathing as regular
as possible and relax my muscles so as not to arouse Doc’s
suspicion. Soon Doc pulled back and I heard him spit in his
hand. Then in a few seconds his cock was back probing my asshole.

Again I relaxed as best I could and let his cock push into
my ass. It slid in past the head and Doc let out a soft breath
of excited pleasure. I couldn’t help myself as I did the
same and Doc heard or felt the release. He put his hand on
my hip and leaned in to my ear and said, “ are you ready for
more?” I answered silently by pushing back against his
big, beautiful, hard, black cock. He answered with a gentle
push forward and another two inches of his fabulous cock
slid into me. He held it there, waiting for the okay from
me before sliding more into me and after a couple of seconds,
I did by pushing back against him again. We continued this
for what seemed like hours. The pressure of him filling
me and then me adjusting to him was an experience that was
almost overwhelming in it’s excitement.

My wife lying there beside me, not knowing what was happening
was almost frightening. Would she be able to understand
the need in me to have this type of sexual experience? Then
it dawned on me that at this time anyway, I didn’t really
care if she understood! Right now I needed to have Doc’s
cock sliding in and out of my ass. I turned my head towards
Doc and whispered, “I need it, Doc. Please give it to me gently
at first, then when I get truly comfortable with it in me
all the way, slam it to me hard.” I turned my head back and
I realized that Mary was now wide-awake.

She looked at me questioning me and then she understood
what was happening. She grinned a silly smile and said quietly,
so as not to wake Trey “ I know. It feels good doesn’t it? Once
you get accustomed to the size the pressure is almost all
consuming. You find yourself getting excited in way that
you never have been before. Relax and take him all the way
in and enjoy the feeling. Let it wash over you in wave after
glorious wave.” I whispered back, “I already have him all
the way in me and I had no real problem getting used to it.
That surprised me, but I’m happy that you woke up and know
and are enjoying that I too, can enjoy this type of sex.”

Now Mary slid down the bed till she got in line with my rock
hard cock. She opened her mouth and swallowed my cock in
one swift motion. Now it was difficult to know which way
to go; should I push forward or back. I was lost but neither
Doc nor Mary were. Somehow they seemed to know how to push
themselves into me at the same time. Trey was soon awakened
and quickly grasped the situation and slid down the bed
till he got his cock lined up with Mary’s ass and pushed his
cock in. The gasp she tried to make added another new sensation
to my over loaded brain I started to cum. Mary began swallowing
and then Doc started to cum in my ass. The hot cum nearly burned
its way in me and I began to cum all over again.

Trey wasn’t far behind and filled Mary’s ass with sweet
cum. Mary wasn’t able to voice her feelings but the huge
wet spot where she lay was evidence that she had cum several
times. We all just lay as we were till Trey’s cock fell out
of Mary and Doc’s cock fell out of me. Mary still had my cock
in her mouth and I slowly pulled it from her. She looked up
at me and mouthed, “thank you.” I said, “It was my pleasure.”

We got up from the bed and wandered into the kitchen and
made up a large omelet for the four of us to devour. We all
sat back and had several cups of coffee while we relived
what had happened this day.

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Absolutely HOT!!!


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Excellent Story! I loved it!


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great story loved it


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wow!!!!!! That was sooo excellent!! My pussy is dripping
and my nipples are hard from me playing with them.

Great story, write more!! Maybe put in a little light bondage


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That would be an unbeliveable happening


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great story, I was hard the time I was reading


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You should have gotten some of that black pussy.


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