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"So that means you're next, " Scott said
as he crawled to the edge of the bed and turned off the video
"Hmmm..." I murmured as I considered my answer.
It was a game Scott and I played; taking turns fulfilling
each other's sexual fantasies. Tonight was his latest:
videotaping us having sex. Though it was his fantasy, I
was as turned on by the idea as he was, which made for some
of the best sex we'd ever had.
I watched him crawl back up the bed towards me. He was absolutely
gorgeous. Scott had dirty blonde hair, that when not mussed
from love making (as it was now), was usually spikey. His
eyes were a pale shade of blue and he had a beautifully perfect
smile that was flashing mischievously at me.
"C'mon, you must have at least one fantasy left
that we haven't done yet."
I thought a moment. We had fulfilled quite a few of my fantasies,
from sex on a beach to sex in a public place. Just the memory
of that last escapade made me moan softly.
"Mmm, what was that for?" he asked as he crawled
over me, his arms positioned on either side of my body, keeping
his body hovering over mine.
"I was just thinking about that time at the restaurant."
"Liked that, did you?" he asked with a grin.
"You know I did."
He leaned down and kissed me, our tongues quickly sliding
over each other.
Scott pushed himself up on his elbows. "So...?"
"Don't avoid the question. I know we couldn't
have done all your fantasies already."
He was right. We hadn't. But surely he wouldn't
go for what I had in mind. "I can't think of anything
else, " I lied.
"You're full of shit."
"You mean to tell me there's nothing else? No
other wild fantasy you want to fulfill?"
"You obviously think there's something else.
What do you think I want?"
"You want what every woman wants."
I raised an eyebrow at him. "Oh? And what's that?"
"Two men at once."
I couldn't help the grin that crossed my face.
"So you DO want that!"
"Why didn't you say so then?"
"I didn't think you'd go for it."
"Why not?"
"You WANT to share me with another man?"
"I don't necessarily want to share you with someone
else. But if it's what you want and I'm there
wouldn't be all bad right?"
"Are you serious?"
"As long as I don't have to touch him, yes."
"Oh no. This is MY fantasy. You'd only be touching
"Good. Now maybe we should turn that camera back on, "
he said with a grin before leaning down to kiss me.
* * *
"You're sure you're okay with this?"
I asked Scott. It was now over a week after our conversation
about fulfilling my last fantasy and we were walking into
one of the most popular bars in town.
"Are you?" he asked, obviously taking notice
of my own nervousness.
I could only nod my head as I looked around the club.
"Babe, if you're not ready to do this, you don't
have to go through with it."
"No, I am. It's's been a while
since I've had to be on the hunt, so to speak. Even then
I didn't go out looking for a guy just to take home with
"If it doesn't happen tonight, it doesn't
happen okay?"
"Okay, " I smiled up at him. I still couldn't
get over the fact that he was so open to this idea. The strange
part is he seemed to be more open to it than I was. I was still
trying to get used to the idea of sleeping with a stranger
and my boyfriend at the same time. Sleeping with just any
one was not something I did.
"I'm gonna be over there, " Scott said,
pointing to the bar on the far side of the room. "Just
let me know when you're ready to go, okay?"
I nodded my head and watched him walk away. I took a deep breath
and started to venture into the heart of the club. There
were plenty of good-looking men there, but none of them
seemed right for what I was looking for. Hell, I wasn't
even sure I knew what I was looking for! What exactly does
a man who's willing to have a threesome look like anyway?
I laughed at myself as I headed towards the back of the club
where the pool tables and video games were.
As soon as I walked through the archway I knew I'd found
what I was looking for...Mark. Also known as Scott's
best friend. I watched him bend over a pool table to line
up a shot and I knew he was perfect. And in more ways than one.
First, Mark was gorgeous. He had greenish eyes and a beautiful
smile, dark hair that he kept short, and a thin strip of hair
on his chin. And then there was that body of his. A body that
I swore was made for sin. Besides the obvious advantage
I had of having seen him in just swim trunks, the fitted shirt
he wore left little to the imagination about the toned and
taut body underneath it.
Yeah, I was definitely attracted to Mark. Had been since
the first time Scott introduced me to him. But I'd never
acted on it. I was far too much in love with Scott to ever do
that. But now was a whole different story...Scott had sent
me out looking for someone to bring home with us. So why not
Mark? I already knew him, which gave me a comfort level that
wouldn't exist if I took home a stranger.
Now came the hard part...convincing Mark to take part in
my wildest of fantasies. I can do this, I told myself as I
undid another button on my shirt, exposing more of my cleavage.
If I was going to attempt to seduce Mark, I was gonna need
the sisters' help. I tugged on the front of my shirt
and took a deep breath before walking over to his pool table.
"I've got next, " I stated as I placed a
dollar bill on the table. Mark looked up and I gave him the
coyest smile I could muster. He smiled immediately and
walked over to give me a hug.
"Hey, what are you doing here?" he asked me.
"Just trying to get in on a game. You?"
"Just hanging out. Scott with you?"
Shit. I had been doing okay until he asked me that and I nearly
lost my nerve as I saw him look around for his friend.
"No." It wasn't a lie, I told myself. Though
Scott was at the bar, he wasn't technically with
least not for that moment.
"That's too bad. Although, threesomes don't
generally work in pool."
I nearly choked when he mentioned a threesome. Sure, it
was totally innocent on his part, as he had no idea about
my intentions. But to hear him say it just totally took me
off guard. I took another deep breath to calm myself. "Hardly.
Besides, I'm used to kicking Scott's ass at pool.
I need a new victim."
"Is that right? And what makes you think you can beat
Again I nearly choked. I was letting my dirty mind get the
best of me. "I don't know. I just think I can."
"Alright then. Let's see if you can." Mark
cleared the table and then racked up the balls. "I'll
let you have the break since you're so sure you're
gonna win."
"Oh, how gentlemanly of you, " I smirked. I
walked to the opposite end of the table and picked out a stick.
I turned around and Mark was leaning on the table directly
across from me. Perfect. I leaned over the table to ready
my break and I knew my boobs were about ready to fall out of
my shirt. I looked up at Mark and smiled when I saw where his
line of vision went. I struck the cue ball, sending it into
the rack, causing the balls to scatter and sunk one in the
side pocket.
"Looks like I've got solids."
Mark finally looked up and I grinned at him, letting him
know he was busted. A blush quickly rose to his cheeks and
I smiled even more. I walked around the table to check out
the set- up for my next shot and purposefully brushed up
against him as I walked by. I looked over my shoulder at him
and he was looking back in confusion. I gave him my most charming
smile and then promptly sunk my next shot. I pocketed a few
more before just missing the pocket on the three-ball.
"It's about time! I thought you were gonna run
the table on me!"
"I'm rusty. Or I would have."
"Smart ass." Mark walked around the table to
pick out his next shot. "Fuck. You didn't leave
me shit!"
"A good player never does, " I smirked.
"Damn, " he said, leaning on the table. I walked
over behind him, pressing myself against his back as I looked
over his shoulder at the table.
"Y'know...if you put the right amount of English
on the cue you could hit a combination shot with the two and
the eleven."
Mark looked from me to the table and then back to me. His eyes
then drifted down to my chest and then back up at me. "I
don't know. I think you're trying to hustle me."
You have NO idea, Mark.
"If you don't make it, I'll forfeit my next
He raised an eyebrow at me and then smirked. "Okay."
I walked to the side of the table as he lined up the shot and
sure enough, he sunk it. He smiled over at me and then attempted
to play his next shot, groaning when it bounced off the rail.
Mark looked at the table as I walked around it for my shot.
"Fuck! Look at this table! It's perfectly set
up for you to run the rest of it! You still hustled me!"
"But I wouldn't have been able to if you'd
have made that shot, " I smirked.
"But you knew it'd be set up perfectly if I DID
"Maybe." I grinned and leaned over for my shot.
I looked across the table and Mark's crotch was at eye
level with me. Oh yeah, he's packing.
"You gonna take that shot some time today?"
he asked, causing me to look up at him. The grin on his face
told me he'd seen exactly where I'd been staring.
I just grinned back at him as I sunk my shot.
"You've got to be fucking kidding me! How the
hell did you do that?"
I just smiled and sunk another shot. I started walking around
the table as he looked at me in disbelief.
"Fuck, you're good."
"That's not the only thing I'm good at, "
I whispered in his ear as I walked by him, dragging my hand
across his chest. As I rounded the corner of the table I looked
back him and his jaw was hanging open. I leaned over once
again and easily pocketed the eight-ball to win the game.
"You just hit on me!" he exclaimed as I walked
back towards him.
"You're brighter than you look, Mark."
He took the stick from my hand, placing it back on the rack,
and then pulled me towards a booth against the back wall.
"What the hell is going on?" he asked after we
"I thought you'd figured that out already."
He looked at me suspiciously. "Why? Are you and Scott
"Break up?"
"Then why the fuck are you coming on to me?"
"Because I want to."
"Bullshit. If you wanted to, you'd have done
it before tonight."
Wow. He really was smarter than he looked. But how in the
hell am I supposed to explain this?
I sighed and just decided to come out with it. "I want
a threesome."
Mark's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "WHAT?!"
"A threesome. Y', me, Scott. In bed...together."
"I know what it is! Does Scott know about this?"
"Yes, he's encouraged me to do it."
"He what? Has he lost his mind?"
"No. He's doing it for me. It's one of my fantasies."
Mark perked up at that. "Really?"
"Why me?"
"Why not you?"
"C'mon. You could have any of the guys in this
room. Why did you want it to be with me?"
"Besides the fact that I know you?"
Mark nodded his head and I knew he was looking for me to stroke
his ego a little.
"Well, there is the fact that you're the hottest
thing in here and that you have a body that was built for things
not suitable for cable."
Mark smiled widely at the second comment. "Okay,
so we've established why YOU want me to do this. Now
let's talk about why I'D want to do this."
I leaned up over the table. "Besides the fact that
you've been looking at my chest since I came in here, "
I licked my lips and leaned closer to whisper in his ear.
"I really am better in bed than I am at pool."
Mark sat back and thought for a moment. I watched his eyes
go to the pool table I'd just schooled him at then back
to me. "As long as Scott's okay with it, I'm
"You certainly will be, " I smirked, taking
his innocent comment and turning it around on him.
Mark shook his head at me as he laughed. "And to think
I thought you were innocent all this time."
"Oh we're about to blow that image out of the water."
"I certainly hope so, " Mark smirked.
I smiled back at him as I got up from the table. He and I were
gonna get along fine. "Come on, dirty bird. Let's
go get Scott and get out of here."
Mark got up and followed me towards the front of the bar.
Halfway there I turned around to make sure he was behind
me and caught him looking at my ass. "I see you."
"Yeah, well since I couldn't look at you like
this before now, I'm making up for lost time."
I shook my head and then spotted Scott at the bar.
"Look who I found, " I said to Scott as I slid
my hand around his waist. Scott turned to see Mark.
"Heyyyy!" he said with a smile as he and Mark
pounded fists.
"Your girl just whipped my ass in pool."
Scott laughed. "At least it wasn't me this time."
Scott turned back to me to whisper in my ear. "So did
you find someone?"
"You're looking at him, " I whispered
Scott's exclamation caused Mark to look our way. "Yeah?"
"You agreed to this?" Scott asked.
"As long as you're okay with it."
Both Mark and I looked at him, my eyes pleading with him to
I smiled thankfully at Scott and kissed his cheek. "Shall
we go then?" I asked, suddenly eager to get the rest
of the night started.
"I'll follow you guys back to your place, "
Mark said as he headed for the door. Scott finished his drink
and then placed some money on the bar before we headed outside.
"Why Mark?" Scott asked after we'd gotten
in the car.
"Why not? He's your best friend."
Scott started up the car and pulled out of the parking lot.
"I don't understand."
"Every time I see him I'm gonna think, ‘hey, he
slept with my girlfriend!'"
"Oh and you guys have NEVER slept with the same girl."
I rolled my eyes at him.
"But not at the same time."
"But why him? Why not one of the hundred other guys
in there?"
"You'd be happier if I'd asked a complete
stranger than your best friend?"
Scott looked out the window. "Maybe."
"Because I'd never have to see the guy again."
"But we'd also never know anything about any
random guy. How could we trust that a stranger wouldn't
tell the whole world about this?"
Scott sighed. "It's still gonna be awkward."
"And it would be any LESS awkward with a complete stranger?"
"Okay, you've made your point."
"Have I ever led you wrong?"
"Well, there was that one time with the candle wax..."
Scott smiled over at me.
"Oh stop. You loved that and you know it!"
"Ehhh...maybe." Scott reached over and took
my hand.
I leaned against him. "I love you for doing this for
"Well, you know I wouldn't do it if I didn't
love you."
"I know." I leaned over further and kissed the
spot on the side of his neck that I knew just drove him wild.
Sure enough, I heard a small groan. "And you know I'll
make sure you enjoy this too." I placed my hand on his
"Babe, tonight is about you."
"Yes, " I said as I began kissing up his neck,
my hand moving high up his thigh. "But I want you to
enjoy it too." I gently tugged on his ear between my
teeth as I ran my hand over his crotch, causing him to moan
"We're umm...home, " Scott cleared his
throat when we pulled in front of the house.
"To be continued, " I said, running my hand
over his crotch one last time before getting out of the car.
"You ready to go?" I asked Mark as he climbed
out of his own car.
"Not yet, " he smirked and I smiled.
"Don't worry, I'll take care of that."
"Hey hey!" Scott yelled as he walked around
the car.
"Oh shush. It's not Mark's fault you got
a head start."
Mark raised an eyebrow at us.
"Well, it was more of a hand start."
"In any other situation but this that would be too
much information, " Mark joked.
"Well, this certainly isn't any ordinary situation, "
I said with a smile as I headed towards the front door. I didn't
hear any foot steps behind me so I stopped and turned around,
only to see both of them staring at me. "Do you guys
need an engraved invitation?" I asked, my hands on
my hips.
"What? Oh..." Scott said when he realized both
he and Mark were just standing there. He started towards
me and Mark followed.
I entered the house and went straight to the kitchen while
they got comfortable in the living room.
Oh no. My fantasy is NOT happening there.
I grabbed two beers from the fridge and popped the tops on
them before walking back to the living room.
"Here ya go. I said, handing each of them a beer. "I
think you guys need these to loosen up." I headed for
the stairs. "I'll be upstairs when you guys are
ready." I nonchalantly walked up the stairs out of
sight and then hurried back the hallway to the bedroom.
Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.
I practically ran in circles around the bedroom. I still
couldn't believe this was going to happen. Downstairs
were two gorgeous men and I was going to have BOTH of them.
"I quickly pulled off my shoes and clothes and tossed
them in the closet. I looked down at the bra and panties I
wore. I needed something sexier. I rummaged through my
drawer until I found a black lace demi bra and thong.
Scott likes me in black. Mark must like black too since he
wears it all the time.
I quickly changed and ran a brush through my hair. I sprayed
a little perfume on my pulse points and lit some candles
before turning down the lights. I looked around the room.
The mood was definitely set. All I needed was...Scott and
Where the hell are they?
I had to have wasted enough time for them to have finished
their beers by now. Unless they got another one? I sighed
and sat down on the bed.
I was starting to get impatient. What if Scott was talking
Mark out of it? Or vice versa? I waited a few more minutes
and then got up from the bed. I threw open the door to find
the two of them standing behind it.
"It's about damn time! I was about to get started
without you two!"
I saw Mark raise an eyebrow.
"Like that idea, do ya Mark?" I asked him with
a smirk.
He looked me over, an appreciative smile on his face. "Oh
"Hey!" Scott objected.
"What? She's hot. You can't deny that."
"I know, but damn man. She's still my girlfriend."
"Hey, you guys brought me into this remember? It wasn't
the other way around."
I walked to Scott and ran my hand up his chest. "I love
it when you get all protective of me, " I whispered
into his ear. I kissed the sensitive part of his neck and
felt him relax against me. "But just for tonight,
I need you to let go of that." I kissed further up his
neck. "For me. Please."
Scott groaned softly and nodded his head.
I smiled and walked back to the bed.
"Damn, she's got some sort of hold on you, "
I heard Mark say.
"Just wait. You'll see, " Scott said,
a bit of pride in his voice that made me smile wider.
"Okay now why am I the only one undressed here?"
I asked.
Mark and Scott looked at me and then each other and then turned
away from one another. I just shook my head at them and watched
them strip. I sat up a little when they each got to their boxers.
I was more than a little curious to see just how much Mark
was packing. He pulled off his boxers and turned towards
me. Oh and he definitely didn't disappoint either.
To say he was large was an understatement. I met his eyes
and he gave me a knowing smirk.
Scott discarded his boxes and stood tall next to Mark. The
two men couldn't be any more different in appearance.
Mark was a good three inches taller than Scott and was a lot
bulkier. Mark was nothing but muscle and was built for power.
Scott, on the other hand, was toned and trim, his body better
suited for endurance. Scott's hair was blonde and
spiked, while Mark's was brown and kept close to his
head. Their only similarities were their rich tans the
presence of some facial hair. And while Mark was quite well
endowed, Scott was certainly not lacking in that department
I couldn't help but lick my lips as I looked at them.
God, they were gorgeous. I could feel my skin jump in anticipation.
I scooted to the middle of the bed and called to Scott with
my finger. He strode towards me and then looked over his
shoulder at Mark.
I pulled him by the neck down to kiss me. I could feel the tension
in his body. "Scott...forget that Mark is here, "
I whispered to him. "It's just you and me right
now." I kissed the side of his neck and wrapped my hand
around his cock, which was already hardening despite his
His tension eased up as I stroked him until he was moaning
softly. Damn, I love that sound. It only made me hotter and
I ached to feel his hands on me. But before I could even voice
my request I felt lips pressing against the side of my neck
and warm hands on my shoulders. I'd become so wrapped
up in Scott that I'd nearly forgotten about Mark, but
there was no way not to notice him now. He'd crawled
up behind me on the bed and was softly caressing my back and
It was an assault on my senses to have Scott hardening in
my hand and Mark softly kissing down my spine. Mark soon
unfastened my bra and Scott pulled it down my arms to remove
it. Scott's mouth was immediately on my chest, pulling
a nipple into his mouth.
I was enjoying that sensation when Mark slid his hand around
my waist and under my panties. Mark's thumb brushed
against my clit just as Scott gently tugged my nipple between
his teeth.
Mark moved off to my side and Scott gently pushed me back
on the bed. Both of their mouths descended on my breasts,
a sensation unlike any I've ever felt before. After
a bit a hand slipped beneath my panties again, massaging
me between my folds. Two fingers then slipped inside of
me and I instinctively clenched around them. I surmised
that they must have belonged to Mark from their length as
they worked in and out of me.
I felt movement around the bed and my panties being pulled
off me. Hands spread my legs open, which was followed by
a tongue spreading my center open.
"Oh fuckkk..." I opened my eyes and looked down
at Mark smirking back up at me before his lips encased my
swollen button. I squirmed beneath him as he lapped at me
and arched my back when he slipped a finger inside again.
I turned my head, my eyes searching for Scott. I found him
perched on the edge of the bed, his own hand wrapped around
his cock, stroking himself as he watched Mark pleasuring
me. That in itself was a sight so erotic I nearly could have
come right then. Although I must have to say Mark probably
had a good deal to do with that as well...he obviously knew
what he was doing down there.
"Mark, scoot her up here, " Scott said, breaking
the silence. Well it hadn't been completely silent,
but the only sound in the room had been my moans.
I groaned when Mark removed his mouth from me and stood up.
He put his hands under my thighs and pushed me up the bed until
my head hung over it. Scott stood next to my head and teased
his cock against my lips. I slipped my tongue between my
lips and ran it over his head. I smiled when I heard him moan.
I wrapped my hand around his shaft and guided him into my
"Oh yeahhhh..." he moaned as he slid further
into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around him and he started
thrusting as I took him in more.
I was so engrossed in pleasuring Scott that I hadn't
even realized that Mark had crawled over me until he slipped
inside me. The sensation made me moan against Scott's
cock, which in turn made him moan. Mark gave me a moment to
adjust to his size, which felt like enough to tear me in half.
He then started pounding into me with powerful, quick strokes.
I was moaning repeatedly as he slammed into me.
I placed one arm around Mark's shoulders and used my
free hand to cup Scott's balls. After another long
moan against his cock I felt his balls tighten as he got closer
to his climax. I concentrated as best as I could on his cock
as Mark continued to pound away inside of me.
"Babe, I'm gonna..." Scott began to say
and I wrapped my lips tighter around him. "Ohhh..."
His hands wrapped up in my hair as he began to shoot his load
down my throat. He was warm and salty and I drank up every
drop of his offering. He slipped out of my mouth and fell
onto the bed.
Mark reasserted his presence within me with a swift, powerful
thrust that had me arching my back off the bed and yelling
out. Fuck, he was good at this. I wrapped a leg around his
waist and started moving my hips up to meet his.
"Oh yeahhhh..." he moaned in appreciation.
It seemed only a matter of minutes before I felt myself begin
to tighten around him and this seemed to spur him on even
more. Mark was furious in his pace as his body became rigid,
readying for his release.
"Oh Godddd..." I moaned as the dam on my orgasm
broke and I flowed around him. Mark this with a final push
into me and he came with a long low growl. He collapsed and
then rolled to my side, the three of us lying prone on the
bed, catching our breaths.
I turned my head to Scott and smiled that he'd started
getting hard again while Mark and I had been having sex.
I slid towards him and kissed him softly. He wrapped his
arms around me and pulled me closer. He was so warm and I just
melted in his arms. We were wrapped up in each other when
Mark cleared his throat.
I looked up to see that unbeknownst to either of us, Mark
had gotten dressed. "You're leaving us already?"
"Yeah. I'm fucking exhausted. Plus you two look
like you have something to finish."
I blushed. "Sorry about that. But umm...thanks for
uhhh...for being a part of this."
"No problem. I'm honored you guys asked me."
Mark kissed his hand and then pressed it to my forehead before
leaving the room.
I watched him leave and then turned back to Scott. I'm
glad that we had Mark for this."
"I'll bet you are."
"And what is that supposed to mean?"
"I heard you moaning with him."
"And like you weren't responsible for any of
He got a grin on his face. "Was I now?"
I crawled over him until I was straddling his waist. "
you have any idea how hot it made me to see you stroking yourself
while watching Mark going down on me?"
"Saw that, huh?"
"Oh yeah. And I can't help but notice how hard
you are from watching Mark fuck me."
"And you sitting in my lap has nothing to do with that."
"Oh no. You were hard before I climbed up here."
I leaned over him to whisper in his ear. "Tell me you
liked watching us, Scott. Tell me you enjoyed tonight as
much as I did."
I heard him groan and his hands slid onto my waist. "I
did. I didn't want to, but I couldn't help it. Just
seeing you so far gone in ecstasy and knowing I'd helped
to get you there, that I was fulfilling one of your fantasies..."
I smiled as I leaned further down to kiss him. I stared wiggling
my hips against his and heard him moan again. "What
do you want, Scott?"
"I want to be inside you. I want to feel you around me
and the SOLE reason for your moans."
"Ohhh..." I moaned, his words making me hot.
I slid down his hips until I felt his hardness pressing against
my body. I wrapped my hand around his cock and guided him
into me. "Oh God..." I cried out as he entered
me. I didn't feel like I was being split in half like
I did with Mark, but it still felt good because it felt right.
I started setting the pace for us but Scott took over soon
after, holding me at the waist and guiding me up and down
him. Our lovemaking was slow and fulfilling. Where Mark
had been raw and powerful, driving me towards a climax,
Scott was skilled and thorough as he finessed me towards
my end.
"Scotttt...I'm so close..."
"Me too..." he grunted through clenched teeth.
He rolled us over until I was on my back and he began quickening
his thrusts. "You liked it when Mark was giving it
to you hard, didn't you?" he said into my ear.
Oh Godddd...please say he's going with this where
I think he is. "Yessss..." I moaned.
"Good, " was all he said as he placed his hands
on the headboard of the bed and started slamming himself
into me. Scott had never been forceful like that with me
before and I was LOVING it. It was so contrary to his disposition
that it sent me into a tailspin of ecstasy.
"OH. MY. GODDDDD!!!" I screamed between breaths
as I unraveled beneath him, the climax he set off inside
me so heady and powerful I thought I was going to pass out.
I grabbed onto him, my body clinging to his, squeezing him
until he came within me. We fell back against the bed, our
bodies slick against each other, arms and legs still entwined.
"Like that, did ya?" he asked with a grin as he
turned to kiss me.
I was still breathing heavily, my body flush with aftershocks
of my orgasm and I could only nod.
" can teach an old dog new tricks."
I took a deep breath and kissed him back. "You are not
an old dog, but I love the new tricks."
He smiled and kissed me again.
I propped myself up on an elbow and looked down at him. "So
you know this means you're next."
"Of course I do, " he said with a mischievous
grin. He lifted my hands over my head as he reached towards
the nightstand with his free hand. I watched him pull a scarf
from the drawer and raise it towards my captured wrists.
"Are you sure you're willing to do anything?"
he asked with a raised eyebrow.
Fuck I love this man.

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