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Family love or lust??


I was 15 & fuched my little 13 year old sisster,
I was seduced into it by my mom & her.
Or was it teased & turmented into it by the way they would
both walk around the house with hardly any thing on .
My mom was 40 5'2" 130 LBS big D breast nice round
ass her body was a little soft but still was nice & curvy
my little sisster was only about 4'3" 80 LBS
kind of gangely but was starting to get some teen shape to
her ass & chest , her ass was small round & firm looking
, her breast were just starting to bud they looked like they
stuck out an inch & about as big around as 50 cent peace.
This is how it all happend my seduction!!
My mom & sisster would run around the house in ther under
wear all the time & my mom would walk through the house
with just a towel rapped around her to go get her panties
out of the dryer the towel was only long enough to cover
half her ass & black pubic hair on her pussy
so as she walk by I could see her pink meaty lips hanging out
of her gash they were long & hung out an inch or two &
yes it was shaved ,
when she would bend over to get her panties out
of the dryer her ass would be pointed in my derection &
her pink fleasy cunt would gape open
giving me a big trobbing hardon that yurnd to be stuff in
that pink pussy of my moms that was teasing me.
I would be in the bathroom a lot fantacising about walking
up & grabing her hips & thrusting
my cock into her & fucking & cumming deep in side
her pussy as I jacked off .
mom's undes were all see through so it was just as big
a turn on as seeing her at the dryer , and left me burning with
the need to fuck the shit out of her .
Mom would smill every time she saw my hard cock
tenting up my shorts , I think it turned her on that she made
me so hot & hurny .
My little sisster would walk around in her little panties
that formed to her ass & pussy
as if she didn't have any on her T shirts just coverd
her chest with strings over her shoulders to hold it up when
she would bend over her top would hang down so I could see
her tiny breast or if her ass was pointed at me when she bent
over her little clam would be outlind in all its detail .
my cock was allways hard & throbbing with pre cum oozing
out of it with all the visual stemulation I had to endure
every day.
one day I was seating in are easy chair watching
TV my little sisster was laying on her stumack on the floor
with her leg's spread wied open floping her feet back
& forth in front of me watching TV In her litttle panties
& T shirt.
one side of her panties leg was hicked up over her ass cheek
into the crack of her ass & the seam ran down the center
of her pussy slit so half her ass & clam were uncoverd
oh how my body acked to feel it , then I noticed
a little bit of her pink lip was showing , oh god how much more
could a take my cock was so hard it hurt I could feel pre cum
oozing down my cock as I stared at her tiny pussy .
I had visions of jumping on top of her pining her down ripping
her panties to the side & buiring my cock into her tiny
pussy up to my nut's.
My mom was at work so I could but she would tell on me if I did
, then I thuoght I would do some teasing of my owen ,
I was seating there in just my boxers so I pulled my cock out
of the opening so half it was out then I layed back & ackted
like I fell a sleep , my sisster ask my some thing I didn't
anser so she looked back , her eyes got big & I could see
the excitment in her eyes as she stared at the half of my hard
cock & the pre cum oozing down it , her face got a little
flushed ,
I achted like I was starting to wake up & opend my eyes
& she jurked her head back to watching TV
I put my cock back inside and she looked again
to see it but it was just a big buldge in my boxers she looked
disapointed & turned back to the TV , I could see her
panties were getting wet & the half of her clame that
was not covered
that pink little bird beack was gleasening now,
She was getting hot & wet & sexualy frustrated
like I had been for a long time.
I smilled to my self thinking how does it feel
you little tease , then I thought I should give my mom some
of the same medicin. so planed out how I would get my mom .
my plan was when my mom was in the kitchen in the morning in
her shear see through undies I would be standing behind
her at the fridge reaching for the cereal on top the fridge
with just the head of my cock poking out of my boxers so when
she bent over to get her grapefruet out my cock would push
her pussy crack by accedent . when I came back to reality
my sisster had fallen a sleep on the floor her leg's
were still spread wied & her tiny pussy was half out
of her panties , she was snoring softly , I couldnt help my
self I got on the floor & craweld up between her leg's
to get a better look at her pussy , the half I could see was
smothe with just a little peach fuzz on it, I was so excited
& my heart was pounding so hard thats all I could hear
was thumping in my ears , my hand was shaking as I reached
out to feel the puffy round half of her pussy that was bare
, it was encreadable how soft & worm it was as I ran my
fingger over it I thought I was going to cum from pleaser
of tuching a pussy for the first time I was on fire & my
cock was running pre cum like & river I couldn't
reazist I had to see what it felt like to tuch it with my cock
so I grabbed my cock in one hand & leand in tell the head
of my cock tuched the worm soft skine
my hole body tingled & buzzed I was lost in a daze of lust
& slid the head of my cock up& down the soft puffy
mound of her tiny clam , I could see my pre cum on her &
it made me even more excited , I pulled back & very softly
pulled her panties over so her hole pussy was uncoverd &
reachd & slid my fingger up & down the pink slit
it parted as I slid down it was worm wet & slimmy feeling
her little pink enter lips were so soft & velvety It
was the most encreadable thing I ever felt in my life , I grabbed
my throbbing cock again & leand forward tell the head
of my cock just parted her tiny lip's my body trembaled
with per pleaser half of my cock head was hugged with her
pink fleashy lips I slid it up & down the wet pink crack
when I would go up to her little hole my cock would go in just
slightly deeper oh how I wanted to push it in that inviting
tunal but I new better she would wake up for sure if I did ,
I was starting to feel my cum boiling & getting ready
to come out of me so I pushed just the head of my cock into her
opening & exploaded I held tight & erupted squirt
after squirt of cum with just the head of my cock in her tight
little hole when I finnaly stoped squirting cum I pulled
back to see my cum poring out of her tiny hole down her pink
crack it must of been a shot glass full there was a litttle
puddle on the floor , I put her panties back as they were &
sat back down I could see my cum all over her pussy , as I watched
her wake up she looked around & then
she started to feel the wet slimmy stuff between her leg's
her hip's rocked side to side then up& down then
her hip's raezed up & her hand showed up in between
her leg's & feelt the slimmy oozing stuff with
her finggers she pulled her hand back & looked at the
milky slime on her finggers she smelled it & got a confused
look on her face as goose bumps razed on her ass then she licked
it & I saw her body qwiver , she turned looked att me &
blushed jumped up ,
I saw my cum run down her leg as she ran to the bathroom , then
she went to her bed room & came back with new panties
on , I had pulled out my cock so just the head was poking out
of my boxers as she walked back in , I ask her why she had on
new panties she turned red & giggled sawing oh it was
just time for new ones as she stared at the head of my cock
I looked at were she was staring & coverd it up fast &
looked her in the eye she blushed & looked away, I knew
I had her now she was seating on the couch with her knees pulled
up to her chest there was a wet spot between the slit of her
pussy I dont know if it was my cum or her juicies so I got up
went to my bed room left the door open just enough for my sisster
to see me on my bed if she wanted to peek in , I started stroking
my cock I seen my sisster peeking as I jacked off for her .
I could see she was rubbing her slit in her panties as she
watched when my cum shot out all over she had this look of
that the stuff that was oozing between her leg's was
frome me when she woke frome her knap.
I heard her hiss & giggle saying oh you fucker as she
turned and left.
The next morning I was ready for my mom, I got up went to the
kitchen knowing my mom would be comeing out of her bedroom
in her see through undies to get in the fridge like every
to get her grapefruet , when she came out she was wearing
her long T shirt that just covered her ass I said oh fuck it's
saterday & she would wear her long T shirt with no panties
on every saterday I knew her pussy was bare under that T shirt
but I was going forward with my plan , I got to the fridge at
the same time my mom did , I said morning & steeped back
as she turend to open the fridge door I pulled my hard cock
out & reached for the cereal like I had planed she bent
over & the head of my cock enterd her crack
& slid up it to that gapeing hole at the entrance of her
tunale & the head of my cock slid inside her hole I rased
up on my toes & reached for the box my cock went in a little
deeper my mom moand & arched her back & pushed back
my cock slid in tell my nut's were tight against her
pussy oh my god I thought I was going to cum we were frozen
like this for a few minutes then she looked overe her shoulder
at me & I looked at her I said oh gess opes sorry mom &
pulled out of her she wimperd & moand when I did , I put
my hard cock in my boxers & sat down and filled my bowel
with the cereal & started eating my mom sat down &
started eating we glanced at each other now & then ,
mom got up went & put her grapfruit peel in the trash
& walked to the dish washer opend it bent over put her
dish in& looked over her shoulder to see if is was looking
at her pink hole my cock was just in up to my nut's she
smilled when she saw I was looking but she was suprised to
see my ccok was poking out of my boxers , she stared for a long
time at my hard cock then looked me in the eye & blushed
she went to her room I herd her start the shower, so I went
to take a shower in me & my sissters bathroom I dryied
off & was naked when I opend the door & steeped into
the hallway to go to my room I ran in to my mom and we fell on
to the floor I feel on top of her , she was in her towel so shen
I fell on her my cock was in her crack & the head of my cock
was in her hole about an inche when we stoped & were laying
there I looked in her eyes & she looked in mine we were
in a daze just stuck there . she was going to get my sisster
up when we crashed into each other & ended up like this
with my cock in her wet cunt an inch laying on top of her , we
just layed there staring at each other , then I could not
stop my self I trust my hips into her & pushed my cock
into her pussy tell my cock was nut's deep she gashped
& rapped her leg's around my waist I pulled her
towel open so when I layed my chest on her I could feel her
big breast against me then I started thrusting in &
out of my moms hot pink pussy we were both lost in excistie
, I humped my mom uncontrolable tell my hip's tightend
up & my body went stiff as my cock exploaded deep in her
cunt for 10 minutes before I went limp & fell on top of
my mom we were both gashping hard & mom was clinging
to me tight I could feel her pussy spaseming on my cock then
we both came back to realety , I pulled out of her & got
off & helped her to her feet I went to my room she went
& got my sisster up .
Oh my god did that just happen did I just fuck my mom &
pump her full of my cum?

I was standing in the middle of my room in a daze staring at
my half limp cock my leg's were all shaky & my cock
was wet& shiny with my mom pussy juice , the head of my
cock my cum allover it & some was oozing out of it's
I was replaying it all in my head as I stood there,
wow my moms pussy huged my cock so tight I thought it would
feel like a wet wallerd out slopy hole, god her pussy &
pink gash looked so big & slopy , her meaty lip's
would hang out of her at least 2 inches & ran 3/4 the lingth
of her
big gash and the entrance to her hole would be gaping open
like a cock the size of my arm had just fucked her when I would
see her bent over at the dryer ,
Man was I wrong it was worm & snug & I wanted it again
& soon .
Then I heard my sisster ask my mom what is that
slimmy milky stuff comming out of your pussy ,
Mom said oh this happens some times when a women
gets older, my sisster said why my mom said it just does and
when you get older you will under stand.
I could hear my mom comming down the hall to my
room as she told my sisster to get some thing to eat, then
she steeped in my room closing the door behind her, I could
see her big meat pussy lip's hanging out of her with
my cum oozing & dripping off them, as she walked up
to me
& put her hands on my shoulders smilled & winked
at me saying we need to talk ,
she kissed my forhead & put her forhead on mine
as we both looked down at my half limp cock that was wet with
both are juices the head of it was only 3 inches away frome
her pussy I put my hands on her hip's & pushed my
hip's forward tell the head of my cock tuched the start
of her slit , she spread her leg's slightly so that just
the head of my cock was in her slit it was worm & wet &
felt awsome , we both let out an Mmmm as mom said you can't
tell any one what happend or she would get in a lot of truble
and me & my sisster would have to go live with dad &
she would not be able to see use for a long time,
I promiced her it would be are secraet .
Then I pulled moms hip's to me & my cock slid down
her slit I could feel her big meaty lip's gangling around
the sides of my hardening shaft
she moand & kissed me on the mouth and pushed her tongue
in my mouth , I could feel my cock getting harder as it arched
upward I felt the head of my cock push up into the opening
of her hole about 2 inches she moand and huged me tight
as she sarted rocking her hip's my cock would slid out
of her hole along her gash tel just the head was starting
to come out then back in it would slid very slow my mom was
making love to my cock , we were moaning & groaning into
each others mouths we softly humped like this for about
5 minutes ,
she was realy moaning and getting hot& wet as my hard
shaft rubbed on her hard clit ,
she was so hot it was stinging my cock , I was lost to the hole
world it was like bliend & couldn't hear any thing,

Then mom said oh god I am going to cum then she raized her leg's
up and rapped them around my waist my cock went all the way
in her as she slid down & was empaled on my hard cock,
I could feel her juices running down my balls.
I said mom you feel so good I am about to cum too,
mom said oh my god you feel so good in me and I havent felt a
hard cock in my pussy in 3 year
we were just sarting to cum together when my sisster called
for my mom ,
my mom said oh fuck not now I am cumming damb it
oh god as she unrapped her leg's I squirted once
in her as she steeped back & wimperd & squirted
her self as the head of my cock popped out over her clit , mom
turnd to go & I saw her gush cum down her leg's and
I shot another jet of cum out
as mom reached for the door knab & grabed it she bent
over slightly exposing her pink gash to me as my cum splashed
on her ass she wimperd again & her cunt squirted I said
oh mom I can't stop as I grabbed her ass & slambed
my cock into her she gasp ohhhh arched her back as we both
jurk & spasemed & came we were locked together
grunting & moaning we couldn't move we were lost
in pleaser my sisster was comeing down the hall as are climaxes
stop , mom stood up pulling of my throbbing cock & opend
the door to meet my sisster as she opend it what do you want
mom said , my sisster looked at my hard cock that was all wet
& slimmy with cum running down it ,
she said what you doing mom as she looked at my cock then at
my moms pussy & leg's that were oozing & wet
with my cum she looked back & forth
at me & my mom several times .
Then my mom said I was talking to your brother
why , my sissters eyes were darting from my cock to my mom
pussy I could see she was dazed & excited ,
as my mom pulled my door shut I heard my sisster
ask my mom why his dick was hard & slimmy & coved
with the same milky stuff that was comeing out of her.
Mom said well I forgot I didnt have any panties on when I sat
on your brothes lap & his dick went inside my pussy by
accedent that is why his dick was coved with her slimmy pussy
my sisster gasped oh my god did it hurt, my mom giggled saying
no it felt good , realy my sisster ask whats it feel like,
well its hard
but soft & worm and makes you tingle allover, my sisster
said mom my pussy gets wet & tingles when I see his big
hard dick why , well a woman
gets tuned on when she sees a big hard dick & her body
needs to feel it inside her & when a man sees a womans
pussy they need to put it in them & it is a human urge that
men & woman have.
my sisster said oh I know I seen his big hard dick poking out
of his boxers yesterday when he was sleeping on the chair
& my pussy got all worm & wet tingling and I wanted
to pull my panties off get on it so bad but I was scard he would
get mad.
mom is ok if I go feel his big hard dick in side my pussy right
now , mom said god no it is not,
why you did, ya but it was an accedent & mothers &
sons & sissters & bothers were not supose to do
that only mom & dads did that ,
and it was against the law to have sex with your children
or for brothers & sissters ,
mom told my sisster she could not tell any one what happend
& why just like she did me .
my sisster said she would never tell any one
she didn't want mom to go to jail .
my sisster said but god mom his big dick looks like it would
feel so good in my pussy can I please have him put it in me I
wont tell any one
I promice, mom said no your to young tiny it would hurt her
to much that she could when she got older.
my sisster ask why would it hurt her if it felt good to you
& didn't hurt you ,
M y mom then told her about her verginaty ,
my sisster how old do I have to be when I can have him put his
big dick in me , mom said when your 14 that is when I first got
fucked by my
18 year old couisen ,
My sisster said gess thats a years can I please do it sooner
mom please oh can I can I please,
Mom said when your 14 , my sisster said ok but it, s not fare
& ran to her bed room,
I put my shorts on walked out in to the hall , I looked in my
sissters room she was naked looking at her self in the mirrow
Iwas struck dume as iwathed her she was beautiful her pussy
had a little tufft of blond pubic fuzz on it it was only big
as a quirter , Then she layed on her bed lifted her knees up
& spread them & started to fingger her pussy I watched
as she wimperd & came , I wanted to walk in and stuff my
cock in that tiny cunt she was fingger fucking , I had my hard
cock out walking toward her when my mom
called for me she loooked up & saw me standing there
just inside her door with my hard cock in my hand she smilled
at me & said you want to put that big thing in my pink pussy
dont you, I knoded yes , as I turned to go see what my mom whanted
I said you do to , she giggled & shook
her head yes like a little kide does when you ask them if they
want a peace of candie.
I huged my mom & said I wanted to fuck you like that every
time you bent overgetting your panties out of the dryer
with you pussy bare & gaping open at me , she said I hoped
you would just walk up & stuff your cock in me & fuck
me hard & cum in me like I seen you cum when you were jacking
off a year a go when I saw you in your bed room squirting cum
out so hard. I wanted to feel your hard cock squirt in me that
hard, I laught & said I was wishing it was you
that I was cumming in & she giggled & reached up
grabbed my cock through my shorts , oh my god it's still
hard as she stroked it a few times then pulled it out licked
up & down my shaft then sucked it in to her mouth and sucked
on it like she was hungry and hadent eaten in a long time ,
I only lasted 5 minutes before I came in my moms mouth she
moand when it squirted in her mouth & drank it all she
licked my dick clean
looked up at me & said good boy , got up kissed my cheek
saying I have to go shoping , and went to take a shower &
get dressed , as she walked away frome me I stared at her bare
ass & her pussy lip's hanging down with my cum hanging
off them wow what a turn on .
I was draind & tiered I floped on the couch and went to
sleep .
I woke up when my mom & sisster got home from the store
, they were in the kitchen putting the groseries away .
I went into the kitchen to help them , I was starving so I made
a sandwitch & sat down & eat it & watched them
put stuff away .
they both had on sundresses that just coved there asses
by only3 or 4 inches , my mom reached to put some thing away
up high she didnt have on any panties there was that pink
pussy in all it's glory . my dick throbbed in my shorts,

then my little sisster bent over to put something in the
fridge & her little ass didn't have panties on
it eather, her little clam was smilling at me , my cock was
starting to ack again to fuck one of them but my lust leand
toward my sissters tiny pussy , I was staring at my sissters
tiny clam thinking how tight it would be on my cock , my mom
said hey stop that
at me , I looked at my mom she saw me staring at my sisster little
bare pussy , mom shook her fingger at me no no you cant tuch
I smilled at her & shook my head ok , then she came over
& wisperd in my ear you can fuck me any time you want but
don't you dare fuck your little sisster , I said ok ok
mom I am going to
sleep with you tonight then , she said ok but after your sisster
goes to sleep ,
that night my mom showed me how to eat a pussy & all the
right spots to lick & suck on ,
we did a 69 tell she squirted in my face & I shot cum in
her mouth , I fucked her laying on her with her leg's
rapped around my waist , I fucked her& sucked on her
big nipples like this for an hour before I came deep in her
pussy she came & squirted on my dick about 4 times before

i did we lay there together breathing hard locked
to each other, I rolled off my mom & she licked my cock
clean then layed her head on my chest & softly stoked
my dick, she said god you are such a good boy mommy hasn't
cum that hard in years,
my dick was starting to get hard so mom sucked it tell it was
rock hard again , mom got on her hands & knees & I
mounted her from behind & I fucked her for another hour
before I filled mom with cum , mom came & squirted several
time wimpering & moaning , I colapsed fell off &
out of my mom steaming gash on to the bed she fell next to me
we lay there for a long time basking in the after glow, finnaly
i recoverd enough to kiss my mom good night & got up my
leg's were week & shaking as I went back to my room
I looked at my mom laying on her bed with her leg's spraled
out her cunt was gapping open my cum was puring out of her
gapping hole down her big meat lip's into the crack
of her ass , then I headed for my room knowing my mom was now
my cock whore and I could fuck her hot pink gash
any time my dick got hard, I smilled I was in heaven as I fell
I woke up early the next hearing my mom in the kitchen making
coffe & geting her launch ready
for work , she had to work on sundays.
I had a throbbing hard morning wood so I jumped out of bed
went to the kitchen so I could melt it my moms pussy before
she left for work . when I got to the kitcheen my mom was naked
I guess she figured why should she worry about it now that
my cock had explored every inch of her body.
She heard me turn her head said morning and good morning
to you too as she milled at the big lump in my boxers then turn
back to finnish getting her launch together, she ask me
what I was going to do today as I opened my boxers freeing
my throbbing cock and walked up behind her rapping my arms
around her giving her a huge, mom was just the right highth
the head of my cock slid down the crack of her ass into the
hole of her pussy
she moand as just the head was inside her, I don't no
I said as she rocked her hips up & pushed back tell I was
buired to my nut's in her
she reased up arched her back leaning her head on my shoulder
as I cuped her breast in my hands,
her hair was wet & she smelled freash & clean
she kissed my cheek as slowly rocked my hips humping with
long deep stroks .
She said oh baby you feel so good as she moand god I wish I had
more time for this baby but I have to stop now so I can get ready
for work , sorry baby as she pulled off my throbbing dick
, but mom I was allmost ready to cum , she kised me on the mouth
pushed her tongue in kissing me hard & deep & said
I am sorry baby I will make it up to you when I get home giving
my cock a sqweez with her hand as she left to get dressed for
work .
I was sanding in the kitchen with a big throbbing booner
my balls were starting to ack so I went to moms room to try
one more time .
She was bent over putting on her panties I grabbed her hips
slambed my cock in hard my body slaped against her she wimped
& started to hump my cock , then she jumped away from
me breathing hard say no I don't have time baby you will
have to what , I said come on mom you want it I know you do you
can be late. no I can't she said I was warend not to be
late again or I would lose my job, she pulled her panties
on & her top ,
I was full of lust I couldn't controle my self
I needed her now I grabbed her around the waist
pulled her panties to the side & thrust my rageing hard
on into her I started fucking wiledly she was moaning no
no no trying to get free of me I was jack hammering her pussy
I was starting to cum the head of my cock swelled up read to
squirt , then mom elbowed me in the stumach knocking the
breath out of me , my cock came out of her fast as I dubbled
over , she said oh baby I am so sorry but I dont have time I want
it as bad as you do but I can't lose my job, she kissed
my forhead saying I will fuck the shit out of you as soon as
I get home , I am going to fuck you hard & long tell you
cant fuck any more and your dick wont get hard any more if
it takes me all night long to do it , she was mad there was fire
in her eys , she was dressed kissed me & ran out the door
my dick was throbbing one squirt of cum was oozing down my
shaft I whipped it off into my mouth put my cock back in my
boxers . went to the kitchen seat in a chair eating cereal
poutting .
When my sisster came skipping in to the kitchen
her skimpy little undies , weres mom as she sat on my lap giving
me a hug good morning , I rapped my arm around waist pulling
her little ass to my crouch tight as I hugged her saying she
left for work allready , my hard dick pushed through the
opening of my boxers as I was pulling her small firm ass to
my crouch , she started sqwerming as the head of my cock strand
at her panties trying to enter her tiny clam,
she tried to get up but I held her waist tight ,
when she came back down on my hard dick she inhaled deep as
the head of my cock pushed in her tiny tight hole an inch with
her panties , She grunted and froze, I could feel that just
the head was in her opening & the puffy outer clam walls
were worm and soft as they barly tuched the sides of the head
of my cock , I held her hips tight she moand as she leand back
on to my chest laying her head on my shoulder her tiny nippls
were hard .
I held her hip with one hand and ran the other up her hard firm
little belly under her T shirt & rubed her tiny mounds
her hard little niples felt like pop corn seeds. she moand
saying mom said I had to what tell I was older I don, t wan't
to get her mad at me , I said I wont tell if you don't.
She gigled & got all excited said ok let me up so I can
take my panties off so you can stuff that big hard dick in
my little pussy, I let go of her she kissed my cheek jumped
up tore her shirt off
she was sakking with excitment & giggling oh god I cant
what to feel it in me, she could hardly get out of her panties
fast enough, as she bent over pulling down her panties the
crouch of her panties were pushed inside her little clam
and her lips were closed around them so I couldn't see
it tell she pulled down fare enought pulling her panties
free of her pink hole ,
my cock throbbed when I saw her tiny opening.
I jurked my shorts off as she kicked her panties off with
a fast kick , I leand back in the chair sliding my hip's
forward on the seat so she could get my cock in her all the
way to my nut's ,
she sqweeld and pranced up& down with excitment
when she looked at my hard cock as I was getting in possition
for her , she reached out put her little sakking hands on
my shoulders as she steeped one foot up on the chair next
to my hip I grabbed her ancle as she steepd up with the other
leg & put her little foot on the other side of my hip ,
god her little tiny pussy looked so fucking awsome , she
was qwivering with excitment as she sqwauted down her pussy
was dripping juices on my cock I reached around her leg grabbed
my cock & linde it up with her tiny dripping pussy my
cock was oozing pre cum like a river & I to was shakkking
with excitment
then my purpel swelled mushroome head of my cock pushed
into the entrans of her tunal, she stoped as just the head
was inside her tight hole she hissed oh my god its so big &
hot and groand as her hip's twitchd I felt her tight
hole clinch on to the head of my cock it allmost hurt it was
tight and I thought she was going to pinch the head of my cock
off before it losend back up my cock throbbed making the
head of my cock expand she wimperd oh god that felt awsome
I could feel her juices runing down my cock she started to
ease down my hard shaft , god it was so tight I thought my dick
was going to bend my cock was shakking as it strand to stay
staight as she lowerd down she stoped when the head of my
cock hit her himen she grunted say ouch . god her pussy was
so tiny my cock looked huge between her leg's the puffy
outer pussy walls were streached so tight around my shaft
it mad my cock look like it was 4inches thick in her tiny clam
. god it was encreadable as she humped up& down half
my cock we both shouck with pleaser
she humped up& down for 5 minutes then wimperd
&came with a little squirt that ran down my cock and
dribbled off my nut's , when she cought her breath she
said that felt better than any thing she had ever felt then
she hissed again and moand oh god I want it all in me with a
fast up thrust she took a deep breath & slambed back
down I felt my cock tare through
the film as she empaled her self clear to my nut's she
cryed out in pain & sqweezed me tight with her arm &
softly wimperd in my neck for several minutes tears driped
on my shoulder.
I rubbed her back softly up & down & ask you ok siss
, ya it's starting to not hurt now just don't move
yet she would wimper every time my cock throbbed in her ,
I felt some thin trickleing down my balls it was worm . I soon
found out it was blood , then I felt something on the head
of my cock that I hadent felt in moms pussy the head of my cock
felt like it was pushing against a pucked ass hole , latter
new that was her cirvix , she was so tiny & shallow
my 6inch cock was hitting her cervix .
she set up looked at me & started to hump up down again
, oh yeas its feeling good now god you feel so big and good
I don't want you to every take it out I Laught saying
well we will look funny walking around school like this
don't you think , she giggled saying I don't care
it feels so good I don't want it to stop & we laught
& giggeled I said siss I don't want it to stop eather
you feel so good then I stood up she rapped her arms &
legs around me , I walked with her tiny body rapped around
me & empaled on my cock to my bed layed down with her and
started humping her slow all the way out then back tell my
nuts stoped me , she held on tight
with her legs still rapped around me she came & squirtd
again with only about 10 strokes , I was getting ready to
cum & started humping into her hard & fast she was
wimpering & moaning with every thrust she came again
then she realy came hard when my hot cum exploaded in her
she gushed & squirted so hard it squirted up are bellys
half way to are chest that were smashed into each other we
both jurked & twitced out of control my cock squirted
for at least 5 minutes before it stoped we both held each
other breathing hard my dick spaseming in her & her
tiny tight pussy spaseming on my cock it must of been 10 minutes
before it all stoped & I could roll off her , she looked
at me with big eyes and ask what was that hot stuff that squirted
in me it felt out of this world & turned me inside out
I thought I was going to pass out and my belly & inside
my pussy tingled so bad I thought I was going to piss all over
your cock , then that big joilt hit me so hard I couldnt breath
or move so stiff then my pussy squirted and I didn't
know were I was any more all i new was my pussy was on fire &
tingled and every time your hot stuff splashed in my pussy
it would make that joilt shot through my hole body my god
that was way better than the first one that made me tingle
alover in the kitchen .
I told her that what I squirted in her was cum & it felt
as good to me as when she did , hu she said when you squirted
so hard you were cumming ,
she giggled oh shit I thought I pissed on you , I laught no
siss you came just like mom she looked shocked , then she
looked down at my cock seeing it all slimmy & milky with
are juices .
she huffed oh my god mom lied to me she told me
yesterday that , I put my fingger to her lip's &
told her what happend , she reached down & stroked my
cock as I told her about it my dick was getting hard again
, I told her to suck on it & it would get real hard so I could
fuck her again , oh my god goody she said as she went down and
sucked as much cock in her mouth as she could . I grabbbed
her hips pulling her over my face , she went wild when I sucked
on her clit, she bucked & sucked like a wild out of control
animal when she came squirting all over my face
she fell on top of me like she had passed out , she rased her
head are you going to fuck me know
, I got up & fucked her doggy god her pussy was so fucking
tight I only lasted a half hour before I blasted a big load
of cum in her , she came about every 5 minutes & came real
hard when i was cumming we colapsed on to the bed together

she said oh that felt so good I want to feel it &do it again
but I dont know if I can take any more I might die, I laught
& she giggled.
we layed like that for about an hour my dick was limp &
just barely hanging in her tiny opening
I could feel it start swelling again ' as my cock grue
it slowly start getting deeper in her pussy , she moand &
rocked her hip's cokesing it to get stiffer tell it
was fully hard inside her,
I rollled to my back rolling my sisster with me with her empailed
on my hard cock , she put her feet on the bed her hands on my
knees & sqwuited up & down my hard pole it was awsome
to watch as my cock slid in & out my cock looked so big
In her tiny pussy it was amazing her little pussy lips looked
like they were streached to the limat she came a few times
I watched her cum run down my shaft I felt it run over my balls
down the crack of my ass , she spun around with my cock still
in her and layed on my chest & we humped slow into each
other for an hour before I empted my cum in her again I don't
no how many times she came but it was several times
we fell a sleep after fucking 31/2 hours , she was laying
on top of me with my cock buired in her when we went to sleep
. we were both woken up by mom screaming oh my god what are
you two doing my mom started to chew on use my sisster
snaped back her mom your such a hipacreet were doing the
same thing you did with him yesterday , she was speachless
my sisster climbed off me my cock fell out of her tiny pussy
with a big puddle of my cum mom eyes got big with panic when
she seen all the cum that oozed out of my sissters pussy ,
my sisster walk by my mom giving her a dirty look saying mom
you lied to me then went to the bathroom I heard her peeing
, mom gave me a dirty look & said oh god oh god I hope you
didnt get your sisster pregnant , my sisster came back in
the room mom told use about the birds & the bees ,
that night mom keeped her word she fucked me tell my cock
was sore & wouldnt get hard any more it took 6 hours, it
took her two hours to get me off the first time, she came so
many times the bed looked like some one had peed the bed,
she was laying on top of me with my limp cock in her 6 hours
after she sarted she humped my limp cock tell she was sure
it was not going to get hard again then she colapsed on top
of me saying fuck I thought I was going to poop out before
your cock did & giggled as she floped off me, I was so
drained I couldnt move & feel a sleep in the big wet spot
in moms bed.
Mom took my sisster to the docture the next morning to see
if she was pregnant she was
the Docture give her a shot to end it , mom had him put her on
birth control .
The Docture ask mom how it happend , my mom lied her ass off
she told him that my sisster was playing in fort we had made
in the woods & 16 year old boy that her daughter didn't
know ripped her clothes off & rapped her, she said my
sisster came running in the house with no clothes on crying
histaricly , mom said she ask her what happend & when
she seen the cum oozing out of her daughters vagina she new
she had better
get her in to make sure she had not been empregnated.
And mom my sisster & me fucked happaly ever after

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Wow, the spelling ang grammar were opoor, but the content
was unbelievable


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My gosh, what is this world coming to. A Family Affair!


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That was one of the best i've read on this site. You need
to do a sequal


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Can You Please Do A Follow Up, Real Soon!


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talk about sick jesus


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I don't agree with family's fucking, but man I
tell you that was some good ass reading. I had to stop twice
& finger fuck myself so I could finesh reading. PLEASE


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How many sisters do you have anyway. There seems to be a different
one loosing her virginity to you in every story. Makes me
think it's made up, but very erotic just the same. Though
would be weird if they all were true. And a bit disturbing.


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very well written excellent story


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wish i grew up in your house...all i had were the neighbor girls.

Brookings469ing, ahhh, the pleasures we desire!


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Damn I love sister/ mother/ brother stories..especially when they are that young..MORE PLEASE so I can keep cumming


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wow fantastic . love a nice close family