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Fact and Fantasy with Reality round the corner


This story was written initially for the two participants
and the basic outline of the story is a truthful account
of life’s events; while some of the sexual events are still
in the pipeline; however both Alec and Susan (names have
been changed) have once more become confidantes rather
than lovers, but in the hope of perhaps changing the parameters
I attempted to take it to another level. Susan has read both chapters and we are meeting for lunch
in an out of the way public house for lunch to talk…... All names have been changed as the combination of correct
first names and the life events would have been too obvious
to any who know the participants, even so there is still
something of a risk, but living without any risk in life
does tend to make the latter years boring.

Prime Instincts

Susan is alone in the house and after her shower she has just
a towel around her body. She switches off the hair dryer
just as the doorbell rings. Cursing she drops the still
hot blow dryer onto the bed and reaches for her wrap-around
skirt. Slipping a tee-shirt gently over her head she is
halfway down the stairs when the doorbell rings again.
“Alright-alright I’m coming.” she mutters “don’t get
your knickers in a twist” Its then that she realises she
had meant to slip her knickers on, and for a brief moment
she felt a tiny brazen thrill run through her mind at the
thought of being naked beneath her skirt. Unlocking the frosted glass panelled front door she swung
it open. Susan immediately recognised the man beaming a ready grin
he was a little short of six feet tall and a few pounds overweight
but he was working on that. The thick once dark hair now had
the salt and pepper sheen, although it seemed that there
was far more salt than pepper these days. The neatly trimmed
moustache added several years to the well worn weathered
face, but Alec just wouldn’t have been Alec without it.
It had been his trademark since he first began to shave several
decades ago now and he had used it initially to add years
to the once boyish face. The designer jeans fitted his frame snugly, a gift from
a son who had successfully slimmed his way out of them. The
open necked red polo shirt and heavy black fleece jacket
were his own; Alec had always been a red and black sort of
a man and still remains so today. “Hello darling and what do I owe the pleasure of your company.”
The look of pleasant surprise visible on her make-up free
face. Susan purred sweetly wondering what she must look
like with no make-up on, but her visitors beaming smile
belies any such thoughts as his eyes appear fixated on her
protruding nipples raised by the November chill blowing
in through the open front door. “Glad to see me, I gather.” He laughs easily raising his
eyes to hers. “Always glad to see you, you know that.” She quipped back
and covering her cold activated nipples with her arm. “Come on in, Coffee?” She asked stepping aside and closing
the door behind him. “And biscuits” He replies cheekily and placing the bulging
brief case down beside him. The two October born scorpios had a natural repartee that
spanned the decades and that few could understand, let
alone relate to. “Business or pleasure?” Susan nodded towards the leather
case. “With you my love it’s never business, you know that.” Susan laughed, “You never change do you?” Susan and Alec’s relationship went back several decades,
she was the eldest daughter of his first wife’s cousin and
Susan first sexual encounter had been with Alec when she
was still a teenager. It had been a brief but scary affair,
where despite Alec’s seniority he had learnt a lot from
the inexperienced but sexually inventive Susan who’s
naivety voided nearly all accepted sexual inhibitions.
It was the fear of eventual discovery that ended the all
too brief encounter and while Alec returned to those extra
marital options that carried a far lesser risk of detection,
Susan moved on with her life. It was several years later that they bumped into each other
once more and by this time both were married; Susan to Simon
and Alec for the second time to a one time school ‘friend’
of Susan’s, but that’s another story. The one off meeting was a mid-day drink spent reminiscing
about old times after which they drifted back into their
own existences. Alec however had felt the old memories
stirring his testosterone levels rejuvenating those
memories of years gone by, but despite Alec’s smooth talking
tongue, Susan’s naivety had long been overcome. Almost two more decades were to pass before they met again.
It was on the occasion of Susan’s mother’s funeral. Alec
and his eldest daughter Jacqui from his first marriage
who had a morbid curiosity with the daily obituaries had
learnt of Susan’s mother Brenda’s death. Brenda had looked
after Jacqui when she was a youngster and Jacqui felt that
they should attend the funeral. After so many years both Alec and Jacqui had changed, and
it took a while for recognition to bring forth smiles and
an invitation at the public house afterwards. Alec had been an avid genealogist for many years and revealed
that Susan’s mother’s side of the family had been thoroughly
researched and that she and her siblings of which there
were three others, were welcome to the information. The ensuing discussion revealed that Susan and her sister
Tasha were interested in researching their own fathers
family history and that they had collected a lot of verbal
as well as documented information from relatives still
living. Alec readily agreed to do the research and said he would
let her know how he got on. It was then when they exchanged addresses that they discovered
that they now only lived a mile or so from each other, but
as Alec’s wife knew of the earlier affair between Susan
and Alec it was not going to be conducive to telling her of
Alec’s intentions albeit they were innocent objectives.
A few weeks passed and Alec had by now already made several
careful visits to Susan’s with information gleaned from
the internet and in search of more family generated information.
They would lightly and humorously reminisce about their
affair of decades earlier recalling the near calamitous
misses that time had softened the once dread feeling of
panic, all this while collating and decimating the gathered
genealogical data. Alec however had never forgotten what he believed to be
what he termed his ‘coming out affair’ and even though they
were both considerably older and supposedly wiser Alec
often snuck a lustful glance whenever he could. Susan too held fond memories of her very first lover but
kept herself clear of Alec’s lustful eyes, She had always
been able to read him like a book, she was however not averse
to her own mild fantasy from yesteryear “Penny for them.” Susan smiled seductively as she handed
the steaming mug of freshly ground coffee and the small
pile of short crust biscuits. “For what?” He asked putting the mug onto the glass coaster
beside him. “Thoughts; silly” She laughed. “Oh yes, well you can have them for nothing but you would
need to get a good set of hair straightness.” Alec smiled
and gave a lecherous look deep into her eyes, smiling even
wider as he watched them close shutting out her own thoughts
from his intense stare. “Bastard.” She whispered before sitting in the single
armchair opposite him. “I know but you love it really.” Again a more humorous look
accompanied his quip. As Susan leant across to retrieve her own cup of coffee the
wrap-around skirt slipped open slightly revealing her
mound of pubic hair. Grabbing the right flap of the skirt and remembering she
hadn’t put any panties on, she quickly pulled it across
her slightly parted legs at the same time casting a furtive
glance at the man seated opposite, smiling inwardly as
she realised he hadn’t seen her mishap, and the steady thumping
in her chest quickly subsided. Alec had just managed to cover his erection with the plate
of biscuits, as the flash of dark pubic hair contrasted
with the creamy inner thighs had instantly struck him in
his groin area. The glimpse had been fleeting but revealing
and as he realised that he hadn’t been seen, left him in a
mild state of euphoria, almost like a contest where he had
scored an extra point. “Dear God.” He thought ‘how he would love to bury his face
between those luscious thighs and feel the brush of her
pubic mound against his lips.’ It was the dreamy lusting look in his eyes that made Susan
realise that Alec had in fact managed to see more than she
had imagined, and it was that thought that brought back
another round of heavy heart beating as she felt a small
trickle of moister dribble down her inner thighs. Her breathing
quickened slightly as she realised that she actually wanted
him to see more of her. The ever increasing licentious thoughts
ran ever faster through her mind. “Control, ” She thought to herself “Get control.” Even
as the thought settled into her mind she was all too aware
that she was about to play with a match amidst a sea of petrol,
and for once she didn’t care. ‘What the hell.’ The thought filled her mind. ‘You only
live once; and I remember just how great his tongue felt
inside of me.’ More memories of her youthful encounter
with Alec flooded from those memory cells, long suppressed
and now free returning in all its glory and in full colour.
The wetness of her vagina had become almost a flood and she
squirmed with pleasure that pulsated from between her
legs. “Are you ok?” Alec asked, as she wriggled her bottom deeper
into the armchairs seat. His own recollections combining
with thoughts of experiences he would love to share with
his old love raced through his own mind. Especially those
things that seemed taboo many years ago and are now so readily
acceptable by both men and women alike. “Fine and you?” Her voice was husky with emotion; while
her eyes seemed fixated on his mouth. “Jesus I need him to
use that tongue on me soon or I’ll pass out” The combination
of lewd thoughts ran like a stampeding herd of wild buffalo
through her aroused mind. “Genealogy?” She whispered breaking the deadlock of seeming
silence, “Yes of course.” He replied leaning forward to retrieve
his briefcase wondering for a moment what she had been thinking.
It was then when his head was lowered that Susan let her legs
fall wider apart allowing the wrap over skirt to fall open,
the dark wet area readily observable on the light beige
material beneath her buttocks. Alec’s head lifted just enough for his eyes to focus on the
slightly parted lips of her vagina crowned with the darkness
of Susan’s pubic hair, he noticed the damp patch on her skirt.
He raised his eyes until they met Susan’s the glazed look
of intense lust made them sparkle. Without words her eyes
blinked acquiescence to his unspoken request. As Alec slipped to his knees Susan leant back sliding her
buttocks onto the edge of the chair. Her eyes closed as she
felt his hot breath mingle with the warmth of her wet vagina.
Alec kept his face a mere inch away from the ecstasy that
awaited him, drawing deeply into his lungs and nose the
heady musky aroma of her sex. “Please.” She whispered throatily. "Oh yes please."
Alec’s tongue gently brushed across the by now parted labia
deliberately avoiding the already protruding domed head
of her clitoris. He heard and felt the shudder of pleasure as it rippled through
her body as her legs spread further apart. He lapped greedily
at the flowing love juices of her throbbing vagina tasting
and swallowing as much as he could. The tip of his tongue flicked momentarily over the bulging
mound of her clitoris before easing its way across the inner
folds of her labia. Susan lifted the heels of her feet up
onto the chairs cushion and slid her bottom out over the
edge. Alec’s tongue moved further down pausing to draw the sweet
musky tasting fluid that flowed out of her orifice and downwards;
pausing long enough to reduce the flow as it moved across
the bridge between her vagina and the tiny puckered anus.
Then without any further pause the tip of his tongue brushed
and circled her tight arsehole. He felt her tighten momentarily
as his tongue teased it a little harder, and then relaxing
as the nerve ending anatomically created there brought
new and even more erotic vibrations coursing upwards through
her entire body. Susan was moaning now as the sexual sensations coursed
unchecked through her body. Her fingers had unconsciously slid inside her tee shirt
and sought out her nipples and she teased them pulling them
taut adding a modicum of pain to the pleasure emanating
from between her wide open legs. Alec’s once more moved up into Susan’s vagina the inner
lips had spread themselves wide open. Alec’s tongue eased
deeply into the warm silky hole releasing ever more of the
contained juices for him to lap up. Susan was panting now and murmured pleas were coming in
gasps. Alec eased his tongue to cover the now easily visible throbbing
dome of her clitoris and with his lips pursed round its circumference
he sucked gently like a sleeping child on a mother’s breast.
Susan’s hands were clamped firmly around his head in the
knowledge that he was not going to move it until she was satisfied.
Sucking gently and caressing her clitoris with his tongue
Alec fingers caressed the open labia easing his fingers
in and out of her lubricated vagina. As Susan rocked with
pleasure Alec eased off each time he felt she was ready to
explode, before bringing her back again up the mountain
of lust. His fingers probed even deeper into her, and he brushed
the small finger of his hand across the puckered mouth of
her anus, again a momentary tightening of her muscles as
his thin digit slid just inside her arsehole. She relaxed
as the intrusion became acceptable and as all Alec’s fingers
moved in and out of her orifices she gasped as even more pleasure
raged through her as the tiny finger up her anus found nerve
endings she never dreamt existed. Alec’s tongue worked in unison with his fingers as Susan
crept up the mountain not wanting Alec to stop this time
Even with his head buried between her wide open thighs Alec
heard the gasps of “Let me come, oh yes please let me come”
With his fingers deep inside her vagina and his finger as
far into her bottom as it would go, his tongue took her to
the summit, hanging there until every pleasure fibre in
her body exploded in a mass of brightly coloured lights
as her brain accepted the inevitability of her orgasm.
She felt a surge of wetness that ran between her legs and
down her thighs as her bladder loosened insuring Alec’s
own unaided ejaculation inside his unopened trousers.
Susan eased his mouth from her unbelievable tender clitoris
and yet Alec continued to lap greedily at the open vagina
while he eased his fingers from inside her, leaving his
small finger in her anus until last. Finally she lifted
his head up to her own and she kissed him deeply on the mouth
the aroma and taste of her sexuality adding even more to
the pleasure and fulfilment. “Dear God that was better than I can ever recall.” She whispered
“but it was all me I never even touched you, God I am so sorry.”
“Nothing to be sorry about it was as great for me; I get far
more pleasure out of making you come than I get coming, believe
me.” “So you say, but I still feel guilty about it.” She murmured
snuggling her head into his chest. “Oh my God look at your trousers.” She squealed leaping
up. Alec looked down at the large semen stain that had soaked
through his underpants and the tan coloured trousers.
“Its ok I’ll change when I get home.” He said graciously,
pulling her back down onto his chest. “Your wife’s not stupid, she’s bound to spot it when she
does the washing, here take them off and I’ll sponge them
down.” Before Alec could argue she had his belt and zipper undone
and was tugging his trousers off over his ankles. “What if someone comes?” A small tremor of panic obvious
in Alec’s voice. “Hubby’s working away in Glasgow all week.” She smiled,
and my daughter is in Majorca on holiday so we are on our own.”
“What about friends?” calmer now but still a little apprehensive
his voice carried into the kitchen where Susan was rubbing
the damp patch with a damp cloth. “Doors are locked and curtains can be closed so come on get
your knickers off as well.” She laughed loudly as Alec slipped
embarrassingly into the small kitchen. “Shorts not knickers.” he grinned stepping out of them,
and kicking them up into his hand with his right foot.” “Not such a big boy now are we.” she laughed staring lovingly
at his limp penis. “Not as young as we used to be.” He quipped back at her his
eyes fixed once more on her aroused nipples. This time there
was no icy draft to blame. With his damp trousers and hand washed shorts on the drying
frame and a blow heater blasting towards them, he leant
back against the sink feeling the warm air from the heater
wafting up under his balls. “Warm air works then?” Susan grinned cheekily as she pointed
out, as the limp member thickened slightly “Would a hot
mouth work even better.” She added reaching for Alec’s
prick. “Not sure if I could manage twice in one day let alone twice
in two hours.” He murmured his mind trying desperately
to encourage his prick to raise its near dormant head. “Well let’s have a coffee first and see if you can recover.”
Susan smiled mischievously pushing him out of the kitchen.
Alec grabbed the hand towel as he stumbled back into the
lounge. “Shy as well, are we?” Susan roared with laughter. The coffee came piled high with cream from a spray can. “A special treat for a special guy.” She said smiling broadly
a knowing look spread all across her face. Alec never even suspected what the gritty bits were in the
coffee might be, he thought perhaps the grinder hadn’t
been left on long enough, but didn’t pass any comment even
when he noticed the tiny blue flecks in the bottom of the
empty mug. There were so many variations in coffee’s these
days. Susan still sat opposite him with her skirt just open enough
for him to catch momentary glimpses of her dark pubic hair
and the occasional sight of her still wet and open labia.
He felt the warmth ripple through his body as his heart rate
slipped up a tiny notch his groin seemed to have developed
a mind of its own. He couldn’t help noticing that Susan seemed
engrossed in the small hand towel that covered his modesty.
Putting her own empty coffee mug she had been nursing for
half an hour she leant back in her armchair opening her legs
wide. The vision of the pale pink glistening vagina brought an
instant reaction to Alec’s groin he winced as the hardness
of his erection felt momentarily painful and yet exhilarating.
“My turn.” Susan said sliding forward off the chair and
onto her knees in front of him, whipping the towel away with
a wild gleam in her eyes. Her left hand felt cool as it cupped
the tight hard warm testicles, while the small right hand
gripped the lower half of his extra hard penis. Alec gasped as her warm breath blew across his distended
knob and again when her liquid mouth encompassed the blue
bulbous head. Susan’s lips slip lusciously over the tender
rim, the tip of her tongue probing deeply into the tiny open
mouth; its sticky sweet sap easing out in a tiny but steady
stream of lubricating love juice, which Susan spread round
the inside of her mouth before swallowing it and gently
drawing more up along the shaft sucking like a baby draining
a bottle of its milk. Susan’s head began moving regularly up and down the shaft
Alec could feel the end of his penis touching the back of
her throat, Her teeth drew up the shaft then sawed gently
on the tender rim of his prick, Alec’s nerve ending were
in turmoil as he fought to endure the fantastic sensations
than threatened to explode inside his head and his cock.
Grasping Susan’s head he eased it from the mixture of torment
and exhilaration that was in danger of becoming unbearable,
Lifting her face to his their mouths connected, the sweet
taste of his juices mixed with her saliva tasted like nectar.
His hand slid between her eager open legs his fingers were
quickly drenched with her body juice he probed deeply into
her open cunt. Easing her gently to the floor, he lay on top
of her. The dome of his penis brushed the welcoming labia
before Susan clamped her legs together. “No please Alec don’t fuck me up there, it’s just that if
you actually fuck me up my cunt, I will have committed adultery
and as much as I want to love you I just can’t do that. Strangely enough Alec understood and instead let his hardness
slide up and across her stomach sandwiching it between
them. “It’s ok I understand, there’s plenty of other options”
She squeezed him tightly to her, grateful for his understanding.
“I really enjoyed your finger in my bottom earlier.” She
said wistfully. “I thought at first it would be painful
but it really did turn me on.” “Do you want …” before Alec could finish speaking Susan
clamped her mouth over his with an “Hmmm” sound that could
have meant anything. Alec being the man he was took it for a yes, or at least a ‘let’s
see how far we can go with it.’ With their tongues intertwining
Alec slipped his hand back between her once more open legs,
again stroking the tiny bulging penis like head of her clitoris
until she was gasping in pre orgasm. As he had done earlier
his small finger circled the tiny puckered mouth of her
anus, this time there was no tightening of apprehensive
muscles just a slight raising of her legs in a welcoming
gesture to the thin digit. She mumbled with pleasure as
Alec slid the small finger in and out of her now not so tight
arsehole. As she relaxed to the ecstasy of it. Alec exchanged
fingers first to the slightly thicker index finger which
Susan readily accepted, and then to the longer and even
slightly thicker forefinger. Susan’s fingernails dug
deeply into her lovers back marking but not breaking the
skin. “More; push it in deeper.” she murmured her back arching
in an attempt to make Alec’s accessibility to her arsehole
easier. Alec combined his index and forefingers together before
easing them into the relaxed hole. “It’s fantastic.” Susan whispered “Put your prick up inside
me now.” The tone in her voice was almost begging.” Alec slipped her legs over his shoulders lifted her buttocks
off the carpet. With his right hand he rubbed his own dribbling knob over
her now well lubricated arsehole, before gently leaning
forward the thick rounded head resisted at first and as
it slid into her he felt her muscles involuntarily tighten.
He lay still not moving it one way or another, after a few
seconds he felt the muscles of her anus relax and the remainder
of his penis shaft slid easily into her eager rear passage.
She gasped as it filled her hole completely, and they once
more lay still, unmoving until her anus accepted the intrusion.
With slow gentle strokes Alec eased his swollen cock slowly
in and out of her bottom. Moans of pleasure accompanied
it each time it reached its full stoke deep inside of her.
“Do it hard please?” She muttered into his ear “Come on really
fuck my arse, I want you to shoot your spunk deep inside me.”
Alec was momentarily surprised, this was Susan like he
had never known her before; all inhibitions were gone nothing
seemed to matter except climaxing together. Alec began pushing harder. “Wait a moment.” She begged “Let me bend over. “ She eagerly
slid away letting Alec’s prick slip completely out of her
anus. Scrambling quickly onto her knees she spread her legs and
pushed her buttocks back towards him. On his knees behind her Alec could easily see the once tiny
puckered mouth was now a reddened open mouth dribbling
with the juice from his own cock that ran into her open vagina.
With his hands gripping her waist he slid easily and even
deeper up her arsehole. She gasped and she opened her legs even wider in an attempt
to gain the extra few millimetres of his rock hard penis.
As he began thrusting up her she slid her own hand down between
her legs rubbing her clitoris in accompaniment to his thrusting.
“Now. Now” she squealed as Alec’s plunging reached a crescendo.
Alec felt his balls releasing it’s pent up sperm and felt
it as it raced up the stem of his prick. Susan’s own orgasm reached its climax as Alec’s spunk flooded
into her extended swollen anal passage. It took just four more strokes to empty Alec’s sacks and
exhausted they collapsed onto the carpet. Alec’s limp
penis still stuck inside Susan’s arsehole. Lying side
by side with Susan’s backside in Alec’s lap He reached for
the towel he had used to cover his modesty and slipped it
beneath them. As they lay there gasping for as much life giving oxygen
as they could Alec felt a twinge once more in his prick. Disbelievingly
he slipped his hand between them His cock had begun to swell
yet again and he began stroking it in and out of the arsehole.
Susan feeling it swell up eased herself forward until the
aroused member slid out and into the light. “Not had enough has he?” she asked with an all too knowing
look spread over her flushed face. “I don’t believe it.” Alec said sliding his hand back and
forth over his now rock hard cock. “Let’s see what we can do to relieve it.” She said clambering
up onto her knees and once again holding his balls in one
hand and the base of his cock in the other began fellating
his once more hungry knob. Let me suck you while you do that.” Alec begged. Susan readily agreed as both her cunt and arsehole were
in need of his soothing tongue. In a comfortable sixty nine
position with Alec flat on his back, Susan’s fanny dropped
easily onto his open mouth Alec sucked greedily on it before
easing the cheeks of her bottom forward until Alec was able
to see Susan’s bruised but satisfied anus slowly returning
to its normal size. He watched as his own semen dribbled
easily from her hole and his tongue teased it way back where
only a minute before his penis had erupted up into her arsehole.
The salty taste of his own spunk mixed easily with her cunt
juices and Susan moaned as his tongue eased the soreness
that had begun emanating from her battered anus. Her own head strokes moved from slow rhythmic strokes to
a steady beat fellating the once more rock hardened prick.
Alec’s balls tightening as even more sperm was generated.
Alec’s mouth once more covered the whole of Susan’s cunt,
sucking greedily at whatever juices remained, and his
tongue once more titillating the domed clitoris. Their third climax was not as explosive as the previous
ones had been; instead it slipped easily into the world.
Susan unable to control her bladder squirted a small jet
into Alec’s mouth guaranteeing that Alec’s ejaculation
coincided with her own climax. Feeling somewhat bruised
and battered but better than he could ever recall even in
his youth. He could never remember such a fulfilling experience.
Several times on the short drive home Alec felt like the
past five hours had been a dream that incorporated all those
wild fantasies that lurked deep within his mind.

Chapter 2 The sharp jangle of the telephone jarred Alec from his reverie,
his brain still was unable to disconnect from the previous
days events, even sleep had been difficult to achieve and
while the constant twitching in his groin was exhilarating
it was disconcerting. The thought of ever coming close
to achieving the fantastic highs as well as his ability
to achieve the sexual prowess he had managed to attain the
previous day was beyond his comprehension. He reached for the offending noisy object glancing briefly
at the tiny screen that denoted who was demanding his attention.
The ‘Call withheld’ that spread across the tiny screen
made his heart skip momentarily, as he knew it might just
be Susan ringing. “Hello.” his voice sounded hoarse as he sought to catch
his breath. “Can you talk?” an equally husky voice answered, Alec thought
that he caught the hint of desperation in her words. “Yes, I’m on my own.” Alec spoke just above a whisper glancing
round him just to make sure he really was alone. “I must see you, I really must.” A catch in her throat gave
Alec the impression that if he refused she would burst into
a flood of tears. “What on earth is the matter?” Alec asked hesitantly. “I can’t tell you over the telephone I just need to see you
as soon as you can get here.” Again the hint of anxiety was
evident in her voice. “Ok just give me twenty minutes and I’ll be round. Get the
coffee on, but forget the biscuits.” He added his heart
racing in a mixture of apprehension and anticipation,
and trying to guess, if or what the problem could be. Had
he injured her with his eagerness or was it an emotional
problem. His mind focused on the negative aspects which
was his usual take on when left to his own imagination. Alec completed his toileting with his usual douche, and
applying the moisturizing cream to his inner groin and
back side, he drove the mile and a half to Susan’s home; parking
around the corner out of sight of any passing friends or
family members. The front door opened even before his finger reached the
bell push. Their eyes met Alec knew instantly that his fears had been
misplaced; love and lust seemed to ooze from her expression.
His own eyes must have given off the similar vibes as her
eyes instantly reassured him. Shutting the door he noticed
that Susan had used very little make-up, the slight blush
to her cheeks were the result of her high excitement The
thin see-through blouse revealed that she was wearing
a red trimmed black brassier; he guessed that the elasticaated
skirt was hiding a matching pair of panties. The heady aroma
of Chanel No5 perfume added to the natural hint of rampaging
pheromones that exuded from her body. “Do I really need to explain why I telephoned?” She smiled,
her warm scented breath wafted over his face. “I can see.” Alec answered, his eyes indicating her erect
nipples that defied the brassieres attempt to hide them,
“But I would love to hear you describe the reasons in as graphic
detail as you can.” “I could but it would be much more erotic to actually show
you. I have been unable to think of anything other than to
admit I cannot get my mind to concentrate on anything else
but yesterday. My bum keeps tingling even though it feels
a little bruised I can’t seem to stop visualising your prick
sliding in and out of it. I know I said that I didn’t think
we should use my cunt, but I just can’t help thinking about
you inside of me.” Her face glowed as she spoke, as any inhibitions
she might have once had were gone completely. Alec leant
forward placing his hands on either side of her face and
pulling her towards him their mouths closed together.
Susan’s arms enveloped Alec’s upper torso. With slightly
open lips they drew each other breath into their lungs Susan’s
tongue was first to tease its way between Alec’s lips circling
the inside of his mouth dodging contact with his tongue
until he expanded his own tongue filling the inside of his
mouth. Even through his own shirt Alec was able to feel her hard
cherry-like nipples pressing against his own chest. It
was several minutes before they finally broke apart. “Your coffee is getting cold.” She smiled “The blue bit compound?” he enquired. Special Turkish blend for a special blend of a man.” Her
face carried the same mischievous grin that appeared to
be hiding a private secret. It took several minutes for the percolator to bring the
coffee back up to temperature. They stayed in the kitchen while Susan poured Alec’s coffee.
“Aren’t you having any?” Alec asked as she filled the solitary
mug. “Too strong for me, I prefer a milder blend, ” again he couldn’t
help but notice the tiny smile that flickered at the corner
of her mouth and a twinkle in her eyes. “Kiss me again.” She said taking the empty mug from his hand
and placing her hands behind his head. This time it was Alec’s tongue that probed deeply into her
mouth encircling her tongue like a tiny boa constrictor
trying to ensnare its prey. His right hand slipped the buttons
open on her blouse her brassier seemed to have been moulded
for her ample mammaries. Alec’s hands encompassed both
breasts his fingers teasing the engorged nipples through
the thin material of her lingerie. She flinched as he tugged
a little harder than he intended. Feeling abashed he released
her nipples and moving his hands around her back he attempted
to unclip the fastener on the bra. Susan’s hands clamped on his arms pulling them down from
her still connected straps. “Later.” she whispered conspiratorially and pulling
him by the wrist she led him into the lounge before turning
to face him and began kissing him again, cutting off any
attempt at speech. “Let me take you upstairs to the guest bedroom I want to show
you something that I know you will love.” “Alec’s questions went unanswered as she led him up the
stairs. The bedroom curtains were already drawn, but they
were thin enough to let the wintry sunlight illuminate
the bedroom. The heady perfume of burning candles filled
the room. The double divan style bed with a sturdy ornate
metal headboard was draped with an enormous fur fabric
throw-over that covered the entire bed. On one of the matching
bedside tables Alec attention was drawn to the variety
of aromatherapy oils and two love toys both anatomically
correct in every detail to an erect penis of believable
size. One he recognised was operated by battery power with
a sexual vibrator to add an extra zing when inserted. Susan turned to face him her eyes moving down his body until
they came to a halt at the bulge in his trousers. She read the unasked question, “I needed them whenever
I was alone for several weeksat a time. Hubby used to work
abroad a lot. “She added as an afterthought. Again Alec reached for the bra clip. And once more Susan eased his hands away. “Today is going to be your day” she laughed seductively
pushing him down onto the bed. “First of all I am going to undress you, and kiss you at the
same time, I may even bee tempted to molest you, if I feel
an impulse coming on.” Alec smiled; this was something so different, all his sexual
life he had taken charge leading the way cajoling his partners
into the different positions and acts, but always in total
charge of events. Alec couldn’t help but notice the impish gleam in Susan’s
eyes, and for a split second it sent a shudder of impending
apprehension through his body. As she slipped his shoes and socks off his feet his eyes focused
into the deep cleavage between her smooth silky breasts.
The thought of her hard nipples being caressed by his versatile
tongue only made his erection seem harder. His penis over the past two days had taken on a life of its
own, taking Alec to even greater lengths than it ever had
even when he once believed it was his brain that controlled
it; only now he realised that Susan and his prick were in
charge of his actions and all he had to do was soak in the bliss
the pair created for him. Susan agonizingly took several minutes to fold his shirt
and place in the bedroom armchair. As she slipped his trousers
to the top of his lifted thighs she paused and dropped her
open mouth over his engorged blue knob. Alec moaned in ecstasy
as she drew her teeth across its tender rim, her tongue probing
the tiny fish like mouth milking the sticky sweet fluid
that trickled up from his overfilled testis. Without removing
her mouth she eased his trousers and shorts off over his
feet. This time she threw them casually behind her onto
the folded shirt. Even as they were in flight her head dropped
forward sliding down the entire shaft of Alec’s prick,
Alec gasped and twitched involuntarily as he felt his knob
bottom out between her tonsils. Drawing her head back slowly
pausing to caress the head of his penis again until he felt
he couldn't hold back the flood of semen fermenting
in his balls. Susan once more pushed her head down until
her lips reached the bush of his pubic hair. Pulling her head off his throbbing knob she stood up and
unclipped the brassier letting her ample breasts out of
their captivity for Alec’s eyes to feast on, the dark nipples
sat in perfect aureoles daring him to suck and caress them.
They swayed gently as Susan leant towards him. Forcing
Alec back onto the bed she placed he still skirted knees
either side of his hips and let her breast brush across his
face deliberately avoiding his pursuing lips. Her hands
were clamped tightly on his wrists, as she continued to
torment him. Alec was begging desperately to be allowed access to her
wonderful tits Ignoring his pleas Susan began grinding
her hips up and down his groin the crotch of her panties wet
and sticky were dragged back and forth over his tingling
knob. “What is it you want to do.” she asked grinning at his disconcertion.
“Everything you can imagine.” he gasped “Everything?” “Just say it and I’ll do whatever you want.” Alec groaned
knowing he had lost all semblance of control. “You promise?” she asked her face had lost any hint of a smile
even her eyes carried a look of deadly intent. Alec felt a tremble of fear ripple through his mind, but
could only nod his head in acquiescence. Susan slid off his body and pulled his legs from the side
of the bed and into the middle until he lay full length down
the centre of the bed. The furry fabric had a sensual tone
that added succulence to Alec’s sensations. Carol slid open a small drawer on the bedside cabinet and
extracted several eighteen inch lengths of twisted curtain
ties. Grabbing Alec’s right wrist she quickly looped one
of the ties around it and through the top of the bed frame.
Alec’s attempt to protest was cut off as Susan leant her
chest across his face her right nipple fell magically into
Alec’s open mouth, Instinctively his mouth closed over
it and his suckling became more important than what his
teasing companion was doing. Pulling back off his body he attempted to hang onto the dark
nipple by suction alone. It popped from his mouth like a
champagne cork making a slapping sound as Susan's
breast reconnected to her body. Alec hands were now securely tied, and the devilish grin
that encompassed Susan's face did little to reassure
him of what her intentions were. Alec had never been in a position of total submission before
and in spite of the heady sexuality that surrounded them
both he felt a rising panic deep within him. “Now my lover are you ready?” She asked her eyes accompanying
the smile on her face. Alec felt the moment of dread subsiding
but replacing it was still apprehension, as his mind reversed
the situation and he began to visualise what he would be
able to do. Reading his mind. Susan giggled “I really do know exactly
what's going through your mind. And no I don’t think
we will ever do a role reversal on this one. It’s taken a lifetime
for someone to get you into this position and so you will
have to lay back and make the most of being controlled.”
Alec smiled relief flooded back into his psyche as Susan
leant forward and kissed him lovingly on his closed mouth
and squatting on his lap he could feel the wet warmth of her
crotch on his penis. Holding his face Susan kissed his eyes
and down over his face. Alec wanted desperately to be able
to hold her in his arms and make her kiss him deeply and erotically
and yet each time he tried to make contact with his tongue
she would ease herself away. Sliding down towards of the bed Susan paused to suckle and
gently bite Alec’s own aroused nipples. He winced as her
bites bordered on the edge of pain, before allowing her
saliva to soothe them. Moving further down his body she
all too briefly encompassed his dribbling penis draining
what juices bubbled from its mouth and making a show of enjoying
the taste of his penis sap. Alec watched in anticipation as Susan retrieved the pair
of rubber penises and stood with one gripped in her mouth
at the base of the bed. Slowly, all too slowly for Alec’s
taste, she eased herself out of the skirt, the pair of red
trimmed black square legged panties were visibly wet between
the legs a few hairs from her pubes showed wistfully above
the low waistline adding to the extreme sexuality of the
expensive lingerie. Once more she took an excruciating amount of time before
she finally stepped out of them. Kneeling on the bottom of the bed she leant forward holding
her wet panties up to Alec’s face “You would just love these to suck on, wouldn’t you?” she
smiled teasingly wafting them under his straining nose.
“Maybe if you’re a good boy you might just get your wish.”
Scrambling back down the bed she looped one of the leg holes
over his still dribbling cock. Alec watched intently speculating about what was coming
next. As Susan once more sidled up the bed only this time
she was on her knees and had her backside facing him. With
her legs spread wide apart Alec could see deep into her open
cunt its pink interior glistening with her own juices.
Her anus had returned to its beautifully puckered mouth
and it too glistened from a combination of Susan's
cunt juice and aromatic lubrication cream. With increasing fascination he watched as her hand holding
the largest of the pair of sex toys, her hand crept backwards
until the fleshy coloured knob was easing her labia apart
his eyes. Alec’s concentration focused intently as the
labia mowed apart and the false prick slowly disappeared
into Susan’s cunt, fluids congregated inside her sex hole
flooded round the intrusion until they smothered the fingers
gripping the base of the toy. A waft of her sexual aroma filled
the room and Alec’s trapped lags twitched in an attempt
to hold her. Thrusting the penis in and out of her cunt Alec
was absorbed by the rhythmic waves of her inner and outer
labia as they rode up and down the shaft. Susan’s breathing
increased with the plunging of her hands. “Please let me do it for you.” Alec implored. “Just watch.” She murmured back at him and resting her shoulders
on the bed she exchanged the right thrusting hand for the
left one. Her back arched higher as her right hand stretched
around the side of her spread buttocks with the slightly
thinner rubber penis clamped in her hand she placed its
more pointed end in the centre of the puckered anal mouth.
Alec tried desperately to move his head to the left to see
able to see what she was doing clearer. For several seconds
Susan eased the tip in and out of the mouth gently encouraging
it to relax and to open itself up to taking the object into
its own throat. Realising that it might not be as easy as
she had imagined Susan laid the penis aside and began using
her fingers like Alec had done the day before. Her arsehole drew the fingers in without any resistance,
and the wrinkles on the mouth grew less as the muscles relaxed.
In a few moments two fingers slid in and out of her arsehole
and Susan twisted them a circular motion reaming the inside
of her anus, tantalising the hidden nerve endings that
created an even greater arousal that the all too often used
vaginal ones. Panting now she easily placed the tip of the penis once more
on the now already gaping arsehole and it slipped easily
up into her anus as far as it could go. Holding it still until
the inner walls of her arsehole felt its intrusion was something
to enjoy, and it quickly and greedily accepted the increased
thrusts with a prick albeit false ones in each hole, both
felt tighter and Susan soon set up a rhythmic pattern that
soon had her climaxing almost continuously Alec could just watch feeling his own prick vibrating with
annoyance that it was not taking an active part. Susan withdrew both pricks from her holes before sliding
the bigger and now vibrating one deep into her back passage
until she located the recently discovered new ‘G’ spot
deep up inside her arsehole. Twisting the prick she located its prime point and leaving
the vibrator inside her she slumped forward across her
bound partner’s legs, her body shaking from a mixture of
exhaustion and erotic passion. Finally removing the buzzing
toy and climbing slowly off his legs, and off the bed Susan
sat in the armchair dropping Alec’s discarded clothes
onto the floor. “Well did you enjoy that?” She smiled provocatively at
him. Alec’s mouth was too dry to speak, but his head nodded and
his heavy breathing subsided along with hers. “Untie me now then” he said straining at his bonds. “Oh no not yet.” Another smile spread across the perspiring
face, “I still have plans for you.” Alec knew he desperately need to ejaculate his balls were
beginning to ache with pent up spunk, but he needed to be
in control. He knew he was out of his depth and it scared him.
Taking the still vibrating toy she teased it round his penis
head before sliding it down the shaft and beneath his tight
balls. They both knew where his erotic point was, Susan
had discovered it decades earlier and until know she hadn’t
sought to use it, but now Alec’s body was all hers to do with
as she liked. She pressed the tip if the vibrating prick
behind his balls and directly onto the site of his eroticism.
A few seconds later with her eyes fixated on the mouth of
Alec’s penis she controlled his jerking until she knew
he would erupt like a long overdue volcano. With pre come
increasing to its highest level she flipped the switch
and the vibrating died instantly. Alec’s prick jerked
spasmodically as if ejaculating but the volcano inside
that had been mere seconds away from sending its pent up
spunk soaring upwards now slipped back into the rumbling
miasma of Alec’s rock hard balls. “Alec was close to collapse “Please Susan Please let me
shoot my spunk. I need to come, ” he begged “Just relax for a while.” She said sliding off the bed I just
need to get myself a glass of water.” “Get me one as well, will you.” Alec asked. You can have a drink later.” She promised. When she returned Alec noticed a small but significant
bulge where she had drunk what must have been a fair amount
of water. “Now its time to relax you completely.” She said slipping
two more of the cords around Alec’s ankles leaving them
dangling. Alec’s questions were received with a quizzical knowing
look. “All in good time” she muttered as she filled the cups
in her hands with a selection of the aromatherapy oils.
The sensation of her small hands teasing the oils across
Alec’s chest, then his stomach and finally down each leg,
had a soothing and calming effect Susan made every single
muscle an object of her expert fingers. Alec had no idea
that she was a self taught expert masseuse. Lifting one leg at a time she anchored them close to his hands
lifting his buttocks into the air. Again with expert ease
she slid a pillow beneath his lower back for support It was then that she began working with the oils on the back
of his legs and his buttocks cupping his softer balls in
hands, the oils and massage returning the miasma of semen
back from whence they came. She seemed able to reach every
miniscule muscle. Alec jumped slightly as a colder cream
touched his own puckered anus; her tiny fingers massaged
its outer lips brushing occasionally across the tender
hole itself. Her thin finger when it slipped inside him took him by surprise
one second she was caressing the outer lips the next a pleasant
feeling of well being began to increase as the sexual nerve
ending within himself were being aroused. He was all too
aware that women had these erogenous zones and he had used
this knowledge to his own advantage, He had already experienced
the small cleansing pleasure that his daily anal douche
gave him. As well as the confidence of being clean internally
as well as externally was a good feeling, but what was happening
to him now was something entirely different. For a fleeting moment he felt a spasm of guilt, which subsided
as Susan’s finders explored every nerve ending area inside
of him sending spasms and surges throughout his body. His
penis pounded and his miasma boiled almost instantly.
The he felt her fingers retract from him and he wanted to
plead for more, but his mouth was to dry to speak. Before
he could utter a sound he felt pressure once more on his anus
and relaxed as Susan’s expected fingers once more explored
his inner sanctuary. He gasped just momentarily as the false prick slipped easily
inside his arsehole, before he was overwhelmed by the new
surges. A flash of fear followed the pleasure for a split
second he wondered if he would be gay afterwards, and shuddered
at the thought of being with a man. No, he knew that he wouldn’t
change he just wanted Susan not to stop. He felt her mouth again slip over his knob as her hand gently
eased the penis deeper and deeper into his body. Her mouth
began sucking deeply on his knob while her hand quickened
its pace with the toy. The miasma of sperm that had boiled several times already
now reached beyond the point of no return and surged unrelentingly
up the tube exploding deep into her sucking mouth, spasm
after spasm jerked from him in what seemed like an unending
stream, until finally it died and fell soft. With her mouth full of semen Susan lifted her face to Alec’s
and kissed him deeply, semen dribbling down both their
chins as they strove to draw every moment of lust from each
other. “Now I want you to suck my cunt.” She whispered standing
with her legs apart on the bed. Able only to move his head
Alec leant forward eagerly; Susan pushed her wide open
vagina tightly against Alec’s mouth like a watertight
seal. “This is what you really want me to do now.” she said. Alec
nodded unable to speak with his mouth full of Susan’s cunt.
The warm slightly salty taste of Susan’s water filled his
mouth Alec swallowed as fast as she produced more and more
Susan’s hand gripped Alec’s knob as mere semen flooded
out unaided from what had only moments before been his spent
balls. Alec lapped ever drop of liquid from Carols cunt before
she finally released him from his bonds.

There is still so much more to learn about love. Jon UK

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Wow this story is one of the best i have ever read you have
a very high erotic mind can you just please make your stories
shorter very very good >>!


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update Susan, after reading it several times is responsive to
its content however her response to the overall story was
that she felt it lacked a female emotional content and has
agreed to help add her womanly touch,
would be appreciated I am always looking for input and constructive
critiscm. There are a number of other stories all based on the true
realities of a very misspent life written and just awaiting
publication. Alec

There is still so much more to learn about love. Jon UK


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yeah dont know how you expect anyone to read it tho???

if you're a writer, TRY a few more paragraphs... please