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When my older friend Eddie showed up riding a used red Honda
125 cc dirt bike that he told me he just bought for $625, I
quickly asked him where he managed to get his hands on that
much spending money? After all mowing rich retired Mr.
Goodwins lawn and weeding his flower garden weekly for
just the last month couldn't possibly have paid Eddie
nearly that much money? At first Eddie lied to me saying
his grandfather had bought it for him but right after we
both had just finished jerking off together up in his bedroom
to some hot hetro internet porn site pics, he told me that
Mr. Goodwin was paying him extra secret money just for posing
in some nude photograph sessions!

Then Eddie lied to me a second time that day by saying that
Mr. Goodwin really wasn't a queer or anything like
that , but simply liked admiring and taking some photos
of the naked bodies of teen aged boys for his most private
tasteful Private Art Collection. Being young and innocent
of the ways of the world back then, I truly believed everthing
that Edddie had told me and thinking it was harmless, I offered
to also let rich Mr. Goodwin take some pictures of me modeling
while also wearing a partial face mask like Eddie said he
did as my $5 a week allowence from mom left me almost always
flat broke. Little did I know or suspect back then, how much
that statement would greatly change my life and for that
matter my lifestyle forever as well. As you might guess,
there was a lot more going on between Eddie and Mr. Goodwin
as I would find out two short weeks later just after school
had let out for it annual almost three month long summer

I had just completed my freshman year back in June of 1996
that included being teased, bullied and picked on by lots
of my high school upperclassmen as well as my ninth grade
classmates. This because I was a quite sadly a few years
behind in my post pubery physical developement stage.
Hell I looked more like a seventh grader back then standing
all of 4' 10" tall and weighing a whooping 93 pounds
ringing wet. To make matters even worse, I had a sort of pretty
boy youthful face and except for a light very sparse bush
of very late developing pubic hair and hardly any under
my arm pits, the rest of my body was almost totally hairless
and smooth.

It was the last Saturday that June and about a week before
the upcoming July 4th holiday weekend when Eddie rode me
over on the back of his dirt bike to Mr. Goodwins moderate
country estate to both meet Mr. G as well as having him consider
me for a most Secret and Private well paying photo session.
Having had Eddie just recently show me a few Gay Web Sites
instead of just the former XXX hetro ones to test my reception
to such, I was more than ripe to be quickly taken far deeper
into things than I ever could have imagined. So for openers
maybe a half hour after having a nice sit down lunch together
out on his patio with lots of comfortable relaxing innocent
kind of chat, Mr. Goodwin had me and Eddie strip down naked
to go skinny dipping in his most private fenced in back yard
country swimming pool.

I guess seeing Eddies dick in a full state of erection should
have tipped me off the it was not just a simple uneventful
dip in the pool. So like most times whenever I swam, the cool
waters had my sensitive to coldness and then tight balls
shrunken up a great deal! Mr. G had gone into his house and
was next standing near the diving board saying he was going
to pay us both $50 each just for posing for one roll of color
film. Assuring me that these would be only for his private
collection and no one else but us might ever see any of them,
I was gullable enough to believe him that I didn't need to wear a mask as we were carefully directed
to move over sideways to the mid afternoon sun instead of
it being right behind us.

The first few he took were of each of us seperately and then
after snapping Eddie touching his stiff dick for a few more,
Mr. Goodwin moved in closer in front of me. He then said that
my penis looked so small and told me to rub it a bit to at least
get it to look normal size! So while I rubbing myself there,
he took sexually related picturs of me from perhaps 10 feet
away at most.

With Eddie encouraging me, I reached down and began to shyly
sort of rub it with no effect at all. I was shocked when after
a few minutes of complete failure on my part, Mr Goodwin
told Eddie that perhaps with his help, my little grade school
sized boy dick might be uplifted to resemble its supposed
to be teenage size. He added that for my benefit it was important
in good photography to get everything in proper proportion.
Having jerked off with Eddie a countless number of most
innocent times dating back to the year before shortly after
becoming best friends, I never suspected that Eddie harbored
any kind of queer tendencies or urges at all? With the ante
for our session suddenly upped to $100 each for what Mr.
G innocently called "Curiously Fooling around a
little bit!", I stood frozen and unmoving as Eddies
right hand suddenly delivered the most incredable and
physically enjoyable sensations ever known or experienced
by my young quite sensitive cock!

Standing there in a sudden trance like state, I sucked in
my breath deeply as my entire groin area was being flooded
with such great powerful feelings. Soon in fact, my cock
began to respond to Eddies surprising skillful touching.
Every few seconds the flash from Mr. G's expensive
35 mm camera would go off as he moved around to different
spots to capture our first time interactions from several
different camera angles. Right then he began to softly
whisper to Eddie exactly what and how he wanted him to play
with me down there. Eddie has this strange new far away look
in his eyes and he seemed only too glad to follow Mr. G's
orders on what to do to me next! It was perhaps three or four
minutes later, that the only part of me that had managed
to develope normally on my entire teen body was sticking
almost straight out in a full complete erection. Mr. G then
knelt almost in front of me directing Eddie off to one side
to gently support my nut sack while ordering me to place
both of my hands on my hips. For the next 10 minutes Mr. Goodwin
had his two new completely nude dirty boys performing all
sorts of suggestive new first time Homo exploration and
discoveries in our first queer session together while
he shot some 48 erotic snap shots and went back inside to
get yet a second roll of Kodak 35mm color film. While I didnt
do anything resembling being queer back to Eddie, I did
quite willingly allow him full liberties to my newly awakened
body cause his touching me felt so god dam awesome!

While Eddie who was in on this carefully Pre-planned scene
right from the very beginning knew exactly what was going
on, I had no idea that carefully hidden in the overlooking
upstairs window behind some mostly closed curtains, was
Mr. Goodwins best friend and former business partner Charley
who was filming every move we made with a state of the art
Sony Camcorder complete with a 12X panning closeup lens.
With everthing feeling so fuckin good to me, I simply stood
my ground unmoving while allowing my best friend ever to
get two handed queer with me.

It was when Mr. G had me stand on the diving board with my back
to the water, that hints of the act of Gay Blowjob sex came
to my mind. This as he had Eddie move in real close and hold
my cockshaft in the middle while pointing my swollen cockhead
right at his lips no more than a foot away. I actually though
Eddie was going to mouth my dick right then as you should
have seen the look painted all over his intent face. A look
of facination, attraction and pure sexual cravings as
I began to slightly shiver from my mixed state of nerviousness
as his mouth got ever so dangerously close to my proud sunlit
cockhead I could feel his breath on it!

Again Mr. Goodwin took many more photos of us like that as
he had Eddie lick his lips for one and then even open his mouth
wide and move to within a scarce few inches or so of my cockhead
so a few more could be taken. I know at that point in time I
would not had stopped Eddie from mouthing my stiff pecker
and in fact was secretly wishing and thinking to myself
that he would queerly suck on it a little bit. It was right
after that that Mr. G. had me turnaround so that I was then
facing the water with my back to Eddie. Oh how great his right
hand reaching around to capture my dick tightly felt right
then. Worked up to a true state of Sexual excitement, knowing
dirty sex pictures of us were being taken only served to
have me very worked up and hot! God as Eddie began to beat
me off from behind me by reaching around, it took only a short
time for me to Blast off my biggest longest lasting load
ever as I ejaculated wildly in response to Eddies rapidly
pumping tight gay right hand. This as I felt his mouth softly
kissing my lower middle back just above where the top of
my ass crack started! MR. G next ordered me to stand there
looking down and proudly smiling at the pools of my spent
jizz laying all over a small sectoin on the top of his diving
board! He even moved in after I got off of it to take some closeups
of my lingering cloudly load!

While even after being handed a crisp brand new $100 bill
by Mr. Goodwin, I wouldn't jerk off Eddie for no amount
of money he began to offer me although I agreed to stand next
to him side by side with our arms locked around each other
like buds facing the camera while Eddie beat himself off!
Thirty minutes later acting like nothing at all had ever
happened, me and Eddie were best normal teen buddies again
playing video games together in the back arcade room of
the Country Store. The next day after taking me trail riding
along some former horse trails deep into the woods, Eddie
suddenly stopped his bike and after getting off, asked
me if I would let him wack me off again as he had sort of enjoyed
playing with my cock a great deal and asked me if I had liked
it also?

So right in the middle of that old trail, I just stood there
unmoving while letting Eddie tug down my zipper and reach
inside. Dam his hand felt so great inside my jeans as he fondled
and touched it all over for a long long while confessing
to me that Mr. Goodwin was indeed was a Faggot and had told
Eddie he wanted to Touch me and Suck me off in the worse way!
Eddie also told me if I played my cards right over summer
vacation, I could easily and secretely earn myself over
a Thousand dollars cash like he was going to if I was cool
and kept my mouth shut. So with closed eyes I stood there
enjoying those wonderful feelings Eddie was providing
my dick and Shot Wildly Off just a minute after he had taken
it out of my pants and began to lightly stroke it back and
forth with a tight great feeling right fist! On the ride
back I agreed to let Mr. Goodwin have my body and picked Eddies
mind on how much money I should charge him for different
Sex acts done to me! Back at Eddies house and safely upstairs
behind his locked bedroom door, I got my first real exposure
to the GAY WORLD OF SEX on the internet!

Yeah Eddie took his monitor and computer into the Strange
New Wild World of Homosexual Adventure just for me. Among
the many views I got were countless pictures of Gay guys
of all ages and sizes getting queer with each other. These
included many forms of hand prick petting and then fuckin
real blowjobs showing everything including some shot
off cum ones. While the anal pics Eddie even showed me sort
of made me feel a bit funny, I much more enjoyed the oral ones.
Then quite savoy computer user Eddie, opened a file folder
in his documents while whispering to me he was going to show
me three different downloaded XXX Gay Video's of guys
getting and giving Blow Jobs! But with his older sisterTrish
also upstairs like we were, he had to turn the sound auto
completely off. Soon I was experiencing the same feelings
of standing on the diving board the day before when Eddies
lips were so close to my dick. Only this time some onscreen
dark haired chubby guy that looked college age, didnt stop
short of that stiff dick in front of his face as he gladly
moved in closer and willingly deeply mouthed it and began
to wildly suck it. Far too quickly that video ended as Eddie
set up the next one. Right then my cock was growing into another
nice stiffey as I smiled to Eddie when he asked me how I liked
the first of his three downloaded puter vids so far?

That next one while only lasting 14 seconds, showed a cock
being pulled out of a gay guys mouth and blasting off wildly
all over his lower face! Eddie replayed that shooting jizz
adventure one for me some 7 to 8 times in a row before reaching
over to rub my cock in my cutoffs. Next he had me sit in his
computer chair after bring up a new one that showed some
2 minutes and 30 seconds of forbidden action. Kneeling
in front of me as he took out my dick for the second time that
day, Eddie asked me if I would still be and remain his friend
if I found out he as a Cocksucker?? Already fairly convinced
that Eddie was indeed some kind of a faggot at the very least,
I was more concerned about myself and all of these suddenly
new strange sexual feelings I was being subjected too than
what I thought of Eddie. Yes I had loved him playing with
me both times and the realization he was going to get me off
for yet a third time within 24 hours. In my mind I promised
myself I would act straight letting him and Mr. Goodwin
be the queer ones with me as the prospects of making myself
over a thousand secret from mom dollars were very important
to me.

Eddie then instructed me to click the play button on his
monitor as for the next two and half minutes, I watched a
teen boy a bit older than me taking a cock into his truly novice
virgin but quite curious mouth for the very first time!
This as he slowly and delibertly began crudly blowing this
other boy about his same age. I was blown away when after
it ended and Eddie showed me how to rewind it, he told me that
movie was taken by Mr. Goodwin down in his basement playroom
the summer before. Yes both filmed boys were indeed best
friends and lived down in the capital city some 30 plus miles
away from us. How different Eddie seemed to me as next he
bowed his head in a sort of submissive mannor while confessing
by telling me that he really wanted to Blow me right then
but had faithfully promised Mr. Goodwin he would only hand
play with me.

You see Mr. G wanted to make a first time Blow movie of me and
Eddie and was going to pay the two of us $4OO for perhaps 30
minutes of our time. Yeah a scripted movie of two teens finding
a gay prom mag and getting all hot and bothered while talking
openly about feelings and urges while laying side by side
in close quearters on top of this big brass king sized bed.

How both had thought about it and step by step they got more
horny and soon get naked. Mr. G wanted Eddie to seduce me
slow and easy and teasingly before going down on me. Eddie
had me so hot telling me this that I told him he could Suck
me right then if he wanted too? So I settled for another great
handjob that lasted all of maybe two minutes cause I was
so worked up. We would have to wait for some 13 days as Mr.
G was going to visit his sister down in Cape Cod for the fourth
of July weekend. You have no idea how fuckin hot and horny
I was in craving in the worse way, to have Eddie go down on
me and suck me off. In fact Eddie compleltely stopped our
secret little bedroom computer homo adventures entirely
which only served to having me jerking myself off in strong
fantasies at least once and most times twice a day. I will
add that these new weird lewd thoughts of me getting equally
queer with Eddie had me fighting an inner battle between
what was normal and right against what was so Queer and not
natural yet was somehow turning me on Sexually!

At last that Saturday arrived as two days before, Eddie
had rode me on the back of his bike to Mr. Goodwins house.
Once there I met his friend Charley who was maybe in his late
thirties! I couldnt help in getting a nice boner as Mr. G
laid out the basic script of our soon to made live XXX Gay
Teen Erotica Home Movie! Yes he wanted my cock completely
shaven clean so it and I would both appear to be real young
looking and innocent as well. He liked the idea of my dick
being shrunken and three inches long at best. Yes I was to
play the role of one younger and completely innocent being
seduced into Sin! In all three different sagments would
be shot. The first would be Eddie (called Chucky in our movie)
showing me that gay mag and taking advantage of my innocence.
The second would be shot with my hair done differently,
me in a bathing suit and supposidly happening a week after
the first session together. Mr. Goodwin wouldnt tell me
about the third one that had him, Eddie and Charley wearing
mischiefous ear to ear grins???

And so atop the most expensive imported from Europe King
Sized bed, I layed there not even having to pretend innocence
and interest as Eddie (now Chucky) showed me my first taste
of hard core adult gay porn. In all over the course of some
25 hot minutes, I confessed new found forbidden feelings, confessed
that dirty magazine got me so hotly turned on, admitted
getting naked with Chucky sounded like great new fun, and
even was filmed admiring his fully exposed sometimes twitching
cock that was so much bigger than mine was. Yes my cock had
been packed in four ice cubes to keep it small and shrunked
which was the only part of what Charley was filming to be
omitted when I quickly stipped and toweled myself dry.

Next we played a game of truth and dare as Mr. Goodwin carefully
stood with his self and shadow out of camera range while
watching the two of us perfectly perform his Dirty little
exciting gay movie script! While the three of them thought
I was acting, I was merely following these new exciting
to me feelings of my brand new untested sexuality.

While at brief times in my past I had seen some little tiny
clear droplets appear inside of my piss slit, I never before
had them really running out of it in such volume or in M&M
candy size. I guess I fully first truly realized how queer
Chucky (Eddie) really was when he finger tip collected
a few of my leaking seminal fluid samples and either rubbed
them on his cockhead or licked then up with the tip of his
tongue while proudly grinning right at me. Hell he even
told me how sweet and tastey they were and how I was going
to love what he was going to do to me next. Yes in Mr. G's
made up movie, Chucky was a experienced skilled and greatly
practiced cocksucker carefully schooled by Ned his gay
Step Uncle at just the right age to discover sex!

So at around 1:27 EST by my watch which was the only thing
I was wearing, a snaking probing tongue I had waited far
too long and yearned for, finally found the head of my eagar
suddenly 5 3/8 inch long erect cock and began the age old
act of Licking foreplay. How fuckin wonderful it felt and
compared to Eddies three previously given hand jobs, it
was 100 no make that 1000 times more pleasurable and enjoyable.
With my head propped up by two big goosefeather stuffed
pillows, our jr high movie homo hero (me) watched his first
sex partner ever, pay tribute to his erect exposed proud
young prick! This while with hand signals as not to ruin
the auto sound track, Mr. G made motions on what he wanted
the two of us to do next. I might ad that I did no acting at all
on my part as I only REACTED to the pleasures of the flesh
queer Friend Chucky (Eddie) was Jointly treating my meat
and mind too!

What a gigantic wad of sperm cut loose when after loudly
verbally warning Chucky I was going to Cum, he removed his
hot tight mouth far enough away to view the vast exploding
jettisons of my flying jizz shooting straight upward like
hot skyrockets as I quickly grabbed my pulsationg cockshaft
and wildly jacked it! Never in a million years would I have
ever suspected or for that matter expected what happened

Suddenly Mr Goodwins quite loud excited voice boomed and
echoed loudly off his bedroom walls as he moved right into
camera range and took the back of Eddies head (no longer
Chucky to me) and pushed his face right into the center of
the many mikly cum puddles that had landed all over my lower
chest and hairless belly as well! "Lick them up sweet
Chucky just like Uncle Ned has taught you too and remember
to save a few for me sample! " God how queer were Mr.
Goodwins words yet I couldnt help to look down and watch
in a pure state of total fascination! Then what happened
next was a sight I will always remember as long as I live.

Mr. Goodwiin (Uncle Ned) dropped his loose pair of burmuda
shorts near the foot of that Sex bed as my eyes were suddenly
locked onto the sight of a Englorged Cock so large, thick
and majestic it couldn't possibly be real? It's
deep purple shiny head looked like a five inch round mushroom
connected to a vein popping foot long shaft as thick as my
wrist. Yanking it like he was trying to strangle it too death,
Mr. Goodwin also moved in close to target and attack a cloudy
pool of my spent teen belly dwelling prick paste. Right
then I had two hot homo's both in a duel state of lustful
sperm worship as Charles moved over to the left side of me
to film the action from that side.

Next I was ordered to lay still and dont move by Mr. G who suddenly
was on top of the bed belly down while rubbing his huge cock
all over my sticky stomach. Yes smearing his big prick in
the remains of my boysperm while ordering his movie nephew
Chucky to get on the floor on his knees. I had reservations
about Mr. Goodwins command to stand on his side and hold
his prick while Eddie was to suck on it from his knees, however
the promise of an extra $100 bill for my efforts soon removed
my fears of acting queer in favor of doing it simply for the
money. Yes around 1:39 EST that Saturday afternoon, my
right hand reached out in a badly failed attempt to firmly
hold Mr. Goodwins Freak Sized Fuckstick at an angle that
would allow my gay friend Eddie to wrap his overmatched
lips tightly over it.

Little did I know that Mr. G's massive Cock was quite
used to being worshipped by Eddie Collins gay lips and mouth.
In fact well over a thousand dollars worth of Oral service
that began the year before I ever met or befriended Eddie.
Yes Mr. G. lent me some help as I looked down to watch and study
the look of desire, contentment and enjoyment as my still
best friend displayed both the true skills and desires
of a addicted gay cocksucker!

I didn't realize that my cock after such a powerful
ejaculating orgasm had stayed almost rock hard until Mr.
G reached out to grip it tightly while winking at me and whispering
to me that he would most dearly prefer it was me down there
instead of Edding making oral love to his Big mushroom headed
mancock! Our eyes met right then for only a brief moment
yet I somehow found his words to send a new almost scary sexual
thrill to my mind as I looked down and wondered how it tasted
and felt to Eddie? Then my eyes went beyond Mr. G's pony
sized pecker to study Eddies cock that was almost pointing
straight up while most of its pinkish tinted head seemed
submerged in a seminal fluid. Yes right then with the sight
of two cocks not counting my own fully in view and watching
up close the act of watching an enormous sized dick I was
half holding onto being sucked, I indeed had somehow at
some recent time allowed myself to enter a strange new sexual
world. Girls were the last thing in the world on my mind right
then as Mr. Goodwin had Eddie (movie boy chucky) take hold
of his lower cockshaft with both hands and began to beat
it off while he head bobbed and sucked for all he was worth
with a wide open mouth that reminded me of a gulping goldfish!

How dam wide were Chuckys (Eddies) lips spread as he double
fist jacked and sucked in a way that was well learned from
dozens of previously getting Mr. G off this very gay way!
Soon grunts, groans followed by fast hip thrusts before
without any notice, Mr. Goodwins giant blood engorged
prick was pulled from that hot homo teen mouth and quickly
aimed in my direction by both of Eddies pumping hands. "Don't
Move" I was told as torrents of exploding ejaculating
creamy Cum was blasted all over my cock, balls and lower
legs. Come thick like Elmers glue and warm like five minute
old cookies out of an oven as most of it began to run down my
lower body on a slow journey toward Mr. G's bedroom
floor. Then as Mr. G moved his exploding prickhead to within
a few scant inches of mine. my teen cock was spayed by a good
half dozen pulsations of his pushed out prick paste!

How queer Eddie looked as he moved in close and began to wildly
lick and lap both of our almost joined together pecker heads
as Charlie also knelt facing him while filming all three
of us in our moments of total selfish Homo lust! Yes the first segment of Mr. Goodwins NO MORE A TEEN VIRGIN
MOVIE had just ended after 18 super hot perfectly captured
Sexual Action! It would be some two and a half hours later
after viewing lots of others like me and Eddie performing
for the camera's that part two was shot. This time it
was out in the woods behind his house that me and Eddy would
peek from the bushes at Mr. G jerking himself off while giggling.
Then with both of us freeing our dicks, in whispers we agreed
to pleasure each other at the very same time.

I can only say it all seemed so wonderfully real to me as Eddies
cock which I had been admiring for nearly three weeks was
then available to touch while I was not being the least bit
queer with quilt, but rather was simply following the made
up movie script in order to earn my money from Mr. G. Yes I
reminded Eddie that I was just following orders and wasnt
the slightest bit gay or interested in another guys cock.
Yet deep down, such profound thrills raked my turned on
mind as my enclosed fingers felt its hardness and heat as
it throbbed in response to my sudden touch. This while movie
actor Chucky (Eddie ) let go of my dick long enough to drop
his pants and white cotton briefs down past his knees! Then
Charlie who was filming us from maybe eight feet away, told
me to drop my drawers also to display my young erect cock
and tight boner balls for his camera.

Next two hot young awakened homo teens were playing touch
each other up close and became so engulfe with each others
dicks, they didn't hear the big dicked stranger approaching
untill his massive sticking out giant boner was almost
upon them both. Swaying side to side as he closed the distance,
his words were so fuckin hot as he told them both he wanted
to join their private little circle jerk and make it into
a GAY THREEWAY PLAY SESSION. Oh how wonderful it became
for me right then as I had no choice but to follow his orders
to reach out and touch his big powerful mancock!

Now two hot cock admiring woods dwelling faggots and a soon
to become a third one stood almost face to face with accessable
exposed stiff cocks seeking some hot homo action! Mr. G
then asked either of us " If we had ever sucked any dick?"
Almost instantly teen actor Chucky (Eddie) sank down to
his knees and began to gladly lick that presented to his
lips swollen cockhead. Next Mr. Goodwin was telling me
to watch real closly how my queer friend sucked on dick as
very soon I was going to kneel down and give Chucky some homo
head that I was going to deeply enjoy without shame or guilt.
So after Eddie gladly sucked for perhaps five intense enjoyed
minutes, Mr Goodwin told him to stand back up as his Not so
innocent virginal little friend was fully ready willing
and able to get his very first taste of a stiff hot Cock!

How excited I found his stern loud orders to sink down on
my knees on the mossy ground to discover how wonderful a
mouth watering cock could really be. So as I submisively
lowered myself down , I meekly asked Mr. Goodwin "
that sounded far more gay than straight to all four of us?
"Kiss the head of it and start becoming the little
faggot thats hiding deep inside of you little one!"
Go ahead, its not going to bite you and trust me I know that
your going to quickly fall deeply in love with sucking on
cock." " Tell him Chucky what hes been missing!"
Like every first time cocksucker or dicklicker that went
before me, I was slow and causious not knowing what to expect.
Then magically, how wonderfully physically pleasing
it was discovering how perfectly my lips wrapped around
a few inches down past his cockhead glans while the head
and bit of shaft rested quite nicely over my flattened down

Never in a million years would I have ever expected to receive
so much pleasure and new found joy as new strong urges to
enjoy Chuckies/Eddies presented dick and to even suck
for more of it completely took over my mind. Soon all forms
of pretense on my part vanished as I began to greedily suck
on it like it was a big giant tasty lollypop. Yes magically
within a short minute at most, I had somehow become a genuine
gay cocksucker who was receiving both great physical and
mental pleasures as well. looking up into Eddies brown
eyes, he was smiling while softly telling me "Sucking
cock is great ain't it Richard!" " I was
dealy hoping you too had the same gay bug that bit me last
summer." Now we dont have to pretend things or keep
secrets about what we both like." I've dreamed
of you sucking off my dick to full completion right from
the very first time we met each other." So take your
time and do it good and I promise you right afterwards, I'll
gladly suck your dick dry!"

God how I loved mouthing Eddies hot 7 and 1/8 inch tasty pecker.
Yes Mr. G was then giving me instruction on how he wanted
me to worship it. This included taking it out of my new homo
mouth, kissing the head of it over and over in an act of pure
submission. Licking it all over even including his balls
that gave off just a slight smell and taste of muskiness!
It was when I had somehow managed to work Eddies left sac
covered left ball into my mouth beyond my clinging lips,
that I reached past the point of no return. Yes cravings
to be as Queer as possible now consumed my dirty new mind
as without shame, guilt or hesitation of any kind, I was
making sissy love to best friends nice dick while two older
guys watched me from only a few feet away.

Like all good things, Eddies blowjob ended all too fast
for me as I was simply sucking and working it to give us both
equal pleasure while having no intention of making Eddie
Cum! Then I stopped moving my mouth up and down on it as I felt
it suddenly begin to pulsate beneath my tightly clinging
wrapped around lips. That first pungent blast of exploding
Jissum skipped right over the back part of my tongue and
choked me as it got hung up right below my toncils. I tried
to push it forward and not swollow it but instead I received
yet a second powerful burst of Eddies semen shot out of his
throbbing piss opening. Then after somehow managing to
block off my throat, every few seconds for over a half of
a minute, three to five second bursts of my best friends
load were shot off into my then fully homo mouth! Right after
he finished blasting off, Eddies then quite sensitive
dick to my sucking on its head pulled it out of my mouth and
stepped back and away from me. It was then that Mr. Goodwin
told me not to dare spit it out but instead to let it run out
of the center of my mouth and down my chin. Yes he wanted a
nice nasty closeup Cum shot of the worlds newest little
hot homo cocksucker ridding himself of his/her very first
lewd load! How used I felt right then as ever so slowly, I
pushed that sea of semen that had my lower mouth submerged
in it forward. It even slightly tickled the clift of my chin
as it ran out from between my lips and slithered off the bottom
of my chin. Mr G seemed fascinated by this and moved in closer
and told me too look right into the camera lens and flash
a really dirty gay smile. Then he held out his open right
hand with its palm up and right under my chin to catch some
of it.

When next he called me a Natural Born Fag Cocksucking Bitch,
Mr/ Goodwin asked Charlie if he wanted a hot blow job from
me. Mere seconds passed before my willing lips were tightly
wrapped around its second cock ever. While I suppose Charlie
was average size and thickness, none the less workin his
dick over again brought me great intense pleasure and enjoyment.
With a fair share of Chuckys/Eddies Load still held and
trapped inside of my mouth, that cock was soon very slippery
and moved very easily in and out of my craving young mouth
as Charlie began to Face Fuck me Deep in a pure act of selfish
desire. Right then his cocksize seemed perfect as his cockhead
was friction fucking my mouth right from my tight lips to
the back of my throat where his thrusting cockhead kept
coming to rest over and over again. Next I was purring like
a kitten as Mr. Goodwin asked Eddie if he could operate a
cam corder. So soon Mr G moved in close and began to slap his
big cock on my cheeks and lower face while calling me their
new Teen Queen Blowjob Scene!

So with my taste buds already saturated with pungent rancid
man sperm flavor, Charlies ejaculation only mildly fed
me more Jizz new strong taste while giving me a new series
of tongue blasting bursts of thick goblets. These I egarly
took and welcomed until again my lower mouth was submerged
in souply thick man cream. Right about then I badly needed
some air and just had to strongly spit several times to rid
my mouth of all that thick hot Cum. This while Eddie kept
on filming while Mr. Goodwin was telling me I was indeed
a very gifted Cocksucker and rare hot Load Licker as well!
Next he told me how truly sexy and hot I looked kneeling there
wearing such a powerful gay badge of courage and conviction.
I felt proud as I asked no one in particular if I had done it
right? Yeah I needed and sought praise as never having known
my dad, I found this form of male bonding most pleasurable
and rewarding to me.

While my passions for gay sex cost me a lot of money that unforgetable
summer of lewd lust and discoveries, non the less I loved
going over to Mr Goodwins country estate to play gay games
with lots of interesting new males sharing the same passions
for man to man sex. Eddies dad was transferred down to Philly
the second week of August so I assumed his lawn mowing and
weeding duties as well as took his place as Mr Goodwins favorite
teen boy toy. Yes many other movies shot mostly on weekends
by Charlie and Mr G as those two city boys as well as others
were brought to his country estate by Charlie. It was a hispanic
boy named Juan that was nineteen that took my virgin back
door cherry out on the diving board near the end of July.
By then I had began being broken in as Mr. G's cock bitch.
Yes I found sexy girly boy lingerie and costume most erotic
and exciting when servicing a number of arranged cocks
at our private secret parties or movies. While Mr G's
cock was certainly exciting to look at and touch, it was
just too thick and wide to fit past my lips or even consider
taking up my new back door sometimes sissy pussy.

Soon my addiction and cravings toward cock became my main
interest and goal in life, How boring my life with mom had
become or for that matter even school when it started up
again that Sept. of 1996! Yet somehow I managed to graduate
and get my Diploma in June of 1999 with my Sexuality kept
somewhat a secret. I say this because there were a few in
my school and small town that called me a fag. While I pretended
to take exception and get angry at them, deep down I laughed
to myself and was felt dam proud of pleasing others before
pleasing myself. Its been almost six and half years since
I moved in with Mr. Goodwin and became his full time 24/7
slut sissy. He always treats me great and I never go without.
Especally Cock which I almost constantly crave and cant
seem to live without! Yes gay cruise ships, trips to Provicetown
or even San Franciso are always lavished on me by Mr. G. Hell
I even am included in Mr. Goodwins Secret Society of Gay
Ivy League grads that are quite young at heart and very active
year round. To me nothing on the face of his earth can come
close to being part of those wild 30 to 40 person gay barn
parties thrown five to six times a year. Who says finding
perfect sexual experiences is impossible? Hell I'm
not quite 25 yet and have many of them already under my size
28 inch belt.

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wow, i want my first time to be as good as that


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Wow great story


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That was a great story!! I've never been with a man,
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Wow, that was hot, I'm 56 and have never sucked a cock
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What a great story.


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Wow, that was a complex first time.