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FOREPLAY - A Young Wife's Story


For the first few months of my marriage to Ravi, I thought
maybe I was getting frigid. During our courtship, Ravi
and I had our first sex the way many couples do -- in the backseat
of his car. It was steamy but brief. I had never felt really
satisfied. I figured things would be better once we got
our own place.

We got married as soon as I turned 23 last June. He found a
job selling cars for a friend of his uncle, and I got a job
as a secretary for a TV station. We finally had our own apartment,
and it was great not to have to make love cramped up in a back
seat. But sex was still wham-bam and over.

And it got worse. Ravi was getting uptight about his job.
He wasn't selling many cars. Hell, he wasn't selling
ANY cars. From the time he got off work at 6 o'clock till
the time I left work at 8, he sat around and drank beer and
stewed. When I got home, he attacked me. That's the only way I can put it. His idea of foreplay
was 30 seconds of rubbing my nipples hard, then two fingers
in my pussy for another 30 seconds. When he pushed his hard
cock into me, I was still dry. I have to tell you, it hurt.
I tried to talk to him about it, but hesaid I never complained

You can't see me, of course, but I'll tell you,
I am not chopped liver. I'm 5 foot 5", 56 kilos.
Men stare at my legs and ass and breasts all the time. I can
stop every man in his tracks at a function by wearing a nice
chiffon Sari, leave alone the skirt and blouse I wear for

I needed some advice, so I called the most experienced woman
I knew -- my older sister, Nalini. Nalini didn't like
Ravi. I hadn't seen much of her since my marriage. When
I called and suggested a cup of coffee, she was more than
happy to stop by.

She laughed when I told her about the problem. "I knew
that jerk would turn out to be a dud in the sack, " she

"It isn't his fault, " I said. "His
job --"

"Well, it sure the hell isn't your fault, and
don't let him try to tell you it is. Did he ever hear of foreplay?"

"I tried to drop hints, but he doesn't listen.
Now ... now I just don't know what to do."

"Warm up without him, that's what."

"I just can't do that by myself, " I said.
"Anyway, he's on top of me the minute I get home.
He's been sitting around the house drinking and getting

Nalini stared at her coffee cup until a smile came across
her face. "Tell me, " she said, "there
must be some good-looking guys running around a TV station.

I immediately thought of Anjum Shah. He was gorgeous. "Well,
actually, there's a hot guy just down the hall from
me. He's got a rep as the station stud, but he's
always been a perfect gentleman when it comes to me. Or maybe
he's just not attracted to me."

Nalini touched my hand. "Honey, you forget, you are
one of the hottest women in this town. A guy would have to
be dead and buried for five years not to be attracted to you.
The point is, flirt with this Anjum guy a little. Toward
the end of the day, let him touch you here and there. If need
be, do a little petting. Whatever it takes to get the juices
flowing. Then rush home to Ravi-the-jerk while the well
is still primed."

I was stunned. "Oh, I couldn't do that. Isn't
that cheating?"

"Little sister, grow up. Petting isn't cheating.
Heavy petting isn't cheating. Fingering isn't
cheating. Oral sex isn't cheating. Now when you find
six inches of hot man meat spurting inside you, that's
cheating." She grinned. "If you're lucky."

I shook my head vigorously. "Never. I couldn't
do that to Ravi."

"Honey, you're not doing it to Ravi, you're
doing it for Ravi. But do what you want, it's your marriage."

At that point, I couldn't imagine flirting with someone.
I was happily married, except for this sex problem. But
when I went to work that day, I looked at Anjum Barnett with
fresh eyes. As I said, he was gorgeous. Maybe 25 or so. So
slim and muscular that I figured he must work out. A half
dozen girls in the station bragged that they'd had
him, and they were all willing to go back for more -- but he
remained cool and unattached.

As the days went on, I thought more and more about my sister's
idea. Anjum and I worked in the same area of the building.
He was a news writer for the 6 and 11 o'clock news reports
and for special news features. His shift ran from 2 till
10, overlapping my noon to 8 shift. I probably passed him
a dozen times during an average day. Finally, on a Friday night, (I specially wore an enticing
skirt) as I carried some papers back to my desk to pick up
my purse to go home, he stepped out of the copy room ahead
of me. He saw me and flashed asmile, then continued down
the hall a few feet ahead of me. It was nowor never, I thought.

I stumbled across my own foot. "Oh, damn!" I
fell to the floor and my papers scattered a few feet ahead.

Anjum whirled around and came back to me. "Are you
okay?" He reached out and I took his hand to rise to
my feet.

"I think so, " I said. Then I took a step on my
left ankle and almost collapsed again. "Oh, my ankle, "
I said.

"Here, my office is right here, why don't you
have a seat till we can tell how bad it's hurt?"
He half carried me into his tiny office and helped me into
his guest chair. He pulled his own chair into position in
front of me. "Let's have a look at that."

I had to think for a second before I remembered which ankle
I had "hurt." It was my left. I raised my leg and
slipped my ankle into his open hands. He removed the shoe
and began to gently work the ankle from side to side. I grimaced
a bit to make it look good, but the truth was that his hands
felt wonderful. He squeezed the arch of my foot and a chill
went up my spine. "Ohhh, " I moaned. "That's

"It doesn't seem too bad. You might want to keep
it raised tonight and put some ice on it."

"Yes, doctor."

"I thought you usually wore a Sari."

"Mostly. I'm surprised you noticed."

"Every man in this building notices. You have the
sexiest legs I've ever seen." His hands moved
slightly higher off the ankle onto my bare calf. He massaged
and caressed it. Oh, God, it was happening. I could feel
my moisture begin to flow. He stroked the calf, lightly,
all the way to the back of my knee. "Such sexy skin, "
he said.

I choked back a moan. He looked at me with a sly grin. I couldn't
believe how hot I was getting. "That feels so good, "
I said. His hands were incredibly gentle, a wonderful relief
after the harsh way Ravi handled me. "Where'd
you learn that? First aid classes?" (What a poor line
for flirting)

He laughed, flashing that gorgeous smile. "Doctor
Hot Hands, they call me. Heat therapy deluxe. I do shoulders,
too - among other parts."

"Sounds naughty." Actually, his hands really
were hot. And now he was petting my bare leg like he owned
it. "Wait, " I said, pulling my leg away and
laughing, "That feels a little too good. I think I'm
okay now."

He seemed disappointed to let go of my leg. But he helped
me to my desk, and then kept a hand on my arm as I hobbled down
to the car. He offered to drive me home, but I insisted that
I could manage now.

On the way home, I realized that my panties were soaked and
I was still trembling. The guy was a lady killer, all right.
He had gotten me wet and shaky just petting one bare leg below
the knee.

As usual, Ravi attacked me the minute I walked through the
door. He was delighted to discover my wet panties -- he thought
I had gotten excited thinking about making love with him
when I got home. With only a minute of foreplay, he was inside
me again and driving toward his own climax. At least I was
comfortable this time. Then, as he reached his climax,
I surprised myself. I imagined it was Anjum blasting his
cum into me and I raised my hips to meet him, jerking and twisting
my hips as I moaned out a fake orgasm. I felt a little guilty
about that, but it did feel good.

Ravi thought it was terrific. Maybe, I thought, my sister
was smarter than I gave her credit for.

I had played the sprained ankle for about all it was worth.
I wasn't certain what to do on Monday until I saw Anjum
go into the copy room at 8 o'clock. I knew he had to copy
part of the script for the 11 o'clock news. So I picked
up a few papers to copy and followed him.

The copier took up most of the space in the room. Instead
of waiting outside, I stood near the end of the copier while
he worked, knowing that he'd have to squeeze past me
to get out. "You're getting around a lot better
today, " he said as he gathered his things and began
to squeeze past me.

I pressed forward a bit toward the machine. He was going
to have to brush my butt to get by. "Can you make it?"
I asked.

"I don't know, " he said. "Can I?"

I laughed. He knew as well as I did that I could have simply
stepped outside the copy room door to wait till he finished.
He knew I was flirting with him.

He squeezed directly behind me, his cock against my ass.
He paused and put a palm on my hip. "If you ever sprain
a hip, call me, " he said.

"Doctor Hot Hands, " I said, laughing. I didn't
move, not even when he moved his palm from my hip to the curve
of my buttock. He caressed and squeezed me. Yes, his hands
were hot. I could feel the juices begin to flow.

"You better believe it, " he said.

"You gonna go out or just stand there all night and
play with my bottom?"

"Is that a choice?"

I laughed and shook my rear end free. "Not today."

"Tomorrow, wear a bikini, " he said as he left.

I started to copy my papers. My hands were trembling.. I
couldn't believe what a tease I'd turned into.
It was working as far as Ravi was concerned, but I knew I wasn't
being fair to Anjum.

By the next day, I'd decided that the best thing I could
do was to be honest. At 8 o'clock I went into his office
and sat on the top of his desk with my naked legs dangling
over the front edge. He had already told me that my legs turned
him on.

"I need to apologize to you, " I said.

He looked surprised. "What?"

"I've been kind of teasing you and I feel a little
bad about it."

He smiled and reached out to grasp my knee and caress my calf.
"You don't feel bad to me."

I laughed. "Thank you. But I can't do anything
more than tease."

"So? What's bothering you?"

"I have this thing with my husband. He likes for me
to be turned on when I come home to him. Now there's nothing
about my job that turns me on. And my drive home doesn't
turn me on. So I've been kind of - kind of using you."

"Aha!" he said. He turned and began to caress
my legs with both hands. He looked up at me. "So I'm
supposed to get you warmed up for your husband, right? You
go home and screw his brains out, and I go home and play with

"Oh, poor baby. I know a half-dozen girls here who'd
love to hop in the sack with you."

He stood up so close to me that his legs touched my knees.
"I'd rather play with you like this than fuck
any of the girls around here." He pushed the hem of
my skirt up so he could caress my thighs. Without thinking. I wriggled my seat on the desk to help
him. Why I did that, I wondered. Maybe because I really wanted
to feel those hot hands on my naked thighs, stroking, squeezing,
and caressing me. The tingle between my legs was turning
into a gusher. "You have the sexiest skin, "
he said. "Are you getting warmed up yet?"

"Verrrrry much, " I said, pushing him away
and standing up. "But someone might see. I'd
better go."

"Yeah, " he said, "if we're going
to play this game we need to find more private spots."

After that, almost every night just before I left work,
we managed to meet in some secluded spot in the building..
We kissed for the first time in a client's booth that
overlooked the news set. It was deep, sexual kissing, and
he played with my nipples. His hands were terrific. My nipples
had never been so hard before. I had to put tissues in my bra
so no one would notice my pokies as I went to the car. But Ravi
went wild over it.

After a while I realized that Anjum wasn't just getting
me warmed up. He was getting me hot, and I mean steaming hot.
I worried a little about that, because sometimes it wasn't
easy for me to say "stop." I wondered if I was
already going a little too far with this. But the day we met
in the stock room was the one that worried me most.

This late in the day, no one ever came into the stock room.
Anjum was waiting for me in the back. The minute I got within
reach, he whirled me around and pressed my ass against him.
With his left hand, he pushed my bra down so he could play
with my breast, and then he raised my blouse to slip his right
palm in against my bare belly. He was pulling me back so that
my buttocks snuggled against his raging hard-on. "Oh,
God, " I whispered. I was breathing hard.

I wiggled my ass suggestively against the bulge in his trousers.
The minute I did, he slipped his right hand off my belly and
lifted my skirt so that he could caress my right buttock.
"Take your panties off, " he whispered. "I
want to pet your naked ass." I have no idea why I didn't say no, but I did exactly what
he asked. I lowered my panties and stepped out. I had to feel
his hot hands. "Oh, Nisha baby, " he groaned
as he rubbed and squeezed my naked ass. "Your body
feels so sexy. Give me your sexy body." And I wanted
to give my body to him. I wanted to feel him touch my naked
body all over. I was so hot I couldn't stand it.. When
he reached his right hand around to my pussy, I was way beyond
merely "warmed up." I had never gotten this
crazy hot with Ravi. I felt Anjum's fingers touch my
clit. It was hard and hot and slick. As his fingers rubbed
across it, I wanted to scream. He moved his fingers back
and forth across my lips. I moaned and spread my legs for
him. I wanted to feel him inside. I humped against his hand
until his fingers were sliding deeper inside of me. I had
never had an honest orgasm with a man, but I felt one coming
now. I squeezed my pussy around his fingers. I couldn't
get enough of him. Suddenly I realized that he had somehow
managed to drop his own pants. His hard cock was pressing
into the furrow between my lower cheeks. It was like a shock
waking me up.

"Wait!" I said. I struggled to get free. "I
can't fuck you. That's not - that's not the

He stood with his cock hanging straight out in the air..
"I thought you wanted ... you acted ... Oh Nisha I guess
I misunderstood."

"That was just too hot. We can't go this far again.
I never told you I was going to cheat on my husband."

He nodded. As I rushed out of the stock room, he was still
standing there with his cock sticking out.

An hour later, when I was underneath Ravi, I pictured Anjum's
beautiful, rigid cock standing straight out toward me,
and I imagined that it was that cock in my pussy, plunging
and bursting to an orgasm. Ravi said he had never seen me
so hot.

We cooled it a little after that. Anjum was apologetic,
but I wasn't sure he was completely serious. He knew
how turned on I was. But I kept telling myself I didn't
really want to fuck Anjum. He was only a warm-up. Right?

Now I had another worry. The TV station's 10th anniversary
party was coming up, and I was scared to death to be alone
with Anjum in a loose, party atmosphere. So I kept pushing
Ravi to come with me. He didn't want to come at first,
but I kept insisting until he said yes. It's ridiculous, but I thought I needed my husband
as a chaperone.

The party started at 7 o'clock in one of the empty production
studios. I wore a nice crimson coloured chiffon Saree with
matching blouse bra and french knickers. There was a buffet
and plenty of wine, beer and cocktails. Ravi plunged right
into it. He seemed to have a good time. I kept an eye on Anjum,
who kept talking to the girls from the station. I stuck close
to Ravi.

A little later, the lights were dimmed and a deejay began
to play some dance music. When Anjum came our way, I was afraid
he would want to dance, but he only seemed interested in
meeting Ravi. They seemed to get along.

"Nisha talks about you all the time, " Anjum
said. "She says you're in the car business?"

"Yeah, sort of, " Ravi mumbled. He was getting
a little drunk.

"A friend of mine is looking for a car for someone if
you have any interest. Take a look at this, and if you don't
like it just throw it away. It's no big deal."
Anjum handed him a piece of paper. As Ravi turned toward
some light to read the paper, Anjum edged close to me. With
his right palm, he stroked my buttock over my saree and pressed
me toward him. I gasped, but I couldn't move to stop

When Ravi turned back to us, Anjum told him, "I've
got to leave in a bit, but I'll come back for a dance with
your bride, if you don't mind."

"Sure. And thanks for the tip."

"Nice guy, " Ravi said as Anjum walked away.
"God, look at the women jumping around him. Is he married?"

"No, " I said as coolly as I could. "But
the word is he fools around with the same girl every night."

"Well, he did give me an interesting tip."

I found myself looking forward to dancing with Anjum. Now
that he and Ravi had met, it seemed more legitimate.

The party was beginning to break up, and the music was slowing
down, when Anjum came over to claim his dance. I slipped
into his arms, and Ravi walked away toward the bar. I put
my arms around Anjum's neck and snuggled closer. I realized I had
been dying to touch him all night.

"You feel so good, " Anjum said. He was manoeuvring
me so that I could look over his shoulder to watch Ravi. "Tell
me when your husband looks the other way."

"What? Why? Well, he's looking the other way

I felt Anjum's palm slide down my back to my buttocks.
He stroked and squeezed.

"Oh, God, that's hot, you shouldn't do that."
The familiar tingle was starting.

"Just getting you warmed up before you go home."
He squeezed.

"He's turning this way."

He returned his hand to my lower back and danced me toward
Ravi. "I need to touch you, " he whispered.
"Meet me in Mr. Kapoor's office in 10 minutes."

"What'll I tell Ravi?"

"Tell him you have some work to finish up before you

"We'll see."

We had reached Ravi. Anjum let me go.

"I've got to head out, " he told Ravi. "Gotta
go play with a hot young lady, you know how that goes."

.Ravi grinned broadly. "Here's hoping you get
lucky, " he said. "Nice meeting you."

When he was gone, I suggested to Ravi that we should be leaving,
too. He agreed.

I told him I had a "hot project" that I needed
to take care of first. "Believe me, you wouldn't
enjoy watching me do it. But you could go take a look at the
newsroom - the news is about to come on."

"I'll either be there or waiting for you in the

"Good, 'cause I'm in the mood for some hot
lovin', if that's okay with you, " I whispered.
My pussy was tingling. I could hardly keep from rubbing
it. I couldn't get Anjum out of my mind. I was dying to
get upstairs to him. I needed his touch. "I feel like
getting naked and naughty. Okay?"

"Oh, yeah, you know it is." He grinned and nodded.
"I'll keep the motor running for you."

"I can't wait." I said. I touched my finger
to his lips. "I'm hot for it already."

I actually ran up the stairs, lifting my saree almost to
my knees, and made it to Mr.Kapoor's office in record
time. The office was dark. When I entered, I heard a "shhhh" and a hand closed
and locked the door. Anjum gathered me in his arms and gave
me a deep kiss. I wrapped both arms around his neck and squirmed
against him. I was so excited I could hardly stand it.. I
wanted to tear his clothes off, to feel that gorgeous body
against mine.

"I wanted to do this all night, " he whispered.

"Me, too."

Suddenly he picked me up and laid me down on the top of Mr.
Kapoor's desk (He is the big boss around here). My Saree
and petticoat rode up to my waist, exposing my legs in the
half light from the window. "What a delicious body.
You look sssoo hot in this saree.I want to pet you all over,
every inch."

"Yes." I needed him to touch me. He was already
stroking my naked legs, from the ankles up. I was perspiring
from the heat of the party and the run upstairs. His hot hands
grew wet. I felt his wet fingertips fondle my legs, slowly
moving up the inside of my thigh until he almost reached
my crotch. Then he was pressing me back and reaching up to
open my blouse and undo my bra. My nipples were already hard
and so tight that the touch of his wet fingertips sent shudders
through me. My nipples ached so. It was almost painful.
I moaned and arched my breasts up to meet his hot hands. He
rubbed my nipples oh-so-lightly. It was killing me.

His hands moved lower. While his right hand grasped my right
leg, he rubbed my bare belly with the palm of his left hand.
I could feel his fingers edging under the leg of my knickers
to my pubic hair, then back out. With the fingertips of his
right hand, he was tracing tiny circles on my inner thigh
all the way to the wet crotch of my silk knickers, then back
to my knee. He was teasing me. But I didn't need warming
up. I was as hot as I'd ever been, in fact I remembered
a colleague's words "Nisha is always on fire",
Oh Godddd!!! I was really on fire....... What I really needed
was the orgasm I had almost had that day in the stock room.
I wanted his fingers fucking me.

"Anjum, " I whispered. I raised my hips and
slipped my knickers down and off. I tossed them to the far
edge of the desk. He took off his shirt and tossed it away.
He wrapped his arms around both my legs and gripped my naked
ass with both hands. He squeezed fiercely. Slowly he slid
his hands down off my buttocks and onto the backs of my thighs.
I was gasping for breath. He began again to pet my naked belly
and inner thighs, teasing me. "Anjum, " I whispered
again. I caught his hand in mine and pressed it against my
pussy. I spread my legs, my saree and petticoat bunched
up and crushed between my knees and my waist and humped upward
against his hand. "Play with me, Anjum, baby, make
me cum."

At last I felt his middle finger enter my pussy. He pulled
it out, covered with my juices, and wiped the hot liquid
over my lips and clit. I shuddered. He slipped two fingers
inside of me. I tightened my pussy walls around them. When
he began to finger fuck me, I humped back at his hand to drive
him deeper. Suddenly, he grasped my right hand and moved
it past the edge of the desk to the crotch of his trousers.
He lowered his trousers and his hot, rigid cock sprang into
my palm. I caressed his cock while he plunged his fingers
into my right tunnel. Still finger fucking my pussy, he
leaned forward and pressed his open mouth against the nipple
of my right breast. He sucked, then traced his teeth lightly
across the tight surface, then sucked again.

My orgasm raced through my body almost without warning.
I shuddered and moaned. The lower part of my body thrashed
wildly. I wrapped both legs tightly around his right arm
and held on until the trembling began to subside. I realized
I was still moaning, still gripping his cock. It had been
so long.

Slowly he caressed my inner thighs with his wet hand, and
then he turned my lower body toward the edge of the desk.
I let go of his cock to allow him to position both of my legs
around him. His hard cock touched my sticky wet hot pussy.
He moved tighter against me until the plum of his cock rubbed
against my pussy. My heart was pounding. I wasn't thinking.
I was letting my eager body do what it wanted to do. He pressed forward, rubbing his cock against the outer
lips of my pussy. I raised my hips to rub back against his
motion. I touched his cock again. I pressed it against my
clit. His cock and my pussy were so wet and hot, the rubbing
was making me crazy. I trembled all over. "Anjum, baby, baby, " I whispered. My pussy
lips were swollen and aching as they rubbed along his cock.
I could hear a faint swish as our most intimate sex juices
mixed together. I spread my legs wider for him. I wanted
to give him everything I had. He was so sexy. My pussy was
so ready for him. I had to have him inside of me, now. I had
never been this horny for Ravi. I was dying for it. But he
only continued to slide his cock against me.

I reached for his cock. "Anjum, " I whispered,
"baby, do it, don't tease me. Let's fuck."
I lifted my hips and pressed the tip of his cock into the entrance
of my pussy. I squirmed to get it deeper. I had never felt
a cock so hard. Finally he pressed forward, a bit at a time,
until I felt the hot flesh begin to fill me. I squealed. The
walls of my pussy rippled around him, drawing him deeper.
"Oh, yes! .... yesss! .... yessssss!!! Do it, Anjum,
baby, you're my lover."

He withdrew and drove back even deeper. "OHHHHHHHHHHH
I moaned. I grasped his ass and pulled him into me again and
again. I could feel the tension building inside me. Then
he reached out and pulled me up into a sitting position.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and squirmed against him.
He grabbed my ass and picked me up. He stepped back with me
until he leaned back against the sofa across from the desk.
Now I could pump back at him while he gripped my ass cheeks
so he could drive harder into me. He squeezed my tight buttocks.
I ground my crotch against him. I gripped him between my
thighs. I couldn't get enough of his hot fucking. "Anjum,
baby, baby, you're so hot, so hard, " I whispered.
"You're my lover, baby, fuck me, fuck me."
I whimpered as I felt my lower belly tighten, and then the
waves of ecstasy were breaking over me again. I pumped feverishly
against Anjum's cock. I plunged my fingernails into
his shoulders. I bit his neck. I was still cumming when I
felt his cock swell inside me. He groaned. He gripped my
ass tighter and drove deeper. He spurted his seed deep inside
me. As his cock came almost out and drove back inside, our
juices swished together over and over.

At last he collapsed backward onto the sofa. I stretched
out on top of him and flexed my belly against his. I wrapped
my legs around one of his and rubbed my pussy against his
thigh. "It was about time, " he said. "That
was fantastic."

"Yes, yes, yes, " I said. Suddenly I panicked.
Ravi would be waiting. I grabbed some tissues from Mr.Kapoor's
desk and wiped myself off as best I could. I tried to straighten
the wrinkles out of my Saree where it had bunched up between
my waist and thighs. "I've got to go, "
I said weakly. "Ravi is waiting."

"Are you warmed up?" Anjum asked.

"A little bit, " I said. I kissed him lightly
on the lips and rushed out.

Ravi was waiting in the car. I didn't know how long he
had been waiting. I didn't want an argument, so the
instant I entered the car, I reached for him. "Let's fuck, " I said.
"Right here. I can't wait." As I threw my legs around him and drew him into my soaking
wet crotch, I realized that I hadn't picked up my knickers.

They weren't just anyone's knickers. They had
"Ravi's Private Honey Pot" printed across
the front of the crotch. Anjum would pick them up, I hoped.
Or Mr. Kapoor would be in for one hell of a surprise tomorrow

The next morning, I got up early as usual to have coffee with
Ravi as he ate his breakfast. He was in a great mood. He had
enjoyed the party - loved the food, had plenty of the booze,
and got laid in the parking lot.

I had had my first intercourse orgasm. The trouble was,
it hadn't been with Ravi. I hadn't really intended
my sex games with Anjum to go that far. But he looked so hot
last night, and the party had made me so horny. I just about
tore his clothes off. The sex was far and away the best I'd
ever had.

I wasn't certain how I felt about all that this morning.
I'd have to sort it out later. Right now I was concerned
about the personalized knickers I had forgotten in Mr.Kapoor's

In mid-morning, I found out about them. I got a phone call.
It was a woman's voice, oddly muffled.

"My boyfriend and I have your knickers, " she
said. "We know when you dropped them, and we know who
got into them. Here's a hint: the guy who got into Ravi's
Private Honey Pot wasn't Ravi."

I was stunned. "I want them back. Give them back to
me. I'll pay."

The girl laughed. "We don't want your money."

"What do you want?"

"We don't want you to do anything you don't
want to do. We want you to fuck your boyfriend, and we want
to watch. We like to watch. It turns us on. It makes our own
sex hotter. But we don't want you to see us."

"What makes you think we're going to have sex

"Honey, we saw how wet your knickers were. We even
saw you when you left your private party in Mr Kapoor's
office. You looked like a girl who'd just had the fuck
of her lifetime. You'll have sex again. You couldn't
keep from it if you tried."

"How do I know you'll give me back the knickers?"

"Because we're nice people. We don't even
want you to worry. We'll keep our mouths shut, and your
knickers will be secure. Then one of these days we'll
ask you to do something that you're already dying to
do. Meanwhile, don't worry, relax. We'll be in

She hung up. I had to sit down. I was shaking all over. I didn't
know whether to be scared or reassured... ......... .........

Do you think there should be more???

__._, _.___

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Great story, aaaahh the joys of sex, please keep the stories


tkin21 replies on 5/14/2015 11:03 am:
Thanks for your comment. I will try to post more & more.

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wonderful exciting story. keep writing and tell us more.


tkin21 replies on 5/14/2015 11:11 am:
Thnks. I will continue to post more & More
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Great story and waiting for the next one Thanks for sharing


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yesss there should be more, I am waiting mmmmmm