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She sat in the sparkling white office in the scratchy, thin
paper robe that they make everyone wear. Perched upon the
barely cushioned table that sported a pair of metal torture
devices that forces women to lie in the most completely
vulnerable position, she waited for her turn with an unsympathetic
doctor. Yes, Jodi could say without a doubt, that she hated
getting her yearly pap smears.

They probed, poked and prodded, and worse, it didn’t even
feel good while they did it. If this Dr. Chapman was anything
like her last two doctors, he probably was an old wrinkly
prune with a sadistic gleam in his eye.

At least the nurse was cute. It was the first time she had
ever seen a male nurse in an OB/GYN office. While he took
her vitals, Jodi admired his classically pretty face and
long, lean body. She only hoped that the Dr. Prune didn’t
notice the extra juicy when he examined her.

After a soft knock sounded at the door a tall skinny man
came bustling in. The first thing that Jodi noticed was
that he had short blond hair with the tips dyed emerald green.
She blinked a few times, thinking it would clear the imagined
green spikes from her vision. Then the man turned, and Jodi
went from extra juicy to Niagara Falls.

He was gorgeous. Stunning. And he, Jodi thought when she
noticed the white lab coat and a name badge announcing him
to be Dr. Lincoln Chapman, was definitely going to notice
Niagara Falls.

“Jodi Danna?” His eyes met hers, and Jodi felt her nerves
do a tango. They were a cold shade of glacier blue.

“Yes.” She took his offered hand, and her skin tingled
and her breath caught at the touch of his skin against hers.
The corner of his full, very kissable lips twitched as he
controlled a smile, and she was mortified to realize that
he probably knew what she was thinking.

Jodi sighed. There wasn’t much she could do about it anyway,
she decided. Besides, he was probably used to it, having
that ruggedly handsome face with his elegant movements.
She watched as he moved into the room with a dancer‘s unconscious

A dancer?

She continued to watch as he slipped into the chair across
from her. His eyes never left hers as he took a pen out of his
pocket and pulled the clipboard that had her medical file
on it towards him. Then he smiled.

It was supposed to be a reassuring smile, a sweet smile
that was supposed to calm her. But the faint little quirk
at the corner betrayed his wicked amusement at her expense,
and Jodi felt her face burn even hotter. She felt exposed,
and it wasn’t just because all she wore was a thin paper robe
that opened in the front. It was because of the intensity
of his blue eyes, and his knowing smile. But mostly it was
because he didn’t seem to be completely disapproving of
her uncontrollable response to him.

“So, Miss. Danna, I’ll need to ask you a few general questions
about your health before the examination.” His voice was
soft and soothing - calming her far more than that smile
was supposed to. Jodi nodded her assent to the handsome
doctor. “Do you smoke?”





“Unless you consider 10 aspirins in one dosage, Drugs
- then no.”

This time, when he smiled, Jodi saw the child that Dr. Lincoln
Chapman might have been: shy, yet charming, and full of
life. She smiled warmly back. He dropped his gaze to the
clipboard and wrote a few words when he asked, “Sex?”


“When was the last time you had sex?”

“I uhh…” Jodi stammered. It’s not like she didn’t know
this question was coming. Every other doctor she ever had
had asked this question. But discussing her sex life (no
matter how deficient it might be) to this doctor - this man
- made her turn scarlet again. “Born again virgin.”

Dr. Chapman snorted at her answer, and gave her a mischievous
look from beneath a fringe of his long eyelashes; “That
long, ey?”

Her mouth about fell open in shock before a giggle tickled
its way out. “Unfortunately, yes, ” she answered. The
room felt less tense for his professionally incorrect
attitude, and she felt better for it. Some of her earlier
composure returned, and she felt more capable of looking
at him while they spoke. He quickly finished up with the
remainder of the usual doctor questions, and then told
her to lie down.

Suddenly her nervousness returned as he helped her to
lean back onto the uncomfortable table. He was so close
that she could feel the heat emanating from his large body.
Her own body revved into overdrive when the hand he used
to support the back of her head while she reclined seemed
to caress her neck as he withdrew it.

Christ, this was going to get embarrassing when it got
to be Pap smear time. At least he wouldn’t have to use any
of that sticky, yucky jelly for lubrication. Jodi grimaced
inwardly at the poor joke, and focused on what the doctor
was saying to her.

“… and so we’ll do a full check up, and save the Pap smear
for two weeks from now.”

No pap smear? Whoo-hooo!

“I’m sorry, Dr. Chapman, but my mind must have been wandering, ”
she said, “but why aren’t we doing the Pap smear?”

“You told me that you just finished your period two days
ago.” His tone was patient, as if this were the first time
he was explaining this rather than the second, but there
was a definite gleam in his eyes that showed he knew exactly
where her mind had been wandering. “We shouldn’t do the
test for another ten days, so you’ve a short respite.”


“Exactly. Why don’t we start with the breast exam?” He
plucked a pair of latex gloves from a box, and tugged them
on. Jodi watched as the white plastic stretched to cover
the warm skin of his hands, and jerked when he let the elastic
snap against his wrist. Her eyes roamed up over his broad
shoulders to his eyes. They sparkled in the harsh florescent
lighting, appearing to be two jewels set in his handsome
face. And they were focused on her.

He moved to her side, never breaking eye contact, and Jodi’s
heart began to pound. She felt like the prey being stalked
by a tiger. With white fingers, he parted the left side of
her paper gown. The cold air of the room made her nipple pucker
into a rosy pearl; hard and round. When it became the prey
to his commanding gaze, she drew in a sharp breath, making
her breasts rise encouragingly.

Then her mind blanked as his hands encircled her right
breast. For a moment, she closed her eyes, enjoying the
sensation of his big hands lightly squeezing, and his confident
fingers making sensuous circles round and round. When
it seemed that he was taking a rather long time checking
for abnormalities, she looked up at him. Instead of looking
away, like most doctors do, his attention was centered
on her naked flesh. It swept over her fine boned shoulders
and breasts that were unusually large for her petite size.
Her skin sizzled as his eyes dipped down to her flat stomach,
and lingered where the edges of the thin paper met at the
crown of her womanhood.

He licked his lips. Jodi had to mask a groan by clearing
her throat, and asked in a husky voice, “So, what’s up with
the hair?”

“Hmmm? Oh, I bet the girls at the front desk that the Niners
would beat the Packers.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Packers
lost and I got green hair.” He sounded completely normal,
as if he wasn’t touching her so intimately, and she wondered
if her fertile imagination had fooled herself into thinking
he was looking at her body with longing.

Then, a whisper of a touch brushed over her nipple. Fire
ignited at the tip and burned its way down into the deepest
part of her. Instinctively, her back arched, begging to
be touched more firmly. When he swept his thumb over the
taunt peak once more, a purr rumbled softly from her throat.
It wasn’t just her imagination. He couldn’t mask his response
to her; his fingers were eager to give what her body was silently
asking, and his breathing started to come in fast, irregular

Deciding to take a chance that he might be willing to break
the ethical principles he was currently bending, Jodi
reached up and took one of his hands. Slowly, she dragged
it across to the breast that was still hiding beneath the
paper shroud. He immediately cupped it. The gown fell away,
and she watched as he fondled both breasts. His hands mirrored
each other. They pinched and twisted her nipples, squeezed
and rubbed. They let go.

She could feel phantom hands caressing her sensitive
mounds, yet all that really touched her was the chilly air.
The doctor’s face was hard and unforgiving, and a spurt
of shame raced down her spine. “Oh, god, ” she whimpered,
“I’m so sorry.”

Jodi turned her head away, and pulled the gown back together.
When she tried to sit up, however, his large hand held her
in place. “Miss. Danna?” Even his voice sounded just as
unforgiving as his expression.

She refused to acknowledge him, determined not to see
the censure in those cold blue eyes. Instead, like she always
did when nervous, she began to babble, “Listen, I’m very
sorry, Dr. Chapman. That was…” the most erotic moment in
my life, “inexcusable of me. It won’t ever happen again.
In fact, I’ll get a new doctor; one not as gorgeous as… uhh…”
Shit! Her mouth always managed to get her into trouble.
His hand continued to hold her down when Jodi tried to sit
up again, and her voice started to get panicky, “A really
old one, who‘ll …”

“Jodi?” With a firm hand, he turned her face to his. Before
she had another chance to speak his head dipped down, and
he silenced her with a kiss. With a gentle press, she opened
her mouth to allow his warm tongue in. At the first stroke,
she sighed. The next had her eyes fluttering closed. His
tongue was like velvet, and he tasted of nighttime secrets.

“Doctor…” Jodi broke away, trying to grapple with the
overwhelming desire that flooded her body, but he kept
on nipping at her lips with his teeth. She allowed him to
take her again with another kiss; this one just as passionate
as the last, yet it was more gentle. Placing a hand on his
chest, she was thrilled to feel his heart pounding just
as hard as hers. Then she pushed him back before the kiss
consumed what little thought was left. She wasn’t about
to let this go any further without making certain this time.
“Dr. Chapman…”

Jodi opened her eyes to his ice cold ones. “My name is Lincoln, ”
he said, as if angered, “Say it. Lincoln.”

“Lincoln, ” she whispered, and the chill melted from
his eyes, turning hot like the blue center of a flame.

“Say it again.”


“Good.” he brushed a light finger on her swollen lips,
then moved in for another kiss. This time she relinquished
all thought and worry, and gave in completely to him. At
her surrender, Lincoln turned animalistic. A low growl
sounded from deep in his chest, and he slanted his lips more
firmly over hers. He cupped her face in his and plunged his
tongue in deep. With long, thorough strokes, he made fierce
love to her mouth.

Impatient to feel her, he pushed her gown open. His hands
took their fill of her soft breasts. They kneaded and caressed,
touching every part of her sensitive fullness. By then,
Lincoln’s mouth had inched its way across her jaw to her
ear, and he teased her with light nips that sent shivers
racing up and down her spine.

Then, as if he needed her to understand, he explained,
“I don’t usually do this, Jodi.” He nibbled and bit down
the side of her neck, then rained light kisses over the injured
area. “I’ve never done this with any of my other patients,
I promise. There’s just something about you… I can’t seem
to help myself.”

He sank into her mouth again, drinking in the exotic flavor
that held the power to leave him weak with desire. Jodi’s
arms were wrapped tight around his neck, holding him hostage
to whatever it was that had him captivated from the moment
he walked in the door.

She was beautiful, yes, but there was more to this woman
than her elfin delicacy. She had a spirit that he seemed
to recognize, as if she belonged to him. He couldn’t explain
it. They had been sitting together in the room for a mere
10 minutes before his professionalism gave into the need
that was fighting to be unleashed.

Yet, when she took his hand and let him touch her in a way
that went beyond the usual doctor/patient relationship,
Lincoln became angry with himself for letting ten years
of school and internships go down the drain for a pretty
face. He spent a long five seconds telling himself that
she wasn’t worth everything he had worked so hard for, that
Jodi Danna didn’t mean anything. But it passed, and here
he was, kissing her as if her mouth was the air his body required
to subsist upon. Rational thought had flown right out the
window, and, with it, every ounce of his restraint.

Lincoln ripped the paper gown off, wanting her completely
naked for him, then he shoved her back onto the examination
table. Deciding to participate in every male gynecologist-in-training’s
dream, he fitted one of her small feet into a padded stirrup,
then the other. He spread her knees wide open, and stepped
back to enjoy the sight.

God, she was sexy, lying there with her long hair spilled
like a white waterfall down the sides of the table. Her full
breasts rose and fell with each breath, her stomach was
corded with muscle from daily workouts. Between her slender
thighs was a small thatch of curly blond hair. Lincoln could
see that her recently trimmed and shaved hair was somewhat
damp, and knew if he were to try, his cock would slip in between
those very ready lips with satisfying ease.

Beneath the bright light, her fair skin seemed almost
translucent, except for the flush of her cheeks. With her
brown eyes were half closed and red lips, swollen from his
kisses, slightly parted, she looked like the perfect vision
of a woman who had just been thoroughly fucked.

He wondered what she would look like after he fucked her.
Or, better yet, while he fucked her. Would her eyes be closed,
or would she watch him as he pounded in her? Would those luscious
lips be parted in a wild scream as she came, or would she thrash
about in the silent throes of ecstasy? There was only one
way to find out.

Lincoln stepped between her thighs, noting how convenient
it was that the table was made perfectly for his height.
Had he wanted, he could unzip and plunge to his dick’s content,
without bending over at all. And he would. Later. For now,
however, he wanted to taste her.

So, leaving his pants zipped up, he leaned over her prone
form. Not touching any other part of her body, he pulled
a desire-hardened nipple into his mouth. Jodi moaned,
and blindly stabbed her fingers into his green tinged hair.

He released the bud to detangle her hands from his hair,
and pressed them down onto the table. “If you touch me, I
will stop, ” he threatened softly. When she nodded, he
brought it back into his mouth. The moans grew louder as
he sucked hard. He bit down on the tip, and swirled his tongue
around it. She began to rock her hips in an instinctive invitation.
When it accidentally came into contact with his hard arousal,
a breath hissed from clenched teeth as he tried to control
the urge to take.

Jodi couldn’t help her movements; she had been lost in
the wonderful sensations that were assaulting her with
each caress of the tongue and pinch of teeth. Nothing touched
her but his mouth and breath, and that alone aroused her
enough for her body to demand more. Again, she rocked her
pelvis till her moist womanhood brushed the rigid lines
of his cock, but this time it was done with the intentional
purpose of driving him to claim her. She needed more.

Instead of caving into the demands of both of their bodies,
Lincoln stepped back and dropped down into his chair. With
a last ironic thought of how he’d never be able to sit in this
seat again without thinking of today, he wheeled himself
back into his former position. He quickly discarded his
gloves, wanting to feel everything from the crisp crinkle
of her pubic hair, to the slick juices of her desire.

Jodi stared at the man who sat between her legs. His face,
she saw, was level with her moist opening. With fingers
lightly powdered from the gloves he had just taken off,
he grazed through her short slip of pubic hair. Her hips
rose off the table, urging him for more, and he let a finger
slide between the slit. Her clit throbbed in response to
the fleeting touch, and Jodi moaned in frustration.

“More, ” she pleaded, when he didn’t do more than let his
fingers whisper soft touches. When Lincoln pressed his
thumb hard against the aching nub, rubbing it back and forth,
Jodi panted, “harder!”

With a groan, he parted her lips, and delved in. Just like
he had done earlier with her breasts, he captured her clit
between his teeth, and rapped his lips around it. He suckled
hard as he nibbled, wrenching muffled screams from Jodi.
Abruptly, he released it, only to lave her with long, hot
strokes of his tongue. Then he slipped a finger inside -
then two - and began to stroke her from within, in tempo with
each stroke of his tongue. Her hips were undulating; rising
as he thrust his fingers in, and falling as his tongue reached
the pinnacle of her desire.

Suddenly, Lincoln felt her muscles tighten around his
fingers, and a gush of warm liquid spilled down his hand.
He could feel the shudders from the orgasm ripple through
her body as he ran a free hand over her flat stomach. He stood,
and, with her hair tangled in his hand, he brought her lips
to his so she could taste the salty sweetness of her body.

He was bent over her naked body, one hand tilting her head
to his kisses while the other continued to fondle her clit,
when a soft knock on the door preceded the entrance of the
nurse. Lincoln’s head snapped up with a start, shock and
fear coloring his healthy tan into a grey pallor. There
was no way he could explain this away. They were caught.

Jodi’s swung her head painfully around so that she could
see. It was the cute nurse from earlier, and he was shutting
the door hastily as a malicious gleam entered his eyes.
All it took was one look at her lover to know that they were
in some serious trouble. This man could ruin Lincoln’s
career with but a word, and it was all her fault.

“Well, well, well, ” he sauntered a bit closer, “Isn’t
this cozy?” When Lincoln tried to move away, he said, “Now
don’t let me interrupt you two. It doesn’t look as if you
were quite finished yet.”

Lincoln ignored the sarcastic comment, and found a spare
gown for Jodi to cover herself with before confronting
the nurse. “What are you going to do, Daren? Tell?”

Daren laughed harshly, “What do you take me for? A rat?”
He was watching Jodi intently, as she struggled to sit up.
“No, not me.”

“What do you want then?” He could see the look in the man’s
eyes. Though he may not snitch on them, he wanted something
in return. And Lincoln knew exactly what he wanted.

“I’m sure you know what I want, ” Daren said, taking one
of Jodi’s hands into his. He felt the jerk of her hand as she
tried to pull it away, but he held it fast in his. “I want a
little taste of your patient.”

The look of outrage on Lincoln’s face made Daren laugh,
“Or maybe she can have a little taste of me. You‘d enjoy that,
won‘t you babycakes? I saw the way you were eying me earlier.”

Jodi flushed at the memory of how she was him checking out.
Truthfully, she wouldn’t mind much in the least. Or, at
least, wouldn’t as long as Lincoln didn’t mind. She had
always been open to variety in sex, and the nurse was good
looking. But he was trying to blackmail them: sex for his

Confused at the way the day was turning out, she looked
to Lincoln for advice. A strange look of dismayed resignation
passed over his face. He shrugged and said, “It’s up to you,

She turned back to Daren to see him locking the door. As
he turned to face her, he unzipped his pants. A hand reached
in, and he pulled out a huge cock, already swollen and ready.
He grinned when he saw her eyes widen at the sight of his length
and thickness. “So, what’s it gonna be, doll face? We gonna
have some fun?”

Jodi wet her lips with the tip of her tongue as she watched
the nurse pump himself, and nodded. “Good, ” he said. Without
another word, he plopped down on one of the visitor’s chairs,
and gestured grandly over his erection. “Well, enjoy.”

With a backwards glance to a now sitting Lincoln who was
watching her every move, she dropped the paper gown, and
kneeled on the hard tiled floor before Daren. He wasn’t
looking at her anymore, but had his eyes closed as his head
laid back against the wall. She surprised Daren by downing
his entire length for the introduction to their little
ménage à trios.

Both Daren and Lincoln groaned loudly when her lips brushed
against the hair at the base of his cock. Jodi felt Daren’s
body jolt beneath her as the tip of his cock came into contact
with the back of her throat. Slowly, she dragged her lips
to the top, and then plunged down again. Again and again
she rose and fell over his cock, and as his grunts and groans
of delight grew louder, Jodi could feel lust rolling through
her body like an incoming tide.

At the top of his engorged head, she ran her tongue around
in circles, spiraling out to the edge of his hood. Then she
took it into her mouth to alternately graze her teeth lightly
over before sucking as hard as she could.

“Jesus-fucking-Christ, Lincoln. This girl can suck!”

Lincoln didn’t respond, but it wasn’t because he was upset.
Seeing Jodi sucking on Daren’s dick like a lollypop was
like watching a porno flick at IMAX. He couldn’t believe
that she was able to swallow Daren like that; she was so small.
But she could, and did it so well that his mouth hung open
and his eyes were rolled back into his head.

He hadn’t seen it before, but now Lincoln had an unrestricted
view of her ass. And what a fine ass it was. It was round and
high, with a little dimple in the right cheek, and it jiggled
ever so slightly when her head bounced up and down. Between
her legs he could see one dainty hand resting on the floor.
Soon, though, as Daren’s eruption became imminent, it
crept up her thigh.

As if watching her give Daren one hell of a blow job wasn‘t
hard enough, he now had to watch as she fondled herself.
At first, she merely rubbed the palm of her hand over her
mound. It didn’t take too long, however, until she slid
a finger inside. Lincoln was now palming himself through
his trousers in time with the thrusts of her fingers. He
was fascinated to see her free hand part her lips so that
she could flick and rub her clit, in tandem with sucking
and licking Daren’s dick while he chanted “fuck me” over
and over again.

It was too much for Lincoln. He couldn’t wait until they
were finished before taking his fill of Jodi. So, he dropped
his pants and held his own throbbing cock in his hand as he
knelt behind her.

She felt the heat of his body before she felt the brush of
his clothes against her bare skin. Then he was removing
her hand, and replacing it with yet another thick headed
cock. He rubbed it back and forth between her legs, letting
the wetness cover his length. Jodi barely managed to concentrate
enough to continue with Daren’s blow job, as she felt Lincoln
prod at her tender womanhood.

And then he was in! He filled her completely, so stuffed
that it was almost painful. Lincoln cried out in wonder
at the hot tightness of Jodi, his eyes closed and his head
thrown back. He retracted and buried himself to the hilt,
and they both shuddered at the pleasure created between
them. His hands gripped Jodi’s hips tightly as he grinded
himself against her plump little ass.

Then she realized that she had been neglecting their blackmailer.
With Lincoln not moving, but enjoying the very miracle
of being inside her, Jodi focused again on Daren. Intent
on getting the job done so that she could fully enjoy her
lover, she slipped a hand inside his pants until she found
his balls.

Daren choked as she cupped him in her hand. He opened his
eyes and saw Jodi bent over him with her hand up his pants.
Lincoln had mounted her from behind, and had a look of pure
rapture on his face. Daren understood completely. His
own rapture was having those succulent lips surrounding
his cock, the heat of her mouth caressing his entire length.
Now she topped that by holding and caressing his balls,
squeezing them gently as the tip of his head drew closer
to the heaven of her throat.

His eyes followed the lush form of the woman before him.
He saw that Jodi’s breasts were bobbing with each thrust
of her head. The hand that was in his pants moved deliberately
as she fondled him. Her mouth was opened wide to accommodate
his width, her usually full lips thinned by the stretch.
Daren groaned when he felt the muscles of her throat try
to swallow him - that was the best part.

His breath quickened when he saw Lincoln’s hands manipulating
the little nub between Jodi’s thighs. One hand pressed
the lips apart, so that Daren could see everything. The
other hand worked her clit viciously. He rubbed it and flicked
it at first, but when she responded so deliciously when
he accidentally slapped it, Lincoln did that instead.
Softly at first, he smacked the sensitive spot, but soon
he was hitting it harder and harder. Jodi was obviously
enjoying it, as her hips were thrusting forward to meet
the impact of his hand.

Simultaneously, whatever she was doing to his cock in
her mouth was working it’s magic. Daren could feel the tension
in his loins building, his body was humming from the wickedness
of their play. Then, when Jodi none so gently raked her teeth
down the entire length of him while squeezing his balls,
he came.

A hoarse cry erupted from his mouth as he jetted his semen
down Jodi’s open throat. She swallowed it while he was still
in her mouth, and he was shocked when a quick build up overflowed
into yet another orgasm before the first was over. Daren’s
mind then blanked out to everything but the after shocks.

He might have fall asleep there, completely sated, if
not for a sharp pain in his leg. Daren cracked open an eye
to see it was Jodi’s fingernails that was causing him pain.
He watched silently as she dug a hold into his legs as Lincoln
pounded into her from behind.

Jodi didn’t even have the chance to release Daren from
her mouth before Lincoln went crazy behind her. He had waited
as long as he could, torturing her as his marvelously sinful
hands smacked her clit into a frenzy. But now that she was
done with Daren, Lincoln took her, plunging in and out of
her body as hard and as fast as he could. With each slap of
skin on skin, he could feel the pleasure swelling.

Lincoln still cupped her in the front, his hand causing
extra tension in her body as it rubbed against her clit with
each thrust. The other hand gripped her hip, and he used
it to pull her back to meet him with a resounding smack! Jodi
could feel each inch that invaded her body, and she despised
each inch that left.

Then they shattered together. Lincoln trembled as he
covered her womb with his hot liquid, and Jodi, biting her
lip to keep from screaming, milked every last life giving
drop from him with her convulsing well. They lay together
for a moment, their bodies shaking from the intensity of
the explosion.

“Whoo-yeah, boy, ” Daren shouted, startling them both
from their sex-induced stupor, “Now that’s how you fuck
a woman.”

Lincoln managed a wink at Daren, as the two pulled away
from him, still joined. Daren was still talking, but they
were ignoring him until they heard, “Maybe I otta get me
a piece of that ass. Bet she‘s wondering how it‘d feel to
have Big Bob up that pretty pussy of hers instead of her mouth.”

“No, Daren, ” Lincoln said, handing Jodi her clothes,
“I don’t think so.”

“I think I’ve had all I can handle of Big Bob.” Jodi let out
a little snort of a giggle, and disappeared behind the curtains
to dress.

“Why don’t you go out and make sure no one heard anything.
I’ll be out soon.” Lincoln checked his watch. “Day’s almost
over, so it should be pretty slow out there.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that.” He walked over to the door, but twitched
aside the curtain where Jodi was first. He crowded her against
a wall, cupped a breast in his hand, and sealed his lips over
hers. After exploring her entire mouth with his tongue,
he let her go with a pinch of a nipple. Jodi staggered just
as much from the abrupt release as the kiss itself. “Figured
I’ll never get another chance to do that, sugerlips. Dr.
Chapman seems like a rather possessive fellow if ya know
what I mean.”

And he waltzed out the door. After it swung shut behind
him, the two left burst into laughter.

“He’s right you know, ” Lincoln said, coming up to her.

“’Bout what?” Jodi was distracted, struggling with the
strap of her bra to notice how close he got until he was right
on top of her.

Just like Daren did, he pressed her against the wall. He
pulled the bra away from her chest, and covered the breast
that Daren had fondled. “I’m very possessive. If not for
the fact that he literally had us by the balls today, I would
never have let him touch you.” Jodi stared up at Lincoln
in wonder at the fierceness of his tone. “You’re mine, now.

Jodi nodded, “Only yours, Lincoln.”

He smiled in triumph, and sealed the promise with a kiss.
Lincoln put every ounce of his being into the kiss, determined
to erase any memory of the men in her past. Especially Daren.
He kissed her until her head was spinning. When he let her
go, Jodi had no doubt that he had left his mark on her; like
a branding. That was a kiss that claimed ownership over
her body and soul.

“When do you get off work?” Her voice was breathless again,
sounding low and seductive. And it worked. Little flames
of lust sparked from the smoldering coals of earlier.

“I should be done in an hour or so.” He cocked an eyebrow
at her. “Just so long as I don’t get distracted again.”

“See that you don’t!” Lincoln laughed, just as she knew
he would. Jodi plucked a pen that had somehow managed to
stay in his shirt pocket, and scribbled something on a scrap
of her first gown before handing it to him. “Here. When you’re
done, come over to my place.”

He studied the address scrawled hastily on the fragile
paper, and tucked it into a pocket. “I’ll be there. After
I pick up a bottle of wine.” Lincoln pulled Jodi close and
kissed her gently, showing her the tenderness she had yet
to find that day. When they broke apart, he rested his forehead
against hers, and said, “I suspect it’ll be a rather long

“Oh, yes.”

“And you should probably get yourself another gynecologist.”

“Think so?”

He nodded, “Uh-huh. A really old one, whose not as gorgeous
as me.”

Jodi laughed, and she smacked Lincoln in the arm for his
impertinence. He was smiling down at her when he tucked
her hand in the crook of his arm, and together they left the

~*~ ~*~
~*~ ~*~

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Great writing! Loved it, so intense.


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fucking amazing story 1 of the very best


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Great writing. Maybe we could hear about the long evening
after work that night.


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wow what a erotic story, give us more


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And they lived happily ever after?


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VERYYYYYYY GOOD. Now tell us about when he got off work!!!


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You write very, VERY well!!! You bring your reader right
into the story! If a Dr's visit is this good, you really
MUST pick up later that night, when Lincoln puts his log
to the task of pleasing his new love... and let me know when
you post it, I definitely want to read it!!! More, more.

Oh, and if that's your pic, nice tush too Do drop by and
say hi.


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loved every minute of this story


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Thebest story I have seen thgis week.

Ready, Wiling, Able.


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That was an awsome story. If you need another exam I am available.


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Very well done.


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good lord as a nurse I know what it's like to fantasize
about my patients now I just got to find one that is willing
to play like that