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Every Girl Should Have a Friend Named Betty


"Bradford, Brown, and Wetherby, " announced
the receptionist. "How may I direct your call?"

"Becki Franklin, please."

"May I tell her who is calling?"

"This is Jeff."

"One moment please."

Jeff managed two solid breaths before Miss Franklin responded,
"This is Becki."

"Hey, Becki, it's Jeff. I, uh, hope I'm not
bothering you at work."

Becki leaned back in her chair, propping her feet up on her
desk. "Nope. I wouldn't have given you my number
if I didn't want you to call me here. What's up?"

"I tried calling you at home last night, actually
the last few nights." Jeff paused to gulp as he considered
his next sentence, dreading many of the possible replies.
"I was wondering when I might see you again?"

Becki smiled, though no one could see it. "You mean
you didn't succeed?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"You said you tried to call?"

Jeff rolled his eyes. "Ok, I succeeded. I guess you
were out."

"I was with my friend Alice, " Becki replied,
her smile evolving into something of a smirk.

Jeff sighed. "You were out with her once last week,

"Yes. More than once, although we weren't exactly

"You two, uh, must be pretty close."

Becki paused for effect, then reply softly, "Alice
is my best friend at the moment. And, yes, we are very close.
You might even say intimate."

Jeff inhaled sharply. "Intimate?"

"Yes, " Becki said. "I've always
had very close friends like Alice. I like to see them often,
most evenings as a matter of fact. I'm afraid they've
chased more than a few of my boyfriends away."

"I see." Jeff licked his lips as he considered
whether to take what he interpreted as an obvious hint.
His timid soul begged him to opt for the easy route. "Well,
if you'd rather see Alice, I understand. Thanks for
the two dates; they were fun. I hope you and..."

"No!" Becki snapped as her smile dissolved.
"Wait!" Her feet slammed onto the floor and
she sprang forward in her chair. "That's not
what I meant!"

"Ok." Jeff paused to exude a sigh of relief.
"What did you mean?"

That was close you idiot, Becki scolded herself. What if
he'd hung up? No more fucking games. She nodded as if
to affirm that resolve. "I still want to see you. I
just want you to understand, about Alice and all; but it's
difficult for me to just come out and say it. It's more
than a little embarrassing for a girl to admit to certain
things, especially to guys.

"Hey, I'm bi, " thought Jeff. How hard
is that to say? Not like I'd dump you over it; or would
I? Will I? Two seconds of consideration produced no obvious
answer. "It might help me understand if I met this
Alice, " he finally suggested.

"Well, our next date would be our third. I can't
think of a better time." Her eyes widened as she realized
she had upped the ante considerably. "If you want
to, that is?"

The exchange of sentences left Jeff even more confused.
"Will Alice be joining us then? On the date, I mean."

"Not on the date, " Becki said. "But we
could maybe get together afterward at my place. If you want
to come back to my place, of course." She inhaled a
quick breath as she realized the extent of her own bravado.
Slow down! she counseled herself. What the hell are you
doing? You must be panicking. Calm yourself!

Jeff nearly laughed. How could he not want to go back to her
place? "You have something in mind then?"

"I have lots of things in mind, " Becki said.
"But nothing set in stone. Is tomorrow evening ok?"


"That is tomorrow."


"Pick me up at six, " Becki said. "No,
make it seven."

"I'll be there, " Jeff assured.

"I know, " Becki replied, in a pleasant, rather
than haughty, manner.

"See you then, " Jeff said.

"See you then, " Becki concluded.

Jeff gently lowered the receiver and exhaled a long deliberate
breath. He'd only known Becki a few weeks, half-dozen
hours at most, if one added them all up. He still didn't
know what to make of her, except she made his heart race in
every way a man's can.

Jeff brought his thumb to his lips, idly nibbling at the
nail. What is it, he wondered, that makes her so special?
It's not just that she's pretty. Is it? I know it's
more than that, but what? And what about this other girl?
Can I ever be serious with a woman that has a girlfriend on
the side?

"You're not still trying with that lawyer dame,
are you?"

Jeff shook his thoughts from his head and looked up to see
one of his co-workers. "Yes, Mort. I am."

The other man shook his head. "I told you, you're
just wasting your time; and money."

"That's for me to decide."

"That's what Travis said too, " Mort said.
"But he wised up after a month or so of spending money
and gettin' nothing for it."

"Travis is a dick, " Jeff retorted.

"More like Travis has a dick, " Mort countered.
"One that gets a lot of action. But he didn't get
past first base with lawyer girl. If he couldn't get
anywhere with her, why do you think you will?"

Jeff averted the other man's gaze and sighed. "I
like her. I don't care if I never get anywhere with her."

Mort snorted. "That's so much bullshit. Everyone
wants to get somewhere with a babe like that. Too bad she's
a snicker licker."

"A what?"

"Snicker licker, " Mort repeated. "Dyke.
Rug-muncher. You know."

"Why can't you just say lesbian?" Jeff

"I can, " Mort chuckled. "I just like
the other names better."

Jeff crossed his arms and leered.

"Pity too, " Mort continued. "Because
that babe is perfect."

"No one's really perfect, " Jeff noted.

"You're right, " Mort agreed. "Her
face is rather mediocre."

"It is not!"

Mort snorted his amusement. "You are so whipped."

To the other man's surprise, Jeff smiled. He was thinking
of Becki's exquisite face and hadn't heard a word
of the last sentence. Mort just shook his head and walked

Jeff would have been amazed to know that across town Becki
was still staring at her phone, similarly giddy, yet also
concerned. Mort had good cause to think her a lesbian. Her
friend Alice, and Alice's predecessors, had indeed
sent more than a few potential suitors fleeing.

Not that Becki lamented the loss. All of her previous prospects
had been pigs; or as she liked to put it, "Swine defined."
Having been cursed with the kind of beauty that routinely
turns heads and drops jaws, the curvy brunette had never
attracted the polite, yet shy, sort of man for which she

After several years of one arrogant jerk after another,
Becki had essentially concluded that all men were the same:
necessary for procreation, but otherwise worthless.
She had moved to a new town, thrown herself into her career
and, for leisure, acquired friends the likes of Alice.
She'd dated occasionally after the move, but never
for long.

Becki had never been sad to see a relationship end, no matter
who had allegedly done the breaking up with whom. She wasn't
sure if she'd ever really been in love. But Jeff was
different. She knew it, even if he didn't. Given how
long it had taken her to find such a man, she was truly concerned
about the possibility of losing him.

While hardly leading man material, Jeff was far from homely.
He was her height or a shade taller, a tad on the slender side,
but with a dignified, even aloof appearance. His hair and
eyes were both black, the latter being both deep and near
set, lending him a brooding countenance.

Becki smiled as she pictured him, though attractiveness
was low on her list of desirable traits. She considered
looks a bonus; in Jeff's case a big bonus, since everything
else about him seemed so perfect.

She had met the man in a bookstore instead of a bar. When she
had appeared lost, he'd simply offered to help her
find her book. He'd looked at her eyes, not her breasts.
He'd held the door, carried her bags, and walked her
to the car. All without any pretext; he never even asked
for her number; she'd had to request his.

In short, Jeff had proven everything the others were not;
a simple gentleman. He planned the evenings, and picked
up the tab. He opened the door and pulled out her chair. He
did all the driving. Sure, it was only twice, but he had been
punctual on both occasions and each time he had brought
a rose, both pink, the first one slightly paler than the

Becki felt like more than just a lady when she was with Jeff;
she felt like royalty. Of course, in his eyes, she was. Yet
often she wondered what he saw in her, rather than the other
way around. Sure, she knew she was pretty. So many had wanted
her only for her beauty, she had begun to doubt she had anything
else to offer.

Becki dropped her gaze to the pile of papers on her desk.
Her vision blurred as her eyes moistened. In that instant
she resolved to give up Alice and her ilk, if that was what
was required, in order to keep Jeff. But she prayed it wouldn't
be necessary. Why should it? The right man would understand.
Wouldn't he?

* * * * *

Becki was a bundle of nerves the following evening as she
watched the second hand sweep across the seven o'clock
hour. She knew she had offered to take the relationship
physical later that night and was having second thoughts;
not so much about Jeff, but about herself.

She had never observed the third date rule with any other
boyfriend. Most of the time she had been prudish by intent
in order to judge the prospect's reactions. On each
such occasion, her suspicions had been confirmed, usually
by the conspicuous absence of a fourth date.

With Jeff, however, Becki was confident no such evaluation
was required. She knew he was dating her because he enjoyed
her company, not because he tolerated her company for a
chance at what he really wanted.

The woman sighed heavily, her gaze fixed on the carpet.
She was sure Jeff would never expect her to keep her impromptu
pledge. She imagined he'd never even mention it, should
she change her mind. Her thoughts turned to Alice. Alice
was a reliable companion to be sure, always there when needed;
but still, she was only a physical friend. Jeff could be
so much more.

Becki wondered if she was being overly sentimental, or
downright crazy. "It's not like Alice's
going to be hurt, " she mumbled to herself.

The doorbell rang, startling the young lady. She started
to rush to the entryway, but recovered to walk with a more
deliberate stride.

Jeff smiled as the door opened. "Hello." He
nodded politely and extended his left hand and the single
stem contained therein.

"It's beautiful!" Becki gasped as she
beheld and then accepted the flower. "I've never
seen such a rose; it's almost purple."

Jeff nodded. "It's lilac."

"Lilac?" Becki said. "Where do you get

Jeff shrugged modestly. "Once you know what you want,
it's a lot easier to find."

Becki's eyes wandered a bit, before returning to his.
"I guess so."

Jeff stood aside. "Ready?"

Becki smiled. "Yes."

In spite of Jeff's entirely adequate planning, the
couple found the evening an awkward one, their worst date
by far. Each was aware of the other's unease; yet found
no way to relieve it. The anxiety level reached a peak as
the pair arrived at the lady's door.

"I forgot my rose, " Becki declared, though
foliage was hardly her biggest concern at that moment.

Jeff smiled and moved his off hand from behind his back.

Becki beamed. "Thank you. Would you hold it for a moment
please?" She turned slightly and moved her keys to
the lock.

"You're welcome, " Jeff said. "But
I'm afraid that was about the only thing I did right

Becki turned the handle and cracked the door. Then she spun
and asked, "What do you mean?" as she grasped
her flower.

Jeff issued a substantial sigh as he tried to find a way to
verbalize his feelings. "I should have brought this
up first thing instead of last, " the man ventured
solemnly. "I don't know for sure what you meant
about that third date bit yesterday, but I think that's
a bunch of nonsense myself; something cads use to maybe
convince a lady to do something they want but she doesn't.
I don't understand how third date got confused with
wedding night anyway, so I don't want you to feel obliged
in any way to conform to such silly notions. I'm perfectly
comfortable calling it an evening."

Becki pressed her lips firmly together as she pondered
the statement on face value and then tried to dissect it
for any unsaid meanings. "Does that mean you don't
want to?"

Jeff twisted his neck in a manner that looked far from comfortable.
"Well I..."

"I want to, " Becki interrupted, unwilling
to allow an answer she might not want to hear.


"I want you, " she clarified in a whisper. "Inside
my house for starters. Maybe inside of more." She
paused. Her chest heaved as she passed a breath while gauging
her desires.

Do you really want him? Becki asked herself as she tossed
open her door and stepped inside. Or are you just thinking
to put out so as to not lose him? She absently stroked her
lower lip with the rose as she continued to consider the
issue. You know he'll be back. You can wait. But, that's
it! You don't want to wait, do you? You want to know tonight.

She turned and brought her eyes squarely to his. "Yes, "
she whispered with a nod. "I definitely want you inside
of more."

Jeff's eyes swelled with his apprehension. He tried,
and failed to swallow before inquiring, "Are you

Becki grabbed his hand and leaned backward. A wide smile
graced her features. "I've never been more sure."

Jeff sensed a burning in his chest and realized he could
not remember his last breath. "Ok, " he muttered
before allowing himself to inhale.

Becki continued to smile as she gently drew the bashful
man into her home, securing the door behind them. There,
in her foyer, she draped her forearms over his shoulders
and moved her face to his. Their first kiss was as tentative
as it was brief.

"I hope..." Jeff began the instant his mouth
was free.

Becki moved a hand to the back of the man's head and pulled
his face closer, terminating the unwelcome sentence,
confirming their first foray with a second, more substantial,

Jeff's eyes wandered as their lips parted. "I
hope I don't disappoint you."

Becki shook her head slowly. "You won't, "
she announced, praying that time would prove her claim
correct. She allowed her palm to fall, tracing the contour
of his arm until her hand found his. "Let's go."

With that, she began to walk in reverse, her gaze demurely
dropped in an unconscious bid to lessen her man's doubts.
At a premeditated pace, she backed down the short corridor
to her bedroom. Her focus wavered slightly as the pair passed
through the threshold. To her surprise, she became nervous.

It's been so long, Becki realized. How long? Three
years, maybe four? Yes, at least four. You'd given
up on men, hadn’t you? And with good reason; not like you
need one. But you do want one after all, don't you?

Against her wishes, her thoughts shifted to Alice. Can
any man compare? Her chin popped upward just an inch, but
an important inch. If any man can compare, it will be this
one. But if he doesn't... She didn't really want
to think about that possibility.

Jeff fortunately did not notice his companion's momentary
disquiet. In the shadows of the unlit room, the subtleties
of her expression were by providence obscured.

Becki stopped at the foot of her bed and pulled her form once
more to his, extending her neck that tiny bit upward to bring
their faces adjacent. As their lips met, her fingers sought
the buttons of his shirt. Taking the cue, Jeff put his hands
to work on the seams of her apparel.

Her body writhed yet she managed to keep her lips locked
on his while kicking her shoes from her feet. She cast off
her socks as well and then broke their oral embrace, intent
on shedding her blouse. But Jeff had other ideas. He reached
to grasp the edge of the loose cloth, and then slid the garment
down her arms, falling with it until he rested on his haunches.

From his kneeling position, Jeff extended his hands behind
Becki's back, fumbling for the hooks he expected to
find there. She smiled and reached for the fasteners that
rested between her bulging cups. Unhooking the clasp,
she pealed the cloth slowly from her bosom, exposing her
bountiful mounds.

Jeff gasped as he beheld their magnificence. He recovered
quickly to move his parted lips, seeking not a nipple but
her navel, kissing his way around the rim of the sensitive
indentation. He smiled between kisses as the woman's
stomach muscles trembled beneath his lips.

From there, he eased his mouth over Becki's abdomen
in what seemed to her to be a random pattern, yet he managed
to steer his lips ever northward. Her breaths came large
and slow as her hands found his head.

Jeff's drooping eyelids popped upward as he felt the
woman's fingers explore his coiled locks, grasping
them, pulling ever so slightly upward. He ceased his wandering
route, moving his mouth to the lower edge of her bosom. There
he at first kissed, then suckled, the soft underside of
her breasts.

Becki's lungs expanded with her excitement. Every
man before had moved straight to her nipples as if it were
feeding at the zoo. She began to run her fingers through
his hair with more force, caressing his scalp. Her knees
twitched, as if they sought to buckle inward. "That's
nice, " she whispered. Her hands slid downward to
cradle the man's cheeks. Bringing her nose to nuzzle
his wavy locks, she exerted a gentle pressure upward.

Jeff took the hint and shifted his mouth over one of her already
swollen nubs. Becki's body tensed as she felt the affection
behind the man's tender suckling, so different it
was from the lustful feasting that she had previously experienced.
Her hands moved to above his ears where she combed the subtle
curls of his locks, her fingers moving through his hair
in the same gentle fashion that his mouth moved across her

Jeff alternated without a schedule, but with a purpose;
loving each of Becki's breasts as equitably as possible.
Over that score of blissful minutes, she let her appreciation
be known with tender sighs and subtle moans. Finally, when
her respiration became more audible and he could feel the
force of her breath atop his head, only then did he sense
it was time to move on.

Allowing his nerve to build over a long breath, Jeff slid
his lips back to the lower reaches of Becki's bosom
while his hands moved to her waistline, seeking the seam
of her slacks. With an awkward determination, he unfastened
and then slid the clothes from her body, his lips never forsaking
their duty until his hands reached the extent of their range.

Becki stepped from her slacks, expecting her lover to stand
and remove his own trousers. Instead, he moved his mouth
back to her torso, planting his lips in the center of her
chest, just below her bosom. With an almost piquing pace,
he kissed his way down the well-defined cleft of her abdomen,
making a leisurely circuit around her navel.

With his mouth pressed firmly to the lower edge woman's
belly button, Jeff paused. With neither word nor warning,
he thrust his flattened palms between her knees and, in
the same motion, moved his hands upward until her weight
rested upon his arms.

Becki gasped at the unexpected action, then tensed as she
felt her feet leave the carpet. Her fingers instinctively
flew to the man's head, cradling his chin against her
belly to steady her balance. She looked into his suddenly
confident eyes while he moved her from the floor to the edge
of the mattress. As he sensed her weight transfer to the
bedsprings, he slid his palms down her form, snagging her
panties as they moved.

Becki arched her back and allowed the man to remove this
last shred of clothing. She felt her tongue sample a surprisingly
dry palette. Unsure what he had in mind, but pleased that
he had taken the initiative, she simply remained still
and waited.

Jeff did not keep his woman waiting for long. He tore the
unbuttoned shirt from his frame and tucked the cloth beneath
and between her butt cheeks. Then he again knelt and hoisted
her thighs to his shoulders. Missing the look of bliss that
graced her features, he eased his face forward until his
nose found the edge of the down that shrouded her womanhood.

There, Jeff closed his eyes and simply breathed. Becki
was at first unsure what to make of the situation. The few
men that had previously lapped her labia had proceeded
with undue haste, as if the task was a chore rather than an
honor. But, as she had told herself countless times in the
past few minutes, Jeff was not just another man. Even had
he tried, he could not have conceived how putting his mouth
to her womanhood could be anything other than the most solemn

For a full minute he but sampled her succulent aroma. As
Becki noted the expression of joy upon his face, her pulse
began to race. The prospect that he might inhale her fragrance
and cherish it like some exotic perfume excited her more
than she could have imagined. Her thighs flexed, bouncing
lightly off his shoulders. She felt the muscles in her loin
contracting for want of attention. Her hips began to squirm
beneath his nostrils, begging him to do more than just sniff.

He's got me dripping and he hasn't even touched
me, she realized. Can he really like how my pussy smells?
He must; look at his face! C'mon, quit sniffing; if
it smells that good, it'll taste even better!

As if he had heard some of Becki's thoughts, the man
ceased his olfactory obeisance. Without a word, he stood,
taking her legs with him until her limbs were almost vertical.
Closing his eyes, he brought his face to her foot and gently
nuzzled the smooth upper surface in much the same manner
a cat might rub its owner's legs.

Becki closed her eyes while her lover moved his nose to the
sole of her foot, stroking the sensitive textures in a motion
that should have tickled, yet somehow did not.

Starting with the smallest, Jeff shifted his pursed lips
to the bottom of every toe, planting a token kiss on each
before moving his lips up the side of her foot to her ankle.
There he closed his eyes. With scarcely audible smacks,
he moved his mouth to her calf and continued toward her knees
at a pace somehow slower than time.

Becki's head rolled in minor anguish. What was he doing?
No one had ever made her wait before. She suppressed an urge
to voice her impatience, but just. Her shoulders twisting
with bridled passion, she released instead a low moan.
Her back arched upwards, her womanhood begging for attention.
She realized she had gone from imagining if she could want
a man to wanting one more than she could have imagined.

In apparent oblivion to Becki's mounting excitement,
Jeff moved his lips past her knee and onto her inner thigh.
Kissing and suckling her flesh, he worked his way onward,
his mouth never leaving her body.

Becki was shuddering by the time her lover's lips reached
the union of thigh and torso. She issued a sharp moan and
shook her legs, almost begging him to proceed at a faster

Jeff took the cue and moved his mouth over Becki's furred
crease, blowing gently along the irregular folds of her
labia. She tensed at once, expecting the man to finally
dive into her flesh. Soon, however, she realized the warmth
of his breath upon her loins was just another rung in the
ladder of teasing that her lover was slowly scaling.

"Please kiss it, " Becki pleaded. "Kiss
my pussy."

At once Jeff moved his mouth, but not to where the lady had
requested. The tip of his nose landed in her navel, his lips
on the smooth skin just above her tidy patch of fur.

"No, " Becki insisted. "Lower! I'm

Jeff moved his mouth lower, but he was still not to be rushed.
He continued southward through her furry patch in much
the same manner that he had traversed her leg; leisurely,
yet lovingly. His tongue joined his lips as they neared
the culmination of their journey.

Becki squirmed, her thighs caressing his shoulder as she
urged her lover onward. "Yes, " she moaned.

The woman inhaled sharply as Jeff removed his mouth from
her body. He paused for a long breath, savoring the scent
of her desire for a final time. Then he blew once along the
length her moist crease, teasing her one last luxurious
time. She anticipated her man would put his lips to her womanhood,
continuing his deliberate, almost excruciating, pattern
of arousal.

Becki's eyes bulged, then quivered, as Jeff plunged
his tongue directly into her sodden crease, glancing across
her bulging clit. He pushed his widely splayed appendage
between her lips, driving it forcefully down the smoothness
of her slide and into her core.

Becki gasped at the unexpected, yet entirely welcome onslaught.
Her hips sprang from the mattress to meet the thrust. Jeff
pressed his nose into her upper vulva, wiggling it in concert
with the tongue that burrowed beneath.

"Oh, oh, " Becki gasped as her body tensed.
She clasped her thighs together and rolled her shoulders
sideways as the first convulsion gripped her body. Her
eyes flew wide. She passed two quick breaths, scanning
her memory for anything to compare to the precision with
which Jeff had brought her to climax.

Becki's search lasted but several unsuccessful seconds
before a second seizure eclipsed the first. "Oh,
Jeff, " she whispered. "That's so good.
Don't stop. Yes, just like that. Please, don't...
Oh, oh; oh!"

Becki's mouth remained open, yet only moans emerged
between the irregular spurts of her breathing. She closed
her eyes, relishing the sensations. Jeff had long since
clamped tight his own lids to avoid the salty deluge that
issued from the woman at irregular, yet frequent, intervals.
For a handful of minutes the two sightless souls shared
something far beyond anything that can be seen.

For Becki, the tongue within her body was more sensuous,
more loving, than anything else that had ever graced her
flesh. With every probe, every lick, every swirl, Jeff
said he loved her in a thousand different ways; and she heard
them all.

Then, in the throes of a particularly passionate climax,
they both heard something else, something far more audible,
"Oh, oh; oh, Alice."

It was but a whisper, but it hung in the air more poignantly
than a thunderclap. Both pairs of eyes flew wide.

"I'm sorry, " Becki offered quickly,
hoping against hope that the man would not pause to respond.
"You got me so excited. Please take it as a compliment."

Jeff popped his head up to look along the lass's taut
abdomen. "So, " he began. "Do I lick better
than Alice?"

"Much, " Becki assured. "Licking is
not her forte."

"Really? What is?"

"Alice has some unique qualities, " Becki
said. "Men often find her intimidating; though it's
not really fair to compare her to men, or men to her."

"I thought you said I was going to meet Alice tonight?"
Jeff recalled.

Becki inhaled a long breath before replying, "You
never have to meet her if you don't want to."

Jeff tilted his head, resting it on one of the young lady's
firm thighs. "Now how would I know, " he inquired,
"unless I'd already met her? She obviously brings
you pleasure. You are lovers, yes?"

Becki's eyes wavered with her spirits. "Yes,
but it's not what you think. I just let everybody believe
that because it's easier than dealing with one guy
after another asking me out."

Jeff shook his head. "I can't begin to fathom
what it is you are trying to say."

Becki wiggled up her mattress into her normal sleeping
place. Twisting her body, she reached into her nightstand,
and then rolled back into a prone position. "This
is Alice, " she announced, holding her hand and the
object in it aloft.

Jeff eyed the pale pink phallus. "That's Alice?"

"Yes, " Becki nodded.

Jeff twisted his features. "A vibrator?"

Becki continued to nod.

"So you're not a lesbian?"

Becki chuckled through a smile. "Given my luck with
men, if I had any such desires I would have long since pursued
them. I've had offers too; no surprise that, given
my reputation. But I've never found women the least
bit attractive in a romantic way."

Jeff tried, and failed, to not smile at what he thought to
be the most blessed news. "So why did you make such
a big deal about a little vibrator?"

Becki tossed the toy upon the sheets beside her legs. "Have
a closer look. I think you'll find Alice is not exactly
little. She often makes men feel, well, less than adequate."

Jeff climbed onto the bed, but made no other move. "I
see what you mean." He turned his attention back to
his beloved. "But still; why make such a big deal about
it? I mean, like, naming it and all."

"Why shouldn't I name her?" Becki asked.
"She really does make me very happy. In fact, I figured
she was as close as I'd ever get to real love, until you
came along. Now I see that I was missing quite a bit."

"How could you ever think that?"

"What? That I was missing quite a bit?"

"No, " Jeff elaborated. "That you'd
never find real love?"

Becki snorted her amusement. "My old boyfriends
were enough to make any girl think seriously of becoming
a lesbian. And when a few of your friends do manage to find
a nice guy to marry, it makes you wonder if there aren't
any left; or if there's something wrong with you."

"What?" started Jeff. "You're intelligent,
amiable, ambitious and, oh, just a little bit attractive.
You're so perfect it's scary."

"So are you, " Becki whispered with a nod.

"Me? You must be kidding."

"You're perfect for me."

Jeff shook his head slowly. "Someday I'm sure
you'll wake up and realize you can do better."
he paused to smile. "But until then, I'll be the
happiest unworthy schmuck on the planet."

Becki unconsciously mimicked his pivoting head. "You're
more than worthy. I didn't think I'd ever be willing
to give up Alice, but for you I would."

"Alice?" Jeff lowered his brow. "Why
should you give up Alice?"

"You mean you don't feel threatened?"

"Why should I? It's just a device. A tool. A power
tool even. What real man doesn't like power tools?
I don't understand what it is you expect me to feel."

"Most guys don't like the competition, "
Becki explained. "Especially considering Alice's

Jeff smiled. He extended his long lean hand and grasped
the toy, examining it with mock reverence. "She is
big, " he noted. "But she doesn't look
terribly competitive. More like complimentary. I think
Alice and I will make a nice team."

Becki's jaw fell. "Really?"

"Of course, " Jeff insisted. He lowered his
face, his gaze locked upon the damp eyes of his lover. "Yes, "
he whispered, his warm breath gracing the soft fur of her
mons. "Every girl should have a friend named Alice."

Becki smiled. "Show me." She inhaled sharply
as she felt both of her friends begin to work in tandem. With
a mild whimper, she closed her eyes and let her head fall
back upon her pillow. The hum of the mechanical phallus
within her reached her ears at the same moment Jeff's
tongue reached her hooded and wanting nub.

"Oh, yes!" she gasped. "Just like that!
Oh; how did you know?"

Jeff took the question to be an entirely rhetorical one
and kept his mouth right where it was, right where Becki
wanted it. Soon her own mouth fell slightly agape and her
breathing came again in raspy spurts. She arched her back,
raising her hips, pressing her flesh to his.

Alice and Jeff worked their magic for another handful of
minutes, taking Becki to levels of ecstasy she had not even
imagined could exist. As she began to at last feel sated,
her pulse lessened and a sly grin graced her glowing facade.
"Oh, Betty, " she whispered in a loud, clear

Jeff continued to lavishly lick for several seconds before
his curiosity got the better of him. "Ok. Who's

Becki looked demurely at her beau's glistening face
as her juices dripped from his chin. "She's Alice's
best friend. I think they're going to spend a lot of
time together. After all, every girl should have a friend
named Betty."

"What? Another toy?"



"Much better; the ultimate toy, even."

Jeff lowered his brow. "Fine. Who is she?"

Becki vaulted her hips, dabbing her lover's chin with
her moistness. A smile graced her gently parted lips before
she whispered, "Your tongue."

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