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Every Cloud


**********Chapter 1**********

Jake is lying stark naked in the center of a large bed. The
room is dark and the windows are open. The cool summer breeze
is causing his stiff dick to wave back and forth like a magic
wand. The door was slightly ajar, allowing shiver of light
to penetrate the darkness. He can hear her footsteps as
she draws closer. Each second seemed to be lasting a millennium.
The door creaks open on its antiquated hinges.
The bright light silhouettes her magnificent figure,
while at the same time obscuring the details. Jake can see
the outline of her narrow waste, womanly hips, and full
breasts, but he can’t make out her face. She wants it that
way. She pauses for a second, allowing him time to savor
the view. His body is trembling with anticipation. He tries
to sit up but finds himself unable to move. All his extremities
feel like lead ‒ all except his cock, which continues to
dance in the wind. It is burning with desire.
His attention is drawn back to the doorway as she starts
to move. She slowly approaches the bed. She leans forward
and kisses his cheek gently. She smells like some exotic
flower and immediately he is filled with lust. Suddenly
he is able to move his arms and use them to embrace her naked
body. He pulls her into bed next to him, and they began rubbing
their hot bodies together. Neither of them can control
their lust. He rolls onto his back and she straddles me.
With one quick move, she guides his penis into her nether
It feels like bliss. Explosions seemed to be going off in
his mind. He can’t move. He finds himself gasping for breath.
She places her hands on his chest and starts to ride his cock.
Jake reach for her hips and closes his eyes as he prepares
to thrust. Suddenly the door slams.
Jake’s head jerks and his eyes fly open. The room is full
of light. His eyes dart around frantically. It is daylight.
The bedroom window is open, but there is no breeze. He is
fully clothed. Most importantly, he is alone. It was just
an erotic dream, the third one in a week. Like all the other
nights, the only part that was still there in the morning
was the throbbing hard on in his shorts.
He glances over at the nightstand. It is a little after eleven
– much too early to be out of bed for a day without class. He
hears keys in the front door, and he realizes that it is the
slamming car door that had brought his fantasy to a premature
ending. He rolls over, hoping he can have a little longer
before he has to talk to her.
The bedroom door swings open. "Too late, "
he thinks to himself. He cracks one eye and watch as Renae
strolls in carrying shopping bags and a suitcase. She glances
over and catches him looking before he can feign sleep.
"You're still in bed?" she asks.
"No, " he quips, "I'm washing the
windows." He bites his tongue as soon as the words
leave his lips. He hadn't intended to be a wiseass,
it had just happened. Actually, it had been happening a
lot recently, and he wasn't the only guilty party.

Renae glares at him for a second then continued with her
business. He tries to make up for his misstep. "What
have you been doing this morning?" He asks.
She looks at him with shifty eyes, wondering if he’s setting
her up for another barb. When she realizes that he is sincere
she answers. "I got up a few hours ago and met my mother
for breakfast, and then we went shopping."
"Did you have fun?" He asks, trying to show interest.
"Yes, actually, I did and we realized that we haven't
been spending enough time together, so I decided I'm
going to pack some things and go and stay with my parents
for a week." She answered.
"Stay with them?" I ask. "They live less
than an hour from here. Can't you go visit them every
day for a week?"
Renae stopped what she was doing and glares at me again.
"That's not the same, " she replies. She
turns her back and began sorting through her closet, presumably
selecting which outfits to pack.
He presumed their conversation was over, so he just laid
in bed watching. He realized almost immediately that his
cock was still throbbing slightly from his dream. Staring
at Renae's firm butt seemed to fan the flames of desire.
She was dressed very nicely – one of the many things her parents
expected from her. Her butt was nicely displayed in her
tight black slacks. Her dark hair was pushed back with a
tortoiseshell headband. Her sleeveless white sweater
showed off her toned arms, and clung to the curves of her
small bosom. The outfit reminded him of their first date.
She had been wearing white and black that night, as well.
A tight cashmere sweater with even tighter leather pants.
Those clothes had been on the floor by the end of the evening,
and so had their occupant. He fucked her on the floor of her
parent’s basement, and it had been spectacular. She had
wanted it rough, and he had been more than willing to oblige.
They had fucked until sunup, and he had to sneak out of the
house leaving a sweat-covered lover behind him. Before
the sun set that night, he had been back for more.
Thinking back made him realize just how much Renae had changed
in the last few months. The wild, sex-crazed girl had been
replaced by a more demure, sophisticated young woman.
She had a closet full of sexy outfits, but chose a more conservative
look on most occasions. "When was the last time we
had sex?" he wondered to himself. Two weeks was the
answer he came up with, two long agonizing weeks. For a married
couple that may have been acceptable, but for young adults,
it was a sign that things were deteriorating.
Thinking back to the beginning made his cock twitch. For
months, sex had defined their relationship. Sex had remained
integral even when they realized they were in love. Against
everyone's advice they had gotten a place together
after only six months, and at first everything had been
great. The problems started after the first month. Renae's
parents didn't approve and the strain on her parents’
relationship wasn't helping theirs. They had started
to bicker. They were sharing the same bed every night, but
sex was no longer a prerequisite to sleep. And now, here
he was, realizing that two weeks had passed, and knowing
that if she went home his dry streak would go on even longer.
Before he had met Renae that thought alone would have been
enough to drive him into frenzy. Now, despite the fire in
his pants, he was surprised to realize that another week
of forced celibacy wasn't his biggest fear. Jake realized
that for the first time in his life he was scared that a relationship
might be ending. He was scared of what might happen if he
allowed her to leave without making amends.
He removed the covers and sat up in bed. His erection was
still causing a tent in his shorts, but it had subsided enough
not to be overly noticeable. Renae was still shuffling
through the closet, trying to choose a couple of skirts
to pack. He walked over and stood behind her. His diminutive
girlfriend wheeled around and glared up at him. Her brown
eyes were still filled with fire from his earlier comment.

"I'm sorry, " Jake said. "I didn't
mean to sound rude. It's just that I'll miss you.
We've never been apart for an entire week. Who will
I have to brighten my days?"
Her eyes softened a little bit. He leaned forward and kissed
her forehead. When he stood up again she was smiling and
her eyes were twinkling.
"Are you sure you have to go?" He asked.
"I think its best, " she said. "My mother
feels that we don't get to see each other enough. It's
only a week, baby."
"I know, " he said. Jake flashed his best hurt-puppy-dog
look. Renae giggled. Her smile was a welcome sight. "I
haven't seen that enough lately, " he thought
to myself. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek.

"Well, can I help you pack anything?" he asked.
If she had to leave, he wanted to make sure she left on good
"I don't think so, " she said. "I'm
all finished except my underwear." She walked over
to her dresser.
"Ooh, " he said playfully, “my favorite part.”
He stood behind her as she sorted through her drawers. Renae
owned more lingerie than most department stores. She took
her time picking out several pairs for her trip. The last
thing she grabbed was a blue satin bra with a pretty floral
print. It was one of two sets of underwear he had given her
on her birthday along with jewelry and a night on the town.

"So, " he said playfully. "I see you're
taking your pretty bra and panties home to show mother what
your lover bought you."
Renae laughed. "No, I don't think that will happen, "
she said. "My mom still has a hard enough time accepting
that I'm on birth control and sexually active."

"Not so much lately." It slipped out before
he could stop myself. Renae's head jerked up and she
stared at him. Jake could feel the tension mounting and
he wanted to say anything to prevent a fight. "So,
where's the other set I bought you?"
"The what?" she asked. The sudden change in
subject had confused her.
"The other set of lingerie. I don't see it in your
drawer." Jake could tell that part of her mind was
still stuck on his ill-advised quip, but it was fading.

She glanced back over her shoulder at the overflowing drawer
full of intimate. Her forehead wrinkled for a second, and
then he saw a gleam of recognition in her eye. "Oh!
I'm wearing them, " she said.
"You can't be, " he said. "They're
too bright. I'd see them through your sweater."
The bra he was referring to was white satin with a bold pink
floral pattern.
"No, " she said. "The material is thick
enough that the color doesn't show through."

"Bullshit, " Jake said. "You lost my
gift and now you're trying to cover."
"I am not, " she said excitedly.
"Then prove it, " he said.
"Show me."
Renae cocked her head and glared at him. It was a playful
look with none of the earlier menace. "Fine, "
she said. She pulled the bottom of her sweater up allowing
me a quick glimpse of the white and pink bra. "There!"

"I didn't get a look, " he protested. "Show
me again, but slower."
She gave him another glare, but this time lifted her sweater
without comment. She held it up for several seconds, giving
him plenty of time to take in the sexy bra and the small breasts
straining against its confinement. His penis started
to twitch as she pulled the sweater back down. "How
about that?" she asked. "Now are you satisfied?"

"Not at all, " he replied. Renae instantly
recognized the lust in my eyes. "Why don't you
come closer and do it one more time?"
He sat down on the edge of the bed. Renae flashed him a provocative
smile that he hadn't seen in quite some time. She took
two steps towards him.
"Where do you want me to stand?" she asked coyly.
He pointed at a spot on the floor directly in front of him.
She obliged. "Right here?" she asked. Her voice
had become husky and seductive. He nodded his head to approve
the spot.
"This is awful close, " she commented. He just
continued to nod as she grabbed the waistband of her sweater
and slowly hoisted it.
Sitting on the bed, my face was perfectly even with your
bosom. He leaned forward, rubbing his cheek against one
satin clad breast. Renae sighed. She wrapped her arms tightly
around his head and held it firmly against her body. He could
already feel her nipple stiffening against his cheek.
He turned his head and nipped it gently through her bra,
causing her to moan. Months of practice had taught him exactly
how to push Renae's buttons. She ran her fingers through
his shaggy dark hair, then released his head and took a step
back. With one quick movement she pulled her sweater completely
off and cast it aside. She kicked her heels off and loosed
her hair. Standing in the sunlight in just her bra and slacks
she looked like a goddess. After all their time together,
he still never stopped noticing how beautiful she was.

A meek smile crossed her lips. She knew he was admiring her,
and it always made her uncomfortable. Renae had been a late
bloomer and still wasn't entirely used to guys gawking
at her. Finally, she broke the silence. "It's
been two weeks since we made love, " she said quietly.
He nodded in agreement. "I can't believe it's
been that long." She paused, trying to vocalize her
thoughts properly. "When you made that comment earlier,
at first I was mad, but then it hit me that you were right.
Then I was just confused. It was the first time I realized
it's been so long, and I don't know how it happened."
A solitary tear started running down her face. "What's
happening to us?" she said.
Instantly he was off the bed. He wrapped his arms around
her and pulled her close to him. He ran his fingers through
her dark brown hair. "It's okay, " he said.
"We'll be fine. We're just going through
a tough spot."
"I love you so much, " she said. Then she broke
down and started sobbing. She buried her face against his
bare chest. They just stood there for several moments and
he held her, letting her cry it all out. As the tears subsided
he guided her to bed and they sat down next to each other.
She wiped her face and managed a half smile. "I'm
sorry, " she said. "I'm overreacting."

"It's okay, " he said. "You're
just being you. You're being the girl I fell in love
with, and I can't be upset by that."
Her smile became a bit stronger. "Really?"
she said. "Why do you love about me?"
"Like what?" she asked.
"Like your personality, " Jake said. "Your
sense of humor, your intelligence, your kindness."

Renae's smile took over her face. He touched the corner
of her upturned lip. "Your smile".
He touched a lock of hair dangling near her eyes. "Your
gorgeous hair."
He rubbed her cheek. "Your soft skin."
He leaned forward and softly kissed her. "Your sweet
He pulled back and noticed that Renae's eyes were now
filled with lust. She placed her hand in his lap and gently
rubbed by cock. Her touch sent chills through his body.
"I definitely love that, " he said.
"You like that?" she teased. He just nodded.
Jake was wearing athletic shorts and no underwear. Renae
slipped her hand in the waist band and pulled them down.
He wrapped her hand around the base of his semi-erect cock.
The weeks of neglect caused it to jump with her touch. She
slowly slid her hand up its length. By the time she reached
the tip it had become a piece of steel. He watched eagerly
as she stroked his big dick with her tiny hand.
He started breathing heavily. Renae flashed him a wicked
smile then put her tongue in his ear. She swirled it around
slowly, knowing how much he liked it. "I'm going
to make you come, " she whispered seductively. Renae
was the queen of hand jobs. She gave him one every time we
went to the movies. She tightened her grip on his erection
and slowly slid up from the base of his cock. She squeezed
the head, then slid back down. She nibbled at his earlobe
as her hand started moving faster and faster. She firmly
squeezed the head every time she came up. His breaths became
short and shallow. He gyrated his hips as Renae increased
her rhythm. "You like me jacking you off?" she
"Yes!" he hissed. She pumped faster. He could
feel his balls tensing. She started jerking it gently.
She gave the head a final squeeze and he exploded. Gobs of
cum shot out of his penis. Some fell to the floor, but most
oozed over Renae's hand. He collapsed onto the bed,
trying to catch his breath. She made a big show of licking
his cum off each of her fingers.
As soon as she finished he went for her belt. He told Renae
to lay on her back. He quickly unfastened her tight black
slacks and cast them aside. The white and pink satin panties
were just as sexy as the bra. They were tight, and clung to
her perfect little ass. He paused a moment to enjoy the site,
then started jerking the panties down. He placed his hands
inside Renae's smooth, muscular thighs and spread
her legs.
Renae's pussy was covered by a nicely trimmed bush.
He could already see drops of juice collecting on the hairs.
The room was filled with her musk aroma. He slowly ran his
fingers around her outer lips, gently prodding them. Renae's
large clitoris was swollen and very visible. He rubbed
it gently with his thumb and she groaned with pleasure.
She nodded approvingly as he leaned forward, brining his
lips to her fertile valley. Using his index finger, he gently
lifted her clit. He touched it with the tip of his tongue
and slowly licked it. Renae gasped. She placed her hands
on the back of his head. He could feel her scratching his
scalp, urging him to continue. He sucked her clitoris into
his mouth. She groaned out her approval. He nibbled on it
gently, then gave it a soothing lick. Renae started writhing
around in the sheets. Meanwhile, his penis was getting
hard again.
Jake brought two fingers up to her vagina and parted the
lips. He placed his tongue at the base of her pussy and slowly
licked his way back up. When he reached the top, he started
sucking her clit again. Renae started begging for more.
Eagerly, he began lapping at her pussy. He ran his tongue
up and down, then swirled it around her outer lips. he nipped
gently at her clit and teased it with his teeth and tongue.
Renae was squealing loudly. She continued begging for
more. He gripped her clit with his teeth and slowly pulled
outwards. He placed a finger at her asshole and pushed lightly.
"Oh, do it!" Renae cried. She forced her hips
outward, smearing his face with her juices. He ran his fingers
through some of her juices for lubrication, then quickly
slipped it in her ass.
She went wild. Her body started contorting. She closed
her thighs tight around his face and called his name. He
continued sucking up her juices as she climaxed.
Her orgasm finally subsided, but she was hungry for more.
Renae rushed to embrace him and covered his face with frantic
kisses. She delighted in tasting her own juices on his lips.

"That was incredible!" she panted. "I
want to make you feel that good." She instructed him
to lie on his back, and then she straddled his legs. His semi-erect
dick stood just inches away from her flat tummy. She grasped
it and rubbed the head around her navel. With her other hand,
she lowered one cup of her bra, revealing her perfect, perky
little breast. She grasped her own nipple and twisted it
gently while her other hand started pumping his manhood.
With each tweak of her nipple she uttered a small squeal.

The sights, sounds and sensations were enough to make him
rock hard. He grabbed Renae's small waist and started
sliding her forward. "You want my pussy?" she
asked. She always turned very trashy during sex. It was
a turn on for both of them.
"Give me that pussy, " he answered.
She rose up enough for him to enter her. He aligned his cock
with her entrance and started thrusting. His petite goddess
impaled herself on his tool. She sat quietly for a second,
trying to maintain control. He gave her a couple of quick
bounces, and she was immediately pushed over the edge.
She fell forward and buried her face in his chest as she was
shook by her second orgasm.
"Oh shit!" she said finally, as she sat up. "I
didn't expect that. It came out of nowhere."

"Do you think you have another one in you?" He
asked playfully.
"Are you fucking kidding?" she asked. She reached
up and lowered the other cup of her bra. Now both of her pointy
little breast were exposed and still being thrust up by
the under wire. She started playing with her nipples with
one hand. The other went straight to her clit. She groaned
loudly as he placed his hands on her hips and started fucking
They both tried to go slow at first, but it was impossible
to control themselves. Renae pulled on her nipples and
called out Jake’s name as she bounced up and down on his dick.
"Oh, yes!" she cried. "Fuck me hard. Fuck
me hard." Renae always liked it rough. She had confessed
that on their first night together. He wrapped his arms
around her torso and pulled her flat on top of him. He gripped
her tightly and began thrusting fast and forcefully. Renae
continued to plead for more at the top of her lungs. He knew
another orgasm was approaching.
He was switching into his top gear when a movement outside
the window caught his eye. He glanced over and saw two moving
men standing on the sidewalk of the house next door. They
were looking directly at their open bedroom window.
Renae continued riding his cock, unaware of their audience.
"You fuck so good, " she moaned loudly. "I'm
gonna cum!” He started to say something, but didn't
want to freak her out. Besides, he knew the blinds were tilted
so the moving men couldn't see in. They could just hear
them. He decided to give them something to talk about.
"How do you want it, baby?" he asked.
"Harder, " she panted. "Fuck me harder!"

"I can't hear you."
She repeated herself, groaning the words out loudly.
"I still can't hear you, " he said. He smacked
her bare ass with the palm of his hand. The blow wasn't
that hard, but it made a loud slapping sound.
Renae jerked up with a surprised look. She continued to
ride his bone. "Oh fuck!" she said. "Do
that again!"
He started smacking her ass repeatedly with each thrust
of his cock. Her pussy was making wet, sucking sounds, and
she was squealing loudly. "I'm so close!"
she shouted. He gave one final slap, followed by a hard trust
of his penis as he plunged a finger deep into her ass.
Renae's whole body seemed out of control. She shook
badly, triggering his orgasm. He pumped his cum inside
her vagina, as they climaxed together. When Renae finally
rolled off some of his cum was running down her leg. She mopped
it up with her fingers and licked it off.
They lay kissing for several moments. He glanced out the
window and noticed that the moving men had been joined by
a young couple–presumably the people moving in. They were
starting to unload the truck again, but it was obvious they
had all heard what was going on. Renae never saw their audience
and he didn't tell her anything. They continued to
make out for a while, and then just lay there enjoying the
"I love you. I love you so very much, " she said.
She repeated the sentiment multiple times before finally
drifting to sleep. Jake came close to slumbering, but then
he started thinking about their dissolving relationship
and he got too worried to relax. He just stayed with Renae,
watching her sleep and admiring her beauty as late morning
turned into early afternoon. She woke up around two in the
afternoon, and we made love again, although it was much
more subdued. The window was still open, and he was pretty
sure they were still making enough noise for their new neighbors
to hear.
After they finished, he tried to talk Renae into canceling
her trip, but she couldn't be swayed. Rather than start
an argument and ruin what had just happened between them,
he offered to help load her car. They shared one last passionate
kiss, and then he stood on the curb and watched her pull away.
Jake turned to walk back to the house and saw the new neighbors
standing on the porch. The guy was a tall athletic man who
looked to be in his mid-twenties. The girl was an attractive
brunette with long hair, also tall and athletic. Jake gave
them a token wave as he climbed the steps to his front porch,
but he didn't feel like introducing himself. Jake
crossed the porch and went inside to ponder his deteriorating
relationship alone.

**********Chapter 2**********

A week without Renae wasn't totally without its advantages.
For four months Jake had been living like a married man.
He spent almost every evening with Renae, which left little
time for his closest friends. On the Tuesday following
Renae's departure, a group of friends and Jake got
together in the park near his house to toss the Frisbee around
and have a few beers. It was a warm September day, and they
ran around without shirts enjoying the warm sun. He had
a great time.
One at a time, guys started trickling off as afternoon turned
to evening, until finally Jake was left alone with Trey,
one of his best friends. They continued to toss the disc
for a while before Trey had to leave to meet his girl friend.
He said goodbye and gave the Frisbee one final heave, which
soared far above Jake’s head.
Jake gave chase, heedless to where he was going. As he stretched
out to make the grab, he felt his foot slam into something,
and he went down hard. He looked over his shoulder and saw
a large picnic basket and random pieces of food sprawled
out on the grass. Farther off were a picnic blanket and a
frowning woman. He instantly recognized her as his new
neighbor. He saw Trey walking in their direction, but he
waved for him to go on home as he leaped to his feet and tried
to gather up the basket he had spilled, along with its contents.

"I'm so sorry, " he said. "I didn't
even realize anyone was sitting over here."
"It's okay, " she said quietly. She looked
more upset than the situation dictated.
"No, really, " he said. "I apologize.
I've ruined your picnic."
"No, you really haven't" she said. "The
picnic was already ruined. My husband just called a couple
of minutes ago to say he had work late. You just made it a little
harder to gather my stuff." She smiled wanly. He could
still see the distress in her eyes.
"Well, " he began, "if you won't
let me apologize, at least allow me to clean up and carry
your stuff home for you."
"No, you don't have to trouble yourself, "
she said.
"Really, it's no trouble. I live right there."
Jake pointed to the small blue house next to the white one
she had just moved into. "You're my new neighbor,
aren't you?"
"Oh!" she said with mild surprise. "I
guess I am. I'm Michelle". He introduced himself
as Michelle stood up to shake his hand. It was the first time
he had seen her up close, and Jake was impressed. She was
very tall for a girl, with drastically short brown hair
and pale white skin. She was wearing sandals, a loose red
and blue plaid skirt, and a tight blue tank top, which emphasized
her largish breasts and exposed her navel and shoulders.
Her body was very fit and muscular. She wasn't strikingly
beautiful, but she was attractive in a quirky, offbeat
They chatted casually as he gathered up the contents of
her spilled picnic basket and she folded her blanket. Then
they walked off towards her house. Jake carried the basket
inside to her kitchen.
"You don't have to do this, " she protested.

"I promise it's no trouble. Neighbors should
help each other out when they can."
"Okay, but allow me to thank you, " she said.
"My fiancé and I don't know anyone here. Why don't
you and your wife come over for dinner one night?"
she said.
"I'd love to, " Jake answered, "But
I don't have a wife. I live with my girlfriend."

"I'm sorry..." she stammered. "I
just assumed..."
"There's nothing to apologize for, "
he said.
"Well, you and your girlfriend should come to dinner
then. How is Sunday night?"
"That sounds great, " he said.
They talked a few minutes longer, then he excused himself
and told Michelle he looked forward to Sunday night. That
night, on the telephone, he told Renae about meeting their
neighbor and that they were having dinner with Michelle
and her fiancé, Eugene. She seemed very excited–Renae
loved to socialize. It was late by the time Renae finished
telling him about all the fun she was having with her mother.
When the conversation finally ended Jake was ready for
a shower and a good night's sleep.

*********** Chapter 3 ***********

The house Renae and Jake shared was a small place with two
bedrooms and one bath. Real estate in the city was at a premium,
so there wasn't much of a yard, and the space between
neighboring houses was little more than a breezeway. Renae
and he had chosen to use the front bedroom for ourselves,
with one window that faced the street and another that faced
the front yard of the house next door. They used the back
bedroom as a guestroom/study.
On Thursday evening Jake sat at the large desk in the back
bedroom and gazed out the window. Michelle and Eugene's
house was less than ten feet away. Their house had only one
bedroom, and he was staring directly into its large double
window as he took a break from paying his bills. The room
was dark now, but he noticed in the past that there was a window
seat and that they had placed their bed against the opposite
He was thinking of nothing in particular when he saw the
light flick on in the bedroom. They didn't have any
blinds on the window and Jake could see Michelle clearly
as she walked across the room. She was wearing a dangerously
short pair of cutoff jeans and a very snug green v-necked
tee-shirt. She walked to the dresser and started removing
jewelry and placing it in a box.
Jake was starting to lose interest until he saw her hands
drop to the bottom of her tee-shirt. She pulled it off with
one quick move. She was facing away from him, and he got a
very clear view of pale white back and a thin, black bra straps.
He felt guilty for watching her, but he couldn't bring
himself to look away. He felt dirty, but liked it anyway.
His penis was getting hard.
Michelle continued to face the dresser for a couple of minutes,
then finally turned towards Jake. Her breasts were large
and perfectly shaped. The simple black bra lifted and separated
them. It showed a lot of cleavage. The contrast of the dark
material and her fair skin was incredibly sexy. His hand
dropped to my cock.
He began rubbing himself slowly as he watched Michelle
walk about the bedroom in her shorts and bra. Her bosom bounced
with each step. He was overwhelmed with a strange mix of
guilt and lust. He started hoping she would remove her shorts.
Was she wearing sexy black panties to match the bra? He wanted
her to take all her clothes off. Were those tits as perfect
as they seemed? What color were her nipples? Did she shave
her bush?
More and more questions began popping in his head. Unconsciously,
he unzipped his pants and extracted his rock hard dick.
It was the first time he’d felt compelled to masturbate
since moving in with Renae. It didn't take long for
Michelle to answer one of his questions. He watched anxiously
as she dropped her shorts. She was wearing a pair of low-cut
bikini panties. A moment later she went to unclasp her bra.
She cast it aside, but her back was still facing him. He kept
hoping she would turn around, but she went into the adjoining
bathroom and closed the door before he could ever catch
a glimpse.
Jake got out of his chair and lay down on the guest bed. He
pumped his cock frantically for several seconds before
finally exploding. He laid there for several minutes trying
to catch his breath. He fell asleep lying on his back with
his penis still dangling from his fly. He slept without
waking up until morning.

*********** Chapter 4 ***********

Jake spent the next two days avoiding the back room of his
house. He was guild-ridden. When he stepped outside to
pick up the mail on Friday, Michelle and her fiancé were
sitting on their front porch. She introduced Jake to Eugene,
who seemed like a nice guy. Jake felt awkward talking to
them, so he quickly excused himself. He was extremely ashamed
of his voyeurism. Michelle and Eugene seemed like nice
people, and he really wanted to be friends. It would be nice
to have a young couple around with whom Renae and he could
spend some time. How could he look them in the face knowing
he had invaded their privacy? More importantly, he felt
like he had also betrayed Renae's trust. Before Renae,
he had built a substantial reputation as a philanderer,
but she had still taken a chance on loving him, and so far,
he hadn't made her regret it.
It was late Saturday evening before Renae returned. He
knew she was going to a big family outing with her father
and several of the doctors he worked with, so he expected
her to get in late. She surprised him by arriving around
nine o'clock.
It was a breezy evening, so he had taken their thirteen inch
television to the back porch to watch the ball game. It was
screened in to keep the mosquitoes away, and there were
high hedges on each side of their small back yard to provide
a bit of privacy. The sun was just starting to set when he
heard footsteps approaching through the house. He looked
up and saw Renae standing at the screen door.
"Hey Baby, " she called. "Did you miss
"Of course, " Jake said with a smile. "I
didn't expect you to get back this early."
"Well, I made an excuse to get out a little early. I
guess I missed you." She opened the door and descended
the stairs onto their little porch. Her long dark hair was
pulled back into two pig tails and tied with black ribbon.
She was wearing a long black trench coat and black heels.
Jake couldn't contain his laughter.
"What the hell are you wearing?" he managed
to ask.
"What are you laughing at?" she said with a pouty
look. "Don't you like my new coat?" she
demanded with mock hostility.
"I guess it's okay, " he said, "Except
it's seventy degrees out here. I'm wearing nothing
but my shorts and you're in a coat. What's going
"Well, " she began, "I don't think
my outfit is really appropriate for out here."
"What do you mean?" he asked.
"You be the judge, " she said. "Tell me
what you think." She untied the belt, allowing the
rain coat to fall open. She shrugged, causing it to slide
off her shoulders and drop to the floor. What he saw left
him speechless.
Renae was wearing nothing but tap pants and a camisole.
The pants were short black satin that hugged her ass and
flared out around her thighs. They were trimmed with white
lace. The camisole was also black satin with large swaths
of black lace on each side that exposed her naked flesh.
It had thin spaghetti straps and a low neck line. It was trimmed
with white lace also, and there was a white bow at the point
of the V-neck, right between her breasts. The camisole
was short enough to leave her flat stomach exposed, and
the thin material outlining her breasts left little to
the imagination. Her hard nipples made clear indentations
in the fabric.
"So, is this appropriate?" she asked in a breathy
All he could do was smile and nod. He reached one hand out
towards her. She grasped it and allowed him to pull her close.
"What's this for?" he asked finally.
"I wanted to do something special for you. Plus, I've
missed you."
Renae leaned forward and kissed his forehead, then she
kissed his lips. He wrapped his arms around her waist and
pulled until she was straddling him. His dick had already
turned to steal. Renae had always been an inventive lover,
but this was something completely new. They kissed for
several moments as he rubbed her body through the soft fabric.

"How did you get out of the house like this?"
he asked.
"I didn't, " she said. "I stopped
and changed in a gas station restroom. I felt so naughty.
My pussy got so wet when I was driving. Feel." She took
his hand and guided it between her thighs. The black satin
crotch of her pants was soaked. He continued rubbing her
vagina through the material as they kissed. Her body responded
"Why don't we go inside?" she asked breathlessly.

"I don't think I can walk, " he said.
"Then what do you want to do?" she asked with
a confused look. He just stared and didn't say anything.
"Out here?" she asked.
"Why not?"
She looked around at the hedges surrounding the yard and
the diminishing sunlight. "I guess we could..."
she said slowly.
Jake didn't give her a chance to finish. He lifted her
up just enough to slide his shorts and underwear off. His
large erection stood straight up in the air. Renae wasted
no time removing her own pants and casting them towards
the forgotten television. Skip Carey was giving the play
by play in the far off background as Jake’s beautiful, petite
girlfriend impaled herself on his swollen shaft.
"Oh fuck, " she moaned with delight. "I've
been dreaming about this since I came up with this plan on
Thursday night." She rocked slowly back and forth
on his manhood. "Last night, I started thinking about
it and had to rub my pussy. I got so hot thinking about your
big dick. I came so hard thinking about you. Did you think
about me when I was gone?"
Jake felt so good sliding in and out of her hot cunt. He was
having trouble speaking. "Yes, " he finally
"Did you jack off this week?"
"Yes, " he managed again. She was moving faster
now, sliding up and down the length of his pole.
"Did you think of me and jack off?"
"Yes." He lied without hesitation. He felt
a tinge of guilt as he flashed back to watching Michelle
undress, but it passed quickly. He grabbed the straps of
Renae's camisole and slipped them off her shoulders.
The garment fell down around her waist, exposing her perky
little breasts and rock hard nipples. He took one in his
mouth and she started twisting the other with her fingers.
It was humid, and both of them were starting to sweat profusely.
It was perversely thrilling to be naked on the back porch,
knowing there was a small chance they could be witnessed.

He started sucking forcefully on Renae's nipple and
she moaned with delight. "Oh shit! That feels good!"
she uttered. She continued to pull on the other nipple.
"Make me cum!" she demanded.
He wrapped his arms around her body and tried to grip her
tightly as he began fucking her hard. They were both slick
with sweat and it was impossible to get a grip. He leaned
back in the chair and started bouncing her forcefully on
his cock. Renae screamed out her pleasure. It seemed to
echo in the night air.
"Slap my ass!" she pleaded. He smacked her rump
gently with his open palm. The sound rang out loudly.
They started fucking fast. Renae's moans came in succession
with his thrusts. He released his mouth lock on her nipple
and watched as she fondled both of her breasts. It was extremely
sexy to watch. Suddenly he was aching to cum. He put all his
energy into getting off. Renae did the same. The sound of
their flesh slapping together seemed extremely loud,
but neither of them stopped. Renae's orgasm started
first. She let out a shrill shriek. Second later, his cock
exploded. I squirted his hot semen inside her tight little
Renae's moment passed and she virtually collapsed
on top of him. They kissed for several moments. Finally,
Renae got up and went inside to wash away her perspiration.
Jake stood up to turn off the TV. The moment the sound went
off he heard the distinct sound of hushed voices coming
from the direction of Eugene and Michelle's backyard.
"How long have they been there?" he muttered
to myself. "Did they hear everything?" For
a second he was worried, but then he quickly realized he
didn't care if they had heard us. It wouldn't have
been the first time.
Jake took the television inside and joined Renae in the
shower. They made love again beneath the water, and several
more times in the bedroom. For the first time in months,
they fucked until sunup. It was 8 a.m. on Sunday morning
before they finally fell asleep. They were both exhausted
and sore, and they had dinner plans with their new neighbors
that evening.

*********** Chapter 5 ***********

Renae rang the doorbell of the Cannon's house at 7 o'clock
on the dot. They stood hand in hand on the front porch waiting
for a response. Renae's dark hair was pulled pack in
a black velvet scrunchie. She was wearing a little black
sundress with a floral pattern. It was short, and clung
tightly to her firm body. Jake had opted for khakis and a
navy blue button down with palm trees. It was a humid night,
and he left the top few buttons open, exposing his toned
chest. Renae and I were both still feeling groggy from our
sleepless night.
Eugene answered the door. He invited Renae and Jake in and
Jake introduced him to Renae. Jake had a chance to really
study Eugene for the first time. He was shorter than Jake,
but still tall–maybe 5'11". His hair was very
dark brown, cut short, and parted on the side. His body was
extremely fit. It looked like he spent a lot of time using
weights. He was wearing a white polo shirt with gray slacks.
They seemed like polar opposites. He was preppy, well groomed,
clean cut, buff and professional looking. Jake looked
more like a slacker with his shaggy hair, chin stubble,
vintage clothes and naturally lean body.
They all took a seat in the living room. Michelle joined
them after a few minutes. She was wearing a tight black tank
top and black pleated skirt adorned with white flowers.
For a second Jack flashed back to the vision of Michelle
in just bra and panties, but he quickly pushed it aside.

Once they were all together it seemed a little awkward,
but it could have been Jake’s imagination. He knew Eugene
and Michelle had heard Renae and him the day they moved in.
He kept wondering if they had heard them on the porch Saturday
Renae chattered excitedly with both Eugene and Michelle,
asking all kinds of questions and telling the other couple
about her and Jake. They moved to the dinner table and Michelle
poured the wine. Finally, Jake dismissed his suspicions.
Did it really matter if they had heard them? They were all
adults. They knew what went on in adult relationships.

The evening seemed to fly by. Michelle had made shrimp and
grits, a somewhat popular southern dish. The food and wine
was wonderful, and so was the conversation. They talked
about how Renae and Jake had met in high school, but had only
been dating for about ten months. Renae recounted how their
relationship had begun during her freshman year of school
without revealing many of the sordid details. They also
learned a lot about Michelle and Eugene, whom were originally
from a small beach town near Pensacola, Florida. Eugene
was an alumnus of the same school that Renae and Jake were
attending. Michelle was currently a student there. The
two had been married for just over a year. Now that Eugene
was out of school and making good money they were finally
able to afford a house instead of the small apartment they
had been living in. Thankfully, Renae's dad had been
dabbling in real estate for years, so they had gotten our
house rent-free.
After dinner, Michelle cleared the table and they played
a board game and continued to drink. All of them got along
marvelously. It was close to midnight when Jake felt Renae's
hand running up and down his thigh suggestively. Michelle
was in the restroom and Eugene was in the kitchen fetching
another bottle of wine.
"This wine is making me so horny, " she whispered.
"Do you think we can get out of here?"
Jake’s cock started jumping to attention. He called out
to Eugene that they were going to call it an evening. They
said their good-byes to the couple and quickly crossed
the lawn to their own house. Renae slipped her key in the
lock as Jake opened the zipper on the back of her dress. She
was wearing a lacy black strapless bra and matching panties.
Within minutes, all of their clothes were in a pile on the
living room floor. Jake eagerly kissed and fondled his
beautiful lover.
"Let's go to the back porch again, " she
suggested. "It was kind of thrilling thinking that
someone might see us."
Jake was drunk and not in the mood to object. Now completely
naked, they strolled out to the back porch. Renae bent over
the small picnic table and Jake entered her from behind.
By the time they finished fucking, they again were covered
in perspiration.
Renae showered alone this time as Jake walked around the
house gathering up the things he would need for the first
day of fall classes. Renae came out of the bathroom wearing
a little white kimono. He knew there was nothing beneath
it. He could feel myself getting stiff again.
"Do you need me to get some stuff together for you?"
he asked her.
"No, that's not necessary, " she said.

"Why? Don't you at least need a notebook and pen?"

"No, " she said again. "I'm not going
to class tomorrow." Jake gave her a puzzled look.
Unlike him, Renae was usually a perfect student. "I've
decided to take this semester off, " she said.
"Why?" Jake asked. "When did you decide
"Last week, when I was at home. I had fun with my mother,
and I want to spend more time with her. I spent all summer
taking classes. When I finish school and get a job I will
not have time for stuff like this. We're going to do
some volunteer work together with the women's group
at Daddy's hospital."
"Was this your mom's idea?" he asked.
"Yes. So?"
Jake just shook his head and walked away. Renae's parents
had obvious realized that preaching and yelling only drove
her into his arms. Now they were taking a different approach
to wedging them apart.
Jake went to the bathroom and got in the shower. Renae stood
outside bitching about his attitude and how he should support
her decisions. Jake never said a word. He refused to be baited
into an argument by her parents. Finally, she got frustrated
and stormed out of the room.
When Jake finished his shower I found Renae already in bed.
The suggestive silk kimono had been replaced his baggy
shorts and a loose T-shirt. In their four months of living
together, it was the first time she hadn't wore something
more feminine to bed. Even during their two week sexual
hiatus her night clothes and been sexy and frilly.
She didn't say a word. Jake kissed her cheek softly.
"I love you, " he said. She didn't respond.
He got in bed and they went to sleep with their backs to each
The next morning they were civil to one another, but there
was tension in the air. They shared breakfast and then Jake
made the walk into campus alone, while Renae started her
45 minute commute back out to the suburbs.
*********** Chapter 6 ***********

The first day of class was predictable. Three of his professors
were content to hand out a syllabus, give an overview of
the objectives of the course, and dismiss class early.
The fourth professor jumped straight in to an hour-long
lecture on statistics and linear regression. It was a relatively
painless day. Jake got home around three. Renae got in much
later. Again, they were cordial to one another, but there
seemed to be a growing distance between them. They passed
the time together with inane chit-chat. When they went
to bed Renae returned to wearing one of her normal, sexy
night gowns, but they didn't make love.
On Tuesday Jake only had one class scheduled. It was a junior
level project class that met in the early afternoon. He
knew from reputation that the grade for the class was based
partly on the normal things–exams and homework–but a large
percentage of the grade was also based on a project that
was due halfway through the semester. Basically, if you
nailed the project you did well in the class; if you didn't,
you got to try again next semester.
Jake got up around noon to get ready for class. Renae was
long gone. He fixed himself some lunch, gathered his stuff,
then hustled across the park and over to campus. The one
o'clock class was just getting underway as he took
a seat in the back of the large lecture hall. The professor
had a strong eastern European accent and spoke in a monotone.
He droned on for nearly ninety minutes about the importance
of taking the theoretical skills we had learned so far and
applying them to real world problems. Finally, for the
last half-hour of the class he talked about the project
and what was expected of us. The final deliverables included
a lengthy write-up and an oral presentation to the class.
The project would be done in groups of two. He dismissed
class five minutes early to allow them to find a partner
to work with.
While trying to stay awake, Jake had spent the last two hours
scanning the classroom. He had made a few friends within
his major during his first two years of school, but he didn't
see any of them in the class. An ex-girlfriend was in the
front of the room, but he knew that wouldn't fly with
Renae. As people started, standing and pairing up Jake
desperately searched the room for a familiar face, or even
an unfamiliar person who was just sitting alone. As it turned
out, someone found him.
"Hi stranger, " a voice called out.
He turned around to see Michelle standing behind him. She
was wearing an blue ribbed pullover and tight black pants.
Jake was surprised to see her.
"Hey, " he responded. "I didn't
know you were in this class."
"I came in a little late, " she said, "So
I just stood in the back of the room."
"Why are you taking a junior level class?" Jake
"Because I'm a junior."
"Oh, I thought you were older than me." Jake
had learned that they were majoring in the same subject
at dinner on Sunday, but he had assumed Michelle was a senior
for some reason.
"No, I'm only twenty-three, " she said.
"Eugene is a few years older than me."
“Do you have a partner for this project?” she asked with
a southern twang.
"Well, " she began, "I don't know
anyone in this class, so I don't have a partner yet either,
and since we live right next door to each other I thought
working together might be convenient."
"That sounds good to me, " Jake said. "Do
you have another class after this or are you walking back?"

"I'm done for the day, " she said. "You
want to walk with me and figure out what we need to do for this
"Sure." Jake stuffed his notebook and syllabus
into his backpack and they headed towards home. It was about
a fifteen minute walk, so they were able to toss around a
few ideas for the project and set up times that were convenient
to work on it.
It was about 3:20 when Jake walked in the house and tossed
his bag on the sofa. He was surprised to find Renae home early.
She was sitting on the bed dressed conservatively in a white
silk blouse and black pinstriped slacks. Jake could tell
she had been crying.
"We need to talk, " she said. "We can't
keep acting like this towards one another." She burst
into tears and he quickly went to embrace her. They said
nothing for a few minutes. Then they both started apologizing
to one another, even though deep down they each thought
the other was the guilty party. They stripped off their
clothes and made love while the warm afternoon sunlight
kissed their naked bodies. At first, it felt like they were
just going through the motions, but it gradually became
more passionate and heartfelt. By the time they climaxed
it felt like the chasm between them was gone.
That evening was the best that week. They chatted happily
about their day. Renae was glad that Jake would be working
with Michelle. Renae said she really liked her, and since
they were neighbors it would be much easier than Jake having
to go back on campus and meet with someone in the evenings.
They made love again that night, and for the first time in
days they slept in each other's arms.

*********** Chapter 7 ***********

The big project was due during the first week of November.
Michelle and Jake were slated to give their presentation
to the class that Thursday. Over two months they spent a
lot of time together. A lot of research and legwork went
into formulating their project and putting together a
report explaining their results.
Michelle and Jake grew really close. Customarily, they’d
get together at ten every Tuesday and Thursday, work on
the project for a few hours, get some lunch, and then head
to class together. Occasionally, Jake, Renae, Eugene
and Michelle would get together on the weekend and go out
to dinner or to a movie. They spent so much time together
that they became like old friends. Jake learned a lot about
Michelle. Some of it was very private stuff.
She had known Eugene for most of her life. He had been her
older brother's best friend in high school. They had
started dating late in the summer after she finished high
school. He was twenty-five and she was eighteen. She was
going off to the same college as him and hoped he could give
her some pointers. Four years of college and big city life
had made Eugene seem sophisticated and urbane compared
to most of the boys in the Florida panhandle. It seemed like
destiny for them to be together.
Michelle was young and naïve when she moved to Atlanta.
In a matter of weeks she had fallen head-over-heels in love
with Eugene. After six months together she had been coaxed
into giving him her most precious gift. Unfortunately,
protection hadn't been readily available and they
were unable to control their urges. After two months without
a period, Michelle bit the bullet and went to the doctor.
At the end of April, when most of her peers were studying
for finals and preparing for summer vacation, Michelle
was wondering how to tell her parents she was pregnant.

Eugene had done the honorable thing and proposed to her.
They were married in late August, a little over a year after
they had started dating. Less than a month later Michelle
had a miscarriage. Ever since, their relationship had
never been the same.
The first time Michelle let Jake into her painful past he
felt the urge to put his arm around her for comfort. A single
tear escaped her sapphire eye and ran down her cheek. Her
marriage seemed to be in worse shape than his relationship
with Renae, and his relationship was progressively getting
worse. The first few weeks of class had been fine. After
their little dispute was resolved everything had gone
back to normal. They got along greatly and made love every
It was the end of September when things started to deteriorate.
Renae complained that the drive back and forth to the suburbs
was getting to be too much. Rather than leaving her volunteer
position, she started spending nights at her parents’
house. At first, it was just one night a week, then two, then
three. By the end of October Jake never knew if Renae would
call and say she couldn't make it home. When she did
come home, they fought a lot. They never went more than a
few days without sex, but oftentimes it was dull and mechanical.
Sometimes she went to bed with tears in her eyes. Sometimes
Jake did. They both knew the relationship had turned to
shit, and they were both very hurt by it. Jake loved Renae,
and he knew she felt the same way, but he knew they were in
During the week of the presentation things were actually
rather peaceful. Renae stayed with her parents on Monday
and Tuesday, but Jake didn't mind because they were
so busy with the project. On Wednesday, they spent a pleasant
evening together. They had a nice dinner, rented a movie,
and ended up making love on the back porch. On the rare days
that things were going well between them it was Renae's
favorite place to fuck. The autumn air was chilly, so they
wrapped blankets around themselves as Jake sat on an old
patio chair and Renae straddled him. The sex was good, but
it still lacked the old chemistry. They went inside and
got in bed together when it was over.
"After tomorrow I'll be through with this big
presentation, " Jake said. "Michelle and
I were thinking the four of us could go out and celebrate.
What do you think?"
"I think it will be fun, " she said sleepily.

They embraced and said goodnight. Jake told Renae how much
he loved her and she responded likewise.

*********** Chapter 8 ***********

The presentation went off without a hitch. Michelle and
Jake both knew they had nailed it. Despite speaking in front
of approximately 100 students, they had both managed to
remain calm. Their visual aids were good and they had sufficient
supporting data. The professor had seemed very impressed.

"So, are we still celebrating tonight?" Jake
asked as they walked home after class.
"That's fine with me, " she said, "But
Eugene can't make it until late. He has a big project
at work. Why don't you and Renae just come over to my
place and hang out."
"Sounds like a plan, " he said.
When Jake got home, he changed out of his suit and tie and
spent the afternoon napping on the sofa and watching trashy
talk shows. It was around five when he was disturbed by the
ringing phone. It was Renae. She quickly explained that
she had been roped into doing something and wouldn't
be back until late. She could tell Jake was upset and promised
repeatedly that she would be home in a few hours and that
she wouldn't spend the night at her parents’ house.
His eyes were stinging when he hung up the phone, but he wouldn't
allow himself to be upset. Jake walked out the front door
and over to the neighboring house.
Michelle looked a little tipsy when she answered the door.
She still had on the outfit she had worn to the presentation.
It was dressier than her normal attire, but still reflected
her unique style. Her blouse was a tight, pale green wrap
around, and her skirt was dark green and corduroy. It stopped
well above her knees. Her dark hair was pushed back. "Where's
Renae?" she asked.
"She's going to be late, if she shows up at all, "
he answered.
"Just like Eugene, " she responded. "Oh
well, fuck them. They've got nothing to celebrate
anyway." Her normally strong southern accent was
even thicker than usual. "I hope you don't mind
that I started without you. I've got a bottle of Jack
Daniels, but nothing to mix it with.
Jake looked at the bottle sitting on the coffee table and
the large glass that half full of straight whiskey. "You
don't have anything at all to go with it?" I asked.

"Oh, I didn't say I don't have anything to
go with it, " she said. "I don't have anything
to mix with it. This will go with it just find though."
She produced a small glass pipe and bag of marijuana. "You
can't tell Eugene though."
"As long as you don't tell Renae, " he said
as he took the bowl from her hand.
Within half an hour they were both nicely stoned. They sat
on the couch next to one another joking around loudly. "I'm
glad the other's aren't here, " Michelle
said at one point. "They're just party poopers
anyway." Each of them knew the other was having relationship
problems, although they never discussed the details.

The conversation started to lull until Michelle exclaimed
"We need music!" She plopped down on the floor
and proceeded to shuffle through her CD's. Jake couldn't
help but notice that the hem of her little skirt had drifted
up considerably. He felt a brief burning in his loins. It
was the first time he had looked at Michelle with lust since
the night he’d watched her undress. Ever since, he had closed
the blinds in their back room anytime he saw her through
the window.
Michelle chose a CD and put it in the player. It was "Kiss
Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" by the Cure. Jake laughed out
loud. "The first girl I ever loved used to play this
CD during sex, " he said.
Michelle rejoined him on the couch. Her skirt had returned
to its normal position. "I presume from the way your
talking that Renae wasn't your first love?"
she asked.
That really made him laugh. "No, " he finally
managed to say. "Renae is the most recent in a fairly
long list." Although Jake knew a lot about Michelle's
past, he had miraculously managed to avoid sharing his.

"Well, " she said. "You must have learned
some good shit along the way."
"What does you mean?" he asked.
"I mean you must have learned some good tricks along
the way to make that girl moan and carry on the way she does."
Michelle burst into giggles as soon as she finished the
sentence. He felt a bit embarrassed.
"Do you hear us a lot?" he asked.
"We here you ALL THE TIME!" Michelle exclaimed.
"It's been less frequent lately, but we heard
you last night. What the hell do you expect? Y'all are
always fucking in your back yard." She started giggling
uncontrollably again.
Jake could feel himself turning red. "It's not
the yard, " he stammered. "It's the porch."
He had suspected that they probably heard Renae and himself,
but he never expected to be confronted about it.
"Oh honey, don't get embarrassed, " Michelle
said. "I shouldn't have said anything. I'm
a little messed up right now." She tried to calm down,
but couldn't prevent herself for another giggle attack.

His embarrassment was gradually fading away. "Okay, "
he said. "You embarrassed me, so I get to embarrass
"Oh honey, " she said. "Take your best
shot. I don't embarrass easily."
"You must not, " he said. "Otherwise
you'd think to close your bedroom curtains before
you undressed."
Michelle's face turned bright red. "You've
seen me naked?" she demanded. "Oh shit! I never
even thought about closing those curtains." She
burst out laughing again. She obviously wasn't embarrassed.

"Well, not naked, " he confessed. "Only
in bra and panties, and only one time. Now if I see you in there
I leave the room."
"Oh bullshit, " she laughed. "I bet you
sit there with your video camera."
"No, " he said with a laugh. "No I don't.
It wouldn't be that big of a deal anyway though. Everything
you wear is skin tight. You don't leave much to the imagination.
I don't think I've ever seen you where something
"No. Probably not, " she said. "I don't
own many baggy clothes. I hate the way they feel. I don't
like stuff flopping around. Plus, I may not be a model or
anything, but I've got nothing to be ashamed of. I'm
not a slut or anything - I just don't have a big ass or
belly that I need to hide. I've got an alright body."

"That's an understatement, " Jake said
without thinking.
"You think so?"
"Hell yes!" he said. "Your body is tight."

An awkward silence fell over the room. Imm

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