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Every Cloud (Part 2)


slammed into Michelle. She was wearing jean and a navy blue
pea coat. Her dark hair was pulled back in a haphazard pony
tail. They stared at each other without speaking. She was
the first to break the silence.
"Did you get tired of skipping class?" She brushed
a stray hair from her eyes and attempted a friendly smile.

"Yeah, I guess so, " he said.
"Well, you picked a good day to come, " she said.
"It's the last class. He's going to do a quick
review, hand out the course surveys, then dismiss us."

"You mean we're getting out early?" he
"Yeah, he said we'd probably be done in thirty
His heart sped up. He knew he wouldn't have to go through
with his foolish plan. He followed Michelle to class. She
went to the front of the room. He took a seat in the back. As
promised, the class got out in less than half an hour. He
was nervous and excited when he left the room. He wasn't
happy about the pain Michelle was about to suffer, but he
wanted her to know the truth, and he wanted Eugene exposed.

His brisk walk across campus was interrupted when he heard
his name. Jake turned around to see Michelle rushing towards
him. "Wait, " she called.
He stopped and allowed her to catch up.
"This is silly, " she said as they walked homeward.
"We're neighbors. We don't have to avoid
each other."
"I don't think it's silly, " he said.

"Because I'm in love with you, and it hurts to
be this close and know I can't have you."
Michelle stopped in her tracks. "Don't say that."

"Say what?"
"That you love me, " she said. "Don't
say that."
"But it's true."
"It's not true, " she almost shouted.
"It can't be true." Her voice was trembling.
"I'm married. It just can't be true. Stuff
like this isn't supposed to happen. It's not the
way things work. Your supposed to fall in love, get married,
and be with someone forever. That's how things work."
"If you want to pretend that's the case, then
you do that, " he said. "But I can't. And
that's why I don't think it's silly to avoid
each other." He started walking again, leaving Michelle
"Please wait, " she said. She was close to tears.
Jake stopped until she was by his side again. "Then
avoid me tomorrow. At least walk with me today. I want to
be near you. At least one last time."
He nodded and took her hand in his own. She didn't pull
away. The touch was electric. They walked across campus
hand-in-hand without speaking. When they turned onto
their street Michelle saw Eugene's car at their house.
She quickly pulled her hand free.
"That's weird, " she said. "What's
he doing home?"
Jake didn't say anything. He turned up the walkway
to his house and Michelle went on to hers. He wanted to rush
to the back bedroom and watch the fireworks, but he knew
it wouldn't be right. He had too much respect for Michelle
to take pleasure in her misfortune. He sat down in the living
room and tried to watch TV.
When the shouting started, it was loud. He didn't need
to open the window to hear the voices. Looking out his front
window, he saw Darla come running from the house. She was
still trying to button her blouse. She ran and hid behind
Eugene's car. I saw a few dishes fly off the front porch
and strike the driveway.
The shouting tapered off after a while, but Eugene didn't
come outside. Darla eventually used her cell phone to call
for a cab. Jake was eager to know what was happening. Was
Eugene apologizing? Was Michelle listening to him? At
least three hours had passed when Eugene finally appeared.
He was carrying two suitcases that looked heavy. Jake stepped
onto his front porch as Eugene drove away.
He looked over and saw Michelle's front door was standing
open. She was sitting on the door frame and sobbing. He went
to her. She barely looked up when he climbed the stairs.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked.
"No, " she said between sobs.
He turned to walk away, wanting to respect her wishes.
"Don't leave, " she said.
"I don't want to talk about it, but I don't
want you to leave. I don't want to be alone."
Jake went to the doorway and helped Michelle to her feet.
He guided her to the couch and shut the door behind them.
When he sat down, she just buried her face in his chest. "I
knew it all along, " she said. "I knew it for
months, but I didn't want to believe it."
He wrapped his arm around Michelle and held her closely
as she cried. She didn't say anything else, and he didn't
ask. He could feel her pain wholeheartedly. She cried for
close to an hour before dozing off. he continued to hold
her near to him as he leaned back and tried to nap.

************ Chapter 16 ************

It was Michelle moving around that woke him up. The clock
on the VCR read 10:15. It was dark outside, and the room was
chilly. Michelle was staring at him intently. Her tear
stained face look sad, yet lovely. She was shivering. He
could make out the bright pink bra she had on beneath her
tight white thermal shirt. Her nipples were very evident.

"I'm sorry, " she said. "I didn't
mean to fall asleep and leave you trapped beneath me. You
should have woken me up."
"It's no problem, " he said. "I didn't
mind." She really did look beautiful. "You
should get some sleep, Michelle. You've had a shitty
day. I'm going to go."
Jake stood up and walked towards the door. "I'm
divorcing him, " she said. "I'm not going
to take him back."
"Good for you, " he responded. "It's
the right thing to do." He opened the door and started
out. Michelle rushed over.
"Thank you, " she said. "For being here."
She kissed him gently on the cheek.
"Your welcome, " he said. He started down the
front steps.
"Don't go, " Michelle said. "Why
don't you stay here tonight? I still don't want
to be alone."
"Okay, " he said. "Just let me grab a pillow
and some blankets from my place to make the couch a little
more comfortable."
Michelle looked at me quizzically. She grasped the diamond
and wedding band on her left hand and slid them off. "My
marriage is over, " she said. "You don't
have to sleep on the couch."
Jake couldn't help getting excited, but he controlled
it. "I don't think so Michelle. You've been
through a lot today. That's probably not the best thing
for either of us."
"It's what I've wanted for months, "
she said. "I think about it all the time. You're
not the only one in love."
His heart skipped a beat, but he was still hesitant. "I'm
still not sure. We should think about this and not rush in
to anything."
He turned to leave. Michelle called his name and he glanced
back. She grabbed the hem of her thermal shirt and pulled
it off in one smooth motion. Her hot brink bra was flimsy
and did little to conceal her large breasts and hard nipples.
She flashed a wicked smile. "I'm going to my bedroom
to finish undressing, " she said. "You can
either go home and play Peeping Tom from your place, or you
can follow me now."
She turned around confidently and went toward the back
of the house. It didn't take long for him to follow.
Michelle was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for him.
She had let her hair down. "What took you so long?"
she taunted.
He confidently walked across the bedroom. His heart was
racing like it was his first time. He stopped in front of
Michelle and peeled off his shirt. Her deft fingers opened
his fly, springing his big cock. Michelle looked at it in
awe. "I'm a little nervous, " she said.
"Eugene's the only man I've ever been with."

She wrapped her hand around his semi-erect penis and started
stroking. It responded rapidly to her touch. Michelle
kissed the tip gingerly. Jake gasped for air when she took
it between her lips. With one hand, she leisurely massaged
the base of his manhood. Her lips slid up and down his thick
shaft, taking as much as she could in her mouth. She started
slow, then quickened the pace. She swirled her tongue around
the head and teased the opening. He felt himself growing
weak in the knees. Without warning, his balls started contracting
and he climaxed. Michelle eagerly slurped up his cum. He
felt dizzy. He almost collapsed in front of her when it was
"Now it's your turn, " he said with a wink.
He quickly unfastened her thick black belt and button-fly
jeans. Her pants were so tight that it took several minutes
for me to slide them off. The lacy black thong she was wearing
came off with the jeans.
Enthusiastically, he buried his face between her creamy
white thighs. He rubbed his cheek against her thick brown
pubic hair. Her musky aroma was intoxicating. He traced
the velvety edges of her vagina with my finger. He asked
Michelle to lay back on the bed, and then he put a pillow beneath
the small of her back. Her pussy pointed upwards as he took
his place between her legs.
He bent down a slid to tongue across her clit. Michelle squealed
with delight. He proceeded to kiss it, taking it in his mouth
and treating it like a small tongue. Michelle started writhing
about in the sheets. He pulled back and ran his tongue up
the length of her slit. She tasted divine. He began fervently
lapping up her juices. He placed his tongue at her asshole
and teased around it. She started going wild. He slipped
my middle finger in her anus and his thumb in her pussy. He
slid both in and out as he sucked on her clit. Michelle was
loosing control. Her hips bucked wildly. Jake continued
finger fucking her and eating her pussy. Finally, he pushed
her over the edge. Michelle called out to the heavens as
a massive orgasm caused her entire body to contort.
By the time she was finished, his cock was growing hard again.
Michelle took it in her hand and gave it a few loving strokes.
Her pussy was soaking wet. He slipped in easily. "Don't
cum in me, " she said.
Jake nodded in agreement as he started fucking her. He entered
her with long, deep strokes. Her pussy seemed to fit him
like a glove. Michelle moaned loudly. Much louder than
she had with her husband. "Like that. Fuck me like
that, " she muttered over and over.
He unhooked the front clasp of her bra, exposing her magnificent
tits. They were large and firm. He pulled on her big peach
nipples with his teeth while he fucked her. He buried his
face between them. Renae's small tits were gorgeous,
but after a year, Michelle's big ones were a nice change
of pace.
Michelle continued to moan while he fucked her. She didn't
talk as dirty as Renae during sex, but the sounds she made
were much sexier. It didn't take long to bring her to
a peak. She started squealing louder, calling his name,
begging for more. He fucked her harder. The slurping sound
of her cunt filled the room every time he slid in and out.
When she came, Michelle buried her sharp fingernails in
his back. It was incredibly sexy to watch. She clung to him
tightly and told him she loved him.
By the time she was done, he was ready to cum. He kept his promise
and pulled out of her vagina. "Do you like it in the
ass?" he asked.
"I've never done it, " she said. She rolled
over onto her stomach. His dick was soaked with her juices.
Her asshole was extremely tight. He slowly worked the thick
head of his cock inside. Michelle reached back and squeezed
his hand tightly. It took her a moment to adjust to his dick
inside her, but when he started fucking she got into it.

He worked his dick in and out at a leisurely pace. Michelle's
moans were a combination of pain and pleasure. He reached
around and rubbed her clit. She was going wild as he increased
the pace. In a matter of seconds, my balls were slapping
against her ass. She buried her face in a pillow and grunted
and groaned with each thrust. She was rubbing her own tits.
He could tell by her cries that she was close to cumming again.
He sped up, really burying his dick in her ass. With one final,
emphatic thrust he started to climax. Michelle joined
him. He unloaded his cum inside her as she shuddered with
waves of pleasure.
After he pulled out, the two of them embraced. They kissed
passionately, like only young lovers can. They made love
again and again throughout the night. It was well into the
next morning before fatigue finally set in. they stopped
long enough for Michelle to phone a lawyer, then made love
one more time before going to sleep. Immediately Jake knew he had stepped out of line.
"Sorry, " he said. "I shouldn't
have said that."
"Don't be sorry, " Michelle said with
a smile. "You didn't do anything wrong."
The tension seemed to ease a bit. "All you did was compliment
me. There's nothing wrong with that. You've got
a pretty good body, too. You really think my body's
"Yes, " he said. "Definitely. Your body
is hotter than hell, " he blurted out. Again there
was an awkward silence. Robert Smith continued to sing
in the background. Jake cursed himself to overstepping
his bounds again.
This time Michelle didn't say anything. She just stared
at him. Their eyes locked together for a moment that seemed
to last for an eternity. Then she was on top of him. Jake was
on his back on the couch, and Michelle crushed her firm body
on top of his. Their lips met for the first of many shared
kisses. She rubbed her crotch gently against his own. They
were like animals overwhelmed with lust for one another.

He worked her skirt up exposing her little yellow panties.
He rubbed her ass gently. She took his face in her hands and
kissed it all over. Their hips were gyrating rhythmically.
His cock was throbbing. Jake fumbled with the buttons on
her blouse and finally managed to get it off. Her pastel
yellow bra clung tightly to her breasts. They were large
and extremely firm. He took one in his hand and massaged
her hardening nipple through the lacy undergarment. "Let's
go to the bedroom, " she whispered in his ear.
He followed her to the back room, leaving his shirt and pants
behind him. Michelle kicked off her heels and dropped her
skirt. The sight of her tight ass in the sexy little panties
was driving him wild. They nearly leaped into the bed together.
Jake put his hand between her legs and started rubbing her
pussy. Her panties were soaked.
"We shouldn't be doing this, " she whispered.
"This is so wrong." She was rubbing his cock
frantically as she spoke. "This is SO wrong, "
she repeated.
Jake reached for her bra strap and started to slide it down.
"I've been aching to see these tits for months, "
he said. Michelle grabbed his hand and pulled it away.
"No, " she said. "I can't cheat on
Eugene, " she said.
"Do you want to stop?" he asked.
"Then what do you want?"
"To keep doing this, " she said. "But
the underwear stay on."
He grudgingly obliged. Part of him was aching to go farther,
but another part was still hoping to salvage his relationship
with Renae. Somehow he convinced himself that it wouldn't
be cheating if they didn't fuck.
He kept his hand outside Michelle's panties and ran
his fingers slowly around her pussy. She groaned contentedly.
"Please don't stop, " she moaned. Her
fingers were working magic on his cock. Her hot, firm body
felt so perfect crushed up against his own. Jake hungrily
kissed her lips and neck. Every time she moaned it drove
him wild. Her sounds were very primal and sensual.
"I want to fuck you, Michelle, " he said.
"No. We can't, " she said half-heartedly.

"You know it's right. You know we're right
for one another." He said. "You know I'm
in love with you."
"I'm in love with you, too" she said. She
started to speak again when the phone rang. They both jumped.
Michelle hopped out of bed and ran to answer it in the next
room. I could hear her talking but couldn't make out
the words. When she came back, she looked distressed.
"That was Eugene, " she said slowly. "He
won't be home for a few more hours."
Jake smiled. "Well, what can we do in a few hours?"

"I think you should leave, " she said.
"What?" he said, shocked.
"I want to make love to you, " she said. "If
we weren't interrupted, I know it would have happened.
I've been falling for you for months, and I've
fought it every step of the way." Tears were starting
to run down her pretty face. "I'm in love with
you, " she said. "But this can't happen.
I'm married, and this can't happen."
Jake got out of bed and stood up. He completely understood
what she said. He thought about Renae. Her parents had destroyed
all but the last few threads of their relationship, but
he still didn't want it to end this way. He gathered
his clothes and left. As soon as he slammed the door to his
house Jake fell down in a heap and started shuddering. He
was deeply in love with Michelle and hated himself for it.


*********** Chapter 9 ***********

It was close to midnight when Renae finally made it home.
Jake was passed out on the couch in the front room. He stirred
when he heard her keys in the lock. His head was throbbing
from the drinks he had shared with Michelle. An argument
broke out before Renae could even hang her coat in the closet.
He was frustrated by his feelings for Michelle, and he blamed
Renae for it. It didn't take long for a heated discussion
to lead to shouting.
"Why the fuck can't you be around more?"
Jake demanded. "If we were spending more time together
this wouldn't be happening to us."
"If you really loved me you'd respect my wishes
and try harder, " she shouted.
The shouting grew louder, the accusations increased,
and finally the name calling started. Finally, he couldn't
take it any longer. "I have a headache and I'm
tired of this shit, " he said calmly. "I'm
going to bed."
"That's a good idea, " she answered. "Let's
just talk about this tomorrow." Renae went down the
short hall and into their bedroom. He followed her down
the hall, but continued past the bedroom. Renae and Jake
had always shared a bed, even after big arguments, but he
suddenly felt like he couldn't be around her. He went
to the guest room and slammed the door behind him.
"What are you...?" she called to the door. He
didn't answer. He climbed into the small bed and buried
his face in the pillow. He could hear Renae sobbing in the
next room as he drifted towards sleep.
Thirty minutes later Jake was awake again. The window was
open and a car door had just slammed. He looked out his window
and into the one across the way. After a few seconds the light
flipped on. Eugene and Michelle entered the room. She was
wearing a baggy blue flannel shirt and nothing else. She
appeared to be lecturing him. Their conversation got louder
as a full blown argument developed. He tried to hear what
they were saying, but only caught a few words. ‘Baby'
and ‘Work' seemed to come up a lot.
Jake was so engrossed in eavesdropping that he didn't
hear the bedroom door open. A spear of light flooded into
the room causing his head to jerk around. Renae was standing
in the doorway. She was wearing a white satin nightshirt
and her blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Even in
the low light he could see the red around her eyes.
She pointed out the window. "The noise woke me up, "
she said. He just nodded. "I don't want to sleep
without you." He nodded his head and lifted the covers
with one arm. She quickly crossed the room and slipped in
front of him beneath the sheets. They both watched the drama
unfold in the house next door.
The fighting had reached a climax. Michelle and Eugene
were both shouting, although Jake and Renae couldn't
make out their words. She was crying. Renae and he watched
without speaking as Eugene gestured wildly. She turned
around and rushed towards the bedroom door. He rushed to
cut her off. She turned her back to him. Several minutes
passed. Finally, she whirled around and buried her face
in his chest. Her body was shuddering. They embraced, and
then they kissed. They kissed a second and third time. It
was becoming more passionate. Jake felt a bit of envy when
Eugene started taking off his shirt. At the same time, he
felt a little aroused.
"Oh shit, " Renae whispered. "I think
they're going to fuck."
Michelle's hands went to his belt, and a second later
his pants hit the floor. He kissed her firmly while his hands
fondled her ass. Michelle gave him one final kiss then dropped
to her knees and out of sight.
"Fuck, she's blowing him, " Renae said
in a giddy voice. Jake’s penis started getting stiff and
he knew Renae could feel it. She slipped a hand between their
bodies and started rubbing it. "I never knew you liked
to watch, " she teased.
"I don't see you looking away, " he said.

She squeezed his member again. "Maybe you can give
me something else to occupy me." Jake slipped a hand
between Renae's thighs and went for her crotch. He
could already feel the dampness accumulating on her silky
panties. She moaned softly.
Eugene was also moaning. Every once in a while he would say
something that couldn't be understood, but his moans
were very audible. After a few minutes he started waving
his arms wildly. Michelle came back into sight as she stood
up. Eugene was already moving towards the bed. She started
to follow, then glanced back at the window. Our room was
dark, so Jake knew she couldn't see Renae and him. Still,
she went and drew the shade on her own window. She must have
remembered Jake’s voyeurism story.
The light in their room remained dark, and they watched
as the two shadows became one. A few minutes passed before
they started hearing a mixture of feminine and masculine
"Damn, I'm hot, " Renae whispered. Jake
slipped his fingers inside her blue silk panties and started
sliding them off. She shook her head vehemently when I leaned
down to kiss her thigh. "No, " she said. "I'm
ready now."
"Ready for what?" he asked.
"Your dick. Get your underwear off."
He quickly obeyed. She unbuttoned her satin nightshirt
and let it hang open. Her divine breasts and rock hard little
nipples poked out at him. He rolled onto his back and Renae
straddled him. She slowly eased his big dick into her quivering
pussy lips.
Through the window they could hear Michelle's frenzied
cries. "Make me cum before her, " Renae demanded.

"Only if you're louder than her, " he said
with a smile.
Renae only winked as she started riding up and down on his
bone. He grabbed her hips and began thrusting upwards,
forcing himself deep inside her. She started grunting
like an animal. "Fuck me hard, " she said. She
bounced up and down on his pole while her little breast jostled
in rhythm.
Jake looked out the window and saw the shadow of a moving,
amorphous blob. He heard Michelle and Eugene moan one last
time before Renae started drowning them out. Her moans
filled the room along with the sound of their slapping flesh.
She was very close to cumming. Suddenly he was overwhelmed
with the desire to fuck her crazy. He rolled over quickly
and put Renae on her back. He grabbed the headboard for leverage
and started pounding away.
"Oh yes!" she shouted. "Fuck me hard!”
His cock eased in and out of her wet cunt at lightning speed.
His flesh slapped against hers. She kept screaming louder
and louder. He knew Michelle and Eugene could hear her,
and it motivated him more. He leaned forward and bit Renae's
nipple. She squealed loudly and then her body started to
contort. Her orgasm caused her whole body to shiver as she
called out Jake’s name. He kept fucking eagerly until his
dick exploded. His hot semen flooded inside her vagina.
He kept stroking until every drop was gone.
The two of them collapsed in a hot mound of flesh. They swore
their love for one another, and minutes later they were
deeply asleep.

************ Chapter 10 ************

The afterglow didn't last very long. Renae and Jake
both stayed home on Friday. They spent the weekend trying
to fuck their troubles away. By Monday, it obviously wasn't
working. By mid-week, the arguments and accusations had
returned. A week after their voyeuristic experience,
once again he went to the back bedroom to sleep. This time,
he slept alone. It was Renae who finally realized what had
to happen. When she returned from Thanksgiving dinner
with her family, she announced she was moving out.
Jake didn't have many questions. He didn't offer
solutions for saving their relationship. It was over and
they both knew it. Too many harsh words had been spoken between
them. If her parents had never interfered, perhaps things
would have been different, but they both realized that
you have to play the hand your dealt. On what should have
been their one year anniversary, Jake sat on the front porch
and watched as her parents helped load up her things. They
tried to hide it, but it was obvious that they were delighted.
Her father was so pleased, that Renae convinced him to let
Jake stay in the house rent free until the end of the year.
It wasn't like he needed the money.
After her parents left, Renae and he were alone for one last
moment. Tears started streaming down her angelic face.
She had been crying a lot lately. He stood on the house steps.
She walked over and embraced him. "You know I'll
always love you, " she sobbed.
"I know, " he whispered. He was getting a little
choked up. He swept the hair from her face and leaned down
to kiss her forehead.
She wiped her eyes. "We've been through too much
for just a peck on the forehead, " she said. "Kiss
me for real." He took her soft lips in his own for the
last time.
"Wasn't that better?" she asked as they
"If you liked that, I can think of a few other places
you might like being kissed, " he said. He was desperately
trying to add some levity to the awkward moment.
Renae smiled wanly. "I don't think that would
be a good idea, " she said.
"No. I guess it wouldn't, " he answered.

Jake walked Renae to the door of her car. They hugged one
last time, and then she got in and drove away. He couldn't
stop a tear from running down his cheek.
When he turned to walk back to the house he saw Michelle standing
there. "Hi, " she said. It was the first time
she had spoken to him in over three weeks. She had been avoiding
him since the night of their ill-advised celebration,
even in class. She had also kept the curtains in her bedroom
"I saw her packing her stuff. Is it over?" she
Jake just nodded.
"Do you want to talk about it?"
"No, " he said.
"I can tell your hurting. You shouldn't be alone
like this."
He started walking to the house. He climbed the steps and
quickly slipped into the house. He closed the door behind
him before Michelle could follow. She knocked on the door
but he didn't answer. Eventually she gave up, and he
was left alone with his misery.

************ Chapter 11 ************

Jake sat on the couch for the remainder of the day. The television
was on, but he wasn't watching. He micro waved some
dinner, but couldn't eat any of it. He thought about
the good times with Renae. He remembered the night she first
seduced him. He recalled their first night together in
their own house. All the bad memories seemed unimportant
next to the good ones. He cursed her parents for coming between
them. Jake cursed her for being so easily manipulated.
He cursed Michelle for causing his attention to stray.
Mostly, he just cursed himself. Everything felt like his
It was midnight before he decided to go to bed. He strolled
past the bedroom that Renae and he had shared. It was mostly
empty. The bed had been hers. Her dresser was gone. The closet
looked barren with only his clothes in it. Even if the bed
was still there, he wouldn't sleep in that room. He
continued to the back.
Of course, there was no chance of going to sleep. His mind
was churning too fast. After an hour of tossing and turning
he moved from the bed to the desk. He flipped on the desk lamp
and computer. He surfed the Internet looking at news, sports,
weather, porn–anything to take my mind off of Renae.
Jake was starting to get drowsy when a motion from the window
caught his eye. Michelle was standing in her window. For
the first time in weeks, the curtains were pulled back.
She was gazing in his direction. With the desk lamp on, he
knew she could see him. She was wearing a tight blue sweater
that zipped in the front and a pair of khaki pants.
Michelle had an odd look on her face, as if in a trance. She
opened her bedroom window, and he did the same, expecting
her to say something. She didn't say a word as she grabbed
the metal nub on her sweater and slowly slid it down. She
was wearing a taut, navy blue bra. For the third time, he
longed to see its contents. Momentarily, his troubles
were forgotten. He was both confused and entranced by what
was happening. His penis was growing hard.
Jake’s attention was refocused when Eugene suddenly came
out of the bathroom. He was completely nude and his erection
stood out in front of him. He appeared to be putting on a condom.

Eugene looked in my general direction but didn't notice
anything as he walked to the window seat. He plopped down
with his back towards Jake. Now they were both admiring
his beautiful wife.
Michelle continued her show. She shrugged out of the sweater
and cast it aside. She seemed to be looking at her husband,
but Jake knew that her gaze was going farther. Her eyes were
locked on his. It only took her a few seconds to unclasp the
belt she was wearing. He could hear music coming from her
bedroom. The words were indistinguishable, but it sounded
dark and gothic.
Michelle slowly shimmied out of her pants. Eugene started
rubbing his cock. Jake did the same. Michelle panties matched
her bra. Jake watched jealously as Eugene slid a finger
in the waist band and jerked them down. Her vagina was covered
by a thick, dark bush. She kicked the panties away as he eagerly
fondled her tits. She allowed it for a moment before pulling
away. Her eyes were still locked on Jake’s.
She reached behind her back to unclasp the bra. Jake was
mesmerized as she slowly slid it off, allowing her large
breasts to spill out. Even from long distance he could see
they were perfect. Her nipples were large and peach. Eugene
pulled her close and buried his face in her tits. Jake opened
his pants and let his dick out.
She positioned herself on top of Eugene. The windowsill
cut off the view below waist level, but Jake could tell when
they started fucking. Michelle moaned loudly. It was a
sweet, siren like song. He was so jealous that he started
to tremble, but he couldn't stop watching. His hand
slid swiftly up and down the length of his cock.
Michelle continued riding her husband. It was very slow
and subdued. It had been a long since he’d seen another woman
having sex. It was much different than Renae's unbridled
Several minutes passed before she climbed down. Jake watched
Michelle walk over to the bed. Her naked ass was gorgeous.
She positioned herself on hands and knees, facing the foot
of the bed and directly at Jake. It was a little harder to
make out details, but he could still see her clearly. Her
eyes remained locked on his. Neither of them really noticed
as Eugene positioned himself behind her.
After several seconds, he started fucking her doggie style.
Jake watched intently and stroked his own dick. He moved
his arm in an exaggerated motion, making sure Michelle
could tell what was happening. Watching Eugene was like
watching a robot. He had both hands on her hips and moved
back and forth in a slow, methodical rhythm. There was very
little variation. Michelle was smiling, but Jake suspected
it was meant for him, not Eugene.
Eugene continued for several monotonous minutes. Michelle
stared at Jake the whole time. She licked her lips and smiled
as he masturbated. Finally, Eugene started increasing
his rhythm. Jake could tell his climax was near. She moaned
a little louder as Eugene fucked her intensely. Jake gripped
his cock tighter and pulled. He timed each of his strokes
with Eugene's. He watched Michelle's breasts
swing wildly each time Eugene entered her. Jake pictured
himself in Eugene’s spot. He imagined every sound she made
was caused by his dick. Michelle was going into a frenzy,
and Jake pumped his cock harder. She was moaning loudly,
grinding her ass back into Eugene’s crotch.
Jake don't know who came first. He thought it was Eugene,
closely followed by Michelle. Her head jerked and she broke
eye contact with Jake for the first time all night. He gave
the head of his penis one last squeeze and it responded.
His cum shot out in short, hot bursts. He covered the desk
and floor with his sticky liquid.
Michelle and Eugene were already getting ready for bed
by the time Jake came back to earth. He didn't bother
with the mess. When he finally lay down, his mind went immediately
back to Renae, but this time he was exhausted. He couldn't
think about it anymore. Jake was asleep within 20 minutes.


************ Chapter 12 ************

The next morning Jake awoke feeling better than he had in
weeks. His heart was still aching for Renae, but after months
of constant fighting, he had grown used to the heartache.
Now there seemed to be a light at the end of misery's
tunnel. He was excited about what had happened with Michelle.
He had been falling in love with her for months, but now,
for the first time, a relationship seemed possible.
He showered and ate breakfast in front of the television.
Afterwards, he got his books together and stepped onto
the front porch. It was a sunny day, but there was also a chill
in the air. With less than a month until Christmas, winter
was finally coming to Georgia.
Jake was starting down the steps when something caught
my eye. There was an envelope sitting in one of the old rocking
chairs. He could see his name written on the front. His first
though was that Renae had left a goodbye letter, but as he
drew closer I could tell it wasn't her handwriting.
He stood on the porch and opened the letter. It was short
and simple.
"I'm so sorry about Renae. I wish I could be there
to comfort you. I hope last night helped. I wanted to do so
much more, but I can't. I'm married and that's
the way things are. We can't be together. I know that
sounds horrible, but it is the way things must be. Love,
Jake read the letter quickly, and then read it again. His
hands started shaking. He felt like he would die. Every
bit of happiness faded. He balled up the letter and went
back inside. He cast his books aside and spent the day sitting
in a daze and drinking vodka straight from the bottle.

************ Chapter 13 ************

The depression was severe. On Tuesday, Jake still didn't
feel like leaving the house. He moped around the house for
hours. He tried watching television, but it couldn't
hold his interest. He picked up a book, but after glazing
over it for half an hour he couldn't recall a word he’d
read. Around lunch time, he glance out the window and saw
Michelle walking on the sidewalk towards campus. He realized
she was going to their one o'clock class. For a moment,
he thought about saying something to her. He decided against
it. "Why fight a battle I can't win?" he
mumbled to himself. Eventually, he decided to go back to
Sleep wouldn't come, so he just laid beneath the covers,
glaring out the window. The curtains were still open in
Michelle and Eugene's bedroom. He stared in at the
bed, recalling the little peep show Michelle had given
him. He was still replaying it when the bedroom door flung
open. Eugene walked in. Jake glanced at the clock and saw
it was 1:15.
"What's he doing home?" he pondered.
Eugene cast his coat aside and loosened his tie. Only a few
seconds passed before a woman joined him in the bedroom.
She was tall and leggy, with long red hair. She looked very
professional in her gray tailored blazer and short skirt.
It didn't take Jake long to understand what was happening.
The redhead unbuttoned her blazer as Eugene dropped his
Jake was shocked as he watched the two of them kiss and fondle
each other, but he wasn't surprised. He couldn't
believe that he hadn't suspected it sooner. Michelle
complained about Eugene seeming distant. Eugene was working
longer hours and coming home late. On several occasions
Jake had heard him mention life in the "real world",
and how Michelle needed to grow up. Eugene knew that she
was out of the house for several hours every Tuesday and
Thursday afternoon.
Jake looked on as Eugene disappeared into the bathroom.
The woman stripped off her suit and carefully laid it on
a chair in the corner of the room. She had on bright red underwear
which she also discarded. Her body was phenomenal. She
had the waiflike figure of a model with ample breasts. Even
from a distance Jake could clearly see the tan lines on her
breasts and pubic region. She lay down on the bed and spread
her legs. Jake watched her arrange her hair on the pillow
as Eugene emerged from the bathroom, once again naked and
carrying a rubber.
He rushed across the room and joined his mistress in bed.
They didn't waste time with foreplay. He quickly mounted
her and started fucking. He displayed an energy and vigor
that he hadn't shown with Michelle as he penetrated
the redhead.
Jake watched the two of them fuck, but he wasn't aroused
in the slightest. The woman was extremely attractive and
the sex seemed hot, but it made him nauseous. He thought
about poor Michelle and it made him angry. Eugene had the
perfect woman at his disposal, yet he wasn't satisfied.
She had successfully battled the temptations of adultery
while he was most likely out with his whore. His blood was
boiling. Jake watched him fuck her and his rage increased.
Finally, he turned away. He was disgusted. He went out front
and sat on the front porch, hoping the chill air would cool
him down.
Close to an hour passed before they came out. Eugene happened
to glance over and see Jake sitting on the porch. He walked
over. The redhead continued out to the car.
"How's it going?" he said.
Jake nodded.
He pointed at the woman. "That's Darla. She works
in the payroll department at my company. I was just bringing
her by for a little special deposit, " he said with
a wink. "What do you think? Pretty hot, right? And
even better, she's dumb as shit. It's a win-win
"If you say so, " Jake said.
"Shit yes, " he said with a smile. "Hey,
I know I don't have to ask this, but just in case: you
won't tell Michelle I was here, will you?"
"No, " he said honestly.
"Cool, " Eugene said. He slapped his shoulder.
"Guys got to stick together. I'll ask Darla if
she's got any friends, and maybe the four of us can get
together one night. Maybe get a hotel room and have a little
group action."
Jake was dumbfounded. He didn't know what to say, so
he just nodded again.
"Alright, " Eugene said. "Catch you
later." He went over to his car. Darla was already
inside. Jake watched as they drove off.

************ Chapter 14 ************

Jake was still sitting on the porch when Michelle came back
from class. She waved at him, but didn't stop. Part
of him wanted to call out to her. He wanted to tell her everything
he had seen. He wanted her to know what an asshole her husband
was. More importantly, he wanted her to seek comfort in
his arms.
But he didn't say anything. He just waved. It just didn't
feel right. He had always been taught to stay out of other
peoples relationships. Plus, he didn't know if she
would believe him. Even if she did, she'd likely hate
him for being the bearer of bad news.
Michelle walked up her steps and into her house, and he didn't
say a word.

************ Chapter 15 ************

On Wednesday, Jake started going to class again. He still
felt like shit, but as a scholarship student he couldn't
afford to make any bad grades. He tried his best to pay attention
to the lectures, but it was an exercise in futility.
He still wasn't ready to face Michelle, so he chose
not to go to class again on Thursday. Again, he watched her
leave around lunch time. Fifteen minutes later, Eugene's
car pulled up. Darla got out of the passenger door. She was
again dressed professionally; this time in a black pant
suit. They disappeared inside the house for about an hour.
Jake had no desire to spy on them. They left at 2:30. Michelle
came home 45 minutes later.
The next few days passed in a haze. He went to class, then
spent the weekend alone, then went to class again. Tuesday
was the same as Thursday. He skipped class again. Michelle
went to class. Eugene brought Darla home for a roll in the
hay. Thursday was another repeat. So was the next Tuesday.
Michelle and Jake had gotten an A on their project, so he
wasn't concerned with missing class, but watching
Eugene cheat on his wife was driving him insane.
By the next Thursday, he had decided to do something about
it. He still couldn't bring himself to tell Michelle.
They hadn't even spoken since the day Renae left. He
stayed up late Wednesday night, raking his brain for a solution.
Ideally, he wanted to find a way to cause her to return from
class early. He couldn't come up with anything good,
so he settled for idiotic.
The next day, he got dressed and made my way to the Thursday
class for the first time in weeks. He left early and crossed
campus alone to avoid Michelle. His plan was simple. He’d
stand out in hall, wait for class to start, and when nobody
was looking he’d pull the fire alarm. It wasn't the
best plan, but he thought it might work.
He got to the building at ten minutes before the hour. The
lecture hall was just letting out from the last class. He
strolled the corridors, looking for a fire alarm that was
close to an exit. His plan was to pull and run.
His search was going poorly when I turned a corner and

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