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Erotic Splendor


Tom sat at the bar, his fingers moving up and down the cold
and moist length of his beer bottle thinking about his day.
His mind was still racing with the little catastrophes
he had to manage along with the more mundane tasks which
made up his job. It was nice to be out of there although he
wondered why he was sitting here, staring at his beer and
still thinking of work. He was out tonight. Guy’s night
out! He needed it. No, he had to have it. As much as he loved
coming home to Casi and the kids, he needed a change of the
routine tonight and from the look of this place, this was
a change. He started looking around for the first time since
sitting down. He noticed how nice the woman looked toward
the end of the bar, dressed in a very sexy outfit and fingering
her own drink. His eyes moved down her neck, lingering on
the curve of her breasts where they met with the edge of her
bra. He could just make out the outline of her nipples, slightly
poking through the fabric. He loved sexy outfits like this
although it had been a long time since he had seen Casi wear
something like it. Probably before the kids were born and
even then, only in private. For a moment, he thought about
his hands caressing those beautiful breasts, and how the
silky fabric would feel to his touch. He turned his head
a little further down the bar, past the middle aged balding
guy nursing a draft beer to another beauty. Oh, she was hot!
She appeared to be around twenty-five, blond hair and slender.
Her hair was the first thing Tom noticed although as his
eyes instinctively dropped down the front of her blouse,
and he noticed how the material bunched out a bit, giving
only him a peak at the braless mound of flesh with in. He looked
back at his own beer for a moment so as not to attract attention
but his eyes moved back again to the blond, peaking at the
opening in her blouse, searching for a hint of her nipple
he knew was there. She shifted slightly reaching for a napkin
on the bar and he caught a glimpse of that slightly darker
oriel and nipple just barely visible. She turned toward
him, not immediately aware of his gaze although quickly
noticing where his eyes were focused. Her hand moved to
her chest where she flattened the fold of material, and
closing that beautiful gap. Tom, a little embarrassed
to be caught looking, started to turn back to his beer until
he noticed the blond smile at him with a knowing grin as she
lifted her drink to her lips. Tom’s eyes lingered on her
lips as they caressed the edge of the glass as she gently
sipped her wine. He gave her a slight smile in return as he
reached for his beer, moving his attention back to the front
of the bar. Just then, he saw some movement in the corner
of his eye to his left. He shifted slightly to look when he
saw her. The first thing he noticed was her eyes. Deep as
the ocean yet soft as a flower. Her mouth was full and slightly
pouted with just the slightest hint of a smile at the edges.
Her hair was dark and long with curls he could almost feel
under his fingertips. It was almost a challenge for him
to move his gaze downward as her eyes captured his heart
and imagination. He did look down her neck, noticing the
soft whiteness of her cleavage. Her breasts were round
and full, covered only by a silky material he knew would
be soft to the touch. He thought about how his lips would
feel caressing the soft skin between those beautiful breasts
as he licked and nibbled his way up toward the nipples. His
eyes continued downward, wanting to drink in the totalness
of her beauty. Her legs were crossed and he noticed the way
her dress opened along her thigh, exposing her beautiful
curve covered in fishnet stockings. He could just see the
top of the stockings and he realized that this woman was
not wearing pantyhose. He wondered if she had on a garter
holding these stockings up and how it would feel to move
his hands under that skirt and unhook the clasp. She noticed
his gaze and smiled slightly as she shifted in her seat,
allowing her dress to hike up just a little bit more. Tom,
seeing he was caught, decided not to turn around to his beer
and instead just continued to look at the beautiful woman
sitting just across the room.
She Said:
Brenda picked up her drink, still watching the guy at the
bar admiring her legs and gently moved the glass to her lips
to sip, extremely conscious of the effort and taking care
let her lips linger on the edge of the glass. Her other hand
moved to her leg as she stroked the material covering her
thighs, brushing her dress slightly and opening the material.
She began to feel slightly self conscious, wondering who
else could see her at this moment, and then pushing that
thought aside as she gazed at the stud she had been noticing
at the bar. Knowing he was looking, she decided to shift
in her seat placing one leg down and moving the other leg
up, allowing her skirt to open toward the guy at the bar and
giving him a much better view of her thighs in the style of
Sharon Stone. The thought of this guy watching her and being
able to see up her skirt excited her and she felt a growing
dampness between her legs. The feel of the air on her pussy,
not covered by panties increased this feeling as well as
the thought of this guy possibly getting a glimpse of her
most private spot. The move seemed to have an effect as she
saw the guy almost drop his beer as he tried to look like he
didn’t notice a thing. She reveled in the feeling of power;
knowing that his heart was racing in his chest and his mouth
was slightly dry and even the beer might not quench that.
Acting like she didn’t notice his discomfort, she took
another sip of her drink, and made believe she spilled some
of it on her chest, giving her an excuse to move her hands
across her breasts and nipples causing them to harden under
the sheer material. To the rest of the world, she was simply
wiping some spilled liquid on her dress. To the guy at the
bar, it was more than obvious that she was caressing her
breasts, letting her hands linger a bit too long on the nipples.
Knowing the impact she was having on him at the moment, she
decided to shift her position to give this stud an even better
look up her skirt. She moved herself slightly, allowing
the short dress to hike even more, now revealing the garters
holding the stockings in place. Moving her hips slightly
and spreading her thighs, she knew the guy at the bar could
now see more than just stockings. From the look on his face,
she figured he might see even more than she had planned although
she didn’t make a move to close her legs. No one else was looking
at the moment and she so enjoyed the look of astonishment
on his face and how he tried so hard not to appear to be looking
at her thighs.
He Said:
Tom could not believe his eyes as this woman seemed to absently
caress her thigh, moving her dress up slightly and revealing
more milky white thigh above her stocking. He could see
a strap from under the material linking the stocking confirming
that she was wearing a garter belt under that sexy dress.
As she took a drink, he saw her shift, appearing to spill
some of it on her dress. Watching her wipe the front of her
dress was heaven as Tom noticed her hands caressing the
material and the breasts and nipples beneath. He could
see the effect her cleaning was having on her nipples as
they poked through the filmy material. He almost forgot
to breath, watching this beauty touching herself in such
a way that only he knew how erotic it was. Just when he thought
it couldn’t get any better, she shifted again in her seat,
uncrossing her legs and crossing them again, allowing
her dress to hike up even further and showing him her creamy
thighs above the top of her stockings. He could almost glimpse
the fold of her thigh as he wondered if she was shaved. He
finally took a full breath, feeling a little light headed
and sipped self consciously from his beer, not wanting
to turn his head from this beautiful woman. Knowing he would
appear a bit foolish if he turned away or if he acted like
he didn’t see her, he smiled again and tipped his beer slightly
so only she would notice. He saw her acknowledgement in
her slight wink and tilt of her own drink.
His head was swimming and his pants were beginning to become
a bit uncomfortable as his erection grew, straining the
material confining it. He shifted slightly and tried to
move his package to a more comfortable position but felt
self conscious touching his crotch as he watched this beautiful
woman. Then he noticed her eyes drop down to his crotch,
seeming to await his next move to touch himself. Wanting
to get more comfortable and return the favor to this woman,
Tom shifted again although this time, taking his erect
cock through the material and pushing it down along his
thigh so not to tent the material of his pants. Her smile
widened as she watched his show, probably knowing that
she was the cause of this dilemma.
Tom decided it was time to take this bull by the horns so to
speak and decided to approach this woman. He knew if he didn’t,
he would regret it every time he thought of her milky white
thighs and round, full breasts. He slipped off of the bar
stool, almost tripping and swearing at himself for not
looking smooth as he moved, and walked toward this beauty
sitting just across the room. Not sure what to say, he simply
asked her if she would like a drink. She smiled, pausing
before she answered and making him sweat slightly and said
no, she already had one. Ready to move back to the bar after
what was beginning to sound like a rejection, she continued
that she would love a little company. Tom smiled, as he sat
down in a nearby chair, facing her slightly so their knees
almost touched. Tom leaned forward and told her his name
was Tom and asked her what her name was. She smiled a little
wider this time and simply told him that he could call her
Brenda as she leaned forward and emphasized this by touching
his knee with her fingers. The touch sent electric jolts
though Tom’s body, igniting his already erect cock even
more, feeling those beautiful hands not far from his crotch.
She seemed to notice the effect she was having on him because
she let her hand linger on his knee, continuing to lean forward.
Tom leaned toward Brenda, asking her where she was from
as his eyes traveled down her dress, noticing the depth
of her cleavage under the silky material. Her hand pressed
harder on his knee as she leaned even closer toward him to
answer, causing the material in her dress to fall forward,
giving Tom a view of her nipples and ample breasts. He quickly
found another question to ask her, not caring about the
answer as long as she didn’t move her body back and change
his view of those beautiful breasts.
She Said:
She knew when she saw him trip on his own feet getting off
the bar stool that she just had to get to know him. She liked
the way he seemed so self conscious at that moment and then
moved forward like he was on a mission. When he asked her
if she wanted a drink, she just had to play with him and say
no just to see what he would do. He almost turned away at the
apparent rejection when she continued that she would like
some company. It was nice to have this good looking guy sitting
close, his knees almost touching her own. She knew that
at this distance, she couldn’t continue flashing her thighs
but figured that he would like to get a better view of her
chest which she considered one of her best assets. She made
it a point to lean forward slightly, touching his knee allowing
the silky material covering her breasts to fall forward
and exposing the tops of her breasts. She leaned ever farther
forward, exposing her breasts completely to this stranger
as her hand caressed slightly above his knee now. It felt
exhilarating, exposing her body to this person she just
met, allowing him to see the most intimate parts of her;
and touching him and feeling his muscles twitch in excitement.
She felt the dampness between her legs grow and the feel
of a slight tingle of a prelude to an orgasm.
She allowed him to direct the conversation but she directed
the underlying communication by moving her body forward
at the right moments and touching his knees and thighs as
she playfully leaned forward to chat. The room was not all
that noisy but that didn’t matter. She enjoyed the intimacy
of their secret communication, so much deeper than the
words being spoken. She wished she could tell him how wet
she was becoming and how she would have to get up soon or risk
a damp spot on her dress. Almost reading her mind, Tom asked
her if she would like to dance which she gratefully accepted.
He Said:
Tom completely forgot about work and everything else in
his life at the moment besides this woman. She was beautiful,
sexy and funny. If she could follow a football game, she
would be the perfect woman but he didn’t want to press his
luck at the moment. Her touch sent shivers up his spine and
down his crotch. He felt the urge to move forward and take
her breasts in his hands and press his mouth on them. He could
only imagine the scent of her perfume mixed with her own
scents as his mouth traveled down between her breasts and
down toward her most private area between her thighs. His
erection stiffened causing him to feel self conscious
of the budge she just surely notices. Her touching his thighs
as she leaned forward only made his erection stiffer and
more pronounced. He did notice her glance down at his crotch
and he thought he noticed a slight smile when she saw it.

He decided it was time to make a move. He had to touch her,
feel her, and smell her. He knew sitting here and talking
would not give him an opening so he asked her to dance just
as the DJ began a slow song. When he heard her say yes, Tom
immediately grabbed her waiting hand and led her to the
dance floor, trying to straighten his erection down his
leg. When he found an open area to dance, Tom turned, grabbed
her waist and pulled her toward himself, forgetting for
a moment just how rigid his member was as he pulled her to
it, pressing his erection into her crotch. He started to
back away to a more modest distance when she pressed herself
to him, pressing harder against his now rock hard cock much
less between them as a part of them. The feel of her body against
his was heaven as it molded to his own with her hard nipples
pressed against his chest. He allowed his chest to shift,
feeling the stiff points as they brushed his chest causing
an obvious pleasure in Brenda’s face. He continued to grind
his rigid pole against her soft pubic area as she ground
herself into him, enjoying the motion and sensation. His
hands dropped to the curve of her ass as he pulled her body
to his own, now stroking lower and enjoying the feel of her
body beneath the silky material. Tom moved his mouth to
her ear, partially hidden by her long hair as he blew gently
and kissed the spot just above her lobe. He heard an audible
moan and felt her body shiver against his and he continued,
now flicking his tongue gently just inside her ear. He continued,
kissing, licking and nibbling and feeling her shiver against
her body, feeling her press her body harder against his
almost as if to join them right here on the dance floor. Patrick
Swayze had nothing on him with this dirty dancing and he
noticed for the first time the eyes of people on the dance
floor watching his every move with this erotic dance.
He whispered in her ear that they were creating a stir. She
told him that he already created one in her. With that, Tom
smiled, deciding he didn’t give a damn who was watching.
But he did whisper that he would love to find some more privacy
to continue their dance. She looked him in the eyes, gazing
for a moment as if drinking him in and moving her lips to his,
kissed him passionately. That was the answer he was waiting
for and as the song ended, he grabbed her hand and led her
toward the door rather than back to her chair. She pulled
her hand away, surprising him and smiling that she needed
to grab her jacket if they were leaving. His eyes followed
her as she drifted across the room to her chair, watching
intently as she bent over to retrieve her jacket from a chair
next to her own. He noticed some of the other guys also watching
her, jealously beginning to creep into his thoughts and
then smiling to himself and knowing that they would only
dream about being with her tonight.
She Said:
Brenda enjoyed to strong feel of his hand as he led her to
the dance floor. She began to fantasize about how that hand
would feel caressing her between her thighs and she almost
laughed out loud wondering what her mom and dad would say
if they saw her acting like a slut and having so much fun with
it! It was so nice to feel free and just bask in her sexuality
and enjoy sharing that with this good looking guy she only
just met. She felt like showing off to the whole room and
making every guy in this place drool with desire.
When Tom turned to face her and pull her body to his to dance,
Brenda felt his erection against her pubic bone, sending
shivers down her spine. He started to back away and she immediately
grabbed his waist, pulling him securely against her and
lodging his stiff member against her pubis. The feel of
his hot cock against her pussy made her body shiver again,
almost causing her to orgasm. She could feel it building
and she tightened her grip on his waist, grinding her pubic
region against his cock in a most erotic dance. He moved
his body against hers and Brenda felt her orgasm building
as he moved with the music, brushing her nipples with his
chest and her clitoris with his hard cock. She forgot for
the moment she was in public and moaned loud enough for others
to hear as Tom kissed and licked her ear, sending shock waves
of pleasure down her thighs. She tightened her grip even
farther and felt a mini orgasm explode between her thighs
as she clenched her pubis against his, continuing the rubbing
motion. The feeling continued with another mini orgasm
as her sexual tension climbed to crescendo and she exploded
in a wave of orgasms coursing through her body as she continued
to grind her pussy against this hard cock. Her moaning,
now louder still along with her iron grip must have been
obvious to Tom as he continued to dance to the music and continued
to nibble and kiss her ear.
She opened her eyes, taking a moment for them to focus when
she noticed other people looking at her with expressions
ranging from wonder to surprise. Apparently, her orgasm
was not as private as she thought although she really didn’t
care at the moment. She was in heaven with the warm feel of
blood coursing though her loins as she basked in the afterglow
of orgasm here on the dance floor. When he asked if she wanted
to leave, she couldn’t even answer besides a nod and a smile,
knowing that she wanted out of this place and into a private
one where she could continue this dance. Still wanting
to play with Tom, Brenda pulled away near the door, hoping
to see his reaction and enjoying seeing his shock when she
told him she needed to get her jacket. She could feel his
eyes on her body as she turned and walked over to her chair,
making sure to shake her ass just a little more than normal.
She even made a point of bending over a little extra to allow
Tom a good view of her ass before she turned to join him near
the door. When she met him, she gave him her hand and at the
same time, her heart.
He Said:
Leaving the bar with Brenda on his arm, Tom was feeling on
top of the world. Besides having a world class erection
between his legs, he was looking forward to a very memorable
night with this beautiful and sensuous woman. He knew she
wanted him and he knew he wanted her. His heart was racing
and his blood boiling as hormones raged. He almost couldn’t
contain himself, already thinking where they could stop
and knowing they would never make it if they had to go very
far. Tom found his car and led Brenda to the passenger side,
releasing her hand to grab his key to unlock the door. Before
he could pull his keys out of his pocket, Brenda grabbed
the front of his pants, holding his cock through the fabric.
He dropped the keys as his hand left his pants and his hands
went immediately to her breasts, cupping them and feeling
the nipples poking through the material while Brenda stroked
his throbbing member. He leaned forward and his lips found
hers, not in a gentle kiss but in a deep and wanting one, lips
opened and tongues intertwined as his hands continued
to kneed and feel her ample and wanting breasts. Brenda
slipped downward, her hands releasing his hard cock as
they expertly opened his fly, bringing out his full length
in one motion. The cool night air caressed his cock which
was quickly engulfed in her hot mouth. Her hands held Tom’s
ass, pulling him forward deep into her mouth and then releasing
him as she rocked backwards, only to repeat the process
again and again. Tom’s mind was reeling with his hands caressing
the back of Brenda’s head, holding her hair in his fingers
and motioning her head backwards and forwards and backwards
again and again. He could feel his orgasm getting closer
as his cock twitched in Brenda’s expert mouth and he felt
her grab him harder, keeping his cock deep in her throat
as his cock exploded, filling her throat with is hot load.
She continued to suck back and forth, taking every last
spurt and milking cum from his cock. Tom watched as Brenda
moved back, allowing his cock to fall from her lips and allowing
her to grab it with her hand, stroking it slowly along the
entire length and then moving her lips back to the head,
kissing it and tasting the fluid leaking from the tip. She
then stood up, kissed Tom full on the lips and asked him if
he was going to be a gentleman and open the door for her.
She Said:
Brenda knew as she left the bar that she was going to have
him and it wasn’t going to be very long before she did. She
could feel the sexual energy emanating from him like heat
from a flame, engulfing her in his warmth. As he reached
for his keys, Brenda took the opportunity to grab that hard
cock she so desperately wanted to touch and hold which had
given her so much pleasure on the dance floor. The look of
shock and surprise was almost as pleasurable as the feel
of his hard shaft in her hands. She could see his mouth open
as he leaned forward to kiss her as his hands found her heaving
chest, caressing her nipples and breasts. She couldn’t
wait any longer and dropped to her knees, grabbing his zipper
and releasing his hard appendage from its confines. The
feel of his soft skin in her mouth was heaven as her lips engulfed
his tool and her tongue swirled around his cock head. She
felt his hands on the back of her head, fingers tangling
in her long hair and moving her head deeper on his shaft and
then moving it backwards on a steady rhythm. She let him
push his pole deeper and deeper into her throat as she suppressed
her gag reflex, feeling the head of his cock bump the back
of her throat. Brenda, feeling Tom’s muscles tighten,
moved her mouth back and forth faster and faster, increasing
pressure on the head of his cock with her tongue as she felt
the first twitch of his cock and felt the first spurt from
his cock head striking the back of her throat. She continued
stroking his hot cock feeling his orgasm pump her throat
full of his hot cum as some spilled from her lips and onto
her dress. She felt his body relax as the twitching stopped
and his cock lost some of its rigidity. She slid her mouth
off of his cock, grabbed it in her hands and milked some fluid
from the head and looked up into his eyes as her tongue flicked
off the cum, and then running her tongue across her lips,
spreading his fluid across them like lipstick. She then
stood up, giving Tom a deep soul searching kiss, sharing
the taste of his fluid with him. Wondering what it would
take to get him back in his car now, she asked him if he was
going to be a gentleman and open the door for her.
He Said:
Tom could barely stand let alone focus on opening his car
door. He reached in his pocket for his keys only to find dampness
from his cock and empty material. Then it hit him that his
keys were on the ground near his car. He started to look down
and began to feel a little dizzy, still not recovered from
Brenda’s expert lips. He spotted his keys near Brenda’s
foot and reached down for them, taking the time to kiss the
inside of her creamy thigh as he moved up her leg and under
her skirt with his lips. Now it was her turn to grab his head
as he flicked his tongue across the course material of the
fishnet stockings and up over the top of them and toward
the fold between her thighs. He could smell the musky odor
of sex which only drove him more to his goal as he found his
mark and plunged his tongue between her folds, feeling
her hands tighten on the back of his head and grinding her
hips into his waiting mouth. She hiked her hips a bit higher
to give him more access as she continued grinding her pussy
against his lips and tongue, feeling the wetness growing
between her legs. Tom’s hands moved up behind her ass, caressing
them and keeping her steady against his mouth as he continued
to plunge his tongue deep into her pussy like a hot cock,
in and out and in and out, stopping only to flick her engorged
button with his lips and tongue and then returning to his
tongue fucking, in and out and in and out. Her hips began
to buck and her hands tightened on his head and her fingers
pulled painfully at his hair as he felt her pussy twitch
and liquid gush from between her legs. He heard her moan
a guttural low sound slowly rising to a moan which anyone
in the general area could probably hear but that just made
Tom press his face harder against her pubic area, plunging
his tongue deeper and grabbing her ass until he felt her
begin to relax from his grip. He moved his face from her crotch
allowing some of the pussy juice to wipe against her stockings
and thigh and moved back up to her, finding her eyes closed
and smiling as her body swayed in an unsteady motion. He
grabbed her behind her head and pulled her mouth to his,
sharing her sweet taste between them as they kissed. He
then left her to sway for a moment while he unlocked the door
of his car, moving Brenda slightly to allow the door to open
fully so she could fall into her seat. Tom helped her guide
her sexy legs into the car and then closed the door. He looked
around to see if anyone was nearby and found a couple who
had apparently been watching the entire show from their
car parked next to his. The woman smiled at him knowingly
while her own guy was busy sucking on her bare breast, apparently
turned on by the show. Tom smiled back, adjusted his cock
back into his pants still hard from the recent play and zipped
his zipper back up. He could see Brenda sitting back with
her eyes closed and her legs up on the dash and fingers playing
with her pussy. Without wasting any more time, he moved
around the car and got in.
She Said:
Brenda had forgotten that Tom had dropped his keys while
she started playing with his cock so was surprised when
he knelt down between her legs. She was even more surprised
when he nibbled and kissed her legs through the stocking
material, moving upwards to her inner thigh and finally
to her hot waiting pussy. She thought he was going to lick
her hot slash with his tongue and was more surprised when
he plunged his hot tongue deep into her waiting love canal.
She moaned as she instinctively grabbed the back of his
head, pulling his face harder against her pussy and his
tongue deeper into her hot, waiting pussy. The gates of
heaven opened as her eyes closed in pleasure, feeling her
orgasm rising deep in her loins as his hot tongue plunged
deeper and deeper in to her hole, stopping only to flick
her clit with his tongue and teeth. She felt her growing
orgasm building and building until it let loose like a broken
dam, as her body convulsed and her juices flowed, continuing
to grind her hips against Tom’s face, almost smothering
him in the process. As he stood up, Brenda longed for her
lover’s kiss which he provided, sharing her pussy juice
between them. Her orgasm had so overwhelmed her that she
couldn’t focus her eyes and instead just closed them as
she leaned against the car for support. She allowed Tom
to guide and help her into the car where she sat back in the
seat, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, unaware of
anything else at the moment besides her hot pussy still
twitching from the tongue fucking she just received. She
sat back, placing her feet on the dash and touched herself,
enjoying the sensation as her orgasm subsided, waiting
for her chance to ride that wonderful cock she just recently
He Said:
Tom got in the car and smiled as he watched Brenda playing
absently with her pussy lips. She was such a sight sitting
there, in a short dress, breasts partially exposed with
her legs spread apart and fingering her pussy in a public
parking lot. He would never have imagined his wife doing
this. Casi was never daring enough to even make noise if
she thought someone was listening. Now, with a new name,
short skirt and wig, she had transformed herself into his
love machine. He didn’t know if he could keep up with her,
but he intended to try. He started the car when Casi turned
to him, looked him deeply in his eyes, and told him she loved
him. Tom could see a tear moving down her cheek and he used
his hand to wipe it away as he leaned to her and kissed her
again, this time much more gently and lovingly. Now he was
kissing Casi, the love of his life. There would be plenty
of time to kiss “Brenda” later. He just had to get home first…

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a long read for such little enjoyment