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Erotic Fiction #7 -Steelers Game


It’s finally here! It is clearly known by all who know
me that I am a huge Steelers fan so it is no secret that I look
forward to every Sunday during football season, but each
year there is one Sunday that I look forward more than the
others, which is the first game of the NFL regular season.
That day is today and it is the day where every team starts
anew in the pursuit of a Super Bowl ring and all of the hype
and build-up of the offseason is put to rest in place of execution
and performance on the field.

As much as I normally look forward to the first of the NFL
regular season, this year will be so much different and
better than any year so far. What makes this year so much
better than any other to date is that I now have a nasty, slutty
lover named Nancy who will be “hosting” my first ever
combination Steelers game party and sex party. This has
been a fantasy of mine for a long, long time and it is finally
going to come true!

One would think that I would wake up bright and early on a
day like this in eager anticipation of the events of the
day, but Nancy worked me over pretty good last night with
lots and lots of fucking and sucking. So I slept pretty well
despite me zeal for the day to start. When my alarm clock
woke me up, I silenced it and then rolled over to gaze at the
sexy, naked woman lying next to me in my bed. For a few moments,
I simply laid there next to her watching her sleep and then
began to envision how I thought the events of the day would
unfold and I found myself realizing how lucky I am to have
such a sexy woman in my life that is willing to make my fantasies
into reality. Even better is the fact that what we have planned
for today will also satisfy a fantasy of hers.

She must have realized that I was awake and watching her
because she rolled over, looked into my eyes, and said,
“Good morning, lover! Today is the day, isn’t it?”

“It sure is, baby, it sure is!”

We then began to kiss each other quite passionately and
we each began to fondle the other. After a few moments of
us hungrily fondling each other, you break away from me,
shake your finger at me, and say, “Now, now, honey, let’s
save something for the game today because you are probably
going to need it!”

With a slightly dejected look on my face, I realize that
she is probably right and roll away from her. I lie there
on the bed and look up at the ceiling as I try to conjure up
some images of things that I think will transpire over the
course of the rest of the day. Nancy looks over at me and sees
me daydreaming, she gives me a kiss on the cheek, and tells
me that she is going to go take a shower. As I lie there daydreaming,
I uncontrollably begin to get an erection thinking about
all the possibilities the day has to offer. Of course, I
can’t help touching myself and lightly stroking my hard
cock as I daydream.

After a few minutes, she steps out of the shower, begins
to towel dry herself, and notices me lying on the bed stroking
my hard cock. As usual, she finds herself drawn to the sight
of my dick as I lightly rub up and down the length of my shaft.
As she continues to dry herself off, she can’t seem to
draw her gaze away from me playing with myself; much as I
wouldn’t be able to do if she were playing with herself
in front of me. Once her body is fairly well dried off, she
drops her towel forgetting about her wet hair and announces
while approaching the bed, “You know, on second thought,
we should probably take care of that thing now so you don’t
cum too quickly once the real fun begins later!”

“As you wish, my love, ” I respond as she crawls up onto
the bed right in between my legs and hungrily begins to devour
my cock with her mouth. As usual, he mouth feels so damned
good around my cock as she so expertly sucks it. I instinctively
begin to moan to let her know that I love what she is doing
to me. After a few moments, I cannot contain myself any longer
and I announce my intentions to explode in her mouth. This
only serves to spur her on even more as she suck harder and
faster knowing that I cannot resist her oral mastery of
my cock. My legs tense up as my balls release their contents
into her mouth accompanied by a loud groan of sheer ecstasy.
Once she has swallowed the majority of my cum, she pulls
my cock out of her mouth and then milks it with a few strokes
to ensure that she gets every last drop of cum that I have
to offer her. Once she is satisfied that she has drained
me dry, she looks up at me with those big, beautiful eyes
as she sees the look of pure satisfaction on my face. Then
she crawls up the bed and lies down next to me with her head
on my chest as we both revel in the afterglow of our delight.

After a short while, she notices that I am beginning to doze
off. As nice as it would be to be able to nap with each other
naked in bed on a Sunday morning, she realizes that there
is work that needs to be done before our guests arrive, so
she wakes me up and tells me that we need to get things moving.
She gives me my marching orders to go downstairs to get the
kitchen cleaned up while she stays behind to continue getting
herself ready for guests. I dutifully follow her instructions
and clean the kitchen. Just as I am finishing up loading
the dishwasher, I hear her coming down the stairs. As she
strolls into the kitchen I cannot help but notice that she
appears to be wearing today’s game-day attire, but I
am not quite sure, so I saunter over to her with open arms
to give her a big hug. As we embrace each other, I reach down
and lift up her jersey and take a peak over her shoulder to
see her bare ass as a big smile spreads over my face realizing
that she is indeed wearing nothing but her Steelers jersey,
just as she should be. I finish cleaning up the kitchen as
she begins to make the preparations for the day’s football
fare. I ask her if she needs any help with the food preparation
and she tells me that she has it all under control and that
I should go upstairs to get ready for the game. I give her
a kiss and head upstairs to take a shower and get my game-day
outfit on.

After I finish washing myself, I step out of the shower and
grab my towel off the towel bar. As I dry myself off, I look
in the bathroom mirror at myself. Since I have had naughty
thoughts on my mind most of the morning in anticipation
of the day’s activities, I notice that my cock is semi-hard.
I take a moment to rub it gently in order to get it fully erect
and then take a moment to get a good look at my manhood. I can
help but think to myself how lucky I am that she enjoys my
cock so much and so often. I snap myself back to reality and
finish my bathroom duties and then head into the closet
to get dressed, or at least as dressed as I need to be for the
day. I look over my Steelers jerseys trying to decide just
which one to wear today. Feeling a little nostalgic and
reminiscent, I grab hold of my Rod Woodson jersey, but before
I take it off the hanger I recall the first time Nancy wore
this jersey for me with black stockings in a hotel room while
I took dirty pictures of her in it. A big smile shines across
my face and my cock once again jumps to attention as I recollect
some of the images from that day and night that we spent together.
Once again I shake myself out of my daydreaming, grab the
jersey off the hanger, and put it on (and nothing else).

I look at my watch and decide that I need to get moving to help
her finish setting things up for the game. I come down into
the kitchen as she pulls her infamous jalapeno poppers
out of the oven. As soon as she turns around, I can’t help
myself as I just have to grab one of them off the cookie sheet
and gobble it up. Of course, she notices this and calls out,
“Hey, save those for the game, silly boy!” and smacks
me on the behind. For the next few moments, we continue to
get the food prepared and set up downstairs in the basement.
By the time we get everything all set up downstairs, it is
about 40 minutes until game time and about 10 minutes until
our guests are supposed to start arriving, so she tells
me to go ahead and get comfortable downstairs and watch
the pre-game show while she does her duties as hostess by
greeting our guests. So I go downstairs, grab a beer from
the refrigerator, grab some chips from the buffet table
that we set up, and make myself comfortable in my favorite
Steelers lounge chair.

After a few minutes, I hear the doorbell ring signaling
that our first guest is arriving. Nancy eagerly makes her
way to the door and sees Greg standing there. She opens the
door with a great big smile on her face as she greets him with
a big hug since he is the only one of the invited guests that
she knows from previous playtime sessions with him. Greg
is average height at 5’ 10”, has a stocky build and weighs
in at about 220 lbs, shaves his head bald, maintains a good
tan, and is endowed with a slightly above average length
cock (about 6.5” long) that is very thick. After he comes
in, she shuts the door behind him and gives him his instructions
for the day by telling him that he is to go into the bathroom
and change into his game-day garb that is to consist of nothing
but his Steelers jersey. She then directs him to bring her
the rest of his clothing for safe storage. Greg comes out
the bathroom and hands her his clothing, which she stores
on a shelf in the hall closet showing him exactly where she
put his stuff. Once they are both satisfied that his things
are safely put away, she turns to him and tells him to demonstrate
the he followed her instructions, so he lifts up his jersey
to reveal that he has nothing on underneath. She stands
there momentarily soaking in the sight of his thick cock
as she unconsciously licks her lips remembering the times
that she has enjoyed that wonderful cock of his. He notices
her inspection of his manhood and calls her out by requesting
that she demonstrate her compliance with her own rules.
So she lifts up her jersey to reveal her freshly shaved pussy
as he smiles thinking of the joy that pussy has brought him.

After the two of them are done inspecting each other’s
attire, she tells him to go downstairs, grab a beer, and
enjoy the game. He walks towards her, plants a kiss on her
cheek, and then heads downstairs into the basement as instructed.
I hear someone coming down the stairs, so I get up and get
ready to greet my first visitor. I see Greg coming down the
stairs and I walk up to him, shake his hand, and pull him into
a masculine hug. I point him to the bar and tell him to grab
a beer and sit down to watch the pre-game show. We begin to
converse in small-talk catching up with each other.

In the meantime, while Greg and I are catching up with each
other, Ray and Steve arrive at the house. Ray is tall and
lanky while Steve is average height and average weight.
Nancy gives them the same instructions that she gave Greg.
They go into the bathroom together and when they come out,
she inspects them a little longer than Greg since she had
not met them before as they are Greg’s friends. She discovers
that Ray is packing around an above average length cock
with a nice full bush of pubic hair surrounding it while
Steve is carrying an average sized cock that is totally
shaved. Once she is pleased with the goods that our guests
have brought with them, she returns the favor by showing
them her goods, and then she instructs them to make their
way to the basement as she heads into the kitchen to grab
the final items of the game-day spread and head downstairs.

When she gets downstairs, she places the last couple food
items on the buffet table that is set up. She stands there
looking around the room to see four guys sitting down drinking
beers and talking about the upcoming Steelers game all
wearing nothing but a jersey so that their cocks are hanging
out for all to see. A very large smile spreads across her
face as she realizes that she is going to enjoy each of the
dicks that she sees before her.

A few moments after she came downstairs, I notice her standing
there with a rather large smile on her face and I can just
imagine what she is thinking as she stands there eyeballing
the group of guys sitting before her. I decide that everyone
is settled in and comfortable so it is time to get the activities
of the day going.

“Hey guys! We still have about 10 to 15 minutes before
the game starts and this pre-game show is kind of lame and
I can think of something that I think we would all rather
see than these guys prattling on about this guy or that guy!”

“I can think of something I would much rather see too, ”
Greg exclaims.

Suddenly Ray and Steve both halt their conversation and
direct all of their attention towards Greg and me. I call
out, “You have all met my lovely and sexy wife, Nancy,
and you have all seen a glimpse of her pretty pussy, but I
think it is safe to say that we would all rather see more of
her pretty pussy than we would these clowns on TV!”

I direct her to give us a show by getting herself off as we
watch. The other three guys all agree very enthusiastically
with wide open eyes and big grins. Unquestioningly she
grabs a few of the various sex toys that she had cleverly
staged down in the basement ahead of time. Then she pulls
up her jersey, perches herself up on the counter next to
the TV, and spreads open her legs wide revealing her cleanly
shaved and already wet pussy. She starts the show off by
taking her middle finger and running it up and down the length
of her slit. After several passes, her finger ends up on
the top of her pussy right where her clit is and begins to
rub there in small circles. After a couple moments, the
look on her face changes from one of pleasure to a look of
ecstasy as her eyes roll back in her head and her legs start
to quiver, which are the sure signs I know so well that she
is experiencing an orgasm.

In mild disbelief, Ray calls out, “Did she just cum?”

With a rather proud look on my face, I respond, “Why yes,
Ray, she sure did. My Nancy cums quick and often! Just watch
because she isn’t done yet!”

Right on cue, she takes her hand away from her obviously
wet pussy as she reaches over and grabs the pink silicone
vibrator that is sitting next to her. She twists the end
of it to turn it on and then places it right back on her clit
where her fingers just were. Once again, she cums in fairly
short order. After, she recovers from her most recent bout
of ecstatic pleasure, she reaches down and turns the speed
of the vibrator up and then inserts it into her soaking wet,
hot pussy. At first she just eases it in a little bit at a time
and angles it up towards what I know to be her G-spot and then
she begins to ease it even deeper inside her hole. Once it
is all the way inside her, she begins to pump the toy in and
out of her pussy while she looks up at her audience to see
4 horny, hungry faces staring back at her watching the show
she is putting on for them. She begins to feel another orgasm
coming on so, while she drives the vibrator into her pussy,
she takes her other hand and places it on her clit. I know
exactly what this is going to do to her as I have done this
very same thing to her many times. I see the tell-tale signs
that she is about to have a very intense orgasm by watching
her head rolling back and forth and the hearing very familiar
sounds that she makes when she is about to cum hard. Suddenly
her legs tense up as she holds the vibrator still, deep inside
her flaming, hot pussy while waves of pure ecstasy flow
through her body. After the waves subside and she begins
to return to her senses, she opens her eyes to see all four
of us watching her reactions very intently. She decides
to give us all one more treat as she removes the vibrator
from her dripping wet pussy and holds it up to her nose indulging
in the sweet and tangy scent of her sex and then she takes
it one step further by inserting the phallic object into
her mouth as she sucks on it licking it clean, delighting
in the taste of her own juices. She moans loud enough for
everyone in the room to know just how much she enjoyed the
flavor of her own pussy.

Steve is the first to pipe up as he exclaims, “Holy shit,
that was HOT!! You gotta love a woman who likes the taste
of pussy!!”

I quickly respond, “I sure as hell do!!”

Almost as if it was timed to happen just that way, the kickoff
of the game is just about to happen. So I call attention to
the beginning of the game. Somehow everyone finds a way
to divert their attention from the site of her hot, wet pussy
to the football game that is starting. However, she is enjoying
herself too much to stop playing with herself. So she sets
down the vibrator and picks up an amber colored rubber cock
shaped dildo that happens to be a clone of my cock. First
she puts it up to her mouth and begins to lick it and suck on
it as if she were giving a blowjob. She notices that the attention
of everyone in the room is split between the game and the
live show that is taking place in front of them and she grins
from ear to ear. Just then she hears a commercial break come
on the television as the teams reset themselves after the
opening kickoff. She takes this opportunity to gear things
up another notch as she inserts the rubber cock into her
pussy and begins fucking yourself good and hard with it.
As the game continues on for a few minutes, everyone else
in the room tries very hard to split their attention between
the game on the TV and the show that she is putting on by fucking
her pussy with her dildo. The game takes its first commercial
break and instantly everyone’s attention completely
shifts to her. She senses the shift in concentration and
decides to take advantage of the situation by increasing
the rhythm of her thrusts and she cums again quickly and
hard under the watchful gaze of four guys who by now are all
holding their cocks in their hands.

After sher recovers from her most recent dance with ecstasy,
she elects to take a small break to get something to eat and
to drink since she knows that she is going to have to keep
up her strength for the next few hours knowing that she is
going to please each and every guy in this room, probably
more than once. She grabs a small plate of food and a beer
from the cooler and saunters over to the couch where Greg
and I are sitting to take a seat in between the two of us. She
sits there, east her food, drinks her beer, watches the
football game, albeit not very intently, and also takes
an occasional glance around the room at the four guys that
are about to be pleasured and a grin spreads its way across
her face.

Once she is finished with her food and her beer, she hands
me the plate and the bottle, which I place in the trash can
sitting next to me. She sits back and watches the game for
a few minutes trying to formulate her next move. The game
takes on a little bit of a lull in the action so Greg and I both
sit back on the couch to relax and watch. She sees this as
the perfect opportunity to keep things rolling along.
With Greg and I both sitting back, she reaches over to each
one of us and take our cocks into both of her hands and begins
to stroke them. We each look over at her to see a smile on her
face as she looks at each one of us to see us smiling as well.
She continues to stroke our cocks until each one of us is
rock hard, which doesn’t seem to take too long.

Then she leans over to take my cock into her mouth and begins
to suck on it. I moan quite noticeably loving the feeling
of her mouth on my cock. She sucks my cock for a minute or two
and then sits up, looks to her other side to see the envious
look on Greg’s face. Without giving him much of a chance
to react, she leans over and kisses him so he can taste the
flavor of my cock on her lips, which she knows all too well
that he likes a lot. After she breaks away from kissing him,
she quickly lowers her head into his lap and inhales his
very wide cock. I look over at Greg to see his eyes beam with
pleasure because we both know just how good her mouth feels
on our cocks. She sucks his cock for a minute or two and then
comes up for air noticing that I have been stroking my cock
while watching her suck Greg’s cock. She announces that
the cocksucking appetizers are complete and it is time
to move on to the first course of the day’s meal and that
as her husband, I will be the first one to empty their sacks
into her eagerly awaiting mouth.

With that being said, she stands up and takes a position
on her knees in between my legs. She pulls my jersey up slightly
and looks into my eyes with a devilish grin as she says, “I
love you, honey!” to which I reply, “I know you do, you
slut, now suck my cock!” as I place my hands on the back
of her head directing her down towards my manhood, which
she enthusiastically devours. As usual, because she is
so good at sucking cock, it is only a few minutes before I
am ready to cum in her mouth, which I announce quite loudly
getting the attention of everyone else in the room as she
swallows every last drop of cum that shoots out from the
end of my cock. As soon as she swallows the last drop of my
cum, she looks over at Greg to see him stroking his cock and
she knows that he was watching her intently as she sucked
my cock dry. She rewards his attention by sliding over along
the length of the couch, then takes his cock into her mouth,
and sucks it as best she can, given the immense girth of his
manly member. Since she cannot take the whole of this monster
in her mouth, which she knows from experience, she is going
to have to use additional methods to get him to cum so she
begins to massage his balls and rolls them around in her
hand and squeezes them, which she knows will get the job

As she continue to suck Greg’s cock with the intention
of getting him to cum in her mouth, she realizes that she
needs to come up for a bit of fresh air and take a breather.
In the meantime, she takes his slick cock into her hand and
continues to stroke it vigorously as she looks over at Ray
and Steve on the other couch trying to split their attention
between the game and the show that she is giving them. Knowing
that they are next to receive her oral ministrations, she
calls over to them and tells them to get their cocks ready
to be sucked. Their eyes light up and instead of each of them
grabbing their own cocks, they each reach over taking hold
of the others cock and begin to stroke. Nancy smiles at that
sight and would love to watch more of these two guys rubbing
each other, but she knows that she has work to do right in
front of her. So she gets back to work on Greg’s cock by
taking it back into her mouth and sucking it just the way
she knows that he likes it. After a few minutes, while she
is fondling his testicles in her hands, she begins to feel
the familiar sensations signaling that an eruption is
about to occur, so she begins sucking even harder and faster
to ensure a successful release. Her efforts are rapidly
rewarded when she feels his legs tense up at her sides and
she feels his cock pumping cum into her mouth. He deposited
such a big load into her mouth that she couldn’t swallow
it all and there were a few drops dripping out of the corners
of her mouth. I can see that she is getting ready to lap it
up, but I stop her by saying, “Oh no you don’t, you come
up here and share that with me!” So she stands up, bends
over to me, and allow me to lick his cum off of her mouth and
then she gave me a deep, passionate kiss giving me the chance
to taste the flavor of his cum that was still languishing
in her mouth.

As she and I broke from our kiss, we both looked over at Ray
and Steve to discover the two of them watching us very acutely.
She looked at them both intently eyeing their packages
as she told them that she was trying to figure out which one
of their cocks she was going to suck first. As she watched
the two of them playing with each other’s dicks she announced,
“Well, Ray, your cock is a bit longer than I am used sucking,
so I will work my way up to you with Steve’s dick first.
I hope you are okay with that.”

“Hell yeah, ” Steve called out.

Ray comes back with, “Yeah, that’s okay with me since
I would love to watch you suck this cock, ” as he wiggled
Steve’s cock in his hand.

“Well then, I better get started, ” she exclaimed
as she took up a position in between Steve’s legs while
she watched Ray release his friend’s cock. She began
to lick Steve’s cock up and down the length of his swollen
penis and then she took it into your mouth and sucked it really
well, as she always did. Since this was the first time she
sucked Steve’s cock, she was uncertain just how much
he would like her oral skills, but her reservations were
quickly put to rest as he began to make the very familiar
sounds that told her he was very much enjoying what was being
done to him. She continued to suck this slight longer than
average cock while she worked her mouth done farther and
farther getting it slightly deeper and deeper into her
mouth knowing that she would have an even longer cock to
suck next. Steve obviously liked this very much as he began
to buck his hips in tune with the rhythm of her sucking. Just
a short minute later, Steve began to announce that he was
getting ready to cum and explode in her mouth. So she prepared
herself for the load of cum that she was about to take into
her mouth because she was uncertain of just how much sperm
she was about to take in. Without delay it arrived and she
began to swallow it noticing that it had a slightly sweet
and fruity taste to it. Just then a mischievous thought
came to her mind, so she swallowed just a small portion of
Steve’s cum and then stood up to approach Ray. Then she
leaned over to kiss him depositing a good portion of Steve’s
cum into Ray’s mouth. He was very surprised by this, but
he gladly accepted her gift to him, which got quite the reaction
out of Steve.

As soon as she was done kissing Ray with Steve’s cum, she
leaned down further so that she was now kneeling between
Ray’s legs as she took a good long look at one of the longest
cocks she had sucked in a long time. She started by licking
it up and down several times and then circled the head of
his long cock with her tongue before she slowly lowered
her mouth over Ray’s flesh-snake. Then she continued
to take in more and more of his cock and sucked it like the
cock hungry whore that she was. Since his cock was so long,
she decided to use her hand along with her mouth to get him
off. It took him a little longer than the others, but she
eventually did get him to cum in her mouth. She was a little
bit surprised by the size of his load, which she thought
would be a little bit larger than it was, but it is still quite
delicious with a slightly tangy flavor to it.

Now that she had sucked off each guy in the room, she announced
that she was going to take a break and get back some of her
energy, so she took back her position on the couch in between
Greg and me. She looked over at me and asked me to get her a
beer, which I did gladly after kissing her passionately.
So, we all sat back to watch the game and allowed ourselves
to recharge a bit. At this point in the game, it is about halfway
through the 2nd Quarter and the Steelers were winning by
2 TD’s.

About 20 minutes later, it is half-time and the Steelers
now have a 17 point lead on the Ravens. I tell everyone to
get something to eat and something more to drink because
the real fun will be starting soon. So everyone gets up,
makes the necessary bathroom trips, refills their plates,
grabs another beer, and sits back down on the couch. For
some reason, it does not take everyone very long to consume
their food and beverages. Once I see that everyone is done
with their refreshments, I get up off the couch, tell Nancy
to get up to get ready to be used like the slut that she is,
and then I ask Greg to help me get the sofa bed out so we had
a little bit more room to play.

Knowing exactly what I had in mind, she got up and removed
her jersey so that she was now standing by the TV totally
naked and ready to get fucked good and hard and often. Meanwhile
Greg and I got the sofa bed out and set up with clean sheets
and pillow cases. With the sofa bed set up and ready to go,
I announce to everyone that my darling wife, Nancy, is a
true slut and now it is time to use her like the slut that she
is. Now that we have all dropped a load of cum in her mouth,
it is now time to make sure that her other 2 slutty holes get
proper attention and loads of cum deposited into them as
well. As I am making this announcement, I looked at her and
noticed the gleam in her eyes that told me that she was one
very happy slutty girl!

Next I directed her to get into her position as the “party
slut”. She knew exactly what I meant since she took up
a position on the bed on her hands and knees; however, she
did it in such a way that she was not facing the TV. So I casually
walked up to her and smacked her on the ass and called out,
“Now how in the hell are we supposed to watch the game while
we are all taking our turns fucking you?”

“I’m sorry, Chief, ” she responded as she shifted
her position on the sofa-bed so that she was facing the TV
with her ass up in the air.

However, that was still not quite good enough, so once again,
I approached her from behind and smacked her ass again and
exclaim, “Still not good enough, slut! How is the guy
getting his dick sucked going to watch the game too? Get
into a position so that both the guy fucking your slutty
pussy or your dirty ass can watch the game at the same time
as the guy whose cock you are sucking!”

“Yes, Chief; sorry, Chief, ” she called out as she
shifted into a position that she thought would satisfy
my requirements. Then she confirmed this by asking, “Is
this a good position for your dirty slut to be in, Chief?”

“Yeah, I think that will do, slut, but you need to answer
for getting into the wrong position in the first place.
Greg, you want to help me punish this slut?”

“Oh hell yeah, I would love to help you with that!”

“Okay, you take one side and I will get the other one!”

I approached her from one side and Greg took up a position
on the other side. Greg waited briefly to take his cue from
my actions. I began by reaching out and caressing one side
of her ass to get the blood flowing and to get it ready for
a nice spanking, which Greg did to the other side as well.
After a moment of caressing, it was time to get on with the
spanking, so Greg and I each took turns smacking one side
of her ass giving it about 4 or 5 good smacks and then massaging
it in. While we massage her butt, we both made sure that she
reminded us of what a great slut she really was by telling
us how much she was enjoying having her ass spanked and by
telling us what she wanted us to do to her that went something
like this:

“What are you?”

“I am a dirty little slut whore!”

“Why are you a dirty little slut whore?”

“Because I like to be treated like a dirty, slutty whore!”

“How does my slutty whore like to be treated?”

“Your slut likes to have her ass spanked…”

“Just like this?”

“Yes, Chief, just like this!”

“You want more, slut?”

“Yes, Chief, I want more!”

“More what, you slut? What do you want more of?”

“More spanking, please, Chief, spank my ass some more!”

“You got it slut!”

“What else makes you a good slut?”

“I’m gonna let all of you use and abuse every one of
my holes with your cocks and take it like the slut that I am!”

“That’s right, you are gonna take all four of these
cocks and you are going to love it like a true slut!”

“Yes, Chief, I am…a true slut!!”

After about 4 rounds of spankings, with her ass a really
nice shade of red, I decided that it she had enough of this
and that it was time for something else. So I announced that
my slut now needed to have a cock in her pussy really bad.
However, before I allow this to happen I felt it was necessary
to make her beg us all to have a cock inside her, which she
did quite happily. Since Greg and I have both savored the
wonderful feel of her pussy wrapped around our cocks, I
determined that the first cock of the day to be inside her
should be one that has not yet had the pleasure of being there.
However, she was not yet ready for Ray’s mammoth cock
so that left Steve to be the first one to fuck her today. Oddly
enough Steve didn’t seem to complain about this at all
and was quick to position himself directly behind her on
the bed and eagerly slipped his cock right inside her hot,
wet, tight pussy.

Steve continued to fuck Nancy’s pussy with slow, long,
deep strokes of his cock while Ray positioned himself in
front of her so he could feed her his long, hard cock that
she happily took into her mouth once again. While Steve
and Ray were taking care of Nancy on the bed, Greg and I look
at each other and rather than be left out we decide to lay
down on the couch in a manner that allowed us to suck each
other’s cocks directly in front of Nancy so that she could
watch her husband and her lover suck each other’s dicks
while she was getting fucked with a cock in her mouth. Needless
to say, my dirty slut was pretty happy at that moment, but
little did she know that there was plenty more happiness
to come for her that day.

It was pretty obvious that Steve was really enjoying himself
as he fucked my wife’s pussy, but he just could not help
himself as he announced to everyone in the room how great
her pussy felt wrapped around his cock. As he carried on
pounding her pussy, he felt the impending release that
was sure to occur if he kept it up, but he was unsure of exactly
what he should do when he had his orgasm, so as politely as
he could he asked where he should deposit his load of cum.
I took Greg’s cock out of my mouth for a brief moment to
answer his question and told him that since my wife was such
a good slut that she needed to cum inside her pussy. Then
I took a look at her eyes to see the raw desire there as she
was sucking a huge cock while getting fucked and watching
her husband suck another man’s cock while getting his
cock sucked too.

Just then I put Greg’s cock back into my mouth and continued
sucking it as I heard Steve announce his compliance with
my instructions by calling out that he was going to cum inside
my wife’s slutty pussy. When he was done blowing his load
into her hot pussy, he pulled out of her. Just then Nancy
removed Ray’s cock from her mouth and begged to suck Steve’s
cock clean. Steve was all too happy to allow her to suck her
juices off his cock and to give her any remaining cum that
she could suck out of his cock, which he was sure she could
do based on how well she had sucked it earlier. This gave
Ray a very dirty idea as he and Steve changed places. While
Nancy sucked Steve’s cock clean of her juices and completely
dry of cum, Ray stuck his face in her dirty, wet snatch as
he sucked his friend’s cum out of her pussy and licked
her pussy to another big orgasm.

At this point, Steve is totally drained and exhausted so
he decided to attempt to replenish some of his energy by
getting something to eat and drink and then took up a seat
on the couch to watch some of the game and the slutty fun that
was sure to continue. After Ray had finished his creampie
desert and licked Nancy into another orgasm, he announced
his resolve to find out just how wonderful my wife’s pussy
was as he inserted his mammoth cock into her gaping and dripping
wet hole. After just a few strokes of his flesh-snake inside
her, he looked over at Steve and affirmed his friend’s
assertions that this was one great pussy. I had never seen
my wife take such large cock before and I wanted to see this
for myself. So I signaled to Greg that it was time to break
away from our mutual oral pleasure. I then went over to my
wife and began playing with one of her large tits that was
hanging down and bouncing around while she was getting
fucked by this monster cock and I told Greg to take hold of
the other one to help me out, which he was only too glad to

Ray continued his merciless onslaught of my wife’s slutty
pussy pounding her good and hard after it was clear that
she could handle his enormous dick inside her. I could hear
his balls slapping up against her ass and knew that she was
loving it by the look on her face, but this was not enough
for me, so I had to ask her and made her vocalize her sluttiness
and her pleasure.

“You like that big cock pounding your pussy, slut?”

“Oh yes, Chief, my slutty pussy loves his big cock!!”

“Then tell him, your dirty whore!”

“Oh my God, I love your big cock pounding my whore pussy!!
Please don’t stop fucking my nasty pussy, please!! Fuck

“You heard her, Ray, keep feeding that monster of yours
and give it to her good!”

“You got it, dude!”

I looked around to my beautiful wife’s face as she was
taking a huge cock inside her slutty pussy while Greg and
I were each playing with her very sensitive, pierced nipples.
I can’t recall a time where I had seen such a complete and
satisfied look of pleasure on her face and I whispered in
her ears that I loved her so much, but the best was yet to come.
She replied back how much she loved me and that she couldn’t
wait for more. Suddenly Ray called out that he couldn’t
take it anymore and that he had to explode inside this wonderful
pussy, which is exactly what he did, very noticeably. After he was done blowing his load, Greg decided that it
was his turn for a creampie desert as he approached her backside
and began eating Ray’s cum out of her pussy. Once he had
cleaned her out, he announced that it was his turn to get
a crack at her pussy. So he climbed up on the bed behind her,
smacked her on the ass a few times and asked her if she remember
what it was like to have his wide cock inside her. She replied
that she did and that she loved it. So Greg made her beg him
to put it inside her, which he happily did as he announced
his affirmation of the wonderful feeling of my wife’s
pussy. He slowly fucked her with his rather stubby cock,
just the way he knew she liked it from him.

Once Greg had been fucking my wife with his wide cock for
a few minutes, I decided that it was just about time to give
my lovely and sexy wife the cherry on top of this wonderfully
erotic day. So I asked Steve how he was doing and whether
or not he could get it up again. He responded that he could
with the right incentive. Since the two of them knew exactly
what I was planning, it didn’t take Ray very long to supply
the incentive Steve was referring to as he gobbled up Steve’s
cock and began to suck it greedily. Steve responded to this
quite well and after only a minute of two Ray called out that
Steve was good and hard and ready.

I came around the bad in front of my sexy wife and bent over
so that I could look her right in the face as she was getting
fucked by Greg. I asked her if she knew just how much I loved
her. She responded that she did. I told her that I was going
to show her just how much I loved her. I looked up at Greg and
Steve and gave them a silent signal to put the final part
of my plan into action. So Greg pulled his cock out of my wife’s
pussy and held it up to her ass letting her know just what
he was intending to do and giving her a brief moment to prepare
herself and then he slipped his cock into her asshole. She
grunted rather hard a few times as she was getting used to
the feeling of this cock in her ass. Just then, while I was
still bent over looking my wife in the eyes, Steve came over
behind me and slipped his cock inside my tight ass and began
to fuck me.

After a moment, while my lovely wife and I were both getting
fucked in the ass at the same time, I looked deeply into her
eyes and said, “this is just how much I love you, my darling
wife.” She responded with a deep kiss as a couple of tears
began to roll down her face as she understood the depths
of my love for her and my desire to satisfy each and every
one of her sexual desires.

Just then, Steve cried out, “My God, Dennis, your ass
is so fucking tight and so fucking good!” and Greg responded
with, “this ass I have here ain’t half bad either!!”
as he slapped her ass once again.

Nancy and I continued to kiss each other as our asses where
getting fucked enjoying the depths of the love that we felt
for each other. It was not long until both Steve and Greg
let everyone know that they couldn’t contain themselves
and longer and were going to cum. After Steve blew his load
into my ass, Nancy quickly called out that it was her turn
for a cream pie as she got up off the bed and came around to
my ass to begin sucking Steve’s cum out of my formerly
virgin asshole.

Once we were all done sucking, fucking, and cumming we sat
down on the couches to enjoy what was the rest of the Steelers
game. I held my darling wife in my arms and knew that she was
totally satisfied as she should be.

Dennis (Idahonuke)
To read about myongoing adventures and journey into the lifestyle:
[blog Idahonuke]

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