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Erotic Fiction #5 - House Guest


A couple months after my 40th birthday, a good friend of
mine and a co-worker, Andy, were talking one day and he told
me that he was going to have to stay in a hotel for about a week
because he was having some major repairs done to the plumbing
in his house that would render it unlivable. Knowing that
we had extra room in our house, I told him that was a preposterous
idea told him that he would be welcome to stay with us until
the repairs were made to his house. Naturally, he was reluctant
to take me up on the offer, but after a few days of insistence
and continued pestering, he finally agreed.

The following Saturday, he showed up at the house with a
couple suitcases. We welcomed him into our home and showed
him up to the guestroom and then showed him the bathroom
he would be using during his stay. Naturally, you made sure
to tell him that he was to make himself at home while he was
staying with us. That night we decided to stay home for dinner,
even though we usually go out to eat on Saturday nights,
so we could entertain our house guest on his first night
with us. You decided that you wanted to make one of your favorite
dishes, curry chicken. As usual, you made a fantastic meal
that you served with just the right type of wine that was
accompanied with some really good conversation. After
several hours, we all decided that it was time to retire
for the night. Somehow or another, I managed to convince
you to let the dishes wait until tomorrow and then escorted
you upstairs to our bedroom while Andy went off to the guest

Almost as soon as the door was closed, your arms were wrapped
around me and you began kissing me very passionately with
your tongue seemingly trying to find its way down my throat.
After a minute, or so, I broke away from your kiss and inquired,
“Are you sure we should be doing this with Andy in the next
room?” Without answering me, you looked me square in
the eyes with a very hungry look and resumed kissing me.
While we were kissing you took one of your hands and began
to undue my pants allowing them to fall to the floor. No sooner
than they had reached my ankles, you were on your knees and
wasted no time putting my semi-hard dick in your mouth.
You began sucking it like you were going to starve without
my cock being in your mouth. You skillfully brought my dick
to life getting it erect in very short order, not only because
you are a great cocksucker, but also because we just happened
to end up standing right in front of the dressing mirror,
which gave me a great view of your bobbing up and down on my
pogo-stick. After a few moments of watching you suck my
dick in the mirror, I pulled you up to your feet, kissed you,
and then whispered in your ear, “69”.

You wasted no time disengaging from me and waiting for me
to get into position on the bed. Once I was on the lying down
on the bed, you hastily positioned yourself on top of me
and lowered your pussy right down on my face while eagerly
resuming sucking my cock. You must have been really turned
on because after just a couple minutes of licking your pussy,
I was able to bring you to climax.

Just after your climax had subsided, you pulled off of me,
turned around, and lowered yourself down on to my stiff
dick. As you impaled yourself on my pole, you let out a fairly
loud groan. You looked down at me seeing a concerned look
on my face and realized that you had made more noise than
you should have. So you shrugged your shoulders and apologized
to me and emphatically promised to be quieter. Then you
commenced to riding me. At first it was gentle, but as your
pussy got hotter and wetter, it became more and more vigorous
as the bed began to squeak and make noises. Being engulfed
by your arousal, you decided that you didn’t care anymore
and kept right on fucking me like you were riding a bronco.
I tried as best as I could to contain the noise, but at some
point, I too gave in to our animal desires and discounted
the concern to be quiet. When you leaned down over me to give
yourself a little more leverage for humping me, I reached
up and took one of your very ample breasts into my mouth and
began to suck it while caressing the other one. This definitely
had the desired effect on you as you continued to pump my
cock harder and harder while trying to contain your moaning
and groaning so as not to be heard by our house guest. I could
tell that you were getting closer and closer to another,
but larger and stronger orgasm by listening to the familiar
sounds you were making. So I increased the suction of my
titty–sucking and began to meet your thrusts with my
own driving my cock even deeper up inside you. It was no time
at all until you suddenly tensed up and stopped moving while
an obviously large orgasm washed over you. You could not
stop yourself from expressing your satisfaction, but
you tried to be as quiet as you possibly could; I had no idea
at the time how well it worked. At the same time, I climaxed
and emptied a large load of cum inside you. Once the initial
wave or ecstasy had receded, you pumped my cock a couple
more times waiting for the aftershocks to run their course.
Then you collapsed down onto the bed next to me breathing

While you laid there catching your breath, I rolled over
towards you and asked, “Wow, what got into you tonight?”

“What do you mean?”

“That was pretty wild, my dear. I thought for a second
there you were going to eat me alive!”


“I know you had a few glasses wine with dinner so I was expecting
you to be horny, but that was a little more than I was expecting.
Did you get a little turned on by our house guest?”


“Andy, he turns you on doesn’t he? It’s okay, you
can admit it, to me.”

“Well…maybe, ” you exclaim very nervously.

“Would you like to fuck Andy?”

“Ummm...I don’t know…would you be okay with that?”

“After the birthday present you gave me, why wouldn’t

“Oh yeah, I guess you are right.”

“Well, let me see what I can do.”

Then you rolled over onto your side and I snuggled up behind
you as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I got up to go to work as normal except for
the fact that I had company with me on my way to work to converse
with. The first part of our conversations was rather predictable
with Andy thanking me for letting him stay with us while
the repairs were being made to his house. Naturally, I told
him that it was no big deal and that I was sure he would do the
same for me if the situations were reversed and he agreed.
Then I asked him how he slept last night. He said he slept
pretty well, but had a hard time getting to sleep initially.
I asked him if there was a specific reason for this hoping
that it was something that we could fix for him. His response
was rather embarrassing as he told me that he could hear
the two of us having sex last night and it got him aroused.
Now one thing you have to understand about Andy is that he
is known around the office as a “lady’s man” although
I would not consider labeling him as a “player” because
that term generally implies disrespectful behavior towards
women. Andy is by no means disrespectful, but he is rarely
without female companionship that is constantly changing.
The joke around the office is that he changes his women like
he changes his socks; we don’t use underwear in that idiom
as we all doubt he wears any at all. He is also quite open about
his sexual behaviors and his uncommitted lifestyle. During
this conversation he also mentioned that he thought you
were quite beautiful and very sexy. I am not sure what prompted
him to say the next thing, but he then told me that he imagined
being with you while masturbating last night as a result
of our lovemaking arousing him. Naturally, I was taken
aback a little by this confession, but I was also very flattered
that he would find you so attractive and desirable, since
he always seemed to have a hot woman under his arm.

About that time, we pulled into the parking lot at work and
the conversation ended there. However, I wanted to pursue
this conversation with him a little bit more, so during
lunch I asked him if he wanted to go out after work and have
a beer. He agreed. When the end of the day rolled around,
we headed out to my favorite bar just down the street from
our house. We got to talking about work stuff a little bit
and then the conversation moved towards football. Then
after a couple beers, I decided it was time to steer the conversation
to where I actually wanted it to go by asking him, “So you
find my wife sexy?”

“Sure do. Sorry if that bothers, you buddy.”

“No, no, its okay, Andy. So would you like to fuck my wife?”

Now this question definitely took him by surprise because
he almost spit out his beer all over me. Once he regained
his composure, he said, “Well sure, who wouldn’t!
She is very sexy and has one of the best pair of tits that I
have ever seen and I have seen quite a few!”

So then I told him about your birthday present to me and that
I was hoping to find a way to be able to return the favor to
you someday. I asked him if he would be willing to assist
me with my plan for a MFM threesome and he very eagerly agreed.
That is when the conversation took yet another interesting
turn when he asked me whether or not, during the course of
the sexual encounter, there would be any contact between
the two of us. At this point, I was the one who almost spilled
my beer because I was not expecting to hear that come from
him. I know you and I had each discussed our desires to explore
our bisexual tendencies, but this totally caught me off
guard. I responded, “Why would you ask that?”

“Well, because there is one thing about me that I don’t
like to make public knowledge around the water cooler,
for what will be obvious reasons.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?”

“Well, I am bisexual.”

“Oh, ” was all I could manage to get out.

Sensing that this thought was uncomfortable for me, which
it really wasn’t, he qualified his statements by saying,
“Look, man, just because I am bisexual does not mean that
there would need to be any contact between us, okay, it’s

That is when I told him that even though I didn’t consider
myself to be bisexual; I did have some desires to explore
my bisexual inclinations. He was obviously intrigued
by this thought so we began to discuss the idea and lay out

Looking down at my watch, I realized that it was much later
than I had anticipated it would be so I told Andy that we had
better be getting home. However, we had both had too much
to drink to even consider driving home, so I picked up my
phone, called you, and asked you to take a cab to the bar so
you could drive us home. When we got home we found dinner
waiting for us, which we quickly devoured. Since you had
already eaten dinner without us, you said that you wanted
to go upstairs and finish reading the book you had been reading
this evening, so you excused yourself, gave me a kiss, and
went upstairs. Andy and I finished some of the conversation
that we had earlier in the bar and then decided that it was
time to go upstairs and get some sleep. Andy asked me if I
was going to be fucking you again tonight and I told that
I most likely would be. He said he would be listening and
jacking off to it, which I thought was pretty cool.

We both went upstairs and went to our respective rooms.
When I went into our bedroom, I saw you lying on the bed reading
wearing nothing at all. I came over to you and gave you a kiss
before heading over to my dresser and began to get undressed.
You were, of course, watching me and noticed that I had an
erection. When I had finished undressing, I opened one
of my drawers, looked inside it, and asked you “Hey honey,
could you come over here and look at this?”

“Sure, give me just a second, ” you replied as you marked
your book and then put it down on the nightstand.

You got up off the bed and walked over to me and said, “What’s
up, honey?”

That is when I grabbed you by the shoulders, turned you around,
bent you over, raised up your shirt, and put my already hard
cock right up to your pussy. Without waiting for approval
from you, I inserted my cock into you and watched the expression
on your face in the mirror. Looking right at me in the mirror,
you cried out, “Oh baby, is this what you wanted me to see?”

“Oh yeah, I wanted to see the look on your face when I slipped
my hard cock up inside you from behind!”

“That’s it, baby, give me that cock!”

Grabbing a hold of your hips, I pulled you back into me giving
me deeper penetration into your cunt as I began to pump my
cock into your pussy and called out, “Yeah, take it, take
my cock! God, I love fucking this tight pussy of yours!”

“And this tight pussy loves to be fucked by you, baby!”

As I continued to pump my cock in and out of your hot, wet pussy,
I reached down and slapped your on the ass.

“Oooh, that’s it, make me your bitch and show me whose

“Oh yeah, gonna fuck you like my bitch, ” I called out
as I was fucking you and watching your tits bounce in the
mirror from my thrusting and smacked your ass again.

You noticed me watching you in the mirror and knew exactly
what I was looking at, so you asked, “You like watching
my big tits bouncing while you fuck me?”

“Oh yeah, baby, I love those big, beautiful tits!”

Next, I took one of my hands off your hips and reached around
in front of you to take hold of one of those big, sexy tits
and began to squeeze it and fondle it while fucking your
hard and fast.

“Oh yeah, baby fuck me, fuck me so good! You’re gonna
make me cum!”

Hearing that I began to ram my cock up into you even harder
feeling my balls slap your ass. “That’s it, baby, cum
on my cock! Cum for me!”

Watching your facial expressions in the mirror, I knew
you were very close to cumming so I continued my long, slow,
hard thrusts knowing that would put you over the edge. My
efforts were quickly rewarded when I felt your already
tight pussy clamp down around my hard cock signaling your
orgasm, which prompted me to release the orgasm that I had
been holding back. After I had finished pumping my load
of cum inside you, I pulled my dick out of your pussy and stood
there waiting for you to turn around and kiss me, which is
exactly what you did. I then escorted you over to the bed
with a noticeable grin on my face as I knew that we had just
given Andy a good earful of our fucking. Shortly after we
laid down, we cuddled each other right to sleep.

The next week and a half were fairly uneventful except for
our lovemaking sessions which tended to be a little louder
than they normally might have been. At first you were concerned
about it disturbing Andy, but I assured you that it was not
disturbing him at all, which it really wasn’t since he
listened to each and every one very intently.

For Andy’s last night with us, we decided to have a nice
dinner at home. I made my lasagna which you love so much along
with a nice Caesar salad and some wine along with a delicious
cheesecake for desert. As we did on his first night with
us, we hung around the dinner table for quite a while after
we were done eating enjoying our wine and having some good
conversation. After your 3rd glass of wine, I could tell
that you were getting quite tipsy, which also meant that
you were getting quite horny as well, which was all part
of my plan. When we all decided that we had had enough for
the night and it was time to retire for the evening, Andy
and I volunteered to clean up the kitchen and I told you to
go ahead and go upstairs and get ready for me, which you knew
meant that I wanted you to go upstairs, put on some sexy lingerie,
and get your pussy all warmed up and wet for me. So you smiled
mischievously at me, kissed me, and then strutted on upstairs.

While upstairs in our bedroom, you walked into our closet
and took inventory of your lingerie thinking about what
you wanted to wear tonight. Feeling particularly randy
tonight as a result of your moderate intoxication, you
decided on the red, gartered, half-cupped bustier. After
removing the clothing that you were wearing, you decided
to take a quick shower to rinse yourself off and freshen
up. Drying off in front of the mirror, you briefly stopped
to admire your very supple and ample bosom. You loved your
boobs almost as much as I did and you just couldn’t help
yourself and had to touch them and play with them until your
nipples were nice and erect. Feeling yourself beginning
to get wet, you decided to stop teasing yourself and get
dressed. First you started by spraying yourself from head
to toe with a nice light, spicy, floral perfume. Then you
put on your stockings admiring your nice soft, cleanly
shaven legs. Next you put on the bustier and attached the
stocking to the garters. Standing in front of the full-length
dressing mirror, you took a good look at yourself and knew
that I would not be able to resist you, although I couldn’t
resist you regardless of what you might be wearing or not
wearing. Then you made your way over to the bed and laid down
on it with your legs spread open in such a way that I would
have a great view of you playing with your pussy as soon as
I walked in the door.

Meanwhile, Andy I and were down in the kitchen cleaning
up from this evening’s meal. Naturally while we were
cleaning up, we were also engaged in conversation plotting
the basics of how we were going to proceed with the night’s
activities. Once we were satisfied that the kitchen was
in good order and that you had enough time to prepare yourself,
we headed upstairs making sure to be very quiet. As we got
to the top of the stairs, we walked softly down the hallway
towards out bedroom. Standing outside our bedroom door
we both began to take off all of our clothes. Once we were
both completely naked, we stood there, with our cocks were
already erect in anticipation of what we were about to do,
and looked at each other in a way that we had never done before,
for obvious reasons. I stood there and looked at Andy’s
cock thinking about what it would be like to suck it and watch
him fuck you with it and I became even more aroused. I took
my eyes of his cock, looked him in the eyes, and whispered,
“Ready?” He took a deep breath and nodded in agreement.

I put my hand on the door knob, paused momentarily, and then
very slowly opened the door. After it was cracked open I
peeked inside to see you laying on the bed playing with your
pussy, just as I thought you would be, wearing the most amazingly
sex outfit you have. I opened the door all the way and then
walked in with Andy entering directly behind me.

Noticing the door opening, you stopped what you were doing
and looked up. You were obviously quite surprised to see
me walk into the room naked, but then you were even more surprised
to see Andy walk in behind naked as well and asked, “So
what do we have here?”

“Well, you gave me a night of fun, so I thought I would return
the favor. I hope you don’t mind.”

After a brief moment of you taking stock of the situation
and then taking a good, long look at Andy, you replied, “I
think we can work something out.”

“Well, then why don’t you come on over here and show
our guest what he is in store for tonight.”

You agreed and then got up off the bed and sauntered over
towards us stopping a few feet in front of us giving us both
a great view of you and your very sexy outfit. Then you turned
around and paused with your backside facing us so we could
check out the rest of you and then turned the rest of the way
around to face us.

“I told you that she was one sexy woman!”

“That was a huge understatement, ” Andy replied.

For a moment, we all stood there and looked at each other
until you prompted us back to reality by saying, “Well
thank you both. So this is your show, honey, how do you want
to proceed?”

I walked up to you and started to kiss you while Andy watched.
After a minute, or so, I broke our kiss and then invited Andy
to partake by saying, “Come on over here, buddy, and get
in on the action.”

I stepped aside and Andy approached you, without saying
anything, and then began to kiss you. It was tentative at
first by you both, but then quickly became more fervent.
As you two were kissing, I stepped around behind you and
began to rub and caress your ass and reach around to fondle
your breasts, as best I could. After a couple minutes of
kissing him, you two released each other. Then I commented,
“Let’s all move on over to the bed so we can be more comfortable.
Joanna, why don’t you lie down and spread those legs so
I can lick that pretty pussy of yours.”

Everyone must have agreed because you did exactly as requested
and Andy took up a position on the bed right next to you. I
wasted no time by placing my head right between your legs,
with our bodies forming an “L”, and began to lick your
pussy. Then you and Andy began to kiss once again while he
began to caress your breasts followed shortly thereafter
by him moving his downwards so he could suck on your breasts
while I was sucking on your pussy. We continued in this fashion
for several minutes until I could tell you were getting
close to orgasm and then I backed off to allow you to wind
down slightly so I could prolong your pleasure. Then you
reached down and grabbed a hold of Andy’s cock and began
to stroke it while he sucked on your tits with me eating your
pussy. Feeling his hard cock in your hand you desired to
have it in your mouth so you directed Andy reposition himself
so you could suck his cock, which he did so very willingly.
You hungrily took his cock into your mouth and began to suck
it like it was going to go out of style if you didn’t. Meanwhile
I continued to lick your pussy bringing you close to another
orgasm. However, this time instead of pausing to give you
a chance to reset yourself, I inserted a finger into your
wet pussy while sucking on your clit in order to rapidly
propel you to a strong orgasm, which arrived in short order.
You came all over my mouth with another man’s cock in your
mouth. You pulled his cock out of your mouth so you could
catch your breath after your climax.

I commented, “Mmmmm, that was good, wasn’t it baby?”

“Uh huh, it sure was, ” you answered.

“Well, then take a break and enjoy the rest of the show.”

You didn’t really get a chance to react as you watched
Andy reposition himself so that his head moved down in between
my legs and then watched him take my cock into his mouth.
Your eyes lit up as this was definitely something that you
were not expecting. You moved back a bit on the bed so you
could recline yourself up against the headboard so you
could have a better view of another man sucking my cock.
It did not take any time at all for you to begin to pleasure
yourself while you watched. Noticing this, I looked up
at you and asked, “Do you like what you see, baby?”

“I sure do!”

You like watching him suck my cock?”

“Uh huh”

“I bet you do!”

I then let Andy continue to pay homage to my member by sucking
it. I initially thought that having another man suck my
cock might be a little awkward, but I must admit that it really
wasn’t. In fact it felt really good, but not quite as good
as you sucking it. It was good but different. When you suck
my cock, it is more gentle and supple, while Andy was more
forceful and deliberate. Fearing that I would be getting
too close to orgasm I pulled away from Andy and looked up
at you and said, “I know you liked watching that, but I
know what you would like to see even more.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that, sweetie?”

“As much as you liked watching Andy suck my dick, what
you really want to see is me sucking his dick, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah, baby, that would be so fucking hot!”

“I know it would!”

So Andy rearranged himself so that he was lying next to you
on the bed and I took up a position with my head down near his
crotch. At first, I wasn’t really sure just what the hell
I was supposed to do with this thing pointing up at me, but
then I realized that I should just do to him what I would want
done to me. So I wrapped one of my hands around his shaft and
began to pump it up and down while cupping his balls in the
other hand. After a short period of time, I released it and
then stuck out my tongue and began to lick his hard cock up
and down along the shaft. Andy obviously liked this as he
started to moan letting me know that I was doing something
right. Then I positioned my open mouth right over the head
of his penis, looked you squarely in the eyes, and then lowered
my mouth around his manhood while you watched. I closed
my mouth and began to suck it just like I would want my cock
sucked. You apparently liked what you were seeing as you
increased the pace and intensity of your fingering yourself.
Andy watched this and decided that you needed a little extra
help so he latched on to one of your breasts with his mouth
while you fingered yourself. Watching me suck another
man’s dick while he sucked on your tit as you fingered
your pussy allowed you to quickly bring yourself to another
orgasm. Both of us noticed you climax and Andy looked down
at me and commented, “I think she likes watching you suck
cock and she should because you are actually pretty good
at it, dude!”

“I bet she does!”

Andy watched you shake and shiver as the second orgasm washed
through you and then looked down at your pussy noticing
the wetness that is caused. He then unconsciously began
to lick his lips wondering what you tasted like. I observed
this and commented, “That pussy sure is wet isn’t,
Andy? I bet you would like to taste it wouldn’t you?”

“I sure would!”

“Go for it, ” I said as I released my lip-lock on his
dick and watched him eagerly begin to lick your pussy. This
must have triggered some rather intense aftershocks in
you because you began to shudder once again as you looked
down and saw another man eating your pussy.

After a minute of two of him licking all the cum from around
your pussy and tasting your incredible sweetness, I made
the comment about how your pussy looked like it needed a
dick inside of it. However, you were not quite ready for
that as you grabbed Andy’s head and said, “Oh no, I need
a couple minutes to calm down and regroup here, so you two
are just going to have to entertain yourselves for a bit.”

“And just how would you like for us to do that, my dear?”
I asked.

“Well, you could just lick each other’s dicks while
my lady calms down.”

Andy and I just looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders
saying, “Why not?”

Knowing that I was very much less experienced than he was,
Andy decided to take the top position taking my cock into
his mouth while he inserted his dick into my mouth. You watched
us “69” each other for a couple minutes giving you a
chance to regroup and compose yourself before you rejoined
the festivities. Once you were felt you were ready to jump
back into the action, you called out, “Ok, I am ready to
get fucked now, boys!”

Andy and I quickly disengaged ourselves from each other.
I commented, “Andy, I have fucked her plenty of times
and as the guest of our house, I think you should be the one
to fuck her tonight!”

Andy looked up at you seeking your agreement and you simply
stated, “You heard the man, get over here and fuck me!”

“Ok, how do you want it?”

“Give it to her like the slut that she is and fuck her from
behind so she can suck my dick at the same time!”

You must have been okay with this as you quickly got on your
hands and knees with your ass in the air. Andy also wasted
no time in getting into position behind you. He then placed
his hard cock right up to the opening of your cunt and then
slowly inserted the head into the opening. He paused there
letting you get acclimated to having his cock inside you
and then he slowly inserted it the rest of the way. Once he
fully penetrated you, he paused once again allowing you
to get used to him being inside you.

“Oh fuck that feels so good inside me! Now fuck me, Andy,
fuck me!”

He reached down and smacked your ass and called out, “You
got it, babe!” He then began pumping his cock in and out
of your dripping wet pussy. I sat back for a brief second
to watch you get fucked by another man and began to stroke
my cock.

You noticed this and said, “Bring that cock over here
so I can suck it!”

“You got it, honey!” I then crawled over and straddled
you so you could have easy access to my cock. You quickly
took it into your mouth and began to suck it while you were
getting fucked from behind. I grabbed hold of your head
and gently eased it further down onto my cock.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck my cock while you get fucked! You
like having a cock in your pussy and in your mouth, don’t
you, you slut?”

You tried to answer me, but with your mouth full of cock,
all you could do was hum an affirmative response.

“Doesn’t her pussy feel good?”

“Oh fuck yeah, it does. This is a great fucking pussy!”
He continued to fuck you bucking you forward onto my cock
with each thrust.

I looked down at your sucking my cock and decided that I wanted
to blow my load right into your mouth so I directed you to
do the one thing that was sure to get me to cum inside your
mouth, “Oh yeah, baby, suck it, suck it good. Now stick
a finger in my ass while you suck my cock!”

You knew exactly what I wanted and you complied with my request
as you took my cock out of your mouth and inserted a finger
into it getting it nice and wet. You looked up me and asked,
“Are you sure you want this finger in your ass while I suck
your cock?”

“Oh yes, I do, baby, yes I do.”

“As you wish!”

I pulled up my knees to give you better access to my asshole
allowing you to insert your finger in there. Once you had
it initially inserted, you resumed your cock sucking while
continuing to finger my asshole.

Andy watched this and was obviously turned on by it when
he exclaimed, “Oh fuck that is hot! Fuck his asshole while
you suck him!” He then continued to fuck your pussy harder
and faster while his balls slapped your ass.

What a site this was to behold! You getting fucked from behind
by our houseguest while sucking on my cock and finger my
asshole at the same time. It was very clear that we all were
enjoying ourselves very immensely from the sounds of moaning
and groaning coming from everyone involved. After several
minutes of this, I called out, “Oh fuck, baby, I am going
to cum! Gonna cum in your mouth!”

“Oh yeah, dude, I am gonna cum too!”

“Cum on her ass, dude!”

At this point, you were somehow able to hold yourself on
the edge of the cliff, but hearing this drove you right over
the edge as yet another strong orgasm ran through you while
I my cock pumped a large load of cum into your mouth and at
the same time, Andy pulled his cock out of your pussy and
blew his load all over your ass.

Feeling the hot, sticky fluid on your ass, you looked up
at me and said, “Now I want you to go lick his cum off my ass
and share it with me!”

At this point, I was so aroused by the activities of the night
that I didn’t care on bit. I eagerly went to your backside,
licked up his cum, and then came back to you to give you a big
kiss so we could share the taste of Andy’s cum.

At this point, we all just collapsed where we were and just
rested there catching our collective breaths.

Dennis (Idahonuke)
To read about myongoing adventures and journey into the lifestyle:
[blog Idahonuke]

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mmmm love it got me so hard love bi play in a 3 sum


Trapper69 61 G
Score 7.2

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Awesome story!!!! Fact? Fiction??? Doesn't
is HOT HOT HOT!!!!


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my wife and I love to watch and play with another bi as a regular
part of our sexual activities!!!!


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interesting story. inspired were you?


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I would have been fucking her in the ass while he had her cunt...what
a waste of an opportunity there.....mmm!


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phenomenal story, thank you for writing it



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holy shit, what a hot story