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Erin At An Institute Of Higher Learning


Erin arrived at the party with her friend, Bridgette. She
felt a little uncomfortable, being that she was 20 but at
a party for mainly 18 year olds. It was a party for the high
school rugby team, and Bridgette was still in high school.
When Bridgette discovered that her old friend Erin had
recently become single, she practically forced her to
come. It had been a few weeks since Erin had gotten laid,
and a few months since she'd seen Bridge, so she thought
'why not?' Erin was very pretty. Short ‒ about
5'2 ‒ she had gorgeous blue eyes, shoulder length dirty
blonde hair, a white complexion, a great ass, and average
tits. She weighed about 130 pounds. She wore a very tight
white T-shirt, and snug blue jeans. She was quite horny,
her pussy was tingling even before they arrived, and she
knew her panties were a little moist. They got there at 9,
and by 10 she was pleasantly drunk. This was her first time
out in her old town since she had left for college with her
ex-boyfriend. Her reputation ‒ the one she had before engaging
in a 2 year relationship ‒ preceded her. She was known as
a slut in high school. One 2-year relationship wasn't
going to change that in the eyes of a bunch of horny 18 and
19 year olds.

Soon, Erin found herself having the attention of more than
a few guys, all looking to score. She grew even more turned
on at the idea of having her pick of the party! She settled
on Dan, a tall, tanned man of 19. A member of the rugby team,
he was in great shape, and his muscle definition was quite
apparent in his T-shirt. She was very receptive when he
spoke to her, and knowing her reputation, Dan gave her all
the attention she wanted. The other guys in the house turned
their attention to other women once it became obvious that
Dan had the inside track. 10:30 rolled around, and Dan asked
her if she wanted to smoke a joint with him. She readily agreed.
She followed him upstairs to a bedroom, where they could
have privacy. Her eyes trailed down to his ass as he walked
in front of her. His ass looked great in those jeans! That
familiar tingling in her crotch intensified, and she hoped
that he would make a move while they were alone (as if he truly
wanted to just "smoke a joint" with her!). They
entered the bedroom, closing the door behind them, and
the two sat on the edge of the bed. They talked and laughed,
passing the joint back and forth between them as they sat
side by side on the edge of the bed. Erin soon found herself
feeling very foggy, all of her thoughts seemed to have a
blurry frame. Dan found himself hypnotized by her beautiful
face, and her wonderful laugh. He stared at her blue eyes,
her sexy lips, and the way her tongue hit her perfect teeth
when she spoke. His cock was growing, he realized, and he
knew that he should make a move soon, while he had her in the

He leaned forward, and he kissed her cheek. She was more
than receptive, turning her face towards him, searching
lips finding his. He sucked her soft upper lip into his mouth,
slowly releasing it, looking into her eyes. Erin's
pussy was buzzing with desire, even through the haze of
her high. She was squirming on the bed, squeezing her thighs
together as he kissed her again, sliding his tongue into
her mouth. Her breathing deepened, and she felt his hand
slide around her side. His mere touch sent waves of desire
through her, and she sent her own tongue far into his mouth.
Their lips smacked loudly as the two of them kissed with
increasing urgency. His hand slid down her soft side to
her ass, and on down her thigh over her jeans. Her arms were
around his neck, and when she felt him squeeze her knee she
slid her hand down his chest. Her small hand felt the bulge
in his jeans, and she caressed it, breathing laboriously
into his mouth as they kissed. Dan grew to full hardness.
This was definitely a "go" sign when the woman
grabs your cock ‒ even over the clothes! He slid his own hand
up the inside of her thigh and he began to rub her gently over
her crotch through the denim. "Mmmmph…" she
sighed into his mouth as bolts of pleasure shot up her spine
from her pussy. Her fingers traced the outline of his hard-on
through his pants as his hand slid up her shirt over her warm
belly. He cupped her soft breast over her bra, squeezing
it gently. He could feel her nipple harden through the thin
material. Their tongues explored each other's mouths
as he slipped his hand underneath her bra, feeling her naked
breast for the first time.

Erin sighed again, kissing him with more urgency as her
nimble fingers slowly slid down his zipper and undid his
button. Her small hand slid into his underwear, her fingers
wrapping around his swollen manhood and pulling it out.
She began to slowly stroke it, squeezing it gently as his
hands continued to play with her breasts. Dan could have
shot his cum into the air right there and then if he had any
less control. Barely hanging on, he slid his hand back down
her stomach to her jeans. He quickly undid her button and
fly, still not breaking the kiss. Erin's legs subtly
parted wider as she allowed him to slide his hand into her
skimpy cotton panties. He ran his fingers through the curls
of her pubic hair, he could feel her squeeze his cock tighter
in anticipation. His fingertips touched hot wetness,
and he knew he found her treasure. Dan slowly ran his fingers
down the lips of her hot pussy, sending tingles up and down
her body. She broke the kiss temporarily, gasping for breath
before her lips were on his once more. His finger continued
to tease her sensitive lips, caressing just inside them.
He gently nudged her clit, and was satisfied to feel her
gasp into his mouth. He ran his finger back down her slit
to her entrance. He slowly dipped his digit inside, warmth
engulfing it as he slipped it past the first knuckle all
the way to the second.

She moaned into his mouth, pure need and desire overtaking
her. She began to subtly writhe her pussy into his hand,
needing more. Her steamy cunt gripped his finger tightly,
and he began to slide it in and out of her. She forgot, for
a moment, that his thick cock was in her hand, the feelings
in her pussy were so strong. When he slid his finger out of
her twat, and his hand out of her panties, she felt an emptiness
that cannot be described. She felt him tug at her jeans,
and she released his cock, raising her ass off the bed and
allowing him to slide them down her smooth, sexy legs. He
pulled them right off, taking her socks with them, and dropping
them on the floor. He noticed that she had such beautiful,
small feet, and that her toenails had a chestnut nail polish
on them. His lips found hers again, his hands eagerly pushing
her T-shirt up her body. They broke the kiss, and she raised
her arms, allowing him to take off her shirt. He sucked in
his breath. She was so incredibly hot! And he had her down
to a black bra and skimpy black panties ‒ a sharp contrast
to the creamy white skin of her body. He ripped off his own
shirt and his hand slid up her smooth thighs to her crotch
as his lips found hers once more.

"Mmmph…" she moaned into his mouth as he rubbed
her over thin material of her panties. Dan could clearly
feel Erin's pussy lips through the cotton. He slid
his hand into the side and slipped his middle finger into
her sopping wet hole. She nearly sucked his tongue off,
and her hand slid down her near naked body and pressed his
hand through her panties, helping him rub her. Her other
hand went back to stroking his rock hard cock. She wanted
him badly. She hadn't had sex for so long, and just feeling
such a hard penis sent waves of desire through her. There
was nothing spectacular about it ‒ it was average size ‒
but it was so incredibly hard, and this man was so attractive!
Dan slowly lay her back in the bed, still sliding his digit
in and out of her needy twat. He began to kiss down her neck
to her freckled chest, kissing down her cleavage to the
top of her bra. To her disappointment, he slid his finger
out of her hole and moved his hand up her small body. Her panties
slid back over her pussy as soon as his hand moved away. He
eased her left bra strap down, slowly, until the cup came
off her breast. Her light pink areolas were revealed, her
nipple was fully erect. Her entire body was in tune with
his every touch. He teased over it with his lips, breathing
heavily. His tongue snaked out, glancing by her nipple.

Erin gasped as tingles shot from her nipple down to her pussy.
He gently sucked the tiny nub into his mouth, running his
tongue back and forth across it. Dan slid his hands underneath
her, fumbling for the clasp. Through the haze of alcohol
and weed, she suddenly realized he was in the wrong area.
"It's on the front!" she gasped, giggling.
Throughout all this, she had been stroking his member excitedly.
She released his cock when he reached between her breasts
and unsnapped her bra, pulling it out from underneath her
and off. She was down to just a skimpy pair of black panties,
and her naked breasts were heaving in anticipation. Dan
grabbed a breast in each hand, caressing them as he bent
to give them a kiss. He gently kissed, licked, and nipped
at each of her beautiful tits, and she found herself humping
the air instinctively. He began to kiss his way down her
smooth belly as his hand slid back down between her thighs,
rubbing her pussy over her panties once again. "Ohhh…"
she sighed when she felt his hand touch her sensitive area.
He kissed her skin just above the black cotton, he could
smell the strong scent of her arousal. Dan grabbed the thin
elastic of her panties and tugged. Erin eagerly raised
her sexy ass up off the bed and allowed this man that she just
met to slide them down her legs. She pulled first one tiny
foot, and then the other one out of them, and Dan threw them
on the floor.

He slid his hand down her right leg, raising it in the air.
Grabbing her foot, he brought it to his mouth as he moved
her over in such a way that her legs were on either side of
him and her swollen, wet pussy was in full view. He kissed
along the top of her pretty foot, up her ankle to her leg.
He began pushing his jeans and underwear down his legs as
he kissed the inside of her knee. His lips teased over the
inside of her soft thigh, creeping ever closer to her wonderful
treasure. Erin was quivering before him, legs subtly parting
wider for him as his lips kissed her at the top of her leg,
right beside her pussy. He kissed the lips of her cunt, tasting
her. "Ohhhh…" she gasped as pleasure fired
up her spine. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked
from the bottom of her slit, up to the top, teasing over her
clit briefly. Erin moaned again, her toes caressing the
side of his body. Dan eased his tongue into her pussy, diving
as far as it would go before running it back out along the
roof. His tongue gathered her nectar, pleasuring her at
the same time. Meanwhile, he had managed to kick off his
pants and underwear, becoming completely naked. He slid
his strong hands underneath her soft ass, holding her pussy
in his face as he ate her out. At the same time, Erin's
small hand reached down her body and gently held the back
of his head in place, encouraging him to continue. Squeezing
her ass cheeks, he slid his tongue up her slit to her clitoris,
licking over it lightly. He sucked the tiny button into
his mouth, holding it between his lips. Dan ran his tongue
rapidly back and forth over it, a lightening bolt of excitement
surged through her as she felt an orgasm approach. "Ohhhh…"
she sighed, writhing her crotch in his face as she got closer
and closer.

"OHHHH FUCK!" she moaned, cumming. Her hand
was holding his head violently against her pussy as she
rubbed it in his face. The inner walls of her vagina were
convulsing, she was having trouble breathing as pure ecstasy
overtook her. Finally, she calmed down, and she was left
lying before him, chest heaving as she gasped for breath.
She released his head, and Dan kissed her pussy one last
time before rising. Erin watched him crawl up the bed towards
her, rock hard cock waving back and forth. His lips were
on hers, and she could taste her own juices as she sent her
tongue eagerly into his mouth. She could feel his pole resting
against her pussy, and she began to grind her crotch upwards
as they kissed. Their lips were smacking loudly, and she
was breathing heavily into his mouth as rubbed herself
harder against his shaft, desperately wanting him inside
her. He could feel just how wet she was, the length of his
penis could feel her sopping wet lips as they rubbed against
each other. She slid her feet up the bed, opening herself
up even wider for him, until both feet were flat on either
side of his waist. He broke the kiss, raising himself up
on his arms. Looking into her blue eyes, he reached down
between them, grabbing his cock. She was gasping for breath,
her eyes trailing down his body until they locked on his
hard organ. Dan slowly ran his swollen head down the pink
lips of her cunt, feeling the heat that had built up there.
At the hottest, wettest point, he knew he had found her entrance.
He pushed forward.

The petals of Erin's hungry vagina slowly opened for
the mushroom head of his penis, accepting him. He eased
partway into her, the top portion of his dick completely
gripped by her warm tunnel. "Ohhhhh…" she sighed,
happily. She closed her eyes and embraced the feeling.
He pulled back a little, then pushed forward once more.
This time his entire cock slipped into her needy pussy.
She moaned again, head arching back, eyebrows raised as
this new penis entered her all the way. Erin put her arms
around his neck and pulled herself up to him, her lips finding
his as he kept himself inside her. She kissed him passionately
as he began to slide his pole in and out of her. "Mmmmph…"
she moaned as they kissed, his long member sliding in and
out of her needy cunt. Pleasure flowed up her body, directly
from her crotch, and she wrapped her legs around him, holding
him close. He began to fuck her a little harder, and her small
feet began to bounce off his ass as his dick shot into her
over and over. Her heart was pounding, she could feel the
excitement throughout her body, even through the haze
of the pot. She broke the kiss, unable to contain her cries
any longer. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she could
feel her orgasm on the rise again. His rod felt so amazing
sliding in and out of her pussy like that. He pistoned in
and out of her even faster, sensing that she was well on her

Erin let out a long, high pitched cry, cumming. The inner
walls of her cunt began to squeeze and release his driving
cock, so intense was her orgasm. She tried desperately
to breathe, to regain control as Dan continued to jack hammer
into her needy pussy. Finally, the intensity of the orgasm
subsided, though the wonderful feeling continued. Dan
was losing it, however. This woman was so beautiful, incredible
in bed, and she moved so well he couldn't take much more
of it. He slammed in and out of her as hard as he possibly could,
well on his way. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!"
she moaned, loving every second of his long pole ramming
into her with abandon. He pulled his rock hard penis out
of Erin's vagina, gripping it tightly in his hand.
He moaned, cock spasming. A thick, long stream of cum fired
out the end of his dick, splattering across her belly. She
moaned, feeling the warm fluid land on her. Her legs were
spread wide around him as his penis jerked again, shooting
another long steam of cum across the creamy white skin of
her stomach. His next shot died down a little, trickling
out, and onto the triangle of her bush. Erin was gasping
for breath as Dan held his softening cock above her, squeezing
what was left of his cum out of it and resting it on her mound.
He kissed her softly as they both recovered.

Finally, after minimal conversation, he stood up, getting
dressed. Erin didn't mind that he left the room; she
needed to collect herself. Erin must have drifted off somewhat,
because when she regained her senses, it was anywhere from
a minute later to an hour later. It could not have been too
long, she could still feel the sticky fluid of Dan's
cum on her belly. Her mind was still fuzzy, and her pussy
was still tingling with desire as she sat up. She grabbed
a nearby box of tissue and wiped the semen off her stomach
and bush. She picked up her black panties off the floor and
slid them up her smooth legs. Grabbing her black bra, she
put that on as well, and slid into her tight white T-shirt.
Taking a deep breath, smiling to herself at her success
at getting laid, she grabbed her drink off the nightstand.
It was still half full. Her jeans lay on the floor in a heap
as she sat on the edge of the bed and finished her drink. Suddenly,
the door opened and in stumbled one of the younger members
of the rugby team. He was 18, about 5'10, 155 pounds.
What she didn't know was that he was Dan's younger
brother. "Oh!" he said in drunken surprise,
"I didn't know anyone was in here!" In fact,
he was told by Dan that Erin was in there, and that she was
horny, easy, and drunk ‒ as sure a thing as it gets! "I
was just coming in here to smoke a joint!" he said,
"do you mind?" "No, not at all!"
she said, forgetting that she was still without her pants.
He looked her over as he sat down on the bed beside her. She
had some really sexy legs.

"I'm Trevor." He said, putting the joint
to his mouth. "Erin." She said, giggling. "Nice
to meet you, " he went on, "wanna toke?"
he offered. "Sure." She agreed, taking the
joint from him. She was still quite drunk and a little stoned,
and certainly had no business going for more like this.
They went back and forth, talking about stupid things that
neither one of them cared about until they finished the
joint. Erin was quite out of it when it was all said and done.
She was also incredibly horny. She wondered if she could
get Dan back in here. Trevor couldn't stop looking
at the creamy white skin of her thighs, his cock grew quite
hard in his jeans. He looked at her. When she turned to meet
his gaze, his lips were on hers, his hand immediately falling
on her knee. Caught off guard, she found herself kissing
back as his hand slowly crept up her smooth thigh. As his
hand reached the top of her thigh, he slipped a tongue into
her mouth. He touched her crotch over her panties, feeling
tremendous heat there. Erin sighed into his mouth and she
found herself parting her legs further for him. What was
she doing? All she got was this guy's name! She continued
to kiss him. He could feel her swollen pussy lips through
the thin cotton of her panties, and he was desperate to feel
more. He slipped his hand into the side of her panties, trailing
his fingers through the curls of her pubic hair. He found
the hot wetness of her slit, and he dipped a finger inside.

"Mmmm…" she moaned into his mouth as her warm
tunnel engulfed his digit. He began to slide it in and out
of her, sending thrills up her body. Her own tongue entered
his mouth as she grew even more aroused. She found herself
letting him lay her back on the bed, still kissing. He rolled
on top of her, between her legs, sliding his finger out of
her needy pussy. He began to grind himself against her,
the bulge in his jeans was quite apparent to her as he rubbed
it against her crotch. He began to kiss down her cheek to
her neck. He quickly slid down her body, kissing her over
her shirt a few times on the way. When he got to her pussy,
he kissed it over her panties. Erin sighed, tingles shooting
from her cunt. She found herself opening her legs up wide
around him, needing this. He reached up and pushed her panties
aside, revealing her magnificent pussy. Her lips were
puckered and quivering with desire. His tongue snaked
out and he tasted her, licking slowly up her slit to her clitoris.
"Ohhh…" she sighed, toes curling. Having done
this few times before, Trevor wasn't all too experienced.
He was, however, very eager, and his tongue danced up and
down her sensitive slit lightening quick. Erin was lost
in the feeling, eyes closed, almost in a daze as this far
younger man, barely a man at all, ate her pussy. He sucked
her swollen lips into his mouth, pulling them outwards
from her body. He let them slide slowly out from between
his lips, sending sharp tingles up her body.

He lifted up, eagerly grabbing the thin elastic of her panties
and pulling hard. Unable to stop him, and not really sure
she wanted to, she raised her ass off the bed, allowing him
to slide the dainty things down her sexy legs and off her
tiny feet. When she put her feet back down, they were flat
on the bed, opened wide for him. He tore off his shirt and
got back down between his legs. He slid his hands under her
ass, holding the cheeks tightly as he slipped his tongue
back into her tunnel. Still licking wildly over her cunt,
he released her ass, reaching down and undoing his jeans.
Trevor accidentally nudged her clitoris, and Erin gasped,
reaching down to hold his head in place between her thighs.
Meanwhile, Trevor had forced his pants and underwear down
his legs, and he kicked them off, unleashing a smallish
cock. A shade over 5 inches, he still had some growing to
do (he hoped). He began stroking his dick as he tongued her
pussy. After 5 minutes, all he succeeded in doing was making
Erin insane with arousal. Every time she came close to an
orgasm, he would fuck up the rhythm with his tongue, leaving
her lying there, writhing with need. Finally, he stood
up, and crawled up the bed towards her. Erin thought about
making him put on a condom. If she was going to take a second
penis into her body that night, she should at least make
him wear a condom.

Before she could say anything to him, though, he had placed
the mushroom head of his manhood against the pink lips of
her pussy. Trevor was breathing heavily, conscious of
the tremendous heat that was pressed against the tip of
his cock. He pushed forward, and the petals of Erin's
pussy opened for him and allowed him to enter. He slid into
her wetness in one stroke, moaning. "Ohhhh…"
she moaned. He did not feel all that big. She felt good nonetheless.
He lay on top of her, holding himself up on his arms as he began
to thrust in and out of her. It felt amazing! He hadn't
been with too many girls, and so was a little eager with his
thrusts. He pulled her ass to the edge of the bed in such a
way that he was now standing beside the bed, fucking her.
"Unh! Oh! Oh! Unh! Oh! Oh!" she was moaning quietly.
His penis felt so good sliding into her vagina like that,
over and over, although it would feel that much better if
he was well hung! Her moans were loud enough that she didn't
hear the door quietly open. Dan crept inside. Trevor looked
up, without breaking his rhythm. Seeing his older brother,
he mouthed the words 'Get Out'. Dan just shook
his head, smiling, and he pulled off his shirt. His jeans
and underwear came off next, and he was left standing there,
naked. His 6 inches plus of cock was in his hand, and he was
stroking it as he approached the bed near Erin's head.

She felt someone kneel on the bed beside her and she turned
her head. Someone was leaning over her and there was a cock
in her face. Drunk, high, and very very horny, Erin grabbed
the cock and stuffed it in her mouth as another cock jammed
in and out of her pussy. She had no idea that the two cocks
that were in her body were the same flesh and blood. Dan grabbed
her head, raising it off the bed and forcing his dick all
the way into her mouth. She nearly gagged, but recovered
enough to grab the base in one small hand and bob her head
back and forth eagerly. "Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmph!"
she moaned, muffled. The cock felt so great inside her,
but she found herself wanting the bigger one that was in
her mouth to start fucking her. Trevor was losing it. He
was young, he had little control. He assumed that she was
on the pill. He thrust into her a few more times, orgasm building,
then he jammed his penis all the way inside her vagina. Erin
continued sucking on Dan's cock as Trevor's dick
jerked inside her pussy. A huge wave of cum flowed forth,
spraying off the back of her hungry cunt. He moaned, ejaculating
again inside her. Without missing a beat, her lips continued
to glide along Dan's shaft expertly. Trevor rubbed
his groin against her mound, emptying what remained of
his semen into her. He pulled his softening dick out of her
with an audible 'slurp'. He grabbed his beer that
he had set on the nightstand and took a swig, watching his
brother get a killer blowjob. 'slurp slurp slurp slurp'
she sucked on that cock loudly and eagerly, loving every
second of it.

Seeing her lean on one arm, sucking a cock, while her naked
legs remained spread was turning Trevor on again. He thought
about fucking her again. Giving his beer another swig,
he walked back to the bed. Dan, meanwhile, was losing it
again. This chick was amazing with that mouth! He moaned,
hand holding the back of her head as she sucked him faster.
"I'm cumming!" he groaned, warning her.
Erin slid her lips down to the base of his cock, his head touching
the back of her mouth. Her fingers played with his balls
just as he lost it. She could feel his cock pulsating in her
mouth, and hot, thick liquid sprayed the back of her throat.
Her eyes were closed, giving her full concentration to
swallowing his entire load. He moaned again, at the back
of his mind he could hear her breathe through her nose as
she swallowed another load of his semen. She could feel
his hot load slide down her throat and into her stomach.
Trevor, meanwhile, was running his partially hard cock
up and down the lips of her cunt, trying to stimulate his
manhood to full hardness. Her pink, swollen lips were so
wet, he couldn't believe that he could not get hard
enough to slide inside her.
Erin sucked the last of Dan's cum out of his organ, and
he pulled it out of her mouth. She looked down her body, seeing
Trevor having a little trouble. "Come here and let
me help you with that." She said. She couldn't
believe that she was doing this, but she was having a great
time! Trevor moved around the bed and took Dan's spot
as Dan went and grabbed his own beer. Erin grabbed his soft
dick and shoved it into her mouth, eagerly, sucking hard.
Her tiny hand fumbled with his balls as her lips caressed
his cock into full hardness in all of three seconds. Her
mouth felt amazing, and seeing those lips run up and down
his shaft like that had Trevor back in the game! He grabbed
the bottom of her T-shirt, wanting to see her tits. He pushed
her shirt up her body and over her black bra. Erin took his
penis out of her mouth and pulled her shirt up over her head
and off. She stuffed his cock back into her mouth. Her hands
reached between her breasts and unsnapped her bra, figuring
he might have the same problem that Dan had earlier. The
bra separated, revealing two gorgeous breasts. Her light
pink areolas surrounded two hard nipples. Without taking
his dick out of her mouth, she slipped the straps down her
arms and off, becoming naked for the two guys.

He began to squeeze and caress her tits as she deep throated
his entire length. Seeing this hot woman completely naked
had Dan ready to go again! He couldn't believe he was
at full hardness. He stepped up between Erin's wide
open legs holding his cock straight out at her. He touched
her pussy lips with it and she sucked him inside all the way
easily. "Mmmph!" she moaned as her warmth engulfed
him. Trevor felt her suck harder on his cock when Dan entered
her, he pushed her hair out of the way of her face as she continued
to give him fantastic head. Her eyes were closed, wincing
with pleasure. 'slurp slurp slurp slurp' went
her mouth. Dan grabbed her by the ankles, holding her feet
in the air as he watched his cock disappear and reappear
over and over. Erin's moans were muffled by the cock
in her mouth, but she could feel an orgasm rise within her.
This cock was reaching so much deeper than the last one.
He was holding her legs wide, slamming his groin hard against
her, shooting his manhood so deep inside her with such authority.
"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" she moaned,
almost there. Suddenly, she sucked hard on Trevor's
cock, muscles straining as the wave of orgasm hit her. Her
heart was ready to explode, her toes were curling, she could
feel her vagina squeeze and release the cock that was fucking
it. She pulled the cock out of her mouth, gasping.

"Ohhhh…" she sighed, trying desperately to
regain control of herself. Trevor was fucking at her hand
as she held his rod, trying desperately to get her to suck
it some more. Dan, meanwhile, was continued to screw her
as hard as he could. Erin let go of Trevor's organ as
Dan gripped her waist and jack hammered in and out of her.
Her face was clenched in ecstasy, she was crying out with
pleasure. Her tits were violently bouncing up and down
as Trevor rubbed his cock all around her face, trying vainly
to get her to put it back in her mouth. He was so close, he just
needed a little more! Finally, Erin became aware of her
surroundings as her orgasm subsided. She realized that
there was a cock rubbing against her lips. She opened her
mouth and Trevor slid his penis inside. Her warm mouth sucked
hard on it, eagerly. Dan felt himself losing it as well,
pumping in and out of her lightening quick. Her lips slid
up and down Trevor's shaft three times and he was sent
on his way. He grabbed the back of her head, holding her face
against his groin as he buried his cock in her mouth. He moaned,
cock jerking. She could feel the hot liquid splashing off
her throat and she eagerly worked it, trying to swallow
without choking. Dan, meanwhile, was giving a final few
thrusts, her tiny feet were flailing helplessly behind
him. He jammed his penis all the way inside Erin's hungry
vagina, holding it there. He, too, moaned, dick jerking.
As Trevor came in her mouth, Dan's sperm fired hard
into her pussy. "Mmmph…" she moaned, still
sucking one cock dry while another one continued to ejaculate
inside her cunt. She drank his salt seed as she lay spread-eagled
on the bed.

Dan nearly collapsed on her, his cum slowing to a trickle
inside her twat. Trevor pulled his soft penis out of her
mouth, sighing. She could still taste his salty seed as
the remnants remained in her mouth. Dan slid his softening
manhood out of her with an audible 'slurp'. Erin
lay there, closing her eyes as Dan and Trevor grabbed their
clothes off the floor. She felt a little dizzy with the sex,
the drugs, and the alcohol, but she finally felt satisfied.
She opened her eyes a few minutes later and realized that
the two guys had left, and that she was lying in bed, naked,
with cum trickling out of her pussy. Erin sat up in the bed.
She was naked, and she felt a little ashamed that she just
took on two guys whom she just met. But, when would she ever
see those guys again? How often does she actually visit
this city, anyway? Who cares ‒ have fun now, nobody she sees
on a regular basis will ever know! She smiled, and grabbed
a drink off the nightstand that one of the guys left behind.
It was nearly a full beer. She quickly drank it down to half,
trying to compose herself. She grabbed her panties off
the floor and slid them up her smooth legs. She then grabbed
her bra. Meanwhile, Dan and Trevor were downstairs with
a handful of other members of the rugby team, describing
their recent experience with Erin. They were, after all,
only high school students! She was a horny girl, for sure,
and she was wild in bed. This planted ideas in their head.
Maybe they could get lucky, too!

In the name of team unity, 5 of them marched upstairs to the
room where the slut was. Rick, Craig, Steve, Matt, and Darrell.
All 5 were 18 or 19, and all 5 were huge guys, being on the rugby
team and all. They barged into the room just as Erin was grabbing
her jeans off the floor. She turned, surprised. She pulled
her jeans up on her lap, half covering her bare legs, modestly.
She was dressed only in a white T-shirt and skimpy black
panties. “I’m getting dressed!” she yelled, though she
smiled, drunkenly. All 5 of them continued to file into
the room, getting an eyeful of the creamy white skin of her
sexy legs. Darrell shut the door behind him. She took a look
at all of them, briefly. All of them were decent looking
enough, though the best looking one was the guy she thought
was Rick. She had met all of them at some point, but the names
were a blur. Rick, however, seemed to stick in her head a
little. He was tall, about 6’2, and over 200 pounds. Handsome,
with short black hair and dark eyes, tanned skin. “Let me
get dressed!” she said, although she convinced no one when
she smiled while saying it. Rick looked at her, then he glanced
at his friends with a half-smile. He undid his button and
pulled down his zipper, Erin watched, shocked as he pulled
out his semi-hard penis. It was beautiful, over 5 inches
in a semi-hard state! She had to keep her jaw from dropping.
“What the fuck are you doing?” she asked incredulously.
“Bringing the team together.” He replied as his 4 buddies
began to pull their cocks out as well. Her pussy was tingling
at the sight of Rick’s manhood, even though she had just
been fucked a handful of times by two guys. But the sight
of all 5 of the cocks had her heart pounding. She was actually
considering being very bad.
“Get the fuck out, and let me get dressed!” she said, feigning
anger now. She made no move to put on her pants, though, merely
holding them over her lap. “We want you to help us bond as
a team.” Steve piped up. He was the smallest of the group,
although still big at 5’10, 180 pounds with shoulder length
brown hair. His cock was at full attention in his hand and
quite thick. Its length was average at about 6 inches. Still,
the sight of that dick fully hard made her even more aroused.
“What the hell are you talking about?” she said, laughing
as though she could not believe this was happening. “Team
unity!” Matt answered. “We heard you fucked Dan and Trevor
and so we all thought we would fuck you, too!” She had a look
of disgust on her face, and her eyebrows raised in surprise.
Inwardly, however, she became fully aroused, pussy flooding
at the thought of taking on all these boys. “Fuck you!” she
laughed. “Exactly!” he joked. She giggled. “No, I actually
mean - fuck you, get the fuck out of here!” she said, still
giggling. “C’mon!” he pushed, “think of the team!” She
laughed some more. “I’m not on the team!” “Well, at least
give each of us head?” he asked, moving closer to her, stroking
his cock. It had grown to full length, a good 9 inches, and
incredibly thick. She stared at it, hungrily. She was silent.
“What do you say?” he asked, quietly. He was now just a foot
in front of her. She swallowed, her cunt buzzing like crazy.
“If I do this, ” she began, “you can’t tell ANYBODY!” “We
won’t tell a soul.” Chipped in Matt, his own 7 inches at full
hardness in his hand. Rick took off his shirt, showing off
his smooth, muscular, tanned chest. Erin caught her breath.
“I’ll only do it for 1 minute each.” She relented, not believing
that she was actually doing this.

Rick pushed off his jeans and underwear and stood before
her, naked. A thick, 9 inch cock was at full attention before
her, and she hesitantly reached out. Her small hand wrapped
around the fat penis as he stepped closer. Her tongue darted
out and she slowly licked around the fat mushroom head.
He moaned, his sensitive helmet being manipulated by her
expert tongue. She was looking up at him with her blue eyes
as her pink tongue trailed saliva around his dick. The other
4 guys watched, not believing their luck. They scrambled
out of their clothes, and soon Erin was surrounded by 5 naked
guys. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes, slowly easing
the head of Rick’s cock into her mouth. She slid her lips
slowly down the shaft, barely taking half of it. He moaned,
the top half of his penis warmed by her mouth. Her tiny hand
began to stroke the base of his cock as she began to bob her
mouth up and down the top part. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp
slurp slurp slurp’ went her mouth sloppily, her head wagging
back and forth towards him. She was a pro. Her lips were like
another pussy, but better. She sucked him so perfectly,
and her other fingers were teasing his balls. “Ohhhhh God
she’s good!” he moaned to his teammates. Erin actually
felt pride at his words, and it made her suck him with more
intensity. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ “Erin, ” Darrell
said, “we want a good view! Get on your hands and knees.”

Without taking Rick’s penis out of her mouth, Erin moved
so that she was on her hands and knees across the bed. Her
jeans fell off her lap and onto the floor. Her hair fell across
her face as she continued her blowjob. Using both hands,
Rick held her hair out of her face, watching her pretty freckled
face as it deepthroated his cock. The other guys split up
on either end of her, half of them watched her lips glide
up and down their buddy’s cock, the other half stroked their
own cocks while staring at her ass. Her ass was amazing.
Her creamy white skin was a sharp contrast to the tiny black
triangle of her panties. She had been giving head for over
5 minutes now, and Rick was starting to lose it. So much for
her 1 minute rule! He moaned, starting to hump his hips into
her face. Erin’s pussy was tingling like crazy ‒ this gorgeous
guy had his huge cock in her mouth and she could tell he was
about to cum. She wanted it. She sucked harder, suddenly
needing his fluid in her mouth. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp’
she sucked him even faster. He groaned, fists tightening
on her hair. He slid his cock all the way to the back of her
mouth, and it jerked. A thick load of hot semen splashed
off her throat, and she tried desperately to swallow it.

She choked. ‘Cough! Cough!” He forced his dick to remain
in her mouth as he shot another load out the end. It poured
out the sides of her mouth as she continued to choke. She
was able to swallow some of his salty seed, but most of it
poured out of her mouth. She pulled her head back, his organ
slipping out of her mouth finally. He held it in his hand,
and it pulsated again. White fluid shot out of him and onto
her face as she was finally able to stop coughing and drink
what cum was in her mouth. “Ohhhhh…” she sighed, finally
clearing her mouth. She grabbed his dick and sucked it back
inside as the last of it trickled out. She swallowed that
as well, sucking hard to try and milk every drop. Finally,
he pulled it out with a ‘slurp’. He was spent. He stepped
back. Another cock stepped in front of her. It was 7 inches,
with black pubic hair, but she didn’t see who it belonged
to. It was Matt, but she wouldn’t have known his name, anyway.
“Just a second.” she said, as if annoyed as opposed to incredibly
horny. She grabbed some Kleenex and wiped Rick’s cum off
her face. Then she got back in position. Matt eagerly ran
his penis over her face. She obediently opened her mouth
and he slipped it inside. She ran her lips all the way down
his manhood, taking the entire thing. He sighed, his penis
warmed by her mouth. “Ohhhhh, she IS good.” He said. Erin
smiled, inwardly, determined to show just how good she
was. Her lips slid up and down the fourth penis of the night,
the second in 5 minutes. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp’ she sucked

Matt reached underneath her, his hand grabbing at her tit
over her shirt. He squeezed the soft mound, feeling the
rock hard nipple in his hand. Still sucking his cock, she
brushed his hand away, as if trying to remain modest. Meanwhile,
Darrell had stepped up behind her. He loved her ass, and
wanted the closest look at it. He was about 6 feet tall, 190
pounds, the cock that was in his hand was a solid 6 inches
in length. He had short blonde hair and pale skin. His hand
reached out and began to caress her ass over her panties.
He slid them up underneath them, feeling her bare ass. Erin
reached behind him and brushed him away, still gobbling
Matt’s dick. Matt and Darrell shared a smile, and Matt reached
out again, his hand again caressing her soft breast. At
the same time, Darrell began to rub her between her legs.
Her panties were soaked, and he could clearly feel the lips
of her vagina through the material. “Mmmmph!” she moaned
without breaking her stride. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp’
Matt continued to squeeze her tit, and he reached out with
his other hand and grabbed her other one. Darrell grew bolder,
and pushed her panties to one side with his fingers, slowly
revealing the swollen pink lips of her beautiful pussy.
He gently ran his finger up and down the sensitive skin.
She moaned again, face clenching as she sucked Matt even
harder. He began to lose it, she was just to good at this.
He moaned. At the same time, Darrell dipped a finger into
her needy hole.

“Mmmph!” she moaned, cunt tingling like mad. She felt the
penis jerk inside her mouth, and hot, thick cum shot out.
She swallowed it easily, her hand grabbing the base as she
held the top of his dick in her mouth. More cum trickled onto
her tongue and she wolfed that down as well. Meanwhile,
a finger was sliding in and out of her twat. Matt pulled his
penis out of her mouth with an audible ‘suck’ noise. Erin
licked her lips, eyes closed as she rocked her ass back into
Darrell’s hand over and over. Another cock in front of her
face, this time it was Steve’s. She recognized it because
it was so thick ‒ thicker than Rick’s! She didn’t know Steve’s
name, however. She grabbed his manhood hungrily, and stuffed
it into her mouth. Her lips slid down nearly the entire shaft.
Darrell, meanwhile, began to slide her skimpy panties
down off her ass. She grabbed them just as they got to her
thighs. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp’ it was amazing how she
kept her concentration on the blowjob while grabbing for
her panties like that. Darrell pulled hard, however, and
they wrenched out of her hands and he was able to slide them
down her legs and off her tiny feet. Just like she was supposed
to, Erin continued to slide her lips up and down the fat penis
in her mouth. She felt completely exposed, naked from the
waist down, on her hands and knees. The puckered lips of
her pussy were so wet they could feel the cool air in the room.

Darrell could hear her slurping on his teammate’s cock
as he reached forward with his hand and began to rub the little
slut’s pussy. It was sopping wet, and his middle finger
tickled her clit as the palm of his hand rubbed her swollen
slit. Erin continued to run her lips up and down the swollen
cock that was in her mouth. Her lips really had to stretch
around it. Steve reached down with both hands and grabbed
a tit in each hand over her shirt, gently caressing them.
He was losing it himself ‒ this chick was so hot! Her mouth
was like a second pussy! Darrell slid his middle finger
into her sopping wet tunnel. “Mmmmph!” she moaned around
the thick dick in her mouth. Darrell watched the pink lips
of her pussy grip his finger as he slid it slowly in and out
of her. Tingles shot up her spine from her pussy ‒ she was
insatiable! Putting the cocks of these guys that she just
met in her mouth made her desperately want them in her pussy!
Even though she has had more than her share of sex that night
already, she felt incredibly empty down there. Darrell
added a second finger, stroking his cock with his other
hand. ‘slurp slurp slurp’ she continued giving head. Steve
was losing it. He closed his eyes, moaning as he felt her
lips slide up and down his shaft quickly and gently.

“I’m cumming!” Steve warned her. She slid most of his dick
out of her mouth, leaving only the head inside. Her small
hand gripped the rest of his member, stroking it. It jerked,
nearly slipping out of her mouth. Hot semen fired off the
back of her mouth, and she swallowed the thick sauce easily.
He groaned, shooting more cum into her thirsty mouth. The
other four guys could hear her moaning softly, breathing
through her nose, but Steve was to far gone. The last of his
sperm finally trickled into Erin’s mouth as her hand milked
him. Darrell was still looking at her ass and pussy, watching
his fingers slide in and out of it. He found himself desperately
wanting to eat that pussy, except he knew where it's
been. He kissed her ass cheek, though, and then kissed her
other one, still fucking her with his fingers. Steve pulled
his semi hard penis out of Erin’s mouth and stepped back.
Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the incredible feelings
in her twat.
She suddenly felt something rub on her face, and she knew
it was a cock. She opened her mouth like a good little girl.
Craig stuffed his 7 inch cock into her mouth as far as it would
go, nearly choking her. She began to suck on it, expertly.
She had no idea who was in her mouth, she didn’t even open
her eyes, she just knew that she wanted to suck it. Craig
sighed, watching her lips slide all the way down his pole,
before retreating back up it.

Meanwhile, Darrell was now on his knees on the bed behind
her, still fingering her cunt and kissing her beautiful
ass. 6 inches of hard cock was in his other hand. He moved
closer behind her, kneeling so that his hard on was mere
inches from her treasure. Grabbing his dick, he began to
slowly run his organ down the crack of her ass until it reached
the moistness of her pussy. Erin’s heart was pounding ‒
that was no finger, she knew. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp’
she continued her blow job as she felt one of the guys place
his penis at the entrance to her vagina. Darrell rubbed
the top of his knob up and down the moist lips of her cunt,
coating himself with her juices. He placed it at the entrance,
unprotected, and pushed forward. The petals of her womanhood
parted for him, allowing him to slide into her warmth in
one smooth stroke. “Mmmmmph!” she moaned around Craig’s
cock, that feeling of fulfillment washing over her. His
rod felt so hot inside her! He was in her so deep! Darrell
looked down at his groin pressed against her sexy ass, holding
himself all the way inside her as she gave his buddy head.
Grabbing onto the soft sides of her ass, he began to slide
in and out of her, using long, eager strokes. Off to hard
pace straight away, he slapped against her ass over and
over, jamming his manhood into her violently. “Mmph! Mmph!
Mmph!” she moaned, sucking harder on the cock in her mouth,
slurping on it loudly. Whoever’s dick was inside her, it
sure felt fantastic! The tingling in her crotch grew to
an uncontrollable crescendo as she approached orgasm.

Meanwhile, Rick had fully recovered, and was standing
beside the bed with Matt and Steve. His hard cock was back
in his hand as he watched two of his teammates jam their cocks
into this woman. They watched her ass cheeks shake with
each impact of Darrell’s groin. Her face was clenched as
her mouth sucked on Craig’s cock. That dick felt so amazing
in her pussy, she began to forget about the penis in her mouth.
Erin moaned around it, no longer sucking as Darrell fucked
her harder and harder. “OHHHHHH!” she cried, cumming,
pulling the dick out of her mouth. Her heart was beating
madly, her pussy was convulsing. Darrell couldn’t take
much more of the sensation her cunt was giving him. He slammed
into her hard a few more times. Craig, meanwhile, was trying
to stuff his cock back into her mouth. She obediently opened
her mouth as the intensity in her crotch died down. He didn’t
think he would last long either. Darrell jammed his dick
into the little slut’s pussy, holding it there. He moaned,
cock exploding inside her. A thick wad of his cum sprayed
off the back of Erin’s experienced pussy. His organ jerked
again, and more hot fluid shot into her. She sucked hard
on the penis that was in her mouth, fully aware that another
one was cumming in her twat.

The last of Darrell’s cum trickled out of him and into her,
and he had to keep himself from collapsing on top of her.
He pulled his semi hard penis out of her vagina and stepped
off the bed, smiling triumphantly. Erin remained on her
hands and knees across the bed, giving Craig an expert blowjob.
She remained passive as Matt knelt behind her. She didn’t
know who was behind her and she didn’t care, completely
lost in the excitement of 5 cocks at her service. Matt ran
his hard, 7 inch cock up and down her sopping wet lips. He
reached her entrance, and he pushed forward. “Mmmmmm!”
she moaned, sucking hard. That triggered it. Craig moaned,
and his cock jerked in her mouth. She could feel a large cock
slide into her pussy all the way in one hard stroke just as
hot liquid sprayed off the back of her mouth. She swallowed
frantically as more cum fired into her mouth. Matt began
an eager pace, grabbing the soft sides of her ass and slamming
his groin against it over and over as the helpless woman
tried desperately to swallow the semen that was shooting
down her throat.

She coughed, spitting Craig’s cock out, along with some
cum that was in her mouth, it trickled down her chin. Matt
continued to slide his manhood in and out of her warm pussy
as Craig ran his penis over Erin’s pretty face, the last
of his cum trickling onto her forehead and cheek. She recovered,
licking the cum from around her mouth as she gasped for breath.
“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unmh!” she moaned loudly, mouth free
of cock. Suddenly, Matt pulled his long organ out of her
wet tunnel. She felt so empty all of a sudden. Grabbing her
roughly, he flipped the small girl onto her back. She felt
two hands grab her shirt, she wasn’t sure who’s they were,
but when they pulled it up to her neck, she raised her arms
and allowed them to pull it off. Her eyes were closed as hands
clawed at her bra, working it free and tearing that off of
her as well. She was now naked, her beautiful breasts were
heaving as she tried to regain control of her arousal. She
grabbed her shirt which was beside her head and wiped the
cum off her face. Her sexy legs remained spread wide as she
did this, and Matt knelt between them. Her pussy gobbled
up his long dick easily, and he slid all the way into her again.
“Ohhhhhh! She cried out, throwing her shirt away. She was
now able to see the guy who was fucking her, not that she cared.
He felt incredible inside her!

Matt began to slide his meat in and out of her needy hole.
Suddenly, Erin felt something touch her face, then on the
other side. She opened her eyes to see a huge, thick cock
in front of her. She turned to the other side and there was
an even thicker cock there. Rick and Steve were tapping
her face with their dicks.

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