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Epilogue Part 7


Tara intertwined her fingers with mine and pushed her scantly
clad body up against my shoulder. She smiled and kissed
my on my striped arm. "I love you so much I don't
even think you know" she said looking at me with sparkling
sapphire blue eyes. "oh I think I have got a clue"
I said thinking about what had just transpired. She shook
her head and said it again "I don't even think
you know" She repeated. "Ok then how much do
you love me" I asked curious to know what she could
possibly shock me with next. "oh you will find out"
she said kissing me again on my arm. "oh not this again"
I laughed.

"Dave I am tipsy and you know what happens when I get
tipsy" she said running her hand up my leg. I knew exactly
what happened. She got sleepy and silly, but for the sake
of argument I kept my mouth shut. I didn't think she
had that much to drink so I figured she wasn't bombed
out of her gourd, but hey I have been wrong before. "Well
I am excited to find out" I said kissing her on her forehead.
She giggled and grabbed her Captain and Coke off the big
black table in front of us. She sipped off her straw holding
it in two between her fingers.

"I can't believe you guys, this is craziness"
Julie said breaking into our conversation. "believe
it Julz tonight I am his dirty little whore" she laughed
"are you drunk T" asked Julie squinting at her
with her super dooper drunk detecter eyes. "no I am
not drunk I am happy" she said laying her head against
my shoulder again. Julie looked at me in hopes I would clear
it all up. "I told her that I loved her" I said.
Julie sat up straight and got excited clapping her hands
together "yaaaay that is awesome guys, wait but he
just cheated on you in front of you" she said slumping
back down and looking confused. "it's not cheating
if I told him to do it" she said giving her the duh face.
"plus you where sucking face with Kelly so you cheated
too, and so did I for that matter"

Julie thought for a minute and the only thing she could come
up with was "yeah but Kelly is a girl and a hot one that
doesn't count" She looked at Jason for support
which he gladly gave hoping that a threesome was in his future.
"so you are saying that you can do this and not get jealous"
Julie questioned. " Hey it's all in good fun and
I know who my man is coming home to" Tara said looking
at me this time for support. I shrugged and said "Tara
is my world now and nothing we do will change that"

"aaaawwwwww you guys I am so happy for you two little
freaks" she said. She leaned forward and her and Tara
hugged. I laughed to myself thinking how weird girls really
were. Julie sat back and clung to Jason in a moment of girl
emotion while Tara grabbed my arm again. I was sitting up
so Jessa moved behind me and tapped on Tara's shoulder.
They whispered to each other and I caught a few words that
more then peaked my interest. "Kelly thought"
"I think we should" "I hope we don't
get kicked out" and "Competition"

Now if you put those together it just sounds like trouble
regardless of what was in between. "Come on Dave leash
us to the potty" Kelly said handing me her and Jessa's
leather straps. I looked at Tara and she nodded her head
in agreement. I stood up and led them to the bathroom. "Be
right back" Kelly sang dancing to the music and disappeared
with Tara and Jessa into the bathroom. I stood with my back
against the hallway wall and tried not to get excited about
the things that could happen in the hotel room. A couple
of blondes come out wearing little tuxedo like bra shirt
things and matching panties. They whispered to each other
and laughed as they walked by me. They turned around gave
me an appraising look and blew me kisses. "It's
funny how if you are with a hot girl or in my case 3 you look
better to other women" I thought. It's really
funny how strange life can be.

The girls came out of the bathroom door laughing and holding
onto one another. They handed me their leashes and told
me to lead on. I wove my way through the crowd with the girls
in tow and laughed when I caught them trying to look innocent.
We got back to the couch to find our waitress sitting in Tara's
spot talking with Julie and Jason. He was all smiles and
was constantly nodding at everything Julie said. "are
we interrupting something" I asked. They told me
no and the waitress got up and asked us if we wanted anything.
We got a last round of shots before the finals of the costume
contest and sat down to wait.

"so what was that all about" I asked Julie. She
just smiled and elbowed Jason when he tried to answer me.
He mouthed "later" and I figured it would probably
be worth waiting for.

"All right Pimps and Hos we have made our final decisions
on the top 5 finalists" Said the DJ across the P. A system.
He went on to explain the prizes and how the club appreciated
everyone coming out and so on. Kelly was absolutely anxious
and wouldn't sit still. The grand prize was 700 dollars
and she wanted the money. The DJ started announcing names
of people that he thought they most looked like. There was
the Tuxedo Princesses, they turned out to be the two girls
who blew me kisses. Then Shaft and Sexy Chocolate, the guy
really looked like Shaft I thought but the girl was not all
that sexy. What she did have going for her was a body like
a brick house and her bikini was one of those pink micro things
that barely covered her dark nipples let alone her pussy.

Charlie, the angel and the two devils turned out to be us
and Kelly shot up and gave a loud "YeeeHaa" that
brought laughs from the crowd. I grabbed the leashes and
led them up in front of the DJ booth to claps and chears from
people. Two more couples where called and the 5 of our groups
stood staring out at the crowd as they stared back and pointed.
I suddenly felt very self conscious and wished I had worn
a shirt and underwear. It was up to the crowd to determine
a winner and the DJ moved to each group asking them a quick
question of why they should win. He went through everybody
leaving us until last.

"I have to say man you are one lucky fucker to have these
three hot ladies as your hos" He said bringing agreements
and cheers from the crowd. He held the mic up to my mouth to
get my response. "thanks" I said poetically.
He apparently was hoping for more so he made the mistake
of asking Kelly who we all were. "Well the sexy blonde
is his girlfriend, and this hot little model is her girlfriend"
Kelly presented them both as if she was a Prices Right girl.
Tara and Jessa gave little waves and laughed with the crowd.
"and who are you" he asked "well"
Kelly said putting her hands to her hips and twisting her
body. She leaned into the mic "well I am their sex toy
of course" she said shyly. The crowd erupted in cheers
and claps. I saw Julie in the crowd put two fingers in her
mouth and let out a loud whistle.

The DJ laughed and said "well folks what can I say about
that other than he is one lucky fucker". I was starting
to wonder how often I was going to hear that in my life. I figured
there was worse things to be called so I just nodded. Tara
took the fedora off my head that I had put on finally when
they called us up. Jessa took my diamond headed cane from
my hands and Kelly wrapped her arms around my waist and brought
her knee up to my stomach. People in the crowd laughed again
and the DJ moved down the line asking why each contestant
should wine the grand prize again. The Tuxedo Princesses
thought we should win and told that to the audience. This
brought another giant cheer. "Drunk people rock"
I thought. Kelly was holding onto me still when he got to

"So Charlie the Pimp why do you think you guys should
win" He asked me. Kelly grabbed the mic in his hand
and brought it close to her mouth. "well we will show
you" Kelly and Tara stripped my jacket off leaving
my torso exposed and then all three stepped to my sides and
took off their bras. I couldn't help myself I started
to laugh and looked straight up at the ceiling hoping to
be struck by lightning. "wwwwwwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"
they yelled. The crowd erupted into their loudest cheers
yet. I looked down in time to see Kelly juggling her firm
D cups in her hands.

Jessa crossed her legs at her ankles, stuck her arms out
wide and took a deep bow. Tara my girlfriend, miss I created
a monster stood with her legs apart, her hands on her hips
and smiled like she just won the Ms. America pageant. Kelly
loving the attention reached down and grabbed my polyester
cock and ran her hand up the shaft. I knew there was no point
in trying to act shy so I just stood there. Julie and Jason
where laughing their asses off and I didn't blame them.
The DJ made a joke about getting shut down so the girls put
their bras back on to the boo's of the crowd.

"I guess I don't even need to ask, Is Charlie,
the angel and the two devils our winner" he asked pointing
at us. The crowd cheered the approval and he handed me an
envelope with 700 cash. The music came back on and we made
our way back to our seats. "oh my God you guys, I can't
believe you showed your tits" Julie laughed. "Nebraska
rocks" Kelly grabbed the money out of my hands and
held it to her chest. She jumped up and down squealing "we
won we won" and threw her self down on the white couch.
Tara grabbed my arm and asked "are you having fun baby"
I noticed since we had our love talk she adopted the word
baby. "yeah, are you" She nodded slowly with
a giant smile on her face. She bit my arm and sat next to Kelly
who was counting the money.

"I am so glad you are here Dave we really missed you"
Jessa said and hugged my arm. I wrapped her in my arms and
kissed her on the top of her head. "I am glad I am here
too with you guys" I released her and she sat down next
to Tara and helped count the money for the 4th time around.
Jason grabbed my arm and told me to follow him. We ended up
in the mens bathroom and he looked nervous. "Dude
I am freaking out" she said pacing in the small 2 stall
bathroom. "Julie asked Chelle to come back to the
hotel and party with us" I thought for a minute then
asked "who is Chelle"

"our waitress man the redhead" I hadn't
even really noticed she had red hair. "she said yes
and is riding with us back" I didn't know how we
planned to fit that many people in my Expedition but who
cared anymore. "then what's the problem"
I asked not seeing why Jason was tripping out. "cause
man I have never had a threesome before" Ok now I was
ready to call bullshit. Mr Minnesota football super star
had never had two girls? I didn't see how that was possible,
the guy had seen more women naked than a gynecologist. "what
the hell, how is that possible Don Juan" I asked in

"well it's not like I haven't had the chance,
it just always seemed something got in the way and it didn't
happen." he stopped his pacing and looked me dead
in the eye. "so what do I do" I laughed and made
sure I spoke very slowly so he couldn't get this screwed
up. "you let Julie take control and just go with the

"that is very very important you got it" He nodded
in response and took a deep breath. It was so funny to see
him act like a scared kid, but hey people can get weird. I
walked to a urinal and relieved some built up pressure.
Jason did the same and after washing our hands we made our
way through the crowd to our couch. When we got close we found
them still counting the money and laughing together. Julie
was now sitting next to Jessa so that left Jason and I sitting
together on the same couch. Tara looked so happy. She was
laughing and flashing her bright white smile on a regular
basis now. Our talk seemed to have brightened her up completely.
She looked at me for a second then gave me a little wink and
went back to the fawning over of large bills.

The last hour of the night went by with out any more craziness
and less alcohol. Julie shot up straight and looked concerned.
"hey guys if bar close is at 1 how are we going to get
more alcohol" I told her about Iowa being 2 am bar close
and that we would have time if we left at 1 am or before. Julie
got up and disappeared into the crowd. We didn't see
her again for about 10 minutes and when she came back she
wasn't alone. Our waitress was standing behind her
wearing a coat and holding a money pouch. "you guys
ready to take off" she asked looking at Jason and I.
I looked at the girls and they nodded.

We stood up and Tara presented me with their leashes. "got
to keep up appearances" she said. I laughed and made
my way through the hammered mostly naked crowd. A few people
shouted congratulations as we passed by and a few others
shouted offers. When we got to the door we double checked
to make sure we had everyone and then prepared our selves
for the freezing Halloween night. Standing at the door
getting ready to leave was the Tuxedo Princesses. When
they saw us they came up to introduce themselves. Their
names where Liz and Angie, they handed me a piece of paper
and told me they hope to see us again. They said "goodbye"
and headed outside. The cold weather slapped us in the face
and made all of us shiver. The girls hid behind me to get out
of the wind. "fuck this pull the car up baby"
Tara said through chattering teeth.

I figured it would probably be a good idea and braved my way
out into the cold to get my SUV. I chattered my way to it and
turned on the front and back heaters when I got in. I let it
warm up for a minute then made my way to the front door. I pulled
up and honked and saw nothing but lingerie bodies fly out
of the door in a boob covering head down run. I was still wondering
how everyone was going to fit when they showed me. Jason
got into the back seat and somehow managed to get his big
body or the back seat and fell into the big open area where
the 3rd seat would normally go. Julie, Jessa, Tara, and
Kelly got in the back seat like before and slammed the door.
That left the waitress to get into the front seat with me.

She climbed into the front seat and gave me a quick "hi"
and buckled her seatbelt. I said "HI" and focused
on the road in front of me. I am not going to say I shouldn't
have been driving but "I shouldn't have been
driving". I pulled out onto Pacific street and got
on the interstate to head back to Iowa.

"wwwwuuuuuuuuu we won" Kelly yelled holding
up the money again. "That's almost 200 a piece".

They all talked at once about how crazy the night was. They
made fun of each other with Kelly and Julie taking the biggest
slap for fucking in the club while people watched. They
fought back an forth about who was the biggest ho of the night.
In all the conversation somehow it got turned to Tara being
the winner. Julie said letting her boyfriend get fucked
while she made out with the other girls made her the clear
cut winner. "oh yeah" she laughed "well
if I am going to get called a ho then I am going act like one.

She turned and pounced on Kelly with a slobbery kiss lingering
against her lips. She turned on poor Jessa and consumed
her in a passionate kiss. She kissed Jessa so hard that she
melted down into the blue cloth seat and let out tiny squeaks.
Tara came out of her kiss with a dazed smile on her face. "shit"
Jessa said with a huge smile on her face. Tara shook her head
to clear it and said "Pucker up Julie I am coming over"
She leaned across Jessa and planted a kiss right her surprised

Julie let out a little moan against her will, her eyes got
opened wide before she closed them and accepted Tara's
kiss. She broke away and said "ok who's next"
Jason volunteered but was disappointed when he only got
a small peck on the cheek. She put her hand on the on the front
seats and pulled her self forward setting her chest on the
center island sticking her ass up in the air. "Hi"
cute drink bringer I don't know you but you should kiss
me quick" and with that she twisted her body and grabbed
the poor girl by the shoulders and brought her lips closer.
Tara gave her a deep quick kiss and got her second squeak
out of somebody.

Tara pulled herself away and twisted her body to look at
me. "and for you my love I have saved the best for last"
She threw herself forward and flung her face down into my
lap. Before I could say anything like " I am going to
crash" or "hey you will get us pulled over"
She had pulled down the top of my pants and shoved my soft
dick into her mouth. She was making loud deliberate sucking
sounds making sure everyone in the car knew what was going
on. I was worried that if I moved her I would swerve more than
I already was, so I just held on to the steering wheel and
did my best to drive straight down the road at 60mph. I looked
over at the waitress and said "sorry you have to see
this" I looked down at the back of Tara's blonde
head bobbing up and down on my growing cock and thought she
had to be drunk. I looked back over at the waitress and gave
her a weak smile and shoulder shrug.

She looked at me with a stone straight face and said "it's
ok I have been looking at it all night" That brought
the red to my face and a "wwwwwuuuuuuuuuuuu"
from the girls in back. Tara was lathering my cock with her
spit as her head bobbed up and down sending warm tingling
sensations running through my body. I was really starting
to get into it when Tara screamed with my cock in her mouth.
She lifted her self up and hit my arm with her head on the way

"Hey who is playing with my ass" she said looking
behind her. I looked in the mirror in time to see Kelly and
Julie point at an innocent looking Jessa. She feigned a
shocked look and shook her head. Tara reached out with her
hand and wrapped it around my now fully erect dick. She stroked
me up and down and yelled " I am trying to give my boyfriend
road head do you guys mind" a male voice said "I

She looked at the waitress and said "some people huh"
She crawled forward again and had just gotten her lips wrapped
around the head of my cock when she screamed again.

She pulled back and looked behind her. This time Jessa and
Kelly pointed at Julie who did look guilty. Tara laughed
and looked at the waitress. "will you hold this for
me I will be right back" She grabbed the redheads hand
on put it right on me. I jumped for some reason and looked
at the waitress for help. Her idea of help was giving me a
couple of quick tugs and laughing with everyone else. Tara
turned around and pounced on Julie tickling her anywhere
she could find a spot.

"so um you come here often" I asked the waitress
feeling uncomfortable and shy all the sudden. " She
smiled and said "no but if I keep doing this you might"
That brought a snort from the back a some more heavy laughter.

Flashing lights exploded in the rearview mirror and my
heart shriveled up followed by my life flashing before
my eyes. Everyone froze and sat back in their seats stone
still. The waitress pulled her hand back and left me hanging
out in the wind. I tucked myself back in and looked nervously
in the mirror. It was definitely a cop car, I felt like throwing
up in my lap and changed into the right lane heading for the
shoulder. As luck would have it, he shot by in a blur of lights
and a wail of sirens. A collective sigh of relief filled
the cab of the Expedition and we continued on our way. We
knew I had been damn lucky and they decided to help me out
by not acting like Muppets Taking Manhattan.

We crossed into Iowa and stopped at a local QT gas station
to get alcohol. Since it was cold the girls just shouted
orders to me through the window. I grumbled some obscenities
and went shopping, I foraged through the isles for Captain
Morgan, Bacardi Limon, Raspberry Vodka of any kind, and
Apple Pucker. I figured since I was buying crap anyway I
might as well go all the way. I grabbed two bottles of blue
Mad Dog 20/20. I left beer alone figuring we had more than
enough alcohol to send all 7 of us to the moon.

Dragging my 180 buck gas station purchase out to the car
I was reminded by Jason that I have forgot to buy mixers.
So back in I went and 15 dollars later I was back in the Expo
heading for Ameristar Casino. I parked and we all piled
out of the SUV like clowns in a circus with the biggest one
of a coming out the back tailgate. We tried our best to sneak
upstairs unseen and made it to my room without incident.
Thankfully we made it and all piled into my jacuzzi suite
which I was suddenly happy I sprung for.

I set the bags of booze down on the little round dark wood
table and hurried to the bathroom so I could pee first. I
made sure I locked the door this time. After shaking the
right amount of times and washing my hands I rejoined the
group in the room. Kelly was bent over the tub steps holding
her hand under a faucet to check the water in the temperature.
Jessa, Tara and the waitress were sitting on the bed working
to open the bottles of Apple Pucker, Stoli Raspberry Vodka
and the Limon. Julie was sitting on Jason's lap again
and together they making Captain and Cokes for everyone
in plastic hotel cups.

I walked to the table and grabbed an MD 20/20 bottle and cracked
it open. I looked around at all the half naked bodies and
people from the roaring twenties wondering how the hell
I ended up in this mess. I wasn't complaining, but I
usually don't wake up and think to my self "I think
I will be a pimp tonight and take my hos to the bar".
Kelly feeling that the tub being half full was good enough
to soak in stripped out of her panties and bra. I don't
know when she got rid of her shoes or stockings but everyone
knew when she got naked. Her curvy naked figure slid into
the tub slowly as the hot water licked at her skin. She settled
down into the 4 person hot tub with a big sigh "aaaahhhhhhhh"

"Jesus Kell you just don't care do you "
laughed Jessa. Kelly threw a big cheese ball smile and laid
her head back against the head rest while she waited for
the water to fill up. Jason his new found wide eyed doe faced
look gazed in awe at Kelly. I swear his eye teared up again.
"Hey somebody bring me a drink" she said looking
at the ceiling. I figured it might as well be me, so I asked
her what she wanted. "um give me the Stoli please"
I took the now open bottle from Tara's hands and brought
the bottle to Kelly. She didn't give a second thought
before putting the warm liquid to her lips and chugging
the neck clean. She made a sour face and said "needs
sprite" I laughed and retrieved the soda for her.
"Thanks baby cmere" she said. I bent down and
she took my face in her hands and gave me slow kiss that almost
made my toes tingle.

"hey baby spread the love huh" Tara said giving
me a pouty face and puckering her lips. I crossed the short
distance from the tub to the bed and sat next to Tara. I slid
my arms underneath her arms and pulled her torso across
my lap. I pressed my lips against hers and slowly ran my tongue
across her lips. She met my tongue with hers, I sucked her
tongue into my mouth like she had done to mine. I slowly sucked
it into my mouth like I was sucking on her thimble sized clit.
She used her right hand and wrapped it around the back of
my neck. I pressed harder against her lips and slid my tongue
deep into her mouth making quick circles around hers. Her
fingers dug into the flesh on the back of my neck just hard
enough to draw blood but no deeper. She started to moan and
pounded my shoulder with her tiny balled fist.

I continued my onslaught of her mouth kissing her with more
passion than I thought possible. She pounded harder on
my shoulder and I released her from our kiss. "shit,
fuck. wow" she gasped and slipped out of my grasp slowly
letting her self fall to the floor. "wow that was amazing"
said the waitress from behind me. "ha you should have
been me" Tara said from the floor. I looked down and
said "I love you baby" she smiled a giant cute
smile and covered her face with her hands letting out a little
scream. "you all heard that right, I have witnesses
that you said it." she said from behind her hands"
you can't ever take it back now"

A couple chuckles filled the room and then Kelly took over.
"so who is going to join me" she said turning
off the water faucet. I looked around the room to see who
was going to be the next brave one fully expecting Jessa
or Tara to be next. Boy did I get a shock when Julie got off
Jason's lap and walked to the tub taking off her dress
as she walked. Julie pulled her black and gold tasseled
flapper dress over her head exposing her tall form. She
had left her high heels and stockings on and was working
at releasing her D cup breasts.

I glanced at Jason and saw that he was watching intently
and taking random drinks of his Captain. Julie let her bra
fall as all eyes watched this Amazon beauty strip naked.
Her large breasts looked like tear drops on her chest. They
were still firm just large. she had large half dollar sized
areola and her nipples stuck out about an half inch. Her
stomach while not lean still didn't look like it had
any fat on it. Her hips were slender for her size and she had
no trouble sliding down her panties. She had a single strip
ofdark black pubic hair that looked like a little landing
strip. Her pussy was just a little slit between her legs.
She sat down on the edge of the tub with legs crossed robbing
us from a perverts view. She rolled down one stalking at
a time with it's respective black and gold garter.
She slid off her shoes and stockings in one slick move.

She looked up and notice we were all staring, including
Tara with her upside down view."what you guys act
like you have never seen a naked woman before." "never
one so tall" Tara said pointing at her for some reason.
Julie turned and showed us her round ass and slid into the
tub with kelly. They sat next to one another and ran water
over their shoulders and breasts warming themselves up.
Julie looked up in the our direction and called out to Chelle
"Come on Chelle don't be shy we don't bite"

Tara raised her arm in the air "I do" she was speaking
to the ceiling I think. Chelle shrugged and slid off the
bed careful not to step on Tara and stood in front of the tub.
I got my first look at her and realized her hair was flaming
red. She pulled some bobby pins out of her hair and let it
fall. I watched her red hair spread like wild fire as it rolled
down her back.

She was still wearing her black booty shorts and black lace
like bra with only knee high black leather hooker boots
accompanying them. Her skin was pale like most red heads
and little light brown freckles that covered her shoulders
and splashed across her back like paint flung across a canvas.
Her figure was definitely what you would call hour glass.
Her breasts spilled over the top of her bra and easily had
to be as big as Kelly's and Julie's . Her waist was
somewhat thin and curved seductively into her hips. Her
legs were not thunder thighs but they had definite muscles.
She reached down and undid the zippers on the insides of
her boots.

When she bent over her heart shaped ass moved seductively
and made my cock jump in my polyester white and black tiger
stripped pants. She stepped out of her boots and shrunk
3 inches to about 5'6. She reached behind her and unclasped
her bra releasing her breasts. They dropped into giant
tear drops like Julie's. She put her hands on the outsides
of her booty shorts and slid them over her sexy flared hips.
Her ass looked firm and held it self tight. Her lower back
had two dimples above her butt that looked like a tempting
place to put your thumbs while enjoying her body from behind.
She lifted her strong legs and slipped naked into the tub
next to Julie.

The three girls all laughed together as they poured water
over themselves. "Jess, Tara you coming" Julie
asked looking in our direction. "We are part of the
itty bitty titty committee and you ladies would shame us"
Jessa said moving to my side and winding her arm into mine.
Tara looked up at us and held her hand out to Jessa. Figuring
it was liquor that she wanted Jessa handed her the Apple
Pucker. Tara took the bottle and sat herself up in between
my legs to watch the three girls in the tub. Tara looked up
at me and asked "are you having a good time baby"
Her sapphire blue eyes tinkled with her glitter and steel
blue eye shadow adding to her shine. "I sure am why
do you ask"

"cause it's about to get a whole lot better"
she winked and smiled at me, then Jessa. I started to get
excited just thinking about it. And still being blue balled
from not cuming when I fucked Kelly in the club I was ready
for excitement. As I watched Kelly, Chelle, and Julie share
a naked hot tub bath I realized we had forgotten someone.
I turned to see Jason completely entranced watching his
girlfriend share a bath the two other girls. He had been
working on the Captain bottle the whole time and it was almost
half empty already. "Hey buddy you better slow it
down or you are going to miss the show" I said. He threw
up a little wave as if to say "yeah yeah I got this".
I figured he knew what he was doing to so I went back to watching
the show.

"we need music" Tara said getting up and digging
in one of our suitcases. She pulled out my black Sony cd player
that I had kept in my room. I couldn't believe I missed
seeing that and wondered what else she brought with us.
She grabbed a couple of cd and headed to the night stand to
plug it in. She dropped a cd in the top closing the door she
pressed play and crawled on the bed to Jessa and I. She sat
on her feet behind me and tugged at the shoulders of my pimp
jacket. I let her pull it off of my shoulders and ended up
bared chested. Jessa told me to lay back on the pillows and

"Slicker Than Your Average" filled the room
with Craig David's smooth voice telling me she also
brought some cd's from home too. I laid on my back and
watched as Tara whispered something in Jessa's ear
causing her to nod. They walked on their knees to me and both
picked a thigh to sit on. I could feel Jessa was wet through
her panties and really could tell when she ground down onto
my muscle. She had taken off her shoes, skirt, and stockings
but left her bra and panties on. Tara still had her white
lace see through booty shorts with a g string underneath
and her bra on. Tara leaned toward my bare torso and brushed
her lips against my side sending a tickle into me.

She licked my flesh and landed soft supple kisses every
now and then. She ran her hand up my chest to my neck and then
drew her nails down to my belly. Jessa was sliding both of
hands up and down my thighs and was slowly inching toward
my groin. She playfully teased me making her progress north
achingly slow. I folded my hands behind my head for support
while I looked at what they were doing. I caught a quick glance
of Jason at the table and saw that he was sloppy drunk and
on the verge of passing out. I figured he would be pissed
if I didn't try to wake him, but at the moment I was happy
where I was at. "What's your Flava" was
the next track on the cd.

Tara moved her attention to my left nipple she slowly circled
it with her tongue. Jessa worked her way to my groin and was
sliding her hand up and down the outside of my pants. She
rolled my cock around and massaged it with gentle hands.
I snuck a peak at the hot tub and saw Kelly sucking on Julie's
nipples as Chelle watched from the other side of the tub.
Julie had her long arms stretched across the top of the tub
wall and she held her head back staring with closed eyes
at the ceiling. I couldn't tell who was doing the moaning
or if it was both Kelly and Julie. I turned my attention back
when Tara reached my neck and began to suck the flesh into
her mouth.

My cock had grown and stood ready for any kind of attention,
Jessa's small hands had found my waist band and was
trying to tug it down. I gave one last glance toward Jason
worried that I was about to be naked in front of him. I didn't
have to worry to much as his chin was to his chest and his mouth
hung open. I was burning still from my earlier tease of fucking
Kelly in the club and lifted my hips to allow Jessa to pull
the rest of my costume off. Tara was working her wet kisses
up my neck line and to my slightly bearded chin. She lightly
bit my jaw and straddled herself over my stomach. Her blonde
hair fell into my face as she bent down to kiss me.

Jessa's used two hands to pump my stiff cock up and down
a few times and then her hand disappeared and her long lean
form appeared standing over us. She slid her panties down
her slight hips and I could see her long inner labia hanging
down and glistening wet. She removed her bra letting me
see her non moving small B cup breasts and eraser like nipples.
she stood over me with my legs between hers and bent over
to unclasp Tara's bra. Tara didn't stop kissing
my neck and just shrugged her shoulders to help Jessa remove
the white satin bra. It fell to my chest and she threw it off
the bed.

Jessa squatted down and stood my straining cock into the
air. I felt wet and then tight pressure and she slid my cock
into her tight pussy. She was still on her feet so she used
Tara's back for balance. When I was in just past the
head of my cock she started to glide her body up and down in
short strokes. Tara moved her attention to my ears and softly
whispered "I love you Dave" before nibbling
my ear lobe. Jessa's soft moan's joined somebody's
from the hot tub as she quickened her up and down pace. My
cock was surrounded by the warm folds of Jessa pussy and
Tara's lavishing attention was driving me wild. Tara
released my ear from her mouth and stood up on the bed with
unsure legs.

She worked her two pairs of panties off and did her best not
to fall over when she kicked them to the floor. A single drop
from her pussy fell to my stomach and I could see her thimble
sized clit protrude from her hood. I pulled my hands out
from behind my held and helped guide her pussy to my face.
She was on her knees straddling my head and using her hands
against the wall to steady herself. I sucked her clit gently
into my mouth adding my tongue flicks. I felt Jessa get on
her knees and my cock slammed itself into her cervix. She
let out a loud gasp stopped for a second to let the pain pass.

She leaned forward and I felt her fingers on my chin as she
started to play with Tara's ass and pussy. Jessa stopped
her hips and let her the walls of her pussy massage me. She
slid two fingers into Tara's pussy and bumped my chin
when she dug them deep. Tara was pressing her hand hard into
the wall and giving out little shallow gasps. I sucked hard
on her clit and she let out a loud "oooohhhhhhh".
It felt so good to have a rippling massage on my cock and to
be sucking Tara large clit at the same time.

I wanted to really drive Tara wild so in between sucks I asked
her to turn around. She nodded during a moan and reluctantly
left my mouth and Jessa's fingers behind as she stood
up to turn in place. She squatted down on my face staying
on her feet and placing her hands on my chest between her
legs. I slid the tip of my tongue into her ass and her legs
shook to much. She fell forward almost breaking my nose.
She fell against Jessa in a shoulder pressing hug. I worked
my tongue in and out and felt Jessa's fingers on my chin
again as they slid into her pussy and played with her clit.
Jessa started to grind her pussy on my cock and drove me again
and again into her cervix.

Tara and Jessa where moaning loudly and held each other
tight. Tara was in total bliss and tried to play with Jessa's
pussy while she fucked me but the position made it too unbalanced
for her. I could hear muffled moans and knew that they were
kissing. Tara pussy was dripping her juices down Jessa's
fingers and onto my chin and neck making them slippery with
liquid silk. It didn't think it possible but it felt
like I grew another inch. It must have been eating Tara's
pussy with Jessa helping and fucking me at the same time
that made it happen.

"Nooooo not yet" Tara muffled voice pleaded
" can you cum with me" said breathlessly. I don't
know who she asked but Jessa answered her in a breathless
"Yes" and her hips worked themselves faster.
The pressure on my cock was getting painful and the heat
from her was beginning to make me sweat. I moved my tongue
in as deep as it could go in Tara's ass and was rewarded
with a far way scream. "now" Tara said a loud
gasp. Her hips mashed down hard on my tongue and Jessa's
fingers. I heard the now very familiar snap and cum flowed
from Tara. Her body stiffened and she didn't move.
Jessa began her orgasm with shivering legs and a loud high
pitched "yess" and flooded my cock with her

Tara's pussy poured more and more thick cream onto
Jessa and I completely covering my chin and running down
to my neck. Jessa moved her hips now in a jerky front to back
motion and let out a tiny scream every time I pounded into
her cervix. Tara either had multiple orgasms or one long
one because she started before Jessa and ended after her.
My cock was crushed within Jessa as she spasmed through
the end of her orgasm and felt her slowly pull her body away
from me. She sat back onto my thigh using her hands against
me for support and shivered. Tara either drunk from alcohol
or lust slowly crawled down to my cock and ran her tongue
all over it cleaning off every last drop of Jessa. Not to
be out done Jessa crawled over her and moved her mouth to
mine. She ran her tongue over my lips and chin. She slid it
down my neck to the pool of Tara's cum and lapped it off
my skin.

Tara took me into her mouth and slowly worked it in and out
while Jessa continued to clean my skin of her. It felt indescribable
to have these two women bath me with their tongues and lips.
I didn't want it to end. Unfortunately their orgasms
had taken a lot out of them and they rolled off of me and the
bed together slumping down to the floor leaving me helplessly
unsatisfied. I looked up to see that we had an audience.
An audience in towels actually, Chelle, Julie, and Kelly
stood there wrapped in large hotel bath towels tied at their
large breasts and staring contently at us.

"wow" Julie said. " that was, that was, "

"amazing" Chelle said looking over at her.

"beautiful" Julie finished looking down at
the drained Jessa and Tara shoulder to shoulder holding
hands. I felt a little exposed with my extremely hard extremely
sore cock pressed hard with blood against my stomach. I
looked toward Jason again hoping he wasn't awake.
Julie saw what I was looking at and tried to ease my mind.
"don't worry when he passes out drunk he doesn't
wake up for anything" I looked back up the three and
wondered what was going to happen next. I couldn't
picture myself doing anything with Julie and Chelle I just
met so I didn't know what to expect.

Kelly let her towel fall and sat on the bed next to me.

To Be Continued.................................

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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