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Epilogue Part 6


I took an extra long shower trying to delay the fashion show
of my nightmares. I wasn't all that excited to look
like a white tiger blew up on me, but I didn't see a way
out of it. Tara had gone all out for this and seemed to be excited
about her sexy costume idea. She looked phenomenally sexy
in her outfit and if the girls weren't here I probably
would have lost it and had my way with her. Kelly and Jessa
looked insanely hot as usual in their lingerie costumes
and I had come to expect the unexpected from them.

Tara was a different story, I was still trying to figure
her out. I wondered how weird it must be for her to hangout
with bridesmaids from my wedding. I mean these were Jacie's
best friends and for her to do this showed how strong she
was. She had always told me that to love someone you had to
be able to deal with their past. I suppose this was her way
of dealing with mine. She was an amazing person and no matter
what situation she was in she was always comfortable. Must
be a Minnesota thing.

I laughed to myself about how shocked this whole thing made
me. I was totally taken by surprise and I didn't think
my life with Tara would ever be boring. "Ha my life
with Tara" I said outloud. It was suddenly not as scary
as it once was. I started to think about the what else she
might have in store for me later and what the "whole
save my energy" thing was about.

I turned off the shower and toweled off staring at the pimp
outfit the whole time. I shaved and trimmed up my new facial
hair and tried to prepare myself for the costume. The polyester
pants looked uncomfortable and what in the hell do I wear
under the jacket that would look pimpish. I looked around
and realized I hadn't brought in any underwear or socks.
"shit" I said aloud. I opened the door a crack
and interrupted their laughter. "Tara can you grab
me some underwear and socks please" I called.

"Just put it on and come out here" she said through
her laughs.

"hurry up slow ass" Kelly followed laughing.
I wondered what was so funny and hoped it had nothing to do
with me. I closed the door and grabbed the pants. When I was
dressed I looked at my ridiculous reflection in the bathroom
mirror. I looked like Siegfried and Roy's wet dream
in my opinion. The white and black tiger stripped jacket
hung open showing off my hairless chest and slightly furry
stomach. The dollar sign necklace hung low and hung just
above my belly button and sparkled with fake diamonds.
The pants hung loose on me but it was very easy to see the outline
of my cock hanging between my legs. I took one last deep breath
and walked out to show them my clothes.

All three girls were sitting on the bed in their ho costumes
around a couple of silver wine chillers holding bottles
of Moet Champagne. They were drinking from tall glass flutes
laughing almost hysterically. I suddenly felt self conscious
and started to turn around to hide in the bathroom. Tara's
voice told me I had better get my butt back there. I turned
and walked up to the bed and stuck my arms out "well
here it is I look ridiculous."

"wow those pants don't leave anything to the
imagination do they" Kelly said with a snicker

"I thought you said you were fat Dave" Jessa
said looking at my bare chest and stomach. Tara got off the
bed holding her champagne and come over to me. She lifted
the back of my jacket to check out my ass and gave me a wolf
whistle. "hubba hubba" she said laughing.

"I was fat but I been working out" I said to Jessa

"no they don't" I said in Kelly's direction.

"come on you guys I heard you laughing at me all the
way in the bathroom" I said pushing the coat down over
my butt. "We weren't laughing at you" Tara
said walking back in front of me to get another look. "We
were laughing at the room service guy"

"yeah kelly answered the door and gave the guy an instant
hard on" Jessa said trying not to spill her champagne
as she was racked with laughter.

"yeah I didn't even have to tip him he just said
thank you and took off" Kelly laughed. She got off
the bed and walked to where Tara and I stood. She looked me
up and down again and said "wow you really got buff"
I felt my face blush and I told her "thanks"

Kelly reached out and tugged on my little patch of belly
hair. "this has got to go though" I jumped back
thinking Tara wouldn't like Kelly being so friendly
with me and looked at her. "I agree go shave it"
Tara followed. I stared at her for a second and was grateful
it didn't make her mad, but I wasn't all that happy
about shaving at the same time. "um I guess this means
you don't want me to wear a shirt tonight" She
shook her head and pointed toward the bathroom. I relented
and headed back to the bathroom to get rid of the fur patch.
I don't know why things work out the way they do, but
as I started to shave I got an idea. Tara had always waxed
her legs and Brazilian waxed herself since before we met.
She wasn't a big fan of fur so I thought I would surprise
her and shave my cock and balls clean.

I was admiring my handy work when Tara came through the door.
"what are you doing" she asked. When she saw
what I had done she smiled and reached out taking me in her
hand. "Very nice" she said. She bent down wrapped
her pink glossed lips around the head of my cock. She gently
sucked on it and the took my soft cock into her mouth. A wave
of heat radiated through my body as her tongue caressed
the bottom of my shaft. She took her lips away and moved down
to my newly shaved balls and took one into her mouth. As she
sucked on me I watched my cock grow against her cheek. I closed
my eyes and was just starting to get rock hard when she took
her mouth away with a slurp. She put her fingers to her lips
and cooed "mmm tasty" She turned on her white
heels and told me to hurry up. I pulled my pants back up and
headed out to the living room completely forgetting about
my semi hard cock swinging in my shiny white and black tiger
stripped pants.

"Damn Dave" Kelly said staring at my crotch.
Blushing again I covered it with my hands and smiled "sorry
it's Tara's fault" She raised her glass
hand and said "yup I sucked it." Jessa held her
glass up in the air and uncharacteristic of her shy demeanor
said "I've sucked it". Kelly followed
suit "I've sucked it." Tara threw her head
back and laughed to my amazement said "a toast to us
sucking Dave's cock" Jessa crawled off the bed
and they clinked their glasses together in one fucked up

"Sounds good to me" I said grabbing a bottle
of champagne out of a chiller and holding it up in the air.
Tara scowled and said "sex fiend".

"I'll drink to that" I said and then downed
as much of the bubbly as I could. Then it dawned on me that
we were in a hotel and they ordered champagne. And not the
cheap stuff either. Dropping the bottle from my lips I asked
"how much did that toast just cost me" Tara smiling
nestled her mostly naked body against me and touched my
nose with her pointer finger. "Don't worry we'll
pay you back for it" The other two girls cuddled up
to my body agreed with Tara. So here I was dressed in a polyester
pimp outfit with three mostly naked girls dressed as ho's
hugging me. Two I had slept with in a foursome with my deceased
wife and one that I was sleeping with now, and who was ok with
the whole thing. Correction, had made this moment happen.
"heh life's weird sometimes" I thought

We broke our Hugh Hefner style embrace and toasted again
to new friends and new beginnings. I figured Jason and Julie
would show up soon so even though it didn't help much
Jessa and Kelly put on their little frilly lace skirts.
Jessa has a tiny ass and her ass still hung out from underneath
it. I stared for a second until a knock at the door made me
look up. I slipped on the giant heeled boots and suddenly
grew to 6'0 tall. I walked to the door and opened it to
see the biggest damn Al Capone I had ever seen. He was dressed
in a blue Zoot suit with white pinstripes a wore a blue fedora.
His size 17 feet had the good old fashion black and white
saddle shoes giving him a gangster look. Jason walked in
and whatever he was trying to say got lost when his jaw dropped
open at the site of my entourage. He looked from Kelly to
Jessa and then to Tara not making so much as sound. He looked
at me with pure amazement and then I could have sworn I saw
a tear form in the corner of his eye. I laughed out loud and
thought I would help him out.

"Jason this is Kelly and Jessa they are my ho's"
I said pointing at each one respectively. Jessa gave a cute
little wave and of course Kelly made a comment "well
you are a big one aren't you". She stuck out her
hand and Jason took it slowly. I noticed he was holding a
white fedora with a giant black feather in it and a cane with
a giant fake diamond for a top. "I suppose those are
for me" I said. Coming back to the real world he turned
and handed them to me. "Yeah sorry we kept these in
our room so you wouldn't know what you were going to
be". He sat down at the table and did his best to not
make it obvious that he was ogling the three girls.

"where is your sweetie" Kelly asked while pouring
herself another glass of champagne. "oh she said
she had to make a few touch ups to her make up and should be
here any minute. I poured him a glass of champagne and gave
him something to do so he would stop fidgeting. I was standing
next to Kelly when he noticed I was not wearing underwear,
he looked away quick and said "dude you are all over
the place no one wants to see that". Well Kelly being
Kelly grabbed a hold of my cock and gave it a hard squeeze
"oh I don't know I think it really makes the costume"
Jason jerked his head in Tara's direction with an astonished
look. "you mean you don't know" she asked
with surprise. She looked at me and I shook my head again
in shock.

"no one knows but you three" I said a little uncomfortable
now. "I don't kiss and tell" Tara walked
up and tucked her lingerie clad body underneath my arm.
"Dave had orgies with Jacie and them" She looked
up at me and gave me a soft kiss. "He told me all about
it" Jason sucked in a deep breath and half yelled "dude
I thought we were friends how could you not tell me something
like that"

"Cause he is a gentleman" Jessa chimed in speaking
for the first time."no he's a perv" Tara
laughed. "that too" Kelly said. My head was
reeling from all of it. I wanted to talk to Tara to see how
she felt about all this. I grabbed her hand and drug her behind
me to the bathroom. After I closed the door I picked her little
frame up and set her on the counter top. I looked deep into
her questioning sapphire eyes and asked "are you
ok, how do you feel about all this"

Tara remained quiet for what seemed like an eternity and
took my hands in hers. She moved them to her heart and said
the thing she had been working toward for a month or so "Dave
I love you." Finally hearing the words really come
from her did not make me feel like I was afraid of. It felt
good to hear her say it. "I am ok with this because they
are a very special part of your life" I started to say
they were just good friends when she cut me off "and
I know you only see them as friends, well and occasional
fuck buddies" when I started to protest she shushed
me again. "I know you are going to think I am a perv for
saying this but it turns me on that my man is wanted by other

"yup life can be odd" I thought but keeping my
mouth shut and waiting for more. "I don't want
you to go cheat on me or anything like that but um" she
looked away for a minute as if deciding something and then
looked back into my eyes "I kind of thought it was hot
when she grabbed your junk like that" I thought I was
going to lose my mind. "I am um excited to see what is
going to happen tonight" she took her hand off of mine
and started to pick at her new clear press on nails that I
had somehow missed.

"I mean if anything does happen it probably won't
ever happen again, I hope you are ok with that" she
said into her hands. All at once it washed over me, I suddenly
understood or at least thought I did about what all this
was all about. I put my hand under her chin and lifted her
head up so I could look into her eyes. "you know you
don't have to compete with anyone or any memory"
I said truthfully "I love you for who you are"
there I said it and I realized I meant it too. With my new found
bravery on the subject I continued. "I will never
forget the love I had for Jacie I won't ever say I don't
miss her but she is gone now and I accept that" I took
a deep breath hoping I was saying the right things. "you
don't have to aah relive anything to make me happy"

Tara's blue eyes started to glisten with unfallen
tears. She gave me a weak smile "See I knew you loved
me, you were just afraid to say it" I laughed and gave
her a soft kiss and told her "I do I really do love you
Tara you hold my heart in your hands" She looked up
in the air and rubbed her watery eye with a sniffle. She smiled
and said "you are just trying to get laid perv"
and we laughed together.

"I know I shouldn't feel that was but Jacie was
so beautiful and she sounded cool as hell" she said
continuing to wipe her eyes "I just feel like I am not
enough for you sometimes" I thought it was funny that
for the second time in my life a woman I loved said those words
to me. "I promise you Tara you don't have to compete
with anyone, you are amazing" I gave her a quick kiss
and finished my point. "you cast too big of a shadow
to live in anyone else's"

"I didn't just set this night up for you, you know"
she looked at me and slumped her shoulders "I was um
curious maybe and thought it might be fun to um try something
new" She gave me another weak smile. I realized that
she was turned on about the thought of having what she called
an orgy with Jessa and Kelly. I had never really thought
about her with a girl, but now that we were in this position
and I knew what Kelly and Jessa were capable of I couldn't
keep the thought out of my head.

I put my forehead against hers and said "yeah"
She let out a laugh and nodded her head making mine nod as
well "uh huh" I laughed "you know the thought
of you eating pussy is really turning me on" she laughed
again and gave my arm a punch "you ass" I thought
about it for a second and asked her why she thought they would
be a sure thing. "um cause they told me" she said
shyly "what" I said "when"

"when you were in the shower" Tara said "we
talked about shocking you and I brought up that if we all
ended up in bed together that would kill you"

"let me guess Kelly thought that would be a good idea"
Tara shook her head no "it was Jessa" I didn't
expect it from her and I told Tara so. "Kelly thought
so too as long as I didn't care and then Jessa told me
she thought I was hot stuff" I laughed and told her
it sounded like Jessa was coming out of her shell. "um
we were going to tell you later, but I might as well tell you
now Jessa is leaning more to liking girls not guys"
I couldn't believe what I had heard "her and Kelly
have been close real close"

I just shook my head and thought it was one hell of a day of
discovery. "hey I do love you and I hope you understand
if this happens it won't change anything" I said
in honesty

"yes it will I will be a rug muncher" she laughed
"they are really hot Dave you are a lucky fucker"

"heh yeah I don't know why, I mean I am not Brad
Pitt or anything" I said

"it's not how you look even though you are a hottie,
it's how you treat people you really make a girl feel
special you know" she pulled me into a hug and kissed
my shoulder "I love you Dave" I said it back and
squeezed her tight. "now get out so I can fix my make
up, and don't tell anyone I cried fucker or else no happy
time later" I stood and saluted and slipped out of
the bathroom.

"and you guys call us bad" said the voice missing
from earlier. Julie was sitting on the bed with Kelly and
Jessa holding a glass and smiling. "Hey it was innocent
we were making our plans for tonight" I said. "uh
huh I bet" Kelly said.

I stood and took in a truly unbelievable sight. Kelly a normal
5'6 and voluptuous 130 lbs was standing in front of
me wearing her ankle strap 4' black heels. Her thigh
high stockings clipped by garters to her black satin bikini
cut panties covered barely with a see thru black lace skirt.
Her tight belly was deeply tanned and her large D cup breasts
spilled over the top of her black satin bra. She had taken
the thin leather leash off of her thick red ruby chocker.
Her long newly dyed black hair with bright pink highlights
cascaded over her shoulders. Her dark burgundy lipstick
was almost gone and covered the rim of her champagne flute.
Her bright red eye shadow framed her brown eyes and stood
out with the stick on rubies circling her right eye.

Jessa was dressed exactly the same with the only difference
being the stick on rubies that circled her left eye. She
was also normally 5'6 but today stood 5'10. She
was almost 30 lbs lighter than Kelly and her breasts where
only about a B cup. Her olive skinned body was very fit and
her stomach showed that it was all muscle when she moved.
Her slight hips and small breasts in contrast to Kelly's
curvy hips and big breasts. I still thought Jessa looked
like Selma Blair and her shorter hair made it even more obvious
to me.

The new arrival Julie held her own in the sexy department.
As she stood up to refill her glass I got to see her full costume.
It looked like she was supposed to be a flapper from the 20's.
She was a giant on her black stiletto heels bringing her
easily to 6'0. Her long legs were covered in fishnet
thigh high stockings with a black and gold garter on each
of her thighs. She wore a very short black and gold frilled
dress that swirled around her when she moved. It had thin
gold shoulder straps and a gold sequined border above her
large D cup breasts. Her dark brown hair was hanging over
her shoulder in long waves and she had a gold band around
her hair with black feathers sticking out of it. She had
a double strand of pearls around her neck and a long smoking
extension with a fake cigarette to finish her look.

Jason was sitting on the chair looking dazed as if he had
been hit by a bus and still tried unsuccessful not to make
it look like he was ogling Jessa and Kelly. Julie looked
at me with an appraising eye. "oh my it's easy
to see why girls like you big boy" she laughed and Jason
shot her a dirty look. Tara came out into the room in her white
satin bra and lace see thru boy short panties that showed
her tiny g string underneath. Her calves where rapped in
the lacing from her white high heels and in my opinion stole
the show. Her body sparkled with glitter and her steel blue
eye shadow adding to it. Her body was adorned in diamonds
in her barrette, chandelier earrings and choker.

After everyone gave each other compliments and helped
polish off the bottles of champagne we decided it was time
to go. Jessa and Kelly grabbed their leashes and stuffed
them into their long black trench coats. Tara pulled her
thigh length coat out of a suitcase and covered herself
against the cold weather. Since I was a Nebraska boy I decided
I would go without a jacket. Big mistake.

We walked through the hotel getting the strangest looks
from people. I am not sure whether it was from the 4 gorgeous
girls or the giant mobster carrying a fake tommy gun that
Julie had brought him. But most likely it was my stupid ass
with a bare chest and an obvious issue in my polyester pants
that made people whisper and point. We got to my Expedition
and I suddenly wondered how we were all going to fit. I was
suddenly regretting taking out the 3rd seat. The problem
was solved by Julie, she suggested that Jason sit in the
passenger seat and Tara could sit on her lap in the back seat.

We all climbed in and surprisingly enough Jessa and Tara
could fit sitting cockeyed between Kelly and Julie. The
two of them barely made 210 lbs together so I guess it made
sense. I drove the rowdy laughing bunch to 108th and Pacific
and the Naughty Lounge first annual Pimp and Ho ball. We
found a parking spot and the girls ditched their jackets
throwing them in a pile on my back seat. They made such a site
that just crossing the parking lot about caused 3 accidents.
Jason and I walked behind them so we could enjoy the view.
Tara's see thru boy shorts were cut just right and her
small tight ass hung perfectly out the sides. Hey I never
said I didn't have a little pig in me.

When we got to the front door my three ho's hooked their
leashes on their chokers and handed me the end of the 4 foot
leather straps. Julie took Jason by the arm and they walked
into the ultra sheik club. I followed with my girls in tow
garnering jealous looks from the guys and hateful looks
from the scantily clad girls. It was early and the club was
only half full so it was easy to find an open white couch big
enough for the 6 of us. A waitress in black booty shorts and
matching bra came over and took our order. She gave me an
appraising look and went to get our drinks. The club had
nothing but half naked people and big hats with feathers.
It looked like a bad 80's porno to me, the club played
a blend of porno and techno music that I couldn't identify.

Since so many people were checking us out Kelly took it upon
herself to give them something special to look at. I sat
in between Jessa and Tara. Kelly was on Jessa's right
and decided she wanted to talk to Tara. She got on all fours
on the couch and crawled over Jessa and put her hands on my
left thigh. She was swaying her ass from side to side with
the music and talking to Tara about how much fun it was when
the waitress brought our drinks. The girl laughed and started
to set the drinks for the six of us on the large black table
in front of us. "no honey you can put his on my back."
she said with a serious face. The waitress shrugged and
set my Rumplemintz shot and rocks glass of Captain square
in the middle of Kelly's back. She laughed when the
cold glasses touched her skin and almost fell into my polyester

The waitress was staring at us a little too long for Tara
so she leaned forward and kissed Kelly lightly on the lips.
Since Kelly had to hold her body still Tara was in complete
control and kept giving Kelly light soft kisses while she
kept her eyes on the waitress. Jessa picking up on Tara's
que lifted Kelly's little black lace skirt and placed
little kisses on Kelly's hip. The waitress looked
at me and not thinking of anything else to do I took the shot
off Kelly's back and downed it. I handed it out to her
and she took it slowly not sure what was going to happen when
she grabbed it. "Hell yeah" yelled some guys
to my right. They had a perfect view of Kelly's panty
covered pussy and ass and cheered with every kiss of Jessa's
lips to her hip and ass.

I looked over to see Julie and Jason in complete and utter
shock frozen in time holding their drinks to their mouths.
Tara stopped kissing Kelly and sat back against the couch
laughing. Jessa slapped Kelly on her ass and told her to
behave for now. Kelly flipped her hair to the side and looked
at me for a second. She smiled and moved forward giving me
a wet slow kiss to my chest. She slid her hand into my open
jacket and pinched my nipple."you have good taste
in women Davey" She sat back down on the other side
of Jessa and grabbed her drink.

"What was that" Julie exclaimed.

"My first girl girl kiss" Tara said sweetly
reaching forward and grabbing her drink. Julie shook her
head and downed her drink in one gulp. She held her hand up
to another waitress and ordered another two rounds of drinks
for everyone. Jason looking utterly bewildered had not
touched his. I gave him a wink and turned to Tara."you
are crazy" she smiled at me and said "crazy for
you baby" and touched her soft pink lips to mine. Her
tongue slid over them and then dipped into my mouth. Our
tongues met and we began to kiss passionately. Her hot breath
filling my lungs and turning me on. I pulled her onto my lap
leaving her back facing Jessa. I moved my hands to her face
and gave her my most passionate kiss. "wwwwuuuuuuuuuu"
Kelly screamed as she watched us.

I broke our kiss to get some air and Tara sucked on my tongue
like she was sucking my dick. The feeling was great and it
didn't help stop my growing erection. Small hands
pulled her away from me by her shoulders and brought her
face in front of Jessa. Jessa leaned forward and smashed
her lips to Tara's. I could see their tongues dance
into each others mouths and could hear them moaning. Tara
reached up and grabbed the side of my face with her soft hand.
She pulled my face toward theirs bringing my lips to their
cheeks. Jessa sensing what Tara was doing turned her head
to the side to allow me to reach them. I stuck my tongue out
and they broke apart and moved their tongues to mine making
a 3 way kiss. "Hell no bitches not without me"
said Kelly shoving her head into the mix. All of our tongues
met in the middle making it extremely cramped and extremely

The feel of all the wet twisting and turning sealed the deal
for my cock and it grew out of control. Tara jumped and threw
her head back in a great laugh. She wiggled her butt then
spun off me and onto the couch leaving me exposed. One good
thing about polyester pants is that there is plenty of room
to grow without anything making an appearance out the top.
One bad thing about polyester pants is that it does not hide
anything. There was no mistaking what was in my pants and
without a shirt to cover it I was exposed to the world. It
was perfectly outlined and to my embarrassment the waitress
saw and ran into the table knocking one of my shots off her
tray and onto the table making a crash and splash. It didn't
break, but it made enough noise to attract some attention
from some people walking by.

"Tara oh my God" Julie said laughing and staring
at my groin. She kept a smile on her face and downed another
drink. Jessa helped the waitress clean the table and said
something back to a question the waitress asked her. Kelly
was looking around the room couch dancing and wasn't
paying attention anymore. Poor Jason was not trying to
watch the spectacle but couldn't help it. He just shook
his head and tried to cover Julie's eyes. She pulled
his hand down and just kept staring. "no wonder you
are always tired Tara that must suck the life out of you"
she said with a big laugh. Tara joined in and I was left sitting
there feeling like a dumbass. After the table was cleaned
up and the girl gone to get me a replacement shot Tara asked
Jessa what she was saying. "oh she said Dave was a very
lucky guy to have the three of us, and I told her it worked
both ways" Jessa said with a smile. "aaaawwww"
Tara said and she gave me a little hug.

Ginuwine's "Pony" came on finally giving
me a song I knew. "Come ladies lets heat this place
up" Kelly said and grabbed Jessa pulling her on to
the dance floor. Julie and Tara got up and joined the already
writhing two on the dance floor. Jason flew into the seat
next to me and said "bro what the fuck how come you never
talked about this, you are a God" I laughed and shook
my head "nope just lucky to have good friends"
He looked out in time to see his girlfriend and Kelly grinding
into one another. They were the sexiest dancers of the four
and showed it off with sensual moves into each others bodies.
Tara and Jessa held each other close touching their naked
stomachs and small breasts together.

"how the hell can you be so calm dude you are obviously
getting laid by all three tonight" she said shaking
his head. "I can't believe how hot they are you
should have told me bro" I broke my gaze and looked
at Jason "would you have believed me" I asked
full well knowing he wouldn't have. "no probably
not but shit Dave"

I had to agree with him if I wouldn't have lived it I wouldn't
have believed it myself. I watched as Tara and Jessa started
to kiss as they moved their hips in tight slow circles. "that
is your girlfriend making out with another chick man"
he said pointing with his giant hand. "And that is
your girlfriend kissing another chick" I said nodding
my head toward where Kelly had trapped Julie in a passionate
lip lock. "dude we are so winning the costume contest"
he said. Jason sunk his big frame into the back of the couch
and sipped his drink while his girlfriend made out with
another girl on the dance floor. The song ended and the girls
broke and came back to sit down my three with the leather
leashes still dangling from their chokers.

Tara fanned her hand in front of her face as she walked toward
me. She sat down in my lap and reached for her drink. When
she leaned back I whispered into her ear "so you like
women now". She put her arm around my neck and pushed
her forehead to mine. "uh huh Jessa is really sexy
I like her and Kelly is a fucking pornstar " I laughed
and figured it was better if she liked them for her too instead
of just for me.

We kept the drinks coming and the girls set the dance floor
in steamy heat with their dancing. Even Tara with Jessa's
help moved in rhythm. Tara loved the attention of Jessa
and Kelly switching back and forth making out with each
in turn. The room felt like it had a thousand eyes as our couch
was watched religiously. Our waitress turned out to be
pretty cool after the initial shock and stayed to chat with
us when she could. 11pm came quick with all of the events
we had going on. I was getting down right sloshed and my poor
cock was like an elevator going up and down all night.

Tara wiggled her ass against it and whispered how good it
would feel in her ass right now or I can't wait to watch
you fuck another girl. All and all life was pretty good at
the moment. "Where the Party at" by Jagged Edge
and Nelly bumped into the club and I couldn't help myself
I started to groove on the couch. "mmmm I have never
seen you dance before" Tara said flashing her bright
smile " Maybe you should get up and show me" being
drunk and pretty much shame free by now I stood up and started
to slide my hips around in Tara's face.

"OH baby shake it" Tara yelled and started clapping.
Kelly taking her opportunity to show off slid behind me
and rubbed her huge breasts against my back. She ground
her body against me and moved her hands around to my stomach.
She slid her hands up my skin to my chest and then plunged
her hands to the outside of my pants. She grabbed my cock
with her hand and gave it a squeeze making Tara whoop her
approval. Jessa stood up and moved in front of me and slid
her hands inside my jacket and around to my back. She moved
her leg in between mine and ground her satin covered pussy
onto my thigh. Jessa joined Kelly's hand and they both
worked my cock around through my pants.

I grabbed Kelly and Jessa's leash and pulled them to
edge of the giant dance floor. They followed behind me swinging
their hips seductively. I turned and pulled them into me.
They each straddled a thigh and together we twisted and
ground into one another. The girls covered my chest and
back with their roving hands and I wrapped my hands around
to grab their asses. Tara must have thought it looked fun
got off the couch and moved in behind the two women. Her hand
joined mine on their asses and gave them a squeeze through
my fingers.

Kelly turned her ass to me and pulled Tara into her reaching
around and grabbing Tara's ass in her hands. She put
a leg in between Tara's and they ground their pussy's
into each others thighs giving their audience one sexy
show. Jessa always brave when she was drunk didn't
disappoint. She moved in front of me and slid her hands through
the waist of my white and black tiger stripped pants. She
wrapped a small hand around the shaft of my cock and cradled
my balls with the other. "oh my you shaved" she
winked. We moved from side to side and she brought her lips
to my neck. She glided her tongue across my skin leaving
a trail of saliva. She sucked my skin into her mouth and playfully
nibbled. Her hand working up and down on my hard cock and
her massaging of my balls almost brought me to my first orgasm
of the night. The song ended and saved me from having to clean
myself off. She pulled her hands out of my pants and gave
my chest a soft wet kiss. I grabbed all three leashes and
pulled the girls back to the couch.

We plopped down on the sofa laughing and feeling real good.
We were all having a good time, even Jason. Watching us must
have turned half the bar on, people everywhere were coming
close to fucking one another. Except Jason and Julie who
were fucking. "You Can Do It" By Ice Cube covered
up Julies moans. She had her back to Jason and her feet to
the floor and was moving her hips back and forth on him. We
had seen this before at the strip club and knew full well
what was going on. Julie's tasseled flapper dress
vibrated with every move she made. Jason had a hold of her
hips and was helping her motion.

"Oh my God are they fucking" Kelly said smiling
and leaning her body over me trying to get a better look.
"Oh yeah they have done this before in front of us.
" Tara said laughing "she has such nice legs"
Kelly said choosing what I thought would have been my least
prevalent thought. Kelly was obviously turned on, she
was starting to breath heavy and she was licking her lips.
She looked over at Tara and shocked me again. "Can
I fuck him now" she said with a bright smile. Tara broke
into a smile of her own "here now" she exclaimed.
"uh huh" Kelly said biting her lip and nodding
her head. Tara laughed and said "hell yeah"
No matter how hot it sounded I didn't think we could
get away with it. Kelly didn't have a dress that would
cover us like Julie did. But of course I don't have a
say in these things obviously.

Kelly stood up and lowered her butt to my lap putting her
back to me. "Jess sit close" she said looking
around to make sure nobody was watching. Jessa moved her
thigh against mine and tried to use her thin body as a shield.
Since the only thing to my left was Tara and a wall she just
leaned back to get a better view. Kelly reached behind her
and pulled down the top of my pants exposing my swollen cock.
She pulled her satin bikini panties to the side that Tara
was on and pulled me down to her. She adjusted her body and
pressed the head of my cock to her lips.

Her pussy was soaked with her juices and I slipped inside
her wet hot pussy easily. She slid down trying to bury it
deep inside her. Her pussy clenched down hard on my cock
and she let out a gasp. "fuck I almost forgot what it
felt like" she gasped. She pushed down harder forcing
me deep into her belly. She moved her luscious ass up and
down my stomach is slow deliberate motions. Her fingers
dug into my knees every time it went deep. Tara was watching
me slide in her with a fascinated look. I was worried that
she might not like what she was seeing, but she quelled that
thought by squeezing her thighs together with a small sigh.
I leaned my head toward her and our lips met with a wet kiss.

Tara reached up and grabbed my hair forcing our mouths tighter
together. Her tongue swirled in my mouth and I could hear
her high pitched moans over Slim Shady's "Lose
Yourself". Kelly drove her ass down hard on my newly
shaved cock and ground her hips forward and back again.
I felt hands on my stomach as Jessa rubbed my body before
moving her hand to Kelly's ass and helping her grind
forward on me. Kelly must have been hot for a while or she
just liked being in public because her pussy spasmed and
she flooded me with her cum. She worked her hips in a circle
and let out a squeal of pleasure. Tara let go of my head and
reached for Jessa. She pulled her forward and broke our
kiss to be able to move to Jessa. I looked down to see them
kiss with just the tip of their tongues. Mouths hung open
and they jousted with each other in pure lust. Beyond them
Kelly's ass still worked it self in circles on my hard
smooth cock.

"Hey you guys the waitress is coming over" Julie
said in a hurried voice. That snapped us back to the room
and Tara and Jessa sat up in a hurry.. Kelly being in the position
she was just stopped moving and moved her body back trying
to cover what was going on and not showing anything in between
her legs. The waitress looked at Kelly and smiled slyly
as she cleaned off the table. She walked back where she came
from and gave Kelly a chance to lift her pussy off my cock,
but still sitting in front of me. I fell out of her coated
with her cum, Tara grabbed my unsatisfied cock in her hand
and bent down putting it in her mouth. As quickly as she could
she sucked and licked Kelly's cum off my cock. Julie
was transfixed at what her friend was doing and made no bones
about looking at me. Tara slurped the rest of Kelly off of
me and pulled my pants over my rigid hard on.

Kelly turned around and grabbed Tara bringing her close..
She stuck out her tongue and licked Tara's lips and
chin getting any of her still left on Tara's face. My
brain and my loins screamed with lust, I felt drunk all of
the sudden and consumed with what was happening. I wanted
to be inside Tara so bad my stomach hurt. "That was
so fucking hot oh my God guys you should make movies"
Julie said. I suddenly was aware that Julie and Jason must
have watched at least some of what happened. I looked over
at my mortified friend. "what I have you two fucked
twice now" I said with a laugh

Jason shook his head and looked for something to drink.
Kelly got up and did a little shimmy with her hips and adjusted
her panties over her ass. Jessa was rubbing my stomach again
and my body blazed under her touch. "I think we need
to get out of here soon" I felt like if I didn't
fuck someone soon I was going to explode. "Not until
after the contest" Kelly said satisfied for the moment.
She patted her pussy with her hand and let out a sigh "That
was nice" She looked at Tara "well what did you

"I fucking loved it, that was hotter than I thought
it would be" She said not caring where she was and squeezing
her breasts in her hands. "who are you and where is
my girlfriend" I said "oh you just created a
monster you don't even know" she said. She put
her hand on my chest and leaned in giving me a couple of soft
kisses on my lips. The DJ came over the loud speaker and announced
that the costume finalists had been chosen and the competition
would begin in 15 minutes.

To Be Continued........................................

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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Great story keep them cummin


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I have loved every part of this story, always wanting to
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Thank you so much guys. I am finished with part 7 and am just
trying to edit it. I will be posting it tonight. I am glad
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thanks again Dave

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.