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Epilogue Part 2 (sex included)


I woke the next day sometime around noon to the phone ringing.
The number said it was Jason calling and I just ignored it.
I rolled over and passed out again hoping that when I woke
again my hangover would be long gone.

The loud knock at my front door broke me out of a hazy half
sleep. I looked through blurry eyes to the clock on the wall.
It was almost 6pm, I had slept the whole day away almost.
I begrudgingly got up and went to answer the door. I wish
I wouldn't have when I saw Jason standing there holding
a case of Bud Light.

He barged his way past me and walked to the living room. He
set the beer down on my coffee table and plopped his big frame
down onto my couch slash bed. He reached into the case and
pulled out a can popping it open in one motion. He sat back
on the couch and took off his sunglasses took a big swig of
beer and looked at me.

"So after you left things went down hill" he
said as if we were in the middle of the conversation already.

" Tara went looking for you and just walked out the
door as your cab pulled away" he continued "
She was so upset about your talk that she grabbed Julie and
demanded that she take her home"

"Julie got mad at her and they got into a little shouting
match" He said taking another drink of his beer. "it
didn't stop until Tara told Julie what you told her"

"That sent them both into tears and they left me standing
on the patio and took off" Jason finished the beer
and reached for a fresh one. "I am glad you finally
talked to someone Dave but couldn't you have waited
until after I got laid"

He dug in and grabbed another can he threw it in my direction
forcing me to catch it or get hit by it. I closed the door behind
me and walked towards him not really sure if I was mad or sorry
about what happened. I sat down on the opposite side of the
couch and opened my beer. " man I am sorry I didn't
expect all that to happen, she asked and it just flew out
of me"

"Forgiven but you owe me sex" he said

Trying to be funny I said "Whoa buddy I don't swing
that way"

"don't make me beat your ass you know what I mean"
he said taking another drink "get cleaned up and get
dressed we are going out again tonight"

I guess the guilt or some other reason made me do it I suppose.
I got up and went and got cleaned up so we could go out. I dressed
in jeans and polo and went back out into the living room to
find that Jason had downed 4 beers and was working on the

"So I guess I am driving" I said

"nope got it covered" he said tossing me another
can. I gave the girls your address and Tara and Julie should
be here any minute. A wave a panic poured itself over my body
drowning me. I didn't want to face her again after I
had lost it. I didn't want her to ask anymore tough questions.
My mind raced through reasons why this would be a bad idea.
Some where during a fake illness and a broken leg a knock
at the door happened.

"Fuck" I said aloud

"Hopefully" Said Jason getting up and answering
my door. He let Tara and Julie into my house and trapped me
into facing them. I watched the two opposites walk in and
directly toward me. Julie had on a pink halter top with Von
Dutch stretched tight across her large breasts. Her long
wavy brown hair was pulled back in a white ribbon. She wore
shiny rhine stone covered bracelets that would have blinded
someone in the sun. Her short white fluffy cotton skirt
just covered her ass and made her tanned legs look even longer
than they where. She wore Candies shoes with big heels that
must have put her somewhere near 6'0 tall.

Tara a stark contrast to Julie was dressed in tight dark
blue jeans had a giant red bandana for a halter top. It was
tied in a knot at her bare back with it's point just stopping
at her belt line. She had on classic black high heels making
her about 5'8. Her blonde hair was tied into twin pigtails
that fell just above the shoulders.

They both walked up to me and took turns giving me a hug and
telling me how sorry they where. I stood stone still and
just let them hug me. I felt a pain but not as much as the night
before and just nodded my thanks. Julie walked to a picture
of Jacie and I told her that was taken in Key Largo on our honeymoon.

"Dave she is gorgeous" Julie said putting her
hand to her chest. She looked at the picture for a moment
longer then looked back at me with appraising eyes. I knew
what she must have been thinking. "What happened
to you" so I answered for her.

"I kind of let myself go after it happened" I
said looking down past my belly to the floor. "I gained
about 50 lbs" I hadn't lifted a weight or done
anything close to exercise in months and just stuffed myself
with McDonalds and Burger King.

Tara had walked over to see the picture Julie was talking
about. She looked at Jacie's perfect figure in her
blue bikini and my shirtless fit body. She touched the picture
frame and said "you guys look so good together"

She looked at me and said with honest eyes "you are
a hottie"

"Was you mean" I said feeling self conscious

"No you still are don't be dumb" she laughed.
Something in her voice struck a cord and I smiled in spite
of myself. I looked up into her deep blue sapphire eyes and
started to feel a little confidence creep back into me.
Jason broke the moment with a joke about finding me sexy
as hell in a platonic sort of way and we all laughed together.
I asked what the plan was and they told me we where going to
a new club called "Drink" in downtown Minneapolis.

Julie was going to do the driving tonight and after making
me promise not to jump into anymore cabs we set off in her
little blue Jetta. The ride to downtown didn't take
very long and we found the club pretty easily. Jason got
us past the line thanks to him being the wine vendor for the
place and we walked into a throbbing crowd of people.

Ginuwine's "Hell Yeah" filled the club
with music and people tried to dance while not bumping into
anyone. We fought our way to the bar and ordered a round of
Viagra's and Mich Golden Lights. We weren't there
for maybe 10 minutes before Tara jumped next to me and spun
around looking angry as a wet cat.

"Don't fucking grab my ass asshole" She
yelled at a drunk guy standing behind her. Julie moved to
her side before Jason and I had a chance to react. She began
yelling at the kid pointing a finger in his face. He must
of said something she didn't like because she emptied
her bottle of beer over his head. The guy didn't like
this at all and pushed Julie hard enough to make her fall
into the crowd behind her.

This was my Que. I moved passed Tara and pushed the guy down
the bar toppling over barstools and sending him to his ass.
His friend flew forward and I caught a fist to the left eye
knocking me a little loopy for a second. The guy that hit
me crumpled to the floor under Jason's fist. I snapped
out of it and caught the guy that started the whole mess in
the chin as he got up and launched himself at Jason. A second
later the bouncers had showed up and grabbed the drunk guy
I just punched off the floor and his dazed friend. They were
politely escorted out the front door.

The manager came over as Jason was helping Julie off her
butt. Jason smoothed it over letting us stay in the club
if we wanted to. We decided that the place was a little to
packed and we made our way back out onto the street. Still
jazzed from the fight I felt a little like my old self at the

"My hero" laughed Tara as she grabbed my arm.

"Boy you cause a lot of trouble when you go out. I said
with my eye a little sore and with her still hanging on my

"It wasn't me I was just standing there when he
grabbed my ass" she countered.

"If you didn't have such a hot ass it would have
been a problem" laughed Julie giving it a slap.

"Yeah I am sure the guy thought it was worth it, I probably
would have done it too" I said feeling more brave.

"You want to get socked in the other eye bucko"
she said looking at me with a smile.

"You probably hit harder" I said answering
her smile with my own. We all laughed and walked down the
street not really sure where we where going to go. We stumbled
across Prince's old club First Avenue and decided
this was as good as club as any.

We made our way into the giant dance club and found a table
close to the dance floor. Obviously playing on the fact
that Prince had once owned the club "Get off"
boomed through it's speakers. We drank and laughed
the rest of the night. The girls danced with Julie stealing
the show with sexy moves and her playing to Jason. The night
flew by and at the end we were feeling pretty damn good. We
poured ourselves out of the club and back onto the street.

"So what's next" Julie said holding onto
Jason for support as we headed back the way we came.

"Lets go to Deja Vu" Said Tara jumping in front
of us and walking backwards on wobbly legs.

"What's Deja Vu" I asked closing one eye
to focus on Tara's sexy little body.

"Big topless club where they grind you into oblivion"
Jason said doing his best to keep Julie upright.

"And which one of us is going to drive to the club cause
I call not it" I said

"Not it" Said Tara and Julie together

"I call bullshit lets get a cab" Jason slurred

"I'll get it" Julie said and she walked
to the curb and stuck out a long bare leg" She was doing
her best to stand on one leg and not fall over.

A cab actually braked to a squealing stop next to us. "and
I thought that only happened in movies" I said with
a big laugh. The others joined in and we tried to cram ourselves
into the cab. With Jason's big frame taking up most
of the back seat Tara would have to sit on my lap. Her tiny
ass found it's way onto my lap and pressed against my
cock. She turned sideways and put her arms around my neck
to steady herself in the moving car. I couldn't remember
the last time I had had a hard on but I knew it was about to happen.

The cab seemed to hit every bump on the road driving her ass
deeper into my lap. I felt blood rush from my fast beating
heart into my groin. As it started to swell Tara had to shift
to get more comfortable. A recognition of what was happening
finally crossed her face and she turned to look at me. Her
eyes widened a little and a small smile crept across her

She leaned in close and said in what she thought was a whisper
"is that you, I mean is that all you"

I could feel my face turn bright red and Julie and Jason stopped
their conversation mid sentence to look at us.

"Oh God kill me know" was all my drunk mind came
up with.

"I don't think you are the one that needs to worry"
Said Tara with a shocked expression on her face. "I
wouldn't be able to walk for a week"

This was the first time Tara had alluded to us in any kind
of situation other than friends. I didn't know what
to say or do. I felt weird being in this position with a woman
that wasn't my wife. I hadn't even thought of being
with another woman since the accident and I just kept my
mouth shut so I wouldn't take us into any kind of discussion
of anything sexual.

"Oh Mr. Williams is packing some heat huh" laughed

Julie grabbed Jason through his jeans and said " Baby
you are packing some mighty big heat yourself"

The cab driver let out a little laugh and we all followed
forgetting he was even in the car with us. We pulled up to
Deja Vu Minnesota and pried ourselves out of the backseat.
We paid and went into the club. It was 7 dollars to enter and
a two 6 dollar juice drink minimum. We paid and got our two
cokes a piece before finding a table on the lower deck.

The club was a huge 3 level place. Rows of couches lined the
dark red walls. It had 3 stadium like areas filled with tables
and chairs. The lowest and closest to the stage was filled
with groups of guys and couples. The large stage area was
ablaze with flashing white lights. A sliver pole went all
the way up to the 3rd level easily reaching 40 ft high. Dancers
could get on the pole in the 3rd level dressing room and drop
down to the top deck and second bar and seating area or come
all the way down to the main level.

A blonde bombshell was finishing her pole routine when
we found seats on the second deck. Whatever hard rock song
it was ended and everyone clapped including Julie and Tara.
Sean Paul's "Get Busy" sent a ebony stripper
sliding upside down on the pole from the second deck to the
main stage. She shook her ass and worked the pole like her
life depended it. Jason sat transfixed on her and didn't
hear Julie ask him a question. She punched him on the arm
and looked hurt.

"Hey what's the point of coming to a strip club
if you can't look." He said making perfect sense
as far as I was concerned. Tara looked over and spoke to help
Julie out. "The point of a strip club is to get you turned
on and want us not them"

"Well shit we wanted you guys before we came in here,
good plan though" Jason answered for me. I looked
at Tara hoping she was going to laugh it off. She looked at
me and had a look of answer the right way or die on her face.

"I think you could turn me on so much more than they
ever could" I said with a wince hoping it would end
the conversation. She looked at me for a second before saying

"We'll see" She said and turned back in
time to see a ass shaking hand stand. I downed my first coke
in one big gulp and watched the dancer work her body in ways
I didn't think possible.

"Which one do think is hot" Tara said to the side
of my head. "I am curious to see which one you would

"Pick for what" I said not wanting to look at

"For a lap dance" She said simply

The 7 or 8 shots and 12 pack of beer in my system must have given
me some kind of brain malfunction. I decided right then
that I wouldn't go down with out a fight. I scanned the
room to find the girl that was least like Tara to tease her
with. I saw a thin Asian with large fake breasts and a large
dragon tattoo that covered most of her back giving some
young kid a lap dance.

"That one" I said pointing at her. Tara turned
her head and looked at the Asian girl grinding her pussy
hard into the kids crotch. She looked back at me and raised
her thin blonde eye brow. "Really, interesting"

"Bump Bump Bump" by B2K brought a tall voluptuous
red head down the pole in a strawberry covered bikini. She
moved around the large mirrored stage shaking her round
ass at anyone that looked.

"How about you Jason" Julie said with a little
irritation in her voice. Jason not thinking clearly or
worse not thinking at all picked a girl that looked almost
like Julie. The tall skinny brunette with big tits and wavy
dark brown hair dancing on some old guy could have been her
sister for sure. Julie stood up and signaled Tara to follow
her. They talked together for a second on the way down to
the lower seating area and split both heading toward their
intended targets.

Tara got to the Asian first and whispered something in her
ear causing her to stop her grinding and look up in our direction.
The girl nodded and Tara headed back our way. Julie did the
same to the brunette and came back towards Jason and I. I
looked over at Jason who just shrugged and watched the redhead
crawling on all fours.

"What did you just do" I asked as Tara sat down

"A little experiment" she said looking at Julie
as she sat down. The song ended and was replaced by R Kelly's
"Ignition" as yet another girl slid down the
pole. This one was a tall blonde with goose bumps under her
bikini top and an ass that looked way too big for her thin
body. The tall brunette sat down at the table and introduced
herself to us as Chloe.

"So the big one is yours" She asked Julie who
nodded. "Do you want to do this upstairs in the private
booths or up on the couches along the wall.

"The couches will be fine" Julie said.

The Asian girl walked up behind Tara and bent down to ask
her a question. She pointed at me and said "this one
is mine"

The Asian girl made a sexy face and said "oh this is
going to be fun" Her name was Jade of course and she
sat down beside Tara. They whispered with the girls for
the rest of the song asking them questions that Jason and
I could not hear.

"Shall we" Said Chloe

"Yes lets" Said Julie with a smile on her face
that made both Jason and I a little nervous. The dancers
got up and grabbed our hands. They pulled us up out of our
chairs and led us to the back wall couches with Tara and Julie
close behind. My girl Jade had on a red and yellow Mandarin
style short dress that barely covered her tiny ass. I didn't
think she could have weighed more than 90 lbs and stood 5
foot tall. With huge heels on she only reached maybe 5'5.
She moved me to a plush red fabric couch and pushed me down
into it. Jason fell into the couch next to mine and the girls
sat down on little coffee tables in front of us.

"So are you ready for this big daddy" cooed the
girl Chloe. Again in my opinion not thinking Jason said
"Hell yeah" Causing Julie standing behind
Chloe to roll her eyes and cross her arms. Jade put her hands
on both of my knees and said "I am going to take care
of you good baby" I being a little smarter kept my mouth
shut and looked at Tara with a help me face. She had her hands
on her hips and just gave me a sly smile.

"I Know What You Want" by Busta Ryhmes and Mariah
Carey started the show. Jade stood in front of me and wasting
no time stripped off her dress. Her round fake C's stood
out on her small chest like volleyballs. Her ribs led the
way to her tiny stomach and waist. She had on a tiny red micro
bikini that clung to her pussy lips showing off every inch.

She moved in between my legs and moved her body slowly to
the music. Her hands caressed her tiny body with each twist
of her hips. She moved to her knees in front of me and rubbed
her huge tits on my crotch. She slid her body up and down trying
to titty fuck my jeans. I looked up at Tara and saw an amused
look on her face. She watched as Jade moved her face to my
groin and rubbed her forehead on my cock in slow circles.

I looked over to see that Chloe had her ass in Jason's
lap grinding into his cock with her hands on his thighs for
support. Julie did not have the look of amusement like Tara
and looked down right annoyed.

Jade crawled up my body and straddled me in one motion. She
let her long black hair fall into my face and she pressed
hard down on to me. I could feel her pussy through my jeans
and she moved her hips in circles on me. I don't know
if it was Tara watching or the fact that I haven't been
touched by another person for so long. It could have even
been the fact that the alcohol had woken my dormant feelings
up. But damnit if I didn't start to get hard.

I tried to fight the growing erection as Jade slid her pussy
up and down my jean covered cock. It started to get uncomfortable
to sit as my cock grew larger in my pants. Jade turned around
on me and rubbed on me in a reverse cowboy position giving
me a view of her little ass. I could see the red string go all
the way down her ass crack and could see her dark asshole
peeking out from behind the fabric. The micro bikini had
crawled up her pussy and her dark lips hung over the side.

I am glad I was wearing a polo that hung over my pants. My cock
had swollen to it's full size and was poking out the
top of my jeans. She was either completely oblivious to
Tara or just didn't care. She turned back around and
straddled me again. She pressed her large fake tits against
my chest and moved her lips to my ear. She stuck her tongue
out and licked it sending goose bumps crawling over my arms.
She sat up again and slid her arms under my shirt and up to
my shoulders. She moved forward and placed her pussy against
my straining erection.

She pressed my covered cock between her lips and ground
hard onto me.

"oh my did I do that" she purred into my ear "it's
really big I bet it would feel good inside me" she slid
her hands down my large belly and found me protruding out
of my pants with her hands. She jumped at finding it and sat
up quickly. She looked back at Tara with a big smile "you
are a lucky girl"

I don't know if I felt proud and confident or embarrassed
at that moment but I did know I felt drunk. I looked at Tara
again and saw that she had a confused look, but thankfully
not angry.

Jade regained her composure and moved her body up and down
my cock pushing as hard as she could into me. She switched
positions a couple of times grinding me hard each time and
got up when the song ended. She pulled the bikini out from
between her lips and clapped a few times "that was
fun thanks guys"

I looked over at a sublimely happy Jason as Chloe finished
her lap dance with one last grind on his cock. She stood up
on her long legs and turned to Julie "is that what you

"Oh yes thank you" she said handing her a folded
20 from her pocket. She looked down at the almost drooling
Jason "did you have fun"

"Oh hell yeah that was great" he beamed. I had
to remind myself to have a talk with the playboy before he
got himself killed. Or at the very least a pointy toed high
heel up his ass. Tara paid Jade and she went on her merry way
to find other loose 20 dollar bills. I looked at Tara not
wanting to get up until my hard on went away. She sat down
in front of me and put her hands on my knees. In her best Asian
girl impression she said "I am going to take care of
you baby just sit back and enjoy it"

" Um what" I said not getting what was going on.

Julie answered for her "Oh we will see who can turn
you guys on more, us or them"

"Hell yeah" Jason said looking at Julie with
big hopeful eyes. Julie stood tall looking like an amazon
warrior and a pissed one at that. Her tall frame blocking
out the light behind her and staring at Jason like he was
a snack. I wasn't much luckier with Tara, right before
the next song started she asked "So why did that girl
say I was lucky"

Thinking quickly for a drunk guy "Cause she likes
fat guys and baby you won the jackpot"

Tara let out a laugh and included some snorting. Thankfully
this made me laugh too and my bought my dying erection time.

50 Cent's "Magic Stick" made Tara stand
up and start her dance. She wasn't the best dancer in
the world but bless her heart if she didn't try. She
moved her body in slow circles and turned to show me her ass.
She bent over putting her hands on the table in front of her.
She dropped to the floor and back up sticking her perfect
ass straight in my lap. Her bandana halter top must have
had elastic under her breasts because it only separated
from her body enough for me to see her flat stomach and nothing
else. She put her hands on my knees and moved it from side
to side careful not to touch me. She backed up and slammed
her butt into my belly almost knocking the wind out of me.
She turned back around slowly and crawled onto my lap.

She got on her knees and looked down at me. She racked her
fingers across my chest and big belly, she moved her hips
from side to side and blew me a kiss. Tara sat down hard onto
my lap sending pain up and down my body with rapid motion.
She moved her legs under her and got on her heels causing
all her weight to press down onto my poor cock. I felt that
good old blood flow sensation start to take effect. She
reached her hands around my neck and drove her pussy hard
into my cock.

It felt good and painful at the same time, she rolled her
body forward and backward over me causing the friction
of our jeans to rapidly heat us up. Her little blonde pigtails
swung back and forth giving her the look of a naughty teenager
even though she was 23. She rolled her hips around over me
and there was no stopping my erection from happening. I
lost the fight and got rock hard again poking over the top
of my jeans. She looked at me again with wide blue eyes and
stopped moving. Some thing twinkled in her eyes and she
pressed her pussy as hard as she could into my cock. "Lucky
girl huh"

I tried not to smile but couldn't keep it off my face
"um what"

She lifted up and slammed herself back down sending another
jolt of pain into my body. She rolled around a couple more
times and her body tensed and she let out a noise of surprise.
Tara must have rubbed her clit over me and sent a little electricity
through her own body. She let out a deep breath "pheww
wow I didn't expect that"

"Ha" I said figuring I had managed to give a little
back. I looked past Tara and saw that we had drawn the attention
of a couple of tables around the second deck. They seemed
to all be looking to my left at Jason and Julie. When I looked
over I froze.

Julie had her top pulled down and her large breasts swung
in Jason's face. Tara followed my gaze and gasped.
Julie's skirt was covering them but it was obvious
with each movement he was inside her. She was pushing her
hips back and forth against him. Her head was tilted to side
and her mouth hung open in a moan that we could hear over the
music. As she rocked back and forth on her knees Jason's
hands clung to her hips urging her on.

The site in front of me didn't help my erection problem
at all. My cock started to throb in my pants and into Tara's
jean covered pussy. She gasped a little when she felt it,
her hands tightened around my neck but did take her eyes
of our friends having sex on a couch in a strip club with 10
or so people watching. Julie took her left breast into her
hand and massaged it in slow circles rubbing over her hard
pink nipples every so often.

Tara's breathing was getting quicker and more shallow,
she let all of her 110 lbs rest in my lap and rocked her self
slowly back and forth. I moved my hands off the couch and
put then on her hips pulling her lightly down.

Julie's hips moved faster as she got closer to her orgasm.
Jason started to raise his hips going deeper into her. She
began to breath heavier and squeeze her breast harder with
each circle. Her skin began to glow red as it heated up. Her
body started to shake and she let out a loud "yes"
with each forward motion. Jason gritted his teeth together
and pulled her hard into him. They came together a few seconds
later in an ear splitting "yeeeessssss" that
flew out of Julie and into the surrounding club drawing
a few cheers from their audience. They moved slowly through
their orgasm and Julie's hips jerked a few times.

She collapsed forward onto Jason giving the crowd a view
of his cock buried deep into her pussy. Realizing that they
were being watched she sat up and got off Jason's lap.
She pulled her top over her naked chest and reached under
the front of her skirt to adjust her thong back. This left
Jason scrambling to tuck his dick back into his pants.

Tara closed her legs pushing her knees together tight.
My cock jumped from the pressure this put on it and I felt
her push down onto me one last time. She threw her body to
the cushion next to me and stared off into the crowd.

"Wow I don't know if I am turned on or grossed out"
she said looking straight ahead.

"Me either" I said knowing full well it was the

"Uh it was easy to guess that one" she said turning
to look at me and trying to ignore Julie as she adjusted her
self back to normal. "I can't believe they just

"Believe it" Said Jason sitting up. A skinny
bouncer walked up to Jason with purpose in his eyes.

"You can't do that in here it's Illegal"
He said trying to sound firm "You guys have to get the
hell out before I through you out"

Jason stood up to his full 6'5 and looked down and the
skinny guy yelling at him.

"We will leave settle down big man" he said giving
the bouncer something to think about before he made a mistake
and tried to force us out. Tara and I got up and joined Julie
and Jason who were walking to the door and being applauded
by a few patrons.

We made our way out onto the street with out any further incident.
Julie had not said a single word on the way out and didn't
look at either Tara or myself.

"I think I made my point" she said crossing her
arms over her previously exposed chest.

"yup you showed the hell out of Jason" I said
as straight faced as I could.

Tara lost it and fell against me laughing her heart out.
I started in and we laughed together causing Jason to start
in and Julie to blush and look away.

"Jesus Juls you had your boobies out and everything"
Said Tara through tears

"Taxi" Julie yelled as a yellow car came appeared
down the street.

We climbed into the taxi this time with Julie sitting in
the front seat and Tara mushed in between Jason and I. We
rode the short trip back to where the Jetta was parked. Apparently
all the fucking that Julie did sobered her up enough to drive
back to my town home. The car ride was eerily silent with
only Tara and my stifled laughs breaking the quiet. Julie
couldn't take it after awhile and turned up some country
music to drown us out.

We pulled into the driveway, I thanked them for a weird night
and Tara gave me a hug goodbye. I jumped out of the back seat
and walked to my door. I went into my house and headed straight
for the fridge to get a beer thinking I would have a couple
and hopefully pass out. A knock at my door cut me off from
my couch rendezvous, I changed directions and opened the

"Hi they are going to Jason's house to fuck again
or something can I crash here tonight" Tara said standing
in my doorway.

"Sure come on in" I said stepping back and letting
her in. She walked past me and I caught a hint of her country
apple body spray.

"Would you like a beer, I have a almost a full case that
Jason left" I said

"Sure might as well keep up the wicked buzz I have"
she said. taking the full beer I had in my hand. She flopped
her self down on my couch and slumped down into it.

"So tonight was a little odd huh" she said

"Uh yeah it's definitely a first for me"
I said truthfully. Grabbing another beer out of the fridge.
I walked back into the living room and sat down on the opposite
end of the couch.

"Maybe on the second date we can go to a porn theatre
and just skip the middleman" she said letting out
a little laugh and snort combo.

"Yeah no kidding" I said. "but I didn't
know this was a first date"

Tara looked at me for a second and then sat up.

"It was a first date" she said and moved closer
to me, taking my hand in hers.

"I know this is been a horrible year for you, but I promise
it will get better" she said

Tara leaned in close and kissed me lightly on my lips. She
pulled back to look at my eyes for a moment. Her brilliant
sapphire blue eyes dazzled me, I felt the warmth that my
body hadn't known for what seemed like an eternity.
I looked at her face so foreign in it's looks yet something
in her eyes reminded me of a home I once had. She gave me small
smile the corners of her smile making her cheek bones more
pronounced. I moved a= hand to her face taking her left cheek
into my right hand. She closed her eyes and turned her face
into my hand rubbing her cheek on it. I moved my other hand
to the side of her elegantly thin neck and pulled her toward

Her soft pink lips parted to allow her tongue to slide across
my lips. I closed my eyes and fell headlong into her soft
kisses. With each new touch of her lips an Aurora flashed
behind my eyes. Almost in a trance I pulled her as close to
me as I could taking her body into mine. Her scent was intoxicating,
my body was electrified as my nerves and receptors fired
all at once from long lost sensations.

I don't know if I pulled her on top of me or if she straddled
me on her own. She pressed against me with all of her weight
and took my face in her hands. Her kisses became more frantic,
she danced her wet lips across my cheek and to my neck. I took
in a sharp breath as she sucked the skin below my left ear.
Tara reached down and took the hem of my polo in her hands.
Self conscious hands were quick to grab her wrists "I
have gained a lot of weight and I am really fat now"

"It's ok I am skinny enough for the both of us"
I couldn't help but laugh at her words of wisdom.

She pulled her hands out of my grasp and lifted my shirt over
my round belly and over my head. She placed her hands on my
chest and brought her lips to it. She laid kisses so soft
that it felt like butterflies landing on my skin. She moved
down over my stomach continuing her attention to my sides.
It felt good to be touched again, to be adorned with kisses.
I felt alive with sensations that had been nothing but ghosts
since a cold crisp November morning.

She brought her lips back to mine and kissed me deeply. Her
soft moans reverberated through my body and woke something
up deep within me. I wrapped her face in my meaty palms finally
kissed her back with all the passion that I had. She breathed
deep into my mouth as rapture consumed us both. Her sighs
of pleasure driving my mouth and body. I reached to the knot
of her red bandana halter top and fumbled it with my fingers
until it came undone. It fell between us and I felt her small
perky breasts press against my chest. Her erect up turned
nipples pressed into my flesh as our lips and tongues danced
and caressed one another.

I moved my lips down to her slightly creased chin and moved
my tongue down her jaw line. Her sighs of pleasure telling
me I was making her feel good. I moved to her slender neck
and tasted the endings of her perfume. It's light metallic
tang blended with the salty sweet of her skin. Our bodies
heated up one another as lust pumped blood faster through
our extremities. My loins moved for her body and my cock
was swelling to it's limit.

I moved down to her chest and covered her breast bone with
kisses while my hands gently cupped her breasts into my
hands. Tara's arms dropped to her sides and her head
fell back. Soft sighs and moans crept up her throat. I brought
my mouth to her perky breasts and took a nipple between my
lips. I lavished her nipple with my tongue before moving
to the other and giving it the same attention. I gripped
her thin waist with my hands and lifted her to be able to reach
her ultra thin stomach. I moved over her belly with my tongue
and being tickled by tiny blonde peach fuzz. I kissed her
shallow belly button before letting her body fall back
onto my lap.

Tara wrapped up in my arms had momentarily brought back
my confidence and I took control. I placed my hands under
her firm small ass and stood up. She wrapped her arms and
legs around me and held on as I moved down the hallway toward
the abandoned bedroom. I kissed her as we walked through
the bedroom door.

The bedroom was spartan to say the least. I had removed all
the pictures and materials of my past life and had safely
tucked them away. The large bed was new and covered by dark
chocolate Egyptian cotton sheets. A white flower embroidered
Duvet lay on top with orange covers over the pillow cases.
The dresser and night stand lay almost bare with only a radio
and lamp upon them. The room was bathed in a pale white glow
coming from the blind covered window. Still holding Tara
around me I moved to the radio and flipped the dust covered
switch to ON.

Lifehouse's "Everything" floated it's
haunting melody into our ears.

I laid Tara down on the end of the bed with her legs hanging
off the edge. I got down on my knees between her legs and reached
for her shoes. I removed them and worked my hands up her jean
covered shins. My hands moved up over her knees and onto
her thighs. I didn't dare look at her but I could feel
her eyes on me. I moved my fingers to her white belt and unbuckled
it. My passion making my hands tremble, I fumbled her button
free and pulled down her zipper. I looked up into her deep
blue eyes and gently tugged her pants slowly down her slight

Tara lifted her body to allow me to move her pants and underwear
down her body. I slid them down her thighs and past her calves
to the floor. Sitting on my knees and not able to see her upper
body I took one of her petite feet into my hands. I held her
foot and brought her toes to my lips. I gently kissed her
toes taking the tips into my mouth careful not to tickle
her. I could hear her breathing turn into little gasps as
I worked my kisses to the top of her foot.

I moved up her shin to her knee leaving a slight trail that
shone in the moonlight. I sat back down and moved to her other
foot and began to do the same. Her hips sunk into the bed as
I finished at the top of her knee. I stood up on my knees and
slid my arms under her silky smooth legs. I pulled her closer
to me draping her legs over my shoulders. I kissed the inside
of her right thigh at the bend and worked my way slowly toward
her. Her head was turned to the side and she had her fingers
against her lips.

I stopped my kisses in the crevice of her leg and breathed
hot breath onto her mound careful to not touch her. Her body
writhed under me and she let out a deep sigh. I moved back
and began to start at her other knee repeating what I had
done. I moved my kisses and tongue flicks slower than the
last time moving achingly slow to her. Her tiny stomach
sucking into her with each gasp of breath.

I moved to the insides of her legs and I smelled the sweetness
of her. I looked at her shaved pussy and it's lips glistened
with moisture. A single drop slid down her lips and fell
to the embroidered Duvet as I moved my tongue to her outer
lips. I licked her outer lip in one long slow motion causing
her to let out a loud moan. I moved my tongue to her other outer
lip and licked it with the same slow motion careful not to
taste her yet. I paused for a second taking in the sweet smell
of Tara before bringing my tongue to her insides.

I put my tongue on the little piece of flesh at the bottom
of her opening and slid my tongue into her wet slit. She tasted
so sweet as my tongue moved up to her swollen clit. I stopped
just before reaching it and sucked one of her tiny inner
lips into my mouth. Tara's gasps where shallow and
slow and her hips moved ever so slightly. Her legs hanging
over my shoulders flexed and released.

"Unknown" by Lifehouse was the next song, telling
me I had turned on the cd that was left in the player.

I released her inner labia and moved to the pink swollen
clit sticking out of her hood. I put it between my lips in
a gentle kiss. I moved my lips over it in side to side motions
causing Tara's muscles to contract again. I put more
pressure on it and brought my tongue to the under side of
it. When the tip touched her clit she let out a "ooohhhh"
in a tiny far away voice.

I sucked on her clit sending her body into more small convulsions
and then slid into her. My tongue moving up and down inside
her I reached up and fingered her clit. I rolled it slowly
between my fingers putting light pressure onto it. Her
body responding to my movements and moving with me and against
me. I plunged deeper into her and quickened my pace. The
heels of her feet digging into my bare back urging me on.

"Dave" she moaned "don't stop"

I kept up what I was doing feeling her get wetter with each
roll of my fingers and flick of my probing tongue. Her stomach
was sucking in and out and her body rippled in my arms. I moved
an arm out from under her and worked at my pants to take them
off. I brought Tara as close to her climax I could without
pushing her over the top. I released her clit and stood up,
my pants falling to the floor in one motion. I worked my green
boxer briefs down and pulled her as close to the edge of the
bed as I could.

My hard cock stood up against me straining to be used. I looked
down at her, she was looking back into my eyes. I moved my
hand to my cock and forced the head down to her pussy. I slid
the tip of my dick up and down her dripping pussy lips making
it wet. Her legs curled around my ass locking her ankles
together. She tried to pull me into her, I held fast and continued
running the tip up and down. I ran it over her clit and she
bucked her hips and let out another moan. Her hands at her
sides grasping handfuls of Duvet.

Her body didn't seem to have a single ounce of fat on
it and with each turn of her torso I could see her muscles
and ribs working. Her perky breasts with their light pink
puffy nipples barely moved as she turned and twisted.

"Breathing" By Lifehouse was the next song

I moved my free hand to one of her hips and slowing pushed
the head of my cock into the folds of her bare pussy. Her wet
heat closed over the head of my cock protesting it's
entry. Tara gasped as I started to stretch her open. I took
my hand off my cock and moved it under her bent leg wrapping
it around to the front of her thigh. I pulled her toward me
driving myself deeper inside her. Her head pushed back
on the bed and her mouth opened in a soundless moan. Inch
by inch I moved into her pussy, my cock being pressured from
all sides. I drew back and looked down and watched my glistening
cock pull it self out of her.

Tara's thin legs tried to pull me back in again urging
me not to pull out again. I slowly moved in and out putting
my self deeper inside with each forward motion. I drew out
more of her juices with every withdrawal making it easier
to glide in and out of her swollen pussy. I took my hand off
of her hip and used my thumb to put pressure on her clit. I
moved my thumb over it in circles and sped up my hips plunging
deep inside. Soft sucking noises joined the music, Tara's
hands ripped at the bedspread as she moaned out non intelligible

"Hanging by a Moment" started to play next

I moved faster and faster in and out of her. My moans joined
into hers as our hips collided with one another. She let
go of the bed and frantically reached for me trying to pull
me down on top of her. I let her drag me down on top of her and
tried desperately not to crush her under my large body.
She refused my holding back and pulled with all or her strength.
Our bodies pressed together, my hips thrusting my hard
cock deep into her insides.

"oooohhhhh ummmmmmm" she moaned into my ear.
Her pussy started grasping and releasing on my throbbing
hard cock. Her finger nails bit into my back and drew blood
in ten curved slits. I buried my face in her neck sucking
on her soft skin. My big belly pressing hard on her thin stomach,
soft popping sounds came from the suction of our sweat covered
chests. Harder and harder I drove my hips into her. Her legs
held on to my back as my body motions rocked the bed into the

I moved my hand under her back and lifted her ass up off of
the bed and continued to slid in and out of her tiny tight
pussy. The pressure built up in my loins and I knew I was going
to cum. I couldn't think, I couldn't vocalize
what I wanted to say. Her moans and urges for me not to stop
mixed into the jumble of sounds in my head none of which made
any sense. My body jerked and I felt a burning release of
pressure as I filled her insides with a large explosion
of cum. I forced my hips to keep moving through my intense
orgasm and filled her with more cum than her pussy could
hold. As I thrust in and out cum poured from her and ran down
over her asshole onto the white Duvet cover.

Her voice turned shrill and she screamed out "I'm
cumming don't stop"

I did my best not to stop and had to struggle to keep moving.
I felt something inside her give way and a great gush of fluid
rushed over my cock. Her pussy reacted in violent convulsions
as she came. Tara's back arched and she dropped her
hands to the bed and frantically grabbed at anything with
in her reach. "oh God oh God ooooohhhhhhh"she
screamed "uuuuuhhhhhh" she said in a tone too
deep for her body and she tried to sit up in vain. Her head
shook back and forth releasing one of her little blonde
pigtails. Her hair flew into her face and open mouth sticking
itself to her wet lips.

Tara's flesh was filled with goosebumps and glowed
bright red. Her body still thrashing as I worked my semi
hard cock in and out of her spasming pussy. Her thick flood
of cum mixed with mine and I slipped out of her with a soft
pop. Her thrashing subsided and she fell back into the bed.
Her legs released me and fell over the end of the tall bed,
her arms at her sides she lay quietly panting.

A huge rush of guilt flowed over me making me stand up and
draw back. I couldn't believe I just had sex with someone
after Jacie died. I felt like a horrible monster for betraying
her like that. I grabbed my pants and headed out to the living
room leaving Tara naked and panting on the bed that hadn't
been slept in since the morning of Nov 5, 2002.

I walked naked down the hallway and into the living room
putting on my pants as I went. I walked past my gold couch
and headed to the kitchen for a beer. I slammed the cold alcoholic
liquid down my throat and just stared at the humming white
fridge. Over the past year and half my life had changed so
much. I had reached the tops of mountains only to fall into
the deepest pits. Jacie's smiling face flashed into
my thoughts, her matchless white smile and deep blue sapphire

I had woken up to so many dreams of her laying next to me. I
had felt the phantom touches in my half awake state, and
heard her voice call my name in crowds. I had long since packed
away her things to keep them safe. I had left the house untouched
for a couple of months, but after awhile I couldn't
bare seeing things she had left through out the house stuck
in the same place. At times I thought I caught a whiff of her
perfume in the air. I thought I was going crazy at times and
wonder if I hadn't fallen over the edge.

I wanted to hear her voice one last time, I never got a chance
to say I loved her before she left that morning. I felt fear
that she didn't know how much she had meant to me. If
I could have had only one more hour with her, one last kiss.
It wasn't fair that she left me alone to deal with the
pain of it all. It wasn't fair that I had to come home
to our empty house every Goddamn day and just wallow in the

Nothing changed in the house anymore and that was the thing
I could never push out of my mind. The TV was always on the
channel I left it. Things around the house were never moved
to where I couldn't find them. If I left my shoes and
socks in the middle of the living room nobody told me to pick
them up. I was angry at her for going away and I couldn't even
yell at her. I wish so many things were different that day.
I should have just taken the weekend off, I should have been
driving I could have gotten out of the way. So many things
and so much pain. It was supposed to be forever.

A tear formed in my eye and ran down my cheek. I took down the
rest of the beer and reached in for a fresh one. I heard the
soft patter of feet on the linoleum kitchen floor, and felt
a pair of hands on my back.

"Dave" said the suddenly unfamiliar voice
"are you ok" her hands wrapped themselves around
my stomach bringing her naked breasts to my back. Her warmth
felt so welcome and so hated at the same time. I wanted her
to leave my house and my life. I didn't want her to get
in the way of my pain, I deserved it for still being here.

"Talk to me Dave" said her sickly sweet voice.

I wanted to tell her that there was nothing to talk about
and that she should just go. But I didn't, I turned in
her arms and looked down at her beautiful face. Her blue
sapphire eyes erasing my words. Instead I cried.

My tears flowed from my eyes for the second time since last
year. My body was racked with sobs and I sunk to the cold floor.
I felt months of pain and sorrow explode from my body. I tried
to control it but my heart wouldn't allow it.

"She left me" I sobbed "I don't know
why she left me"

"We were supposed to be together forever" trying
to wipe tears from my face. Tara had sat her naked form down
on my side and wrapped her arms around me.

"It's not fair she didn't do anything wrong,
she didn't hurt anybody, why the fuck did she have to
go" I cried

"Oh God why why" I dropped my head into her chest
pouring my tears over her breasts. I sobbed into Tara for
what seemed like and eternity before she spoke.

"It was time for her to go" she said slowly "Nothing
anyone could have done could have changed that"

"You seem to think you are not allowed to live anymore"
she continued "You think that because she died you
should just lay down and die too"

Tara pulled her arms back and took my face in her hands forcing
me to look at her through blurry eyes.

"I think she is the one that should be mad at you"
shocking me a little "You gave up on what she loved
the most in this world, You"

"More than anything she wanted you to be happy and
you are robbing her of that Dave" not letting me look
away "If you really love her and want her to know it,
you need to live and live well"

"Stop walking around like a zombie and do something"
she said now smiling at me "Stop thinking you don't
deserve things, you deserve wonderful things and you should
reach for them again"

Tara kissed me softly on my wet lips and crawled her naked
body into my lap. She wrapped her legs around me and encompassed
my neck in her arms.

The emotion that poured out of my body had seemed to lighten
my heart, and I began to feel better. The purge had seemed
to be what I had needed. I had held it in for so long that it
had covered me like a black shroud of misery. I couldn't
believe that this girl was being so nice to me after what
had just happened. I suddenly felt like an ass. I wanted
to tell her thank you and apologize for being a blubbery

"I am sorry I am usually not like this" I said
"I must look like an blubbering ass"

"no it's ok" She said giving me another
quick kiss

"So what has made you happy lately" she asked

I looked at her with a sly smile.

"I didn't mean me" she laughed "feeling

I nodded and wiped the last of the tears from my eyes.

"Good now why don't you tell me about her"
Tara said "I want to know every thing even the juicy

I laughed and asked her "so is this therapy going to
cost me"

"oh yes and extra because I am naked" she replied

I laughed and told her to hold on. I stood up with her clinging
to me and moved us into the living room. I sat down on the couch
and began my story. She laughed and traced my broken nose
with her fingers, She told me I was a bad friend when I told
her about Kelly and Jessa. She told me I should be ashamed
of myself for making Jacie squirt on her friend at the club.
She said "hell yeah" to the bachelor party they
had given me. She got a little teary eyed when I talked about
the wedding and our vows.

I talked for hours about the things we had done and the things
that use to make me laugh. Tara laughed with me and asked
questions about this or that. I didn't tear up again
and it felt great finally talking to someone. We sipped
beer and raided the fridge for what ever was edible, Tara
staying naked the whole time.

When we both couldn't stop yawning and light started
to shine through the blinds she got up and drug me into my
bedroom. She told me to lose the pants and snaked herself
under the covers. I obliged her and crawled into my bed for
the first time in almost a year. Tara slammed her small ass
into my stomach causing me to exhale greatly and pulled
my arm over her. She nestled into me and got herself comfortable
and as I lay there with my nose buried into her light blonde
lilac smelling hair she said "Oh and you are not my
boyfriend now, you are going to have to work for that"
she gave a curt nod "goodnight"

To be continued.........................

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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Ok like I commented before this is part 2 of the story. It
was one big part 1 but there was not enough space to let me
post it. I just cut the story in half and posted both parts.
If you are reading this and have not read part 1 it could get



Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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You have a gift for the written word. I laughed, I cried and
was even aroused. Excellent.