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Epilogue Part 13


"Hey I want to drive too, we bought it" Tara whined
at Julie. It's funny how somethings work out. One minute
you are thinking about drowning yourself in a toilet and
the next minute you are watching girls fight over who is
going to use a strap on and with whom. I also started to notice
my girlfriend Tara was the only one airing it out in the room.
Jessa had turned up the heat and I was beginning to over heat.
Jessa being only just about 100 lbs and lean as can be didn't
have any fat to keep her warm. I on the other hand was still
working to get fit again and had a little extra to get rid

Tara's eyes sparkled with mischief when she asked
"who would you like to see me fuck". First I had
to get over what she just asked me before I could even start
to think of who I would prefer. I had never gone to an adult
store to buy a two way and strap on with anyone and I was still
wrapping my mind around watching Julie take Chelle from
behind. Then you throw all the other things about Jason
and Julie and all of a sudden Tara becoming a sex driven,
baby saying love machine. If I added in Jessa's sudden
overly quiet persona then I knew for sure I would not be able
to think straight let alone choose her first victim.

I looked through the room at the people in it. Kelly was an
obvious choice, but I had other plans for her and I wanted
to save those for later when the liquid courage set in. Julie
I was still unsure about being my buddy's girlfriend
or I guess soon to be ex girlfriend. Oh then there was Jason
probably driving Julie's teenage pick up into their
bed while she lay on ours. Jessa was listening to Julie and
Kelly talk about how they like to be fucked and sipping on
her drink. I looked back into Tara's waiting eyes and
to the easy way out. "why don't you surprise me,
I am interested to see who you would pick first." Of
course the thought of watching her use the strap on with
Julie being 5'10 ish and about 130 lbs next to Tara's
5'5 and probably 110 would probably be just as funny
as it was sexy. For some reason I pictured a chihuahua trying
to fuck a great dane, that almost brought tears of laughter
to my eyes without even making a peep.

"hmm I don't know all my choices are just so lovely"
she said touching the tips of her fingers together in a triangle.
She clucked her tongue and weighed her options silently.
"You know Kelly kind of scares me in bed and tonight
I want to be in control" she whispered. "I think
Jessa I am really attracted to her and she is a sweetheart"
She nodded and made up her mind. "Hey Jess come here
would ya" she asked. Jessa without thinking came
over and sat down at the table with us. "what's
up" she asked looking between the two of us. "I
want to be the boy while you are the girl" Tara laughed.
"whatcha think". Jessa let a smile spread across
her face and said "I was thinking it was going to be

I looked into her eyes hoping to get some kind of understanding
why she was acting a little strange today. Kelly and I seemed
to pick up where we left off a year ago and there didn't
seem to be any tension between us. But with Jessa I felt like
a cloud hung over our heads. She noticed my vacant stare
and puffed her cheeks out and made a funny face at me. "earth
to Dave you in there" she laughed. "yeah what's
with you tonight? You're quiet." she asked.
"I don't know a lot of information tonight I guess
it was just a lot to take in" She looked at me for a second
then nodded in understanding. She got off my lap and stretched
out her body again before heading toward Julie.

I felt Jessa's eyes on me, but followed Tara's
movement instead. She swiped the sex toy with a "me
first" and a "hey" from Julie. She padded
to the bathroom with it and soon the water was running, so
I figured she must have wanted to clean it one more time.
Following Tara's mostly naked body to the bathroom
meant I came eye to eye with Jessa's. She made a funny
face at me and let me off the hook.

"Hey lets play a drinking game" Kelly yelled
into the room. I remember the last drinking game I played
with Jessa and Kelly and it brought me to where I was now.
I was just thankful we didn't have any ping pong balls.
Let's play "I've Never" she said with
a little to much excitement in her voice. Julie agreed and
thought it would be fun.. "Jess" Kelly asked
"I am game lets do it"

"Do what" Tara asked coming back out of the bathroom.
"we are going to play I've Never" Julie
told her. Tara laughed and gave me a funny look, she pointed
the clear dildo in my direction and said "I heard what
happened last time you guys all played a drinking game together"
She plucked some towel fuzz of the head of it and happily
said "I am definitely in just don't let me wake
up with a bump on my bean". The way we were going to play
the game was simple. One person would say something like
"I have never been to New York" If you had been
you drank, if you have never been you don't drink. The
question asker doesn't have to do anything on their
own question so a lot of time they get repeated. It's
simple as that and a lot of fun when you find out something
crazy about some one.

"Jesus it's hot in here" Kelly said and
used it as an excuse to strip down. I forgot she didn't
put her panties on when we left and she didn't seem to
care. The rest followed suit and pretty soon I was the only
one with clothes on. Julie left her white thong on, but let
her large tear drop shaped breasts loose. Jessa left on
her bra and gray boyshort panties. Tara was back in her bite
me panties and that was it.

It was hotter than hell it seemed so I stripped down to my
white tee shirt and red boxer briefs and joined the four
on the bed. We for some reason formed a circle and stared
at one another. Tara sat opposite of me and I was flanked
by Julie and Jessa with Kelly between Julie and Tara. I started
the game off simple. I have never been to Mexico. Everybody
drank but me, that for some reason led me to believe I definitely
needed to get out more. Julie was next. "I have never
dated a girl" she smiled at me letting me know that
was directed at me. She forgot about Jessa, the both of us
took a couple of drinks. Kelly was next and as usual.

"I have never had sex with an animal" she eyed
all suspiciously then when none of us drank she said "just
checking" and took a drink just because. "I
have never cheated on my boyfriend or girlfriend"
Tara said giving me the eye. I know it wasn't smart,
but I hadn't lied to Tara and I wasn't about to.
Kelly, Julie, Jessa, and I all took drinks to Tara's
surprise. "geez you guys that is horrible and I mean
you too ass" she was looking directly at me. "you
better drink too" Kelly said.

When Tara's confused face told Kelly that she didn't
understand she leaned in and gave her a slow moist kiss.
"MMmmm that was nice" she said and within seconds
it dawned on her what Kelly meant. "that doesn't
count I am with him and it was my idea". We gave her crap
for that and she took a drink just to shut us up. "you
cheated" I asked Jessa. She nodded and said "
in high school". I was hoping for something a little
juicier, but I was talking about Jessa after all. "I
have never fallen in love with a friend" I didn't
drink but Kelly and Tara did. Again they were high school
so not really anything good.

We asked the normal about stealing or cheating in school.
Breaking the law and lying to our friends, stuff like that.
As the game goes on it always ends up in sex and we were no different.
"ok I got one I have never had sex with the same sex"
Julie drank on her own question and everyone drank but me.
"oh that is too bad baby I would love to see you hammer
into some poor guy" Tara laughed. The others thought
it was funny and Jessa called me pretty. They asked to put
make up on me, but I politely refused with one finger. "I
have never had anal sex" Kelly asked. "is that
giving or receiving" I asked. "Just drink you
have fucked me in the ass." Jessa was the only one that
hadn't. "you still have your butt cherry"
Julie asked. Jessa laughed and nodded "I am too afraid
it will hurt" They went on about how after they got
used to it they loved it. Tara told her about our first time
and that she is addicted to it now, with the help of a lot of
lube of course. "I guess I just never got a chance with
the right person" she shrugged. "Davo will
help you out tonight, won't you Dave" Kelly laughed.

"I have never messed around with a relative"
Tara asked looking at each one of us. Julie let out a big laugh
and took a sip to a chorus of "no" She didn't
seem ashamed and blurted out "I learned to kiss with
my 3rd cousin no biggie" Tara let out a snort and started
cracking the incest jokes. Kelly chimed in and pretty soon
we were spitting out any joke we could think of " well
he if she taint good enough for her own family she sure is
hell taint good enough for ours"

"I have never thought of being a porn star" was
Jessa's next question. We all drank including Tara,
that brought another round of questions and explanations.
The best came from Kelly of course "hey I might was
well get paid for what I love doing cause sitting on the couch
drinking doesn't pay shit." I had a buzz kicking
in big time and for some reason my brain wanted to pay back
Tara again for the pregnancy sooo. "I have never liked
water sports" Tara turned bright red and looked down
into her drink. Kelly and Julie thought it was a stupid question
because they both loved to tube and waterski. It was Jessa
that told them what it meant. "He means peeing on each
other and in each other stuff like that" Julie and
Kelly looked a little green and didn't drink. Jessa
did to my shock and I followed sending the girls into a flurry
of questions, when Tara tried to sneak her drink they were
dumbfounded. "NNNOOOOOOOO WAAAY"

Julie sat up and was about to ask what the hell when Tara cut
her off "it's usually in the shower and it's"
Jessa spoke up adding to the shock on their faces "warm"
Kelly put her hand to her mouth and faked a retch "oh
God I licked that" She continued to make her fake retching
until Tara gave her a little punch to the arm "shut
up it's not that bad and Dave drinks a lot of water so
it's not foul" She didn't stop blushing
as the girls gave her more shit. Jessa always the brave drunk
went for shock value. "I would let you pee on me if you
wanted to" Tara let out a laugh and Julie and Kelly
looked well blank. "sickos" Kelly laughed
and finished her drink. She took our orders and filled all
of our glasses full.

The questions switched to drugs and a few other dumb things
not really too big. "I have never fallen in love with
somebody in this room. Tara happily took a drink and so did
I, followed by Jessa. "Listen J I like the fun we have
but I need cock in my diet." We laughed and Tara looked
at me with a strange look on her face. She didn't look
mad or hurt, but it was something for sure. It was my turn
and I took us back to sex to be on the safe side. "I have
never had sex with somebody more than 5 years difference"
Julie took a drink and said "six years" Kelly
had eight years. Jessa and Tara didn't drink.

We were getting pretty hammered and we were running out
of questions. Kelly rolled of the bed and grabbed the pink
two way that had been set down on the tub earlier. She fingered
the penis shaped ends and gave everyone a wry smile.. "well"
she asked. Julie with her sudden new sense of freedom took
the toy from Kelly and slid her arms around her neck pulling
her close. They started to kiss and we disappeared from
their minds. Tara got excited and started clapping "I
get to be the boy I get to be the boy" She sprung off the
bed and ripped her panties down over her hips. She grabbed
the strap on and ran to the bathroom.

I felt like asking Jessa if she was in love with me, but at
the same time I was afraid of the answer. She was in her happy
buzz state and told me she was a little worried that my girlfriend
my tear her up. Kelly and Julie broke their kiss and began
to fill the hot tub. They worked on their drinks and caressed
each other completely ignoring the three of us. Until Tara
jumped out of the bathroom and flew around the room like
a well hung supper hero. She jumped on the bed with the fake
cock wagging in front of her. She put her hands to her hips
and turned sideways "I am the fucker able to make short
haired brunettes cum in mere minutes"

It was so funny I don't think we stopped laughing for
at least five minutes. I thought to myself that all the porno's
I had seen in my teen years lied to me. Nobody shows up with
a pizza and gets laid, and it's situations like these
that are built more on fun and excitement then passion and
intense moments from the start. Tara dropped down to the
bed and asked Jessa "so how do you want it baby deep
and slow or the jack hammer special" Jessa furrowed
her brow and gave a nervous smile "you scare me"
Tara beamed at her and patted an open spot on the bed. "oh
trust me it will be fun and if I get confused I will ask the
one with the real cock" Jessa pulled down her panties
and sat next to Tara who immediately pounced on her. Not
being used to her new attachment she poked Jessa in the stomach
"ow" she yelped and both of them fell to the bed

Tara jumped up on her knees looking more excited than a kid
on Christmas morning. "Ok you lay there and let me
drive this freight train." Jessa's face broke
into a face of humored concern and was starting to have second
thoughts about being Tara's first "girl to her
new guy hood". Jessa covered her face and let out a
squeal when Tara got between her legs. She looked down and
then looked at me "don't just stand there help
me" She waved me forward to make sure I got her point.
She pointed for me to take my underwear and shirt off before
I came close. I stripped down and sat to Jessa's side.

Tara grabbed the malleable wang in her small hand and shook
it like she would shake me after she held it for me. She accidently
hit the inside of Jessa's leg making her jump and cover
her whole head with a pillow. "hurry up before I change
my mind" came her muffled voice. Tara grabbed my hand
and brought it to the dildo attached to her harness. "Here
you put it in and I will push." A groan came from under
the pillow.

Reluctantly I grabed the shaft and guided her to Jessa's
pussy. "oh I forgot" Tara said with a jump. She
licked her fingers and ran them up Jessa's long labiad
pussy causing her to jump and squeak nervously. "Just
stick it in me already damn it" Tara actually stuck
her tongue outside the corner of her mouth as she pressed
the plastic head between Jessa's pussy lips. She scooted
up and pushed it in a couple of inches causing Jessa to gasp.
I took my hand away figuring that she could take if from here.
Tara slowly put pressure into her hips and the toy slid easily
in to Jessa's dripping pussy. Jessa threw the pillow
to the floor and looked down her chest and stomach to see
a very concentrated Tara. She let out a laugh and made Tara
jump. When she jumped she ripped the dildo out of Jessa making
her wince. "sorry you scared me" Tara apologized.

Jessa told her it was ok and Tara moved forward to try again.
This time she managed to get the tip in all by herself. I figured
since it looked like things were under control I would pay
attention to Jessa's tiny breasts. I bent over and
took one of her eraser like nipples into my mouth and licked
slow circles around them. Jessa's body rocked and
I looked down and saw Tara was working her plastic cock in
and out in long slow strokes. Jessa's fingers gripped
my hair and pulled me back down to her nipple. I slid my tongue
over it and was immediately rewarded with Jessa's
flesh raising into goosebumps. She let out a deep moan as
Tara tried to work her cock in deeper.

Not able to get in like she wanted to she lifted Jessa skinny
legs up in the air and pushed her spread legs up against them
for support. Tara grabbed Jessa on either side of her stomach
and was able to get a better angle like she wanted. I turned
back to my attention of Jessa's body, I kissed her slowly
from the center of her breast bone up to the her collar bones.
I started to work toward her neck when Tara quickened her
pace moving Jessa's body so much that it made it hard
to kiss her body.

Her lips were parted slightly so I brought the tip of my tongue
to them. I ran a slow wet line across her top lip. I moved slowly
to her bottom lip and sucked it gently into my mouth. I slid
my hand down between her legs and found her clit with my fingers.
Her clit was extremely swollen and hard underneath my finger
tips. I pulled them back to my mouth and wet them so I could
glide across her hood. When my finger hit the tip of her clit
she let out a strong moan and arched her back. She pulled
my lips tight against hers and drove her tongue into my mouth.
Our tongues met and intertwined them in swirling wet sensations.

Jessa clutched at my back and hair as Tara started to fuck
her harder. She tried to grab a hold of anything she could
to hold on. My fingers added more pressure to her clit and
her little lean 100lb frame began to tremble under my body.
Her soft moans turned into whimpers, her breathing sped
up and she was kissing me with more force than before. Her
hand dropped from my hair and she dove it in between my legs
searching for my cock. I felt a warm sensation as her slender
fingers wrapped around me. Her motions were getting more
and more frantic and she tugged hard on my growing cock.

Her hips started to buck as she started to come close to her
orgasm. Tara and I hit the right spots on her clit and in her
pussy at the same time and she let out a small high pitched
scream into my mouth and her hips shot straight up making
the dildo fall out of her. "fuck" Tara said frustrated.
She was working hard trying to make Jessa cum. I broke a way
from Jessa's lightly panting body and decided I was
going to help out. I told Tara to lie down on her back close
to the edge of the bed. I scooped up Jessa and lifted her off
her back and onto her butt. She looked at me with a groggy
passion and I told her to get on top of Tara. She nodded and
straddled her, she reached between her legs and guided
the 7" flexible cock into her pulsating pussy.

I stepped to the floor and grabbed Tara's legs just
as Jessa was starting to grind on her. When I lifted Tara
up it drove the dildo to it's stop and Jessa let out a
little yelp. I ignored it and pulled Tara and Jessa as close
as I could to the end of the bed. Standing I brought my hardening
cock co Tara's pussy. Just below the flap that held
the strap on dildo. Since it was split and went up the outsides
Tara's small hips I was able to slide my cock into her
while Jessa rode her. Tara held her legs up in the air with
Jessa's help and I wrapped my arms around Jessa's
torso trying not to impede her movement.

I moved my cock in and out her of her pussy in long deliberate
strokes. Tara's extremely tight pussy crushing against
me like a submarine that had gone too deep in the ocean. She
moaned loudly whenever I was half way in or more. Jessa pressed
her back against my chest and ground her hips hard and fast
onto Tara. The movement started to get awkward so I encompassed
Tara's leg and held them to Jessa's sides. I held
on tight as I drove my cock deep into my girlfriends tight
cunt. Jessa's firm tiny ass pressed against my lower
stomach and I moved us all in one motion. Jessa didn't
need to move any more with me doing all the work.

She held onto my arms and dropped her chin the top of my forearm.
I dove in to Tara as far as her body would allow leaving some
of me outside of her pussy when I couldn't go any deeper.
Jessa tried to reach back and play with me while I was thrusting,
but our movements wouldn't allow it. She gave up and
held onto my arms. Tara's eyes were shut tight and her
and Jessa moaned almost in unison as Jessa rode her plastic
cock. I could tell that Tara was getting very close to climax
so I moved my hips fast and deep. Jessa's nails dug into
my arms and her whimpers got lost in Tara's explosion.
Her face bunched up tight and she managed to whisper. "I
am going to cum" I used my arms and put weight on Jessa
trying to force the dildo deeper into her pussy.

I felt a rush of heat and then Tara's pussy seized my
cock threatening not to let go. I felt like I could catch
up as long as Tara didn't stop me. I felt her pussy give
way and she let out a scream like I have never heard from her
before. Her legs pushed hard into Jessa's body and
my arms. I held on tight and kept my fast deep thrusts. "uuummmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh"
Tara let out she pushed hard as she could against us. It took
all my strength to hold of us together. Before Tara's
orgasm stopped Jessa's began.

She sounded like she was hyperventilating and she bit down
hard on my arm. It was a surreal feeling with Tara's
pussy trying to squeeze the life out of my cock while Jessa
shook violently and bit down into my flesh. Tara twisted
and bucked her hips sending the toy Jessa was riding deep
into her then moving away just as fast. I went too deep into
Tara and slammed into to her insides causing her hips to
buck in pain and that sent Jessa into a quick intense pain.
They both let out more loud screams and I knew that they had
both gone past their orgasms and now I was just sending them
into intense overloads of sensations.

They were breathing hard and both felt limp in my arms. I
knew that I needed to stop and release my grip on them. Jessa
fell forward landing hard onto Tara's chest, they
lay trembling as I slowly slid the length of my hard cock
out of Tara's cum flooded pussy. When the tip of my head
left her opening Tara's cum poured out and ran down
the crack of her ass. I had never seen her cum so much before
it was amazing. I dropped to my knees and tried to lick her
pussy clean. She tried to jump away when she felt my tongue.
I moved up and just barely touched Jessa's ass with
the tip of my tongue when she cried out and jumped forward
off of Tara's strap on.

I stood up still breathing hard from my exertion and looked
down at Jessa as she slid off Tara's body and settled
next to her. "shit" Tara yelled out with her
eyes still closed. "uh huh" Jessa nodded slowly.
My cock pulsed so much that I gave it a few strokes hoping
to relieve some pressure.Tara started to laugh and she
squeezed her perky breasts in her hands. "oh my fucking
God" she yelled again through her laugh. I kept my
eyes glued to the their naked heaving bodies and reached
for my drink on the night stand. I downed the half full glass
in one gulp and fell back onto an open spot on the bed.

I looked over toward the hot tub and saw Kelly sitting up
on the hot tub edge looking like she just ran a marathon.
Julie didn't look much different, I looked from one
to the other wondering if they were blitzed. "what
happened to you two" I asked. Julie looked up at me
and pointed at us. "you did Jesus you guys are better
than watching porn" I suddenly felt like a stud thanks
to that comment. My cock had shrunk a little and thankfully
the built up pressure was subsiding. "well I am glad
you liked what you saw" I said to the ceiling and wondering
if this kept up I would explode from the inside out.

"I came twice" Kelly said as she climbed out
of the hot tub. She grabbed a towel and dried herself off
before she headed to the drink table. She grabbed the Apple
Pucker bottle and downed the 1/3 that was left in one long
chug. She shook her head and after sitting down the empty
bottle climbed onto the bed next to Jessa and Tara. She tugged
on the dildo and harness still strapped to her body, and
asked, "So are you going to share or just have all the
fun yourself?" "Oh sorry" she said and
unbuckled the black fake leather harness on both sides.
"just pull it out from under me" she said in a
slow voice.

Tara lifted her ass and let Kelly pull the harness out from
under her. Julie dried herself before she climbed into
the bed with us. I laid there horny and unsatisfied hoping
like hell somebody would include me. Kelly handed the strap
on to Julie so she could adjust it for her hips. Jessa and
Tara both got up to use the rest room and left me alone with
Kelly and Julie. I finished my drink and and rolled out of
bed to get another one."where do you think you are
going mister, we are going to need your help" Kelly
said "get back on the bed, what do you want I will get
for you." She grabbed my cup and headed for the bottles
of liquor before I could give her my order. She poured me
another Captain and brought me a shot with it.

My head was on the verge of spinning and I wasn't sure
that I needed another one. But being me I took it anyway.
I laid back on the bed and watched Julie struggle to get the
strap on straight. When she was satisfied that was as good
as it was ever going to be she twisted her hips back and forth
making the dildo slap against her hips. "I am ready
are you" Julie asked. Kelly nodded and crawled onto
the bed she stood up and turned her curvy ass to me. She backed
and straddled me, Julie freaked me out by gripping my cock
in her hand and stroking it. She lightly tugged me at first.
But when I didn't respond fast enough she bent over
and took me into her mouth.

I froze while my mind caught up to the happy feelings going
through my body. She sucked on me hard making popping noises
when she pulled me out of her mouth. "Get him really
wet" Kelly said. She spit on her fingers and rubbed
them over her asshole sliding one in. Julie sent shock waves
through me as she tried to take me deep into her throat. She
gagged a little and pulled me out of her mouth in a big gasp.
"Are you sure you don't want some lube"
she asked. "No I think if I go slow I will be ok"
Apparently I was a prop for them because they didn't
see it necessary to tell me what they had planned. Julie
spit on my cock again and let saliva drip from her mouth to
the head of my quickly growing cock.

Julie held the base of my cock as Kelly lowered her self down
onto me. Taking a deep breath she lined the head of my cock
with her tight asshole. The last time we had done this Jessa
had just came all over me for lubrication. I felt her ass
give way as she allowed her weight to do all the work. "uuuhhh"
came from her as the head of my cock penetrated her. The pressure
was intense and I felt like I was closed in a vice grip. Her
ass contracted around my shaft as she inched me in deeper.

"uuhhhhhaaahh" Her body froze for a second
"are you alright Kelly" I asked thinking that
lube might be a good idea. "yeah just don't move
yet ok" I agreed and I laid back as I felt the pressure
build up again in my loins. The feeling of Julie holding
me as Kelly forced me into her ass was amazing let alone the
site of Kelly's ass while she squatted over me just
drove me closer. Kelly kept sliding me deeper and deeper
into her ass sending a warm wave rolling over me. Kelly was
low enough that she could reach behind her and use her hands
on my chest for support. She slowly leaned back putting
some of her weight on me instead all of it on her legs.

Sparks could have shot from my fingers I was so electrified.
Tara and Jessa came out of the bathroom each holding a wash
rag and chuckling to each other. When they saw what was happening
they quieted down and stood watching us. I thought I saw
something flash behind Tara's sapphire eyes, but
I wasn't certain. I was torn from my thought by Kelly
letting herself fall and completely impaling herself
on me. She spread her legs wide letting her feet fall on either
side of me, I wish I would have been able to see what she looked
like. I could feel her body pulse around mine and I tried
not to move like she asked but I wanted to drive into her so
badly. Kelly let her body fall back onto me and spread her
knees so Julie could move in between us. She laid her head
on my right shoulder and turned her face so she could kiss
my neck. She let her arm fall back and cradled my head. Her
fingers dug into my hair and she planted little kisses on
my neck.

Julie was on her knees between our legs and I figured out
what as about to happen. This was definitely going to be
a first time for me. Julie brought the strap on to Kelly's
pussy like she had done with Chelle and rubbed the tip on
between Kelly's lips. I felt a shiver run through her
body when Julie grazed her clit with the tip of the dildo.
I could feel her breath quicken on my skin as Julie slid into
her. The feeling of the dildo was not something that I can
really describe. I felt Julie slide in and I even thought
I could feel the ridge around the head of it through Kelly's
thin walls. "uuuuuuhhhhh" that came from Kelly's
throat was almost too quiet to hear. Her eyes were half closed
and she wasn't moving.

When Julie had all 7" inside her she sat down her butt
to be able to spread her kisses and licks across Kelly's
torso. What she did instead was drive it into Kelly's
G spot. Kelly's body came alive like someone flipped
a switch. Her lower back lifted off my belly and her shoulders
and ass drove down into my body. It was almost a shock to my
system when she pushed me deeper into her ass. I felt the
dildo move across the shaft of my now extremely hard and
pulsing erection. Julie started to draw out but her angle
just dug it into Kelly's g spot again. "shit I
am going to cum" Kelly whispered into my neck.

Liquid silk ran down my cock and coated the insides of my
thighs. Kelly pushed her face into my neck moaning deeply
into my skin. I could feel the muscles in her pussy and her
ass clenching as Julie buried the strap on into her. "oooh
oh ooooh ohhhh" Kelly moaned. She pushed her ass down
hard again pushing me deep as I could go into her tight ass.
Julie mercilessly pounded into her g spot over and over
again. Kelly let out one final scream and went limp against
me, leaving Julie and I to wonder if we were supposed to move

Julie slowly pulled the strap on from Kelly's pussy
and slid back on to her butt. She flipped her long hair out
of her face. "talk about a two pump chump" she
laughed. Kelly gave me a quick kiss on the cheek then slid
her body up mine. My entire body protested being pulled
out of her ass, when I brought this to her attention she told
me her body just had the biggest orgasm of her life and she
needed to rest for a bit. So now I was ready to kill somebody
so I could cum. I rolled myself off the bed with my cock as
hard as it had ever been and didn't have a damn place
to put it. I figured maybe if I relieved myself some of the
intense blue ball pressure would go away.

They watched me as I walked into the bathroom with a raging
erection. It hurt like hell but I managed to pee. It helped
to reduce some pressure a little but not much, I was not trying
to look a single guy in a group of insanely hot women gift
horse in the mouth but still. I was working up a plan in my
mind on how I was going to cum not knowing that a plan had already
been made for me. Julie had taken off the strap on and was
alone on the bed. Tara and Kelly were standing by the bedside
holding the pink two way that hadn't been used yet.
Jessa walked up to me and grabbed my semi hard cock, wrapping
her slender fingers around my shaft and gently tugged me
to follow her.

I let her pull me on to the bed and toward Julie's waiting
body. The alcohol and the information I had gotten from
both Jason and Julie had lessened my reservations about
messing around with my buddies soon to be ex. Jessa crawled
on to Julie and straddled her stomach bringing her legs
up next to her and her feet tucked under Julie's legs.
Julie wrapped her up in her arms and brought her knees up
behind Jessa's tiny ass. I had a perfect view of their
wet pussies as they embraced each other in passionate lustful

Tara settled herself on the bed next to Julie and waited
for Kelly to slide the pink two way into her pussy. Kelly
laid her body in the opposite direction with her head close
to the end of the bed. She lifted her right leg and tilted
her body toward Jessa and Julie, she slid one end of the toy
into her pussy and the other into my girlfriend. They rocked
their bodies fucking the 3 foot toy together. I was mesmerized
by the lesbian scene and forgot that I was supposed to be
involved, I hadn't even seen anything like this in
a porn movie before. Yet here I was in an unbelievable and
unrealistic situation for real. "I am one lucky fucker"
I said aloud. They all started to laugh in between moans
and kisses, the soft sounds of lips combined together and
wet pussies broke through the rooms silence.

My cock screamed for attention I stroked it a few times and
moved in between Julie's bent legs. I was almost level
with Jessa's perfect tiny ass and figured I would start
with her. Jessa's long protruding labia's were
dripping her juices onto Julie's pussy, I couldn't
help myself I shoved my face into her pussy and lapped up
some of her. "oooohhhhhhh " she moaned as my
tongue slid into her . I sucked her long lips into my mouth
enjoying the feeling. I released her and lowered my face
to Julie for the first time. Jessa felt what I was doing and
helped me reach by lifting her pelvis up and letting me get
below her.

Julie's pussy was soaked from her own juices and Jessa's.
I teased her tiny clit with my tongue before diving into
her.. I could hear her moaning into Jessa's mouth and
felt her hips buck as I drove my tongue deep inside her. Her
pussy tasted sweet on my tongue, her soft moans letting
me know she approved of what I was doing. My painfully swollen
erection was telling me that it needed some attention soon.
I gave Jessa's pussy one last lick before moving to
my knees. I was going to slide my cock into Julie first, but
Jessa reached behind me and brought my cock to her. She pulled
me to her lips and pushed back not wanting to wait. The tip
of my cock forcing it's way into her tiny body. I slid
in with jerky motion as the walls of her pussy tried to stop
it. She let out a groan as I moved deeper into her tighy little

I was surrounded by tight pulsing muscles gripping and
releasing me with every move. The sights and sounds had
long since overloaded my brain. I felt Kelly's hand
grab my ass, she moved her hands to my balls and massaged
me as I moved in and out of her friend. I held onto Jessa's
slight hips and began long slow thrusts. I pulled my hard
cock out until just the head was inside her then slowly back
in until I felt her cervix. "oh oh uuuummmmmmm"
came from my side. Tara's hand was on the shaft of the
two way between her and Kelly, and she was trying to slide
it back and forth. Their hips were pushing into each other
creating the most sensual sexy tug of war I had ever seen.

"uuuuhhhh oooooohhhh" Tara called out. "It
feels so good" She was pinching her pink puffy nipples
between her fingers and watching me. She gave me a small
smile that was interrupted by a thrust of Kelly's hips
causing the toy to drive deep inside her. She let out a scream
of pleasure and closed her eyes. Jessa's pussy started
to spasm and I could tell she was getting close to her orgasm.
I pulled out of her not letting her cum yet and got a great
idea. I looked around and found the strap on laying on the
table. I crawled off the bed snatched it and repositioned
myself between them. The harness was still attached so
holding on to it was easy.

I slid the dildo into Jessa's pussy and for the first
time brought the tip of my cock to Julie's. I could feel
her gyrate underneath Jessa's little body, she let
out deep moans and pulled Jessa tighter against her. Kelly's
hand found my balls again and gently rolled them in her hands.
Julie flooded the tip of my cock with her pussy as I drove
deep inside her. "fuuuuuck" I heard her moan.
It was a little awkward with her long legs, but I managed
to get a good angle to be able to get almost all the way in.
Sitting on my knees and leaning back made it impossible
for Kelly to keep playing with me. She moved her hand to her
clit and together her and Tara played with their clits and
fucked the toy between them.

Their orgasms came quick after that and together they exploded
in a chorus of high pitched moans and soft screams. Focusing
on what I was doing, I started my slow thrusts into Julie
and moved the strap on in and out of Jessa with growing speed.
The intense heat from Julie's pussy quickly heated
my body up and I started to sweat. My body was alive with sensations
and Tara only made that worse when she moved behind me and
rubbed her hands up and down my back. Kelly throwing the
no longer needed toy off the bed knelt beside the two in front
of me. She ran her hands down Jessa's back and down to
her ass.

She licked her pointer finger and teased Jessa's asshole
with it. My mind and body was consumed in sensory overload.
My awareness seemed to faze out and my body was in auto pilot
as I drove my cock deep into Julie. The pressure in my loins
that had been built up before was now doubled causing my
body to ache. Kelly took over fucking Jessa with the strap
on and what little focus I had left went to Julie. Tara nibbled
my shoulders and back while she rubbed her hands over every
inch of my skin she could reach.

Julie and Jessa were so lost in lust that their moaning meant
they could no longer kiss. They held on tight to one another,
Jessa's small tits smashed into and consumed by Julie's
D cups. Julie's body stiffened and she let out a deep
gasp of air. She lay stone still as my cock drove her to her
orgasm. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and then felt
nothing but wet. She held her breath almost to the end of
her orgasm not moving her body at all. "aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
she screamed "ooooohhhhmmmmmmyyyyyyggggggggooooooooddddddddddquot;
In one giant explosion she exhaled and let out a scream that
was sure to wake the entire hotel. Her scream egged me on
and I pounded into her as hard as I could. The bed slammed
into the wall as my body rocked it and everyone on it back
and forth.

"Cum baby" Tara whispered into my ear. My body
willfully responded and I felt the welcome familiar feeling
deep behind my belly button. My loins tightened up and my
hard dick began to pulse letting me know I was going to cum.
"are you going to cum" she whispered. I nodded
my head and then it happened. The room began to spin and bright
lights flashed behind my eyes, I felt my body temperature
rise and goosebumps covered my skin. The intense sensation
of my cum finally being expelled from my balls threatened
to lock my hips into place. I let out a grunt as I felt my first
load of cum shoot into Julie's sill cumming pussy.

She screamed again when she felt me cum, Tara pushed hard
against me urging me to move. I continued to fuck Julie with
jerky motions as my body threatened to lock up. Every nerve
of my body was on fire as I came. I shot load atfer load of cum
deep inside of Julie, my cum joined hers and it flowed out
of her every time I drew back. With Tara's help I was
able to move through my orgasm. Julie's body lay inert
with only her chest rising with deep breaths. Kelly had
brought Jessa close, her familiar squeaks telling us she
was going to cum.

I was still hard even though I had shot the most cum I have
ever cum into Julie. I pulled out of Julie and struggled
to my shaky feet. I bent myself over them and pulled the strap
on out of Jessa. I put my hands on Jessa little ass and brought
my cum covered cock close to her. Kelly grabbed me and guided
me into Jessa. A painful tickle slapped my face as the overly
sensitive head of my cock worked it's way into her.
I didn't think I could cum again and my cock had lost
some of it's rigidity but I was still plenty hard to
be able to bring Jessa to hers. Within a few thrusts her body
went into it's tiny earthquake and she was consumed
with her orgasm.

I worked her body until she gasped "no more"
I pulled out and dropped down to the bed. My cock was covered
with Jessa's, Julie's and my cum making it glisten.
Tara snaked around my body and started to lick my balls clean.
Kelly not wanting to be left out I guess took my cock into
her mouth and the two of them cleaned me off. Kelly's
mouth and Tara's tongue revived me much to my astonishment.
I felt like I was going to cum again. "shit I think I
am going to cum"

Tara let out a laugh "oh yeah" She grabbed my
shaft and jerked it while Kelly continued to suck on my cock.
With my arms behind me holding up my weight there wasn't
much I could do but watch and enjoy what they were doing.
Kelly lifted her head and Tara took over sucking on me. Kelly
massaged my balls and started to suck on my nipples at the
same time. Julie and Jessa hand turned and leaned up against
the head board. They looked drained and weren't paying
much attention to us while they recovered. Tara moved onto
her knees and stuck her tiny ass up in the air. Her back muscles
flexed along her spine as she bobbed her head up and down.

Tara lifted her head and went back to licking my balls and
shaft allowing Kelly to take me back into her mouth. Within
seconds I felt as if I was going to cum, I let out a grunt through
my clenched teeth. They sped up what they were doing and
I yelled out when my cum filled her waiting mouth. Her lips
caressed the top of my cock as Tara did the work of coaxing
the cum from my balls. A bead of sweat ran into my eyes and
my stomach jumped on it's own when the last dying shocks
of my orgasm coursed through my body. I took deep breaths
trying to slow my heart.

Kelly lifted her head up and pulled Tara with her. Kelly
brought Tara's lips to hers in a cum filled kiss. Of
all the things I have ever done or have gone through including
this weekend this was the single most erotic thing. Tara's
mouth opened to accept Kelly's cum covered tongue.
White cum dripped from the corners of Kelly's mouth
and onto Tara's cheeks. I could see their tongues dance
together and saw white transfer between their mouths.
Their lips glistened from wetness and soon my cum was dripping
from Tara's mouth. Tara grabbed a handful of Kelly's
long dark hair and forced her lips tighter against her own
sealing their mouths and blocking my view. "MMMMmmmm"
escaped from them as they continued the kiss of my dreams.

They stayed locked together for what seemed like an eternity
before they broke with one last little peck. "wow
that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen" I gasped.
They looked at me with cum covered lips and chins and flashed
me giant smiles. "oh yeah baby you like that"
Tara cooed. "I think he wants some too" said
Kelly. With that she through her body onto mine driving
me down to the bed. Tara was right behind her. They licked
my face with their tongues spreading my cum and their saliva
all over my face. "aaaaahhhhhhhhhh what the hell"
I laughed. They both were laughing and attacking me.

"Things could be worse" I thought.

To Be Continued one last time.......................

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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