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Epilogue Part 11


I was trapped in a tangle of brown curly hair and didn't
get to see Chelle's face. I heard her laugh and then
she asked a good question "well if you aren't
swingers why do you all fuck each other". The thought
of being a swinger never entered my mind until now. I had
never thought of myself as a swinger or even that we were
involved in any type of swinging activities, until she
brought it up that is. I thought about what swinger meant
and it fit.

Swinging activities may include (but are not limited to):
Soft swinging: having sexual intercourse with a partner
while two or more other people perform sex acts in the immediate
vicinity.. Soft swap: having oral sex with someone other than one's
partner. Often a type of swinging that new couples choose
before eventually trying full swap, although many couples
stay "soft swap" for personal orsafety related
reasons.[2] Full swap: having penetrative sex with someone other than
one's partner. Although this is the commonly understood
definition of swinging, it is not necessarily the most
common type. Group sex: An all-inclusive term for activities involving
multiplepartners in the same vicinity.

So now that I have thought about it and mulled over the definitions
in my head I could only come to the conclusion of "yes"

"well first it depends which one of us you are talking
about" I said "I guess technically we are"
I continued. "why do you ask"

"I have been asked to come go home with couples before"
she said finishing her deadly strong drink. "but
I never did until you guys, they were mostly creepy people"
Kelly started to laugh and I could tell she wanted to make
a joke about us being creepy. She leaned back to my opposite
shoulder so I could see Chelle. "I have been with girls
before but nothing like last night" Chelle went on.
"I just think it's cool that you all can have fun
together" She was pouring herself a another drink
when Jason chimed in "so then you are pretty much up
for anything then" I had to admit he always cut to the

Chelle's pale skin blushed pink "yeah"
she said quietly. I am not sure what was going on in Jason's
head but I had a funny feeling I was going to find out sooner
than later. He whispered something in Julie's ear
and she reluctantly nodded her head. I looked at Tara and
she just shrugged so I guess it would just be a surprise.
R Kelly's "Thoia Thoing" ended the commercials
and got the girls moving again. We spent the next hour drinking
and just pretty much dancing around. My buzz snuck on me
and before I knew I had Tara in my lap locked in a groping embrace.

We might as well have just said "Ladies and Gentlemen
Start Your Engines" Kelly attacked Jessa and they
fell onto the love seat next to us. Their passionate kisses
bringing soft moans to my ears. I felt a hand on the back of
my head and Tara was ripped away from my lips. Kelly pulled
me to her lips while Jessa stole Tara's kiss from me..
Kelly's tongue slid past me lips and invaded my mouth.
She ran her tongue around mine in slow swirling motions
breathing deeply into my mouth. I heard Tara let out a soft
moan and felt her body push down into my lap.

"MMMMmmmm" Kelly moaned when Tara's hand
caressed her breasts over her sweater. Kelly tore her lips
from mine and pulled Tara away from Jessa leaving us to watch
as they embraced in a deep kiss. Kelly slid her hands up Tara's
thigh and they disappeared under her black dress. Tara
tried unsuccessfully to position her self so Kelly would
be able to reach her. She struggled on me until she was able
to sit with her knees straddling me. Kelly now having easy
access slid her fingers into Tara's pussy. Soft wet
noises came from under her dress as Kelly slid her fingers
in and out.

She pushed down onto Kelly's fingers and put her hand
on my shoulder for support. She moved close to give me a kiss,
but was pulled away by Jessa. Tara was bent backwards as
Jessa stood over her kissing her almost upside down. Kelly
moved her head to my lower chest and used her free hand to
lift Tara's dress. With no one to occupy me I reached
for Tara's breasts. I cupped her small tits in my hands
and ran my thumbs over her nipples. Through the thin stretchy
black fabric I felt her nipples getting hard and gently
squeezed them between my fingers. Tara's hips ground
on Kelly's fingers like it was my cock. Her moans where
getting louder in Jessa's mouth and her body began
to shudder.

Tara tugged at Kelly's shirt letting her know she wanted
her to take it off. Kelly pulled her fingers out of my girlfriends
pussy making her whine in disapproval. She stood up and
stripped her top and bra off. Her firm D cup breast and quarter
sized areola making Tara lick her lips. Kelly unbutton
her denim skirt and slid it and her black thong to the floor.
She sat down on the red love seat with us and leaned across
my body. Tara cupped the underside of Kelly breasts and
started to massage them. " mmm I love your boobs Kelly"

Kelly laughed and and pulled Tara's dress over her
shoulders. Tara helped Kelly expose her full B cup breasts.
"I love yours too" Kelly said looking at Tara's
perky breasts. Her pink puffy upturn nipples getting erect
under Kelly's roving hands. Tara and Kelly fondled
and kissed each other across my body completely excluding
Jessa. She sat down on the floor and switched between watching
us and watching the two on the bed.

Tara let her butt fall to my legs and she wrapped her hands
around my wrists as I massaged her breasts. Her skin shown
bright red and her moans became louder. Kelly's two
fingers dove deep into Tara's wet pussy as she pressed
her thumb hard against Tara's swollen clit. "mmmmmaaaaaa"
Tara moaned into Jessa's open mouth. I looked over
to see Jason on the bed intertwined with Julie and Chelle.
Jason was on his back and the two girls on either side of him.
They took turns kissing him then one another, with roving
hands touching every part of his body they could reach.

I didn't have time to look for long, Tara worked at unbuckling
and unbuttoning my pants. Kelly helped her and reached
into my pants. Her hand found my hardening cock and with
a tug she pulled it out of green boxer briefs. Kelly held
the base of my semi hard erection and wagged it back and forth.
"Are you going to ride this for me" she cooed
at Tara. Kelly bent down and took me into her mouth. Her luscious
lips felt so good on me. She took me into her mouth deep taking
me to the back of her throat. She held me there and moved her
hand up and down on my shaft giving it a few hard squeezes.
She opened her mouth and let her saliva dribble from her
mouth coating my cock. Kelly moved up the the head and moved
her mouth up and down in unison sending hot wet sensations
directly into my brain.

My cock swelled in her hand with each stroke. Tara reached
down and took my balls into her hand and rolled them gently
with her fingers. I could feel her wet pussy lips on me and
I figured she had taken off her panties off either before
we left or right when we got back. Her wet pussy felt amazing
as she slid her hips further up. Kelly pulled me out of her
mouth and held me straight up. Tara lifted her self on her
knees and hovered her pussy over me. I felt a couple of drops
fall on to me and Kelly's hand.I love how she got. Kelly
used her hand to rub the tip against her large thimble sized
clit sending shivers through Tara and I. "mmm you
like that" Kelly cooed when Tara let out a whimper.
"uh huh" Tara breathed. Kelly put me between
Tara's labia and waited for her to sit on it. The extremely
tight feeling I had come to love forced itself down on to
me. She let her weight push down and winced. She took a deep
breath and sank my cock deep into her pussy.

Kelly's hand around the base of my swollen prick worked
as a stopper for Tara. The intense pressure felt so good
and when her involuntary spasms gripped me it was even better.
Kelly took her hand away and Tara impaled herself as far
as I could go. She winced again when I rammed accidentally
into her cervix. The pleasureable pain was quickly forgotten
as Kelly played with her clit. Tara let out a small moan and
ground down onto me. She rolled her hips then lifted her
self up so Kelly could reach her better. I could tell by the
way she was shaking that she was going to cum fast.

I slid my hands behind her and grabbed her small firm ass
in my hands. I pulled her forward and back over my cock. Her
hands fell to her sides looking for something to hold onto.
Not finding what she was looking for she leaned herself
back putting one hand on my knee for support and using the
other to caress her own perky breasts . Tara rolled her pink
nipple between her fingers and gently tugged on it. "
mmm that feels so good" she moaned. Her lips parted
and she closed her eyes letting me work her hips for her.

I gripped her hips and lifted her up almost until I fell out
then let her drop down bury my hard throbbing cock deep into
her belly. "aaaaaaahhhhhhh" she yelped "fuck
not yet" Kelly's fingers worked in short quick
motions over her large clit. It was so sensitive that she
uncontrollably shivered as if she was in 0 degree weather.
Kelly was moaning with her and together the two of them brought
Tara to a quick heart stopping orgasm. I moved her hips in
deliberate forward and back motions until she shouted
she was going to cum. The pressure around my cock started
to become painful and sent pleasure pain sensations into
my belly. I moved my hands back to her ass and lifted my hips
driving myself into her as she moved back and forth. "fuck
oh fuck oh my God" she said her voice getting higher
in pitch with every word.

She threw her head back screaming and held tight to me with
her legs. "uuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaa" her body
started it familiar earthquake motions and thick cum flooded
the base of my cock. Her body folded forward and went limp
in my hands. Kelly continued working her clit all the way
through with a delirious Tara not able to object. More and
more poured over me pooling where my cock and lower stomach
met. Kelly stopped her sweet torture and dipped her fingers
into it. She brought them to Tara's mouth and she hungrily
lapped it off her fingers. Kelly did it again this time wiping
them across Tara's pink lips. She pulled her close
and ran her tongue over them. Tara stuck her tongue out to
meet Kelly's and they gave each other and open mouth
non lip touching kiss. When Kelly pulled back a long string
of spit connected their tongues as is not wanting to be parted.

Kelly dipped her fingers into the still forming pool and
sucked them clean with a "mmmm" Tara shuddered
one last time and her pussy clamped down tight. She gave
a great sigh and let her limp body collapse on my chest. She
kissed me on the neck and said "I love you so much"
and nuzzled into me while she recovered. I knew she wouldn't
be able to make me cum and she had no plans to separate us.
I kissed her on the top of the head and looked up to see what
was happening in the room.

Jason was was finally getting what he had missed out on.
Julie had pulled his hard cock out of his pants and had wrapped
her lips around it. She bobbed her head up and down sucking
hard on the tip. Chelle was playing with his balls watching
Julie. Jason's eyes were glued to Chelle, he had wrapped
his big hand into her hair and was pushing down Julie's
head with the other. Her sucking noises getting louder
and louder until she took him completely into her mouth.
She gagged a little and pulled her mouth off him leaving
a long trail of spittle hanging from her open mouth.

She offered him to Chelle, she looked at Julie for a second
then lowered her mouth to him. She took him in her mouth slowly
at first. I could see her tongue flash over the tip of his
cock. Chelle would squeeze his balls in between her sucking
while his girlfriend stroked him up and down. Julie dropped
her face to his balls and took one into her mouth. Jason started
to moan as the two girls sucked him off for the first time
in his life. They worked at him for a few more moments before
Chelle moved up to kiss him leaving Julie alone on his dick.

I watched as he peeled the redheads tank top off exposing
her large breasts barely held back by a black lace bra. He
didn't waste anytime reaching for it and freed her
tear drop shaped breasts. She had large pink areola and
tiny nipples that barely stuck out. Jason ignored her trying
to kiss him and started sucking on her nipples. Chelle closed
her eyes and grabbed Jason by the hair forcing his face hard
onto her breast. He worked his mouth around them laying
little kisses and licks on every inch of skin. Julie has
started to really work him and I could see his hips trying
to match her hand and mouth movements.

Jason was not one to have much patience and he tugged at the
hem of her skirt pulling it up around her waist. He must have
used a little too much of his strength because I heard a rip
when the pulled at her pink booty short panties. Chelle
broke away from Jason and got on her knees, she slipped her
fingers into the waist band and slid them down to the bed.
She sat on her ass and worked them over her black knee high
boots that she had never bothered to take off. With her knees
up bent and her legs spread I got a perfect view of her shaved
pink slit. Her pussy opened a little exposing her extremely
pink insides and showed how wet she was. Since she was sitting
up with her back against the headboard Jason decided to
take advantage of the situation.

He rolled over on his stomach ripping his cock away from
Julie. She sat up to watch her boyfriend slide his hands
underneath Chelle and pull her flat to the bed. He buried
his face between her legs and started to make her call out
immediately. She must have been ultra sensitive or Jason
was just that good maybe. Chelle had her eyes closed and
was squeezing hard on her nipples pulling on them and pushing
her fingers into her areola. "uuuhhhh" she
let out as he dug his tongue into her. "fuck"
she cried and threw her head back bouncing it with a thud
off the headboard.

Julie had been laying on her side watching them when she
must have decided she wanted some of what Chelle was getting.
She stood up and stripped bare dropping her clothes into
a pile by the bed. Julie's tall naked body is enough
to turn anyone on, my cock jumped inside Tara making her
body tense and let out a surprised "ooohhh".
She was still trying to catch her breath and kiss my neck
at the same time. I pulled hard on her hips pushing against
her cervix and making her take a gasp. Julie laid back onto
the bed and lifted her knees up. She slid her hands in between
her thighs and squeezed the insides. She was watching what
her boyfriend was doing and lightly rubbing the tips of
her fingers over her pussy. She grazed her lips with the
tips of her fingers and brought them to her mouth to make
them wet with spit.

Kelly sitting next to me on the little red love seat was really
turned on by Julie or by watching the redhead getting eaten
out while the tall sexy brunette bomb shell played with
herself. She grabbed my hand off of Tara's back and
slid it between her wet thighs. She opened her legs for me,
she was so wet that I was able to slid 3 fingers inside her
with no problem. I slowly moved my fingers in and out while
she played with her D cups. I felt my fingers where wet enough
so I slowly removed them slid them up her lips to her swollen
little clit. I lightly pressed two fingers to it let it go
between them. I moved in tiny circles pinching it between
my fingers. Her lips parted in a breathless moan and grabbed
my wrist letting her hand follow my movements.

Julie rubbed the side of her body up against Chelle and grabbed
Jason's shoulder to let him know she wanted attention.
Without lifting his head he moved his hand of from under
Chelle's ass and in between Julie's open legs.
In stuck two large fingers into her and used his thumb to
push down on her clit. This was apparently not what she wanted,
because she pushed his thumb off and used both hands to grab
his forearm. She moved his arm back and forth telling him
that she wanted him to work faster. It looked like she was
using a huge dildo. Her arms where between her bent knees
and she brought him hard into her. "harder"
she urged. "fuck me harder"

Jason used his arm like a piston and pounded into the poor
girl. She sat up a little and tried to get him to push his fingers
deep inside her. Chelle was a full shade of pink and she was
making painful looking faces. She started to make little
high pitched noises and pulling hard at her nipples. Jason's
head moved faster and she clamped her thighs tight against
his head. "ffffffuuuuuuuck" she cried out
and she exploded onto his tongue. Her hips sat motionless
and her shaky legs pressed tight against his ears. "uh
huh uh huh"she moaned "don't stop I am cumming"

Julie was desperately trying to get his arm to move faster
and looked frustrated when he couldn't. She was biting
her bottom lip and held her eyes closed tight. Chelle was
breathing really heavy and her body gave little jerks.
She must not have been able to take it anymore because she
put both of her hands on the top of his head and tried to push
him away. He pulled his head back and sat up with his hard
cock hanging out of his jeans. When he took his hand away
from Julie she sat up in frustration and told him "I
need you to fuck me hard" She rolled over onto Chelle
getting doggy style over her. Her sexy ass and pussy giving
us an amazing view.

Jason moved behind her and grabbed her hard by the hips.
Julie reached between her legs and guided him into her.
"oh fuck" Kelly gasped. I worked my fingers
in faster circles on her clit thinking that she was getting
close. The loud slapping of Jason and Julie's body
echoed in the room as her drove hard into her. Since he still
had jeans around his legs we couldn't see anything
but Chelle's muscled legs trapped beneath them. "fuck
me hard" Julie urged "fuck my pussy Jason fuck
it hard"

Jason sped up his motions as fast as he could and plowed into
her. "harder, oh yeah harder uuhhh" she half
moaned half screamed. The bed was slamming itself against
the wall with a loud bang every time he drove his hips into
her. I could see her D cup tits swinging into Chelle's
same sized breasts. Her large nipples were brushing against
Chelle's tiny ones. "I am gonna cum Dave"
Kelly whimpered. As much as I didn't want to see my buddy
in this situation I couldn't take my eyes off of them.
He was tearing Julie up with Chelle trapped below them.

They tried to kiss a few times but they were just moving to
fast to make that possible. "oooooohhhhhh"
Kelly screamed digging her nails into my flesh. I watched
her as her body shook from her orgasm. She pushed her chin
to her chest and her right leg lifted off the cushion and
into the air as she struggle through her orgasm. The insides
of her thighs flooded and she thrashed her body back and
forth. I held on as much as I could and kept my pressure against
her clit. "aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" she screamed
again. Tara's head was pressed against my arm and she
was watching Kelly. I could feel the walls of Tara's
pussy flex on my still swollen cock. I heard a tiny gasp escape
her lips as she watched Kelly cum.

"harder Jason harder" Julie yelled "fucking
fuck me" Not able to go faster than he was he just held
tight to her hips as she pushed back against him. Chelle
reached under and cupped Jason's balls or she grabbed
him by the shaft I am really not sure, but what ever she did
made him cum. "shit I am cumming" he grunted.
"No wait for me I am so close" Julie begged. It
was too late and Jason pulled out stroking himself to an
orgasm. He shot his cum on Chelle's stomach pumping
load after load onto her creamy pale white skin. Julie not
wanting to give up on her orgasm laid her chest against Chelle's
and reached between her legs. She used all of the fingers
on her clit working them in a blur.

Jason tucked his wet shrinking cock back into his pants
and moved to the side to watch. Julie's back arched
and then dipped again as she tried to make her self cum. Her
pussy was dripping either from a little of Jason's
cum or just because she was really wet. It dripped down onto
Chelles cum covered belly every time she would arch her
back and tilt her pussy down. Kelly was trying to push my
hand away from her clit but I wouldn't allow it. I tried
to match Julie's speed with my own fingers on her clit.
"fuck Dave no stop I am too sensitive" she pleaded.
Not listening I was hell bent on making her cum again and
kept on with my onslaught. "ooooh sttttoooooop"
she struggled out. She gave a deep grunt and I felt her body
start to tense again. " OH fuck OH fuck uuuuuuhhhhhhhh

Kelly's second orgasm was bigger then her first. She
pushed my hand down hard and tried to sink into the stiff
cushions. I felt her stomach push against my arm when she
came. She shook her head back and forth making her hair go
into her face and into her mouth. She let out a big scream
and flung her body to the side taking her pussy out of my reach.
Her head pressed against the arm rest and she pounded it
with her fist. "fuck you asshole you almost killed
me" she breathed. She looked at me with a hair covered
face and tried to blow some of it away.

Tara had come back to life and tried to reach under Kelly's
ass to get to her pussy. "hey bitch don't you start"
Kelly threatened. Tara let out a laugh and slapped her Kelly's
ass. Kelly dropped her hands in between her and the arm rest
and tried to catch her breath "fucker" she said
one last time then fell silent. Julie was whining if frustration
that she couldn't make her self cum. "I can't
fucking cum now"

"I can make you cum" Chelle said and told her
to move up so she could reach her. Julie crawled up her body
and set her pussy down on Chelle's mouth. She flattened
her body up against the stick on headboard while Chelle
greedily drove her tongue into her pussy. Tara slowly got
to her feet and pulled her body off my still half swollen
cock. I fell out with a pop and more of her cum poured onto
the head. She must have started to feel self conscious with
Jason in the room because she pulled her dress back over
her chest and snaked it down her tiny hips. She got down on
her knees and grabbed my cock. She slid her tongue up my shaft
cleaning her cum off of me.

I watched as her pink lips wrapped the head of my dick between
them. I felt the tip of her tongue as she shoved it in the opening.
I laughed at her literally trying to get every last drop
of her cum off of me.. It always felt weird when she did that.
"so was it good for you" I joked. She took her
mouth off with a pop and looked at me with a big smile. She
slapped her cheek lightly with my prick and said "mmm
let me think" She tapped it against her lips while
she smiled at me again. "yes it's always good
for me thank you very much" She gave the head a quick
suck then tucked me back into my pants. Now this wasn't
what I was hoping for at all. I looked at the still clothed
Jessa on the floor for help but she was watching Julie and

Julie had Chelle's face buried into her pussy and she
was sliding it over her lips and chin. Chelle had Julie's
ass in her hands and was urging her on with squeezes. Chelle's
big tits were swaying and jiggling completely fascinating
Jason who hadn't taken his eyes off the scene. Julie
was grunting and whimpering at the same time in frustration.
"Fuck" she said and moved off of Chelle's
face. " I can't come I need cock in me" she
said. Chelle actually looked hurt. "Did I do it bad"
She asked lifting up on her elbows. "no huh you were
great I am just in the mood for a man, you are really reeeeaaaaally
good" Julie said either placating her or trying to
make her feel better. I don't really know, she had sent
Julie to the moon last night so I wasn't sure. Julie
leaned to Chelle's chest and sucked on each nipple
playfully for a quick second and then looked at Jason. "can
you go again"?

He looked embarrassed and said not right now I came pretty
hard. He looked at Chelle's cum covered torso for validation.
Chelle looked down and said "I would have to agree"
Julie feeling completely comfortable all of the sudden
or just not caring thanks to booze got up and told her "she
would get her a towel". "Hmmm" I thought.
Julie walked proudly to the bathroom and brought back a
towel so Chelle could wipe Jason's cum off of her. Julie
cupped her tear dropped shaped breasts and gave her nipples
a quick tug. " well shit" and with that she looked
at me. Chelle got up and slipped back into her black skirt
and tank top not bothering to put her soaked panties back

And with that everybody looked at me, even Jason. I looked
from face to face wondering if they were normally nuts or
if it was just the Halloween weekend that made them this
way. When Tara looked at with a blank stare I figured I had
better say something. "oh no leave me out of this".
I was not going to nail my buddies girlfriend in front of
him oh no. Let alone the fact that he might get idea's
about mine. I don't even know how I felt about him touching
Kelly or Jessa. This thought made me feel very hypocritical
and a little ashamed of my double standard self. There I
said it for you.

Julie looked, well a little disappointed or frustrated
I couldn't really tell. She collected her clothes
and slipped back into her jeans and tank top. Like perverts
we all watched. Kelly not being shy or ashamed of anything
especially her near perfect pornstar physique took time
putting her skirt and sweater back on. She chose not to put
her bra back on and her firm gravity defying D cups were barely

"So what we are done" Jason questioned almost
panically. I was actually a little worried too, Jessa hadn't
even taken off her clothes yet so that left three of us who
didn't get to cum, two of us who got to cum twice, and
two that got to cum once. In case you were keeping track.
"I just got dressed because she did" Kelly said
pointing at Julie. I looked at the clock and it was only 2:30
am and early as far as I was concerned. "no I just wanted
to make a quick road trip" said Julie. "lets
go to that place you guys showed us and see if we can't
find something fun to play with" I knew exactly what
she was talking about and thought it sounded like a hell
of an idea as long as I didn't have to drive.

"what place" asked Jason confused as can be.
"what is open this late"

"Adult Emporium" I answered. Now it doesn't
take a genius to know what that might be but Jason was so worried
that he had to ask. "what's that".

"it's a shaky toy shop" said Kelly "for
those of us in the rub club it's a life saver".
She flashed her award winning "what did I say that
was so funny" when we all broke out into laughter.
"rub club" he asked. Suddenly one million brain
cells light. She nodded "you guys twist one off we
rub one out" and she made the motion of rubbing her
clit with her middle two fingers just in case he still didn't
get it. His face lit up like christmas and thought it was
a great idea. I did too for that matter, but I mentioned that
already so moving on.

I told them that I probably shouldn't drive and asked
who could. Jason volunteered and he seemed sober enough
so we threw on our coats and headed to the expo. Since Jason
was driving I got to sit in the back of my Expedition for the
first time with the girls. I climbed into the passenger
side and chose a window seat. Kelly sat in front so she could
help Jason navigate. That left Julie, Jessa, Tara, and
Chelle to squeeze into 3 seats. They all got in on the driver
side and since Jessa was first she ended up on my lap. Chelle
was in the middle and Julie had Tara on her lap on the behind
Jason. I thought for sure we would get pulled over, but since
I was drunk and wasn't driving I didn't really

I was half glad that Tara and I only had sex for a short time.
My stomach hurt from needing release and Jessa's ass
in my lap could have killed me if I was any more horny. She
wiggled to get comfortable and finally found what she was
looking for when she leaned against the door. "so
what are we going to get" she asked. I looked around
waiting for someone to answer. When nobody did my good old
pal Captain answered for me. The only problem was that he
used my voice to frame me. "I think we should get a two
way and a strap on" I honestly don't know where
that came from. Ok yeah I do, too much porn is where I got that

"what the hell is a two way" asked Chelle. She
looked around at the people crammed into the back see for
the definition. "it's a two ended dildo so two
girls can use it at the same time." said Julie."
or you can put it in both holes at the same time" chimed
Kelly. Chelle looked horrified. "how long is it".
Jessa held out her hands about 20" apart or so causing
Chelle to gasp. "um that doesn't look comfortable
at all"

"can we get a pink one" asked Kelly from the passenger
seat. In spite of myself I laughed and said "that is
a hell of a good idea". I got a chuckle or two out of it
and waited for the next comment from Kelly.

"I want to be the boy who is going to let me fuck em"
Tara was humping into Julie as she asked. "not me that
is for damn sure" said Jason. "oh hell no"
I followed. "me" Chelle said under her breath
"I always wondered what it would be like" Tara
looked at her for a second and I was a little worried she might
say something bad. "hell yeah girl" Tara said
and held up her hand for a high five. "hey I am the sex
toy here " Kelly said looking into the back seat. "you
can fuck the shit out of me any day girlie" Tara gave
another high five and my cock gave a jerk when the image popped
up into my head. I had never seen that before in person, or
the two way for that matter. I was sure open to the idea though
and was going to try my hardest to make it happen.

To Be Continued...............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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