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The rich smells that emanated from the market in San Antonio
were as varied as the people that shopped there. Someone
was grilling a meat whose odor wafting through he air teased
at the senses of passers by, causing them to briefly close
their eyes and imagine its taste, before walking on to another
stall. Some would always give in to the temptation and were
never disappointed.

Most stalls were selling trinkets imported from Mexico,
marked up hugely and were purchased primarily by the tourists
that came through. There was no problem with that as both
buyer and seller were happy with the exchange. Then there
was the work of the true craftsmen; sculptures in stone,
glass and wood whose reasonable price belied the true ability
and skill of its creator. These also were sold to tourists,
but the local citizens bought them as well, and the names
were known in various circles in the city.

To east of the vendors’ kiosks was the food market. Here
were the fresh vegetables, peppers and fruits that the
local farmers grew. Some had farms of only an acre or two;
some had more, some had less. Interspersed among these
were the larger operators who bought from the small growers
at a discounted price and sold to the public. Sometimes
the price was higher, sometimes lower; but usually negotiable
either way.

Angelina first noticed the man at the food market from in
front of the kiosk where she was browsing before she went
home from her shift at the hospital. He was tall; well… tall
to her, six feet maybe. His hair was thin on top and had been
brown in earlier days. Now it was graying, but well groomed.
He had a moustache, which appeared to be graying as well,
but equal attention was paid to its upkeep also. His clothes
while not from the most expensive shops fit well and were
stylishly coordinated. She noticed that he was courteous
to those he encountered and unlike many others, was patient
in his mannerisms. All in all, Angelina thought him to be
an attractive and genteel man. She continued her perusal
of the merchandise, decided against its purchase and decided
to look over the fresh vegetables.

Hunter enjoyed visiting San Antonio. Although his business
brought him here once or twice a month, he rarely had time
to see any sights. This was on of those occasions. He had
a full day to see any sights, and thought that he would take
some fresh vegetables home with him when he returned to
Dallas in a couple of days. Some people might have thought
it strange to shop for food, keep it in his room’s refrigerator
and carry it on the plane when he returned home, but he was
past being concerned with what others thought. Besides,
this was closer to his room than the “mercado” in Dallas

Hunter had always been taken by the beauty of the Mexican
women. Maybe it was the “forbidden fruit” of his upbringing
that attracted him so. To him they and the Orientals were
the most beautiful women in the world and could be counted
on to quicken the pace of his heartbeat. The woman that he
had seen at the kiosk across the way was no different. She
appeared to be about 5’2”, shoulder length hair, long legs
and a skin that seemed of luscious caramel contrasted against
her nurse’s uniform. What a beauty she was, he thought.
He closed his eyes momentarily, imagining her before him,
smiled and reopened his eyes only to find her… gone. Just
like that, a vision of beauty came and went. Oh well, he thought,
an encounter of that sort was never actively pursued. That
would distract him from his business focus. He was grateful
for the vision though.

Hunter had already picked up some poblano peppers for making
chile rellenos at home and was considering the plantains
before him. His mind went back to his first exposure to them
in Monterrey, Mexico when he had them for breakfast once.
Well, he would have them again, he thought; sliced and sautéed
in butter with strawberries and whipped cream on the side.
They would provide a suitable compliment to the sopaipillas
and honey that he would serve for dessert.

“Excuse me, ” he asked the man behind the counter. “Are
these plantains ripe enough for use now?”

The man was busy and without looking up gave a cursory nod
of his head in the affirmative. Either he’s too busy to help,
doesn’t like “gringos”, doesn’t speak English or they
are indeed ripe, thought Hunter.

“It’s not you, ” came a voice from behind him. “He’s always
like that. All of those are ripe, but they’ll only be good
for about four more days.”

Hunter turned to the soft feminine voice behind him to see
the “vision” that he had seen earlier. “I… uh… thank you, ”
he stammered. “I wasn’t sure and it will be a couple of days
before I can use them.”

“How will you fix them?” she asked

“I plan on splitting them lengthwise and sautéing in butter
to go with sopaipillas, strawberries and whipped cream.”

“Sounds delicious!” she exclaimed, licking her pure white
teeth. “It’s been a good while since I’ve had home-made
sopaipillas. And the chiles?” she said, noticing the poblanos
in the clear plastic bag.

“Chile rellenos, ” he responded. “I use either shredded
chicken breast or brisket, and top them with a tomatillo

“Que bueno!” she said enthusiastically. “Are you a chef
or something?”

“No, ” said Hunter. “I just love most of the food and try
my own variances sometimes.”

“Most of the food?” she inquired.

“Well… I don’t care for chorizo, really. The uh… contents
put me off a bit.”

She laughed. “I know what you mean. It kind of makes me pause
too if I think about it. But it‘s really great with eggs if
you can get past that.”

“Well, maybe some day I’ll try it, ” he said, “but I managed
to keep it off my plate for this long.” Hunter had kept his
focus on her sparkling eyes. She was music personified.
She smiled and then as if remembering something, her smile
faded and her eyes looked down.

“Did I say something wrong?” he asked.

“No… it’s nothing. I should be going. I bet your meal will
really turn out well.”

“Oh I won’t be cooking it until I get back home.”

“You’re not from here?” she inquired with added interest.

“No, Dallas is home. I’m just here on business for a few days.
I’ll make it this weekend when I get back.”

“What will you have with it?” she asked. The smile was partially
there again.

“Well, I make a decent rice. I brown it first, and then add
tomatoes and onion, then after a while I add water, cover
and sauté for a while.”

“I don’t think I’ve heard of browning the rice first. That’s
interesting. Where’d you pick the recipe up?” Her smile
was back.

“It’s from a local cookbook. I’ve tried some others in it
but this is one of my favorites. Maybe I could cook for you
some time when I’m in town.”

Again her smile faded some. “That might not be possible.”
She held up her left hand. On her ring finger was a simple
silver band.

“I… I didn’t notice. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“No, that’s all right, really. Sometimes I forget it’s
there myself, ” she said. “Sometimes I wish it wasn’t there.”

“Problems?” Hunter asked sincerely.

“Oh, the typical I suppose. Not all bad… but not all good;
just typical. There are some… voids though.”

“Want to talk about it? My shoulders are broad.”

“I don’t even know you. I couldn’t talk about it to a total
stranger. I… really should go.” The smile was fading.

“Hunter. Hunter Mathews, ” he said extending his hand.

She looked at his hand, up into his eyes and paused momentarily
as if making a decision. “Angelina Carson, ” she replied,
extending her hand to his.

Her hand was soft, smooth and cool to the touch. “Carson?”
he inquired.

Angelina understood his question. “My husband is a truck
driver. We met in El Paso, married and now he’s based here…
when he’s here. Anyway, I thought that maybe we would grow
and learn things together, but that hasn’t happened.”
She paused again and the smile began to fade. “I’m sorry.
I shouldn’t have…”

“Angelina, I’m sorry you have problems. Everyone does.
Don’t feel bad about telling me. It’s good to talk about
problems. We’ve all got problems too.”

Angelina looked and saw that he too had a band on his finger.
She smiled. “Problems too? I’ll tell mine if you’ll tell
yours, ” she laughed.

What a beautiful laugh, he thought. What a beautiful woman.
He could almost hear his heart pounding. “It’s a deal, ”
he laughed. “Shall we talk over drinks?”

“Sure Hunter. Your place or mine?” she said grinning.

“Uh… well, I…” he stammered. She caught him off guard with
that one.

“Just kidding, Hunter. There’s a place nearby where we
can get something. C’mon. Have you eaten?”

Angelina led Hunter to a restaurant that was in the marketplace.
It wasn’t fancy and much of the furniture was unmatched.
Hunter didn’t seem concerned, for he knew that such places
didn’t focus so much about the aesthetics but more on the
food. He’d never been with a woman in control in a restaurant,
but this was her turf after all, so he followed along. Her
Spanish was too fast for him to understand, but her authority
with the host was met with respect and courtesy. They were
seated apart from the other customers he noticed and he
was glad of that. It was sometimes difficult to talk privately
without the conversations of nearby customers invading
one’s own.

“I hope you don’t mind that we’re over here, Hunter. I thought
it would be more private. Do you like margaritas? They have
the best here.”

“Love them Angelina… and no, I don’t mind sitting here.
I prefer it frankly. But I wonder if I could ask something
of you?”

She looked at him and smiled. “You can always ask.”

“My Spanish is very poor and…”

“Oh I’m sorry Hunter. That was rude of me to speak to them
in Spanish; force of habit I guess.”

“Oh no. That wasn’t it, ” he replied. “I don’t mind. What
I wanted to ask is if I could call you Angel. I don’t mean to
take away from your proper name... and if you want me to call

“Angel is fine. After all, that IS my name in English. Well…”Little
Angel” if you translate it literally. Do you like your margaritas
on the rocks or frozen?”

“On the rocks please will be fine.”

The waiter arrived with chips and sauce, Angel ordered
the margaritas and the waiter excused himself. They sampled
the chips and sauce and Hunter gave an approving nod.

“Kind of spicy, but just right with the garlic. It’s got
something in it that I can’t quite place.”

“It’s roasted jalapeños. They call it fire-roasted. I
don’t know how they do it, but I love it!”

The waiter returned with the drinks and Hunter’s eyes widened
at the size. “Grandota” was the term she used. Ah yes, grand-sized.
He sampled his drink. His eyes closed as he judged its flavor.
Perfect! Great hot sauce, crisp fresh chips and an excellent
margarita; this place could be a gem.

“How is it?” she asked.

“Great! I was just thinking about the sauce and the drink.
Is the food good as well?”

“Oh yes. Their chile rellenos and chicken molè are excellent.
And if you like cabrito it’s good too.”

“No Angel, it’ll be a toss up between the first two. I haven’t
had a good molè in a while. What do you think?”

“Well, they probably wouldn’t do your rellenos justice, ”
she said smiling, “so why not the molè?”

“I’ll follow your recommendation, Angel. What are you
going to have?”

“I love their grilled camarones. They’re spicy with just
a hint of lime, and very large. But there is one thing about
this Hunter.”

“What’s that?”

“This is Dutch. I’ll pay my own way on this.”

“Whatever you say Angel.”

Their meal came and Hunter was glad of his choice. The chicken
was tender and the molè was rich with a perfect mix of chili
and chocolate. Angelina let Hunter sample her shrimp and
he told her that he would try that the next time. He let her
sample his molè and the strangers enjoyed their meal. Each
talked of their lives, their problems and the good times.

Angelina was a nurse and worked in the emergency ward. She
had married young, and after a while discovered that she
was unable to bear children. This had affected their relationship
emotionally and sexually. Hunter found out and was somewhat
shocked that there wasn’t any form of intimacy other than
normal intercourse and it was a seldom occurrence. Hunter
kept his expressions neutral so as to not embarrass Angelina
or adversely affect her self-esteem. He was often gone
on assignment; she didn’t know where or doing what and Hunter
didn’t ask. Hunter described his job as a business analyst,
working with computers and software to improve processes.

They enjoyed their meal and Hunter could tell that this
woman was holding back something, he couldn’t tell what,
but there was something she wasn’t saying. Finally, the
meal was over, and all too soon for Hunter was enjoying her
company immensely. She was such a beautiful woman and seemed
so hungry for love… affection… companionship. The waiter
brought the check and Hunter took it, checked it briefly
and handed the waiter his credit card. Angel started to
protest, and Hunter said it was repayment for introducing
him to the restaurant. Did she really mind? Her protest
faded and she thanked him for the meal.

They got up to leave and she stopped him and then hesitated
at her move. Her mind again hesitated for but a moment and
then she reached up and kissed Hunter fully on the mouth.

Her lips were soft as velvet and Hunter thought that maybe
they had never been kissed. He tasted her meal as her tongue
briefly probed his mouth. He also tasted something else…
her hunger. She pulled away and her eyes fell.

“I’m sorry Hunter. I shouldn’t have done that. Please…
I should go.”

Hunter grabbed her and kissed her back, embracing her slender
body, their tongues probing each other’s mouth. He felt
her tremble in his arms and knew that there was a burning
fire within her. Her lips felt loose and relaxed to his mouth.
He wanted to increase the level of the moment, but then realized
where he was and that they may be the center of attention.
She realized his hesitation and pulled away, thinking
the same thing at the same time as Hunter. She looked down
sheepishly, then carefully to the side where the customers
had been; “had been” for there were no longer any customers.
It was too late for normal lunch and too early for supper
or “happy hour.”

“Angel, I have no right to ask this or to tell you this, but
I think you are an extremely beautiful woman. I sense something
in you that lies hidden and…”

“Suppressed?” she added.

“I wasn’t sure how to describe it Angel, ” he replied. “That
seems a rather extreme term to use.”

“Not to me, Hunter. It seems a perfect term. I could use a
few others that would fit as well.”

“Such as?”

“Well…hungry… emotional… unfulfilled… horny, ” she
said looking into his eyes at the last word.

Those eyes, Hunter thought. How absolutely sensual they
are. And she is so… so… desirable. “Angel, my room isn’t
far from here if you… I mean, I… uh… God you’re beautiful!”

“My car is over in the parking lot. Shall I follow you?” she

“You’ll have to drive real slow if you do Angel. I walked.”

She thought about that for a moment then said, “You’re staying
at the Holiday Inn?”

“Yes. Like I said, it’s not far.”

Angelina laughed. “Well let me drive you anyway Hunter.
It’s kind of hot and we don’t want your peppers to spoil.”

They walked to her car not as a couple, but as friends, just
in case she was seen. As big as the city was there was always
the possibility of being noticed. Hunter didn’t open the
door for her when they reached her Volvo, but instead tried
to remain as informal and innocent as possible. Hunter
asked if they could stop at the drugstore that was on the
way so he could pick something up. She waited in the car while
he went inside and then in a couple of minutes reappeared
and got back into her car. When they got to the motel she was
grateful that his room was on the backside and away from
the street.

They opened the door when the electronic key turned the
door lock green and went in. Hunter went over to turn the
light on and when he turned around Angelina was already
out of her nurse’s uniform and was unhooking her bra. What
he didn’t expect to see was that her white hose weren’t the
one-piece panty type, but instead were individual legs
with lace at the top and secured with a garter belt, and that
was all. The light was much too bright for his taste, and
Hunter turned the bathroom light on and closed the door
most of the way. On his return he saw that Angelina had finished
removing her bra and was standing shyly, covering her breasts
with one arm and her femininity with the other. Her head
was bowed as if ashamed.

“You’re beautiful, Angel. One of the most beautiful women
I’ve ever seen.”

“I’m new to this Hunter. No one has ever seen me like this
except my husband, and he has never seen these, ” she said
indicating her garter and hose. “If he were to see me in these
he’d call me a whore, take them away and burn them. I don’t
know what he would do next, but it wouldn’t be pleasant.
I keep them hidden and have only worn them twice before,
but oh they make me feel good. I feel… sexy I guess; knowing
what I have on and no one is the wiser. I’m just Angelina Carson,
RN, a Mexican married to a gringo. Oh, I’m sorry Hunter!
I didn’t mean to use that word! I didn’t mean any…”

“Gringo?” he asked. “Hell, it doesn’t bother me. My skin’s
pretty thick.”

“Well, it’s not used as a compliment Hunter. Some of the
other Mexican women criticize me for not marrying within
my race, and the white women seem to be as prejudiced in their
own way.”

“Angel! It’s not prejudice; it’s jealousy! They are green
with envy at your beauty.”

Angelina smiled shyly at that and her hands began uncovering
herself as her eyes met Hunter’s. Her breasts were gorgeous;
smallish but perfectly shaped and what some would describe
as “perky.” Her pubic hair was as dark as a raven, short and
trimmed to a thin “presence” above her organ.

She saw him admiring her anatomy and when he raised an eyebrow
as he looked at her pubic region she said, “The trim is the
only thing I can do without him getting mad. I tell him it’s
cooler this way and he seems to accept that. If he thought
there was any other reason I’d have to let it grow out. Then
the only things I would have to feel sexy with would be my
hose and garter.”

“Angel, you’d look sexy without any of that on.” After he
said it Hunter tried to recover. “I… uh… what I meant to say

She chuckled. “I know what you meant… I think. But you haven’t
said if you like these or not.” Suddenly she was looking
very sultry.

“I didn’t? I guess I’ve been too taken by you to say anything.”
Hunter couldn’t resist any longer and moved to her to take
her in his arms.

She kissed him warmly again, but briefly. “Sweet, I’ve
just put in a 12 hour shift. Let me freshen up just a little
for you, may I?” she said batting her eyes a couple of times.

Hunter showed his disappointment momentarily, then thought
about it a moment and accepted it. “Okay Angel. I can wait.
But could you put those back on after?”

She looked at him starting at his knees and working her way
up. “I might be able to manage that. But I could use a back
scrub also.”

Hunter fairly flew out of his clothes as Angelina found
a shower cap next to the complimentary shampoo, soap and
conditioner that the motel provided. The shower was started
and as is common, the water was instantly steaming hot.
As she bent over to adjust the temperature Hunter couldn’t
help but admire the view. He couldn’t resist such a target
and he gave her a small slap on her buttocks. She rose up suddenly
and squealed slightly at the sharp slight sting. Her head
lowered as she looked at him through her eyebrows.

“You’re going to pay for that one Hunter, ” she said half-menacingly.
Then she giggled a little and said, “But I have been naughty,
so maybe I deserved it. The trouble is, ” she said with a
pout, “ is that I’m afraid I’ll be naughty again, but no marks…
at least none that will last for more than four days.” She
noticed his nakedness and admired his manhood. “Other
than pictures and brief glimpses of patients I’ve never
seen a man that was circumcised so up close and… personal, ”
she winked. She touched its growing thickness gingerly.
“C’mon and scrub my back, ” she winked.

They spread the hotel’s “bath mat” onto the tile floor and
got into the shower. Hunter thought she was beautiful even
in a shower cap. She handed him the soap and stood in front
of him, the shower stream hitting her back. He rubbed the
soap on her and her nipples began to harden. For some reason
he wasn’t hard though… yet. Her skin was smooth and soft
underneath the wet slickness of the soap. He got a washrag,
wet it and rubbed soap on it as well and then began to gently
go over her front. Compared to her skin the wet cloth was
as sandpaper and he was careful not to mar the finish.

Angelina’s eyes were closed and she had a slight smile on
her face as if enjoying the experience for the first time;
perhaps it was. Hunter washed her tenderly from her throat
down to her toes. He noticed that they were neatly manicured
and without polish. He was on his knees and reached around
to get to the back of her legs. Still her eyes were closed
and Hunter had a thought of planting a kiss on the sight before
him, but changed his mind.

Angelina must have sensed his hesitation. Her eyes opened
and she looked down at him before her. Oh she wished he would
kiss her while he was there… so close… just once. But then
the moment was gone as his head tilted up and their eyes met.
She smiled.

“You missed a spot, ” she said as she turned around and presented
her back to him.

Again he soaped her up, repeating the routine with the cloth
as she rinsed the soap from her front. He washed her thoroughly
and slowly for he was enjoying this as much as he hoped she
was. Again he smacked her buttocks, but softer this time.
It was more of a signal that he was through… reluctantly.
She turned back around to rinse her back and her eyes remained
closed. Hunter was still crouched down and would not pass
the opportunity again.

Angelina suddenly felt a soft warmness that she had never
felt before. Something alive was touching her womanhood,
something wonderful. She had never felt such a sensation
before. Her left hand gripped the handicap bar on the wall
and with the shower curtain still in place her right leg
seemed to instinctively rise up and rest on the edge of the
tub. Stroking her femininity the warmth probed inside
her and around her, and then… there! Yes! Oh my… mmmmmm.
She felt the pounding of her heart in her ears as Hunter’s
tongue explored her around and around flicking back and
forth across her clitoris. Gentle teeth were tugging slightly
on her labia. Then a large gentle bite was given to the uppermost
inside of her thigh. Oh her head was swimming! The pounding
of blood seemed deafening in her ears. Her clitoris felt
hot and was throbbing wanting more of this man’s special
kiss upon it, more of those lips upon it.

Her legs began to quiver from the strain of their constant
flexing in response to the attention being paid to her.
She was uncertain how much longer they would last. Hunter
realized that she must be tiring and gently ceased his special
kiss. There would be another opportunity to resume. He
raised some and lest she feel completely abandoned, placed
his hand as gently upon her as he could with his middle finger
nestled in her wetness. He knew that his finger was a poor
substitute as he kissed and sucked upon her erect nipple.
Her chest heaved to meet the new sensation. Her raised leg
went down as she began to relax from his oral activity.

She knew Hunter was in an awkward position as she was so much
shorter than he, and although she wanted him to continue
she gently raised his head. He straightened up and she stood
on tiptoe to kiss him. Those lips, he thought. They were
so wonderfully sensual and loose and warm and wet. His hand
remained and her pelvis pressed to him beckoning it to her.
They stood like that for a minute, kissing, him touching
her gently, feeling her moistness and rubbing against
her still swollen clitoris. Her hand went down to his member.
It began to stiffen immediately. She looked down and watched
it grow, fascinated at its inner workings.

She raised her head, looked him in the eye and smiled. “Soon
sir, ” she said, “but first should I lather you up as well?”

“Be my guest Angel.”

Angelina took the small bar of soap and began the routine
of soaping him down from top to bottom and pausing in the
middle for an extended period for another examination.
She used the rag as gingerly as he had on her. She reached
around to the backs of his legs just as he had and he turned
to make access to his back easier. Again she started at the
top and worked her way down studying his back noticing that
at one time he had worked out; his buttocks, feeling their
firmness beneath her hands. She soaps the rag again and
starts the gentle scrub of his back. When she is through
she remembers his attacks upon her rear and decides the
time is right for a payback. She slapped his buttocks sharply
and he reacted with surprise as the soapy wet skin intensified
the sting.

He turned and looked down at her and in a mischievous voice
she looked up and said, “I told you there’d be a payback.”

“I guess I deserved it then, huh?” said Hunter.

“And you deserve this as well, ” Angelina replied.

She looked at the manhood in front of her, took it into her
hand and placed her lips tentatively on its end. It began
to swell again immediately. She felt its growth and for
the first time in her life she had a man in her mouth. She had
wondered how it would feel. It was odd that it could feel
so soft in her mouth. It was a totally different feel than
in her hand or vagina. It was hot in her mouth. She took it
as deeply as she could but she was unfamiliar with this aspect
of sex and its mass almost caused her to gag. She withdrew
some to gather her composure, wrapped her tongue around
his glans and took him in again. She wasn’t sure if her performance
was right or wrong, but the moan from him signified approval.
She felt the moan all the way to her mouth, which was truly

Again she took him into her mouth, deeper than before, and
was better prepared for its mass. She relaxed her throat
and instead of resisting the invasion she welcomed and
invited it. This made a world of difference and she could
take him much deeper than she thought. This was so pleasant
to her. She felt powerful some how, having this man in her
mouth and being able to please him so easily. She placed
her lips tightly around his head then dragged her teeth
around its ridge. She felt the swell of his glans as he flexed
in response. She noticed a slight change in the taste in
her mouth and didn’t think he was having an orgasm, but suddenly
felt stupid at not knowing what to expect.

Hunter was getting closer to the moment as she administered
to him. He found it hard to believe that this was her first
experience. She was showing a level of passion and desire
in her effort that he was not accustomed to. In his current
relationship the act of fellatio was done as a duty and as
with it a proportional degree of resentment. There was
no joy in performing it and it was never performed to its
finish. This caused a sense of rejection on his part and
in turn, its own form of resentment. He had therefore stopped
her from even starting the act, for it was better for him
to not experience it instead of being… teased.

Hunter placed his hand below her chin and as she looked up
at him he smiled. “Why don’t we dry off Angel? If we keep this
up we’re going to be billed for the extra hot water.”

She looked concerned as she stood up. “Did I do something
wrong? I’m sorry. It’s my first time and…”

“Angel, you are perfect. I’ve… well, it’s been a long time.
I can’t believe you’ve never done this before. Why don’t
we adjourn to the other room and continue?”

Angelina smiled some, her concern somewhat diminished.
Still, she thought he might just be trying to make her feel
better. She was determined to improve and show him that
she could do better. They dried each other off and she noticed
that Hunter was not as erect as before, but was still showing
signs of arousal.

They went into the bedroom and as if mentally connected
they went to each side of the bed and turned the covers down.
Angelina remembered Hunter’s request and put her garter
and white lace-topped hose back on as he watched in erotic
interest and anticipation. Their eyes met, they smiled
at each other and Angelina gave him a little wink. Each was
a little nervous about what was going to happen next. Hunter
took the lead and walked over to her, placed a finger under
her chin and kissed her as gently as he possibly could. There
was a force felt by them both, a focus of the senses through
their lips. Her lips’ softness combined with the moment
caused his manhood to begin stiffening immediately. She
felt his enlargement against her and she reached for his
shaft, holding it softly and gently stroking it in and out.
Hunter placed his hand behind her head and eased her onto
the bed, the crease of her knees on its edge. He leaned forward
and kissed her again, and then slowly his mouth began its
trek south, lingering along the way.

Hunter kissed her neck starting from the side and slowly
moved to her breasts. Angelina’s breathing deepened and
at his warm mouth upon her nipple she gasped. His teeth scraped
against their firmness and he sucked them into his mouth,
his tongue teasing them with rapid back and forth.

What had she been missing, she thought. There had never
been such… such gentle love made to her. His mouth was so
warm and sensual. Her breasts felt as if they were on fire.
His hand occupied the other breast that was not in his mouth,
tugging and gently twisting her nipples. Her head rocked
back and forth at the pleasure she was enjoying.

Hunter moved to her abdomen, his mouth kissing her softly
as he went. Her stomach flexed at his presence. Normally
she was ticklish, but this was so different. And then his
mouth moved to where it had been in the shower. A wet long
sensual kiss was placed directly on her clitoral area.
Angelina was immediately on the verge of an orgasm. She
moaned softly as her emotions rose. Hunter’s mouth moved
as his tongue probed her once again. The shower experience
was excellent, but this… She was relaxed and didn’t need
to worry about her balance or her legs giving out. All she
had to do was enjoy this man and his precious loving upon
her. Her eyes closed and her mind spun. She thought she could
see colors float by in response to his active tongue.

Hunter placed her feet upon his shoulders as he kissed upon
her. As his mouth was busy below his hands were attending
to Angelina’s breasts, tugging and gently twisting her
erect nipples. Her hands were with his, pushing up on her
breasts, pushing them sideways and stroking his hands

His tongue probed her freshly washed vagina, tasting her,
swabbing its sides. His tongue followed the natural path
or her organ until he reached her swollen clitoris. There
he placed his mouth upon it and gently sucked as his tongue
flicked against it. The sensation caused Angelina to whimper
in ecstatic pleasure. Her pelvis began to rise and fall
against his mouth. Her hands moved to the sides of his head
ruffling his hair and gently scratching with her fingernails,
faster when he was just right and slower when he could change.
He could feel the contractions of her vaginal walls as she
approached an orgasm; her legs tightened and her pelvis
began a more urgent movement. Around and around, up and
down she wanted him all over her at once.

Angelina’s pulse was racing. Was it the excitement of the
affair or the warm, wet, mouth and tongue below that were
the cause? She thought the latter. Her temples were wet
with perspiration. Her breathing was deep and quickening
as she neared a moment she had only read about. Could it be
as described? She had never been so exposed before. Totally
naked, on a bed, no sheets to cover and hide her and she didn’t
care. She would take of this man as much as he would give and
would do some giving of her own. Her hands were on his head
and she was grinding her pelvis to him, placing her sensitive
clitoris where she could and hoping he would understand.
Oh he did understand… and perfectly. This oral dancer could
lead and follow. She wasn’t used to guiding anyone in what
to do, but it was so… enhancing.

Her grinds and thrusts increased in intensity as her pulse
and mind raced. She could feel the moment upon her. Gently
my lover, gently. Yes! Now hard on me… there! Yes! Mmmmmmm…
A little softer now… Perfect! Flick that precious tongue
against me there as you suck so slightly and I… oh yes… I’m…
I’m… c-c-c-cuuuuuuummmmiiiiiinnnngggggg! The best
term that she could use to describe it was… So this is what
was meant as explosive! Her legs stiffened and her muscles
were tight. Her back arched and as it did, Hunter placed
his hands under her buttocks and lifted her, himself standing
up until only her head and shoulders were on the bed. Angelina
whimpered and moaned at her first orally induced orgasm.
Her vaginal walls contracted uncontrollably as her pelvis
moved in small jerks and her breathing came in shudders.

Angelina had never experienced these sensations before.
The warmness of a mouth upon her womanhood was such a pleasant
experience. Why had this not been done before, she wondered?
She was beginning to realize that she had probably missed
out on a lot of sexual experiences in life. If they were all
as pleasant as this, there would be some serious make up
work needed, and so far the man with the “special” kisses
was a good candidate for the teacher.

Hunter eased her down to the bed being careful not to disturb
her sensitivity. His mouth was still on her but he didn’t
move. He imagined her level of feeling would be similar
to his at such a moment. Only when she was lying flat on the
bed did he remove his mouth from her. When he did, she gasped
just a little at the absence of his warmth and the sudden
replacement of the chilled air. He blew softly on her adding
to the coolness. His face was wet with her as he straightened
up. He smiled at her and winked slowly. Her hand extended
to him and when he took it she brought him onto the bed with
her. She kissed him on the mouth, tasting herself.

“Oh Hunter, ” she said still somewhat out of breath, “I’m
almost ashamed to admit it, but that was two firsts for me;
the first time that’s been done to me and the first time I’ve
experienced such an…”

“Orgasm?” Hunter completed smiling.

“Orgasm seems so… so unsubstantial. I mean either you kicked
the bed or I thought I felt the earth move! Really! Hunter
I never knew such a feeling could exist! I had heard and even
read occasionally, but I thought it was just exaggeration
or literary ‘enhancement.’ But they really can happen
can’t they?”

“I guess they can after all Angel. This was a first for me
as well… the orgasm that is. I’ve never felt so connected;
no pun intended.” Hunter’s eyes closed a moment as if looking
inward at a frustration. “It was so nice feeling your moment…
being so close and knowing that I could take you there. Thank
you Angel for the privilege.”

Angelina looked at him, studying him. “You really mean
that don’t you Hunter? This is a first of sorts for you too?
I would have thought that women would stand in line for this.”

“I don’t know Angel, maybe it’s my technique. Maybe I…”

“It’s not your technique, ” she interrupted, “I can promise
you that! My gosh! I felt as if our thoughts were connected,
that you knew just what I wanted you to do. How did you do that?”

“You did tell me Angel.”

“I did? How?”

“Your hands… your fingers… your… motions. I just tried
to be receptive.”

Angelina thought to herself that this must be a key to good
lovemaking. Suddenly she realized that her sex life was
lacking not from her efforts! She had sent the signals,
but they just hadn’t been received! It all made sense. The
success was not in receiving but in giving; the greater
the gift, the greater the reward. And why had “he” not given
after all these years and this man beside her been able to
do so easily. Another understanding was discovered; one
must also be willing to receive and accept the gift. Was
it so simple?

“Where are you Angel?”

Angelina’s eyes refocused on him. She smiled and nestled
into him. “I’m right here Hunter, totally.” Her fingernails
gently scratched his chest, drawing invisible circles
around his nipples. She kissed him and softly bit his lip,
sucking on it gently.

Her mouth moved to his nipple as her hand went to caress his
manhood. It was firm but not hard like it had been in the shower.
She would change that and her mouth began a slow trek downward.
His hands gently held her head and tilted her face to him.

“You’ve never really done this before have you Angel?”

“The shower is all, why?”

“It’s different when you… when I…”

“A girl’s got to find out sometime, don’t they? I’ll try
to not disappoint you.”

Hunter looked into her eyes. They looked hungry again,
sultry. She smiled and gently tapped her teeth together.
Hunter’s eyes widened a bit and released her face, ready
to receive her gift. Her face turned back towards her goal,
which was stiffening nicely. She grasped his shaft and
noticed a small drop of his essence on the tip of his glans.
Her tongue extended and as if tasting a sweet morsel, licked
and took it into her mouth to savor. It was a little oily and
only a slight bit salty; not unpleasant.

As in the shower, she took him into her mouth slightly and
let her tongue swirl around the head of his shaft, tracing
the velvet-soft ridge of his glans. She felt the swell of
him in response to her attention. She took him deeply into
her mouth, feeling him touch the back of her throat. She
avoided the gag reflex by relaxing her throat and accepted
him instead of fighting its invasion. Hunter moaned softly.
Withdrawing again her teeth softly raked beneath the ridges
and pulled gently. Hunter inhaled through his teeth at
the sweet pain. Angelina’s mouth apologized as her tongue
swirled and licked. Again she took him into her mouth deeply
and again withdrew. Her tongue probed the lone “eye” and
then she sucked his head strongly then gently, and again
took him deep.

Hunter’s pelvis moved to meet her loving mouth and he moaned
in pleasurable satisfaction. She tasted him more and new
that he was close to the moment. Was she ready? Yes. She wanted
him; wanted him inside her. She could feel his body begin
twitching accompanied by his more intense moans. Her movements
were faster as his climax became imminent.

Hunter’s senses were focused on the oral pleasure being
performed on him. She was bringing him to a moment that he
had rarely experienced. His moans were guttural now as
he reached his climax. Her hot wet mouth was working him
feverishly. He tried to hold back but couldn’t. He felt
her warmness all around his shaft and glans and he exploded.

Angelina first felt the warmness of his fluid and then the
taste, still salty and oily and she loved that she could
bring him to this point as he had done for her. Her mind raced
at the eroticism of the act. Her nipples were hard in arousal.
She had read that the amount of a man’s ejaculate was perhaps
a teaspoon but it seemed like more. She swallowed and continued
her act of pleasure wanting to drain this man of everything.
Her pent up sexual frustrations and desires were being
released simultaneously with his own seminal discharge.
She felt the tightness in his body and his deep groans of
pleasure were exciting. Her mouth was still active but
was slowing as his hands gently touched her hair as a signal.
Sensitivity! Just like hers. She slowed until her mouth
was just over his glans and then as a bit of a tease she sucked
and flicked against it with her tongue. Hunter flinched
at her actions. Wow, she thought, he really is sensitive
right now. She smiled to herself at the power she had experienced
loving him orally. Her mouth came off of him and she cleared
her throat a little and swallowed again.

“That was wonderful Hunter, ” she said.

“That’s my line Angel. You were fantastic! You don’t know
how long it’s been.” He responded.

“Oh Hunter, I’ll do that anytime for you. I loved it. I can’t
understand why any woman wouldn’t want to do that. It was
just so… erotic and stimulating.” She looked at her nipples.

Hunter saw that they were still erect and he kissed each
of them and then kissed her on the mouth. Their arms intertwined
around each other and they lay there for a time, kissing
and looking into each other’s eyes. A few minutes later
hunter got up and went to the bathroom. When he finished
he got a warm wet rag and began to wash her womanhood ever
so gently. The warm moistness felt good on Angelina.

“You have an excellent bedside manner, sir, ” she said
jokingly as he worked. “I could probably get you a spot doing
sponge baths.”

“Not unless they all looked as gorgeous as you do to me, Angel.”

Angelina smiled at that. The man certainly knew what to
say and when to say it. Hunter went to the room’s refrigerator
and opened the door.

“May I get you something to drink Angel? I have Coke or Sprite
and also a couple of Coronas; no limes though.”

“I’ll split a Corona with you if you don’t mind Hunter. Oh,
and in a frosted glass if you don’t mind, ” she teased.

Hunter looked at her, smiled, opened the beer and poured
it into some frosted glasses that had been in the small refrigerator’s
freezer section.

“As you requested, madam, ” he said as he presented hers.

Her eyes widened some at the fulfillment of her request.
“You’re just full of surprises aren’t you? What else have
you got stashed in there?”

Hunter looked in the refrigerator again. “Well, I’ve got
a fruit platter with strawberries and a cheese platter.
I don’t go out much when I travel, even though I could expense
most of it. Just not a party animal and I don’t eat much on
the road.”

“Strawberries?” Angelina inquired. “That would be nice,
and maybe a little cheese too?”

“You got it Angel.”

Hunter produced the two small trays of fruits and cheeses.
Even though they had eaten only a little while before, a
little nourishment was in order both for the energy that
had been expended, and what was yet to come.

Hunter fed her bites by hand and occasionally she would
take his fingers in her mouth and suck on them just as she
had seen in movies. When he did the same she realized how
stimulating it was. Occasionally they kissed softly,
looking into each other’s eyes and smiling as lovers often
do. They finished the beer and food and each understood
that it was time to escalate the lovemaking. Hunter moved
the plates back into the refrigerator, rinsed the glasses
out and put them back into the freezer area.

Angelina watched him and admired his ass. Did men ever think
about a woman looking at their backsides she wondered?
She thought how odd that neither was self-conscious about
their nudity. She couldn’t imagine not covering up before,
but now she didn’t care. It seemed natural somehow. Hunter
closed the refrigerator door and took the few steps back
to her, Angelina’s eyes admiring the other side of his anatomy
as well. She liked what she saw but could tell that certain
equipment would need warming up before it was ready for

As Hunter walked to the bed she sat on the edge, looked up
at him and then at the manhood in front of her. She cupped
his balls in her hand and took each into her mouth, warming
them and swirling her tongue around them. She enjoyed the
experience as his shaft began to grow instantly. Her hands
moved behind Hunter as she cradled his ass in them, her fingers
digging slightly into him and she took his shaft into her
mouth again. She felt a stirring in her own loins and had
never thought of becoming aroused at performing this act,
but she was.

At first Hunter wasn’t sure if he was going to be up for more
lovemaking so soon, but when she took him into her mouth
again any doubt was removed. However special oral pleasure
was, there was a certain degree of intimacy and closeness
that could only be obtained from intercourse, and Hunter
wanted to be close with this woman. Why, he wondered? Was
it because she was inexperienced? Was it her race and the
associated excitement of being with the ‘forbidden fruit’
of his upbringing? He didn’t think so, for he would want
this woman even if she hadn’t professed her inexperience.
And ‘forbidden fruit?’ Not forbidden at all; rather… exotic…
extremely sensual… beautiful and pleasant to be with.
Oh how he loved the softness of her skin, the shape of her
breasts, the taste of her… passion. His mind returned to
the present and her attention to him. He could wait no longer.

Hunter felt as if his stiffness was greater than anytime
in the past. He felt himself throbbing, his member with
a mind of its own wanting to be in her. His hand gently stroked
the side of her head and she paused. The time was now.

As Angelina reluctantly removed her mouth from him, Hunter
supported her back as he eased her to a prone position. He
placed one of the pillows under the small of her back and
walked over to the sack from the drugstore and pulled out
a box of condoms. He opened it and prepared to open one of
the foils.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“Well Angel, you don’t really know where I’ve been, and

“Do I need to be careful?”

Hunter looked at her solemnly. “No Angel. I haven’t been
anyplace but home and I’m pretty sure she hasn’t either.”

“Well Hunter, I haven’t been anyplace else either. But
if you would feel better about wearing one…”

Hunter tossed the packages away walked back to the bed and
lay on top of her, supporting his weight on his elbows. Her
legs spread a little, inviting him in. Their eyes remained
focused on each other’s. Hunter’s pelvis moved, rubbing
his shaft against her, searching for the opening and letting
his manhood find the way on its own. It was an unspoken understanding
that they would let their organs perform the duet unencumbered.

Angelina’s eyes slowly closed and opened again at Hunter’s
movements against her. His shaft was sweetly masturbating
her as her lubricating fluid began to flow. He raised up
and let his glans point the way, throbbing… probing… Her
eyebrows raised slightly at its presence letting him know
that he was there and Hunter gently pushed to her and then
relaxed, then probed again.

Angelina gasped at the pleasant intrusion as she tried
to relax her vaginal muscles as much as possible. Her pelvis
rose to meet him and take him inside her. Oh she wanted this
man inside her!

“Oh Hunter, ” she moaned, “I… ohhhh…” Her eyes closed at
the pleasure she was feeling. He withdrew some and pressed
forward again as her pelvis met his, taking him deeper into
her. She flexed and felt him do so in return. Still their
eyes were on each other communicating visually what their
bodies were doing physically. She had never watched someone
as they were inside her, thinking that the eyes should be
kept closed during intercourse, but watching his face
and eyes was very pleasant.

Hunter supported himself on his arms and rose until only
there was contact at the pelvis. Again this was different
and pleasing to Angelina. It seemed as if all senses were
focused now on the duet playing below and their eyes closed
in unison. Hunter’s gentle and slow probes were met with
equally gentle presses of Angelina’s pelvis. Each time
he pressed she relaxed her muscles, beckoning him deeper
inside and once there he would flex his presence. As he withdrew
she flexed as if trying to hold him inside despite the slickness
of herself. A finger went to her clitoris, feeling him against
it as he entered. She had never done this and hoped that he
wouldn’t mind. Her eyes opened slightly and he was watching
her. He looked into her eyes and smiled, understanding
that her finger wasn’t taking away from what he was doing,
but adding to it.

Hunter’s probes began to increase in their intensity and
when he could penetrate no farther, his pelvis ground against
hers. Angelina’s eyes began to widen at the onslaught of
his passion and her level rose to meet his. Sweat formed
at their temples and chests in an effort to cool the bodies
during their activity. Her breathing deepened and she
began exhaling through her teeth. Now his probes turned
to thrusts as he and she neared their orgasmic moment together.
It was uncommon for such a bond to occur with couples new
to each other and their impending mutual climax heightened
the moment.

Hunter alternated with frenzied rapid thrusts followed
by long slow deep ones as his pelvis smacked and ground against
hers. He could feel her reaching that moment from the tightness
of her vagina as he withdrew. Her organ began to spasm. Her
exhales were through semi-pursed lips now and were accompanied
by whimpers of pleasure. Faster he moved, still supporting
himself on his hands, but nature took over and his hands
gripped her buttocks as her legs wrapped instinctively
around him, helping him go ever deeper.

Angelina was a different woman now, no longer the quiet
self-conscious nurse but a fully sexual, sensual woman
in the heat of pure and extreme passion. Deeper… deeper
my lover, she thought as her legs pulled him to her, her ankles
locked together. She had never reached this level of passionate
lovemaking! She could feel the heat from his throbbing
glans as it tried to reach the… yes! There! A little more…
you’re there! This was uncharted territory! Hold him…
hold him… Cuuuuuummmmminnnnnnnngggg! Nghhh… unnnnnhhhhhh…

His heated glans could feel the end now and he stayed, not
remembering ever having been this far. His moment was there
and he felt the final urge of his passion build and then release
his semen with what he thought was a stronger than normal
force. His hands gripped her buttocks pulling her to him;
that and her legs pulling him into her insured that their
position would not change. He ground against her forcefully
with all his strength. His voice was guttural as his climax
ensued. Sweat dripped from his temples onto her breasts.

Angelina thought she could feel his hot fluid tap against
the wall of her vagina as he reached his climax. His shaft
went pump… pump… Never had she experienced a simultaneous
orgasm! It was wonderful! Hunter was a spoiler, for now
she would never be totally satisfied again until she could
repeat this rare event.

Hunter’s strength was spent. He eased his grip of her buttocks
as he again supported himself on his hands. His chest was
covered with droplets of sweat and he noticed Angelina’s
navel was nearly filled with her own perspiration. His
breathing was still labored.

“Oh Angel, ” he panted, “I… you… oh my… That was wonderful!
It’s… been so… long.”

Angelina was panting as well, but less so. “It’s been longer
for me Hunter. This has NEVER happened to me before. I’ve
had occasional orgasms but they don’t even begin to compare.
You are wonderful senor. I thought that stories were just
that, stories, or at least exaggerated a

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very good but too long.


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It reminds me of the beautiful woman I left in San Antonio.
I hope she thinks of me as well.


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Excellent! Well written!


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Maybe a little long but i loved it.


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OMG...amazing! Trust me...women like all the details!
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Agree wholeheartedly that the writer's talents are
true gifts.

Women are very much into the details of the romance and passion
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