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Eating in the Lounge


Walking into the lounge, I scan the patrons for a sign of your lush red hair. In a booth alone I see you. You look a tad bit nervous, but even from across the room I can see a sensuality to your eyes. Making my way through the maze of tables to your booth, I smile and greet you warmly, as it's been a while since we last had the time to meet. You lift your eyes and a smile creases your luscious red lips. Your nervousness evaporates like pure alcohol in fresh air, as your eyes meet mine in a steady and sure gaze.

You offer me a seat beside you and as I slide in to the booth the waitress stops by take our order. A few moments later 2 glasses of red wine sit before us. I note the fine necklace around your neck, and find it hard to take my eyes away from its hanging loop laying deep in the cleft of your full breasts. I close my eyes and breathe deeply, catching the faint, yet tantalizing scent of your perfume. The first few moments pass quickly as we briefly discuss the simple day-to-day matters. Among the smiles in our conversation, I sense a shared feeling of renewed comfort and I hope that you feel it as well. Our second glass arrives and as I turn to pay the waitress, my leg moves and for a moment our thighs touch. An instant of heat flashes through me. And in embarrassment I start to move my leg away. Your hand suddenly on my thigh makes me stop moving. I look at you and see a sly smile creep across your lips. Your eyes flash and a tempest of desire flows within me. Relaxing, I drop my hand to yours and feel its silken skin beneath my fingers.

Looking you full in the eyes, my hand moves from yours to a new resting place on your thigh. Our smiles match each other, as I read in your eyes the exact same thoughts that are filling mine.
I lean in towards you and whisper in your ear about how tempting your neck looks. You giggle and assure me that there are many such tempting places just waiting to be explored. My heartbeat quickens as my lips find their way to the crook and nape of your neck. Skin so warm and soft, a delight to my lips. A kiss and a gentle nibble, and I feel the shaky exhalation of your breath across my ear. Your fingers tighten on my thigh as my lips make their way to the front of your neck, along your chin and finally to the fullness of your ruby reds. Gently at first, savoring each others unique flavor. My hand on your thigh slides slightly higher as my other hand softly rakes through your flowing hair to find warm spot on the back of your neck. Lips now firmly pressed, our tongues begin their own delightful dance of desire. Swirling and twisting back and forth, taste buds alight with a new craving.

Under the table I feel your hand move up my thigh. And for a moment your fingers brush and feel my desire in a physical form. I sharply inhale, and the kiss is broken to my dismay. Yet as I look again in your eyes, I can see that the want is there in you as well.
We both withdraw for a moment to recoup and sip our wine. In light of the current event, our conversation drifts towards intimate desires. I feel a bit of a fool with such a silly grin on my face, but your closeness to me has my imagination working overtime. Fantasies come to light in vague detail, and still I feel a bit of a twit. Why would someone as lovely and desirable as you, be looking at me? Preposterous!

You excuse yourself for a few minutes to visit the ladies room, which gives me a few moments to ponder my question. My thoughts are interrupted by your return, and from your radiance, I'm glad you decided to come back and not skip out. Sliding in beside me, you lean in and whisper in my ear that your panties had never made it back on as they were awfully wet, and that you still were. My grin expanded threefold as did the tightness at the crotch of my pants. A sigh escapes my lips as you reach for and place my hand between your thighs. Smiling, you say "see?"

Quickly glancing around to make sure no one is looking, I slowly draw my fingers along the length of your now only partially clothed sliver. A small gasp squeaks passed your lips, as a bolt of pleasure erupts in you. Trying to remain calm and collected, we both sip our glasses and continue with playful conversation. My hand remains between your legs, moving every so often, applying a bit of pressure here, a slight rub there. And though you do quite well at concealing your enjoyment, I can tell each time I touch the right spot. My own desire is clearly evident and outlined well through my jeans. The occasional glance you take, along with the slow lick of your lips by the tip of your tongue, shows that you have also noticed.

Conversation punctuated by sexual innuendo, I feel your hand snake across to my lap. A few squeezes there and I find I'm already biting my lip in order to keep quiet. Under the table, your fingers deftly find my zipper and lower it without a sound. Your hand slips inside to find instant contact with my hardened shaft. A wide grin spreads across your lips as you realize that I have 'gone commando' this evening. I try very hard not to groan in pleasure, but some sound escapes and you giggle. Your hand solidly grips me and your thumb knowingly teases the tip feeling a drop of moistness there.

Of course I haven't been sitting idle, and tho certainly more clumsy, and fumbling a bit with my shaky hands, I manage to undo the top of your pants and lower your zipper as well. We both shift slightly closer to make access easier for both, and my hand slips across your soft tummy and down into the open top of your pants. My gently exploring fingers brush your lower lips and feel the wetness there. Parting those slick lips exposes the nub, your clit, and a few quick flicks of my fingertip has you shaking with need. We daren't lift our glasses for fear of spilling, but we know that we can't continue our hidden play for much longer, without drawing unwanted attention. Withdrawing your hand, I do the same. Our eyes meet and I understand the silent message. You stand and head once again to the washroom. A few moments later I do the same.

The ladies room door is open a crack and I see you peeking out, waiting for me. Looking back I see no one looking so quickly step through the door. You beckon me to the last stall along the wall. I step in and you close the door. Now we are alone, tho still must be quiet in case someone enters the washroom. I step in close to you and force your back to the wall. One hand on either side of you, my lips hungrily devour yours. Moving from your mouth to your neck and back again, our breathing speeds. Your hands fall to my waist and your fingers work at undoing my pants, which happens easily. Both of your hands now in my fully open jeans, feeling the smoothly shaven skin there, grasp my stiff cock and loosely hanging balls. Gently massaging both, I moan in delight.
Suddenly you slip down between my body and the wall, and I feel the heat of your lips around my shaft. Your tongue playfully teasing the tip, my head tips back and a louder groan exits my throat. You grin with a mouthful, looking up at me. My cock sliding deeply into your accepting mouth, sends shivers through my body. I pull out as ecstasy increases to the snapping point, and haul you to your feet. My turn...

Freely undoing the top your pants now, I fall to my knees and in one swift movement your pants fall to the floor. Balancing on one foot at a time, you step out of them, making sure to sway your naked lower regions towards my hungry mouth. Hands on hips and a grin on your lips, you carefully guide my waiting tongue to your drenched pussy. Joyfully diving in, my first taste of your juices thrills me. Like a thirsty man, my tongue works its magic between your legs. Sucking the folds of your labia and lashing your sensitive clit into submission with reckless abandon. While my mouth is busy below, my hands slide upward under your blouse, searching for those nuggets that rest at the tips of your ample breasts. I sense your hands unclasp your bra and suddenly your hard nipples are there between my fingers. A small cry slips past your lips as my twirling fingers pinch those delightful nipples to full erection, and my heavenly mouth delights your lickable clit and flowing pussy. The faster my mouth works, the more frenzied your motions become, until in an instant you pull my face forcefully tighter against your steaming hot box and you shudder. Your orgasm is small but quick and you crave so much more.

Dragging myself up your body, only pausing for a moment to roughly nibble on your rock hard nipples, I force you back to the wall of the stall. Once again smothering your lips with mine, i greedily devour what you wantonly offer. Grabbing one of your legs, I hoist it up to give my steely staff full and easy access to your gorgeous garden of Eden. Your hips thrust forward in your desperate need to feel me slide my cock into you. Dutifully I comply with an enormous grin on my face and sweat dripping down my forehead. The tip of my cock presses against the entrance to your pussy and Slips in slowly. The feeling is incredible! Tight and so warm. I'll have to be careful and try and last - its been a very long time. Our slow pace increases in tempo as the edge hastens towards us. Breathing in gasps, hearts pounding, the sound of our bodies forcing themselves together...

A guttural moan and stifled cry as I thrust deeply once and quickly pull out. A questioning look in your eyes before I roughly turn you around and bend you over, entering your gushing pussy from behind. Slamming deeply into you time after time as yours lips plead for more. One of my hands swings a sharp slap on your bountiful ass and you squeal in exultation. My other hand finds its way across your front and begins a steady strumming of your clit. Your hand goes to your mouth to stifle a cry, as my thrusts become faster, harder, on course for frantic release. One last deep thrust held within for a moment and I again pull out. Grasping my straining cock in one hand, and stroking your clit with the other, I feel my orgasm arrive with a gush. Semen erupts from me and splashes lazily across your back and behind. Pressing my self to you, resting my cock in the cleft of your ass, I feel you shake and then jerk as a torrent flows from between your legs onto the floor.
Completely drained, we manage a quick cleanup, redress, and head back to the table to finish our drinks. Coy looks and lustily flashing eyes, our night has just begun.

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I love your writing style. Erotic, exciting and very very arousing.