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Eastern_rose - Tracy's story part 1


My name is Tracey, twenty-six years old and married to Harry
for three years, although Harry was my first husband, hell
he was my first boyfriend, first and only man to share any
kind of intimacy with me, that wasn’t the case for Harry.
Harry was thirty three when I met him, I was only twenty,
very much bowled over by Harry’s maturity, his intellect,
his life experience and the fact that he actually took a
lot of time and trouble getting to know me and trying to get
me to go out with him.

I was the new girl at a large office, I had a basic qualification
in accounts administration and Harry was in facilities
management, our offices were on the same floor at Coppice
Road, Arnold, Nottingham that the company used as its head
office. It took Harry six months of hard work to get me to
go out with him and another eighteen months before we ‘did
the deed’ as it were. I was afraid of getting hurt by Harry,
not physically, well, to be perfectly honest the physical
side of the sex act did terrify me but not as much as the emotional
pain that could come from a failed relationship, after
all when I met Harry he was a married man, granted he was separated
and waiting for his divorce but still a married man. That
also went through my mind a lot, who’s fault was the divorce,
was it Harry’s or his wife’s, Harry had told me before we
went on our first date all about his wife and her getting
a bad case of post natal depression after the birth of their
son and that when Harry junior was a year old she had left

It was quite difficult at times being in love with someone
that was so close at work, we seemed to forever be in each
other’s pocket but that changed when Harry got a new job
as facilities manager for a nation wide Chemists main factory
site in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. The new job was like
a weight being lifted off of our relationship, within a
month of Harry changing jobs I had agreed to marry him, and
another milestone, we made love for the first time. We still
had to wait for Harry’s divorce to become final before we
could marry, a small ceremony in a secular church because
of Harry’s divorce, which upset my mother as she wanted
me to have the full white wedding at a ‘proper church’. Well
all that was three years ago and now I was beginning to ask
myself why I wasn’t pregnant, there couldn’t be any kind
of problem with Harry as he had already fathered a child,
my mother actually asked me if I had taken any advice from
our doctor, I was shocked, my mother and I never, ever, discussed
anything ‘personal’ in our lives, and here she was asking
if I had a medical reason for not making her a proud grandmother.

I sat in the waiting room of my doctors surgery, the thought
of having to tell this man all of my intimate secrets made
me feel fare less than comfortable, and after less than
five minutes of being in his consulting room I felt totally
guilty for wasting his time, at least the awkward questions
that I had been expecting didn’t come, all I got was a, “You’re
still very young, you haven’t been married very long, some
women take longer than others to conceive etc”. The only
good point to come out of the visit was seeing one of my classmates
from college, Sandy was working behind the counter in the
receptionists office, at first I was really happy to see
her there, then it dawned on me that she would have access
to all of that information on me that I wouldn’t like even
my best friend to know. Sandy and I had been friends in the
loosest terms; it was more like she was the one in the class
that disliked me the least of my peers. I knew that everyone
called me Miss Prissy-knickers behind my back, mainly
because I never wasted my time with boys, always handed
my assignments in early and always got good marks. But all
that said, I was still very pleased to see her, I had looked
for her to invite her to my wedding three years earlier but
her parents told me that she was backpacking around the
world for a year and that she wouldn’t be back in the country
before my wedding. I passed Sandy a small card with my name,
address, and telephone number on it and asked her to call
me sometime for a chat or a coffee.

The only good piece of advice the doctor had given me was
to keep a diary of activities; I picked up a page a day diary,
usually used by busy businesspeople to keep track of a busy
schedule. I wasn’t expecting a busy schedule, but from
what the doctor had said if I noted down everything, no matter
how trivial it was, something might pop up that would point
to a problem if one existed. Can you imagine, I actually
found myself blushing just writing things down in my diary,
but I found I actually got into it, it was almost like a drug,
the drug that could see me pregnant one day, and I was going
to take it with relish every night.

I was noting down everything I had to eat during the day,
estimating how much I had to drink, how often I went to the
toilet, number one or number two, I was like a woman possessed,
I took my temperature every hour, because I had read in cosmo’
that temperature had some influence on pregnancy, unfortunately
I couldn’t remember quite what the relationship between
temperature and potential pregnancy was. I noted down
every time Harry and I were intimate, what we did to each
other, in the beginning I would just put, “H and I were intimate”,
but that soon expanded to detailed descriptions of our
sexual acts. Foreplay, how long and exactly what we did,
penetration, to fulfilment or not, I even noted down when
he practised oral sex on me and I on him.

I had been keeping my diary for six months, I found I actually
got a bigger kick from writing down what I had done than I
actually got from doing it most of the time. I was at work,
Friday afternoon, I had just finished writing in my diary
that I had at last passed my driving test, my temperature
was thirty-eight point nine degrees centigrade and I had
chosen a small Vauxhall Corsa as my first car, it was old
but tidy, it looked nice and clean and I was certain that
anyone who would keep the car so clean, inside and out, must
have been good at looking after the mechanicals’ of it too.
The car was really nice, it was ‘fire brand orange’, that
meant that the colour was redder at the bottom, gradually
lightening through various shades of orange to almost
yellow at the roof. Harry was, of course, not so happy with
my selection, if I had a crash it would cost far more for repairs
because of the complicated paintwork, but I just fell in
love with the car. Sorry I was prattling on there a little,
anyway, my mobile phone rang, that was very unusual for
me as no one would normally ring me at work, Harry and my mother
knew my desk phone number if they needed to talk to me urgently,
I didn’t recognise the phone number displayed on my telephones
screen but I recognised the voice on the other end of the
phone. “Sandy, how wonderful to hear from you!” I said,
Sandy was ringing me to ask if I would like a night out, one
of her group had shied off of a trip to Sheffield at the last
minute, everything was paid for, all I needed to do was turn
up at the co-op on Arnold High Street before seven pm and
a bus would take us to Sheffield and bring us back, I asked
what kind of show it was, Sandy was trying to be a little vague
but in the end she admitted it was the Chippendales. I went
very quiet for a while, Sandy obviously didn’t know me at
all, I would never consider anything like that as entertainment,
Sandy was doing her best to persuade me to go, we could have
a nice chat on the way there, and again on the way back. While
Sandy was doing her best to get me to agree to go I was looking
back over the previous few pages in my diary, I had been getting
quite a kick out of writing all about my sex life and almost
as big a kick out of re-reading those pages, I would have
said not six months earlier that I would never consider
writing or reading anything like that but now I did, and
I enjoyed it too. “Yes, I’d love to come, I’ll meet you there”,
there I had said it, what was done was done, I phoned Harry
and told him that I was going out for the evening, I didn’t
know when I would return home as I was going to Sheffield
to a night club with a bunch of women. I didn’t mention the
Chippendales, that would have been too much information
for Harry anyway.

It was only a short walk to the Co-op, Sandy was already on
the buss and had saved a seat by her for me. We did chat a lot
between Nottingham and Sheffield, getting up to speed
on the past six years of our life, some of Sandy’s stories
of her exploits while backpacking around the world were
more like fantasy stories that the real life exploits of
a Nottinghamshire girl. I was interested to hear that Sandy’s
job at the surgery wasn’t as a receptionist but as a researcher,
it was her job to find the patterns in patient’s life diary
entries. I had to chuckle inwardly, if I had to hand in my
diary it would be Sandy who got the task or reading it through
and finding those important pieces of information that
would help the doctor to make his diagnosis. It kind of made
my mind up for me that I would probably look into changing
doctor’s, it had been on my mind ever since my less than wholesome
visit to express my concerns about my lack of pregnancy.

“Dear diary, had a nice evening in Sheffield, got home around
midnight, H too tired for intimacy”, that’s what I wrote
in my diary. What I should have written in my diary was, “Wow
what a fucking great night, the Chippendales were incredibly
sexy especially after their act in their dressing room,
I was so turned on when I got home I could have fucked a door
knob but Harry wasn’t interested, said he was too tired”.
The Chippendales were very sexy, they stripped down to
satin jock straps but didn’t go all the way, it was still
enough to raise the passions, the women in the room went
wild, as did I. Sandy kept whistling and shouting out to
one of the guys, his name, according to the program was Steel
but when Sandy called out Neville he looked directly at
her and smiled. After the boys had stripped down to satin
jock straps for the third time, different costumes, different
dance routines but the same result, muscular men standing
in skimpy pants and women going wild. The difference this
time was that as the men walked off to their dressing rooms
Sandy was following on behind. It took around twenty minutes
for us all to be sitting on the bus, parked in a side street
behind the night club, all that was, except for Sandy. It
took a further forty minutes for Sandy to join us, she looked
very flushed, her hair was soaking wet and from the smell
of her it wasn’t from a hurried shower. The driver pulled
away and turned into the now deserted Sheaf Street, passing
the front of the club, a voice from the darkness called out,
“Have you pissed yourself Sandy or is that Steel’s cum soaking
through your gusset?” Sandy responded by lifting the hem
of her very short dress, I tried to close my eyes as fast as
I could but not fast enough to miss seeing the beginnings
of Sandy’s hairy triangle, as she said, “My gusset can’t
be soaking, I left my panties on Steel’s dressing room floor!”

I couldn’t believe that Sandy had lifted her skirt in such
a public way, in such a public place, no one saw my bits, my
intimate bits except my husband Harry, and even then I didn’t
flaunt them, it was only ever in the bedroom and in almost
total darkness. As we drove along, heading south toward
Nottingham, Sandy’s mobile phone rang, she was recounting
the evening’s entertainment to her caller, she even went
into details about her after show activity in almost medical
details, the caller must have mentioned concern about
pregnancy because Sandy said, “Look I had my sponge in and
enough spermicidal jelly to stop a gallon of spunk getting
through, no I won’t be catching for a black baby, trust me!”
As she closed her phone and disconnected the call she said,
“Husband’s, who’d have them!” ‘OH MY GOD’, Sandy had just
told her husband that she had fucked a stranger, well maybe
not a stranger, she did after all know his real name, but
she had just told her husband that she had just been unfaithful.
I couldn’t believe just how turned on I was, the show had
turned me on totally, waiting for Sandy, knowing that she
had gone back stage with the male strippers had also been
a turn on but nothing compared to listening to Sandy’s conversation
with her husband.

Just before the outskirts of Nottingham a woman came around
asking where people lived, she was trying to work out if
some people could be dropped off at more convenient places
than the Co-op on the High Street, my house was actually
on the route the driver would be taking in to Nottingham
and there were five other women that said they would be better
being dropped off with me, it took only a few seconds for
five drop off points to be arranged. The woman who was arranging
the drop off points stood by Sandy and me and asked who would
be giving the driver his ‘usual tip’ tonight, Sandy piped
up, “You know that I would usually be only too glad to oblige
but I doubt that the poor old bugger would even touch the
sides at the moment”. The organiser turned to a woman sitting
across the isle from me and said, “Carol, how about you,
I’ll get him to drop you back ay your place after?” Carol
agreed, she had been one that was going to be dropped off
with me so I assumed she lived close by, I was listening as
she chatted to the woman next to her, she was telling the
woman that she would get the driver to take the bus into Bestwood
Country Park’s car park, there would be a couple of courting
couples there at that time of night but no one who would care,
and she could walk home from there. My house was less than
three hundred yards from that car park, we had often had
petitions around to get the place closed down, or at least
closed after dusk to stop the ‘goings on’ there. The bus
dropped me off right outside my front door, I was so ‘on edge’,
sexually, that I took the stairs two at a time in my rush to
my bedroom, I had stripped off on the stairs as I rushed up
to Harry, I jumped into bed, there was a loud ‘doing’ from
the bedsprings and I cuddled up to Harry, I was totally nude,
which was unheard of, even if I knew that sex was going to
happen I still went to bed in my full length night gown. Harry
was, as usual, in his pyjamas, pale blue and white candy
striped, I knew he was awake, Harry was a very light sleeper
at the best of times, just the bus pulling up outside would
have woken him and sent him scuttling to the window to see
what was going on. But he was sleeping, well he was pretending
to be asleep, I could tell from his breathing pattern that
he was wide-awake. I reached around and searched for Harry’s
penis, as my hand touched it he shrugged me off, “I’m too
tired and I have to go into work tomorrow!” I thought that
the fact that I had gone out with the girls, gone out without
him for the first time in six years, had made him angry at
me, I was so ripe, I had never in my life before wanted sex
so much, even on my wedding night I could have taken it or
left it, but right here, right now, I wanted to feel Harry’s
arms around me, wanted to feel him pressing his hot member
between my legs, wanted to feel his soft hands lifting my
breasts to his mouth as he usually did when he fucked me.
I was totally confused, I slipped quietly out of bed, I walked
down the stairs picking up my clothes as I went, I put my bra
back on, slipped into my panties but then took them off again,
they were soaking wet between the legs from my earlier anticipation.
I pulled my blouse back on and my skirt, I left my tights and
panties hanging over the banister rail at the bottom of
the stairs. The night was reasonably warm so I didn’t put
a jacket on, I was about to leave the house without anything
but then I realised that I would need a key to get back in the
house after my walk. I put my house keys on top of the front
wheel of my car, out of sight and it meant that I didn’t have
to carry anything with me. I walked aimlessly for a while,
came to the main road and was about to turn right towards
the town centre, then I noticed the footpath on the opposite
side of the road, the footpath wandered it’s way through
a small spiny and ended up at the Bestwood Country Park’s
car park. The name went through my head a few times, then
I remembered what Carol had said about giving the driver
of the bus his ‘usual tip’ on that car park. Under normal
circumstances I wouldn’t walk that footpath alone at any
time of the day let alone at almost one thirty in the morning.
But I did find myself walking along the path, I wound my way
through the spiny, there were lots of noises that would
have sent me running on any other evening but tonight I had
a goal, the path widened out just before the car park, and
as I got to the fence surrounding the car park I saw the bus
that I had just travelled from Sheffield in pulling off
of the road and along the track leading to the car park. The
headlights of the bus lit up three cars, I could see that
there were couples in each of the parked cars because they
all had their interiors lights on, and they were all doing
the same thing, the thing that I really wanted to be doing
right then with Harry but had been rejected. The bus couldn’t
actually get onto the car park as there was a height restrictor
over the entrance, I had to make my way around the car park
carefully so as not to get hurt in the uneven grass in the
dark but eventually I found myself at the side of the bus,
it was simplicity itself to climb up the car park’s fence
and I was right there looking through the side window of
the bus. The interior lights were on inside the bus, the
driver and Carol were on the long back seat, normally the
bus’s windows would have been too high for anyone to see
through but the fence had given me the height I needed to
see in side.

I watched as the driver took all of Carol’s clothes off,
she seemed to have no problem with being totally nude with
the lights on, she had a condom in her bag and she gave it to
the driver, I could hear him protesting but in the end he
stripped off and pulled the rubber over his less than average
sized cock. When I had seen what the Chippendales had hidden
behind their ‘G’ string pants I had thought that I had been
short changed by the size of Harry’s merely average sized
cock but seeing the drivers pitifully small member I felt
a little better about Harry’s equipment. I watched as the
driver climbed on top of Carol, there was no foreplay, no
love, no affection, just the act, and even then the finality
of the union would be captured in latex instead of being
delivered to where it should have gone. The whole thing
was over in less that ten minutes, I had felt frustrated
before I had arrived at the car park but now I felt even more
frustrated, I had just reached down and began to rub myself
through my skirt when it was all over, it would have been
nice if I could have brought myself off before they had finished.
Who was I kidding, I had never brought myself off in the privacy
of my own bedroom before, there was no way in hell that I would
have done it standing on a fence at the side of a parked bus,
but I had been close to trying.

I walked directly across the car park as Carol began dressing,
I couldn’t afford to walk the long way around if Carol had
as she had said she intended to do and walk home from the car
park she could have bumped into me on the path leading to
the estate where we both lived. I passed the first car, the
woman was sitting in the back with a man, the front seats
were both pushed forward and the woman was bent forward
sucking the mans cock, I couldn’t believe that they were
sitting there with their interior light on doing sex, but
then so were the other two cars. I changed direction and
walked past the front of the second car, I had a slight shock,
the couple were ‘in the act’, the man was putting a lot of
effort into his fucking but that wasn’t what had taken me
by surprise, what had was the fact that in the darkness I
could see a disembodied face. A man was standing looking
through the side window of the car, he was dressed from head
to toe in black and I could only see his face because of the
light shining out of the car. Then another thing shocked
me a little, the side window of the car was actually open,
the man wasn’t watching in secret, like a peeping tom, the
couple had to know he was there, I was six feet from him and
I could hear his heavy breathing. As I passed by the front
of the car I saw that the man was actually masturbating as
he watched the couple fucking. He reached into the car from
time to time and touched the woman’s exposed breasts, far
from being a peeping tom the man was a part of the whole sex
act. I wanted to prise myself away but I just stood there,
transfixed, frozen to the spot, I had once again started
to rub the front of my ‘lower body’ through my skirt, the
roughness of the material reminding me that I had left my
panties at home. The man standing outside the car suddenly
stood upright, his hand was working fast at his cock, his
new position had hidden his face in the darkness but had
brought his cock into the light, he wasn’t a bad size, his
cock looked around seven inches long and around three inches
in circumference, his cock head was uncovered which made
it look very different to Harry’s cock which was uncircumcised.
I slipped my hand down the inside of the waistband of my skirt
and found my inner wetness; I was actually dripping lubricating
fluid as I stood there. As I opened my legs to allow my fingers
better access to my inner self, and my inner needs, the cool
night air chilled the streams of my own juice, which was
literally running down my inner thighs in twin rivulets.
I gasped in a deep breath as the man finally fired his seed
through the open window, I gasped once more as I saw the string
of white cum drop onto the woman’s breast and the man’s shoulder,
it wasn’t the view that had caused me to gasp bit the feeling
that I was giving to myself as I watched. I was taken by surprise,
it made me pull my hand out quickly and stop giving myself
that level of pleasure. I had to put the whole thing down
to the evening, the situation I found myself in and the risk
of being caught at any moment. “Hi, I’m glad you’re here”,
I froze once more, it was Carol, she had caught me up because
I was standing watching the couple and their ‘extra numeral’,
“You’re Sandy’s friend aren’t you?” How the hell could
she tell that in the darkness? I grunted in an affirmative
kind of way, “I thought so, thought it was you watching through
the window of the bus at Paul’s poor performance, these
three are much better aren’t they?” I couldn’t bring myself
to talk to Carol, but we walked together along the path towards
our respective homes, Carol was chattering to me ten to
the dozen as we walked along, none of it actually made it
through to my conscious mind, that was still standing watching
a couple fucking while a man masturbated through their
open car window. When we eventually got home Carol asked
me if I would like a coffee at her place, I checked the time,
it was two thirty in the morning, who the hell invites a perfect
stranger to their house for coffee at two thirty AM, Carol,

Carol’s house was a bit of a tip, there were children’s toys
all over the place, Carol wasn’t trying to be quiet as she
made room at the kitchen table for us to set and drink our
coffee, after about fifteen minutes a man wandered into
the kitchen in just his underpants, I saw him and instantly
turned my head away from him, Carol chided him for bursting
in on her in his ‘skiddies’. I was blushing a little, the
man was her current boyfriend, he kissed her for a while
and told her that he had a little something for her when she
got up stairs, and then he left the room, “A little something
is right, he is hardly any bigger than the bus driver, how
is your old mans tackle?” Carol asked, I was taken a little
by surprise, “A little bigger than the bus drivers” I replied,
I hid my face slightly behind the coffee cup, I wanted to
blush, I knew that this kind of talk was way beyond anything
that I would usually get involved in. “I usually end up having
to finish myself off after he cum’s, but he is good in other
ways, has a tongue to drive you wild if he is in the mood” Carol
said. Carol excused herself, I heard the stairs creak as
she went up, followed her progress across the landing,
heard her bedroom door open and close and then the bedsprings
began to complain as she allowed her boyfriend to fuck her.
She wasn’t gone for long, I had at first assumed that she
was going to the toilet, had I known that she intended to
have sex again I would have left. By the time I realised what
was happening I just sat there listening to her bedsprings
bouncing about. Carol was back in around twenty minutes,
she was dressed in a pure silk dressing gown, ties at the
waste in a large bow and smoking a cigarette, she said, “Sorry
about that, I should have offered you first, he’s absolutely
no good for at least an hour now that he has cum in me”. I almost
choked on what was left of my cold coffee; “He would love
to give you a bit of oral sex if you’d like him too” she went

I found myself thanking Carol for her kind offer, “I’m good
right now thanks, might have been a different kettle of
fish a few hours ago though!” I laughed unconvincingly.
Carol had made two more cups of coffee, she hadn’t asked
if I had wanted one just made it and passed it to me. We chatted
about nothing at all for twenty more minutes, I was grateful
really, I didn’t really want to go home just then and it could
have been difficult if I had to spend the night wandering
the streets until after Harry went off to work. Two cups
of coffee and the late hour finally caught up with me and
I suddenly needed the bathroom as a matter of urgency. Carol
directed me to her bathroom, “Up the stairs, second door
on the left”, she told me. The stairs were a minefield, there
were shoes, books and bags all the way up the stairs and after
I had successfully negotiated all of that and the bathroom
door was within reach I tripped on something and bumped
the door open. As I sat on the toilet I heard Carol’s bedroom
door open, the hinges badly needed a touch with an oilcan,
I heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs and then voices
in the kitchen.

“This is Tony, this is…. I’m sorry I only know that you are
Sandy’s friend”, “Tracey” I said, Tony was dressed in a
similar silk dressing gown to Carol and he looked much better
dressed that way than in his ‘Y’ fronts, I even shook his
hand. Carol picked up the two coffee cups and walked into
her living room, with the kitchen door open I could see that
she had placed the cup with my drink in it on a small table
at the side of one of the easy chairs. The room was in total
darkness, I saw her put her cup on the floor in front of a large
sofa, she knelt on the sofa and reached behind it, suddenly
there was a shaft of light from a standard lamp behind the
sofa. It was a strange light, there was nothing at all leaving
the top of the lampshade, I realised that the lamp had a silvered
top that forced all the light out of the bottom of the shade,
the shade was so thick that no light went sideways either,
nothing was said but I followed Carol into the living room
and sat in the easy chair facing the sofa. Tony followed
us into the room and as the door closed behind him I was dissolved
into total darkness, I couldn’t even see the coffee cup
until I moved my head so that the cup was in silhouette against
the puddle of light over the sofa. Carol sat low in the seat,
her dressing gown falling open slightly just above her
knee. Tony sat by her side after switching on the hi-fi,
a CD of Barry White with the volume down low.

Tony sat slightly sideways on to Carol, his left arm was
over her shoulder and behind her neck, he was kissing her
right cheek and nibbling on her right ear for a while, I could
make out Tony whispering something into Carol’s ear, she
nodded her head and her eyes were burning in my direction,
it was as if she was willing the darkness to part so that she
could see my face. I took an occasional sip from my coffee
as I sat watching Tony in the early stages of love. I watched
as his right hand reached down on to Carol’s stomach, he
massaged her through her dressing gown for a few moments
and then his hand slipped through the front of the dressing
gown. I could see the front of Tony’s dressing gown begin
to tent up slightly just above his groin. I watched as his
hand slipped up and onto Carol’s left breast, the material
was so thin and the light above them so good that I could see
almost every twitch of every muscle under that dressing
gown. Carol’s right nipple began to grow, clearly visible
through the thin material, it was strange to watch that
as Tony was only massaging Carol’s left breast but the effect
seemed to be taking over her right breast. Tony whispered
once more and Carol nodded her head once again, I saw Tony
pinch her left nipple and Carol clenched her teeth tightly
and threw her head back slightly. Then she used her left
hand to pull at the free end of the bow holding her gown closed,
then the simple knot was fully undone and the silk tie pulled
away from the front of the dressing gown. Tony slipped his
hand down from her breast and over her stomach once again;
as he did so he lifted his hand slightly, which opened the
front of her dressing gown slightly. I could see quite a
lot of her breasts through the open top of her dressing gown,
Carol’s eyes were unwavering, she was staring directly
into my eyes, it was as if she could see in the dark. I had put
my cup down; my right hand was resting in my lap, pressing
down slightly on to my pussy mound. Tony’s hand was now at
the same point on Carol as my own was on me, he flicked the
front of her dressing gown slightly to uncover the left
hand side of her body, Carol was exposed from just beyond
her very erect nipple to the floor on her left hand side,
Tony pushed her legs apart and I could see her hairy pussy
lips deep in the recess between her thighs, I watched, transfixed,
as Tony began to massage between Carol’s legs, his movements
were no longer gentle, I could hear Carol’s breathing getting
deeper and louder as the excitement overtook her. Tony
stood up, turned to me and came over, I was that rabbit, caught
in the oncoming car’s headlights, I knew that I should have
run, should have done something, Tony was at my side, he
pulled me from the seat with extremely powerful hands,
he turned me slightly and in one movement broke the clasp
at the waste band of my skirt and the zipper attempting to
hold it up. I realised that Tony couldn’t actually see me
in the dark part of the room but it didn’t stop him finding
each and every button on the front of my blouse and the thin
blouse joined my skirt on the floor, my bra clasp took less
than a tenth of a second to fall before Tony’s expert fingers,
and then I was ‘placed’ back down sitting in the easy chair,
totally naked. Tony then walked back to Carol and dropped
his dressing gown behind him; he was fully erect, six inches
long and two in circumference. Tony knelt in front of Carol
and lifted her legs up to give himself easy access to her
vagina. I could hear more than see that Tony was driving
Carol into a climactic frenzy, I found that my own fingers
were once again seeking my inner being to satisfy its cravings.

Eventually Carol had to push Tony’s head away from her pussy,
just to be able to gather her breath back from a continual
climax that had lasted well over twenty minutes. Tony knelt
upright, his large hand now wrapped around his penis; he
was stroking it back and forth slowly as he shuffled across
the living room floor towards me. I didn’t move as his thigh
touched my knee in the darkness, didn’t flinch as he felt
his way up my body in the darkness, didn’t object as he used
his strength to press his stomach between my thighs, opening
me up totally, I sad nothing as his mouth pressed against
my neck, and then he lifted himself slightly higher and
the tip of his cock pressed against my labia, I whispered,
“Please don’t, I have never done this with anyone but my
husband before”. Tony pulled back slightly and I relaxed
a little, Tony kissed my cheek, kissed up to my ear and asked
if it was ok for him to at least give me a little pleasure,
my head moved fractionally forward and back, I have no idea
if I intended it as a nod but Tony took it as one. His hand slipped
between our bodies, fingers searching out the wetness
between my lower lips, as his fingers dug deep inside my
body his mouth found mine and my eyes closed automatically.
Tony was very skilful at taking me up to the edge of a climax
and then allowing me to relax back down again. I lost count
of the number of times he took me to the edge and let me slide
back again, “I want you to fuck me Tony I really do but please
don’t do it”, god I felt week saying that but I needed to be
released from my frustrations and I knew that if he pressed
his manhood against my labia right now I would push back
at him to feel him burry himself inside of me.

I was suddenly alone, Tony had moved so fast that I felt a
wave of emptiness flood over me, I had been taken to the brink
of yet another unfulfilled climax and now Tony had jumped
to his feet, my had was grasped and I was jerked to my feet.
Carol suddenly came into view, I realised that for almost
an hour I had been writhing on the seat with my eyes closed
and being ‘pleasured’ by Carol’s boyfriend, now I could
see her once again, she was totally nude, masturbating
herself with a vibrator. One flick of Tony’s powerful arm
and I was propelled across the room and hit the sofa hard,
sliding down to a sitting position at Carol’s side. Tony
knelt on the edge of the sofa’s seat; he took a handful of
Carol’s hair and pulled her head forward, forcing his cock
into her mouth with a great deal of aggression, then he used
his other hand to take hold of my hair and he pulled me towards
him, my body clashed with Carol’s and I felt her hands reaching
out to me, she used her slender fingers to work her way deep
into my body, I fired off into a climactic orbit within seconds,
then Tony turned his body slightly and I felt the heat of
his manhood at my lips, my mouth opened as an involuntary
reaction, I felt his cock slide all the way in my mouth, I
gagged slightly as his cock head hit the back of my throat,
my gagging only caused Tony to pull harder on my hair, forcing
his cock to actually enter my oesophagus, there was a sudden
rush, Tony was injecting his cum directly into my throat,
there was no taste to it, just the feeling of the hot, slimy
liquid sliding directly into my stomach. The feeling of
Carol’s fingers and Tony orgasming directly into my stomach
made me almost pass out, then Tony pulled his cock clear
of my throat, leaving a trail of his bitter juice across
my tongue and a foul taste in my mouth.

I almost leaped up from the sofa as soon as Tony let my head
go free, I was desperate to get dressed, to get out of Carol’s
house before I got down on my knees and begged Tony to fuck
the life out of me. Carol had a drink of orange juice waiting
for me as I emerged into the light of the kitchen, she was
still totally nude, she had absolutely no shame, didn’t
see anything out of the ordinary in sharing her man with
an almost stranger. “Were you serious, about never doing
anything with anyone but your husband?” “yes of course”,
I desperately wanted to leave, but my stomach was churning
so terribly from the belly full of salty cum that Tony had
just injected into me, Carol told me that the juice would
help, but I needed to hang around for at least fifteen minutes,
I looked puzzled, “Have you ever taken cum that way before?”
“No, never, I have, you know, with Harry but he never, ever
tried to finish himself in my mouth”. Carol told me that
it would be better if I was sick in her toilet, it would get
it all over with much faster than walking around for ages
feeling sick, the theory was that the alkali of Tony’s cum
needed an acid to force the sick reaction to expel it all,
I took the drink of orange, more to take the foul taste away
than anything else but I suddenly needed to hang my head
over the toilet and rid myself of the churning.

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