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Eastern_rose - Tracey pt4


Tracey part 4
by eastern_rose

I made myself a salad for lunch, I was sitting on the sofa
with the TV on but without watching it, it was actually the
football which I would watch if Harry was here, simply because
he was so mad keen on the game, but for me, I would rather watch
the news than football. I was actually taking the opportunity
of being alone to try and sort out my crazy mixed up feelings.
I could have taken a life earlier, there was no way of knowing
if Dell’s accident had resulted in my egg being fertilised
but I had taken the pill that would have terminated it if
it had. It was just like being in mourning, after someone
close dies you feel so alone, my mind rushed back to how I
felt when my grandmother passed away, I was so alone, even
though I was in the middle of a crowed of people, all of them
loved ones or friends, but still I had that feeling of being
totally alone in the world, just the way I felt at that moment

My private solitude was shattered by the happy, chirpy
tune that announced a call on my mobile phone, “I should
throw this thing in the river really” I thought to myself,
the screen had a number instead of a name so I knew that it
wasn’t from a friend, I think if a friend had phoned me I would
have just let it ring. “Hello”, “Hi”, I recognised the voice,
it was Dell, “You shouldn’t have phoned me, you could make
things difficult for me!” “I saw that only your car is on
your drive and I can see that you are alone”, my head snapped
around, I scanned through the window, I couldn’t see him,
then I noticed a small movement on the path leading to Bestwood
Park, Dell was waving at me. I sat quietly for a moment, holding
the phone to my ear and watching the handsome, young man,
partly hidden from view, half way along the path to the wood.
“Come out and talk to me”, “Why”, “I need you to come and talk
to me”. I sat quietly again for a few seconds, “Or would you
prefer me to come over here and knock on your door?” “OK,
give me a few minutes”, I pressed the button, killing the

This would be a novelty for me, walking the path into Bestwood
Park, fully dressed, I had a summer dress on, trainers,
panties and bra with my mackintosh to top the whole thing
off, it was a little hot for a mackintosh but there were storm
clouds gathering off in the distance, “Could rain later”,
I told myself. Dell was waiting just out of sight of the road,
as I turned the bend in the path and he saw me his smile broadened,
I recognised instantly those features that were ‘tell
tails’ to his racial background, I realised that I had thought
of him as well tanned because I hadn’t realised that he was
Carol’s son, that Carol and Tony were both white and so why
would they be living with a mixed race young man. In the strong
light of a summers afternoon, there was no mistaking the
fact that Dell was a half-cast man. Dell reached out to hug
me but I froze him out, I looked back, checked all around
to see if we could be observed, when I looked back at Dell
he looked downcast and dejected. I started to walk on toward
the country park, giving Dell a slightly wide birth as I
passed him, he stood still for a while, I tried to look back
without moving my head, in my peripheral vision I saw him
make a little ‘jinking’ movement and he followed on behind
me. There was a fork in path, a small sign pointed to the left,
“Car Park”. There was no mention what was to the right but
I knew that the car park would be much too public to talk to
Dell, I took the right path and walked for around half a mile
before Dell caught me up. “Go in there”, Dell was nodding
toward a solid wall of bushes, I looked blankly at him and
as he lifted a single branch I noticed that the grass that
sided the footpath was worn away at that point. I had to stoop
down a little but I was able to walk reasonably comfortable
into the very heart of the bush. I felt a tap on my left hand
side, “Take that path, to the left”, Dell could obviously
see something that I clearly couldn’t, but I found a line
to my left that looked ‘man made’, branches had been trimmed
back to allow a passage through neighbouring bushes and
out into a clearing beyond. There was a mature tree that
had succumbed to a previous storm and was now lying across
the clearing like a giant roadblock. I scanned around the
clearing, there was a liberal scattering of tissues covering
most of the clearing, I noticed several decomposing condom
packets and the other side of the tree, just out of reach
there were used condoms scattered around. “You come here
often?” I said as my eyes finished scanning the detritus
around my feet. “No, man, this isn’t nothing to do with me,
this is guys”, “What do you mean, guys?” “The men that come
here to ‘do’ each other, you know, bummers!” I got the picture,
a trysting place for gay men to have casual sex unobserved.


“Any way, I have to tell you how sorry I am for last night”,
I told him that it was an accident that could have happened
to anyone, there was something about Dell’s body language
that told me I didn’t know the whole truth. “I told my mum
how upset you were and she told me that I had done something
beyond mere stupidity and into, like, life threatening
or something!” “What exactly did you do?” I asked, Dell
told me a long and convoluted story that he had to break off
mid way. There were sounds coming from the direction that
we had entered the clearing, Dell grabbed at my hand and
pulled me through another secret passage into another
bush, the space wasn’t much bigger than Dell and I. The passageway
didn’t actually go anywhere and it looked like it had been
made for the porous of observing the clearings inhabitants,
somewhat like a bird watchers hide, only the mating rituals
that this hide took in were not performed by any bird. Dell
indicated for me to be quiet, two men came into view in the
clearing, they kissed, full on, with tongue. I watched
in stunned silence as they began to touch each other, there
seemed to be an older, more dominant man, he had the trousers
of the less dominant man around his heels in seconds, he
also had his shirt taken off and placed on the fallen tree.
The dominant man bent down and took the others, fairly small,
cock into his mouth and made a valiant effort at driving
him to a climax with his mouth. From our vantage point I watched
the crouching man playing around the others buttocks,
I watched as he ‘tested’ the standing man’s anus. The man
being sucked suddenly changed his stance, he was trying
to get his legs as far apart as he could with his trousers
constricting around his ankles. And then I saw the finger
disappear up his anus.

As I watched, the whole scene unfolded in front of me, the
man almost naked took his trousers and pants off, they were
draped carefully on top of the shirt. The fully dressed
man opened his zipper and took out a remarkably large member;
he was around nine inches long and over four inches in circumference.
I was at least glad to see that he pulled a rubber onto his
cock before continuing, I watched as he opened a small packet,
squeezed the content over the end of the condom and then
on to two fingers which he began to work into the anal area
of the more submissive man. I turned to Dell and gave him
a puzzled look, Dell put his lips to my ear and whispered,
”Slick, it’s a special lubricant for condoms, these gay
guys always seem to use it”. I saw the naked guy bend down
and place his palms on the trunk of the fallen tree, the fully
dressed although well endowed guy stepped up to his back
and bent his knees slightly so that his cock head lined up
exactly on the ‘slicked-up’ anus. I couldn’t believe just
how fascinating and exciting it was to watch two reasonably
good looking men fucking in the open. If young Dell had reached
out and touched me at that moment I would have forgotten
all about the previous evening, forgotten all about the
explanation that had been disrupted by the other men’s
appearance and let him fuck me right there, on the spot,
and without a condom too.

The love of two men is fleeting, from their arrival in the
clearing to the condom being tied up and discarded was less
than fifteen minutes. After they had vacated the ‘plot’
Dell and I returned to the clearing, “Do they come here often?”
I asked naively, “I have seen both of them before, but never
together, men usually just meet out on the path or in the
car park and come her to do it in private”, so their love was
even more fleet than I had supposed. I told Dell to go on with
his explanation, the gist of it was that Dell had often heard
his, Jamaican father bragging to his Jamaican friends
about how he had tricked Carol into getting pregnant on
a one night stand by effecting the premature release of
the condom. Dell had heard the story so often that he had
thought it a pure act of fiction, he couldn’t believe that
a man could ‘eject’ the condom in the way his father had described
so often and that once ejected the woman wouldn’t instantly
feel the difference and stop the proceedings.

My head fell, I had been the experiment of a misguided schoolboy,
I held my head in my hands, tears were welling up in my eyes,
I was now officially depressed. Dell took my arm and guided
me to the tree trunk, he helped me to sit down and he stood
in front of me stroking the back of my head. “You see that
I had to tell you don’t you?” I was totally numb, Dell’s voice
was coming through very faintly, as if he was a mile away,
“Mum told me to just forget it and let you sort things out
yourself, but I couldn’t do that could I?” Dell raised my
head from my hands, the tears had formed two streams down
my face and had wet the lapels of my over coat. I was looking
at Dell’s eyes without recognition, I could see that he
was truly sorry for what he had put me through but this was
no child running away from his actions, he was a man, standing
there to take whatever I was going to dish out in the way of
punishment. I tried to stand but my legs would bare my weight,
There was no longer a mental process going on in my head,
my heart was beating, my lungs filling and emptying but
that was all, oh and my tear ducts were working overtime.
The rain, threatened for so long began to fall, the first
few droplets were huge, they seemed to be the size of side
plates, each one hitting with the sound of a stick on a drum.
Dell rushed away after making sure that I could support
myself. It took seconds for my mackintosh to begin earning
it’s keep, the cloud burst and tent an inch of water an hour
down to earth. Dell had a huge sheet of muddy plastic sheeting;
he held it over my head to protect me from the worst of the
rain. Dell was wearing only jeans and a ‘T’-shirt but he
didn’t seek shelter from the rain, he saw it as part of his
punishment to suffer while trying to protect me from further

Darkness had fallen, Dell was soaked to the skin and he was
shivering in the failing light, he had stood his ground
for several hours, taking everything the storm could throw
at him to protect me from any more discomfort. It was the
sound of the boy shivering that had brought me out of my ‘semi-catatonia’.
“I should be getting off home”, I said, Dell raced to my assistance,
he helped me up, it was ten thirty, it shouldn’t be fully
dark for at least an hour but the clouds of the storm had stolen
more than an hour of the daylight. Harry’s car wasn’t on
the driveway, Dell had held my arm, steadying me for the
mile or so that we had walked to the point where my house came
into view and then he released his hold and moved to a few
paces behind me, a deniable distance.

I was sitting in a hot bath when Harry finally walked in the
house, I checked the time, eleven thirty, “That was late
for Harry to come in” I thought to myself. Harry called to
see if I wanted any tea or coffee, “No, I’m OK thanks”, “Wow
that was good, I sounded perfectly normal, there was no
echo of emptiness in my voice, no quivering sign of betrayal,
no squeak of utter despair and no flattened edge of depression.
I was functioning on an almost ‘normal’ level” I said to
myself. Harry needed the bathroom, well he needed the bath,
he simply had to have a shower before going to bed and it was
well past Harry’s normal bedtime already.

I slipped from the hot suds, pulled a soft, fluffy bath sheet
around my body, Harry stripped off and leaped into my dirty
water. I was still sitting on the edge of the bed drying myself
as Harry rushed past me, I preferred to pat myself dry gently,
Harry was trying to remove the wet skin with the friction
rub of the towel in the hopes that the layer below would be
dry. Harry was actually snoring before I had hung the towel
over the cold radiator. Force of habit, the radiator would
remain cold for some months, well into Autumn actually
but I still went through the process of putting the towel
out to dry on the heater.

Sleep was really slow in coming; I would have been tempted
to drive into the car park, “Just to look!” I told myself,
but there was work to consider, and with the little sleep
I had since Thursday night and all of the emotional and sexual
tension that I had been under for the past fifty hours or
so I was really exhausted. It must have been around two thirty
when I finally succumbed to Morpheus and then nothingness.
People, glibly say, slept like a log, well I slept like a
stone, a big stone, no, wait, a mountain, I slept like I was
at the exact centre of a huge granite mountain, I had achieved
absolute zero, that point where all vibration stops.

When I woke up, it was like a light being turned on in a dark
room, the transition period between sleep and total wakefulness
was a millisecond or less. The space at my side contained
a cold, Harry shaped, indentation, there was no sound,
no running water from the toilet, shower or hot water tank
filling. There was no sound of the radio from the kitchen,
the essential accompaniment to Harry’s breakfast, nothing
at all, I checked the clock, ten o’clock, “Shit, I have a
meeting with the finance director at ten to discuss the
financial projections before the board meeting this afternoon”,
I said to myself. I saw a note propped against a cup of cold
coffee, “Darling! Tried for over twenty minutes to wake
you, phoned into work for you and told them you were sick.
I have taken a change of clothing with me, AGM of the sports
and social club tonight, just so I don’t disturb you, get
as much rest as you can. Have put your mobile on silent, pulled
the phone out of the socket and turned the power off to the
doorbell so they don’t disturb you either. Love H”. I rubbed
my eyes, “Do you know why women rub their eyes when they wake
up?” I heard Harry’s voice saying in my head, “No, because
they don’t have bollocks to scratch!” He said that every
time I woke up and he saw me rub my eyes.

I threw open my curtains, the view from my bedroom was one
of the reasons that Harry and I chose this house over every
other we looked at, it was a lot more expensive than we really
wanted to pay but we just knew that even on the dreariest
Monday morning that view would give us the boost to carry
on and go to work. The day after a bad summer storm always
gave the best view of Bestwood Country Park, I could see
for miles, every shade of green available to God’s wondrous
pallet. Seeing that, all of nature’s beauty, it put all
of my problems and worries into perspective. I also noticed
a figure that I recognised, Dell was pacing back and forth,
kicking at the stones on the path leading off into the park,
there was quite a bald patch where all of the stones had been
dispatched by his size eight trainers. I saw him freeze
to the spot, his hand, like a gunfighter drawing down on
his opponent, pulled hit mobile phone from his pocket and
I watched as his fingers dialled a well-practised number.
I checked my phone, twenty-five missed calls, turned in
front of my eyes to twenty-six, I pressed the pick-up button.
“Hi”, Dell’s voice sounded anxious, “Hi”, my simple reply,
“Come out and talk to me please”, I waited a moment, the walking
would have been all too much for me, “Would you like a coffee?”
“Where?” “Here!” “No way, my mum told me if she knew I had
been anywhere near your front door she would bury me in the
garden without killing me first”. “OK”, I closed the call
and left my bedroom. I took a pee in the bathroom and wandered
down to the kitchen. Nothing unusual you may say, but for
me it was a life-changing thing. I would never normally
wander around the house in just my nightdress; never go
down stairs in the morning before a shower and fresh clothing.
I filled the kettle, one cup would have boiled faster but
a full kettle meant that I could drown myself in coffee if
I needed to. A movement caught my eye, a head popped up over
the rear fence, then again, Dell had made his way into the
road behind my house, the houses that backed on to us were
much smaller and had an access way that ran across the rear
of our fence, the head was now a torso. Dell had managed to
scale a seven-foot high fence; he ran down the path to my
back door, I had it open before he knocked. “Right, if anyone
asks I have been nowhere near your front door”, Dell had
that wide-open smile of the teenager who has worked out
how to beat the system. I nodded toward a seat at the side
of the kitchen table, “Milk and sugar?” I asked over my shoulder,
the reply didn’t come from fifteen feet away as I expected
but much closer, “Milk and one, please”. Dell was standing
a few inches behind me; I could now feel his hot breath as
it fell on the back of my neck. Dell reached out a hand and
placed it on my shoulder, he turned me from the sink. I stood
there, eyes cast down at my feet, I felt incredibly guilty,
what happened before, that was in ignorance, I knew how
old he was now and I still had the same feelings for him that
I had on Saturday night, ‘LUST’.

Dell lifted my chin so that my eyes were locked on his, he
leaned forward slightly, allowed his lips to brush against
mine, the touch was as slight as the beating of an angels
wing. I melted inside, Dell edged his right leg forward,
pressed his knee between my knees, there was an involuntary
reaction, my knees parted slightly. The pressure on my
lips grew slightly as did the pressure of his knee and my
legs opened slightly wider. Dell reached out with his left
hand and placed it on my right hip. “Your nighty feels really
soft”, Dell said without moving his lips from mine, he began
to stroke down and around onto my buttocks. His hand felt
incredibly hot against my skin, even through the material
of my night-dress. Dell grew in confidence, his tongue
eased my lips apart and he had moved so that his abdomen was
pressing against my hip. His cock pressing hard against
my thigh. As the kissing grew in passion so did Dell’s hand
and body, he was lifting the back of my nighty, struggling
slightly because his body was trapping the material against
my body at the front. Eventually I felt his hot flesh against
my bare buttocks, his hand now squeezing there, he eased
himself away from me slightly and my nighty suddenly flew
up at the front, making it easier for him to fondle my bottom.


Dell suddenly stopped; he looked concerned, “Is this ok?
I mean, after the last time, you know, is it OK?” I didn’t
respond, just closed my eyes and allowed his mouth to explore
mine. Dell removed my nighty totally and I stood before
him, nude and open, Cosmo’ had mentioned times how a woman’s
vagina changes when she is aroused, the whole, blood being
drawn into the fleshy tissues around the labia making them
swell and change colour. I know that in the past I had been
aroused but this was different, Dell hadn’t touched either
my breasts or my vagina so there was no external attenuation
factor to hide what my body was doing. I could actually feel
my pussy filling out, feel the heat as extra blood was being
delivered there, almost feel the change to an off white
colour to a coral pink. Dell just stood there drinking in
my beauty with his eyes. There was much ‘umming’ and ‘erring’
coming from Dell, he wanted to do something, he had taken
things so far and now he was stuck for what he had to do next.
“Should I go and wash?”, Dell was pointing in the rough direction
of his groin, “You know, wash down there, that’s if this
is all OK?” I threw my nighty in the direction of the utility
room and the laundry basket beyond, I took Dell’s hand and
led him through the house and up to the bathroom. I found
a dry towel for him to use and I watched as he stripped off
and climbed into the bath and under the stream of water from
the shower mounted above. Standing watching Dell in the
shower made me regret no having a freestanding shower cabinet,
which was an option at the time we had the shower installed.
The bathroom was big enough for one but putting the shower
over the bath was much cheaper, but it didn’t allow for two
to share safely. Dell’s body was tight, fit and muscular,
the water running over his skin showed off his coloration
perfectly, and his wonderful erection, standing out so
big and proud. Dell took extra care in washing his glans,
his penis wasn’t circumcised and just pulling his foreskin
all the way back was a problem when he was fully erect. Once
satisfied that he had cleansed every bit that could be cleansed
he turned to me and smiled his broadest smile. I helped him
to dry himself, there we were, both nude, I had one dilemma
though, I couldn’t use my marital bed, not to commit adultery.
We had two spare bedrooms, the smaller was totally filled
with junk, and the larger had a bed in it but it wasn’t made
up or aired and there were no curtains in that room either.


I led Dell through to the spare room with the bed, rather
than the one with the rubbish, “Not very appealing, sorry”,
I said, Dell stepped back and looked into the smaller room,
“More appealing than that room”, he replied. A little light
illuminated his face, “You have any large candles?” I nodded
in affirmation, “Your living room as a real fireplace?”
I nodded once again, “Right girl, you fetch all the candles
you can find and I’ll meet you in the living room”. Dell’s
smile lit me up slightly, never mind how it lit up his own
face, I giggled like a teenager and ran off to collect all
the candles I could find.

Dell had spotted a huge lamb’s wool rug in the junk room and
as I collected up candles Dell was running my Hoover over
the rug in the living room. I stood twenty large candles
and many more, smaller ones, in the hearth, it was a bit of
a task to light all of those candles but the effect was like
having a fire blazing in the hearth, Dell had closed the
curtains at the front window which put the room in partial
darkness, he didn’t bother to close the rear curtains as
the back window wasn’t overlooked. With the lambs wool
rug spread out in front of forty or so flickering candles
Dell invited me to lie with him on the floor. “OK, right,
if you want me to put a skin on, I promise no funny business,
but it would feel much better if I could do it bareback, for
me and for you. Mum told me that you had probably had the morning
after pill so you’ll be safe until next month, right?” I
had no idea if that was right or not, mobile phone, “Hi Tracey,
can’t talk for long I’m at work”, “Sorry Sandy, I took the
MAP yesterday, will that cover me until my next ovulation?”,
“Let me get back to you”, “Thanks Sandy”. We just have to
wait a while, I wasn’t use to initiating sex, and I was even
less use to leading the proceedings but as there would be
an interlude before I could ‘let loose the dog of war’ that
was Dell, in all his horny glory, I began to touch his cock.
In all of the time I had spent with Harry I had, at his request,
and in total darkness, masturbated him and given him oral
pleasure, this was the first time I was in reasonable light,
making the aggressor moves on a man. I cradled Dell’s cock
in my hand and felt the power surge through it as it grew in
my fingers. Dell was just sitting there passively, waiting
for me to take the action to him, I eased my body forward and
bent down, when his cock was at half mast I had managed to
completely uncover his glans, now as his cock filled out
I watched as his foreskin became trapped behind the ridge
of his glans. I moistened my lips and eased his now fully
erect penis into my mouth. Dell took a deep inward breath,
his hand rested on the back of my head, he encouraged me to
take him deeper into my mouth by pressing gently downward
on my head. Each fraction of an inch that my lips crept along
his shaft I got little gasps of appreciation from him. I
had reached the point where my ‘gag’ reflex kicked in and
stopped, I was about to pull my head back up but Dell was begging
me to go lower, I took the ‘gag’ and stopped, then a little
more, almost choked and eased back, when Tony had cum in
my mouth he had just pulled my head hard in one go, I hadn’t
actually gagged that time, just felt sick when my belly
was filled with the alkali of sperm that was sloshing about.
I took all of my courage in my hands and dropped my head as
hard and as fast as I could. I felt Dell’s cock head ‘pop’
through my oesophagus, my lips were pressing directly
against the base of his cock. I noticed that my ‘gag’ reflex
had now turned into a swallow reflex; my oesophagus was,
in effect, milking Dell’s glans. I had to pull back from
time to time to take in a gulp or two of fresh air but I managed
to bring him off using mainly the swallowing action in my
throat. I swallowed down his load, I seemed to be drinking
for ages as his cock jerked it’s cream deep into my stomach.
I remembered how full he had made the condom on his second
climax of the evening on Saturday night, I knew that I had
only taken in a few millilitres in reality but it felt like
gallons. If things between Harry and I got back to a reasonable
level I would be able to give him a lot more fun with my oral
performance than I had ever given him before.

The phone broke the magic, Dell and I were just cuddling
on the wonderfully soft rug, his cock had relaxed again
and his foreskin had now fallen back into place. “Hi, oh
hi Sandy? What news” “You’re covered for seventy two hours,
that’s an approximate time, unless you have a bleed, if
you do then you will be ok until just before your next ovulation,
and who is the lucky sod?” “I never kiss and tell”, “Well
you better, later, you might need my help again soon!” “OK,
later”. I threw my phone onto the sofa, “Sandy is a nosy bugger”,
Dell said, I nodded. Well you’ll be pleased, for one day
only we can do it ‘au natural’.

“Would you like me to ‘do’ you with my mouth, like you did
for me?” “No darling, I want to feel you buried deep in my
womb, as deep and as hard as you can!” It was only Dell’s third
time between a woman’s legs, he had fired off too quickly
that first time, and he had pissed about the second and totally
spoilt my enjoyment of the whole thing the second time,
“Third time’s a charm”, I thought to myself, and I was right,
Dell was a quick study, he was managing to drive my pleasure
this time instead of me having to do those extra little things
to achieve my climax. Dell had been taking note of what I
had done and now he was doing it for me, he altered his position
and angle of attack several times until he saw by the look
on my face that he had hit the magic spot. He even tried his
hand at lifting my legs behind his elbows and hit himself
hard against my pubic bone, “Where did that come from?”
I said as I came down from the roof, “Seen it in a film”, I laughed,
“Isn’t TV wonderful?” I thought to myself.

Dell brought me to several climaxes, trying slightly different
things, differing his speed, pressure, position etc.
But each time the result was the same, as soon as he had figured
out exactly what he was doing and did it right I began to climb
those stairs to a powerful climax, and each time as I began
the climb Dell would lift his head away from me slightly
and look down on my face to marvel at the effect he was having
on me.

It would be wrong to say that Harry had never fulfilled me,
sexually, Harry had often driven me to an orgasm, the difference
here was that to Dell the climax was a starting point, Dell
wanted to take me way beyond, to Harry my climax was his job
done. At the first sign of my climax Harry would fire off
his load and call out for pizza, I had believed that my sexual
relationship with Harry was fulfilling me totally, all
that multiple orgasm crap in Cosmo’ was just editorialising,
making us poor saps buy their mag’ in the hopes of one day
learning how to achieve the impossible. Until last Friday
I had believed myself to be truly lucky to be Harry’s life
partner and truly in love with him. I wasn’t ‘in love’ with
Dell, that was just lust, and I was learning a valuable lesson
of my own too, I really had to separate love from lust.

Dell had guided my body through five or six orgasms, each
one was very long lasting, each one had satisfied me in a
way far beyond anything Harry had ever done for me before
and each one was rewarded with a look from Dell, his, “Look,
I’ve done it again, tken you to the moon and back, easy!”
“Can I finish off inside?” “What?” “You know, can I go all
the way of would you prefer me to finish off outside?” I finally
realised that he was asking if he could climax inside my
vagina, “Sandy said I was ok for today so go ahead”, I said.
“Can we try it a different way?” Dell asked, “What do you
have in mind?” Dell took the three seat cushions from the
sofa and placed them on the sheepskin rug, “Rest your chest
on top of them” dell told me, as I began to move forward I hesitated,
“Where are you going?” I asked, “Not there!” He said, I smiled
and moved into position, Dell did miss on his first attempt
and apologised for missing the right hole. When Dell finally
began to fuck me from behind he really lit my lights, I could
see the word ‘tilt’ flashing in front of my eyes as I rocketed
to a powerful climax, I was kept hovering on the climactic
plane for ages. Dell even managed to reach around and massage
my breasts, that was a bonus, I realised that he was concentrating
on keeping his body weight off of me by using his hands and
arms for support and that’s why he hadn’t plaid with my ‘top
deck’ toys. Eventually he said, “It’s no good, I can’t see
your face, it isn’t so good for me”, and that was that, Dell
pulled his cock from my body and was about to turn me around
when I remembered a picture that someone had shown me from
the internet, “Hold on let me try this”, I said. I turned
on to my back, perched precariously on top of the stack of
seat cushions and allowed my head to fall backwards over
the edge of the top cushion. My mouth was in a perfect position
to accept his cock, he eased himself gently forward and
his cock slid in, it entered my mouth totally, his balls
were clanging against my nose. I wasn’t quite sure if it
was the fact that I had already desensitised my throat from
the earlier pounding I had given it but I didn’t gag once.
The previous time I had done all the work and Dell had just
been still and passive, I was in no position this time to
move anything except my tongue so it was up to Dell to do everything
this time. He started by slowly rocking himself back and
forth so that his cock slid a fraction of an inch in and out
of my mouth, “Mmmmm I taste good” I thought to myself as I
cleaned all of my own cum from around his cock shaft. Dell
reached forward and began to rub his fingers through my
pubic hair, as he slowly built up speed in my mouth his fingers
got more daring, he took me to heaven with his finger tips
teasing and, so softly, massaging my clitoris, and then
he fell forward and began to kiss my abdomen, his cock was
forced deep in my throat, I felt his body spasm as the, now
familiar feeling of hot sperm rushing through my throat
and into my stomach, I smiled inwardly.

I threw the cushions back onto the sofa and pulled Dell to
my side and curled up for a cuddle, Dell was rubbing himself,
he was trying to rebuild his softening erection, I gave
him my best; ‘what the fuck are you doing’ look, “You said!”,
“What?” “You said I could do it inside!” Dell still wanted
to hold me to my promise of allowing him to climax inside
my vagina. Oh the miracle of youth, all I wanted to do really
was to have an after glow cuddle, I was totally sated, all
of my possible sexual needs fulfilled apart from the one,
closeness after sex, but Dell had regained his ‘strength’
in less that five minutes and was eager to rejoin the battle.
Dell climbed aboard in the conventional ‘missionary’
position with the added dimension that he pulled my legs
up behind his elbows to expose me more and allow him greater
penetration, he was trying to get me up to my climax again
but I told him that it was ok for me not to go there this time,
he should just try to satisfy himself. “No way, I want to
see you cum first, I love watching your face when you lose
it”. Dell pounded away, he did manage to get me off the ground
once again, I couldn’t even hazard a guess at how many times
Dell had driven me into that heavenly state of orgasmic
euphoria but I was flying once again and he began grunting
his passion out, I was washed over with his seed, it filled
me totally, Dell must have been a walking sperm bank and
I made the largest withdrawal of the day, his seed was spilling
out all over the lambs wool rug.

And then we cuddled, we had started fucking at around eleven
o’clock, and it was now almost four o’clock, “I should go,
just in case your husband comes home early!” “It’s OK, he
has a meeting after work and he took his change of clothes
with him”, Dell relaxed and we spooned together and drifted
into a shallow sleep.

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