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Eastern_Rose and 3Tangle - A night Out With the Lads


Two stories, one written by Steve, AdultFriendFinder handle 3Tangle and
one written by eastern_rose as a response



by Steve from Derbyshire




It started off the same as any other evening that we plan
when we go out together. Teresa went for her shower while
I stayed downstairs with the children. She finished and
slipped into some clean casual clothes while she went to
pick her Mum up who would be babysitting for us this particular
evening. I took this opportunity to take my shower and shave.
It’s not that often we get to go out together, but when we
do I really enjoy it; little did I know how different tonight
would be. By the time Teresa got back with her Mum I was out
the bathroom and half dressed. I put on some of the Antaeus
aftershave she’d bought me for Valentines Day, my favourite,
and finished off getting dressed. Teresa went straight
upstairs to change into the clothes she’d be wearing tonight.
After about fifteen minutes she duly came downstairs looking
lovely, she was wearing a loose fitting white blouse that
was quite low cut for her, and a pale green knee length skirt
that was split halfway up the front. Sometimes I wish she
would wear more daring clothes, they suit her slim tall

The plan was to go to a surprise 50th Birthday party for an
old work mate. We knew roughly where we needed to be heading
so we said goodbye to the children and her Mum and set off.
The first eight miles were easy but as we got closer to where
we thought we should be going we found that we were going
around in circles, driving up and down the same roads more
than once, on more than one occasion. We both decided that
we were going nowhere fast and decided to stop and ask someone
for directions. The first person we saw was an oldish type
of gentleman who looked local to the area, he was as good-a-bet
as anyone we thought. He pointed us in the right direction
and we set off again wondering if we’d ever get there tonight,
let alone on time, as we recognised places we’d driven past
only minutes earlier. We thought we were close but not close
enough and agreed to ask someone else. As we drove through
the streets I was looking for people I could identify from
work whom I thought might be going to the same party, but
recognised no one. In the distance I saw a bus stop on our
side of the road and stopped, Teresa wound down her window
and asked the guy at the head of the queue if he knew where
the bar we were looking for was, “Sure” he said “They’ve
just re-furbished it, it only reopened last night”, Teresa
and I looked at each other wondering if this could be the
same bar we were looking for. “Give us a lift and I’ll show
you where it is, it’s not far”, he looked ok about twenty
nine, clean and smart in a fashionable way for his age so,
looking at each other again we nodded and said “Alright”.
“It’s best if I sit in the front” he said, “So I can give directions”.
As Teresa got out the car to let him in, one of his mates got
in the back before she had chance, and another held the car
door open for her, she slid into the back seat, nestled nervously
between two guys she’d never seen before. “My names Carl”
said the guy sitting next to me, “What’s yours?” “I’m Steve
and my wife’s name is Teresa, ” I said “This is Pete and Jim”
Carl said, gesturing to his friends in the back. And we were
soon on our way again. Jim asked Teresa why we were going
to the bar, and she explained that it was my friends Birthday
Party. “So you’re not from around here then?” Pete said
“No: Derby way” Teresa replied. I was quite surprised she’d
spoken freely. “Turn next right at the pub and follow the
signs for Beeston” directed Carl “You look very sexy in
that top Teresa, ” said Pete “Yeh” added Jim “The skirts
nice too” Teresa checked her skirt to make sure it was covering
her legs. “Don’t be shy” Jim said as he noticed her nervousness.
“I’m not” Said Teresa, trying not to be intimidated. “Keep
going down this road until you come to a ‘T’ junction and
turn right” said Carl pointing with his arm. “Your quite
tall aren’t you Teresa” Jim said “Must be these long legs, ”
Pete added as he placed his left hand on her knee. “They’d
look great around my neck” I saw Teresa twitch in my driving
mirror. I smiled, trying to comfort her. It seemed to work……….
“Thanks that’s really nice of you to notice” she replied
as she turned towards him politely smiling. I adjusted
my driving position and my mirror so that I could see his
hands, one was just above her knee and she didn’t seem to
mind too much at this stage. I opened my window slightly;
it sent a breeze into the back of the car. Things were getting
warm. I checked my mirror and Teresa seemed comfortable.
“What material is this?” Jim asked as he rubbed the fabric
of Teresa’s blouse between his thumb and forefinger “It’s
like Chiffon, ” Teresa answered “I love the way it blows
in the wind and clings to the contours of your body” “Me too”
added Pete in agreement. Jim rubbed the chiffon between
his thumb and all of his fingers this time until he was rubbing
his palm across MY Teresa’s stomach. “You’ve got a great
body Teresa, do you go to the gym?” asked Pete “Not anymore;
I don’t have the time, what with work and two children to
look after” I saw in my mirror Jim’s hand gently brush across
Teresa’s left breast, she raised her arms to her chest in
defence at the same time I noticed Pete reposition his hand
a little further up Teresa’s leg; her skirt flap had now
fallen to one side. Teresa sat up a little straighter not
sure what to make of the situation. Things were happening
all at once for her. “Don’t worry” said Jim as he stretched
his right arm across the back of the seat; Teresa’s head
seemed to fall backwards to rest on it automatically. “You
alright in the back?” chirped Carl “Yes, ” said Teresa,
Pete and Jim in unison. “ ‘Much further?” Teresa inquired
in and attempt to find out long we’d got before we reached
the Wine Bar. “Yes” Carl offered, “Keep going” Pete edged
his hand a little further up the inside of her right thigh.
Her legs clamped shut! In an effort to cross them and defend
her womeness and then opened again as if to offer more, accompanied
by the slightest moan of pleasure, causing her skirt to
ride up even higher exposing more of her thighs to her assailants.
Her legs were placed either side of the hump that runs the
length of the cabin and houses the cars drive shaft. By now
Jim was slowly unbuttoning Teresa’s blouse and moving
the soft fabric to each side exposing the lacy cups of her
bra. “WOW” he whispered “What lovely skin” At this Teresa’s
arms fell to her side, surrendering to the mystery and passion,
each of her hands coming to rest in the laps of the two guys.
They readjusted their positions. Teresa’s hands now rested
on two unfamiliar semi-hard cocks, getting harder by the
second. By now Pete’s hand was gently stroking the front
her panties, he slid his other hand up her back and undid
Teresa’s bra. Very neat I thought, as I watched her boobs
slowly escape the confinement of the lace cups. Teresa
shuddered again, this time more so… I caught her gaze in
the mirror and gave her a smile. Her eyes barely opened before
closing again. Pete and Jim knew how to handle a woman; they
were concentrating on different parts of her body with
one hand while they both rubbed her back with their other
hands. They could see she was enjoying the attention and
intensified their hand movements all over her body as she
squirmed and moaned with delight. She hadn’t a clue what
was going to happen next. It was only the fact that I was wearing
briefs, as opposed to boxer’s that hid my excitement as
my knob grew harder and harder as I watched Teresa drowning
in anticipation…but of what? She wriggled oozing sexuality
out of every pore. Jim leaned forward and stared at Teresa’s
tits “These were made to be kissed” he said and proceeded
to lick, and fondle and kiss, and gently bite the now erect
nipples of her exposed breasts. Teresa kicked of her shoes
and sank into the back of the seat, her legs driven wider
apart by the lack of room; I could feel her knees digging
into the back my seat harder and harder. No one could see
them all from the road, not that she cared, she was on another
planet. I carried on driving constantly adjusting and
checking my rear view mirror. Teresa was having a good time
it seemed. Every now and then Carl said make a left here and
a right there, he knew that I knew he was leading us round
the houses giving his mates more time to feel and caress
every inch of my wife’s quivering body. Teresa started
to rub Peter’s crotch while she unzipped Jim’s Chinos,
once Jim’s hard cock had flirted free from its confines
and was in her grasp she turned her attention on Pete sensually
unbuttoning the fly on his 501 jeans and easing his stiff
rod from behind the denim. Both guys were well excited and
were already rock hard and probably had been for quite a
while now. Teresa wasn’t phased at all and was showing great
confidence, she had the situation well in hand, or should
that be hands. She cupped their sacks and juggled their
balls over her fingers before slowly running her hands
up and down their long shafts, they both arched their backs
in appreciation making their manhood’ look even bigger
than ever. It was their turn to moan with pleasure; Teresa
knew she was doing something right. Pete slid his fingers
under the gusset of Teresa’s moist knickers, she moaned
again, louder this time and her Knees dug deeper into the
rear of my seat, she didn’t care who heard her, she couldn’t
control it. “Nearly there?” Joked Carl Suddenly the guys
swapped positions. It was if they knew Teresa was about
to erupt. Now Jim was working her inner thighs like never
before with one hand whilst tugging her hair with the other
forcing her head back and exposing her heaving chest to
Pete who was kissing her neck as he massaged her boobs….
She had no defences now, nor did she want any. Their cocks:
stiff, red, hard as ever and throbbing as she grasped them
firmer continuing to pump them as wave after wave of orgasm
shot threw her semi-naked body. Pete was slowly licking
her chest gradually moving lower to concentrate on Teresa’s
boobs, caressing and squeezing both boobs together and
sucking on both nipples at the same time. Teresa’s back
was arched, sacrificially offering her boobs to Pete,
while her legs opened and shut with a vigorous rhythm in
ecstasy trapping Jim’s hand for a split second only to release
it allowing it to continue on it’s journey towards her soaking
pussy. Just then I saw the Wine Bar we were looking for “We’re
there, ” I said “Keep going, Keep going” Teresa panted
I didn’t know whom she was talking to; either way the result
was going to be the same. But the guys smiled and sat up. Teresa
gave a last sigh of relief, pleasure, satisfaction and
disappointment that it was over “That was fantastic, ”
said one of them “Best ever” said the other They put their
now limp cocks away. “Thanks for the lift” said Carl as they
got out “Yeh thanks” Teresa shyly gave the guys a little
wave bye-bye and stayed in the back, did up her bra and blouse
and straightened her skirt as we found somewhere to park.
As she ran her fingers though her hair in an attempt to smarten
it up she said how aroused she’d felt during the trip around
town and that she could never have imagined how exciting
it could have been. She was positively glowing and looked
lovelier than I had ever seen her before.

We proceeded to the Bar and made our way upstairs to the party.
There were quite a few people there already and they were
still arriving. We made our way towards my friend and whished
him a ‘Happy Birthday’ as we chattered he suddenly notice
a guy he now worked with. Gabbing him by the shoulder he introduced
him to us, “You’ve never met Steve and Teresa have you?”
he said “Steve, Teresa I’d like you to meet Pete. We all smiled,
said nothing and shook hands giving nothing away. Teresa
excused herself and said she’d get us both a drink. I checked
her at the Bar. Carl was being served next to her, I saw her
smile and nod at him, he returned the compliment dropped
his hand to his side and gave her bum a quick friendly squeeze.
Teresa’s foot rose off the floor ever so slightly, as the
memories of the drive here must have raced through her mind.
We never bumped into the guys again at the party, choosing
to stay with the Sturmey crowd and not mix with the other

Time flew by and before long it was 10:20pm and whilst the
sky was still bright the heavy clouds made it dark. “We’d
better be making a move, ” Teresa said and I agreed We said
goodnight to the Sturmey lads and made our way towards the
door. “Just got to nip to the loo”, Teresa said as she headed
towards the ‘Ladies’ toilet. As they were next to the ‘Gents’
I took the opportunity to go as well. I was first out, Teresa
appeared after a couple of minutes, she looked different
but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, she smiled gave
me a peck on the lips held my hand, gave it a tight squeeze
and we walked out the Bar. It was a warm night and quite a walk
back to the car. The street was lit intermittently by the
colourful displays in the shop windows. I noticed she was
carrying her cardigan and that she’d removed her bra whilst
in the ‘Ladies’. Every now and then the light would fall
just right and emphasize her nipples poking beneath her
flowing blouse, she’d also undone the top button this allowed
the breeze to blow the material around her chest sometimes
exposing the flesh on the top of her breasts. We soon arrived
at the car and set off. Teresa was still HOT after all this
time, and wound down the window and undid the rest of the
buttons on her blouse. As if I hadn’t been teased enough
for one night, only her nipples preventing it from falling
away to the sides. The traffic lights ahead changed to red
and I had to pull up. After a few seconds a Transit van pulled
up in the next lane, level with us. Teresa sat still, not
moving an inch. The driver of the van was higher than us and
must have seen right down her front. As the lights changed
to green we set off again the van maintaining a constant
speed along side of us for as long as he could. Eventually
we turned off and only now did Teresa allow her blouse to
fall open to her sides. Her tits wobbled as we went over the
rough road. She knew I was having trouble driving. “Have
you enjoyed tonight?” she asked “Yes” I fired back before
she’d drawn breath “Have you?” “Yes it’s been fantastic
and its not over yet” She leaned across and unzipped MY trousers
this time. Slowly she moved her hand up and down my penis,
stroking the head with her palm every now and again. I couldn’t
sit still. But we were nearly home anyway by now. Teresa’s
car was on the road so I drove straight up the drive. “Shame
it never seems to take as long to get home as it does going
out” I said. We got out the car, “Wait!!” she whispered before
I locked it. “Come here”, she beckoned me round to the front
of the car. She hitched up her skirt and sat on the warm bonnet,
wrapped one arm around my neck while she unfastened my trousers
with the other. They fell to the floor. I knew what she needed.
It was at this point I realised she’d also removed her knickers
whilst in the toilet at the Wine Bar. I squatted down and
slowly began to lick her thighs with my tongue, brushing
over her clitoris every now and then. She threw herself
back flat on the bonnet of my car. She lay there in all her
sexiness. As I stood up I could see the shape of her curvy
body. It was begging to be licked and kissed all over, for
the second time in one night.

She was soaking wet and I slid into her with ease. It felt
so nice and warm, deep inside her, this was in contrast to
the rest of my body that was exposed to the cool of the night.
I slowly withdrew and pierced her again and again and again.
The suspension squeaked as it took a pounding. The moonlight
reflected off her bare breasts that were covered with my
saliva. I thrusted into her trying to get as deep as I could,
but I couldn’t hold it in any longer, the events of the evening
taking over my senses. As Teresa reached her umpteenth
orgasm of the night I pulled out, and held her to my chest.
I exploded between us, my cock jerking with satisfaction.
Suddenly the security lights came on!! I didn’t think they
were working, but it didn’t bother her one bit, she clasped
her legs around my waste squeezing every drop out of me.
Her Mum was standing only feet away from us inside the house,
trying to see what had activated the security lights. We
went inside after tidying ourselves up. I drove her Mum
home immediately as it was getting late now. As we drove
down the road the streetlights picked out the wetness on
the bonnet left by Teresa’s hot wet excited body. “Has it
been raining Teresa’s Mum commented. The heat from the
engine quickly evaporated the moisture. “No it was dew”
I replied “We had it cumming” When I returned Teresa was
in bed fast asleep, smiling.

Well…it had been a hard one for her………. no three hard ones.



A Night Out With the Lads
by eastern_rose


Forward: This story was written in response to a story sent
to me by a new friend, Steve from Derbyshire, please read
A night out with the lads first before continuing with this
story. And I must say a very special thanks to Steve for allowing
me to publish his story on my guest story page.

John called me to the bedroom window, “What do you think
of this?” He said, well to say I was shocked was an understatement,
there, spread out on the bonnet of her husband’s car was
my long time friend and neighbour Teresa. John had been
disturbed by the powerful halogen lights that surrounded
Steve and Teresa’s house. Teresa had always come across
as ‘little Miss perfect’ in the past, you know the type,
‘butter wouldn’t melt’, but this was a different side to
my friend. Her blouse was wide open and her skirt rolled
up around her midriff. I could just make out a man’s head
between her thighs, lucky bitch ran through my mind, it
had been ‘many-a-year’ since John had visited himself
on me in that way, not that I actively encouraged him these
days. I’m not sure if I was shocked, surprised or disappointed
to see that it was Steve who I recognised in that split second
between eating Teresa’s womanhood and transferring his
attention to her breasts. I watched in admiration as Steve
put so much effort into fucking his wife on the bonnet of
their car that he was actually pushing the car along the
drive against the incline and possibly even the handbrake.
John said, “I think the off side shocker is weak, I’ll have
to mention it to him in the morning, probably fail the MOT
next time!” My husband, the romantic, whizzed through
my head but barely took my attention away from Teresa being
royally fucked in full view of John and I. Then I noticed
someone at Steve and Teresa’s living room window, the baby
sitter was looking out, trying to see what had just lit the
grounds around the house like Blackpool during the illuminations.
I gessed that the babysitter would have been Teresa’s mother,
Teresa, from her position, would have been able to make
out her sitter looking out but it wasn’t so certain that
the sitter could see exactly what was going on, bonnet side.


The grand finally was something to be hold, Steve pulled
himself out of Teresa’s body quickly and in the powerful,
blue white light I watched as Steven’s semen arched through
the air between their bodies. I saw a string of sperm reach
Teresa’s breast and another actually reach beyond her
shoulder and onto the bonnet of the car. And then it was all
over, Teresa simply tucked the hem of her blouse into her
skirt’s, waste band, and she left Steve fighting to get
his underpants and trousers up and stumble along in her
wake. I watched for a few seconds more, John had returned
to bed the second Steve finished, and was asleep well before
I watched Steve pulling off of the drive with the baby sitter
in the car with him. Sleep wasn’t as easy come by for me as
it was for John, I couldn’t resolve the quandary of my normally
prim and proper neighbour suddenly turning into the kind
of woman who would fuck a man in public on the bonnet of a car,
even if that man was her husband.

If I had been alone in that bed I would have allowed my fingers
to wander down to my moist inner self, I often ‘pleasured’
myself when alone in bed but never while John was in it with
me. I would hate him to get the wrong idea and take my, self-gratification
as an indication on my part of need. It had after all been
many months since I encouraged John to slacken the chord
on his pyjama bottoms and roll onto my side of the bed. In
the end, to get any sleep at all I had to promise myself that
I would invite Teresa over for coffee as soon as John left
for the pub in the morning.

Saturday was a warm but muggy day, the thunderstorm threatened
during the previous evening hadn’t hit us and so the moisture
hung in the atmosphere with dark foreboding. But at least
it was warm enough to throw the kids into what was left of
my back garden to play plant destruction or whatever game
they had in mind. John was through the door fifteen minutes
before opening time, he had the walk to the local pub down
to a fine art. John had, over the years, managed to shave
fractions of a second off of the time taken to his holiest
of places, from twenty minutes when we first moved into
the area to fourteen minutes and thirty seconds. I waited
fifteen minutes, if John had forgotten something he may
have returned any time up to opening, but once under ‘barmaid’s
orders’ he wouldn’t return until closing time or the outbreak
of some natural disaster, like the pub running dry, until
I phoned Teresa and invited her over for a coffee.

Teresa came across the road with her two children in front
of her like a human shield, I smiled inwardly, sge obviously
had forgotten my policy of keeping my monsters out of the
house while ever it was light enough to play out and sometimes
dry enough too. I opened the front door just before the first
child reached the threshold, as soon as both children were
inside my hallway I said, “Right you two, you know the rules,
strip down to your undies and place all valuables into the
box on the bureau”. I had two old t-shirts that I handed to
the children, the shirts were so large that they almost
brushed the floor, I folded their discarded clothes and
used them to hide the wristwatch that was the lone valuable
in the valuables box. I threw both children into my garden,
like lambs into the lion’s den I thought but they would give
as good as they got or they wouldn’t survive the day, nature
has a wonderful way of thinning out the weak!

“OK Teresa, give!” Teresa put on her best ‘I don’t know what
you’re talking about’ face, “Last night woman, white blouse
and green skirt?” “I went out with Steve” she said innocently.
I put on my best imitation stern mother voice, “It wasn’t
the going out it was the cumming in, or rather all over you
and the car’s bonnet when you got home I’m talking about!”
Teresa sat and blew into her coffee cup to cool it, she took
a deep breath and started to regale the story of the previous
evening and the eventful journey to the birthday party.
“With Steve watching?” I kept interjecting at the relevant
times, “Yes, and he adjusted the rear view mirror so that
he could see better”. John didn’t care about me very much,
we had been together far too long but he would have been extremely
jealous if another man had even looked at me, let alone fondled
me on the way to a party. “And Steve didn’t mind?” “No, he
was very turned on by it all!”

Now I was depressed big time, all I could do was mutter under
my breath “You lucky cow” over and over again. “And what
would you do if a woman came on to Steve?” I asked eventually,
almost missing the fact that Teresa had just told me that
she had a note of Carl’s telephone number. The whole thing
began to get complicated at this point, we were now biginning
to have two conversations at once, I had to grab her by the
shoulders and shake her to make everything stop spinning
around for a few seconds. “What do you mean you have Carl’s
telephone number?” “Well he didn’t have any fun last night
so I thought that it would only be fair to him to give him a
call sometime when I’m lonely”.

“So what would you say if another woman, say a neighbour,
was to come on to Steve?” “You?” I said nothing, “No offence
but Steve knows you, the whole point of last night was that
the men were strangers, men that we would probably never
see again!” “But you have Carl’s telephone number and are
planning on ringing him when you are alone!” “Mmmm yes I
see, Steve might not like that too much” was her reply.

Coffee finished and Teresa’s children covered from head
to toe in mud I decided that I would have to stop my chat with
Teresa as I could feel the ‘anticipation’ running out of
my body and down both sides of my inner thighs. “God I need
a shag” I said to myself, “Perhaps I should give you a copy
of Carl’s telephone number”, Teresa said, “Shit did I say
that out loud?” “What?” “Ooooops!”

I kept Carl’s phone number in my safest of all places, the
one place that neither John or my kids would ever look, the
cupboard with the cleaning products in! several times
during that week I had pulled the slip of paper out, read
the number carefully, lifted the handset on my phone but
each time I had chickened out before the last number was
keyed in.

I had managed to reach Friday night without plucking up
the courage to press that final ‘eight’ that would have
connected me with Carl and chickened out once more, I almost
jumped out of my skin as the phone rang the second I placed
it back on the cradle. Teresa was phoning, “How would you
like a night out?” “I’d love it but no monster sitter and
John wouldn’t stay in with them on his own, not while he was
sober anyway!” “My mother is coming over to sit for me, what
do you think the chances are that your brood would behave
themselves for her if she looked after all of them?” “Mmmm
I think I have enough ‘Laudanum’ to keep them quiet for a
few hours, why what are we going to do?” “I’m not sure exactly,
I have been chatting to Carl and he has some sort of event
planned for tonight, they even have a bus organised to take
us to Sheffield, I asked if there would be a spare seat for
you and he said the more the merrier”.

I got my monsters dressed ready for bed and put their overcoats
on top, then ushered them across the road. I was planning
on rushing back home and taking a quick shower and searching
for something nice from my wardrobe full of dross. “You
don’t have time, Carl phoned five minutes ago, they are
on their way” Teresa’s news devastated me, she dragged
me by the hand into her bathroom, “Just a quick shower, don’t
do your hair” she barked at me. I managed to break the three
minute shower record, Teresa was back in the bathroom,
I was naked but didn’t mind Teresa being in with me, especially
as she had a see through, red silk blouse in one hand and a
red Rah-Rah skirt in the other. I dried myself and dressed
in the clothes Teresa had left for me. I had put my bra back
on, white under see through red silk didn’t look good so
I had to take it off again, I was admiring myself in the mirror
when Teresa returned with self supporting stockings,
still in their packaging. “I was about to put on the old M&S
knickers that I had been wearing all day but Teresa stopped
me by lifting her skirt and showing me that she had not bothered
with knickers herself. My old white panties fell back on
top of my pile of dirty clothes.

The bus was a surprise, it was built as a thirty-five seat,
luxury coach but it had been refitted as a fifteen seat,
super luxury coach. Each seat was a ‘couchette’ the kind
that were used on intercontinental journeys so that the
passenger could get to sleep reasonably comfortably.
I was introduced to Carl, there were five men on the coach,
Steve made it six, so there were still six seats free on the
bus as we drove off. I whispered to Teresa, “Which of the
men did you have fun with last Friday?” “None of them, I have
never seen anyone but Carl before!” Teresa and I had sat
next to each other as we boarded the bus, we assumed that
there would be other stops as there were so many seats free.


The bus made short work of getting on the dual carriageway,
signposted to Sheffield. As soon as the bus got up to speed,
Carl wandered along the bus closing the curtains on both
sides of the bus. One of the other men was closing the blinds
that separated the drivers section and steps to the front
door and as soon as the outside world was closed out completely
the interior lights came up to full brilliance. Carl stopped
on his way back to the front of the bus and grasped Teresa’s
arm, he said nothing as he moved her bodily across the isle
and into the inner seat of that pair, leaving me on the inner
seat of my pair. Carl took a bag from the front of the bus and
dipped his hand in, For madam Teresa, Allan wins, and for
Rose, Peter. Peter Sat by my side, je introduced himself
and kissed me on the cheek, I watched as Alan sat by Teresa
and did the same.

Peter was a little over-weight, mid thirties with, dirty
blond hair, Alan was younger, fitter, and much better looking,
“Teresa one Rose nil”, I said to myself. It was a little disconcerting,
I was kissing Peter and he was making short work of fondling
every part of my body, but the bus was lit up like a sports
stadium and there was an audience of five men watching the
action closely. I looked over at Teresa, Alan had his hand
in her crotch and he had brought her to a powerful climax
while Peter was still rubbing his hands all over the outside
of my clothes. I heard a loud ‘Ding!’ Some sort of timer had
sounded, I had no idea how long I had been kissing with Peter
but he left my side as soon as he heard the ‘Ding’. Alan stood
up too, a little slower than Peter, I noticed that his trousers
were open and his cock was standing out proudly in front
of him. Teresa was a far faster worker than I, I thought as
Carl dipped his hand into the bag once again. “For the wonderful
Teresa”, he opened the folded piece of paper and then poped
it on the seat at his side, he dipped into the bag once again,
“Harry! Congratulations young man”, Harry looked young,
less than twenty and extremely fit. “And for the wonderful
Rose”, Carl picked up the slip of paper that he had placed
on the seat earlier, “Steve!”

Steve wasted no time at all, he knew me quite well but not
this well, he made me stand up and stripped me totally except
for the stockings and his wife’s, red, four inch stiletto
heeled shoes. Steve didn’t kiss me as much as Peter, after
all he knew me well, he opened his trousers and pulled my
head into his lap. I could still see Teresa and young Harry,
she was taking his clothes off and massaging his cock. I
had to amend the score after seeing Harry’s cock, I realigned
the score to Rose one, Teresa one. Steve’s cock was quite
large, an inch at least longer than John’s and so fat that
it was hard for me to close my mouth around it. Steve was pushing
my head harder into his lap, I knew that my teeth were scraping
along his shaft but there was nothing I could do about it,
I would have had to dislocate my jaw to prevent it. I began
to gag slightly, Steve seemed intent on getting his cock
past my oesophagus even though he had absolutly no chance
of succeeding. I managed to catch a look over at Teresa,
she had reclined both seats, she was definitely driving
things with young Harry, he was now completely naked as
was Teresa, I had to pull away from Steve’s cock to gasp for
air and noticed that Carl had stopped the little clokc and
was adding more time to it. Teresa was kneeling above Harry
and was moving his rock hard but disappointingly small
cock so that it lined up with her pussy. Carl had obviously
decided that he didn’t want young Harry to miss out on this
experience by the serendipity of a timer. Steve grabbed
a hand-full of my hair and tugged my head back into his lap.
I had known Steve for several years and I had always had him
down as a very loving and gentle man, I was certainly seeing
a different side of him now.

Steve had tries once again to get his cock-head passed my
oesophagus without success, then he changed tack, he reclined
our seats, pulled my body so that I was on my back with my head
hanging loosely over the backrest of the seat. Steve pulled
my chin as far back as it would go so that my neck was straining
as much as it could, then he leaned over me from behind and
aimed his cock at my mouth once again. Steve used his fingers
to pull my chin as far forward as it would go, easily pulling
it passed the point that I found comfortable. He began to
fuck into my mouth, slowly at first and then building up
in speed and power. I suddenly remembered watching him
the previous Friday evening, the fact that he had enough
power in his thighs to push a car up an incline and possily
against the hand-break too, it was too late to stop him though.
I could hear from his breathing pattern that he was close
to his climax and there was the burgeoning taste of salty
pre-cum oozing out of his huge hard dick. There was a sudden
thrust from Steve and he stood totally still, he had managed
to break his cock-head passed the muscle protecting my
throat and now he was injecting his semen directly into
my stomach.

I strugled back to a position of comfort, Steve was at the
front of the bus taking a drink from a fridge unit. I looked
to my side and saw Teresa riding Harry’s cock, she was mid
climax and Harry was sweating profusely, I watched as he
gritted his teeth and thrust up to meet Teresa, they lay
still for a few moments connected, body to body. Teresa
lifted herself off of Harry and I watched as his seed fell
from her vaginal cavity all over the young man’s thighs.
Teresa asked for a drink, the clock hadn’t sounded so Carl
wasn’t waiting to select from his bag. Teresa slid next
to me on my seat, “I should have warned you about Steve, he
loves to do it that way, if you’re use to it it’s OK but it can
be a little frightening the first time”.

The loud speakers in the ceiling crackled and the driver
announced that they were two minutes away from the club.
Teresa and I were passed our clothes back and everyone got
dressed. I was listening as Carl was telling Harry how well
he had done, “Not every seventeen year old gets to have a
first time like that!” Carl told Harry.

The club was very dilapidated, situated in a rundown part
of Sheffield, I saw from the various notices that they had
tried everything going to bolster flagging turnover,
karaoki evenings, amateur talent contests, quiz nights
and now a ‘Gentleman’s Smoking Evening’, posh way of saying
‘stripper night’. There were around two hundred men in
the club, they were all baying for the strippers to come
out, two hundred men and two women in the audience. The first
stripper was an old trout, she danced like a tone deaf woman
with two wooden legs, she only got down to her bra and panties
and the noise and heckling from the crowd made her run off
stage. I heard Carl tell Teresa that she would do a far better
job that that old slapper, Teresa blushed a very deep crimson,
I moved to her side and whispered in her ear, “What’s wrong?”
“I think Carl is going to make me do a striptease on stage”.
I looked around to see where Carl was going and sure enough
he was making his way to the side door of the stage. “Just
say no”, I said, “It’s not that easy, I agreed to do anything
I was told to do tonight, that was the condition for this

Carl came back and whispered something into Teresa’s ear,
she followed him back to the stage door, the audience was
getting a little ugly, there were chairs being thrown and
so much noise that it was actually painful to listen to.


The lights finally dipped down and soft music drifted from
the loud speakers. I recognised Teresa instantly even
though she was dressed completely differently from the
last time I saw her. She danced on stage, woodenly at first
and then she eased into the dance, Carl was standing at the
front of the stage giving her signals when to take something
off, move faster, move slower. Eventually Teresa was totally
nude on stage, Carl held up his hand to her and she took it
and allowed him to guide her off of the stage. I watched as
four hundred hands reached out to touch her, the music had
stopped long before Teresa was back on stage and taking
her bow to rapturous applauds.

While Teresa was back stage getting changed back into her
own clothes Carl asked me if I would like a turn on stage,
I thanked him but turned down his offer, “It’s worth three
hundred pounds for a simple strip, Teresa got five hundred
for leaving the stage while naked!” “Where do I get changed?”
I asked.

I had made up my mind that it would be much better if it was
just the kids and me, John was a lazy good for nothing drunkard,
perhaps if I can do something like stripping perhaps I could
support myself and the kids and even have a little fun out
of life. I was directed to the back stage area, Teresa’s
name was written on a dressingroom door in chalk. I knocked
and opened the door, Teresa was lying on her back with a naked
man sweating between her thighs, I almost closed the door
again until I realised that Teresa wasn’t there mentally.
I watched quietly as the guy finished off, he had a condom
on and he removed it and threw it into a waste bin at the side
of the couch, I watched as he opend his wallet and dropped
cash by Teresa’s handbag. “Hi you!” I said, “Oh hi, are you
going to do a few men or are you going to strip?” “Strip, I
think!” there was a knock at the door behind me, another
man was standing there, as I changed into the clothes provided
behind a curtain I heard the man grunting into Teresa’s
body, it was all over in five minutes and there was yet another
pile of cash and yet anther condom in the bin.

I spent fifteen minutes dancing on stage, I bumped and ground
and stripped much too fast, eventually I fell on the floor
too dizzy to know which way was up, with the music still playing
I was led by Carl around the audience and back to the stage.
I walked in on Teresa still servicing men in the dressing
room, there were eight condoms in the bin and Teresa was
just lying there taking no active part in the proceedings,
just allowing the man to use her body. “Do you fancy a go?
She asked me, I shook my head, I could do the stripping but
I didn’t think I could just allow complete strangers to
do me as Teresa was allowing them to do her. “You’re silly,
you were willing to let the guys on the bus do you for free,
this way you can make a bit of money too” there was sence in
what she was saying. The manager came into the room and asked
me if I would like a room, he winked at me, “We take twenty-five
percent for providing the customers, the room and the condoms”,
I told him that I would be interested in stripping from time
to time but I didn’t think that hooking was for me, he laughed,
no one strips, they are all hookers, the stripping is the
shop window, lets the guys see what they are buying. I took
up his offer of a room and settled down to making my fortune.



The night had certainly been a shock, I was actually looking
forward to watching the video ‘Love Actually’, drinking
a bottle of Sainsbury’s cheapest red wine and munching
my way through a box of almost Belgian chocolates, that
was until my neighbour, Teresa, from across the road invited
me out and provided me with a baby sitter. If you need to find
out more about the night so far you will have to read Steve,
from Derbyshire’s, A Night Out With the Lads and my A Night
Out With the Lads 2, Now read on ……….

A Night Out With the Lads 3
by eastern_rose

I had been given a dingy dressing room to use for ‘servicing’
my customers, there was, at least a brand new divan bed in
the room, I knew it was new as it still had the plastic wrapper
over the mattress. I found a bottom sheet also brand new
and spread it over the plastic covered mattress; there
was a huge box of condoms and a roll of kitchen paper at the
side of the bed. I didn’t know exactly what to expect but
I knew that I had to give this a serious try as it may provide
me with a way of surviving without my deadbeat husband.


As I psyched myself up for a first visitor, that’s if I managed
to get any, compared with Teresa I would definitely come
in a poor second. I started to work out the last time I opened
my thighs to a man, it was John, of course, it was his birthday
I think, and not his last birthday at that. So it had to be
around eighteen months since the last time……..

The door opened and a middle-aged man walked into the room,
I was naked, I saw little point in being anything else, but
I was thankful for the fact that the room was warm at least.
I had been given one piece of advice by the manager, “Make
sure that you put the ‘Jonny’ on love, some of the jokers
that come to nights like this would love it to fall off half
way through!” The guy’s dick was small and insignificant
but I rubbed him to get it as hard as it would go and I rolled
the rubber down his pitifully small member. He seemed to
climb on top and then off again almost immediately, I was
about to ask him if he was having trouble when he said, “That
was fucking wonderful!” I lifted my head enough to watch
him slip the rubber off of his cock and he held it up to the
light. There was a look of pride on his face as he checked
the quantity of his fluid inside the latex sheath. The guy
then tied the rubber to prevent escape and wiped himself
clean with a sheet of kitchen towel, both popped with due
pomp and circumstance into the metal waste bin. All that
was left for the guy to do was to place his thirty pounds in
the tin on the table at the side of the bed.

I hadn’t registered the actual act at all, I realized that
what I had seen on Teresa’s face while she was dealing with
a man in her room wasn’t shame or boredom but a kind of meditation,
the sort of thing I did all the time while ironing or doing
some other mundane household task. A kind of detachment,
temporarily, from reality, a way of coping with mundane
tasks and keeping some small semblance of sanity. The whole
act had taken less that fifteen minutes, I thought back
to the last time John and I had sex, it had taken him almost
an hour to climax, he put a great deal of effort into fucking
me and after an hour of constant, powerful fucking I had
felt so incredibly sore that it really was the beginning
of the end for John and me. John had spotted that time that
I hadn’t actually climaxed, it was strange for him to notice
that as he hadn’t noticed the previous fifteen or so timed
that he had fucked me. That last time he decided to wake me
thirty minutes after he had climaxed and started again,
so there I was tired, sore and very bored with him pounding
into me, that time it took him almost two hours to climax,
his second wind always takes much longer than his first,
he only climaxed then because I faked an orgasm, he pulled
his cock from my body with a look of triumph on his face…..


The door opened and customer number two walked in, slightly
younger than the first man, slightly better equipment
too. I didn’t have to encourage his erection but I did roll
on the latex for him. Once again I managed to lose myself
in a tranquil, meditative state as he used my body. Once
again it all seemed to be over in a few seconds where in reality
it took the man around twenty minutes to climax. The ritual
repeated ten times, I didn’t count the times, but there
was three hundred pounds on the table and a bin full of condoms
and damp paper. I had been on my back for almost three hours
but wasn’t as sore as I had been after the first hour with
John eighteen months earlier.

Carl had actually called a stop to the activities, Teresa
and I had settled the crowd down enough with out amateur
striptease to allow the professional strippers to get
back to work. As Teresa and I left the back stage area of the
club there was still a long line of men waiting eagerly for
a chance to spend thirty pounds. I asked Teresa how well
she had done, “Over four hundred from the men”, she said
we still had to settle things with the manager, after all
he owed us for the dancing we had done, he took seventy-five
pounds out of my dance fee as his percentage of the back stage
action and a hundred pounds from Teresa’s pay.

Before we got on the bus for the ride home Carl asked both
Teresa and I how we were feeling, it was ok with him if we just
wanted to sit and relax on the way home, Teresa was the first
to say, “No way, lets have fun!” I nodded in agreement. Carl
escorted us onto the bus, the five other men from the outward
journey were there, waiting patiently for us to board the
bus. As we pulled away from the club two men jumped into the
street waving their arms to stop the bus. They had a hat to
Carl on the steps of the bus, the gentlemen’s smoking evening
had gone on longer than anticipated and there were a lot
of people who had missed the last bus home but these two had
missed the bus back to Derby. I watched as cash changed hands
between the two men and Carl and he invited them on to the
bus. “Everyone, this is Jimmy and Tony from Chaddesden
, we’ll be dropping them off on the way through Derby, Jimmy
and Tony this is everyone else”.

Carl quickly scribbled the names of the newcomers on two
slips of paper and dropped them into the box along with the
four that had been drawn out on the way to Sheffield. “As
Richard and I didn’t have our turn on the outward journey
we will now toss a coin to see which of us has who for the return
journey”, Carl announced.

Carl won Teresa and Richard won me, or was it that Richard
lost altogether. I noticed that the bus was being driven
much slower on the way out of Sheffield than it was on the
way in. I didn’t get much chance to see what Carl was like
as Richard was all over me like a rash. I had watched fifteen
minutes being set on the timer and Richard didn’t want to
waste a second of his time. As he peeled off his grey flannel
slacks I changed my mind, Richard may have lost the coin
toss but I definitely won, his cock was even bigger than
Steve’s and Steven had been the largest man I had ever seen
in my life before. Richard didn’t waste any time on foreplay,
he just dived right in, his cock was like a bulldozer ploughing
a rough furrow between my thighs, I was forced to gasp out
loud as his cock-head brutalised the entrance to my body.
There was no detachment on my part this time; I was a full
participant in this sexual act. I was driven to a climax
in less than a half dozen of Richard’s powerful thrusts
and from that climactic point I was held breathless and
panting for the rest of the fifteen-minute slot. There
was no way on earth that I could count the number of times
that I climaxed, it was much too difficult to say where one
climax ended and the next began. I did know, however that
Richard only climaxed once, he pulled out at the last minute
and pressed his body down hard on top of mine, I felt his hot
seed squeezing its way out of his cock and between our bodies
and then the loud ‘Ding!’ Of the bell signalled the change.


Carl was breathless as he walked to the front of the bus and
the box containing the names, I watched as a string of his
sperm fell from his dick onto the floor. “For the wonderful
Teresa, Peter and Harry. For the wonderful Rose, Steve
and Jimmy”. I saw that there was now twenty minutes on the
clock as the start button was pressed. While the selection
had been going on, Teresa had passed me a large towel to clean
myself off, she was doing likewise. Steve and Jimmy had
a quick conversation and then they approached me. Harry
was already standing above Teresa’s head and she was slowly
taking his cock into her mouth, slowly and lovingly while
Peter had climbed between her legs and began to fuck her
furiously. Steven took up position between my thighs and
he introduced his cock into me with a great deal of force,
Jimmy stood over my head and eased his own cock into my mouth.
After my fifteen minutes with Richard I was so wide open
that I hardly felt Steve as he fucked me, I also thought that
it was fortunate for me that Jimmy was only half the man that
Steve was. Jimmy’s cock was long enough to reach my oesophagus
but on the rare occasions that it reached that deep it slipped
in easily, Steve had obviously opened me up in that area
earlier, or that Jimmy’s cock was so skinny that it was too
small to trouble me. I performed with my two elected lovers
in their chosen positions for around ten minutes, neither
man had come anywhere close to a climax and then suddenly
they swapped places. It was like an Olympics relay race
and I was the baton. Steve smiled down at me as he lined his
cock up on my mouth, Jimmy had been contend with my head on
its side and level with my body but Steve pulled me into the
position he had me in th previous time, head falling back
over the top of the seat back and chin pulled as far forward
as possible. Jimmy had pressed his cock against my pussy
but I felt absolutely nothing, obviously he felt nothing
either, he put his hands behind my knees and lifted them
as high as he could. Because of the position of my head I was
almost tipped over the back of the seat, well I would have
been if it wasn’t for the fact that I was impaled on Steve’s
cock. Steven had eased himself deep into my mouth and then
onward into my throat, there was no gagging or choking on
my part this time, I simply accommodated his huge cock with
ease. Then I felt Jimmy, not where I had expected to feel
him, he was pressing against an alltogetherly different
hole. No one had ever used me in that way before, no one had
even asked me if they could use that particular hole, Jimmy
couldn’t ask me now either because I had my mouth full and
everyone knows that a lady never talks with her mouth full.
There was a mere second of searing pain as Jimmy broke through
my virginal ass-hole, he had pushed hard and steadily until
he was totally filling that hole and then he just held still
and gave my body a chance to acclimatise to his invasion.
Steve was slowly fucking my mouth and throat, he was pulling
all the way out so that the ridge of his glans was behind my
teeth and then he would push all the way in until his balls
pressed against my nose. Each time he bottomed in my throat
he cut off my air supply but it was only for a few seconds at
a time so it was no problem. It took Jimmy only a few seconds
in the tight confines of my anus to fire off his load and he
left me to Steve’s ministrations in my mouth. I felt another
cock press into my vagina before the timer rang and Steve
fired off his salvo into my mouth filling it completely
with his bitter, salty, juice. He inserted his cock into
my throat for the second and subsequent strings of jizz.
I have to say that I preferred it when he injected directly
into my stomach, as the salty, bitter taste wasn’t the best
taste in the world.

As the bus came back into focus after so long staring at Steve’s
balls I realised that it was Jimmy’s friend Tony who had
taken up residence in my vagina, Richard was walking to
my head and I had to try and stop him from using me in the same
way that Steve had done twice so far. Richard was very content
with me giving him normal oral sex until he filled my mouth
with so much fluid that I almost choked on the cascade of
sperm as it flooded my very being, Tony flooded my lower
compartment at the same time and I was left to rest for the
rest of the journey home.

I managed to sleep a little but fitfully, each time I woke
up there was a different combination of men using Teresa
in different ways, she was still sucking Carl’s cock as
we arrived at home, the bus had detoured passed each of the
other men’s homes and the bus only contained Carl, Teresa,
Steve and me at that point.

John’s car was on the drive, my kids were in bed in Steve and
Teresa’s house so I decided that at two-thirty in the morning
I should stop at Teresa’s house too.

I spent an interesting night, I had volunteered to sleep
on the sofa but Teresa’s mother was already sleeping on
that so I ended up sleeping in Steve and Teresa’s bed with
them. I was totally amazed by Steve’s constitution, he
had already had oral sex wth me twice and he had fucked me
once but in bed he started all over again, this time with
Teresa. I watched as he performed oral sex on her, even though
at least two men had climaxed inside her body, Steve lavished
his attention on her body from the tip of her toes to the top
of her head, kissing or licking, caressing or biting every
inch of her body before easing himself over and on top of
her body. He took her so gently that it was difficult to see
him move, I could feel it through the bedsprings though.
It took him almost an hour to bring Teresa to her orgasm,
an hour of total bodily control, holding himself back,
controlling his passion, slowly increasing in pace so
that at the very moment that Teresa’s body began to shudder
from the volcanic climax so did Steve. We all three fell
asleep, I had come so close to a climax myself from just the
closeness, love and passion of the whole thing, actually
closer than John had driven me in a good few years while actually
fucking me.

Steve woke me early, Teresa’s mother had just gone into
the bathroom, Steve encouraged me to be out of the house
before she came out looking for her daughter and found a
me in bed with them, I left my brood behind, sleeping peacefully
in strange beds. John was sleeping soundly and so I went
into one of my children’s beds to catch up on my sleep.

I woke to a totally empty house, well empty apart from me
that is, I checked the time, the pubs had opened a few minutes
earlier so I knew exactly where John would be, the Shepherds
staff public house, staring at the ample charms of Sally
the barmaid until closing time. I made up my mind, I would
go to the pub, have a civilised drink with John and tell him
that it was all over. I would have to impose a little more
on my friendship with Teresa and Steve first though and
see if they would keep my kids until after dinner so that
I could have the time to talk to John without worrying who
the children were dismembering.

The Shepherds staff public house, built in the sixteen
hundreds, a white walled, black beamed listed building,
it came straight off of a chocolate box cover, rambling
roses climbing up either side of the front door. The ceilings
inside the pub were so low that even I had to bend my head in
places to prevent collision, the owner had placed a metal
sign on the lowest beam ‘Duck or Grouse’ which the first
time I saw it, I thought was ‘panty wettingly’ funny but
now it was just a reminder to lower my head. John wasn’t in
the bar, not in the lounge, not in the rear poolroom. I brought
a drink and waited, just in case he was in the toilet. Harry
Trubshaw, the owner of the largest farm in the area, the
man who thought he owned the ‘baronial’ rights over all
who lived in the village still asked the landlord where
Sally was today. “She stopped working Saturdays months
ago, is this the first time you have noticed?”, I knew the
instant that Harry Trubshaw looked over towards me that
it wasn't’, that he had said it for my hearing rather
than any other reason. “No smoke without fire!” I thought
to myself and gulped my drink down in two steps. Harry was
laughing his head off as I walked out of the pub.

The village we lived in shouldn’t really be called a village,
it had been a small outpost of sanity until Derby’s growth
spurt in the nineteen sixties, that had doubled the size
of the village, the eighties growth spurt had seen the city
catch up to the village boundary and now there wasn’t so
much as a tree separating city from village. It was only
the dogged determination of the old families like the Trubshaws
that had prevented the village name from disappearing
all together long before John and I moved in. even though
the village was now so big it would still take less than two
hours to walk up and down each street. Mrs Patel at the newsagents
knew everyone; I asked if she knew where Sally the barmaid
lived. Mrs Patel, checked her account book, I noticed that
Sally hadn’t paid her paper bill for several weeks, Mrs
Patel tutted to her self and then turned her back to tidy
something on the shelf behind her while I checked the address
at the top of the page. I couldn’t help wondering that if
Sally had been up to date with her payments I may never have
found her address and I allowed myself a little inward smile.


Sally lived at Tuesday cottage, it was an old tied cottage
that had actually been part of the Trubshaw farm before
the village sprawl gobbled it up. I recognised John’s jacket
lying over the back of a chair in Sally’s front room, the
bedroom curtains were closed but the windows were open,
I could hear the sounds of sex drifting down from the open
window. I tried the doorknob, most of the old-timers in
the village would happily leave the doors unlocked twenty-four-seven,
when I moved into the village there wasn’t even a lock on
the back door at all, John had to fit one so that I felt safe.
The front door was locked, I wandered around the rear of
the house, the back door was just like my old back door, still
no lock on it. I opened the door and slipped up the stairs
as quietly as possible, I needn’t have worried though,
the two people fucking in the bedroom were making so much
noise that I could have battered the front door down without
them hearing me. “What if it isn’t John?” flashed through
my head, “Too much of a co-incidence, silly cow, now shut
up and get in there now!” Gosh I’m being very terse with myself,
must be nervous. The bedroom door was wide open, Sally lived
alone and so she wasn’t as use to closing doors as a woman
living with two children would be. I recognised John’s
ass as it humped up and down on top of the busty barmaid. I
was pleased at least that he could manage to bring Sally
to a fulfilling orgasm. I could have slipped away, waited
until John came home and hit him with my decision, but then
that would have involved the kids, I could have stormed
into the room and made a scene, but that would have ruined
Sally’s pleasure.

I sat on the top step of the stairs for over an hour while John
and Sally performed a carnal ballet, I had started out with
the intention of counting Sally’s climaxes, try to work
out an orgasm per hour factor but I gave up at seventeen.
When John eventually gasped out his own climax I began to
stand up, “We still have an hour before closing time, shall
we go again?” John said to Sally, I ‘gurded my loins’ and
launched myself into Sally’s bedroom. John looked like
he was about to have a heart attack, Sally looked at me as
if I were some kind of maniac. I sat on Sally’s bed, looking
towards the closed curtains, “John, I have come to a decision,
I don’t love you anymore, you and Sally seem to get along
so why don’t you just move in here with her and you won’t have
to rush through sex just to get home and fall asleep in front
of the telly!”

I told John to stay and enjoy himself, I’d pack his clothes
for him and he could come by later and pick them up and have
an hour with the kids before they went to bed. I felt on top
of the world, still a little tired, and very slightly sore
between my legs but nothing compared to a single fuck from
John. The kids actually seemed glad to see me when I eventually
picked them up from Teresa’s house, that’s a first! I explained
to them that their father may be moving out and they helped
me to pack his clothes. And move my big old bed into a different
position, John had placed the bed, against my wishes so
that it faced north ‒ south, I preferred for the foot of the
bed to face west so that I would be woken by the early morning
sun instead of having my head in a constant shadow.

“On a practical note Mrs Eastmann, your husband is entitled
to half of the proceeds from the sale of the house”, god how
I hate solicitors, “Just put it to him that if he signs over
the house to me I won’t chase him for maintenance for the
kids”. We had brought the cottage at a low point in the house
price cycle, the mortgage still had five years to run but
it was only two hundred pounds a month, I didn’t tell the
solicitor that I had earned around four months mortgage
payments on the previous Friday night. I had played it a
little dirty, I had cited Sally in my divorce petition as
correspondent, I could have claimed irreversible breakdown
but the adultery angle would give me my divorce far faster.



My morning coffee with Teresa took on a whole new dimension
after I told her about John and my decision to kick him out
of the matrimonial home. I told her that I had decided to
earn money by stripping and the back stage activity that
went with it. Teresa told me that she couldn’t do anything
like that for the money, she had dome it the previous Friday
for the buzz it gave her, she had put all the money that she
had earned that evening into her children’s university
fund. “University fund, my bloody kids don’t even have
bank accounts, although I think they may need a defence
fund for when they are older”, I said in a joking way. Teresa
wasn’t impressed but also not surprised that John and I
had put no thought at all into our kid’s future, hell she
had said often enough that we put less thought into their
future than we put into their conception and that was precious
little. Then I noticed a little gleam in her eye, “I’ll be
your first customer!”, I was shocked, “Teresa, you have
to know I like you and all that but I bat for the hetro’ side”,
I responded. “No stupid, not for me, it’s Steve’s birthday
next week, if you don’t have anyone else between now and
Steve’s birthday and you do everything he wants on his birthday
I’ll pay you a thousand pounds!” “Wow! Are you serious?”
“Yes”, Teresa was definitely serious, she began making
plans immediately.

The day of Steve’s birthday Teresa picked me up and took
me into town, not Derby but Birmingham, “Birmingham has
a much better choice of shops”, she told me as we drove along
the A42. I had always thought of Teresa as a fashion conscious
young woman, even after having children she was back at
the height of fashion within days of returning home with
her latest bundle. All the men in the village would stop
what they were doing if they saw her in the street, I had often
seen as many as ten men stood in the street, their eyes following
every step Teresa made as she passed them and as soon as she
was out of sight the men would return to their activities
as if a switch had been thrown. We stopped in at ‘Francines
Modes’ first, I had never stepped into a shop where a pair
of knickers cost fifty quid before, M&S usually did
me at a ‘fiver’. Teresa picked out a thong, it did look lovely
in the display, I just imagined how uncomfortable the ‘dental
floss’ back would be if I were hovering while wearing them.
The basic structure of the thong was a tr

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