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Easily Converted


I'm Chris and I'm a pretty average 26 year old guy.
But, I gotta tell 'ya, I love lingerie. I think it's the best thing
ever invented. I buy it for my girlfriend and make her wear it around the house all
the time.

The other day, my girlfriend and I were in the bathroom together.
We were both nude and getting ready to shower. She was putting on
hair removal cream and I was bent over the sink getting ready to shave.

Once she had a thick coat on her legs ass and pubes. She stood
behind me, reached around and grabbed my cock. I just stood there and
smiled at her in the mirror. She smiled back and began to jerk me off.

She pressed her body tight against mine. The cream was so
slick and smooth, I could feel her pussy sliding between my butt cheeks. She
pushed me down over the sink while continuing to rub against me and jerk
me off. She was mashing her pussy into the crack of my ass hard and I was pushing
back just as hard.

She had a big 'ol clit that I just loved to suck on and
lick while I ate her out. When she started to bump against me like we were
fucking, I swear I felt it poke inside my asshole. I got such a thrill, I could
feel my cock start to throb while she continued to stroke me.

"I gotta fuck you!" I said looking at her.

She giggled and bent over the counter.

"Fuck me in the ass!" she responded passionately.

"Fuck Yes!" I smiled.

I wasn't about to pass that up. I had always wanted to
fuck her in the ass and this was the first indication that she would let me.
I instantly grabbed the baby oil, greased my cock and stuffed it into
her. We both moaned as I settled balls deep in her.

It felt fucking great!!

I savored the feeling for only a second. Then I started fucking
her for all she was worth.

It was fucking awesome!!

GOD!! This was good!!

It was so good, I blew my load after only a minute or two. I
was embarrassed, but she raved about how good it felt.

"Holy Shit!! That felt good!" she gushed.

"That was too good. If you want to wait a few minutes
and try it again, I can make a better showing." I panted.

She giggled "OK, finish shaving and I'll be in
the shower."

I quickly finished shaving, grabbed the baby oil and jumped
in the shower She was washing her hair and got a big grin when she looked
at me.

"You got my cream all over you"

I looked up at her with a big grin and a growing hard on.

"So..... Are you ready to do it again?" I asked,
holding up the baby oil.

She giggled "Let's rinse off the cream first.
Then we'll do it again."

She grabbed a wash cloth, stood me in front of the water and
began to wipe the cream off. I was dumbfounded when I watched all my pubic
hair wash away. Then she wiped all the hair off the front of my thighs.
She continued on my ass and the back of my thighs.

"Oh My God!!" I gasped.

She just giggled "It looks nice. You should get rid
of the rest of it too"

I protested, but eventually saw the reasoning. At least
it would be the same everywhere. We got out of the shower, dried off, then
she smeared a thick layer over my entire body. She even talked me into
letting her shave my pits while the cream did it's magic. Then we jumped
back in the shower and I watched her scrub away every bit of my body hair.

Once that was done, she let me fuck her in the ass again. I
fucked her good and hard for a long time too.

We dried off and sat around the living room nude for a while.
We both marveled at how smooth and soft my skin was now that I had
no hair. We agreed, it was every bit as soft and smooth as hers. That's
when she got an evil grin.

"You should model some lingerie for me!" she

"No! Fuck That! I'm not modeling any lingerie!"
I protested.

"Yeah, come on!" she pleaded "It'll
be hot!"

"NO" I insisted.

"PLEASE! I do it for you all the time!" she persisted.

"Yeah, but you're a girl" I insisted.

"PLEASE! I'll let you fuck me in the ass again!
But only if you're in lingerie." she insisted.

I couldn't pass that up and she knew it.

"Ok" I said shrugging my shoulders.

She let out a big squeal and rushed me to the bedroom. The
first thing she did was put me in a pink lace bra and stuffed it with rolled
up socks. Then she put me in a black corset with pink highlights, making
sure to lace it up extra tight. Then she had me put on a pair of ultra small
bikini style pink panties with black trim around the legs and waist.

We had trouble hiding my rock hard cock. So she sucked me
off, pulled my cock between my legs and pulled the panties up extra tight
to hold me in place. I had to admit, it looked real nice. Almost like a
real pussy.

We moved to the makeup table. She pulled out a wig with bangs
and long straight black hair. She put it on me, brushed it out and
smiled. Next she trimmed my eye browns into a high thin arch and applied all
the makeup. She proceeded to glue on fake nails and apply pink polish to
my fingers and toes. She dug out black thigh high stockings and open toed
black 4" heels.

I put them on and the look was complete. I was finally allowed
to look in a mirror. When I did, I was amazed. I was surprised to see that
I was quite sexy. I don't know if it was because I loved lingerie
so much or what, but I loved the way I looked and especially loved the way I felt.
I could feel the cool air caressing my smooth legs and ass. It was such
a turn on, I could feel my cock getting hard.

"What do you think?" Brenda asked coyly.

I smiled as I turned and examined my ass in the mirror. The
corset made me look like I had hips and a thin waistline. The heels made
my ass stick out and made it look pert and round. It was quite impressive.
Man, I really thought I looked hot.

"Fuck! That's awesome!" I chuckled.

"I know! It's hot!" she insisted.

"Yeah it is..... It's almost as hot as fucking
you in the ass" I said as I hugged her and gave her a big kiss.

"This is way better" she said as she led me to
the living room.

She still hadn't gotten dressed and she strutted around
in front of me a little bit. Turned on some music. Then she sat on the couch
like I always did. She spread her legs wide and began to finger herself.

"Well.... Show me what you got baby." she giggled.

I blushed, smiled and began to dance timidly in front of
her. As I danced, I became entranced by the way all this feminine finery felt.
It was too cool. I would caress and fondle my ass and it felt just like
a woman's ass. Every time I looked down or caught a glimpse of my reflection
in the window, I looked like a girl in sexy lingerie. It was a huge
turn on.

Seeing and feeling how sexy this was while watching Brenda
finger herself wildly, had made my cock so hard, it felt like it was going
to tear through the crotch in my panties. It felt like I was straddling a
big throbbing log. I could feel it pressed tight in my crotch while the
head was oozing pre cum between my butt cheeks.

The pre cum was so slick, it was the perfect lubricant. My
ass cheeks were so smooth and I could feel the tip of my cock poking at my butt
hole. I began to undulate my hips while I danced so I could feel my
cock head move in and out between my cheeks.

It was incredible!!

Before too long I couldn't hold it back any more. I erupted
into an orgasm. I squeaked and moaned while cum sprayed out coating
my ass cheeks, asshole and cock. I could feel my whole cock sliding against
the soft tender flesh of my crotch. It felt great and I never felt
so sexy in all my life.

When I finally opened my eyes to look at Brenda, she was pumping
three fingers into her bald little pussy as hard and fast as she
could. Her whole pubic mound and crotch was covered in a thick layer of pussy
juice. Her crotch had the slickest brightest shine I had ever seen
on anything.

I stared in amazement. When she looked up and noticed she
offered instructions.

"Eat my pussy bitch!" she barked.

I got to my knees between her spread legs and began to lick
her pussy juice from her swollen clit. It was bigger and stiffer than I had
ever seen it before. She moaned immediately and thrust her hips forward.

"Suck it! Suck it hard!" she hissed.

I began to suck it hard, just like she asked.

"Oh God" she moaned and thrust her hips again.

I began to suck her oversized clit like it was a little cock.

"Yeah, that's it! Suck my big fat cock!"
she cooed.

I giggled and continued to suck her clit while fingering
her wet sloppy pussy.

"Oh.... You like sucking my cock don't you BITCH?"
she asked.

I looked up at her and began lick the tip of her clit while
easing another finger into her overheated pussy.

"God Yes!" I giggled at her.

"Say it! Say you love to suck my cock!" she commanded.

"I love to suck your big fat cock!" I giggled
"I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum!"

"OH GOD! Fuck me! Fuck me now!" she screamed.

I straightened up, pulled down my panties and looked down
only to see my bald pubes. My cock was still pulled back between my butt
cheeks and it looked almost like I had a bald pussy. I smiled broadly and
caressed my crotch while pulling my cock free. It was covered in cum
and we both giggled about it while I stuffed it deep in her ass.

I fucked her as hard and fast as I could and dumped another
big load inside her ass. When I finally pulled out I watched as cum drooled
out and thought about how sexy she looked like this.

We spent the rest of the night laying around the house fucking.
Her nude and me in lingerie. While she was sucking my cock, I would
look down and think about how much I looked like a girl and about how much
it looked like she was eating my pussy. My girlfriend was eating my pussy!
It was so hot I could hardly stand it.


The next day I still had the fake nails on, mostly because
I didn't know how to get them off. We got up and talked about how hot the
sex was as we drank our morning coffee. She giggled about dressing me
in lingerie and making me her slut more often. I felt my cock get hard almost
the instant she mentioned it. I just laughed and told her how much fun
it was and how good the whole thing was.

She laughed when I said that and teased me about wanting
to be a girl. I blushed and giggled nervously. She laughed some more and
told me if she had a real cock, she would make me dress up and suck it every night.
I blushed and laughed some more.

About noon, she said she had to go to the store and headed
out. When she got back, I carried in the milk and groceries while she carried
a couple of big boxes. She wouldn't tell me what was in the boxes.
All she said was that it was a surprise present for later. I spent the whole
afternoon, bugging her about what she had gotten me.

After dinner, she finally decided to give me my presents.
We went to the bedroom and had me strip down to nothing. The first thing
she pulled out was a see thru pink bra and told me to put it on. I complained
a little bit but my cock was already half hard and there was no denying
that I wanted to. So I put it on.

Next she pulled out two large silicone breast forms. She
told me they were D-cups and they looked great. She stuffed them into the
pockets in the bra and let me look in the mirror. I admired them, squeezed them,
played with them and jumped around so I could watch them bounce. They
were the best thing I had ever seen. They looked and bounced just like
the real thing. They had big fat erect nipples and large areolas.
They were fucking awesome!

I was so thrilled with my new tits that my cock was rock hard.
Brenda watched patiently the whole time. When I was finally finished
playing with my new tits, Brenda smiled at me.

"What do you think?"she asked

"These are fucking great!" I responded enthusiastically.

Brenda got to her knees and sucked me off as quick as she could.
Then swallowed for me, which was something she didn't often
do. When she was finished, she stood up and grabbed the last box.

"Why don't you finish getting dressed and I'll
be waiting in the living room with something special for both of us" she said
as she walked off.

I quickly dug out all the stuff I had on last night and put
it on. I put on the wig and all the makeup just like she had done for me. Then
I walked confidently into the living room to see her sitting naked
on the couch.

"God you look sexy!" she told me as I walked in.

I giggled and danced in a small circle for her. She laughed
and started clapping.

"Ready to see the other presents?" she asked.

"Fuck Yeah!! Let's see!"

She giggled "OK, now I got the tits for you because
I knew you would love them, but I got this for the both of us. I don't know about
you but I've been having a great time and once I saw this, I knew we had
to have it."

"Ok, ok, Let's See!" I urged.

First she pulled out a V shaped piece of leather with a hole
in it and thin leather belts attached to two of the corners. One was about
twice as long as the other. Around the hole was a folded over piece of leather
with a thin leather strap sewn in. I got a puzzled look as I examined

"What the fuck?" I whispered.

Brenda giggled "Just wait, it gets better!"

Next she pulled out a neon green double sided dildo. It was
about 16 inches long and an 1 1/2 thick. I was shocked.... My mouth hung open
and my eyes were as big as saucers.

"HO LEE FUCK!" I exclaimed.

She giggled some more "You'll like this"

Then she stuck the dildo through the hole and I watched dumbfounded
as she tied the straps around the groove in the center of the dildo.
She spread her legs. Stuck one end of the dildo into her pussy. Hooked
the long belt around her waist. Pulled the short one through her ass cheeks
and hooked it to the other belt in the middle of her back. She pulled the
belts tight and pulled on the dildo like she was jacking off to test it. And
just like that she had an 8 inch neon green cock.

"Just what do you think we'll need that for?"
I asked crossing my arms.

Until I crossed my arms, I had totally forgotten how I was
dressed. But once I wrapped my arms around those big new tits of mine.
It became painfully obvious.

Brenda just giggled and waved her new green cock around.

"God this feels cool. And they say I can get off like
it was a real cock!" she gushed.

"Oh no you don't" I chuckled "I know
what you're thinking"

"Oh please!" she pleaded "This has been
so much fun! Please!"

We argued for a little while and the next thing I knew I was
on my knees sucking her 'cock'. I started slow at first but
before long I was sucking on it hard and fast. Brenda was moaning and telling me "faster"
and "suck harder".

I could feel my tits jiggling and bouncing while I did. My
hair was swishing around. There was a cool breeze caressing my ass
and my cock was getting hard.

She put her hands on the back of my head and began to groan
loudly. I sucked hard and fast and before I knew it she forced the dildo
down my throat and started to squeal. She was banging her belly
against my face hard and fast. I started to gag and tried to pull away, but
she was jumping and squealing so hard I couldn't. Just as I thought
I was going to suffocate, she tipped over and fell on the couch exhausted.

"Holy Fuck That Was Good!" she exclaimed.

I was still on my knees not two feet away catching my breath
and looking at that fat green cock with resentment.

"I thought I was going to suffocate" I said angrily.

"Oh Baby, I'm sorry, but it felt so good"
she said pulling me to her.

I hugged her and crawled over to her. I was kneeling between
her legs and could feel the dildo between my tits.

"Really? Did you get off?" I asked cautiously.

"Fuck Yeah! That was the best orgasm I ever had!!"
she said excitedly "Is that what it's like for guys?"

"Is what like that for guys?" I smiled.

"Getting a blowjob silly! I was watching you suck
my cock and it made me feel like I was in charge. Then when I was about to cum, I couldn't
stuff it in fast enough or deep enough. When I finally got off,
all I could think about was my cock and how good it felt to fuck your mouth!"
she explained.

I smiled "Yeah, that's it alright"

"God That Was Good!! I can see why you like that!! I
wish it was real so I could cum in your mouth and watch you swallow!" She
said giving me a big kiss.

I had a big smile from all the praise she was giving me. I sat
back on my heels and looked at her lovingly, and thought about how
much she liked my first blowjob. She was glowing with satisfaction.

"Was it really that good?" I asked.

"Yeah!! Wanna do it again?" she asked while
pointing her cock at my lips.

I giggled at the thought of her getting off like that again.

"OK, but no hands" I told her sternly.

She giggled "OK"

I smiled and began to stroke her cock. It was wet with spit
and slid easily in my hand. I watched the look on her face turn to pleasure
almost immediately. I continued to stroke her and began to admire
the way her cock looked. Except for being green, it really did look like
a cock.

"Suck it" she hissed.

I playfully licked and sucked the head while watching her
closely. I watched her face twist with pleasure as I sucked it harder
and faster. She began to pump her hips in time with my motions and moaned
loudly. I sucked her cock harder and faster still. When I felt it poke at my
throat, I pulled back and plunged forward as fast as I could.

The entire length of her cock slid down my throat like it
had been there a thousand times before. She moaned and smashed her crotch
against my face. Knowing I was making her feel that good was amazing.
I looked up at her and she had such a passionate look, I could feel my cock
getting hard.

She continued to thrust her hips against my face and I bobbed
up and down as fast as I could. This was an incredible feeling. My girlfriend
was getting off while I deep throated her cock. It made my cock
so hard I was sure it was going to tear through my panties this time.

Sucking her cock in the hopes that I would make her cum was
a huge turn on.

I was looking up watching her face the whole time. Soon,
her face twisted in ecstasy. She grabbed the sides of my head and began pumping
her hips quickly against my face. I watched as she flailed around
and exploded into an orgasm. I continued to bob up and down while watching
her get off.

"OH GOD!! OH!! OH!! OH!!" she squealed.

When she let go of my head, I watched her lay back in a glow
of complete satisfaction. I continued to suck the head of her cock slowly.
My cock was so hard and I began to fondle my tits. Sucking her cock and
watching her get off like that was the most erotic thing I had ever imagined.
It gave me a new appreciation for what women did for men. It made me
want to make her cum like that all the time.

I began to stroke her cock and playfully lick and suck the
head. I watched her panting to catch her breath while she continued to undulate
her hips. She looked so sexy and it made me feel sexy to get her
off like that.

"How was that?" I asked coyly.

"Oh sweetie, that was the best blowjob I ever got!"
She beamed "I've never seen anybody suck dick like that!"

I giggled and continued to suck her cock. I began to luxuriate
in the way I felt. My tits were swinging around. I had on sexy lingerie
and it made me so acutely aware of what I was doing. I had my lips wrapped
around her cock as it slid in and out. My cock was rock hard and pulled back
between my legs. This was so fucking hot!!


Just as I was getting ready to suck her off again, she stopped
me. She grabbed me by the ears and looked me in the eye.

"I gotta fuck you!! I gotta fuck you now!!" she

"Huh?" I said with a coy smile.

"Please!! I gotta fuck you!" she pleaded.

I pretended I didn't want to but the thought of it was
so enticing. She was going to get off while fucking me in the ass. I secretly wanted
to do it as much as she did. I made her beg a little bit but soon agreed.

I kneeled in front of the couch and stuck my ass in the air
while she got behind me. She caressed my ass and told me how sexy I looked
and what a hot ass I had. I was so turned on I could hardly stand it. The thought
of her getting off while fucking me in the ass was incredible.
I could feel my cock throbbing and cum drooling out to cover my eager butt

She eased my panties down and giggled about how hard my cock
was. She playfully stroked it a few times, then positioned her cock
for entry. She used the head to smear my cum around the opening. Then without
warning she stuffed it in about three inches and pulled it out just as

My ass erupted in a sharp pain and convulsed wildly for a
few seconds. She giggled while she watched and stuffed her cock in as far
as it would go in one smooth easy motion. It didn't hurt the second time
and the feeling of her buried so deep inside me made me moan with pleasure.
She told me she liked the way it felt to have a cock in her ass and she was right.
It felt great!

I pushed back and heard her giggle as she began to drive her
cock into my virgin fuck hole. I moaned loudly and began driving my ass
back to meet her deep thrusts. She was moaning and groaning while driving
it in as hard and fast as she could. She was driving it in so hard it was uncomfortable.
It felt so good to be fucked like that, I didn't know what
to do. I couldn't get enough. After about five minutes I was about to cum when
I heard her squeal and get off again.

She pumped into me slowly a few more times, then she pulled
out and sat breathless on the couch again. I felt so empty when she pulled
out and I hadn't cum yet so I felt abandoned as well.

"Is that it?! I was almost there" I complained.

She giggled again, pointed her cock at the ceiling "Why
don't you have a seat and I'll see if I can finish you off"

I smiled real big, straddled her waist and sat on her fat
cock. It felt so good sliding in I almost came right then. I started to bounce
up and down while squealing profusely. I had my head thrown back. My
tits were bouncing wildly and my hard cock was smacking her on the belly every
time I came down.

She laughed, told me what a sexy slut I was and began stroking
my cock. After only about thirty seconds of that I couldn't
take any more and blew my load all over her tits. I settled back with her cock
still deep inside me. I was so immensely pleased with myself at the
intensity of the sex. We had both had some of the most intense orgasms of our

She scooped up a finger full of cum and held it to my lips.
I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out a little bit. When she put her
finger into my mouth, I lovingly sucked the cum off and swallowed it. She
scooped up another finger full and put it in my mouth again. Again I
gently sucked her finger clean. She had a big smile as she watched me lick my
cum from her finger. It was the first time I had ever tasted cum and I really
liked it.

"That was the best sex I ever had. I wish I had a real
cock" she told me "That way I could cum in your mouth and watch you swallow.
Or fuck the shit out of you and dump a big load of baby batter deep inside you."

I blushed and giggled as I licked the last of my cum from her
finger. For the rest of the night, she wore that cock like it was part
of her. It was always hard, always ready and she wasn't shy about
using it either. She must have fucked me a dozen times. Every time she wanted
to get off, she pulled down my panties and fucked me senseless. It had to
be the best night of both our lives.


The next day, we both went to work and I couldn't get
this weekend out of my mind. I kept thinking about how good it felt to wear lingerie,
suck cock and get fucked in the ass while someone else got off. I thought
about how good my cum tasted and how cool it would be to have someone
cum in my mouth. I found myself getting hard and wanting it in the
worst way.

That night, I went home and got dressed up as soon as I got
home. I picked out a pink outfit, pink panties, pink heels, pink stockings,
pink lipstick, Pink everything.

When Brenda got home, she laughed like hell when she saw
me. She quickly stripped down, put on her cock harness and joined me. We
spent the whole night fucking like monkeys. I never fucked her, but she
sucked my dick to give me some relief.

The whole thing was a huge turn on for me and I told her so.
I told her how I loved to get her off by sucking her cock or letting her fuck
me. She responded by telling me how it turned her on too. She talked
about how much she wished she had a real cock so she could cum in my mouth
and watch me swallow. Or how she would fuck me, dump her load and watch
as her cum drooled out of my freshly fucked ass. I couldn't help
but to agree that I thought it would be fun.

We rested Tue but by Wed we were hard at it again. Wed she was
unusually cheery and I asked her why. She told me that she had the perfect
dildo kit on the way. She told me it was like the harness she had only
it was life like silicone with pubic hair and everything. I was of course
intrigued and asked to know more.

She told me about how it had different cock attachments
of different sizes and textures. She told me about how it had two pumps and could
be pumped up to make the cock hard. Or how when she was ready to cum she
could use the other pump to spew fake cum. She told me she had seen it and
all the detachable cocks looked and felt just like the real thing.
The fake cum was the best part. It looked smelled and tasted just like real

Of course I was thrilled with the news. I couldn't wait
to try it out. She told me we couldn't until Fri that was when it would
get here. I bugged her about it all week, but she wouldn't let me see any pictures
of it or anything.

"Just wait until you try it. You're gonna love
it. It's every bit as good as the real thing" was all she would tell me.


When I got off work, I couldn't wait to get busy. I rushed
home and dressed up in the hottest teddy I could find and waited for Brenda.
When she got home, we started to make out and she teased me about what
an eager slut I was. I giggled and told her how much I wanted to try out her
new cocks.

She went to the bedroom and came back with some long silk
scarves. Then she put our big ottoman in front of the couch and had me kneel
behind it. She tied them around my knees and then to the legs of the ottoman.
The whole time she did that she told me about how much I was going to
love her new cocks. She had me tell her how much I wanted to suck her cock
and get fucked in the ass. How much I wanted her cum inside me.

Once my knees were securely tied, she tied my hands around
the wrist and secured them to my knees. My knees were spread wide with
my ass high in the air. My hands were tied back and my face was about 6 inches
above the couch. I was totally immobile.

She sat in front of me and let me look up her skirt while she
told me about how she was going to fill all the cocks with cum and as soon
as I got her off she was going to squeeze the pump and cum in my mouth or
ass. She told me about how she was going to change cocks every time she
came so I could get a fresh load every time she got off.

I of course couldn't wait to get started. She giggled
and slipped a blindfold on me so I couldn't see. Then she told me she
wasn't going to take it off until she was done with me. Only then would she
let me see what she had.

"Fuck Yes!" I said smiling eagerly.

Then she told me she had to get ready and it might be a while.
She told me she was going to let me listen to music while I waited. She
slipped on a pair of headphones and turned it up fairly loud.

About fifteen minutes later I heard her voice over the head

"Are you ready to suck my cock and swallow my cum?"
she asked.

"GOD YES!" I responded.

I sensed her sitting in front of me and felt something touch
my lips. I opened my mouth and started sucking immediately. It felt
so warm and smooth in my mouth. I pushed forward until I felt hair around my
nose and a set of balls against my chin. I could feel it growing in my mouth
while I sucked it. Again I heard her voice over the headphones.

"Just like the real thing isn't it?" she

"mmmm" I moaned in response.

"When I tried it, I couldn't tell the difference"
she told me "Can you?"

I pulled back "God this is good"

I felt her hand on the back of my head and went back to sucking
her off and listening to music. After about ten minutes, I heard her
voice again.

"Here it cums!" she told me.

I sucked hard and fast. I could feel it throbbing as my mouth
filled with thick fluid. She was right! It tasted just like my cum. I
thought to myself. I swallowed and thought about how cool it had been.
She pulled her cock free and I sensed her getting up. A second or two later
I sensed her sitting in front of me again and heard her voice.

"Ready for the next one?"

"God Yes!" I responded.

"Tell me you want to suck my cock" she commanded.

"I want your cock! I want to make you cum in my mouth!
I want your cum!" I blurted out.

I felt another stiff cock being stuffed into my mouth. I
went wild, I sucked it hard and fast while deep throating with every
thrust. I could feel her thrusting her hips up to meet me. It tasted and felt
so incredible. The pubic hair and the balls were what made
it such a turn on for me. I could feel the balls wrap around my chin and the
hair around my nose. I had never sucked a cock, but O.M.G! It felt real!
This was too good to be true!

Then without warning, I felt her cock throb and knew she
was about to get off. I sucked hard and fast. My mouth filled with cum and
I imagined what she looked like sitting in front of me. I thought about her
jumping and squealing while she got off and pumped my mouth full of cum.
I was so turned on, I was trying to fuck the ottoman. Once again,
my cock was so hard I thought it was going to tear through the panties.

When she was done, she slapped my face with her cock and told
me on the head phones how good I was at sucking cock and how good it
felt. She told me how real the cocks looked and what a turn on it was to watch
me. She told she loved to watch me deep throat her fat cock and swallow
her cum. I pleaded with her to give me more. When she asked why, I told
her how I loved the way it felt when she got off in my mouth. I loved
the taste of her cum and I loved to swallow.

I sensed her get up and sit down again a few seconds later.
I opened my mouth and felt a big fat semi hard cock slide in. Then I heard
her tell me that this was the biggest cock she had and wanted to watch
me deep throat it. She told me she wanted me to collect the cum in my mouth
so she could see what I looked like with a mouthful of cum. I just smiled
and started sucking. When I felt the bloated head at my throat, I pushed
hard and it slid down like a fat snake.

I sucked on it hard and fast, deep throating for her every
time. She told me how hot I looked and how good it felt. I sucked her for what
seemed like forever and began to think I was doing something wrong.
Just as I was about to quit, I heard her tell me to got ready. I pulled back and
sucked on just the head as my mouth filled with cum. When she was done I heard
her again.

"Let's see it" she told me simply.

I looked up as best I could and opened my mouth. Proudly displaying
what she had fed me.

"Swallow" was the next command, so I did that

When I sucked her next cock, she pulled out and came all over
my face. I opened my mouth and tried to catch some but only got a few
drops. I was mad because I wanted to swallow and told her so. When she sat
in front of me again, she stuffed her cock in my mouth, grabbed my head
and fucked my throat. Having a cock driving into my mouth like that was
incredible. When she came, she mashed my face into her crotch and came in my

"How was that?" I heard her giggle.

I giggled back "That was fucking awesome!"

Next I felt her caressing my ass and pulling down my panties.
My cock was rock hard and had been drooling pre-cum for awhile. I heard
her giggle about the wet spot in my panties and asked if I was ready to
be fucked in the ass like a proper slut. With my panties down, my cock
was pointed at the floor and rubbing on the side of the ottoman. I was so
turned on by sucking cock, I could hardly wait to be fucked.

"Fuck me NOW!! Fuck me HARD!!" was all I could

She stroked my cock like she was milking a cow for a few seconds
and stuffed her cock in. She fucked me hard and it really rocked
my world. My hard cock rubbed against the ottoman with every thrust
and before too long I was squealing like a school girl. Cum shot out of my cock
and she kept fucking me as hard as she could. When she got off I heard her
on the head phones again.

"Yeah, that's it! Take it slut! I'm gonna
fill that tight little ass of yours with so much cum you're gonna look pregnant!"

"Oh Yeah!!" I moaned.

"What a good little slut!! You like being my new cum
dump don't you" she chuckled.

"Fuck Yes!! Give it to me!!! I love being your slutty
little cum dump!!" I squealed.

She pulled out and almost immediately stuffed another
one in me. She fucked me ten times that night and I was so worked over I could barely
walk. I never had so much sex in all my life. When she finally untied
me, I went to the bathroom to clean up. My face was covered in half dry
cum and so was my ass. As I examined it, I marveled at how real it looked and


The next morning while drinking coffee we exchanged stories
about how hot the sex was yesterday. We both loved it and thought it was
great. I bugged her non stop about the cocks. They were so realistic and
I wanted to see them in the worst way. She just giggled. She told me she liked
this bondage thing and it was way more fun for her when I couldn't
see what I was doing. That way she could use me like a sloppy whore.

She had me get dressed up at about 2 in the afternoon. She
took off my panties and tied me to the table. My legs were spread wide
and each ankle was tied to the table legs. She bent me over the table and
tied my hands to the legs on the other side. She told me I was on the menu and
any time she wanted she was going to fuck me. I just laid there and smiled.
She put on the blindfold and head phones and spent all afternoon and
evening fucking me silly. There was so much cum running out of me it was like
a river.

Sunday, we did the same thing. I spent the whole day dressed
up, tied up and being used as her personal fuck doll. I told her over
and over how great it felt and how cool it was to know she was getting off
inside me all those times.

Monday when I got home from work, I was so entranced by the
thought of sucking her cock and having her fuck me, I begged her to let
me see her cocks. I told her how much I loved being her slut. She just
giggled and told me no.

By Wed, she couldn't take it any more. She told me she
would show me how real the cocks looked. I jumped up and down and couldn't
wait to see them Instead, she took me to the computer and put in a disk. When
she hit play, my world exploded. There I was tied to the ottoman while
a guy sat in front of me and I started sucking his cock. I watched in stunned
disbelief as I sucked cock after cock and swallowed. I watched a guy cum
on my face. Then I got throat fucked. Then the five of them took turns fucking
me in the ass.

She skipped ahead and there I was tied to the table while
getting fucked. There were three guys standing around watching
and waiting their turn. Then the doorbell rang and another guy joined the
crowd. The guy behind me pulled up his pants, walked away and the next guy
took his place. Just as he got started, the doorbell rang again.

I looked at Brenda. I didn't know what to say, I was speechless.

"What? How?" I finally managed.

"Well, you liked it so much I had to get you a real cock.
Then, you seemed to love that even more, so I did it again." she told

"Yeah, but where did you find all those guys?"

She clicked on a dating/sex site and showed me an ad that
she was planning to run for this coming Friday. "Gang Bang A TV Slut"
it said in big bold letters. "Join the party and take a turn on a TV slut
that's blindfolded and bound for your pleasure." It continued. There
was a short blurb and some contact info. After that, there were dozens of pics.
Me, walking around in lingerie. Me, tied up. Me, sucking cock. Me, getting
fucked. Lot's of pics of me being used for sex. There was even
a short mpeg of me sucking a cock and showing off a mouthful of cum.

She had a big smile on her face as she watched me.

"Should I post it?" she asked.

I stared at the screen blankly for a bit. Then I smiled at

"Yeah, Post it"

"Cool" she giggled and hit enter.

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I read your story while I was at work. I had to call one of the
guys that I'm seeing to have him talk me through my orgasm
halfway through the story. Then I had to read it to him. It was worth it to hear his moans as I read.


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That is the best whish it were me


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Every girl's dream !


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Wow, very hot!!!


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That was the best story I have ever read on this site. My wife
and I fake and play like that, I wish I was that guy!!


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This was so hot I came so many times


rm_firm_4_you replies on 8/29/2008 2:54 pm:
Thanks. I'm glad i could be of service! watch this space for more stories that will get u aching furiously!

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great story wish it could happen to me you are one lucky BITCH