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My cousins mark and jane were going to be staying with me
for a few days while his parents–my Aunt Linda and Uncle Ronald–were
leaving to go on a vacation to Las Vegas for a few days. We had met a
number of times at family reunions and other family occasions, but
never before had my cousins stayed with us overnight, much less for a
week. One thing I knew about mark was that he had to wear nappies. He was nine
years old, just a year younger than me. I was curious about his nappies and I wanted to try wearing
one while he was here. I wished I had been more stubborn about
my potty training to get my Mom to keep me in nappies. I often thought
about asking Mom to get me some nappies, but I was always too afraid
to ask. Now with cousin mark coming to visit, I saw this as a great
opportunity to get a hold of some nappies. When he arrived late that Friday
afternoon he was in a pair of overalls. I could hear his nappy
crinkling and crackling underneath. I could see that there
was a little bit of a bulge formed around his behind. He was shy, but he
otherwise acted like any nine-year-old boy. We played games together
and talked about what we had been doing. Just before Mom made us dinner she took mark into my bedroom
and changed his nappy. I wanted to go in there and watch, but
I could never explain to my mother why I wanted to be in the room at the same
time. I listened from the outside of my door. I heard the pants go
down and the tapes of his nappy being ripped away. I wasn't satisfied
with just listening, so I peeked through the narrow crack of my bedroom
door which was just slightly open and I could see what was going on.
Mom wadded it up and set it aside before she got out another nappy from
mark's bag. I watched her wipe his tender crotch and rub some lotion
all over it before she pulled the nappy up into his crotch and fasten
up the sides. I could see the white padding bulging from his crotch as
he let Mom finish taping up the nappy. When mark was done getting nappyed he hopped down from
my bed and came running towards the door. I backed away and acted
like I was just coming into my room. As he opened the door I was surprised
to see that he did not put his overalls back on and was only wearing
his nappy and his short, striped shirt. My mother stopped him and
asked him if he felt okay to run around in his nappy in front of me and my sister
Donna. He said that he usually just wore his nappies around
the house and that it was no big deal to jane. "Okay, dear, " my mother said to him as she
affectionately patted his rear end. "Whatever you're most comfortable
with." While everyone else was out in the front room, I went into
my bedroom and closed the door. I found mark's bag sitting
on the floor, zipped up again after Mom had gotten into it. I opened it
again and found his supply of nappies, which took up most of the space
in his bag among his shirts, socks and a pair of swimming trunks. I couldn't resist the urge to put one on. I pulled one
of the nappies out of the bag and examined it. It felt so thick and
soft in my hands. It was pure white and looked just like a baby's
nappy. I unfolded it and held it around my body with my shorts still
on. Seeing that it would fit me, especially after I took my shorts and
underwear off, I just had to put it on. I pulled my shorts and my underwear
down. The thought of wearing the nappy made my dick get stiff,
which it always did whenever I watched the boy next door trotting
around in his nappies. I set it down on the bed and then I sat myself down
on top of it. I reached over to one side and taped the nappy up and then
proceeded to do the same with the other. I stood up and felt
it hang around my body a little loosely. I tried to pull off one of
the tapes to re-fasten the nappy, but these nappies had such strong
tapes that they would have torn the plastic liner and the nappy would be
wasted. Even though the nappy sagged somewhat, it still went up high
in the rear. I didn't want anyone to notice that I was wearing it,
so I put my underpants back on over the nappy and then put my shorts
on. I went through the evening without anyone detecting that
I was wearing the nappy, though Donna did detect that I was acting
suspiciously. During dinner she asked me why I looked so
nervous. "Nothing, " I said as I continued eating.
The more she bugged me, the more nervous I became. "You're up to something, I know it, "
Donna said. "I am not!" I shouted. "Leave me alone!"
"Kids!" Mom groaned. "We have guests,
so let's get along at least while they're here!" Later on we all sat in front of the TV to watch a movie. mark
sat on the couch next to me. He sat with his legs open, revealing
the wide crotch of his nappy as well as his lower butt where the padding
had concentrated and bunched up. I also noticed that there
was a set of thin green-tinted stripes running through the center of his
nappy. I remembered that the stripes on my nappy were yellow when
I put it on. mark later scooted himself forward and I could see the high
rise of his nappy over his butt. About halfway through the movie I had to pee. I had just
finished off a 32-ounce bottle of soda and it had already processed
in my body and it was ready to come back out. Not long after the initial
indications of a need to urinate did the feeling become
more pronounced. I felt silly to deliberately pee in my pants while sitting
with everyone around me in the living room. On the other hand, I was nappyed
and to go to the bathroom to pee would have defeated the purpose
of wearing (though it felt good to wear even if I didn't do anything
in it.) I decided that mark had enough nappies in his bag that one
more wouldn't be missed, so I would change into another one at bedtime.
The bathroom was also occupied by my sister at the time
I really needed to go, so this just gave me another excuse to pee in
the nappy. Since Donna had gotten up to use the bathroom, I didn't
feel as inhibited to wet in the nappy, so I let it start to drip into
my nappy. It started as a trickle, coming out in spurts, but
then I let the whole flood pour out. I kept checking my crotch to make
sure nothing was leaking out. mark asked me what I was doing. I just said,
"nothing." "Why do you keep looking down there?" "I uh, have an itch, " I told him. He seemed
to be satisfied with that and he continued watching the movie. I did detect some
leakage into my shorts, but the couch still felt dry, luckily. I thought
I had peed out my whole bladder, but it continued to spurt out as the
movie continued. With Donna sitting at my side again, I felt more
nervous about having a wet nappy on. I even lost track of the movie.
Donna asked me, "Why aren't you laughing?" "Oh, uh, ha ha!" "Aren't you even paying attention?"
she asked me. "Yeah. I am." "You're acting strange, Eric" my sister
said again. By the time the movie ended it was time for all of us to go
to bed. Mom took mark into my room to change him. A few seconds
later she hollered for me and told me to see her. "Uh oh, " I thought. I had a feeling she had
caught me. I opened the door and stood before her. She was pointing to the bag,
which I had left unzipped. "I see you've been in mark's bag!"
"Sorry, Mom. I--" "And I know what you were after!" Mom added.
"Pull your shorts down!" I looked down at them and I could see that the wet spot had
expanded and was quite visible in the cobalt blue fabric
they were made of. I pulled the shorts down and revealed my underwear hiding
the nappy underneath. "Now remove your underpants!" I pulled them down and let Mom see that I had on one of mark's
nappies. "Now take that nappy off and put some regular underpants
on!" "I'm sorry, " I said again. "I'd better not catch you with a nappy on again,
you understand me, young man?" "Yes, Mom. I just wanted to try wearing one."
"Well now you have! You got your shorts wet, too!"
"Can't I just wear one, just once?" I pleaded.
"You don't *need* a nappy, Eric!" my Mom
said. "These are expensive, you know!" I realized that I had lost the battle and conceded. While
Mom proceeded to change Eric into another nappy I walked over
to my underwear drawer and took off the nappy. I noted that my
nappy now had green stripes, too. I then figured it out that these stripes
were a wetness indicator. I left the nappy on the floor and slipped
on a pair of white briefs. I climbed into my bed and waited for mark
to climb in it with me after Mom had him changed. She angrily picked
up my nappy from the floor as she left the room and turned out the light.
"What were you doing wearing one of my nappies?"
mark asked me. "I just wanted to try one, " I answered. "They are kind of fun to wear, " mark admitted.
"They make me feel sort of like a baby, and I like how they look, too, padding
up my butt." "I like that, too, " I said. "The kid
next door, he's about five, maybe six. He still wears nappies and sometimes I watch
him play in his yard in his nappies. His parents got sick of trying to toilet
train him. I wish I could have done that and got my Mom to keep me in nappies."
"I hafta wear 'em, " mark said. "But
I don't mind. I don't mind my sister jane seeing me in them, either." After awhile, the conversation between mark and me trailed
off. I still couldn't sleep. The temptation to wear a nappy
was overwhelming me. I knew I was risking getting caught and possible punishment,
but I didn't think about the risks and proceeded to pursue
my desire to wear nappies. I got up and felt around the floor to find mark's
bag in the dark. When I got to it I felt for the zipper and slowly opened
it. I reached in and felt the stack of nappies tightly tucked
therein. I pulled one out and set it on the floor. I stripped my underpants
off and sat on the nappy. My penis was erect again, as I expect it
to do. After fiddling with trying to find the tapes in the dark I gave
up and put my underwear back on. I took the nappy with me and went into
the bathroom and closed the door. I turned the light on and nappyed myself.
This time I made sure I put the nappy on more tightly. It fit more
snugly around my legs. When I stood up, the nappy stayed up high
and tight. I didn't bother putting my underpants back on and just
left the bathroom. I also flushed the toilet to make it sound like I had a legitimate
reason to be in the bathroom. I slowly walked back to my bedroom to keep the sound of the
nappy down. It would have been my luck for one of the girls or Mom
to be up and on the way to the bathroom, but fortunately this didn't
happen. I crawled back into bed and felt satisfied to be nappyed again.
I fell asleep thinking about how different my life would be if
I had been wearing nappies all this time. When I woke up the next morning I had to pee, as I often did
upon waking up. I didn't have any problems with wetting
the bed and I was always able to retain my urine overnight. I remained in
bed lying down as I started the urine flow out of my penis and into the nappy.
As I had an erection, I could feel my warm piss shoot upward towards
the top of the nappy and then rain back down, splashing on my skin
and running down into my crotch. It was such a pleasant, though inexplicable
feeling. I felt somewhat babyish as I thought of being too
helpless to get up and go to the bathroom. My ecstasy was abruptly halted when, with no warning,
the bedroom door quickly swung open. "Eric Tyler Richardson!" my Mom shouted.
The full name-- first, middle and last-- always meant big trouble. "Shit!" I thought. "How could she have
found out?!" Mom then held in her hand six small blue pieces of paper.
They were the backings from the adhesive tapes of the nappy I
put on overnight! Mom had found them in the bathroom where I so
carelessly left them! "Get your butt out of bed!" she yelled. She
looked down at the wetness stripes on my nappy and noted that they were green-colored.
"I see you've already used this one, too!"
Mom turned me around and yanked the nappy off of me. I watched
it descend to the floor, the absorbent materials all yellowed
from my pee. It made a wet, "splotch" sound as it landed beneath
my legs. My bare behind was now exposed and ready to receive a spanking.
Mom had me bend over while she proceeded to give me over a
dozen hard, hand-delivered hind-heating hits. I bawled loudly as
Mom spanked me. What a way to start a day. "I told you not to wear those nappies again! Nooooo!
You didn't obey!" Mom took the nappies out of mark's bag and took them
with her to hide somewhere in the house. She came back in and told me
to get dressed and wait for her out in the front room. Again I walked over
to my underwear drawer and put another pair on. I didn't
bother finishing getting dressed and just went out to the kitchen in my underwear
and sat at the table with the girls. "So what did Mom spank you for this time?" ,
Donna asked me in a mocking voice. "None of your business!" I said. "That's okay. Mom will tell me." Mom came out from my bedroom with mark following behind
her, still wearing just a nappy and the white T-shirt he put on
for bed last night. "So Mom, " Donna started, her mouth still
stuffed with cereal. "Why did you spank Eric?" "This!" she said as she held up the wet nappy
that she ripped off of me. I could tell it was the one I wore from the rough tears
the tapes made when it was removed. "So *that's* what you've been up to!"
Donna said. "He was acting really funny last night!" The whole nappy incident screwed up my day. The rest of
the kids were going to go swimming, but I had to stay home and help
Mom with chores as a punishment. This really bummed me out. I deliberately
dragged my feet and goofed off since I was being punished.
Mom didn't like my attitude, but she was satisfied that I was being
detained from going out and having fun with the others. Later in the afternoon the others had returned from their
day of fun. Donna bragged to me about all the things I could have
gotten to do had I not tried to wear mark's nappies. jane handed
my mother an extra nappy that wasn't needed while they were out, but was
needed now as I could smell a strong odor from mark. My mother immediately
took him into my bedroom and put the nappy on him. When he came out,
he just had on a nappy and a shirt and remained dressed that way for the
rest of the evening. mark got one more nappy change before he and I went to bed.
I saw Mom go into her bedroom to get a nappy for mark. At least
I knew which room his nappies were in, but Mom's room was absolutely
off limits, and she was about to go in there herself to go to bed
for the night. I didn't know what to do. I felt like I had immediately
become hooked on wearing nappies. It drove me crazy to hear mark's
nappy crinkling as he moved around in the bed. I asked mark if he
had any other nappies with him that my mother didn't stash
away. "Nope, " he said. "Unless you want to
dig one out of the trash, one that's full of poop." I appreciated his suggestion, but I decided to pass on
wearing a nappy that had been already used. He was joking anyway.
"Why do you want to wear nappies so much anyway?"
he asked. "Same reason you like to wear them." "Yeah, but you see, I *have* to wear them, "
he said. "But in a way I'm glad I do because of how they make me feel."
I think they're fun to wear, " I said. "I
just wish my Mom would let me." "Let's go buy you some tomorrow, " he
suggested. It seemed like a good idea, but I didn't know how I would
deal with the embarrassment of buying nappies in a store. "I'll buy them for you, " he offered.
"Really!" I said. I was so excited that I sat
back up. The thought of getting nappies made me get hard. "Of course you have to pay for them. Got any money?"
"Oh yeah. I've been saving most of my allowance."
"Where's the nearest medical supply store?"
he asked. "I dunno. I was just gonna get some Goodnites at the
supermarket." "You want what I got on?" he asked me. "Sure, if I can get 'em, " I answered.
"These are *lots* thicker!" he said with emphasis.
Just thinking about wearing them made my penis so stiff! There was only
so much I could do with my hard-on for being only ten years old, though.
I could hardly wait until tomorrow.

EQUAL TREATMENT: PART 2 -----------------------

The first thing I thought about upon waking up the next
morning was getting some nappies of my own. Since Mom had to be at
work, she woke mark up early to change his nappy. As I lay in bed pretending
to be asleep I enjoyed watching my Mom as she had mark lie on
the floor to change his nappy. The tapes were ripped away loudly and
as the nappy was removed I could see how heavily mark flooded it. The
entire front and crotch were tinted a deep yellow. I secretly enjoyed
having an erection as I watched Mom clean mark up and wrap a fresh,
wonderfully thick white pad around his loins and tape up the sides. I
envied mark for this treatment and I wished I could be treated equally.
"I won't be home until late this afternoon,
and the girls will be gone most of the day, " I heard my Mom tell mark. "Can
you change your own nappies okay?" "If I have to, I can, " he answered. "But
I kinda like it better when someone else does it, " he said, trying to repress
a smile. Mom smiled back at him and patted him on his rear, thickly padded
by the high-rising nappy. Everything was perfect for mark and I to pull off what we
had planned. Donna and jane were gone for the day and Mom was
stuck at work. We would have plenty of time to complete our mission.
mark helped me look up "medical supplies" in the phone book
and he asked me which of the places listed was the closest. The nearest one was almost
a mile away! I wanted nappies! I was willing to do anything to get
some! I decided that it was worth the trouble. Just to make sure
the store sold the kind of nappies mark wore, he called them and made sure
they carried them, and they did! After he inquired about the
price I decided to part with enough of my savings for him to buy me just one
package. I wanted two packages, but the nappies were more expensive
than I expected. mark put on his overalls before we left and we headed out
of the neighborhood towards downtown. As I had only one bike and
that Donna's bike was too big-- and girlish-- we decided to walk instead.
Once we got to the store I waited outside while mark went in to get the
nappies. When he came back out he handed me the bag which was bulging
from the large size of the package that contained twenty nappies!
I looked in the bag and felt myself get really excited as I anticipated
putting one on when I got back. "Let's get home!" I exclaimed. I couldn't
wait until we got back, although I was hungry, too, and I did have enough money left
over to buy mark and I some lunch at McDonald's. I felt silly about carrying a bag of nappies with me as we
went inside, but it was a plain paper bag and I figured nobody
would suspect what was inside of it. After mark and I got our food we sat
down and began eating. While I was in mid-bite of my cheeseburger
I looked up to the front counter and saw Donna and jane placing their order!
"Damn!" I said with a mouth full of meat, cheese
and bread. "What's wrong?" mark asked me. "Don't look now, but the girls are here!"
"You mean, jane and Donna?" "Yes! Let's get out of here before they see us!"
mark turned his head to look. "No! Don't look at 'em!" I said. "Grab
your food and leave!" We tried to make a quick, graceful exit, but it was too late.
Donna turned around and saw us getting up from our table.
In one hand I had a half-eaten cheeseburger, fries spilling out of their
bag and a drink wedged in between my arm and my body whose lid had popped
off and allowed soda to spill onto me. In my other hand was the large
bag that contained my purchase of nappies. The girls were approaching
our table. There was no point trying to avoid them. They greeted us
and took their seats at our table. "Where are you guys going in such a hurry?"
she asked. "Uh, nowhere, " I said. "We just wanted
to get going." Donna looked at the large bag in my other hand. "Doing some shopping, I see, " she said. "Yeah, so?" ."What did you get?" she asked me. "Nothing, " I answered. "Ahh! You don't want me to know! I'm gonna
take a peak!" "No!" I exclaimed. Donna had reached for the
bag and tried to grab it from my hand. As I pulled the bag away from her it started
to tear, revealing the large, white package of nappies! Donna started
laughing at me. "You bought nappies?" she asked, making sure
the others in the restaurant could hear her. "No, these are mark's, " I said. "Mom gave you more than enough nappies, mark, "
jane said to her brother. "I don't see why you bought more."
"I know why!" Donna giggled while stuffing
french fries into her mouth. I was too embarrassed and I decided to leave at that point.
My food had gotten too cold, so I threw it out and carried my
drink with me, along with a torn bag that contained my nappies. On the
way home I said to mark, "you might as well take these nappies.
I'm gonna get in trouble for having them!" "I can take 'em back for you, " mark offered.
"Nah, " I said. "You still want 'em?" "Of course, but, shit! Donna knows I have them!"
"So tell *her* you took them back, then just keep
them hidden." "Good idea, " I said. After we got home I immediately opened the nappy package
and took one of them out. It felt so good and soft in my hands, and I
couldn't believe how thick it was, too! I wanted to put it on right
away and enjoy it while mark and I had the house to ourselves. I took
my shorts off and then my underwear. My dick became hard as I anticipated
the feel of the nappy. mark watched me as I tried to pull it up into
my own crotch and fasten the tapes. "Here, lemme help you, " mark said. "I
can put it on better." I hesitated as I thought about having someone else put
a nappy on me. It seemed silly, but exciting, so I agreed to let mark
nappy me. He had me lie on the bed as I watched him take the nappy and
slide it beneath me. I felt even sillier now with my dick sticking
straight up right in front of him, but I figured he expected it, and he
was a boy, too, so it didn't matter that he saw my privates. He
pulled the nappy over my stomach and then brought up the sides to tape them
up. He pulled them very tight and told me he was finished. I looked down
at the nappy bulging out from my crotch. I ran my hands all over it and
felt my butt all padded up. "You like it?" mark asked me as he could see
I was very excited about wearing it. "I love it!" I said. "Can you do me a favor?" mark asked me. "Yeah, what?" "I need to be changed." I had never changed someone else's nappy before and
I felt awkward about doing this for him. "I'm only wet, " he said. "I'll
poop for your Mom later!" he smiled. I told him I would go ahead and change him. He took
off his overalls and set them aside. He stood before me in a very
wet nappy. The front of it had expanded so much from all the pee it had
taken in. He got on my bed and waited for me to release the tapes. I reached
around his sides and pulled the tapes off. As I pulled the
wet nappy away from him I could feel its weight from all the piss it
contained. mark lay before me with his little, but erect penis and balls
right in front of my face along with his butthole. I could smell his
stale urine wafting up in my face. I was glad that he had only peed in his
nappy. Before I put a dry nappy on mark, he told me to grab the wipes
that were sitting on top of my dresser. He told me to wipe
his entire crotch and his genitals. I couldn't believe I was doing
this, but in a strange way it excited me. I could tell mark liked getting
his peter and his nuts rubbed by the wipes. He asked me to do it some
more, so I continued to rub it around his soft, tender skin. Next,
he had me rub the lotion over his small genitals. "Okay, now you can nappy me, " he instructed.
I took another one of the nappies out of the bag and placed it beneath mark's
bum. I slowly pulled the front of the nappy up over his stomach
and completely covered it past his belly button. I brought the sides together
and taped them up as tightly as possible. "Good job!" mark complimented me. I looked
at him as he lay there with his legs still up in the air and his crotch padded up.
I admired the nappying job I did on him. He got up from my bed and turned
around and bent over to get a few things out of his bag. His butt stuck
out so prominently all nappyed up, and it excited me to know that
I was the one that put it on him. I had to find a good place to hide my nappies. The package
was so big and bulky. My closet was so full of other stuff, and it
seemed like too obvious of a place to hide nappies. I decided to stash
them between the mattresses of my bed. I took the remaining nappies out
of the package and laid each one of them flat on the lower mattress
while mark held it up for me. We then discarded the outer packaging
as well as the paper bag and the wet nappy that mark had been wearing. I
carried it out to the garage and stuffed it deep down into the bottom
of the garbage can. For the rest of the afternoon mark and I played around the
house in nothing but our nappies and shirts. When the girls got
home I would have to quickly run to my room and put my shorts on. Since
Mom had us keep the door locked when we were home by ourselves, I would
have a few seconds of warning while they opened the door. At about
mid-afternoon I had to pee. I completely ignored the very thought of getting
up and going into the bathroom as I joyously pissed freely into
the nappy and watched the wetness stripes turn green. After sitting
around in wet nappies for a few minutes I asked mark if he could change
me. "You gotta get used to wearing them wet for awhile, "
he advised me. "A couple of nice, red rashes ought to help break
you in to this nappy wearing thing! Besides, you want 'em to last
while." "You're right, " I agreed. Later on I
had to pee again after having drank another 32-ounce bottle of soda. I wasn't sure
how much more the nappy could take. mark assured me that they could hold a
lot, so I trusted him as I let out another deluge. I watched the front
of the nappy expand some more. As my dick had become hard again
it was pointing straight up and my pee was soaking into the upper
portion of the nappy. I ran my hand over the front of the nappy and I could
feel the warmth from my pee and the squishing gels of the absorbent
materials. "Now you probably need a change, " mark said.
We got up and went into my room so I could be changed. I hopped up on the bed and
lay down with my legs up and apart as mark pulled away the tapes and
took the nappy off of me. I felt the cool draft blowing onto my wet
crotch. I asked mark if he was going to wipe me and rub on some lotion.
"Of course, " he said. "You'll
probably get a rash anyway, but this will at least help." He pulled out one of the wipes and ran it around my crotch.
It felt so good and it maintained my erection at its full stiffness.
"That feels good, " I said. Since mark knew
how good it felt when someone wiped his genitals, he kept it up for awhile, knowing
that I was enjoying it. Next came the cool, soothing lotion with its
sweet scent. How lucky I thought mark was to get this sort of treatment
every day! "Okay, I'm ready for another nappy, "
I said. I realized that I had to get off of my bed in order to get to one of the nappies
I stashed underneath the mattress. Once I retrieved a nappy I got
back up on the bed and let mark put it on me. I looked forward to going around
in just a nappy for awhile longer, but just as mark was pulling the
nappy up tight over my stomach, Outside of the house I heard the girls
giggling and a key working its way into the front door.

EQUAL TREATMENT: PART 3 -----------------------

"Shit!" I exclaimed. "They're
here!" Quickly, I got up and pulled my shorts on over the nappy.
It was so thick that my shorts could barely fit over it. There was
also a wet nappy lying on the floor of my room. The girls were already
in the house, so I would have to hide it somewhere in my room and
discard it later. Out of desperation I threw it in my hamper just to
get it out of sight, and just in time as Donna charged into my room, probably
hoping to catch me in a nappy. "Hello, boys, " Donna greeted. I stood before
her feeling nervous. "Uh, hi, " I replied. "What are so nervous about? Could it be that you bought
some nappies today?" "No!" I said. "I mean, I took 'em
back!" "Yeah, right! You'd probably be more embarrassed
to take them back than to buy them in the first place!" "Honest! I took them back because I knew you'd
tell Mom and I'd get in trouble!" Donna wasn't about to give up. She knew she had caught
me in a lie and was determined to find the nappies that I still had in
my possession. She looked at jane and said, "how much
you wanna bet he's got one on right now?" "I'm not wearing one!" I said. I tried
to leave my room, but the girls stood at the doorway and blocked it. "Where are you going?" Donna asked me. "To the bathroom!" I told them. "What for? You have a nappy on, don't you!"
"No, I don't!" "Then what are you trying to hide from us? Your underwear?
Not like I haven't seen that plenty of times!" "Let me out!" I demanded, trying to push past
Donna and jane. While I was struggling with Donna she put her hand on the
front of my shorts and felt the nappy underneath. They were making
that incriminating, telltale crinkling sound. "What's this I feel?" she asked. She then
wrestled me to the floor and had me pinned down while she told jane to yank my shorts
down. I tried to fight my way out from underneath her, but she was
a big girl and stronger than I was. Meanwhile, jane had pulled my shorts
down and it was revealed that I had a nappy on. "Just as we thought!" Donna said. "You
lied to us! You said they were for mark, then you said you took them back! I knew it
all along!" "Let go of me!" I shouted. I couldn't even
kick my feet with my shorts at my ankles. "No!" Donna insisted. "Take his shorts
off, jane!" jane pulled my shorts the rest of the way off of me and left
me lying there in the nappy that mark put on me. I tried to writhe
myself away from Donna, but the weight of her body alone was enough
to keep me down. "Grab his pants! They're hanging in the closet!"
Donna told jane. mark was just sitting there on the bed watching everything.
There was nothing he or I could do. The girls had the upper hand on me
as jane went through my closet and took all my pants out. She also
found my shorts and took them. "Go hide them somewhere!" Donna said "Let me go!" I cried once more. "In a minute, nappy boy!" Donna said. jane came back a couple minutes later and said, "that's
done! Now what do we do to him?" "Think I should let him up?" Donna asked jane.
"Sure! He can't go anywhere without any pants
to wear!" Finally, Donna got up off of me and set me free. "What did you do with my pants?" I asked jane.
"I'm not telling!" jane replied adamantly.
"Show us where those nappies are!" Donna demanded.
"No!" "Okay, I guess you don't get your pants back,
little brother!" "What do you mean?" "You show us where those nappies are and we'll
let you have your pants back, " Donna told me. I didn't know what else to do, so mark got off of my bed
so I could lift the mattress and show Donna the nappies I stashed
away. "Here! You happy? Now gimme my pants!" "No!" Donna said. "You said you'd give them back!" I pouted.
"I want 'em back!" "I lied, just like you lied to me, so, you're
still not getting them back!" I spent the rest of the afternoon looking around the house
for my pants. They were nowhere to be found. I knew Mom would flip
when she came home and saw me in a nappy. I couldn't do anything
about it unless I found my pants! I begged Donna to give them back, but she
was not about to give in. mark helped me look, but his efforts proved
to be futile. By the time I heard Mom come home I knew it was too
late and the minute she came in the door, I was going to get it. I sat down at the kitchen table hoping she wouldn't
notice that I was wearing a nappy. She came in the door carrying some grocery
bags. "Eric! Help me bring these groceries in!"
Mom told me. "Well I..." "Get your butt out of that chair and come help me!"
Mom demanded. She stared at me and asked, "is there something wrong,
Eric?" "Yeah, " I said. I knew sooner or later Mom
would find out, so I decided to get it over with and let her see the nappy I was
wearing. "What are you doing in a nappy again?" Mom confronted
me. "Mom! I can explain! I'm sorry! I--" Mom picked me up from the chair and dragged me into my bedroom,
swatting my behind all the way. She threw me onto my bed and
told me not to come out until dinner was ready. "Mom! Lemme explain!" I cried. Mom didn't
pay any attention as she slammed my bedroom door behind her. I lay there on my bed
and cried out my frustrations. I was mad as hell as Donna for getting me
into trouble. I was screaming, "I hate you, Donna!" I wanted
to get her attention, but neither she nor Mom nor anyone seemed to care that I was throwing
a big temper tantrum. A few minutes later she came back into my
room and told me that there were no nappies unaccounted for since she
was keeping a close count on mark's supply. "So where did you get that nappy?" "I bought some, " I sobbed. "Show me where they are, " Mom told me. I got
up and lifted the mattress and showed her my supply. "Eric, I don't know why you want to wear these
nappies so badly, but I just can't allow such behavior. Give me those
nappies." "Can I have just one to wear to bed tonight?"
I asked. "No. You gotta get over this obsession. I'm
beginning to worry about you." I hated to watch Mom take the nappies from underneath my
bed and re-stack them. I asked her what she was going to do with them.
"I'll send them home with mark since he needs
them. Now take that nappy off. Why aren't you any wearing any pants or shorts?
"Donna took them away from me!" I cried. "She
won't give them back!" "How did she get a hold of them?" Mom asked me.
I finally got Mom to listen to me as I explained what had
happened earlier this afternoon. Mom left the room and told me to
have the nappy off by the time she got back. In the meantime, I heard Mom
scold Donna and demand that she give me my pants back. A few minutes later
Donna came back into my room with my pants, though at this point
I didn't care whether or not I had them to wear. I had taken the nappy off
and slipped on a pair of underpants and just wore them around
for the rest of the evening while mark went around in just a nappy as usual.
I was beginning to resent mark. It was one thing for mark
to wear nappies out of necessity, but what bothered me was
that Mom didn't seem to mind that he went around in his nappies most of the
time. Perhaps seeing mark go around in a nappy didn't seem
to be much different to Mom than it did for me going around in my underwear.
I just wished my Mom understood my feelings and would just let
me wear nappies around the house. I was even willing to tell her I wouldn't
pee or poop in them, I just wanted to have them on to feel their thick
softness and enjoy the way they looked. Nothing would convince my mother
to allow me to wear nappies. While mark and I were lying in my bed that night, mark spoke
up and offered a suggestion so I would feel like I was wearing
a nappy. "You know what my friend does?" mark started.
"He takes his underwear, and he put on about nine or ten pairs-- sometimes
more-- and then he says it makes him look and feel like he's wearing
a nappy. You ever thought about that?" "Why didn't I think of that?!" I thought.
I let mark talk about it some more. "And he wears some of them backwards so that the fly
is on his butt and it makes it thicker back there!" "Does he do anything in them? You know, pissing and
shitting in them?" "He keeps some of his older underwear and puts those
on first and he poops in those, but he hadn't tried pissing in them
since he found out they still leak." I listened to mark as he talked about his friend some more.
Like me, his friend had to keep it a secret from his parents after
they wouldn't let him wear nappies, either. I figured the
idea sounded so good and it should work for me, too. I was so excited about
it and I was busy stroking my hard-on underneath the sheets, trying
to keep my hand motion to a minimum so mark wouldn't know that I was
doing it. I acted on mark's idea and jumped out of bed and turned
the light on. I went over to my underwear drawer and started putting
on one pair of briefs over another. mark watched me as I kept adding
more thickness to my makeshift nappy with each pair I put on. By the time
I had eight pairs on he told me, "that's good." "But I want it *really* thick!" I said as loudly
as I could without being heard in my sister's room next door.
"This feels really good!" "You look like you're in a nappy, " mark
pointed out. "You oughta see your butt." I didn't have a mirror in my room, so I went across the
hallway into the bathroom to take a look at myself in my "nappy."
I had to stand up on the edge of the tub and look in the mirror above
the sink to see what I looked like. I really looked and felt nappyed.
I turned around and looked behind me to see what my butt looked like.
I agreed that it looked a lot like a nappy, a nappy with two blue stripes
running around the top of it, but a nappy. I flushed the toilet
when I left the bathroom, again to make others who may have been
awake think I was really using the bathroom. When I returned to my bedroom
I asked mark to get up just so I could look at him in his nappy. I just
had to visually remind myself of how cute he looked with such a
thick nappy on his behind. I figured I at least looked somewhat like him.
Before I turned out the light and went to sleep, mark reminded
me and advised me not to try peeing in my underwear. "Just enjoy the feeling of them, " he said
as I turned out the light and climbed into bed. For the next few days I went around wearing several pairs
of briefs underneath my shorts. I had to limit myself to about
six pairs as my shorts would not fit over anything thicker and I had to
be careful not to let the extra bulk show through my shorts. It felt
good just to have that padded feeling and I kept thinking that I was wearing
a nappy. The hardest part of it all was not trying to keep it
a secret from the girls and my mother, but because I constantly dealt
with the temptation to *do* something in them. Having that padded-up
feeling was only half of the pleasure I sought in wearing nappies. The
other half of the pleasure was the physical and mental enjoyment of deliberately
peeing and pooping in a nappy. It was mark and jane's last night to be staying with
us before their parents would return from their vacation the next
day to pick them up. mark was freshly changed and running around in his nappy
long before bedtime as always. Tonight he was pooping excessively
as he had diarrhea. Each time he had to poop he really loaded up his
nappy enough that I could see it bulging from his butt. Some of it even
leaked out of his nappy and ran down his leg. He required two more nappy
changes before he and I were sent to bed. I needed to poop really bad myself as I lay in bed. After
seeing how mark used his nappies for pooping so much tonight, the
temptation to poop in my "nappy" was too great to ignore.
It was our last night together for who knows how long, and I wanted to share this
joyful moment with mark. "You're gonna really do it?" mark asked
me, acting somewhat surprised, yet excited. "Either that, or I get up and go to the toilet, "
I said. I felt nervous for a moment, but the anticipation of dumping a
large, stinky load into my thickened underpants gave me such a rush unlike
any other I had experienced. My hard-on was so big I thought my dick
would burst in my underpants! "Here goes, " I said as I lifted up my legs and
slowly released my crap into my underwear. I started out with a small stool
that spread as it exited my butt and disbursed itself in the tight confinement
between my ass and my underpants. Then came the bulk of the bowel
movement. Several more larger logs came out of my butt and had little
place to go except for into my underpants. The dozen or so layers of
cotton I was wearing kept the mess tightly contained. When I was done
pooping I felt a big, squishy pile of warm shit clinging to my entire rear
end. I felt so naughty! I kept thinking about how much of a little boy
I still was! mark cheered me on and congratulated me for messing in my
underpants. Reality then set back in and all the excitement of my naughty
behavior disappeared as I realized that I now had to clean
myself up and get rid of the evidence of my behavior. The entire room stank
from my fresh shit, and there was little I could do about it at 11:00
at night. I had to wait and lie in my bed wearing heavily soiled underpants
until everyone had gone to bed before I could get up and clean myself
up. It was after midnight before I saw the last light go out in the
front room. At that time I got up and closed my door and then turned on
the light. I pulled my underpants down to survey the damage. I looked
down at the huge brown pile of poop in the seat of my underpants. I pulled
this pair out from the rest of the bunch and set it aside. mark was looking
at it, but he was by no means shocked or surprised as he had seen
his own messy nappies thousands of times. The next few pairs were
also soaked from the poopy juices that came out with my bowel movement,
but at least they were salvageable. I pulled another pair out of the
bunch that I had been wearing and put it on over my messy butt. I kicked the
remaining bunch of underpants underneath my bed to get them out of
sight. I needed to get rid of the first pair of underpants that suffered
the worst soiling damage. My plan was to take it out to the garage to
throw it away. The garage already smelled bad from all of mark's
nappies, so I didn't think my Mom would notice the addition of my
crap-filled underpants to the garbage. I slowly opened the door that led from the kitchen to the
garage and closed it behind me. Everything was so dark and I couldn't
see a thing. I groped around to find the light switch. While I
was navigating through the blackness I walked into the garbage can and
knocked its metal lid onto the concrete floor of the garage. >>>CRASH!<<< "Shit!" I thought. At least I had found the
garbage can. I quickly tossed my dirty briefs into the container. I didn't
bother with putting the lid back on. I closed the door behind me as I scurried
through the kitchen and tried to hurry back to my room before anybody
got up to find out what that loud clanging noise was all about. It was too
late as my mother had gotten up to investigate the noise. She turned
the hall light on and caught me standing there in my white briefs that were
at least clean from the front side. "Eric! What are you doing up?" Think quickly. Very quickly. "I, uh, I thought I heard a noise, but, but it's
all right now, I think!" I kept my rear end away from Mom's view as I knew she
would see the heavy poop stains in my underwear. This wasn't
enough to keep her from suspecting what I had done as she asked me what smelled
so bad. "Uh, mark's nappies, maybe?" I choked.
"Turn around!" Mom ordered. My mother saw my filthy behind and she immediately took
me into the bathroom with her without saying another word at that
point. This was it. I knew my mother would go totally ballistic now.
She threw me into the bathtub, literally threw me. My body hit the tile
wall behind the bathtub. "Get yourself cleaned up!" she yelled. I turned
the water on in the bathtub and started adjusting the temperature until
my Mom slapped my hand away from the knobs. "Never mind the hot water!" my Mom yelled.
"You're in plenty of it as it is!" Mom stood and watched me as I let the cold water spray off
the poop from my rear end. I felt so embarrassed as not only my
mother, but also mark and the girls were now watching as my Mom had left
the bathroom door open. Here I was standing naked in the bathtub
with lukewarm water spraying off bits and pieces of poop. After
Mom thought that I was clean enough she pulled me back out of the tub and
turned the water off. "You kids had better go to bed, " she said.
"This is going to get really ugly!" Mom then shut the bathroom door and locked it. She put the
toilet lid down and sat down on it. She then grabbed my dripping
wet body and put me between her knees and told me to bend over. Up to this
point I thought I had escaped getting a spanking, but my mother
said, "I'm not about to spank a poopy bottom!" She held one of my hands
behind my back while she used her other hand to spank me. And spank me she
did! After the initial strike of her hand came down I started crying.
Her spanking increased in intensity and frequency and my weak whimpering
escalated into loud screaming and pleading for her to stop, but she
didn't. The sound of her hand striking my butt over and over echoed through
the bathroom as did my desperate howling for mercy I thought
about how mark and the girls could hear Mom punishing me for pooping in
my underpants. My loud cries were eventually reduced again to a hoarse
whimper as I couldn't scream with a hoarse voice. I couldn't
take any more of the pain, but Mom kept spanking me for several more minutes.
Finally, it stopped! Mom released me from between her clamping knees,
but she didn't let go of my hand. She led me into her bedroom and told me to
lie down on her bed. My rear end was stinging with a lingering swelling sensation.
I tried to rub it to alleviate the pain, but touching it only
made it hurt more. My vision was blurred from the stream of tears that
were still pouring out from my eyes. I watched Mom walk over to her closet
to retrieve one of the nappies she had confiscated from me
earlier. She walked back over to me while carrying the large, white nappy.
Before she put the nappy on, she said, "I've given up
on you, Eric! If this is your way of telling me you want to wear nappies, then so be
it!" Mom unfolded the nappy and spread it out in front of my naked
genitals and rear end. "Lift your butt!" she yelled at me. She put
the nappy underneath me and then she wrapped it over my front. In spite of feeling
my butt burning intensely, I still had an erection while Mom was
nappying me. She pulled it up in the back and then as tightly as she could
she taped up the sides. When she was done she dismissed me from her
room and told me to go straight to bed. "We'll talk about this in the morning when--
or if-- I'm in a better mood!" Those were Mom's last words before
she turned out the light and slammed my bedroom door shut. "Well, you got you asked for, Eric, " mark
said. "Now it looks like you'll be wearing nappies from now on."

EQUAL TREATMENT: PART 4 -----------------------

After what seemed like a long, sleepless night, Mom came
in early to wake both mark and me. She changed mark's nappy first.
He had wet his nappy heavily again, evidenced by the prominent deposit
of urine in the front half of his nappy. He was also still producing
loose bowel movements and the back of his nappy was filled with a large
deposit of poop that spread up into the crotch. Things didn't
seem to be the same this morning as I watched Mom go to work on changing mark's
nappy. Now that I was getting what I wanted-- wearing nappies-- it
didn't seem to feel the way I anticipated beforehand. The loving, caring
element was missing. This was punishment. Mom came over to me and looked at the wetness detector stripes
on the front of my nappy. They were still yellow, indicating
that the nappy was still dry. "Haven't used it yet, I see, " Mom said.
She told me to get up and turn around so she could examine my butt. The stripes likewise
were yellow and there was nothing deposited in the back of my
nappies yet. She then turned away from me and went to my closet. My pants
were still on the floor of the closet in the same stack they were in when
I got them back from Donna. This time Mom was confiscating my
pants and shorts. "How convenient for Donna to have gathered up all
your pants for me!" Mom said as she picked up the stack. "I assume
this is all you have." Mom carried my jeans and my shorts out of the room with her.
I asked her what she was doing with them. "Donating them to a needy family; you won't
be needing them anymore!" I got up and followed Mom out to the garage. She opened the
door and saw the lid still lying on the floor next to it. She looked
inside the garbage can and saw my heavily soiled briefs sitting
on top of a pile of wet and soiled nappies from mark. "I'd better get used to that smell, "
Mom groaned as she walked over to the car and opened its trunk. She threw in all of my
pants and shorts and left it open. She stormed back into the house
and returned to my room. She walked over to my underwear drawer and saw that
it was noticeably emptier. "Where are your underpants?" she demanded.
She then slammed the drawer shut and said, "aww, never mind! We'll
take care of those later! I'm going to be late for work! Have Donna change your
nappy when you need her to." "But Mom, I can change it myself, " I said.
"Yes, but you won't! Donna will make sure you
don't! We'll discuss this more when I get home!" After Mom left for work, Donna came up to me holding a nappy
in her hand. "Need a change, nappy boy?" she asked. She
looked down at my front and looked at the wetness stripes. I didn't say
anything. "Not yet, " she said as she ran her hand over
the front of my nappy. "I'll check you later." At about mid-morning I needed to pee and poop again. Donna
and jane kept a close watch on me to make sure I didn't try
taking my nappy off. I felt like I was coming down with a case of the
shits myself. I quickly loaded my nappy and the poop filled the
entire seat, even with its extra capacity created by its high rise. At
the same time I peed heavily into the nappy. Donna looked down at me sitting on the floor and looked
at the stripes which had turned green. "Now it looks like I should change you, " she
said. "She examined my rear end and could tell by sight and by smell that I pooped
my nappies. She hesitated at the thought of having to deal
with a soiled nappy. Likewise, I hesitated at the thought of exposing
my genitalia to Donna, not that she hadn't seen me naked before, but
I felt awkward letting her see my–well-- *private* parts. "Do I have to change him now?" Donna asked.
jane, though it was meant to be more of a rhetorical question. "He stinks bad enough with his nappy still on!"
"Just wait until you take his nappy off!" jane
warned her. "I suppose I'd better get used to it, changing
my ten-year-old brother's poopy nappies!" "You will, " jane assured her. "You
*will* get used to it!" Donna decided that the living room floor was just as good
of place as any to perform her first nappy change on me. jane guided
her through the process, but she made Donna do all the work since
she would have to learn how to do it by herself. Donna started with
telling me to get on my back and lift my legs up and spread them apart. "Here goes, " Donna said as she reached around
to one side of me and removed the tapes. She was surprised at how strong of
a hold the tapes had on the nappy. When she had the tapes undone she
slowly pulled away the nappy from underneath me. She fanned her face and
held her nose as the fumes from my crap-coated derriere filled the
air around her. My entire butt and crotch were smothered in shit, all
the way past my balls. "Eric, you really stink!" she exclaimed,
still holding her nostrils shut. "It's a lot easier to change him with both hands, "
jane said, hinting to Donna that she should let go of her nose and get
accustomed to the odor. "Now you get to wipe him up!" jane coached Donna.
She was handed a container of wipes. Donna winced as she ran her hand into
the poop goop between my legs. "This is *so* disgusting!" she remarked.
"Why do you *do* these things, Eric? I just don't understand it!" After the excess poop was wiped away from my behind Donna
started wiping with longer and stronger passes with her hand. She
then rubbed the cool, thick lotion over my crotch and my nuts. The wiping
and rubbing sensations gave me an erection. "You like this, I see, " Donna commented as
she watched my penis rise from its formerly limp state. My penis stiffened even
more as I watched Donna prepare the nappy for wrapping it around
my bum. She giggled as she looked down at my boner sticking straight
up. She had me lift up my butt so she could slide the nappy underneath me.
She pulled the nappy far up into my crotch and covered my entire stomach
with the front of the nappy. The back of the nappy went up well past
my waist in the rear and assured plenty of capa

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