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Dropping the barriers


For going on nearly two years after my fall out I had remained
celibate to my wife. Things had not gone well but we were
slowly patching things up however sex had gone out the window
at least for me. I suspected my wife had at least one affair
all the while I remained alone. Even at our best sex was plain
old vanilla with her being the number one reason for my growing
frustration in that area. She was simply boring in the sack,
I tried everything from instructional videos, books,
porn and just plain old talking but nothing helped. I still
loved her for the 99% of what she could give me but sex she
just wasn’t compatible.
Having tried phone sex once and cyber a few times it still
wasn’t the same. The sweaty intimacy of touching another
while hearing their real pleasure was arousing. Finally
I made the choice that I could wait no longer so why not go
for it and if I did why not go for it all. Having a kinky side
by my wife’s standards I signed up on online to see what and
who was around my area. What could it hurt maybe I could find
some people interested in just having fun with the same
interests as I did without the guilt or stigma attachments.

Filling out the online profile was like opening a door
and stepping into somewhere comfortable. Everything
was here not only what I liked but countless others I never
considered. Going done the checklist was fun in itself.
So much I wanted to try but was denied was now open for exploration.
When I was almost done I stopped for a moment and thought.
How far did I really want to go? With a mouse click my status
went from straight to bi-curious and then I shutdown the
computer and walked away.
The next day I checked my email and found that my profile
was accepted but nothing else as of yet. Two and then three
days went by and still nothing until one morning I checked
my box and there was list of possibilities. Scrolling down
I spotted a couple who lived nearby who were looking for
a bi-curious man just for some fun. Looking at their profile
they seemed like a decent match. The woman was a very attractive
woman who was also bi-curious and the man a well-hung athletic
type. Without pondering it long an email was sent.
The next day I agonized over opening my email eventually
I broke down and there was a message. It was from Doug and
Kim who saw my contact info and where interested in me. It
seems we both got on each other’s lists and made the same
They wanted more information on me before they would go
any further and that was fine. I let them know that I was a
switch as far as I could tell. When it came to other men I was
definitely a submissive. I was willing to try most things
but I wanted to enjoy another woman as well at the same time
not just watch, which they agreed. I also had to explain
that I had no desire at all be a “top” at all. It just was not
something that was at all interesting to me nor was open
mouthing another guy. Weird I thought but everything else
was within my limits. Seeing that I had never done this before
they knew I needed at least a comfort zone to start and they
agreed. A couple of emails later we agreed to meet Saturday
morning for a live interview to see how we meshed together
and then we could proceed from there.
The rest of the week took forever to get there except for
the final hours when I started to weaken if I wanted to go
through with this. I showered and washed everywhere for
an extra long time just in case. When it came down to clothes
I felt like a girl I had never agonized over what I should
wear like this before. I settled on a pair of colored boxer
briefs, jeans and a nice shirt and left for their house.
It didn’t take long to find and seemed like an ordinary
house if only the neighbors knew I chuckled to myself. I
parked and walked up to the door were the butterflies came
back again. I almost felt sick and I could feel my body shaking
a bit. I had to pull myself together which I barely was able
to and knocked.
The door opened almost right away and the woman from the
photo was right in front of me. She was dressed in a silk robe
and pajamas.
“I was worried you were going to walk away, please come
in.” Kim said with the sweetest voice. Her hand grasped
mine and gently pulled me inside. I would have walked anywhere
being pulled by that hand. Her perfume was intoxicating
as I followed her into the den were she sat me down and then
took a seat beside Doug.
I never felt like I was on display as much as I did there,
it wasn’t uncomfortable just unfamiliar. To be honest
it boosted my esteem somewhat having these two look at me
that way. Kim then walked over to me and asked me to disrobe
for them. I was a little shy but then saw both of them disrobing
as well. Kim I will just say was stunning, she was about two
years older than I was but her body was hard with nice but
not overly large breasts. She had a well-tanned body and
legs that made my mouth water. She turned and rubbed her
hands up her ass.
“Do you like me Nick?” She asked with her head turned over
her shoulder and that demure smile from her photo on her
“Yes very much so Kim, you’re even more beautiful in person.”
I stammered.
“Good now I want you to check out Doug. He is well hung about
9 inches and he is well muscled I think he will be great for
your first.”
I looked over at Doug who was naked and as tan as Kim. His
hand was down stroking his shaft proving that he had all
9 inches. He was rock hard muscled and looked like he hit
the gym every day.
“Now lets see what you look like under there sweetie.”
Kim said as she moved behind me.
I was embarrassed to find her hands opening my shirt and
then unzipping my jeans, which slid to the floor. I stepped
out of them and was left with just my boxer briefs. Doug gave
Kim a nod and she erotically stuck her thumbs in my waste
band and pulled them down purposely keeping her nipples
rubbing against my back and ass, which she cupped and squeezed.
I couldn’t help but look up at the ceiling, as I felt so embarrassed.
Next her right hand found my somewhat hard cock and began
to stroke it.
“Its ok Nicki, Doug just wants to check out your body like
I do.” She whispered in my ear and gave me a little reassuring
kiss on the neck.
She then turned me around to face her when I felt Doug’s
hands slapping and pinching my ass. Kim pulled my over till
I was looking at her high-heeled feet. With a sharp stinging
slap Doug then walked out of the room and I stood to face Kim.
“Was I ok?”
“You where fine Nicki, I need to explain a few things to
see if you are open to them. Doug likes sissy men when he fucks
them. So far he looks happy with you if you are willing to
embellish his kink. Also he likes you to call him Daddy when
we have playtime, you can call me Kim or Mommy which ever
is more comfortable for you but Doug likes to keep the scene
going a certain way as he directs. You will always allow
Doug to fuck you first and then we can have our fun together,
sometimes he watches other times he leaves but may come
back. Is this acceptable to you?” Kim stated in a stern voice.
“I think that is acceptable as everything is new so I am
willing to learn and please both of you.”
“Good boy now I just need to get a few measurements from
you and then when can see you next Saturday if that would
be ok?”
I nodded and let her measure my body when she got to my waste
she couldn’t help but notice how rock hard I was. Not 9 inches
but closer to 8. The tape fell on the floor as her hands entwined
around me. Her mouth was gently kissing my back as her right
hand found my cock and began to stroke it. I moaned it felt
so good having a release and she was an expert.
“Just relax Nicki, this is a little something to get you
through the week.”
Kim reached around with her left hand and cupped my head
as her right pounded me only stopping to wet it with spit
from her mouth. Very soon I was really rocking and hard gasps
were coming out. This is what I needed for so long another’s
touch. Her warm body against me was sending me over the edge.
My head rolled back and she playfully nibbled my ear. I burst
with a loud exhale, my cum shot all over her hand. I could
feel the wetness still oozing from my cock as she pulled
her hand up and licked her fingers of my cum. I was breathing
hard and deeply when she turned me around and got on her knees
and licked my shaft clean.
“I can’t send you home all dirty can I Nicki?”
With a swat of my ass she helped me dress and walked me to
the door were she kissed me on the lips with passion I was
about to turn away when she stuck her finger in her pussy
which was glistening and brought it up to my mouth were I
sucked it dry.
“Just a taste for now sweetie, now go home before you get
in trouble and be back here next Saturday at 8 AM sharp. Don’t
worry about wearing anything special or bringing anything
with you. Bye bye”
I left having mixed emotions, even if letting Doug take
me didn’t turn out enjoyable I would at least have one time
with Kim, which seemed worth it.
One week went by faster than I thought and I was at the door
knocking again. This time Doug opened and greeted me. He
led me back to the master bedroom, which was dimly lighted.
There was light coming from under the bathroom door and
Doug motioned for me to enter and then he climbed in bed.
I opened the door and saw Kim who smiling pulled me in and
closed the door.
“I am so glad you decided to come back Nicki, us girls have
to pretty ourselves up a bit for Doug now lets get you undressed
and into something more sexy.”
I was very confused at being called a girl and that whole
Nicki thing went through my mind from last week. I remembered
what she said about Doug liking sissy boys and started to
understand a bit. Doug wanted me to dress like a woman. The
pieces connected and then floored me. If not for Kim standing
naked before me I would have left. I undressed and prepared
for the worst.
“Let me help you into your lingerie Nicki girl, first I
will demonstrate how to put on stockings properly without
running them. Good girl Nicki, now lets put our garter belts
on and clasp them to the tops. Don’t worry I will get the rear
ones for you and you can do mine. Now stand up Nicki and I will
help you into your schoolgirl skirt here. “
I was staring at a very short plaid skirt that would barely
cover the tops of my thighs. I gulped but once again took
in Kim’s beauty and let her button it on me. Next she handed
me a pair of ankle high-heeled shiny black boots with laces
going up the whole way. I noticed Kim smiling at me in the
Almost done Nicki, and you are such a good girl. We are going
to have some real fun for as long as you want. One last item
Nicki. I need you to lift you right leg good and now your other
one. Good girl Nicki.” Kim smiled and then I felt her pull
up a silk G-string up under me skirt.
“Now we girls are all ready Nicki, lets go have some fun
girl.” Kim’s hand grasped my own as she turned out the lights
and opened the door.
Doug was sitting on the bed facing the bathroom door, silk
sheets were pulled down and he was stroking his cock with
lust in his eyes.
Kim led me in front of Doug and we turned around together
showing him our bodies and then she pulled me down onto the
floor on my knees.
“Get ready to suck some of Daddies cock little Nicki, I
want you to be a good girl and please Daddy.” Doug announced
as I stared transfixed at his erect cock before me. I had
wanted him to use a rubber but I never could find the guts
to ask and I wanted so much to eat Kim out I guess it didn’t
matter much in the end. Kim started first wetting the tip
and playing with his shaft. When it glistened in the light
she pulled me close head to head with her between his legs.
I licked my lips and then opened my mouth and closed my eyes
as I licked the tip and then swallowed the head whole. I tried
using my lips and tongue to keep the shaft wet as Kim suckled
his balls under me. Deeper I tried to take as much down as
I could. I gagged a bit but Doug’s hand came down forcing
me to keep the shaft in. Kim then moved behind me and stroked
my back as I sucked her husband’s cock.
“Good girl Nicki, you are a natural cock sucker, mmmm doesn’t
it taste good? When Daddy cums in your mouth save some for
I slurped and it started to get easier to swallow when I
tasted my first bit of precum. It was warm and salty but not
thick. Soon Doug was rocking the cock in my mouth more than
I was sucking down on him. I saw his balls had shrunk and he
was moaning loudly when I gasped. Hot sticky cum was being
shot down my throat; I couldn’t breath well and started
choking on it. Eventually he let go of my head so I could just
keep the head in and use my tongue more. Kim then moved beside
me and we shared Doug’s cock with our tongues. I then kissed
her deeply while I kept stroking Doug and let some of his
come slide down my tongue into hers. We both then licked
his shaft clean and sat back. Kim was petting my ass and Doug
lifted my chin up and stared at me.
"Nicki has been such a good little girl Daddy is going
to take care of here next."
Kim climbed up on the bed and stretched her legs out. The
black stockings highlighted her already stunning legs.
I watched as she began rubbing her panties and soon her hand
slid under them and a finger started sliding in her clit.
Licking her lips she stared at me as Doug directed me to the
end of the bed where he made me climb up on. I was on my knees
with my ass hovering off the bed staring into Kim’s eyes
that seemed full of anticipation at the show about to start.
Doug was behind me and I could feel his wet cock between my
thighs dripping cum down on my stockings. A well-muscled
left arm grabbed me under my arm and held me by my right shoulder
upright. His right hand was making slapping sounds as he
recovered his erection. My skirt was pulled up in the back
and a finger pushed aside my panties g-string onto my left
ass cheek.
“Tell Daddy you want me to fuck you little girl” Doug said
“Yes Daddy please fuck your little girl.” I Nearly whispered,
as I couldn’t catch my breath.
“You are such a little slutty girl Nicki, Daddy is going
to fuck your ass raw.”
I felt his cock sliding along my ass crack leaving a sticky
warm wetness behind it. His right thumb spread my ass open
as I felt his cock’s head find me asshole. As stiff as it was
I felt the pressure pushing the tip slowly in me. I must have
struggled a bit because his grip on me got stronger as I tried
to push my ass away. It hurt, it hurt badly. His cock was wet
but hardly slick anymore and it felt like the worst brush
burn in my life.
“It fucking hurts Daddy please no more.” I shouted.
“Why you little bitch, your going to take all of Daddies
cock now girl.”
He slapped my ass several times and I could picture the
rising welts from those strong hands. I surrendered; I
reached behind me and opened my ass as much as I could so he
could enter me, which he did. I felt like my stomach was getting
punched with every stroke. He only stopped to spit on my
crack letting it coat his cock as he fucked me. The bad thing
about sucking his dick first was it would take him twice
as long to get off. My right leg started rubbing the back
of his thigh with my boot as he thrust into me and I stated
to enjoy being taken. After what seemed like 10 minutes
he started to grab me around my waste and heave me down on
his cock. I tried to squeeze my ass around it to get him off
faster. Soon after that one last big push that had me crying
he burst his load up my ass. Several more pumps followed
each one leaving a little less warm goo in my ass. When he
finally pulled his cock out I heard the suction noise and
then felt his cum running out my ass and down my thighs onto
the bed. Panting Doug pushed me down onto the bed were I laid
embarrassed from my tears because of the pain. I was happy
he left a minute or two more and I would have tried to leave.

Fingers started twirling my hair and I looked up to see Kim
staring at me with a sweet smile on her face. She reached
down with her other arm and pulled me to where she was laying.
I found myself on all fours looking down on this beauty as
she caressed my cheeks. Slowly I lowered my head and our
lips met. We kissed so long I lost all cares of what just happened.

“Its ok little girl you are with Mommy now. Why don’t you
lay down here and Mommy will make things all better.” Kim
patted the bed beside her.
I rolled over and lay down on the silk pillows and tried to
relax. Kim circled around till she sat on her knees in front
of me. Her eyes never left mine as her hand began to slide
up my stocking till it reached my bare thigh. Slowly she
pulled my skirt up till it fell around my belly. Arching
forward she came to rest on top of me. Her bare breasts nuzzled
my chest and our lips embraced again. While our tongues
entwined her right hand reached down between my spread
legs and started rubbing my silky wet panties. I moaned
slightly as her hand then stroked the top of my panties till
it slid under them and grasped my wet cock. Kissing me slowly
down my chest her face then came to rest right over my bulge
and her tongue started to lick my panties till they became
so moist they clung to my manhood. With a sly smile her mouth
nudged them a side allowing my erect dick to be uncovered.

“Time for mommy to take care of her little girl.” Kim announced
as she buried her head in my crotch.
I felt her warm tongue sliding the length of my shaft playing
with the tip showing me how much I had to learn if I ever wanted
to suck cock like she could. Her hair fell down on my thighs
and chest tickling my bare skin. Soon her lips opened and
swallowed my cock fully down to the base of my shaft. Her
hands grabbed my garter belt around my hips and clung onto
it as she total consumed me. My eyes I tried to keep open to
watch this experienced beauty go down on me but the pleasure
would not let them. Every once in a while I would catch her
eyes meeting mine until a spasm would force mine shut again.
I rived on the bed until I could feel my nuts ready to burst.
Sensing this she started deep thrusting her mouth down
hard on my cock till I gripped the sheets and started swearing
out loud totally involuntary. I shot at least three times
from one orgasm in her mouth and she never stopped the rhythm.
Finally as I lay their shaking and twitching she gently
licked my shaft and head clean and came to rest snuggling
beside me.
We lay face to face with my stocking covered leg twined with
hers. My hands were rubbing her breasts and back as she grasped
and pulled at my ass. I was totally lost in her and could have
stayed in this position for days. Eventually she broke
the embrace and that lovely smile was back.
“Want to try some more kinky things my little girl?”
“Yes mommy, very much so.” I stammered still out of breath.
“Good, now I want you sit up on your knees and face the wall
and have your eyes down.”
I did as she asked and heard her get out of bed and open a closet
to retrieve a box. I was a little scared yet but still very
excited at what other pleasures I was about to have. She
got back into bed behind me and then held out in front of me
two leather collars. One was wide with a large buckle and
the other was much thinner with a tiny hoop and some tag dangling
off it.
“This wide collar Nicki is for men, this thin one that says
slut is for sissy girls like you. Now keep your head bent
forward Nicki.”
I felt he hands clasp the collar around my neck and the cold
metal of the little slut tag that hung off the collar. I had
become a slut and the thought excited me. I heard the snap
of a lock put in place and later a collar was added of fine
but strong chain.
“Now Nicki put your hands behind your back for me.”
I did so even though my whole body was being to shake. She
clasped on each arm a leather strap with a large ring, which
was then all locked together.
“Nicki are you still ok with this?” Kim voiced change back
into the sweet tone of before.
I nodded yes and then I heard her opening something plastic
and moving up against my back. My hands touched between
her legs, as she leaned over kissing my back and neck.
“One more thing little girl and then we can have some more
fun together.”
She lifted something over my head and forced it into my mouth.
It hurt having my mouth open that far. It looked and tasted
like a plastic ball. Straps were tightened around my head
and I knew I couldn’t speak anymore until mommy allowed
it. She moved back away from me and I turned to see what was
next for me when I eyes met, only this time it looked like
anger in them.
“Did I not tell you to keep your eyes down and forward?”
I nodded as she pushed me forward. A hard sharp slap and pain
shot drove my head forward till it connected with the backboard.
I gasped as another shot slapped across my ass cheeks and
another followed by her softly caressing them with her
“Nicki mommy is doing this for your own good do you understand?
Bad girls have to be taught a lesson or else they will get
into trouble. Better mommy than daddy punishing you”
My head was pushed down onto the mattress and I could stare
between my legs at her moving behind me. I could see she was
using a leather-riding crop to whip me. Her hand then started
to rub the crop against my now soft dick bringing it back
erect for her pleasure. Just then she brought the crop between
my ass cheeks allowing the flogger end to smack my balls.
Pain like I never felt before rushed through my body. My
head jerked up as I tried to scream, which came out a muffled
sob. Tears once again swelled my eyes as I had hard time breathing.
I panicked and started gasping, between the pain and not
being able to breath. I rolled over into a ball in the middle
of the bed. I started to convulse and I felt like I was being
smothered, I couldn’t get air. My eyes were open but everything
started to get hazy when I felt her straddle over on top of
me. I could dimly here my voice rasping as even that seemed
miles away. Finally the gag was out of my mouth and I could
suck in cool fresh air. My lungs burned for it. She moved
beside me cradling my sweat-drenched head in her lap as
she stroked my cheek. Panting I could hear her soothing
voice cooing me. Gently she rocked my head until my breathing
was once again normal. My arms were around her waste as she
looked down on me with deep concern.
“You scared my Nicki, I am so sorry.” Kim said as she hugged
me against her breasts.
“What happened?” I managed to gasp.
“I should have been more careful, I was in such a rush I put
the gag on wrong and you partially swallowed your tongue.
I am so sorry Nicki, you scared mommy so bad.”
I shower of warm and tender kisses flooded my lips. We lay
there for a while until she was sure I was ready to and still
willing to go on. I lay on my back with my hands cuffed behind
me and my booted feet pulled in tight against my ass. Kim
stared down at me for a bit as if she was debating what she
wanted next. Finally she straddled me again facing away
and sunk her lovely shaved pussy down on my face. I was eager
to taste her since she gave me a sample last week. My tongue
teased her licking the inside of her thighs leaving trails
of glistening spit towards her already wet slit. Not being
able to use my hands made it tricky but exciting as well.
My tongue then rolled alongside he hood almost touching
but not quite. She was really moaning now and pressing down
more for me to pleasure her. Her scent was simply erotic
and it made me so hungry my mouth watered to taste this fine
woman. Spreading my tongue out wide I gave her a slow broad
lick that started just above the ass across her folds till
I reached her clit were I buried my face in her and started
writhing like a shark feasting. Gasps erupted from her
as she supported my head pushing it more between her thighs.
Tasting how wet she was getting I switched my tongue position,
I could always squash my tongue together to form almost
a small wet writhing cock with it. This I inserted in and
let my lips suckle hers as I worked my tongue in deep. I felt
her tremble at first and then begin to shake. Moments later
I was rewarded with her sweet tasting nectar.
Her hips were still writhing so I let my tongue begin to lap
her erect clit. Slowly and gentle at first I licked until
I built up speed and force. Her thighs began squeezing my
head as I switched into high gear and was reward by a loud
gasp and shaking. I could see her biting her lip until she
threw her head back and started bucking up in down.
Apparently I wasn’t as rusty as I thought. Sliding back
off my face she came to rest on me chest. Our lips and tongues
met again. I could hear her almost purring, as she tasted
herself all over my lips. Sitting up she began backing onto
my on my crotch. Grasping my knee for balance with her one
hand her other guided my cock into her eager pussy. A smile
flashed her lips as she came to rest on top of me. Her ample
tits covered my chest as I began to push off the bed to meet
her every stroke. Soon we became one and I felt her strong
muscles grasping my shaft buried inside her. The sounds
of hot wet sex filled the room as my cock made a slapping noise
every time it reentered her. Arching back her hands grasped
my booted ankles as our pace quickened. My excitement grew
as I could see the pleasure I was giving her all over her face.
Soon she began deeper harder thrusts down on me tell I could
take it no longer and blew my cum up into beautiful body.
Rocking up and down several more times I could see the smile
on her face as she leaned over to kiss me again. Her hands
reached under me and unlocked my hands so I could embrace
her in the moment.
We lay there a while my hands stroking her lovely back and
ass when I heard the door open. Doug approached the bed smiling;
I guess he had been watching from the doorway for a while.
A quick kiss by Kim and then she took position behind me.
Doug who was fully erect this time as he approached the bed
reached out for my legs and smiled as he pulled me to him at
the edge of the bed. This time Kim poured lube over his cock
and then she reached between my legs and put some on my ass.

“Daddy is ready for his little girl again, seems Mommy was
taken good care of her while I was away.”
This time Doug lifted my legs till they wrapped around his
hips. I locked them together with my boots while he slowly
ran his hard cock along my ass crack until he found my hole.
I sat back and looked up into Kim’s eyes as she rubbed my face.
This time when his cock entered my ass it was not nearly so
painful. I still gritted and had the same sick feeling in
my stomach but he was also gentler this time. I tried to tighten
on his cock as he thrusted it in me to enhance his pleasure.
Soon a steady groan was coming from him as I could hear the
excess lube being squirted from my ass with every push.

“Nicki I want you to play with yourself for Daddy” Doug stated
in a husky voice.
Reaching down I tried to smile up at him as my right hand went
between my legs to where his cock was pounding me. I spread
my fingers around his shaft and gathered up some lube. Closing
my eyes but enjoying the pleasure and the sounds of being
fucked I then started stroking my cock for Daddy. At this
time I was very sore not only in my ass but my cock was starting
to feel it as well. Several more minutes went by and Doug
had only shot me with a little spunk but still hadn’t cummed
fully and neither had I. I felt bad for Kim who was watching
us but unable to participate.
Doug slowed his thrusting to longer deeper ones and then
pulled out and let my legs go. With a smile he crawled into
the left side of the bed and motioned for me to come over.
I crawled over and he turned me around away from him and lifted
my leg. Soon his ready warm cock was sliding back up my ass.
Kim crawled over facing both of us and slid leg over mine
and inserted my hard cock into her wet pussy. It was heaven,
with every thrust Doug made it carried through me into Kim.
It was sensory overload as the sights, sound and smell of
hot sex that close drove us all into a mad fuck frenzy. I felt
my ass oozing Doug’s cum as he continued pounding me and
Kim’s tight pussy was soaking in my juices as well. Finally
Doug gave a large heave into me and really busted his nut
leaving my as sobbing and stick as I lost control and did
the same to Kim. The next hour we just lay there still entwined
but just enjoying the closeness of one another.
Eventually I had to leave and go home. I showered and then
thanked them both for the sex of my life. I begged to see them
again which both said that they wouldn’t let their little
girl go. Kissing them goodbye I hoped next week would work
out for them, although maybe tomorrow night for a while
if they would be up for it.

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