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Drive By


Another story from my upcoming book..."Off the Chain."


It was a Saturday morning like any other. I was horny. I got
up and fixed some Orange Cappuccino coffee, slipped on
my house shoes and went outside to sit on my portico. I'm
a morning person. On a Saturday morning, I'm usually
up and about by 5am. I had gone to bed early the night before,
so on this day I was sipping my coffee a little after 4:30am.

It was the middle of April and in my opinion, it is the perfect
month to be in Cincinnati. The temperature does not go over
78 degrees and there is very little humidity. As I sat, I
held the hot cup of coffee under my face and allowed the steam
arising from it to lift all the negative thoughts acquired
during the week from my mind. This was my favorite time of
day. The sun is beginning it inexorable rise into the sky,
the birds are chirping, and there is not a neighbor in sight.
I have the entire street to myself.
I blissfully thought about nothing. My mind was a tabu rasa...a
blank slate and I simply focused on the simple pleasures
that were right before me. The heat of the coffee cup in my
hands, the taste of the drink in my mouth, a random breeze
as it blew across my skin, the beauty of the sky just prior
to sunrise. You have to learn how to appreciate the simple
things in life before you can truly appreciate any thing
I finished my coffee and went back into house. As soon as
I closed the door, I heard the patter of four legged feet
running down the stairs towards me. My cats, Kofu, Simba,
and Tiger bounded into view. A smile spread over my face
as they cantered towards me as it always did. They are Abyssinians
and are the cutest things with their ears and tails sticking
rigidly into the air. They surrounded me so they could each
give me their own special greeting. Simba, a blue male,
rubbed his face on my feet. Tiger, a red male, randomly rubbed
his body across my legs. While Kofu, a ruddy brown female,
beseeched me to pick her up and then rubbed her face against
the stubble on my chin while purring contentedly.
I soaked up the affection for several minutes and then headed
to the kitchen with Kofu draped over a shoulder and her brothers
trotting behind me. I had experimented the night before
and had prepared a bacon and three cheese quiche. I heated
it up in the oven and ate an ample slice with grapes and melon.
I finished eating, and looked down to see three sets of gold
eyes staring at me intently. I placed my paper plate on the
floor and allowed the cats to finish the last of the quiche
and headed upstairs to get online.
I wanted to talk to Tina. She was the one person that I could
talk to about anything. Communication was something that
I was sorely missing in my other relationships. Tina was
part of the patchwork woman that I had created. Tina, who
had been my girlfriend but was now demoted, provided me
with the support, and communication I needed. Gaea was
my bracelet. Fine as hell, she was the woman that all men
wanted to have on his arm and she had the added benefit of
giving me the intimacy and romance that I craved. Deborah,
was my superfreak, my lustmate and in addition had the intelligence
and financial stability that I sought in a mate.
Separately, each woman was not enough to sustain me because
they each lacked facets of what the other had. Together,
they made the perfect woman. I knew Tina would be online
because she was an internet junkie and never slept. I logged
on, seeing that her she was indeed online and buzzed her.

IJustMight : your so spoiled
IJustMight : hey

Euftis : hello

IJustMight : yes and what can i do for you Mr. Emery

Euftis : i was missing you (a little bit) and logged on to
see what you were doing

IJustMight : a little love me

Euftis : what are you doing?

IJustMight : i was getting ready to pick up the lumber so
i can put up my fence

Euftis : I’m not going to recognize it back there

IJustMight : huh

Euftis : your yard is going to be very different

IJustMight : oh yeah i know....i have to buy allot of lumber
IJustMight : the yard is so long... like u

Euftis : I’m not long...I’m thick....get your dicks straight

IJustMight : your long enough for a Purrfect fit
IJustMight : the thickness is a plus

Euftis : Mmmmmm...and I do enjoy how Purrfect feels
Euftis : how was your day yesterday

IJustMight : it was fine while i was out... but i got my nails
done.... and it started to rain

Euftis : you got wet

IJustMight : yes
IJustMight : i was out driving around for about half hour

IJustMight : and then i went to get my nails done.. and of
course that takes forever.... and then it started to rain
like cats and dogs
IJustMight : so by the time i went to get Mark it was pouring...
and it got cold

Euftis : you just broke the rule

IJustMight : huh

Euftis : you just mentioned 'another person'

IJustMight : Mark?

Euftis : we are not supposed to mention boyfriends or girlfriends

IJustMight : r u mad at me???

Euftis : no

IJustMight : oh no
IJustMight : as my eunuch... I can share this info

Euftis : i thought you didn’t want to share

IJustMight : U can't share
IJustMight : cause I don’t want to b your friend
IJustMight : I don’t want UUUUUUUUU to share
IJustMight : plus i canceled those plans anyway
IJustMight : I wanted to talk to u but you were not at home

Euftis : well you better not share if you don’t want me to

IJustMight : i don’t want u too
IJustMight : but if u want to b my friend... then u have to
help me when things go bad

Euftis : double standards

IJustMight : no
IJustMight : i don’t want to b your friend so i don’t want
to hear about your escapades

Euftis : if i cant share
Euftis : neither can you

IJustMight : but u want to b my friend so u deserve to hear


IJustMight : i know and neither do i
IJustMight : but this is not double standard
IJustMight : if u wanted to b mine i wouldn’t share
IJustMight : but u don’t so i can

Euftis : don’t think so
Euftis : we will be on the same page
Euftis : or not at all

IJustMight : fine then u need to move your ass to my page

Euftis : lol
Euftis : your funny

IJustMight : y is that so funny

Euftis : your funny

IJustMight : y

Euftis : your just funny Tina

IJustMight : how... i c no laughter in this

Euftis : like i said
Euftis : we share the same data
Euftis : or none at all

IJustMight : whatever

Euftis : true

IJustMight : huh

Euftis : I’m agreeing with you

IJustMight : with what the whatever?

Euftis : yep

IJustMight : k

Euftis : so figure out how to get boyfriend on your own

IJustMight : no problem
IJustMight : it's not like u were going to give any help

Euftis : i would have....if i planned on being at home tonight....

IJustMight : oh no... once i get his time... i know that i
will have him
IJustMight : that isn't the problem...

Euftis : i didn’t say you had one sweetie
Euftis : I’m just not playing your double standards

IJustMight : again with the damn double standards
IJustMight : there is no double standard
IJustMight : u r not getting it
IJustMight : the man i met a year ago i would never share info
with about another man
IJustMight : but u r a eunuch to me
IJustMight : u r neither a man or a woman

Euftis : so i'm supposed to be upset????????

IJustMight : and that is YOUR CHOICE NOT MINE

Euftis : then i can share what I’m doing tonight with you

IJustMight : so u can't share info...u don’t want me

Euftis : yes i can

IJustMight : c no u cant

Euftis : yes i can
Euftis : I’m a eunuch
Euftis : so why shouldn't mean anything to

IJustMight : because i am not a eunuch to u
IJustMight : i want to b with u
IJustMight : Sergio is mine!!!!!!
IJustMight : and i don’t want to share
IJustMight : but u wont give him to me
IJustMight : u would rather go FUCK some SLUT
IJustMight : so i don’t want to hear about it

Euftis : *sigh*....Gaea and Deborah are not sluts
Euftis : you need to stop acting so immature and lose the
name calling

IJustMight : S
IJustMight : L
IJustMight : U
IJustMight : u know the rest

Euftis : LOL....I am not going there with you

IJustMight : yes

Euftis : are you done

IJustMight : with u?

Euftis : *sigh*

IJustMight : U have other "things" to do tonight
other than discuss out friendship
IJustMight : so "do" what u want
IJustMight : bye

Euftis : excuse me

IJustMight : no excuses

Euftis : you have my full attention

IJustMight : please i don’t want ur attention
IJustMight : u want to fuck someone else
IJustMight : u have been fucking them for a month now
IJustMight : so no
IJustMight : no double standards
IJustMight : no friendship

Euftis : you intend to fuck someone tonight
Euftis : so what’s your problem

IJustMight : no i was cooking dinner and we were going to
watch movies

Euftis : whateva
Euftis : but i am not your are not waiting for
Euftis : by any means
Euftis : so why should i deprive myself

IJustMight : i was until u kept up this whole i wanna b your
friend thing

Euftis : Tina PLEASE

IJustMight : there is no please
IJustMight : when u r not acting like an ASS u r so worth my
IJustMight : right now
IJustMight : right this minute
IJustMight : please I’d rather fuck a stranger than u...
cause u keep pissing me off

Euftis : excuse me
Euftis : how am i acting like an ass

IJustMight : ok let's take it down a notch
IJustMight : i am going to b calm and rational
IJustMight : do u want to b with me

Euftis : yes i do

IJustMight : then y do u want to b my friend....
IJustMight : not because we have a friendship

Euftis : this time i will not be able to meet
your 'demands'

IJustMight : but y do u want to limit us to friends?

Euftis : you would not be happy

IJustMight : what demands

Euftis : you would complain

IJustMight : that u call me at night
IJustMight : that u call me in the mornings

Euftis : you would leave me again cause you didn’t get your

IJustMight : that u share your day with me

Euftis : so i just need to be your friend

IJustMight : what part of that can’t u do?

Euftis : you expect to give you what you want
Euftis : when YOU want it
Euftis : but you don’t feel you are obligated to return what
I want
Euftis : I don't have time for a one sided relationship
Euftis : but just because I can't be your man
Euftis : it does not mean that I can't be your friend

IJustMight : then would u b able to tell me that u have something
to do and that u may not b able to call me

Euftis : yes i would

IJustMight : so again.... cause I'm young and dumb...
IJustMight: and your so….OLD and wise…..

Euftis : i would not be able to do all of the above sometimes
Euftis : you would not be happy
Euftis : cause you didn’t get your way
Euftis : and we both know how you are when you don’t get your
Euftis : unreasonable
Euftis : mean
Euftis : vindictive
Euftis : I don't have time for that childish shit
Euftis : yes I called you childish
Euftis : sorry baby...but in some need to grow

IJustMight : i would have u
IJustMight : then i would have gotten my way
IJustMight : that is all i want

Euftis : uhh huh

IJustMight : your confusing me with the uh huh

Euftis : im not sure that’s all you want

IJustMight : y

Euftis : its just a feeling

IJustMight : hell i would hope after a little time we would
get some sex... but i can hold off
IJustMight : time 4 your dates?

Euftis : sure you can....that's why boyfriend is coming
over to 'watch movies' tonight

IJustMight : no
IJustMight : cause u r my friend
IJustMight : and that's what u told me was all that i
could have
IJustMight : so since u r my friend and Gaea and Deborah r
yours.... then i needed something else

Euftis : k
Euftis : fine

IJustMight : but i wanted u

Euftis : you have me
Euftis : stop being such an ass

IJustMight : and I was willing to wait 4 u
IJustMight : no i don’t
IJustMight : cause if i did
IJustMight : u would not be fucking someone else
IJustMight : i don’t share

Euftis : if we have a needs to be an open
Euftis : you are to far away and far to demanding for anything
Euftis : stop being insecure

IJustMight : i'm not insecure
IJustMight : not at all
IJustMight : u admitted it
IJustMight : i was cooking dinner and u were having sandwiches

Euftis : ????
Euftis : what are you talking about

IJustMight : a Gaea and Deborah sandwich

Euftis : *sigh*
Euftis : im out of to you later Tina

IJustMight : good bye Euftis

"Well that didn't go well...", I thought.
Tina was not taking the new role that I was subtly manipulating
her into very well. However, I was sure that she would eventually
get in line.


It was 9:30am, and I had just gotten my car washed. I jumped
onto I75 headed North with the intention of wandering around
at the flea market when Gaea called me.
"Good morning sweetie.", I said answering
my phone.
"Good morning to you....what are you doing?"
"Headed to the flea"
"Nothing much. I came into work early this morning.
I had allot of things that I needed to catch up on. You still
coming over for dinner tonight?"
"That I am.", I said. "She's at work
all alone! I think I may do a drive by on her ass!", I
thought scheming about doing her in her office. "You
know the routine... What you got on?"
"A short jean dress that buttons all the way up and
some white sandals."
"And what else?", I said in a devilish voice.
"You are so bad.....", she commented laughing.
"And a sheer flesh colored bra and panty set."
"Daaaaaamn!", I exclaimed. I visualized her
in her little outfit. Visualized laying her fine thick
ass on her desk and unbuttoning her dress from the bottom
and working my way up.... "I'm gonna come up there
and holla at ya!"
"Come on!", she said.


I got to her office building where the security guard who
expecting me buzzed me in. I didn't bother with the
elevator and ran up two flights of steps to Gaea's floor.
She looked up from her desk and mesmerized me with her cute
innocent smile as I walked up to the glass doors and pulled
on the door to open it to find it locked. I thought for a moment
how sad it was that in these days and times a woman didn't
really feel safe in most instances when she was alone and
watched her back at all times.
Gaea got up from her chair to unlock the door and I watched
her every movement as she did. Fine...truly...fine women
are a sight to behold. A fine woman looks good no matter what
she has on. A fine woman looks good waking up first thing
in the morning with messed up hair and dried up slobber on
the side of her mouth. A fine woman doesn’t need to wear a
speck of makeup. A fine women looks good taking a shit. Gaea
was fine.
She was an exotic creature. With her olive skin, beautiful
dark brown slanted eyes, and sandy blond hair, she could
pass for Asian, Black, or Hispanic depending on how she
made herself up. She gave me a sweet hug after she opened
the door. "You smell good.", she remarked as
she smiled looking up into my eyes.
“I see you had your hair braided. I like.”, I said returning
her smile.
“It’s my new attitude. I’m glad you like it. Come have a seat.
I have just a little more work to do.”, she said as she grabbed
a spare chair and pushed it next to hers. I held back for a
minute and let her get three steps ahead of me. I wanted to
watch that phat ass move as she walked.
“Are you watchin my ass?”, she remarked while smiling.
“And you know this! Don‘t make no sense baby! All that ass
and you won‘t let me hit it!” She sat down in her chair and
played with her hair with one hand while she rubbed her thighs
with the other. A sure sign of sexual arousal. Euftis Helpful
Hint #21 fellas...if a woman touches herself, fidgets,
or plays with her hair when you get in her space...get it...she
wants some! Since her thighs were so big she couldn't
button the dress all the way down and I could see part of her
crotch. With the flesh colored panties she wore it didn't
look like she had any underwear on at all and I stared intensely
between her legs while slowly licking my bottom lip.
“What!", she said smiling while her face flushed
red. She moved her arm down in-between her legs to obstruct
my view. "You are forever trying to get my ass... I
have done things with you that I never considered doing
with anyone else. You know that don't you? “
“I know baby and I appreciate that. But do you feel I press
you?”, I said. "I have got to figure out how to bring
the ho out of your ass!", I thought.
“What are you talking about?”
“I have been accused in the past of being controlling and
domineering. I just don’t want to appear that way with you…don’t
want you to feel..I’m pushing you.
“I’m fine with what we do sexually and I want to experiment
with the anal thing. But I don’t want you using a strap-on
on me!”

Every now and then Gaea and I would watch porn together.
I noticed that she got very wet whenever we watched a video
with Lexington Steel. I decided to surprise her and I went
out to the Hustler Store and bought a synthetic strap-on
fashioned after him. I put on one of his movies and I took
out the toy. I planned on doing her stroke for stroke the
same way Lex did the women in the movie. That way she could
watch it while I was doing her with his member. It would give
her the experience of doing a man she fantasized
swinging. I thought it would make her day. But it did the
opposite. She freaked out on me.
“That toy you bought looked like a white guy’s dick. So how
could it have been the guy from the movie?” , Gaea asked me
looking too cute with a genuine confused expression on
her face.
“They didn’t have it in black Gaea...”, I responded exasperated.
We already had this unpleasant conversation and I didn't
want to have it again.
"Then how can it be the guy in the movie?"
"Because they cast them in different skin tones.
A person may not buy it if it is not in their skin tone so they
make the same toy in different ones."
"Then why did you pick a white one then? Is that another
fetish I should know about?"
"Noooooo Gaea! They were out of black with the Lexington
Steel dildo sweetie so I got the white one." , I said.
"And that's why I'm fuckin Deborah.",
I thought to myself. I don't have to deal with this shit
with her freaky ass! She's down for whateva...."
"Then you should have picked a different guy. They
had others I am sure...."
"Yes they did....but I know you like him so I wanted
to do you with his dick."
"I don't like him!" , she said turning even
"Ohhh really? Then why do you squeeze your legs together
tight whenever one of his scenes come on? Why is it when I
spread your legs and get between them after watching him
your drippin on the floor? Huh baby?", I said giving
her my SoWhassup look.
"You are so bad...."
"Yea...I am. And you like that shit!"
"Well...I have that hang up. So no more white dildos.
I still can't believe you wanted to do me with a white
"Noooooooooooooo!", I said.

she replied.
"God! Let's just drop it!"
"Nope! just kill me thinking that a conversation
is over cause you say so!", she said cocking her head
to the side emphasizing the word you.

"It's a fucking toy Gaea! It's not like a
brought a white guy over!"
"Don't you cuss at me! And you did bring a white
guy over!" , she said leaning forward in her chair
and pointing her little right index finger at me. Some women
have certain mannerisms when they get excited or upset
that make them look sexy as hell but also let you know your
ass is in trouble. Gaea...was a finger pointer.
"Ohhh God... Your
me!, I said rolling my eyes. Ok. I am sooooo sorry."
"Do you have another fetish I need to know about?"
, she asked seriously.
"No sweetie I do not.", I replied resigned to
the fact that I could not win any argument with this woman
and that I just needed to answer her questions until she
got tired of asking them.
"Do you want to experience the white thing?"
" mean fuck a white woman?"
"Yes! You know I have a major problem with that!"
"Shit...your damn near white!", I thought.
"No sweetie. I don't want to fuck a white woman.",
I droned.
"I find it hard to believe you just buy things like
that without thinking!", she said rewinding her
argument and rehashing what she already complained about.
"Ohhhhh my God!" , I exclaimed as I slide out
of my chair to my knees and laid my head in Gaea's lap.
"You are so right sweetie. I didn't think. I should
have. I am so sorry."
"But if you say that is what you did...okay.",
she stated as she began to rub my head. "I'm letting
you know that I don't want it!"
"Yes dear. I understand dear. No white toys dear."
"Deborah is knockin ya out of the box luv... You would
want to turn up the freak factor!", I thought.
Both Gaea and Deborah were pushing me for a committed relationship
and I knew that soon I would have to make a decision. Although
Deborah rocked my world in the bed she left me starving when
it came to intimacy. Gaea satiated me with her gentle caresses,
kisses, and cuddling when it came to intimacy but was nothing
more than an appetizer to me sexually. That's why I
bounced like a yo-yo between the two. Getting from one what
the other lacked.
"Don't you yes dear me!", she snapped as
she slapped me on the head and laughed.
"Ooookay! Okay baby! You’re right! You win!",
I said as I began to lick her up and down between her thighs.
"I always do.", she said smugly. "What
are you doing?"

"Are we done arguing? It's time to have sex now.",
I said in my innocent little boy voice.
"Time to have sex? You are so bad..... Someone might
see us."
"So....", I said as I slide up her body and bit
down on her lower neck.
"Stoooop...someone might walk by and see us.",
she said as she gently pushed me back.
I stood up between her legs and began to unbuckle my pants.
"Euftis! What are you doing! Don't you dare pull
it out!" , she said as she grabbed both of my hands.
"Gimme some! Or..... Or I'm pullin it out!",
I threatened.
She laughed. "You’re gonna pull it out regardless....right?
So your threatening me either way. You can't trick
me. You know you don't pull it out enough for me. I want
you to pull it out everyday.", she said hinting that
she wanted a committed relationship.
"Gimme some or I'm gonna....I'm gonna pull
it out! I mean it!"
"Euftis....stop! Let's go over your house...and
I'll give you some."
"Uh Uhhhhh! Want it right here! Right now!",
I said as I stepped back and unbuckled my pants so they could
fall to the floor. The left corner of Gaea's lip curled
up as she made her NastyFace at the sight of me standing in
the middle of her office pantless with a hard dick. Gaea
may not have been as freaky as I liked but she loved to be penetrated
and she let me do her as much as I was physically able.
"Let's go into your conference room.",
I told her. There was a huge conference room that sat twenty
connected to her office. That had been my goal all along.
I had fantasized on more than one occasion rolling all over
that big ass table with her. The door leading to the hallway
was not glass so I could do with her as I wished.
I picked up my pants, took her by the hand, and walked to door
that led to her conference room. I closed the door as we walked
in while Gaea walked over to the door on the opposite end
of the room and closed it as well. I slid up behind her and
ran my hands up her thighs. "You are so bad....",
she remarked again. "I didn't even get the door
closed all the way before you had your hands all over me."
"And you know this!", I said as I spun her around
and began to unbutton her dress from the top down. Upon unbuttoning
her dress, I gently caressed her neck with one hand while
casually rubbing her belly with the other.
I reached up with one hand and down with the other until my
fingers were on her nipples and I gave them a sharp pinch
through her bra.
"Owwwww...that hurt!", she exclaimed as she
retreated away from me until her back was against the wall.

I reached forward quickly, grapping her neck, gently choking
her. She began to make a statement and I rolled my index finger
up to her lips and tapped it on them telling her to hush while
maintaining my choke hold on her. I reached up with my free
hand and roughly pulled her bra down and under her breasts
exposing them. I turned her head to the side and traced her
body with my eyes from her neck, to her breasts, down her
flat stomach, to her thunder thighs, ending at her pretty
ring laden feet. "Daaaaamn you look good.",
I purred lustily. "You pretty ass black woman."
I slowly slid my free hand down her belly, savoring the feel
of every inch of her ending my probe with my hand deeply embedded
in her moist panties. As my fingers ran across her wet opening,
she moaned and licked the finger that I held over her lips.
I unclasped her neck, and reached behind her head and took
a handful of her hair. She stared into my eyes wondering
what was next. I pushed her forward, bending her over the
conference table and holding her head down on it. "Pull
those panties down!", I commanded in a husky sex filled
She grasped the sides of her panties with a quickness and
pulled her underwear down as far as she could with me holding
her down. That shit turned me on and I entered her hard and
forcefully. Gaea gasped and moaned as I began to scoop and
grind on her from behind. I continued to grind on her until
I could feel her wetness change from watery to creamy...signaling
that she had cum all over me.
By this time I was getting hot. I didn't want to sweat
out my shirt so I stepped back and out of Gaea and took it off
wearing nothing more than the Lugz on my feet. "Don't
you move!", I told her as I took off the rest of my clothing.
The pre-fuck festivities were over and it was time to go
to work. Thick women with the thunda thighs need to be straight
up fucked. Anything less in my book is a crime and that is
exactly what I did. Took her cheeks in each hand, squeezed
them as hard as I could and fucked her pretty ass to multiple
I didn't stop until my body was drenched with sweat
and beads of it fell from my brow onto her outstretched butt.
Breathing heavily, I climbed up onto the table and laid
down on my back in the middle of it. "Ya wanna come sit
on this awhile?", I asked her as I massaged my balls.
Smiling, she let her dress drop to the floor and took her
panties off. She then slowly sauntered to the end of the
table swinging her hips giving me a little show. I propped
myself up on an elbow and just watched her walk. She knew
I loved her ass. When she got to the end of the table, she crawled
up on it on all fours and crawled down the length of the table
towards me. She stopped when she got in-between my legs
and threw her head forward so that her long braids dangled.
She then continued her slow crawl up my body allowing her
long braids to caress my legs as she moved. When she got to
my crotch, she threw her head back flinging her hair back
over her shoulders.
" that shit! Ride me baby!",
I shouted turned on by her eroticism.
"I'll get to it.", she told me flatly.
Gaea then stood up over me and turned so that her butt was
facing me. She then had the nerve to start twerking. "You
want this ass....don't ya?", she said messing
"You...are...not....right!", I exclaimed.
"Hell yea I want that ass!", I told her reaching
up to grasp it.
She slapped my hand sharply before I could grip it. "Don't....touch!",
she said.
"You had your fun. Now I'm going to have mine."
She then turned around to face me and dropped into a squatting
position over my body. Her fingers brushed up and down over
my chest and between my legs. I reached up to grab one of her
breasts only to get my hand slapped again. "I said
don't...touch!", she said again.
"You’re a control freak.", I told her smiling.
she replied sarcastically. She then dropped to all fours
over me and let her hair dangle again caressing my face and
chest. She threw her hair back over her shoulders and sat
down on me pressing our groins against each other. However,
the position that she did it in, pressed me flat against
her opening versus entering it. The sensation was both
intense and tickled at the same time as she rubbed her womanhood
against Sergio. "That feels good.", she whispered.
I reached behind her to insert Sergio inside her and ended
up getting my hand slapped again. "Did I ask you for
help?" , she said. "Sergio knows how to get home.",
she said as she lifted her hips up so that I slipped inside
of her. "See...", she said as she began to sit
on the length of me. "I told you he knows where home
Gaea continued to sit on me until I was fully inserted inside
of her then she sat up, took a firm hold on my shoulders and
began to grind back and forth on me. I watched her as she closed
her eyes and drifted off to some far flung place where she
concentrated on the feel of my dick inside of her. "Grab
my ass baby. Squeeze it. Squeeze it hard.", she ordered
me as she was about to cum. She continued to rock back and
forth on me...grinding harder...digging me deeper. "Here
it comes baby....", she moaned as she began to cum.
Looking up at her the goddess
she was named after...I began to cum as well. Both of us cumming.
Unto and into each other simultaneously....rising into
an orgasmic realm.

We fell back down to earth together and rested entangled
in each others arms. "That was good baby.",
I told her as I planted butterfly kisses on her eyes.
"You are so bad...", she replied.
"I know. But you like that shit!"
"Yes. I do.", Gaea replied as she squeezed me

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