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Doctor Time (A great Storie)


I'm sure a lot of women may feel the same way I do but I
don't know of many that would admit it. I have a crush
on a man, it's someone I see once every six months and
he is a professional. He is my doctor, more specifically
my gynecologist. I know, it sounds strange to some that
I could be sexually attracted to a man that spends the little
time I see him doing something that's not exactly sexual.

He is very handsome and young, the first time I saw him I was
a little bothered that he was close to my age and so good looking
AND that he'd be examining me...down there. After
the first year, it didn't bother me as much and pretty
soon I began to look forward to my bi-yearly exams.

I've been going to Dr. Gibson for almost six years now
and each visit my fantasies grow more detailed and by the
time I leave his office I have to go home and masturbate.

I dream about his tall lean body, his shoulder length light
brown hair and deep green eyes. When he examines my breasts
I have to close my eyes and look away because the feeling
of his soft warm hands on my breasts makes my nipples hard
and causes my insides to tighten. I know that when he does
the "pelvic exam" he can feel and see that I'm

I have an appointment today; it's going to be even more
difficult for me than usual because I had a wet dream about
him last night. In my dream we ran into each other at the grocery
store and ended up having lunch together. After we ate I
invited him back to my place for drinks and he said yes. He
followed me to my house and we went in for a drink.

He sat on my sofa and the sight of him so relaxed in my house
made me do things I wouldn't normally do. While he made
himself a drink I went to the restroom and removed my panties.
I came out and sat next to him, we talked and had a nice time.
When it was time to refill our glasses I went to the bar and
bent over to get a bottle out from under the bar. I heard him
clear his throat, I wasn't sure if he caught sight of
my pussy or was just clearing his throat. I turned around
and saw him gazing at my exposed pussy. He looked away quickly
but I knew I had him.

I wasn't sure if he would be attracted to me sexually
considering he is my doctor and sees that part of me all the
time, but it was my dream so he would feel however I wanted
him to feel. In the dream I walked to him and stood in front
of him. I lifted my leg on to the sofa and leaned closer to
him. Without saying a word he slid his hand up my inner thigh
and found my moist lips. He spread them with his fingers
and slid two fingers inside me. He fucked me with his fingers
for several minutes till I climaxed.

Unfortunately, that's when my alarm went off and I
had to get out of bed. I woke up with soaking wet panties and
swollen lips. I pulled my vibrator out of my nightstand
drawer and turned it on low, I slid it into me and came quickly
before I showered for my doctor's appointment.

The drive to his office seemed to take forever and I arrived
five minutes late. Marcia, his office manager informed
me that he would be a late so it didn't matter that I arrived
late, I was his first appointment and he didn't have
another till after lunch.

I picked up a magazine and started leafing through it; I
had to do something to keep myself busy. After thirty minutes
his medical assistant, Nancy, called me back. I climbed
on the scale, had my blood pressure taken and slipped into
one of those lovely gowns made out of paper. I waited for
Dr. Gibson in the chilly room with nothing on but the thin
paper gown.

I heard my chart slide out of the slot outside the exam room
door and he knocked softly on the door before entering.
He smiled and I felt butterflies come to life in my belly.
I smiled back and he shook my hand. His skin was soft and warm
(as always) and it reminded me of my dream. I felt my cheeks
flush just as he released my hand.

He walked to the counter and set my chart down. He pulled
up his little stool and sat down near my knees. He smiled
up at me and we began discussing my reason for the visit and
the usual stuff. After ten minutes he asked me to layback
so he could begin the exam. My heart began to race as he slipped
my gown down below my breasts. My nipples were already hard
and I closed my eyes and looked away as he began to gently
examine my right breast.

I had my eyes closed and my head turned the opposite way when
I felt him gently squeeze my nipple. This is a normal part
of the exam so I was used to it, what I wasn't used to was
his hand grazing across my erect nipple as he reached to
examine my left breast. As he began making the slow circles
around my breast his left forearm was lightly touching
my right nipple. I had to concentrate on my breathing because
I was becoming aroused by his touch. He seemed to take longer
examining my left breast than my right, I became concerned
that perhaps he had felt something out of the ordinary and
glanced at his face.

He smiled down at me.

"Nothing to be concerned with, just a calcium deposit."

"Oh, okay!" my voice came out husky. I hoped
he didn't noticed.

He smiled again and gently squeezed my left nipple. I looked
away and bit my lip to keep from moaning as he gave my nipple
a little extra pinch. I could have been imagining it but
I thought it was extra...I don't know, after my dream
I think I'm willing to believe whatever I want at this

We talked briefly as I pulled my gown back over my breasts
and he washed his hands. He slipped on his gloves and sat
on his stool. He scooted to the foot of the examining table
and asked me scoot down. I placed my feet in the stirrups
and slid lower on the table so my butt was almost hanging
over the edge. I tried to relax as he positioned himself
between my legs and turned the lamp on, pointing it me.

"Umm, you shaved I see!" He sounded surprised.

"Yes, I did." I said shyly. I had done it on a whim,
I had read about it in a book.

"Any reason in particular?" He asked.

"No, just for the heck of it." I tried to say it
lightly but I was growing tense.

"I see." He said softly.

I waited as he prepared the speculum; this was the part of
the exam I hated. No matter how attracted I was to my doctor,
I hated that damn speculum! It was always uncomfortable
and sometimes painful, I don't think any woman enjoys
that thing!

"Just relax, it will make it easier." He said.

I relaxed and soon that part of the exam was over. The next
part isn't very pleasurable but other than the breast
exam I like this part because he uses his fingers rather
than a metal utensil. He spread the lubrication on his gloved
fingers and slowly inserted them between my lips. I closed
my eyes and tried to imagine my dream and him finger fucking
me. I felt his thumb bump against my clit and that was it for
me; I couldn't help myself and started a slow climax
on his two fingers.

I know he felt my muscles contracting but he didn't
say anything. I knew he was going to begin the process of
pushing on my lower abdomen but I wanted to enjoy my orgasm.
He pushed his fingers deeper into me and I waited for him
to place his hand on my belly as my climax ended. My cheeks
were flushed and I was too embarrassed to look at him but
I had to see his reaction to my orgasm. I opened my eyes and
he was still between my knees. He was staring intently at
my pussy with a slight smile on his face.

He stood and began pressing on my belly, pushing and moving
things that shouldn't be moved. When he was done he
stripped off his gloves and threw them away. He walked to
the sink and washed his hands slowly. I started to sit up
but I had to slide up the table in order to get my legs out of
stirrups without falling off the table.

"Please, stay where you are, we have some things to
discuss." He said with his back to me.

I stayed on my back and waited for him to return to the table.
He turned off the water and dried his hands as he walked towards
me. He smiled and I had to smile back, he is so handsome I had
to look away for a moment to keep from blushing.

"Well Janine, everything looks great!" He
said with a smile.

"Oh, okay! Great, thanks Dr. Gibson." I stammered.

He smiled again and placed his hand on my bent knee.

"Everything looks REALLY great Janine but I need
to ask you something." He was looking at me intently.

"Yes Dr. Gibson?" I swallowed so hard I think
he must have heard me.

"What happened a moment ago, would you mind telling
me why?" He asked.

I had to look away; I was so embarrassed I couldn't look
him in the face.

"Well, I'm not really sure Dr. Gibson. It just
sort of happened."

I didn't know how to tell him that I'd fantasized
about him for almost six years. I didn't want him to
know how I felt but I was going to have to say something to
try and explain why I had an orgasm during a pelvic exam.
I began to wonder if that happened a lot with his other patients.
I worked up my nerve and turned to look at him.

"Is it something that happens often Dr. Gibson?"
I asked.

He leaned forward and I felt something hard poke into my
thigh. I looked at him and his smile widened. He pressed
harder into my leg and closed his eyes briefly. I felt my
stomach tighten and a gush of warm liquid began to run out
of my pussy down to my ass.

"Actually no, you're the first." He gave
my knee a gentle squeeze.

"Oh, I see!" I was mortified and looked away
from his intense gaze.

"Why are you embarrassed? There is absolutely nothing
wrong with what happened. I'm quite flattered!"

He released my knee and stepped away from me, I heard him
walking and he appeared in front of me. I could see very clearly
that he was indeed flattered; there was a large bulge straining
against the front of his pants. I looked up at him and he smiled
down at me. I wanted desperately to reach out and massage
his cock through his pants but I managed to refrain.

"Are you attracted to me Janine?"

I wanted to answer honestly but I was afraid that him fooling
around with a patient could get him in a lot of trouble with
the medical board. As it was things were pretty questionable
on his part, if you threw in my orgasm I think it would look
pretty bad to someone on the outside.

"That depends Dr. Gibson; I would hate to get you in
any trouble."

"I think it's a little late for that. I've
already crossed a line that no doctor is supposed to cross."

"You have? If you mean..." I looked down at his
growing bulge, "I won't tell anyone. I don't
want to get you into trouble."

He looked down at his crotch, "Actually I wasn't
talking about my arousal, I was speaking in terms of my feelings."

"Your feelings?" My mouth was suddenly very

"Yes, I've been attracted to you for some time
now; I was fine with that until today."

"I've been attracted to you all along, since
I first came to see you."

He didn't say anything more; he walked out of the room
and left me lying on the table. I started to sit up again just
as he came back in. He had removed his white coat, his hunter
green dress shirt made the green of his eyes stand out even
more. He looked incredibly handsome.

"Lay back down please." He said.

I lay back as he walked to my feet, which were now out of the
stirrups. He grabbed my ankles and placed my heels back
into the stirrups. He sat down and without saying a word
he gently began to massage my clitoris. With his other hand
he slid two fingers inside me and gently worked them in and
out of my wet pussy.

I was writhing under his warm touch; his fingers were sending
electric shocks through my body. I could feel my insides
tightening as my orgasm built slowly. I felt his fingers
push up against the top of my cervix as he hit my g-spot perfectly.
He began to massage it slowly while lightly pinching my
swollen clit. The sensations were too much to bear and I
came hard. I felt him rub my clit harder as I climaxed on his
hand and my orgasm only intensified.

I was thrashing around on the table bound to his warm touch
while he gave me the most incredible orgasm I had ever experienced.
When I was done he stood and slowly pulled his fingers out
and held them up for me to see. I watched as my fluids dripped
down his fingers and into his palm. He unzipped his pants
with his free hand and pulled them down to reveal the biggest
dick I had ever seen.

My last boyfriend was almost nine inches, Dr. Gibson'
(I guess I should call him Daniel after this) dick was at
least 10 inches and it was thicker than any cock I'd
ever seen. I couldn't help but stare at his huge rod
as he griped it with his wet hand and slowly began to spread
my juices up and down the length of his shaft. I watched as
pre-cum began to drip from the tip of his head. He used his
index finger to spread the drops around his engorged head.

I could feel myself getting wetter at the sight of him touching
himself. He walked to me with cock still in his hand. He smiled
down at me as I opened my mouth and waited for him to feed me
his cock. He leaned forward and placed his warm head into
my waiting mouth. I wrapped my lips around him and rolled
my tongue around the crest of his head. I could taste his
pre-cum mixed with my cum and I grew wetter.

He moaned softly as I took him further into my mouth and began
to rub my tongue on the sensitive underside of his shaft.
I eased him down my throat and swallowed so my throat could
squeeze his cock. He was down my throat and I wasn't
even close to having him halfway in my mouth. I knew there
was no way I could deep throat him so I would have to work my
magic on the part of him I could fit in my mouth. I rolled my
tongue around him and slid my mouth up and down his hard shaft.
He moaned as I sucked gently on his head and I felt pre-cum
drip onto my tongue. I hungrily drank up the sweet tasting
fluid and continued to suck him. He was moaning and thrusting
his hips while I used my mouth to suck and taste him. I could
feel him swelling and thought he might be close to cumming
soon so I increased my efforts and began to suck him harder.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and leaned down, we were
nose to nose and he kissed me softly. I opened my mouth and
his tongue slid in, we began licking and tasting each other's
mouth. He was an incredible kisser, his lips were warm and
soft and his mouth tasted like cherries. I moaned softly
into his mouth and he lightly bit my bottom lip.

"I have to have you, but not in here! Grab your clothes;
let's go to my office. Quickly!"

He helped me off the table and I dressed quickly while he
pulled his pants up, I didn't bother putting on my bra
or panties I just stuffed them in my purse. He opened the
exam room door and we turned right to head into his office.
I had only been in his office once or twice; it looked different
now, somehow cozier. He closed the door behind me and locked

He took me by the hand and led me to the large leather sofa.
We kissed in front while we removed our clothes. Soon we
were naked, I reached down and wrapped my hand around his
cock and used my other hand to cup his balls. I thought he
looked great with clothes on, he looked fantastic naked.
His stomach was flat and muscular, his broad shoulders
and muscular arms were big but not muscleman big. His chest
was hairless; the only hair on his upper body was a thin line
of curly brown hair that went down below his waist to his
pubic hair.

His skin was tanned all over, it had to be natural, either
that or he tanned in the nude. He was breathtaking to look
at; I reached out and ran my hands up his arms and over his
shoulders. He was smooth and warm, I ran my hands over his
nipples and they immediately became hard. He reached out
to me and began running his hands over my body as well. We
explored each other until the teasing was almost unbearable.

He sat down on the sofa and jumped back up with a smile on his

"It's leather...very cold!" He said shyly.

He walked to his coat rack and pulled two of his hospital
coats off then set them on the sofa before he sat down again.

"Much better!" He smiled up at me and held out
his hands.

I walked to him and took his hands. He gently pulled me down
to him; I climbed on the sofa and straddled his lap. I looked
down at him and slipped his hands out of mine and placed them
on my hips. I put my hands on his shoulders and positioned
myself over his cock. I was soaking wet so I wasn't worried
about that, I was worried about how huge he was and if it was
going to be painful.

I carefully lowered myself so the head of his prick was between
my pussy lips, I slowly pushed down and felt his large head
pop inside me. I could feel myself stretching just to accommodate
his large head I was afraid to go down further. I felt him
gently pulling me down so he could slide deeper into me.
I allowed him to pull me down; as he went deeper I had the feeling
I was going to split in two. I was glad that I was so wet, it
helped ease his entry.

"Don't worry, it will only hurt for a little while,
once we get going I think you'll enjoy it."

I trusted him; after all he was a doctor. I allowed him to
pull me down until he was in all the way to his balls. He left
it that way for a few minutes while he kissed my neck and breasts.
Soon I was ready to fuck him so I started going up and down
his thick cock slowly. He was right, it hurt at first but
pretty soon it felt so good that all I could think about was
huge rod buried deep inside me.

He let me ride him at my own pace while he continued to suck
and bite my nipples. He felt incredible; the slight pain
in the beginning was worth it to be riding such a huge cock.
I loved it; this was better than anything I could have ever

"God Janine, you're so tight I don't know
how long I can hold back." He mumbled against my breasts.

I was close to climaxing and I wanted him to cum at the same
time so I quickened my pace and started riding him harder
and faster. He moaned loudly and I felt him get even bigger,
I knew he was going to cum. I began to grind him into me deeper
and that was it, I felt like my head exploded as my orgasm
rocked me. He screamed and I felt his load shoot inside me,
gush after gush of warm liquid spread within me and I came
again. When we were done I collapsed on him and waited till
I could move. My head was spinning and I was out of breath.

"That was amazing!" He whispered against my

"It was incredible!" I said and kissed his check.

I smiled at him and he kissed me softly on the lips.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" He asked.

"A little at first, but I got over it."

I nuzzled against his neck and inhaled deeply. I wanted
to remember the smell of his cologne. He pulled my face to
his and we kissed again, I could feel his cock getting softer
inside me and soon it slipped out. I began to drip cum onto
his flaccid dick but he didn't seem to mind so I didn't

After several minutes of kissing I felt the stirrings of
arousal again and wanted him just as badly as I had before
we'd made love. We kissed passionately, all tongues
and softly nipping teeth; it was as if we were trying to eat
each other from the mouth down. I broke the kiss and looked
at him, his eyes were half closed and I knew he wanted me again.

I rolled off of his lap laid on the sofa on my back, without
a word he climbed on top of me and pulled my legs up so my knees
were hooked on his shoulders. I looked down and saw his cock
was back to life. I watched as he pressed slid his head up
and down the length my dripping pussy. Once he was covered
with our combined cum he slid between my lips and entered

He pumped into me slowly at first but soon built up so much
speed his cock was a blur sliding in and out of me. He fucked
me relentlessly for 45 minutes; I came so many times I lost
count. I couldn't help myself, I was murmuring and
crying out his name as he fucked me raw. Just when I didn't
think I could take any more he slammed into me hard and I felt
him explode. He screamed my name as his warm load spread
inside me.

He pushed himself up briefly so I could drop my legs to his
sides and he fell onto me breathing heavily. I could feel
his heart beating against my breasts as we both tried to
catch our breath. I had never been fucked like that before,
my pussy was sore but I wanted him again.

When he could speak he sat up and leaned back against the
sofa. He smiled at me and held out his hand to help me sit.
I sat up and he embraced me, he buried his face in my hair and
inhaled deeply.

"You smell like flowers." He said against the
top of my head.

I nuzzled against his chest and he held me tightly against

"What would you say if I told you I could no longer see
you?" He asked quietly.

"That depends on what you mean?" I felt my heart
race even faster.

"Well, I meant as your doctor, what did you think I
meant?" He pulled back and looked down at me.

"I was just checking, I wanted to make sure before
I said something stupid." I leaned up and kissed his

"I can recommend some great doctors if you like."

"Does this mean I'm more than a patient?"
I smiled up at him.

"I hope you don't think I molest all my patients!"
He tried to look shocked but he managed to look even sexier.

"You molested me?" I laughed, "I thought
I was the one doing the molesting."

"I'm not so sure I like that word molest, how about
we say ‘seduced' and leave it at that."

We kissed for a few moments, I allowed my hands to roam over
his firm body, I loved the feel of his muscles under my hands.
His skin was so smooth and warm it made me want to throw him
down and make love on the floor. He slowly began kissing
his way down, starting at my chin, then my neck finally stopping
to kiss and flick each nipple.

"I'm actually starving, I haven't eaten
since 4 o'clock yesterday." He spoke from between
my breasts.

"Would you like to go and get a bite to eat?" I
said against the top of his head.

"I'd love to! I have a private bathroom in here
if you're more comfortable using it than the public
one in the hall."

"Thank you, I'd much rather use the one in here."

We walked to his bathroom, it was large for an office bathroom,
it even had a shower big enough for two. I'd have to remember

"I take it you spend a great deal of time here?"
I asked.

"I spend at least two nights a week at the office. My
sofa folds out into a bed so I sleep here while I'm on
call at the hospital. Since my office is less than a mile
away it makes more sense than going all the way home."
He leaned against the counter.

"So, you have a bed and a shower here. Sounds cozy!"
I walked to him and pressed myself against the length of
his body.

We ran our hands up and down the sides of each other; I leaned
my head against his chest and listened to his heartbeat.
When he spoke I could feel the rumble in his chest.

"Did you have something in mind?" He asked.

"Just thinking of the possibilities."

"That sounds promising. I can hardly wait."
He leaned down and kissed my neck. We kissed and touched
for a little while till both of our stomachs began to growl
and we decided it was time to eat. We washed up briefly, dressed
and went out for lunch. After lunch he drove us to his house
where we proceeded to make love again. We didn't make
it very far; we ended up in the foyer.

As we entered the front door he pushed me against the closed
door and kissed me deeply. I realized he was stripping me
and I did the same to him. Once our clothes were off he lifted
me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He entered me and
began to slide me up and down his shaft with my back still
against the front door. The door was cold against my back
as he lit a fire inside me with his driving cock. I felt my
orgasm building and knew I wouldn't be able to hold
back, my climax started deep inside me and exploded out
of me a rush of hot liquid. I came over and over as he drove
deeper inside me with each thrust.

I leaned my head back against the door and lifted my breasts
to his chin. He bent his head down and sucked my left nipple
into his mouth. His hot mouth on my hard nipple was enough
to push me over the edge again. As I climaxed I felt his body
tense and he released my nipple and cried out, I felt each
pulse of his creamy load shooting inside me while my own
orgasm subsided.

He helped me to my feet and we scooped up our discarded clothing.
He led me to a first floor bathroom where we cleaned up and
dressed. Once we'd dressed he gave me a tour of his house.
He lived in a modest two-story house, with 3 bedrooms and
4 bathrooms. We finished the tour in his kitchen. He told
me it was his favorite room in the house and it was obvious
from the appliances and cozy nature of the room. He explained
how his father left him the house after both of his parents
had passed away while he was doing his residency. Once he
completed school and his residency he moved back into the
house and has been here ever since.

His pager went off just as he leaned over to kiss me. He pulled
it from the clip on his belt and smiled at me.

"Sorry, I have to call my answering service."

He stood and went to the kitchen phone; I turned out his conversation
and focused on my glass of Pepsi. I sipped my drink and thought
about my day. I never would have imagined that I'd be
spending my afternoon with my doctor. He seems like such
a great guy; his personality and sense of humor make him
easy to talk to. I forgot the fact that he'd been my gynecologist
for many years and had seen more of my body than I had...I
was comfortable with him and hoped that we would be spending
more time together.

He hung up the phone and came to sit with me at the dining table.
He reached for my hands and slid his hands over mine.

"I have to go deliver a baby. If you don't mind
waiting here I should be done in a couple of hours."
He lifted my hand to his mouth and kissed my fingertips.

"If it's alright with you, I'd like to go
home, I have some things I need to take care of." I smiled
at him as he lifted my other hand to his mouth and began kissing
my fingers.

"Can I call you when I get done?" He raised his
eyebrows as he asked the question.

"Of course!"

He leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. We kissed
briefly before he broke the kiss and stood. He helped me
to my feet and we gathered our belongings and walked outside
to his parked car. He dropped me at his office so I could get
my car and we went our separate ways.


One Year Later...

Daniel called when he was done delivering his patient's
baby that night; she had a girl. He stopped at my place (it
was still early enough) and I made him dinner. Before we
had a chance to make it to my bedroom his pager went off again
and he had to leave to deliver another baby.

That about sums up our relationship, we meet briefly at
his place or mine...his pager goes off and he has to leave.
Thankfully he has a comfortable bed at his office; we seem
to have the most fun there. We usually make love when his
office is empty; it's convenient for those times when
he gets done in the wee hours of the morning. I like to wait
for him at his office after he's had a long day.

I'll light candles, roll out the sofa bed and lay naked
for him. Occasionally I'll start without him and begin
to masturbate, on those occasions Daniel goes crazy when
finds me with my fingers sliding in and out of my pussy. He
never lets me finish; he always dives in and begins licking
me to orgasm before I can get myself off.

On a few occasions I'll show up at his office before
they shut down for lunch. His office staff knows me and they
know that he and I are dating. They also know why I'm
there and they usually take off to give us privacy. We've
only had the chance to have actual intercourse twice (lack
of time) but they were both very memorable.

The first time we made love during his lunch hour was about
three months ago. I knew he had a surgery scheduled for the
following morning and I to go out of town for a couple of days
so I decided to surprise him with a picnic lunch. I wore a
simple sundress with a strapless bra and white lace thong
panties. I strolled into the office just after 1:00; Marcia
greeted me and sent me back to his office. I knocked and he
opened the door. He smiled when he saw it was me and welcomed
me in. He closed and locked the door behind me and wrapped
his arms around me. We kissed briefly and I showed him the
basket with our lunch in it.

"I thought you might want dessert before lunch, just
in case we get interrupted."

I pulled away from him and placed the basket on his desk.
I turned to face him and slowly lifted my dress over my head.
He smiled at the sight of me in my panties and bra. I reached
behind me and unhooked my bra, dropping it on top of my discarded
dress. I walked to him wearing only my lacy white panties,
when I was standing in front of him I turned my back to him
and pressed my backside against his body.

I could feel his erection pressing into my bottom so I reached
behind me and began to stroke him through his pants. He quickly
removed his pants and pushed my panties aside to reveal
my swollen lips. I felt him rub his cock up and down the length
of my pussy before he finally shoved his thick cock into
me. He put both hands on my shoulders and used them to pull
me back onto his prick while he slammed into me rapidly.
Neither of us lasted long, I came just before I felt him explode
inside me. I moved forward and felt him slip out of me and
his cum began to run down my inner thighs.

"Hungry?" I asked as I picked up my clothes.

"Starving!" He said as he pulled up his pants.

I went into his bathroom and got a clean towel from the supply
of clean towels we kept for these occasions. I walked back
into his office and placed the towel on his desk directly
in front of his chair. I motioned him to come over and sit
down. He sat down and I opened the basket I had brought with
me. I removed a container with sliced fruit and opened it.
I began feeding him the pieces of fruit while he fingered
my pussy. He removed a large slice of cantaloupe and dipped
the cold fruit into my wet pussy. He lifted the piece to his
mouth and sucked the fluid off of it before sucking the fruit
into his mouth and chewing it.

I had only been in his office for a half hour when his phone
rang and his staff informed him of an emergency delivery.
He left quickly and I waited quietly in his office till he
returned three hours later. His staff knew enough to not
come in his private office but I still cleaned up while I
waited for him to return.

I was ready for him when he came back, even though he was exhausted
he still managed to fuck me for an hour before he passed out
next to me. I'll admit it's difficult to be involved
with a man that always has to run off in the middle of things
but he's worth it. I know it won't be this way forever;
he's already in the process of taking on two other partners
so he'll actually be able to take a vacation. He's
planning on taking two weeks off this summer and is making
the travel arraignments for us to go on a cruise.

I'm waiting for him his office...naked.
He called to say he's leaving the hospital now and to
be ready for him. I lie back on the bed and spread my legs as
I run my fingers over my breasts and down to my pussy. As I
slid two fingers between my lips I hear the door open...


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Excellent story! Keep up the good work!


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Excellent story. I wish I was that doctor, though I am not
that big. I can still lick the juicy .... Tommy


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WOW. What a great story. Why cant more people write like

keep up the good work.


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Wow.. where can I find a GYN like that? Great story!


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That was awesome! I had a GYN that I wish I could have had this
encounter with- he was just gorgeous, but so was his wife...


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excellent story, sexy and very warm and tender. please
write some more


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Hey very nice story...... i really like the way you both
got engaged....


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UMMMMMMM... back again and just as HOT!