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Dirty Old Man


The internet was to blame for my obsession. Well, blame
is the wrong word, because it implies guilt or dissatisfaction,
and I feel neither. It was a rainy day last March when it happened.
I should have been doing my English assignment. Mom, Dad
and my younger brother, Ben, had all gone to see a movie.
I would have liked to have gone as well, but I had to have this
homework done by tomorrow. I was working at the computer
when I got bored and decided to spend some time on-line.
After surfing for half an hour or so, and by pure accident,
I came across a site that contained photos of people having
sex. Curiosity got the better of me, and I went in.

This was the first time that I had come across this kind of
a site. Of course, I knew about their existence, everybody
in school did. It was just that they had never really interested
me. Not until that moment that is. I was looking through
some thumbnail photos when I came across a set that was described
simply as ‘The dirty old man and the teen.’ I was pretty aroused
already, but when I went into the site and saw the photos,
my whole body started to tremble.

There were about 25 pictures placed together to make a series
of this really pretty teenage girl and an elderly man. It
starts with her bringing him a drink. The old man is sitting
on a couch, and as he takes the cup out of the girl’s hand,
he pulls her forward to give her a peck on the cheek as a thank
you type gesture. In the next frame, the old man has put the
cup on a side table, and is beckoning the girl to come sit
next to him, which she does. She has long blonde hair, and
is wearing a short white dress with a pair of white high heeled
shoes. The old man is then shown with his hand on the girl’s
bare thigh. She makes it clear that this is not what she wants.
But in the next picture the old man is standing above the
teenager with the back of his right hand threatening to
smack the girl across the face. The old man is then seen dragging
the girl by her hair so that she has to kneel in front of him.
He forces her to undo his trousers and take his penis into
her mouth. He then rips her dress off and proceeds to have
sex with her in a variety of positions. In the final three
frames, the old man is holding his cock in front of the girl’s
open mouth and shooting his semen onto her tongue.

I know that any teenage girls reading this will think I’m
so gross, but I honestly felt so excited looking at these
photos, in fact, more aroused than I had ever felt before.
It made me wonder what kind of a girl would let a man who was
so old do things like that to her. I mean, he wasn’t even a
good-looking old guy. I wondered how they greeted each
other at the photo studio. Did they shake hands formally
or would they kiss? I began to wonder what it was like for
this girl when the old man kissed her. Did he have false teeth?
Did his breath smell? What did it feel like to have some old
guy’s hands roaming all over your body, touching you everywhere
that is private to a girl? It would be easy for him to get aroused;
I mean what old man wouldn’t want to get his hands on a teenager,
but how did she get ready for him? Did she feel dirty after
he had put his smelly old cock inside her mouth and pussy?
And what about all that horrible goo of his that she had to
swallow? Yuck!!

But as I thought of all these things, it suddenly dawned
upon me that for the last ten minutes my right hand had been
tucked down the front of my panties and doing things that
my friend, Cathy, had shown me last year. I managed to get
off with just minutes to spare before my family came back,
but I kept those pictures on disc, because I knew that I’d
want to see them again and again.

Fate played its hand two months later. A friend that used
to live next door about 10 years ago had invited mom and Dad
to a wedding; her daughter was getting married. We moved
to a new house about 25 miles away just after Ben was born,
because our old one only had two bedrooms. Mom kept in touch
with our old neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Davies, and she and
Dad would go out with them a couple of times every year.

We had all been invited to the wedding, and also to stay over
at the country hotel where the evening reception was to
be held. It was a beautifully hot, sunny Saturday as we drove
to the small church for the ceremony. I wore a pink summer
dress, a pair of white ankle socks with a turnover fringe,
and black shiny sandals. Ben and I sat in the back of the car
as usual, and Ben was playing with his Game Boy, as usual.
Lots of guests had arrived at the church before us, and were
milling around outside, since the groom hadn’t arrived
yet, and it was too nice to stay indoors. Dad and Mom dragged
us over to talk to a family we used to know from our old neighborhood.
Suddenly, from behind me, I heard the booming of a man’s
voice calling out my Dad’s name. We all turned in the direction
of the noise, and when my parents saw who owned the foghorn,
their faces beamed with delight.

‘Henry, you old reprobate’, Dad said to the man as he pumped
his hand enthusiastically. ‘Jeez, we haven’t seen you
since we left the old place. How are you, and how’s Mary?
The man had his back to me but I heard him tell Dad that Mary,
who I guessed was his wife, had died the year before, but
that he was fine and glad to see his old friends. Henry kissed
Mom, said she looked wonderful, which made her blush, and
asked where the rest of the family was. When Mom told him
we were right behind him, Henry turned around to greet Ben
and I.

Henry picked up Ben and held him high up in the air. ‘So, you’re
young Ben are you? You’re a fine big boy, aren’t you?’ Ben,
who was a little shy of the stranger, just nodded his head
slightly. Henry put my brother back on his feet, and he and
my folks had a good laugh. And then Henry turned to me. I craned
my neck to look up at him; I’m only four feet eleven and Henry
was taller than Dad, and Dad is over six feet. ‘And this beautiful
young lady must be the lovely Kim.’ Now it was my turn to blush.

I offered Henry my hand and said a whispered hello. As he
took my hand into his large palm, Henry remarked that I had
been just five when he had last seen me and hadn’t I grown
into a beauty just like my mother. It was only when he said
that he thought he deserved a kiss from me that I realized
I had become aroused by Henry’s likeness to the old man in
the sexy photo series. Both were tall and fat, both wore
glasses that made their eyes look huge, both were bald except
for a little fuzzy grey hair at the side of their heads, and
both had red faces. As Henry’s face approached my cheek,
the hand that wasn’t holding mine came to rest on my shoulder,
which was bare apart from the thin straps that held up my
pretty, pink summer dress. When I felt his hot, sweaty hand
on my skin and his hot, moist lips on my face, I almost fainted.
I sensed that he realized this as well, because he was brave
enough to run his tongue over my cheek just before he pulled
away. As Henry continued talking to Mom and Dad, both of
his hands clasped the one I had offered to him a minute ago.
I made no attempt to move it away, and he made it look so natural
that it didn’t seem anything other than an old man’s friendly

Dad asked Henry if he’d like to join us in church, as he had
come on his own, and he said he would be delighted. He finally
let go of my hand as he walked into the church ahead of Ben
and I, with Mom and Dad. At the end of the pew, Henry played
the gentleman and let Mom and Dad in first. Then he suggested
Ben go in next so that he could be close to Mom, before he ushered
himself in at the end of the pew, next to me.

All kinds of thoughts were running through my mind. I was
sure that Henry thought I was attractive, and I was also
sure that he had been flirting with me. I had heard him tell
Dad that he had just turned 67, and my wonderings of what
it would be like with a man so much older than me began to grow.
I started to think that if I was to flirt with him, then I could
stop it if I didn’t want it to go on, and besides, it might
all be in my imagination. I mean, he was on social security!
As we all bent down to say the first prayer, I noticed that
Henry’s left hand was by his side. Without anyone noticing,
I gently slipped my hand into his palm. His hand was damp
with sweat as I played with his fingers. Neither one of us
looked at the other, but we both let go as we got back on our
seats. During the following three prayers, our hands followed
the same pattern. I was becoming very, very excited at the
thought of how wicked I was being, and what a tease I was.

Soon, the service was over, and the congregation was filing
out after the bride and groom, back into the sun outside.
In the rush to get photographs taken, I got separated not
only from my family, but also from Henry. I stood at the back
of the crowd in the pretty little church, and saw Dad at the
front, taking shots of the happy couple as Mom stopped Ben
from getting into trouble. I looked around for Henry but
couldn’t see him anywhere. Then, two minutes later, I felt
a pair of strong hands holding my bare arms. As I turned around
and saw Henry, I almost fainted with excitement. He had
come looking for me. Soon, his hands were moving gently
up and down my arms. Part of me wanted to cringe, but the greater
part of me was excited beyond description at the thought
of being touched by such an elderly man. Slowly, Henry bent
his head down to my ear: ‘The bride’s very pretty, ’ he remarked.
I nodded my agreement, hardly able to breathe. ‘Not as pretty
as you, though.’ And as he pulled himself upright again,
his left hand moved up to my shoulder. Nobody was looking
in our direction, but it didn’t really matter, because
he made it look like an accident. Only he and I knew that the
strap that fell off my shoulder was as a result of Henry’s
sleight of hand. I felt the power that this old man still
had as he fondled my naked skin, and pulled me slightly back
towards him. Suddenly, I was aware of something hard sticking
into the small of my back. I knew what it was. I knew that this
old man wanted me, badly.

It was just as he was beginning to rock me against his hard
on, that all of the photographs seemed to have been taken,
and my family were walking slowly towards us. Henry’s hands
were like a magician's, in that he had pulled my strap
back into place, and released his hold on me almost before
I could think. As Dad got near, he asked Henry if he’d like
a lift to the hotel, to which Henry said he would be very grateful.
Mom said that Henry could get in the front of the car with
Dad, but Henry suggested that he get in the back with Ben
and me, so that Mom’s dress wouldn’t be squashed. Mom thought
it was very kind of him. Had she known his real reason, I don’t
think she would have approved.

Ben got into the back first, and then Henry jumped in ahead
of me. He said he was helping me into the car as he put his left
hand around my shoulder, but his real motive was to help
himself to a feel. It was about 5 miles to the hotel, and even
before we drove out of the church car park, Henry’s hand
was playing with my long, auburn hair. Mom and Dad could
not see what he was doing to me from their position, but the
tip of his thumb was poking at my back and drifting below
the top of my dress. I think he was trying to see if I was wearing
a bra or a slip. After a minute or so, he knew as I did, that
I wasn’t. Satisfied with this, Henry’s hand then went down
my back, and around to my left side. As he caressed my waist,
I realized he was trying to trace the outline of my panties,
to see what type they were. Presumably, he must have felt
all he wanted to, because his hand then travelled out of
everyone’s sight, onto my thigh. Slowly his fingers moved
along my leg. Neither of us said anything, we just kept on
looking ahead at the road. Half way down my thigh, where
my hem was, I felt the first of his fat, damp fingers on my
bare skin. When Henry realized that his hand was now on my
naked leg, he coughed as if to cover up his own excitement.
His finger moved in small circles on the side of my bare thigh.
I had never felt like this before, but I had the feeling that
I wanted to pee, even though I didn’t. I had to squirm my legs
together just to ease the feeling. I briefly looked down
to see that Henry’s other hand was on his groin, and that
he was obviously trying to hide his own arousal.

Just when I thought that I could go on no longer without touching
myself for relief, Dad pulled the car into the hotel parking
lot. It was a big hotel in acres of its own gardens and fields,
and it looked wonderful. By the time we had come to a stop,
Henry’s left hand was back in his lap. I flattened my dress
as I got out, just in case he had raised the hem and it attracted
Mom’s concern. But there was nothing to worry about; Mom
and Dad were already talking to friends. When Henry struggled
to remove his great bulk from the back of the car, he came
over to me. He was very calm and matter-of-fact as he asked
me whether I would like it if he could arrange for himself
to be sitting next to me at the wedding banquet. Although
extremely excited myself, I too remained calm, and just
nodded slightly to indicate my approval.

Henry was as good as his word, and somehow managed to change
the seating plan so that he was right beside me throughout
the meal. Trouble was that Mom, Dad and Ben were so close
that nothing could pass between us. I was getting quite
frustrated by now, because the reality of knowing that
this old man wanted to have me was finally sinking in. I had
already had to go to the bathroom twice; because I was so
wet down there I thought I had peed myself.

When it came time to cut the cake, Mom and Dad went down to
the front of the restaurant to take some pictures. Ben was
too wrapped up in his game to notice as Henry leaned over
towards me.

‘What’ll your folks do before this evening's function?’
he asked, quietly.

‘I expect that they’ll put Ben and me in our room, and have
a little nap themselves.’ I replied.

Henry visibly took a deep breath and glanced downwards.
My gaze followed his and I saw his old, mottled right hand
go under the tablecloth and onto my left knee.

‘Do you think you can get out and come to my room for an hour
or so?’ he asked, with a definite waver in his voice. I realized
that he was taking a big chance by coming flat out and asking
me. I looked up at him and demurely nodded my assent. He licked
his lips as though examining a juicy steak, and told me his
room number.

Just as I had thought, at about four o’clock, Mom said that
she and Dad were going to lie down for a few hours and suggested
that Ben and I do the same. I took my brother to our room and
told him to undress for bed. I can’t explain how sexy and
excited I felt. I also felt slutty and cheap, but that only
made me want to go to Henry’s room even more. Ben seemed to
take forever to drop off, and I secretly cursed him because
he normally sleeps about a million hours a day. At about
four-thirty, after Ben hadn’t moved for around five minutes,
I gently called out his name. There was no answer. He was
fast asleep.

I went quietly to the door and opened it very gently. I tiptoed
out into the corridor and closed the bedroom door behind
me. I walked slowly to the stairwell. I was terribly afraid
that I would bump into someone who knew me. But except for
some voices drifting up from the bar, it was deathly still.
I climbed up the two flights of stairs to the fourth floor,
and gingerly made my way to Henry’s room. I could still turn
back if I wanted. I mean, I had been with a boy of my own age
and we had gone all the way. He was clean and lean and good,
and here was I about to give myself over to a dirty, old, fat

But I knew that I wouldn’t turn back; I was almost having
to touch myself right there in the corridor because my lust
was so bad. I walked up to Henry’s door and looked up at the
number. Yes, it was the right room, I was sure of that. Slowly,
I brought my right fist up to head height, and knocked against
the wood, ever so quietly. Part of me wanted to say that he
hadn’t heard me, I had done my part but he hadn’t been in.
But if that part had had any chance of winning the battle
for my conscience, it lost as the door slowly opened.

My head was already raised to the top of the door in expectance
of where Henry’s head should be. He peeked around the door
lower than I had expected.

‘Quickly’, he ordered, ‘come in, quickly, quickly.’

As I entered his lair, Henry grabbed my arm roughly, and
told me to go sit on the couch. As I walked over to it, I turned
around to see him glancing both ways along the corridor
to satisfy himself that nobody had seen me come in. Henry
was wearing the bathrobe that the hotel supplies. As he
turned around to face me, after locking the door, I could
see that it was barely large enough to wrap around his rotund
waist. A mass of tangled grey hair matted his chest, and
his face seemed redder than it had been before.

He walked slowly over towards the couch that I was sitting
on. I couldn’t help but think of the pornographic picture
series that had gotten me excited in the first place. As
he came close, I could smell that old man musk on him, the
one that all old men seem to have. Part of me cringed as he
sat down beside me and began to rub my bare arm with the back
of his hand. There was no turning back now. I would have to
let him do whatever he wanted.

‘You know why I asked you here, don’t you?’ He hissed.

I fixed my eyes on his, and just nodded.

‘Good. Now, let’s see what you can do to please me.’

With that, his hand left my arm, and moved towards the six
buttons that held the front of my dress together. His other
hand came to join the first and I watched, mesmerized, as
his fat fingers tried to undo my top button. It was like I
was watching these things happening to somebody else,
in slow motion. At last he got it undone, and his hands set
off for the next one down. He was fumbling badly at the third
button, and I could tell that if my parents weren’t in the
same hotel, he would have just ripped my dress completely
off. As it happened, he did lose patience, but instead of
violence, Henry instructed me to undo the rest myself.

I only just managed to get the final button unfastened before
Henry flung open my dress, exposing by chest and panties
to his lustful gaze.

Henry whispered ‘Oh, my god.’ As his greedy hands came onto
the skin of my belly, travelling upwards.

‘So soft, so pure.’ He said to himself.

When the palm of his right hand began to rub across my nipple,
I arched my back involuntarily, thrusting my body out closer
to him. Pleased with my response, the old man began to tweak
my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I was breathing
hard already with the sensation of his hand on my naked body,
but that was intensified tenfold as I saw Henry’s head move
down to my breasts. As his tongue first flicked the very
tip of my puffy nipple, I cried out in pleasure. I looked
down to see the top of his old, bald head moving from side
to side as he chewed on my protrusions.

I took hold of his ears because I didn’t want him to stop.
If he just continued a little longer I knew I would be having
another one of those intense shuddering feelings. But
almost as if the old man sensed my pleasure and wanted me
to wait longer for that glorious moment, he suddenly pulled
his mouth from my tiny boobs and leered up at me with those
magnified, bespectacled eyes.

‘Oh, you like that, don’t you sweetness?’ he grinned.

‘Please do it some more.’ I begged him.

The old man ignored my pathetic pleadings. But as I glanced
down, I saw his mangled old right hand moving down over my
belly, towards my panty waistband. His tongue flicked
out of his drooling mouth as his little finger found its
way under the elastic. Now I wanted him to touch me there.
I was burning up. Slowly, another fat finger crawled beneath
the thin material that separated my most secret place from
Henry’s view. Then, as his third finger crept into my panties,
I felt the tip of his little digit brushing the top of my slit.
Oh, the feeling was so exquisite. My head lolled from side-to-side
and my mouth filled up with saliva as he inserted first one,
and then two, of his fingers into my hole. Henry remarked
how wet I was; ‘gushing’ was the word he used. As he fingered
me with greater speed, my own breathing became faster and
noisier. My eyes were closed as this heavenly delirium
descended over me, so I didn’t notice Henry’s face move
to my ear. As his tongue rasped the side of my face, I heard
him whisper to me:

‘Would you like me to lick you dry, sweetness?’

I couldn’t speak, so I just nodded vigorously to indicate
that I would like that very much.

A loud popping noise left my vagina as Henry slid his fingers
out. I could see that they were covered in a clear, gooey
film as they gripped the sides of my panties. The old man
knelt at the right side of my legs as he eased the garment
over my raised hips, down my legs, over my feet, and tossed
them onto the floor. My nearly hairless pussy was now in
full view. As Henry parted my legs, he pulled off my sandals
and threw them by my discarded panties. Kneeling in between
them, he threw my legs back into the air, so that my knees
were close to my head. My hole gaped open invitingly as he
did so. As his old head moved closer, his sticky tongue appeared
from between his fat, slobbering lips. I will never forget
that first touch on my hard little clitoris. It was the slightest
of touches, but it made my whole body fall into an uncontrollable
spasm. I moaned with satisfaction as the old man greedily
sucked, licked and chewed at my most private parts. He was
lapping at my pussy like a cat at a saucer of milk. His fat
fingers making red marks on my tender legs as he held them
back tightly. I wanted him to go on forever, but after a few
minutes of this delight, he pulled away and stood up.

‘I’ve gotta fuck you, sweetness’, he exclaimed. ‘Gotta
fuck you right now, before I explode.’

Henry stood me up and let my open dress fall completely from
my body. Wearing only ankle socks, I was picked up by the
old man with ease. He carried me the few paces to the big double
bed, where he placed me close to the edge. As I looked up into
his big eyes, I realized that he was very, very excited.
He was sweating like a pig as he began to untie his robe. Now,
I may be wrong, but I had been under the impression that as
a man gets older, his wiener gets smaller, and arousal is
more difficult to sustain. If that was so, then Henry certainly
bucked the trend. I stared at his waist as the robe came apart.
Underneath his hairy chest was a fat, hairy stomach, and
underneath this, as he tossed the garment onto the floor
and stood naked in front of me, was a fat, hairy cock. I can
still remember my jaw dropping as I looked at it. This was
no, half-mast excuse for an erection. What was twitching
not two-feet away was something that a large ape would be
proud of. The old man’s cock was curved like a banana, and
he was so aroused that the tip of it was actually touching
his belly. It must have been a long time since he had had someone
like me, I thought.

As Henry bent down towards me slightly, his left hand went
underneath my chin. As he lifted it easily upwards, I knew
what he was going to do. I instinctively raised my hands
to grab hold of his manhood as he brought my face close to
it. The old man said I was not to touch it, and ordered me to
sit on my hands. I raised my bottom and slid my hands underneath
as he instructed. With his left hand right on top of my head,
holding it like it was a faucet, he turned it so that my face
was square on to his body. Henry took hold of the base of his
cock between his right thumb and forefinger and pulled
it down to a level that would reach my mouth. I could see that
it took some effort, because it was so aroused that it naturally
wanted to spring back up to full attention. In fact, as I
offered my mouth fully open, and the old man slipped his
meat in, I honestly felt it lifting me up as he let it go. I
could only just envelop his smooth, bulbous dome up to the
point where it creased and joined the shaft. Henry told
me to move my head back and forth. He tried to force more in,
but my mouth was just too small to take any more of his length.
I could even feel that my eyes were bulging as a result of
the pressure. The old man was already leaking lots of hot,
salty goo onto my tongue as I licked away at his helmet. I
craned my eyes up to his face and saw beads of sweat dripping
down onto his fat belly and matting his thick grey body hair.
It seemed about two or three minutes before he pulled his
cock from between my swollen lips. I thought that was it,
but he just wanted a slight repositioning. Henry swiveled
my head to the left, and told me to open wide again. This time
he pushed it in from a sideways angle. As he thrust it forwards,
I felt my left cheek bulging grotesquely outwards. But
clearly, this method enabled the old man to get more of a
rhythm and more of a purchase in my mouth. The right side
of my face was now touching the ripples and folds of his fat,
and it was at that point that I did feel a little nauseous.
Just as I was about to heave, however, Henry pulled out of
my mouth, allowing me to swallow the pre-semen that had
filled it. Then, grabbing hold of my long hair, he pulled
my head back with a violent jerk that brought tears to my
eyes. When the blurring cleared, I was looking straight
up at the ceiling. The old man slid the full length of his
meat along my partly opened lips until I felt the weight
of one of his hairy balls against my cheek. He ordered me
to open wide again and to take one of them into my mouth. It
was about the size of a table-tennis ball, and it dropped
in easily. I rolled it around the inside of my mouth for a
while, until I sensed the old man was beginning to bend double,
presumably in delight. When he lifted his ball out of my
mouth, his cock was still as rigid as ever. It was at that
point that he instructed me to turn over on the bed and kneel
on all fours.

I rested on my elbows with my bottom high in the air, as Henry
wanted. I felt him climb onto the bed and position himself
in between my parted legs. I felt his left hand on my left
hip, and then moments later the tip of his cock rubbing along
my pussy lips. The old man was breathing noisily behind
me as I felt the first movement towards penetration. Slowly,
his big round dome forced its way past my labia and into my
tight crack. I winced as its initial pain sent messages
from my groin to my brain. I remember clenching at the sheets
in an effort to reduce the agony. While my eyes were shut
firm, Henry continued to push his meat further into me.
I thought it would never stop, and had visions of being rushed
to hospital with severe internal bleeding. But, at last,
I felt the weight of his bulk against the cheeks of my bottom,
and knew that that was as far as he could go. The old man then
started to build up a rhythm of full strokes. Soon, he shifted
his legs so that they were outside mine, which allowed him
to crouch on his feet rather than kneel. I immediately felt
the bulk of his body as he pounded into me with added venom.
His big hands gripped my small waist and I felt his nails
digging into my soft skin as his momentum increased. I turned
around and saw a look of what seemed like pain on his face.
But I’m sure that his gritted teeth and tightly closed eyes
were more a reflection of the pain that he would have liked
to put me through, had I not had my parents’ just two floors
below. Then, one of his arms came into my peripheral vision
on the left as he shifted position again. The old man used
this to take his weight, whilst his right hand moved up to
my neck. Underneath the hairs on his mottled arm, I could
just about make out the figure of an eagle tattooed onto
his skin. Even at 67, he was still a powerful man. His pumping
was faster than ever now, and as his grunts became louder,
I felt his grip around my slender neck tighten. He pushed
my face firmly into the pillow until I was struggling to
catch my breath. Just when I thought that I was going to faint,
I felt a release.

As I came up for air, Henry was repositioning our bodies
so that we were in a spoons configuration, with him leaning
over me. For the first time, I could now see his cock sliding
in and out of me like a greasy, hairy piston. The surplus
skin on his bulky frame wobbled at each forward thrust.
His left hand was now free to fondle my body. I turned my head
further and looked into the face of a stereotypically lecherous,
dirty old man. Through his animalistic grunting noises,
Henry’s face descended towards me, and before I knew what
was happening, his fat lips covered mine and his tongue
had forced its way into my mouth. As he eagerly gorged on
his young prey, the old man’s tempo increased so much that
my pussy felt as though it was on fire. Notwithstanding
my self-disgust, I was brought to my third noisy climax
as the old man rammed himself into me.

Suddenly, Henry broke free his mouth from mine and gruffly
asked me a question.

‘You on the pill, sweetness?’

I shook my head from side to side, because I couldn’t speak
at that moment.

‘I’m gonna cum up inside you very soon, ’ he continued,
‘you’ll be unlucky to get pregnant from this, but I’d think
about contraception if I were you. Especially if you’re
gonna be making a habit out of this kind of thing.’

Then his cruel expression returned. He called me a dirty
fucking bitch and began to repeat the phrase as his own orgasm
approached. Then, as he quickly put his tongue back into
my mouth, I felt a powerful thrust of his hips against mine.
At the same time, he sucked all the air out of me, and I saw
through his thick, steamed-up glasses, that his eyes were
shut tight. I realized that he had just shot his first jet
of goo into my insides. He gave me another seven or eight
jerks before he announced, triumphantly, that he’d emptied
his sack into me. When he slipped his thing out of my gaping
slash, it was drooping for the first time since he had first
unveiled it to me. The old man looked down at it.

‘You’ll get all of that in you now, ’ he began, ‘go down and
lick me dry.’

I turned around and he pushed my head down over his fat, wobbly
belly towards his groin. For the first time, I touched his
cock as I brought it into my mouth. It was still throbbing
and twitching, and exuding small amounts of semen. As I
took its salty length to the back of my throat and swallowed
and licked the stickiness away, I heard the old man groaning
with pleasure behind me.

When I got to my feet a few seconds later, I was surprised
that I could hardly stand. I was shaking all over and felt
disoriented. It was in a dream that I put on my panties, dress
and sandals. The old man watched me silently throughout,
until I was about to walk to the door.

‘Maybe get another chance tonight, sweetness. If you can
sneak away from your folks.’

‘Maybe’, I replied, but without conviction.

As I carefully entered the corridor and began the descent
to my own floor, I reflected on what had happened. I had heard
people use the expression ‘fucked senseless’, but now
I realized how true the phrase was. All along I had been thinking
of Henry as an old pervert for wanting to bed someone my age.
But now I realized that his feeling was only natural. I was
the slutty one. I was the one who, unnaturally, wanted to
see what an old man would be like. I was the pervert.

The rest of that evening was just a daze. I never did get a
chance to sneak off with the old man again. But later on,
as I sat alone with Mom and the music played loudly around
us, I turned to her and said;

‘Mom, what do you think about me going on the pill?’

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Hell of a story! Wish I will be so lucky when I am 67, lol! I
only hope you were 18 when this happened. I don't beleive
in child !!!!!


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hey i loved it want more of the dirty old man. your story was
really good made me think i wish i was him. thanks for the


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I'll be going on Social Security in just a few months.
Maybe there really is something to look forward to!


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mmmmmmmmmm loved the story, id love to be fucking a dirty
daddy right now.


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Hmmm funny have read the same story on literotica posted
word for word abot 4 years ago ..