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Dinner night


While at dinner talking, I'd have my hand on your leg sliding it up and down along the inside slowly creeping higher and higher up your skirt, reaching your clit taking my finger tips and caressing nice and slow feeling how wet and turned on your getting with each caressing stroke on your clit. Once our food comes out I'll caress you periodically until we decide to leave making sure you stay wet and turned on. Once at the car id pin you against the car grab the back of your head and kiss your lips soft and sensual. While kissing you my other hand would be exploring your body.

Sliding my hand up your leg and up your skirt grabbing your ass sliding it around to the front pressing against your clit as you moan with the pleasure of my every touch. I'd start rubbing your clit sliding your panties out of the way so I could stick 2 fingers in hitting your g-spot. With every kiss every caressing touch your hands find their way to my cock rubbing the outside of my pants until the urge for my cock is to much and you unzip my pants to pull my cock out and start stroking.

Then you bend down to start sucking my cock. Then you stand up and I kneel down to lick and suck your pussy fingering while I lick and suck on it. Then I stand up and pick you up sliding you down on my big hard throbbing cock fucking you in the parking lot making you orgasm multiple times. Then when I am about to cum I pull out and you kneel down then I shoot it in your mouth and on your face. That's just the warm up for the night..

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What an hot story. So turned on now.