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Dinner and more...


Lindsey stood naked in front of her full length mirror,
trying to decide what to wear. Everything had happened
so suddenly she hadn’t had time to think straight. Two hours
ago his parents had shown up and said they were taking the
kids for the night, and that Patrick had an evening planned
for them. She’d quickly packed some clothes for the overly
excited kids, kissed them good-bye and taken an envelope
from Patrick that her mother-in-law was told to give her.
Inside was a note written in his scratchy handwriting:

Lindsey, We haven’t had an evening for us in far too long. We talk about
it and talk about it, but we never make it happen. Tonight
I am making it happen. Hopefully it’s no later than 3:30
seeing as the limo will arrive at 5:30. I think 2 hours is
enough time for you to take a hot bath and get yourself ready
for dinner. Our reservation is for 7pm tonight. The limo
ride is going to be about 45 minutes or so, that leaves us
enough time to have a couple of drinks before dinner. As
for what to wear…It has to be sexy, that much you know I’d
ask for. The restaurant isn’t super fancy, but it’s nice.
I’ll be wearing a shirt and tie, no jacket. We’re going to
have a wonderful dinner and then retreat upstairs to our
suite, and see where the night takes us. I’m certain between
you and me, we can think of something to do. Don’t worry about
clothes for tomorrow, I already have them with me. I love you Baby-Love. Love, Patrick

She had narrowed it to one of the three dresses that she knew
drove him wild. Looking at them again, she grabbed the red
one and held it in front of her nude form. Patrick loved this
one because it had an open back that dipped to just above
where her butt started. It was also the shortest of the three,
stopping just under her butt at the very top of her thighs.
Holding it up she felt a ripple of excitement pass through
her as she recalled the last time she had worn the dress…

…Patrick’s roommate from college had called and invited
them to his wedding in Colorado. They hadn’t had a vacation
since their honeymoon two years prior, and jumped at the
chance. The wedding was great and the reception was a blast.
They had danced just about every dance, and on three separate
occasions Patrick had been asked if it was all right to cut
in, and each time he smiled and said sure. Following the
third time she’d danced with a stranger she walked to Patrick
and had taken his hand muttering, “Follow me” to him. They
had left the reception hall and went out on the balcony.
Lindsey pushed him against the wall and had attacked him,
kissing him all over as she unzipped his pants. When she
had removed his penis from his pants she broke the kiss off
and turned around. She lifted her short dress over her ass
and told him, “Take me now.” Not needing to be told twice
Patrick stepped behind her; moving her lacy red thong off
to the side he slid right in. Neither of them was able to last
more than a minute, cumming loudly at the same time. As they
straightened themselves they heard clapping and cheering.
Looking down the balcony they saw a couple hooting and clapping
for them. Lindsey and Patrick laughed as they took a bow
and returned to the reception…

That had been eight years and three children ago. Lindsey
looked at the dress one more time and couldn’t repress a
smile. “I wonder how many of the ladies in the PTO can still
wear a dress they wore eight years ago, ” she thought as
she tossed it aside. At thirty three years of age and the
mother of three children, she looked damned good. She had
long curly auburn hair that hung just below her shoulders.
Her blue eyes were the same shade as the Caribbean Ocean
and she had the same figure she had when she was 25; though
Patrick liked to say she had a figure that would make a 21
year old jealous. Standing five foot nine she had a nice
36B bust. “They may not put Dolly Parton to shame but at least
they are real, ” she thought. Looking at the clock she cursed,
“Damn”. It was 5:20; the limo would be there in 10 minutes.
Picking up the last two dresses she alternated them in front
of her. Her little black dress or the blue one? The black dress came to mid thigh, not as short as the red
one but short enough that when she sat it would ride to the
top of her thighs. It had a scoop neck and spaghetti straps
with a neck line that dipped just below her shoulders.

The blue dress was strapless and tight from her bust to her
butt, where it hung like an evening gown to her ankles; he
loved the way it made her eyes glow, the way it hugged her
supple frame, and the way her hair looked as it lay on her
shoulders. Tossing the blue one on top of the red one she
unzipped her black dress and laid it on the bed. Grabbing
her favorite black thong she slid it up her silky legs and
stood sideways in front of the mirror admiring her form.
Though she’d never admit it to anyone, she liked how she
looked. Opting to go braless she zipped herself up and found
her black low heeled shoes in her closet. Looking out the
bedroom window she smiled as she watched the limo pull in
front of the house. Checking herself once more in the mirror
she grabbed her little purse and headed for the door. As
she opened it a handsome chauffer stood on the porch.

“Mrs. Lindsey I presume?” he asked as she stepped from the

“Yes sir, ” she replied with a slight blush in her cheeks.
I thought chauffeurs were supposed to be old men, not hunky
younger guys, she thought.

“Right this way Madame, ” the chauffer said as he took her
hand and led her to the limo. As she slid into the limo the
driver passed her an envelope before closing the door.
Giddy with excitement Lindsey tore open the envelope to
find another note from Patrick:

Baby-Love, I hope I didn’t rush you too much, but I know when you get thinking
about things sometimes you change your mind. There’s no
changing of minds tonight. Just sit back and enjoy. Since
you have a little wait before dinner I took the liberty of
putting some champagne and O.J. on ice for you. Have a mimosa
or two on the way. There’s more waiting in our room so drink
up. When you get to the hotel head to the restaurant and take
a seat at the bar, I’ll join you there. Love, Patrick

Smiling she popped the cork on the champagne and mixed it
with some O.J. Sipping her drink she enjoyed the relaxing
ride and feel of the soft leather seats.

At 6:15 she arrived at the hotel a little tipsier than she
had intended Not being a regular drinker the two and a half
mimosas had had quite the affect on her. Straightening
her dress as she stood she headed into the lobby, not failing
to notice the glances and smiles she received from some
of the male patrons.

“I still got it, ” she thought as she went into the lounge
at the restaurant.

Seeing the mostly empty bar she gave a sigh of relief. Looking
around she didn’t see Patrick anywhere. Settling on a stool
at the far side of the bar she ordered a Sex on the Beach from
the bartender, trying in vain to keep her dress from riding
up on her thighs. Glancing around the lounge she saw about
twenty or so patrons, most of them couples.

The bartender returned with her drink and set it in front
of her saying, “Compliments of the gentleman across the

Lindsey looked across the bar with a seductive smile to
get Patrick’s blood boiling, only to realize it wasn’t
Patrick who had sent her drink. Knowing she had sent him
the response that he was hoping for her pulse quickened
as the stranger stood up with his drink and headed around
the bar towards her.

“He’s handsome”, she thought as he rounded the bar, “no
he’s sexy as hell.”

The mystery man was about six one with short dirty blonde
hair, to the point of being almost brown. His smile was ivory
white and his bare arms were golden. The green polo shirt
he wore was a little tight, but it showed his muscled body
well. He stopped in front of her and gestured to the stool.

“May I?” he asked with a deep baritone voice.

She felt her cheeks flush as she replied, “Sure.”

Settling in next to her he turned to look at her as he sipped
his beer. “I hope you don’t mind, ” he said motioning to
her drink, “but I can’t stand to see a beautiful woman drink
alone, it’s simply wrong.” Lindsey sipped her own drink
as the stranger spun on his stool so he was facing her. Offering
her his right hand he said, “Finn. It’s nice to meet you…”

She set her drink down and took his hand. “Lindsey.”

“It’s my pleasure to meet you Lindsey, ” he said as he raised
the back of her hand to his lips. He let her hand go and his
right hand came to rest on her bare thigh a few inches below
her dress. “How about we grab a bite to eat after these drinks?”
he suggested as he lifted his mug, “dinner and maybe some
dancing?” Lindsey could barely concentrate. This strange
mans warm hand was resting on her bare thigh, close enough
to her sex that she was certain he could feel the heat radiating
from it.

“I’d love to, really I would, but I’m not here alone. My husband
will be joining me at any minute, but thank you for the drink, ”
she replied.

Finn’s right hand moved to her left and lifted it before
his eyes. “Lindsey I don’t see a ring on this finger, ” he
said pouting at her in a flirtatious way, “are you just trying
to blow me off? I can understand a woman like you having higher
standards than me, but I promise you I am a gentleman and
can dance my ass off.” Finn’s hazel eyes sparkled like gemstones
as he looked at her, rising as if to leave. Lindsey pulled
her hand back and looked, and he was right…there was no ring.
Thinking back she remembered that earlier in the day she
had taken off all her jewelry to clean it. Then Patrick had
sprung his surprise and she had forgotten to put them back

“It’s at home in the cleaning solution, ” she offered lamely,
knowing it would sound like an even bigger blow off. “I know
it sounds lame, but it’s the truth. I’ll tell you what. Since
my husband isn’t here and I’d prefer not to sit alone, I’d
love to have some company until he gets here, ” she said
pulling him back down to his stool.

Finn sat again and turned to face her, “All right, I can play
this game.” As they talked his hand again came to rest on
her thigh, this time slowly moving towards the bottom of
her dress. Dammit where is Patrick? She thought as Finn’s
fingers touched the bottom of her dress and began to ease
their way under the fabric and slowly up her thigh. Lindsey
wondered how far she’d let him go; she wasn’t quite drunk
but she had a hard buzz on and she was horny as hell, two things
that always combined to lower her inhibitions; coupled
with having a strange man buy her drinks and compliment
her, the aphrodisiacal affect on her was almost overwhelming.
Deciding to tell him he had to move his hand she turned from
the bar to face him and was shocked as she was met with his
lips. It wasn’t an opened mouth kiss, but it was kiss on her
lips none the less. It was fast, and then it was done. Finn
stood and she could see an erection in his pants. “I hope
you’re not upset, ” he said as he stepped out from the stools,
“but I thought if I waited any longer I’d lose my nerve. I
need to use the men’s room, I’ll be right back.”

Lindsey looked at the clock on the wall; it was 6:50…where
the hell was Patrick? She finished her second Sex on the
Beach and had to smile. For the last half hour or so she’d
had a sexy younger man buy her drinks, feel her up, and sneak
a kiss on her. Patrick always told her she was 33 going on
20, and she always told him he was just being nice to be nice;
maybe he was right after all. She felt a hand on her shoulder
and said, “One more before dinner, ” as she turned around.
Patrick was standing there smiling, his deep blue eyes
gazing at her with love and lust.

“Why don’t you save that one for after dinner, our table
is all set.” Lindsey stood and slid her hands through his
brown hair and kissed him, sliding her tongue between his
lips. She pulled him close as their tongues danced between
their parted lips. When they separated he said, “Wow. I’d
love to get a greeting like that every day. You look amazing
by the way. I was hoping you’d choose the black dress.”

“You look pretty fine yourself, ” she replied. Patrick
was wearing his tan khakis with a dark blue shirt. Despite
wearing a tie his sleeves were rolled up revealing his tanned
muscular forearms. Holding out his arm she looped her arm
through his.

As he led her to the dining room Lindsey cast a furtive glance
back at the bar looking for Finn. She saw him take his original
seat as he raised his mug and eyebrows at the same time as
if to say, “You were right, I should have known better”.

Dinner was wonderful. They ate, and laughed and talked
like they were dating again. The food had helped Lindsey
knock her buzz down; leaving her no longer worried about
falling full on into drunkenness. As they left the table
Patrick guided her to the bar area for their last drink before
the suite. Sitting down she watched as Finn stood on the
other side of the bar and slowly walked towards them. Lindsey’s
heart was racing as he drew closer. Finn approached her
from her left side and asked, “Is this seat taken?” Lindsey
shot him a What the hell are you doing look, but he only smiled
in return.

“Not at all, ” she replied.

When the bartender returned with the drinks Patrick had
ordered Finn threw down a twenty dollar bill and said, “Please
allow me.” Patrick leaned forward to look around Lindsey.

“I appreciate it, but to what do we owe the honor, ” he inquired
as he tipped his glass in Finn’s direction.

Finn took a long draught from his beer and said, “I’ve a confession
to make.” Lindsey’s stomach was in knots. It had been an
almost nonexistent kiss, and now it was going to come out.
“I’ve been sitting at the bar staring at your beautiful
date all through your meal. I can’t remember the last time
I saw a woman as gorgeous as her. When I saw you coming to the
bar, I just had to say thank you for gracing this place with
her beauty tonight by buying you a round.” Lindsey was dumbfounded
and speechless.

Patrick looked from Finn to Lindsey and said, “Didn’t I
tell you that you were beyond amazing.”

Lindsey smiled at him and turned to Finn, “Thank you for
your compliments, and for the drink.” A slow song came on
quietly through the speakers in the corners of the room.

Finn placed his beer on the bar and stood up. “Care to dance?”
he asked Lindsey as she looked up at him with wide eyes.

She felt Patrick’s hand on her bare back as he said, “Go ahead
hun, I was gonna ask you but I guess I was too slow, and I need
to use the restroom.” Finn offered her his hand and Lindsey
took it. Patrick watched as his wife slid her arms behind
this stranger’s back and they began to slide along the floor
as he went to the restroom. Finn waited until Patrick was
out of sight, then he slid his hands down Lindsey’s back
to her ass. He pulled her close letting her feel his hard
penis between them. Still buzzing from the unusual amount
of alcohol she had drank, Lindsey let a moan escape her lips
as she felt it throb between them.

“Finn you have to move your hands before he comes back, what
are you thinking?” she growled at him as she returned to
her senses. Sliding his hands back up, he spun her away and
back to him as the song came to an end, holding her tightly
one last time. They returned to their seats as Patrick returned
from the rest room. Finn finished his beer and leaned forward
onto the bar.

Looking at Patrick he said, “You’re one lucky son of a bitch
to have a woman as fine as her. From the way she moves on the
dance floor, I don’t know how anyone guy could be enough
for her.” The men chuckled as Lindsey blushed.

“To tell ya the truth, she’s been my wife for ten years, and
I’ve never had a problem satisfying her yet, isn’t that
right Baby-Love.” Lindsey turned to look Patrick in the

“Maybe tonight’s the night you could use a little help, ”
she said in a sultry voice, unable to believe the words she
had just spoken. Patrick’s eyes darted from Finn to Lindsey.
She was grinning like a vixen. They’d both had their share
of partners before they were together; and there was the
time they had their friends Ray and Debra over in the hot
tub. Everyone had a little too much to drink and the grab-ass
was making everyone horny. In the end they’d all had sex
in the hot tub, but no one traded partners; they just enjoyed
watching each other fuck. They’d even fantasized about
having another man join them in bed, talking over all the
what-if’s time and again; but they’d never gone farther
than using one her dildos as “the other man”. Patrick looked
from her yearn full eyes to Finn and back. The look of surprise
on Finn’s face was validation enough of what they’d heard.
Lindsey turned to look at Finn raising her eyebrows in question.
Looking back to Patrick she said in the sultriest voice
she could manage, “I might just be more woman than any one
man can satisfy tonight.”

Finn stood and excused himself to the restroom, “I’ll give
you two a moment.” Lindsey smiled at him as he walked away
enjoying the look of his tight ass in his jeans.

“Are you sure this is something you want?” Patrick asked
as his heart hammered a drum solo in his chest, “another
man is a lot different than a sex toy.” Patrick slid his hand
just under her dress, and could feel the heat from her wetness.

She leaned into him and kissed him, “If you’re okay with
it, then I’m ok too. We’ve talked and talked about it, and
now a chance is in front of us. If you’ve changed your mind
then when he comes back I’ll tell him I got cold feet and you
and I will go upstairs alone.”

Patrick nodded no and whispered, “Let’s do it.” They sat
in nervous anticipation until Finn had returned from the
rest room and taken his seat.

Lindsey turned to face him and said, “Do you have any protection?”

Finn shook his head yes, “I just got some from the restroom;
on the off chance I had heard you correctly.” Lindsey lifted
her drink and finished it in three swallows.

Rising from her bar stool she grabbed Patrick’s hands and
said, “Where to?”

They stood outside room 503 as Patrick took the key card
from his pocket. Finn stepped back from them as Patrick
leaned close to Lindsey. “Last chance to change your mind, ”
he said softly into her ear, “this is your call.” As an answer
Lindsey took the key card from his hand and slid it into the
lock, releasing the bolt from the wall. Opening the door
Lindsey stepped in first.

Twirling like a ballerina she said, “Sweetheart this is
gorgeous, ” as she took in the living room portion of their
suite. Off to the right she could see the doorway leading
to the white tiled bathroom, and to the left she could see
a four poster canopy bed through the doorway. Lindsey turned
to face the men. Reaching out she took each of them by the
hand and walked slowly backwards to the bedroom. As they
crossed into the room Lindsey let go of their hands and turned
her back to them.

Looking at Finn over her left shoulder, her auburn hair
framing the delicate features of her face, she asked him,
“Can you unzip me?” Lindsey slowly rolled her hips from
side to side as Finn slid his left hand around to her stomach
and his right hand found her zipper. She gasped at the intimate
touch of another man with her husband looking on. Looking
to her right she wiggled her foot at Patrick. Kneeling down
he ran his hands up his wife’s silky smooth legs. He removed
one shoe and then the other, planting kisses on her delicate
little feet. Finn had reached the end of the zipper and his
hand lingered at the bottom of her bare back. Turning to
face them again she dropped her arms to her sides. Her dress
fell from her body and pooled at her feet. Hooking her thumbs
into her thong she bent at the knees and stepped out of it;
rising up and raising her arms Lindsey slowly turned around
as if presenting herself to them for their approval. Finn
groaned as Lindsey revealed herself to them. His eyes slid
up her legs and over her neatly trimmed rectangle of pubic
hair to her taut abdomen. He stared at the small firm globes
of her ass, and the smooth curve of her back. As she completed
her turn his eyes came to rest on her firm breasts. He looked
at her and saw her staring intently at Patrick. The sound
of a zipper broke his trance. Gazing to his right he could
see Patrick stripping down. Not to be late to the party Finn
removed his clothes in a flurry. The moment was tense as
they stood there naked with each other, about to embark
on a sexual journey new to them all. Lindsey looked from
one man to the other, their bodies both tanned, toned and
firm. Patrick’s penis was standing erect, a thick 8 inches
she knew so well. Finn’s penis looked a bit smaller than
Patrick’s, maybe an inch or so, but the anticipation of
the first new cock she would feel since she’d been married
had her excited beyond her wildest dreams.

Climbing backwards onto the bed Lindsey lay down, her hair
spilled around her head on the pillows. Looking up at the
naked men standing at the end of the bed she smiled and patted
the mattress on either side of her. Patrick slid up next
to Lindsey on her left side. Leaning into her he kissed her
and felt his cock throb as she thrust her tongue into his
mouth. Finn climbed onto the bed and lay on her right, running
his hand up her thigh and dropping his mouth to her right
breast as she and Patrick kissed. Lindsey moaned into Patrick’s
mouth. The first sensation of two men pleasuring her at
once was more intoxicating than all the alcohol she had
drank earlier, her head swam with pleasure. Leaving her
lips Patrick kissed down her supple neck to her left breast,
and began running his tongue around her hard nipple. Lindsey
ran her hands through their hair as they continued to savor
her breasts. She cooed and moaned as their hands roamed
all over her body, rubbing and caressing her as they licked
and sucked at her breasts. Patrick could hear her breath
growing quick and knew her orgasm was close. Wanting to
put her over the edge he slid his hand down her stomach to
her pussy, but found it already filled with two of Finn’s
fingers. Sitting up he held her left leg open and watched
as Finn pumped his fingers into her faster and faster until
Lindsey came with a yell, clamping her legs together on
his hand. Finn brought his fingers to his mouth and looked
into her eyes as he sucked her juice from them. Melting at
the lustful look in Finn’s eyes as he sucked his fingers,
Lindsey pulled his head down to her wet pussy. Patrick moved
up the bed and offered his rock hard cock to his wife. Parting
her lips she slid her mouth down his hard shaft as she slowly
jerked his cock with her left hand, holding the back of Finns
head with her right. Patrick watched Lindsey’s body quiver
as Finn pleased her with his mouth, while she slowly moved
her head along his hard shaft. He groaned when her hand slid
from Finn’s head and trailed over her body, squeezing her
breasts as she moaned around his penis, returning her hand
to Finn’s head. Finn slowly slid his middle finger in and
out of her pussy as he licked and nibbled at her pink lips,
savoring every drop of her juice. Running his tongue slowly
from the bottom to the top of her pussy he could feel her shudder.
Gently he worked a second finger into her as he began to nibble
on her clitoris. Lindsey groaned around Patrick’s cock
as Finn sucked her clit into his mouth; again and again drawing
it between his lips and flicking it with is tongue, sending
bolts of pleasure through her body. Patrick watched as
Lindsey continued to move Finn’s head around her sex, savoring
the feeling of her warm mouth around his cock. Lindsey could
feel Patrick’s dick tense as his orgasm neared. Taking
him from her mouth she continued to jerk him off.

“Cum on me baby…cum all over my tits, ” she sighed as Finn
brought her closer to climax with his tongue and fingers.
With a grunt Patrick came, spraying white ribbons of warm
semen all over Lindsey’s chest. The feel of a man tongue
fucking her and another cumming on her chest was too much
for Lindsey. She came in Finn’s mouth as he continued to
lap at her pussy. Lindsey drew Patrick down, took his face
in her hands and kissed him saying, “I love you.” Looking
down at Finn as he kissed his way up her body she said, “Come

Finn knelt beside her on the bed and groaned as Lindsey’s
warm mouth took him in. She bobbed her head faster on his
cock, pumping his shaft with her hand. The musky smell of
a different man drove her wild with lust as she gave him a
blow job he would never forget. Patrick lay next to his wife
watching her give another man oral sex, feeling more turned
on than he ever imagined he could be. Knowing how well Lindsey
used her mouth and lips he was not surprised to hear Finn
warning her of his impending orgasm. Jerking his cock hard
she moaned as he came all over her stomach and breasts.

Finn collapsed next to her and kissed her forehead as he
lay back telling her, “That was the greatest blow job I’ve
ever had. You are amazing.” Lying between them Lindsey
placed her hands on their groins and gently played with
their semi hard cocks.

Looking from one to the other she said, “It looks like I have
time to clean up before these are ready to go again.” She
climbed over Patrick and padded out of the room towards
the bathroom. Both men watched her firm ass move slightly
from side to side as she walked away from them.

Finn looked at Patrick asking, “Have you two ever…”

Patrick shook his head no. “We’ve thought about it, and
used toys in bed to fantasize…but this is a first for us…what
about you?”

Finn shook his head no. “I’ve had a couple of threesomes,
but it’s always been with two women, I’ve never been in bed
with another man before.” Realizing the awkwardness of
the moment with Lindsey absent, Patrick stood and went
to the mini-bar.

“Drink?” he offered. “Vodka if it’s available, ” Finn
replied. Patrick tossed him a nip of vodka and downed a Cuervo
himself. Lindsey sauntered into the bedroom as the men
finished their second drinks. Standing behind Patrick
she hugged him close, running her hands over his bare chest
and stomach, pressing her breasts into his back. She kissed
his back and shoulders then led him by the hand to the bed.
Settling herself between them again she started to slowly
work their cocks to a fully hard state again with her gentle

Kissing Patrick’s chest first then Finn’s she asked, “Finn
where are your condoms?” Finn slid from the bed to retrieve
them from his pants. Lindsey rolled onto Patrick and slid
down so her knees were near the edge of the bed, aligning
her face with his cock, and raising her ass in the air. Looking
into his eyes she asked, “You wanna watch another man fuck
me? Do you wanna see him slide his cock up into me, and make
me cum? Hmmmm?”

She nibbled the side of his cock as he replied, “Oh yeah.
I wanna see you cum with another man while you suck on my dick.
I wanna hear you as you get fucked. You know how much I love
the sounds you make.”

Lindsey looked behind her as Finn stepped forward, his
penis sheathed in a condom. “You heard him Finn, make me
cum on your cock, ” she teased as she reached between her
legs and slid two fingers along side her pussy spreading
it open for him. Patrick ran his hand along her back as he
moved to the end of the bed to watch Finn enter his wife. Finn
lubed his penis with saliva and stood behind her, rubbing
his cock around her pussy to tease her; guiding his penis
with his right hand he placed it at the entrance to her wetness.
Pushing softly he felt his cock enveloped by her warm wetness
as he penetrated her. Lindsey arched her back and moaned
as Finn’s cock pushed into her from behind. It was the first
new cock she had felt inside her in over fifteen years, and
it felt amazing. He slowly pushed himself into her fully,
letting her get used to him. Lindsey looked back at Patrick
and asked, “Is it good baby…you like seeing another man
in me?” Patrick moved back up the bed and offered his rock
hard cock to her in reply. Lindsey bobbed her head a few times
then said, “I’ve never felt you so hard.” Looking back to
Finn she said, “Just stand there, and let me fuck you first.”
Leaning forward she felt Patrick’s cock push deep into
her mouth as Finn’s cock withdrew from her vagina. Leaning
back she was penetrated again by this unfamiliar cock as
her husband’s penis left her mouth. Moving a little faster
she found her rhythm, and was lost in the ecstasy of it; being
penetrated from both ends at the same time. Unable to contain
it anymore she collapsed onto her chest along side Patrick’s
legs as she came, her pussy convulsing on Finn’s penis again
and again.

“My God, ” Finn exclaimed as he held onto her hips, “your
pussy is like a vice when you come.”

Patrick rubbed her back as she played with is cock. “I can’t
move anymore right now, ” she told Finn looking back at
him, “your turn to fuck me now.” Patrick watched Lindsey’s
mouth form a perfect O as Finn began sliding into her again
an again, drawing whimpers and moans of pleasure from her
parted lips. His cock grew harder as he watched his wife
lay along side him getting fucked, muttering for her lover
to never stop. The pleasure of a strange cock grew too much
for her; she stopped playing with Patrick and gripped the
sheets as Finn began fucking her faster and faster, driving
her closer to orgasm. With a yell she came pulling at the
sheets and chanting, “Oh fuck, ” again and again as Finn
continued to fuck her.

“Oh God Lindsey…that’s too much, ” he whimpered as she
climaxed, her pussy squeezing his dick like a hand, “where
do you want it?”

“In me…in me…I want to feel it throb when you cum, ” she begged
him as he pistoned into her again and again, driving her
towards another orgasm. Holding her hips Finn gave a grunt
and buried himself fully into her, causing her to scream
in pleasure. “I’m cumming, ” he cried as his cock spurted
into his condom.

“Oooohhhh…I can feel it pulsing, ” she cooed as she recovered
from her multiple orgasm. Moving forward she slid off Finn’s
cock and lay next to Patrick, draping her arm across his
body in a hug. Finn retreated to the bathroom to clean up.

Patrick ran his hands along her face, “Baby-love that was

She kissed his hand, “It was amazing…I felt so…sexy…and
powerful, having two men please me at the same time.” Catching
her breath she climbed on top of Patrick into the backwards
cowgirl position. He held his cock upright so she could
slide herself down onto it. She gasped as Patrick’s larger
cock stretched her wider. Slowly she rode up and down on
him, using her legs to raise and lower herself onto his hard
cock. Seeing Finn return to the room she slid forward, not
letting Patrick’s cock leave her, until they were in a spoon.
Lindsey beckoned Finn to her as Patrick slowly fucked her,
rubbing her clit with his left hand every time he penetrated
her. Lindsey let out a low moan from until it was muffled
by Finn’s cock entering her waiting mouth. Cupping his
balls in her right hand she used her left to jerk him as she
slid her mouth over his cock again and again. Their three
bodies moved as one, sweaty and electrified with pleasure.

Lindsey looked at Finn and said, “Fuck my mouth.” Patrick
thrust into her faster as Finn began slowly fucking her
open mouth. Lindsey moaned as they continued to please
her, groaning as her body worked them to orgasm. She could
feel Finn tensing again. “After you cum, get a condom on, ”
she moaned to him. Finn grunted his agreement. Lindsey
gripped his cock and jerked him fast as she swirled her tongue
around his cock. Not knowing why, she sucked him harder
and kept him in her mouth as he came, shooting his semen down
her throat. She milked him for every drop, never before
having swallowed anyone. Finn gasped and jerked as she
continued to work his cock back to life. Finally releasing
him from her mouth she ordered, “Condom, now.” Reaching
behind her she ran her hands along Patrick’s side, “Fuck
me baby…cum in me…oh yesss…” Patrick slammed into her over
and over again, as hard as she could take it. Gripping her
thigh he came in her, filling her pussy with his hot cum.
Finn walked to the bed with his covered penis. Lindsey slid
off Patrick’s softening penis and climbed off the bed.
Standing before Finn she wrapped one leg around his waist,
guiding his hard dick into her wetness again as she wrapped
her other leg around him. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders
she rode him up and down, gasping every time his dick entered
her again. Looking back she called Patrick to her.

Standing behind her Patrick held her as she kept her legs
wrapped around Finn’s waist and leaned back into him. She
wrapped her arms around Patrick’s neck as Finn placed his
arms under her knees and lifted her legs, allowing her to
sway back and forth between them. Lindsey came with Patrick
supporting her and rubbing her breasts as she slide onto
Finn’s cock over and over. With a yell Finn came, filling
his condom again, cumming as Lindsey’s orgasm ended. Sliding
his flaccid cock from her, Finn sat on the floor trying to
catch his breath. Lindsey pulled Patrick down on the bed
with her, gasping for breath in the after glow of her orgasm.
Patrick kissed her all over, starting at her head and ending
with her toes. Kissing his way back up her body he heard her
whisper with her ragged breath, “I love you.”

Lying next to her he kissed her lips, tasting her sweat.
“I love you too, ” he said. Lost in the moment they had forgotten

“Ahem, ” he murmured from the end of the bed. Looking down
they saw him dressed, pulling his shirt on. “I’m sorry I
can’t stay any longer, but I have to meet my girlfriend in
a half hour, ” he said as he put on his shoes, “maybe I can
leave you my number and we can hook up again. I think my girlfriend
would be up for it if you guys are game.” Patrick and Lindsey
looked at each other and smiled.

“I think we’d be up for that Finn, ” Lindsey said as he wrote
his number on the pad by the phone.

“Thanks again, ” he said as he walked towards the bedroom
door, “this is a night I’ll never forget.”

Lindsey curled up to Patrick as they heard the door close.
Biting playfully at his chest she asked him, “Was it what
you expected?” Patrick drew in a deep breath.

“It was wild and amazing, and beyond anything I could have
dreamt” he said, “what about you? Was it everything you
thought it would be?”

Lindsey raised herself onto one elbow so she could look
at him. “I was nervous at first. To feel another man after
all these years was a very exciting sensation. And seeing
your face as you watched me drove me wild with desire. As
great as it felt for me I think you enjoyed it as much as I did, ”
she said trailing her hand up and down his body, “and I think
I’d enjoy seeing you with another woman…I think I understand
why you enjoy watching me have sex.” She leaned down and
kissed him a passionate kiss filled with love. Swinging
her leg over his body she straddled him, feeling his cock
grow hard again between them as they kissed. Reaching between
them she guided him into her. Patrick rolled her over and
lay on top of her as he made love to her again, moving together
as one in a slow and sensuous rhythm until they collapsed
in exhaustion and fell asleep in one another’s arms.

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OH SHIT, that was a damn grrrrrrrrrreat hot story, I would
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It was such a good story you wrote, it would have
been even more amazing if after Finn had left, he told he
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great story!


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A very good story did the husband plan it.


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No it was an unexpected encounter in this story. I toyed with the idea of him setting it up but it just didn't
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