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Dinner and Dessert


He had been watching her all day as she went about her normal
routine. He was always impressed with her effortless grace
as she did simple thing around the house, such as dusting
the TV or arranging the vase of fresh flowers, she put in
the center of the table, and today was no different. Even
dressed in one of his old shirts with her hair pulled back
in a ponytail, she still had that special femininity that
always caused his breath to catch when he scanned her lithe
form. She belonged to him and he felt that familiar pride
rise in his chest as those thoughts centered in his mind.
She was adjusting the crisp, new curtains she had bought
for their kitchen window when she turned to him and smiled.
It was one of those smiles that he treasured the kind that
always left him wondering if she was a she-devil or a little
girl trapped inside the body of a full-grown woman. His
eyes were drawn to the glitter of sunlight that danced on
the small silver and gold tag that bore his name and hung
from the leather and steel collar encircling her neck.
Yes, she belonged to him and he beamed his pleasure in answer
to her. His eyes traveled down her back to the top of the slender
thighs visible below the tail of his shirt and continued
down her bare legs to her feet. She never wore shoes in the
house; he did not permit it. He loved the soft sound of her
padding through their house like some large sensual cat
as it stalked its prey.
He returned to the work on his desk, looking up now and then
to catch a glimpse of her moving almost silently from room
to room, as she made certain the house was in the order he
required. She was always so attentive to details and that
pleased him intensely. He liked things in order and seldom
had to reprimand her for failing to follow his directions.
He mused on her obedience to his authority and his mouth
curled in a small grin as he recalled the few times she'd
tired to rebel against his control and then gave way with
only the slightest pout on her full lips as she surrendered
yet another part of herself unto the man that was her Master.
The first evening shadows were falling across the carpet
when she appeared at his side and knelt silently at his feet.
His hand touched the collar the enveloped her graceful
neck to signal that she could speak what was on her mind.
Her head raised and her eyes met his as she inquired about
his preferences for their evening meal. He pondered her
question for a moment, then spoke, "Tonight I feel
like having a special treat, my pet. Go bathe and prepare
yourself to go out. I will have your things laid out on the
bed when you have finished. I will expect you to look especially
lovely for me tonight, my love." She smiled softly,
nodded and replied, "Yes, Master, as you wish, Master."
He stood in the doorway of the bathroom as she undressed
in preparation for her bath. She never disrobed without
his presence when he was home and once she had stripped and
slid into the steaming tub, he turned to go to their bedroom.
He could hear her soft splashing as he scanned the things
hanging neatly in the closet. "Ahh, " he thought
as he selected a padded hanger that held the dark blue, silk
dress he had been seeking, "Here it is."
The dress was one he especially liked and it had been some
time since he had seen her in it. The short skirt was flared
and showed off her legs nicely but his favorite part was
the bodice. The thin silk halter-top crossed over her breasts
and tied behind her neck, creating a deep V-neck that tastefully
exposed the cleavage between her breasts in the most delectable
way. It always amused him to observe how carefully she moved
in that dress to keep the gossamer bands from slipping and
showing more than she wanted. "This will be perfect
for tonight, " he thought as he pulled open her lingerie
drawer and chose a pair of tiny silk panties and garter belt
in a matching shade of blue. He finished off the undergarments
with a pair of black silk stockings and once these items
were laid on the bed, he chose a pair of black heels that would
add a very nice tilt to her pelvis and stretch her calves
into a perfect shape. On her dresser, he laid the jewelry
that would complete the outfit: a pair of gold dangle earrings.
He smiled with satisfaction as he gazed at his selections
laid out neatly on the bed.
He picked out a sports jacket, slacks, shirt and tie for
himself and headed for the shower in his private bath to
freshen up and dress before she finished her bath. He had
just finished tying his shoes when he heard the gentle padding
of her footsteps coming down the hallway. Her soft, clean
scent greeted him as she passed him at the doorway where
he kissed her lightly and pulled the towel from her body
as she walked into the room. Lingering at the door for a second,
he watched her reaction to the outfit he had chosen for her
to wear for his enjoyment and then turned to wait for her
in the living room. He glanced at his watch to see how long
it would take her to compete her tasks and within the allotted
time she appeared, dressed in the items he had so carefully
There was an audible intake of breath as his eyes traveled
over her body. "God, how alluring she looks in that
dress, " he thought. Her cheeks turned a deep pink
as she saw his desire for her so plainly visible on his face
and she lowered her eyes. "Are you uncomfortable
when your Master looks at his lovely slut, my pet?"
he asked. She hesitated for a second as she struggled with
her feelings of pleasure and embarrassment. "No,
Master, " she replied. He motioned for her to approach
him, his eyes indicating that he wanted her to stand in front
of him. Without a word, he raised her dress and checked to
see if her undergarments were properly in place. "Very
nice, my little one, "he said. “Now turn around."
She turned slowly as his eyes searched her body and found
that she had dressed precisely as he had instructed. He
glanced up at her bare back and shoulders, so white in contrast
with the dark cloth. Her ebony hair flowed over her shoulders
as if made of the same silk as the dress and framed her delicate
face when she completed her turn before him. He checked
her make-up and smiled his approval.
"Come lay over my knees, my love. There is something
missing. Your cheeks are so lovely in that shade of pink
that I think these ones should match." He raised her
dress over her buttocks as she draped her body over his thighs.
Carefully he tugged the elastic band of her panties over
the soft swell of her bottom and kneaded the supple flesh
with his hand. He loved the cool feel of her skin against
his palm and how her pale flesh was such a contrast against
the darkness of the garter belt and stockings. Suddenly
he brought his open hand down sharply on her left cheek,
the loud slap echoing in his ears. He felt her body jerk and
stiffen as the shock registered in her brain. Before she
had time to respond with a whimper he struck the other cheek
just as sharply.
She bit her lower lip to hold back a startled cry and tensed
her bottom as she prepared for the next swats to her backside.
"Pet, you know that I do not like to feel that tension
in your muscles when I spank you. I like to feel your ass quiver
when I slap it. That will earn you a few extra swats, my love."
"Yes, Master, " she said just before the third
and fourth strokes were delivered. He hesitated a few seconds
to watch the pale skin deepen to pink and waited to see if
her buttocks would remain relaxed and pliant for the remainder
of his attention. Pleased when she obeyed his demands,
he gave each cheek three swifter, firm swats and then gently
rubbed the warm, crimson flesh beneath his hand. "There, "
he said, "now your make-up is complete. These cheeks
are as nicely blushed as the ones on your face and will remind
you of your Master's ownership as we sit and have our
dinner tonight, my sweet one." "Yes, Master.
Thank You, Master, " she replied in a voice that sounded
huskier than normal. Carefully he pulled her panties up
over her rosy bottom and allowed his fingers to slip between
her thighs to feel the dampness that was slowly seeping
against the silken crotch.
"Mmmm, " he murmured as he fingers stroked
over the smooth silk that covered the lips of her sex. "I
see you have enjoyed preparing yourself for me, little
one." Her only reply was a soft moan as her thighs parted
to give him access to her most private parts. "I think
I'd prefer to know that warm little ass and those wet
lips were uncovered tonight." His fingers quickly
unfastened her garters so he could slide her panties down
her legs and over her feet. He dangled the panties in front
of her face and showed her how she had already stained them
with her wantonness. "Just look at the mess you've
made, my pet. I really must teach you to have better control, "
he laughed and stuffed the panties into his pocket then
refastened her stockings to the garters. "Now stand
up and let's get ready to go."
She stood, her breasts heaving against their blue silky
covering, and lowered her eyes. She was always overwhelmed
by the effect this man had on her and the way he seemed to know
things about her body that she did not know herself. Her
buttocks felt white hot and she could feel her sex throbbing
between her thighs. Sometimes she vaguely resented the
way her own flesh seemed to betray her and responded to him
so powerfully but she found peace in knowing that she was
his in every way imaginable. She glanced up through her
long lashes to steal a look at his handsome face and felt
her heart beat faster and swell with fierce pride at being
owned by him. He was truly her Master, body, heart and soul.
His blond good looks caught the admiring glances of many
women when they were out together and she was incessantly
proud that he had chosen her over the many submissives who
had thrown themselves at his feet.
His hands scooped her hair to the back of her head to reveal
her slender neck and instructed her to hold her hair out
of the way, as he closed a hinged, gold ring around her throat
and locked it in place. "My love, give me your wrists, "
he said as he reached into his jacket pocket to pull out a
pair of wide gold bands, each with a clasp lock and ring.
He closed them around her delicate wrists with a soft click
and snapped one end of a 4-inch gold chain to one of the rings.
"These, my dear, will be the most stylish handcuffs
anyone has seen, " he continued as he pulled her arms
to the small of her back and linked the other end of the chain
to the remaining cuff. "They're really quite
strong and most people wouldn't recognize that you
are unable to escape from them, love." She tugged
against the bracelets and nodded as she realized that she
could not free her hands.
Once again, she felt her heart race as a mixture of apprehension
and anticipation gripped her. A million thoughts tumbled
through her mind as she considered her situation. "Surely
He won't let anyone see me like this, " she reasoned.
She willed herself to remain composed but her uneven breathing
and rapid pulse divulged far more than she desired. A silent
war was ragging inside her as her mind battled to maintain
some measure of control over the body that was so eager to
respond to him without question or concern for modesty
or dignity. As he turned his back and moved toward the front
hall, she jerked against the restraints on her wrists and
sighed her acceptance of their confinement when they held
fast. She suddenly felt calmer as she gave way to the realization
that she had no choice but to accept what he had planned for
her this evening. She loved him beyond reason and knew pleasing
him made her happier than anything she had ever known. The
war subsided with her unspoken surrender.
He stepped to the closet and removed a mid-thigh-length
cape, draped it over her bare shoulders and fastened the
clasp that closed it at the small of her throat. Carefully
he arranged her hair so it spread over the cape like a dark
waterfall of soft curls and strands of softness. Once satisfied
with her overall appearance, he pulled a short gold chain
from his pocket and clipped it to the golden collar that
circled her neck. "We are ready, pet. I have a marvelous
surprise for you so I hope you are very hungry tonight, "
he said with a curious lilt in his voice. With that, they
headed out the door to the car where he helped her inside
and held her skirt aside so her bare bottom would contact
the seat. She gasped slightly as her heated flesh touched
the cool leather and she was reminded of the spanking she
had received earlier. He did not fail to notice how the cool
air had caused her nipples to spring to attention and press
stiffly against the thin silk that barely hid them.
They talked very little as the car made its way along the
busy streets of the main part of town and then headed to the
outskirts of the city. She was visibly nervous about going
out in public like this. They were usually discrete about
their unique relationship and she was bewildered about
this sudden change in demeanor from her Master. She looked
around trying to get her bearings as they pulled into a darkened
parking lot and stopped the car in the rear. "We are
here, pet, ” he said and turned slightly toward her as he
reached to grasp the gold chain that hung from her collar.
With a gentle tug, he pulled her head to his lap as his left
hand unfastened his pants and freed his manhood from the
confines of his trousers. "I think you should have
your dessert before we go inside for dinner, love. Master
has your favorite treat waiting for you." She was unable to catch herself with her hands bound behind
her and landed face down in his lap. His rigid member bobbed
against her cheek and her nostrils were filled with the
masculine scent of his body. It was intoxicating to her
and she eagerly sought his hard flesh with her lips and tongue,
using them in the skillful way she had been trained. Her
efforts increased as she felt the rhythmic thrusting of
her Master's hips in response to her mouth sucking
and licking at his cock. She groaned when she felt his finger
and thumb grip her nipple and tug her breast from behind
the silken bandeau of cloth that covered it. His fingers
pinched and rolled her turgid nipple then alternated the
pressure from gentle tickling to firm, hard twists that
sent blinding rushes of pleasure-pain down her belly and
between her thighs. Her head was bobbing wildly when she
felt his hand grip her hair, his signal that he was about
to release in her mouth. She sucked noisily as the hot, viscous
fluid splashed against her throat and she tried to inhale
each precious drop of her Master's passion. He stiffened,
his balls drawing up against her chin, and growled as his
release was siphoned from him by her hungry mouth.
He jerked her head up from his lap by her hair and looked deep
into her lust-filled eyes. "Oh, my pet. You were such
a hungry little slut tonight but see what your greed has
caused." His finger touched her chin and drew her
attention to the dribble of his semen trickling there.
Her tongue tried vainly to wipe away the evidence but could
not reach the milky fluid that clung to her chin. He smiled
inwardly at her attempts to collect the dribble and the
flush in her cheeks when she was unable to remove it. He sat
her up in the seat and straightened her hair. Her left breasts
was still fully exposed and her nipple was dark from the
vigorous stimulation he had just ministered to it. He flicked
its firm tip with his finger and enjoyed the sound it evoked
from her. Quickly he arranged his cock inside his pants
and closed the fly as he opened the car door.
She visibly jolted when the dome light flashed on inside
the car. She had that "deer caught in the headlights"
look on her face and he loved it. He slid out from under the
steering wheel, shut and locked his door, and made his way
to her side of the car. Once again she got that stricken look
when the light came on inside. "Pet, there's
no one here to see your lovely breast, " he chided
as he helped her from the car. He felt almost drunk with the
power he had over her at this moment. She was his and he toyed
with her like a cat with a mouse. She whimpered when he jerked
her skirt to her waist, pushed her ass against the cold metal
of the car and plunged his hands between her thighs. His
fingers parted the soft, shaven lips of her sex, now saturated
with desire. Like a skilled musician, he played her, his
fingers teasing and coaxing the hardened bud of passion
nestled between her lips and urged it to peek out of its fleshy
hood. He could feel her body shivering as his fingers worked
at her relentlessly and when he lowered his head to catch
her nipple between his teeth, he delighted in the tiny shriek
she made from the intensity of his bite. He had her on the
edge and she hung there, suspended between agony and ecstasy.
He backed off and let her come back. He was not ready to end
the uncertainty he saw on her face. He reached inside the
top of her dress again, gripped her other nipple tenaciously
between his finger and thumb and jerked her right beast
into view. His eyes studied her breasts for a few minutes.
He loved the difference in the colors exhibited in her nipples.
The left one was deep coral in color and slightly bloated
from his rough play. The right one was a tender pink, stiff
but not nearly as large as the other. "Poor pet, "
he crooned. "Does your right nipple feel left out,
my love? Would you like Master to fix it for you?" She
started to shake her head to indicate that she did not. Her
left nipple was throbbing and slightly painful and she
was not anxious to have the other one undergo the same treatment.
He arched his eyebrow when he saw her reluctance. "No,
pet? You really don't mean that do you?" he questioned
as his fingers slid along each side of her clit and began
to flatten it between them. His other hand toyed at her right
nipple as he tweaked and teased at her sex button.
Her hips bucked toward his hand seeking more of the pleasure
that his fingers were generating between her legs. He relaxed
the pressure on her clit and tightened his grip on her nipple.
She responded with a small moan. "You do like it, don't
you, pet?" he asked as he pinched her nipple harder
and rolled it roughly between his thumb and fingers. "Tell
me, love, " he demanded and again heightened the
pressure on the hardened knot between her wet lips. "I
like it, Master. I like it, " she squealed as he tugged
and twisted the pink tip of her breast. "I knew you
did, pet, " he said. "Master is always delighted
to give you what you crave, love, " he whispered as
he pinched her nipple in a vice-like grip that made her wince.
He lowered his head to supplant his fingers with his mouth
and sucked the supple tip quickly into his mouth. After
a few minutes he leaned back to survey his work and smiled
as he saw the deep coral, distended nipple sitting erectly
on her creamy breast. "There, love. Now we have a matching
pair, " he chuckled as he looked at the sparks flashing
in her eyes. "Let's go eat."
She looked at him with a bewildered expression and started
to speak but held back her comment. He was enjoying the predicament
he had created for her. "What's the matter, my
love? You seem to be concerned about something, "
he said. The confused look on her face gave him another rush
of the power he always felt when he had her just where he wanted
her. He knew she was struggling with her anxiety of being
exposed in public as he searched her features for all the
signs that disclosed her emotions and thought processes.
Sometimes he could read her like a book and he found immense
satisfaction in that fact. He gripped her shoulders and
turned her to face the car, bent her at the waist and grinned
as he felt her body wrench when he pressed her bare breasts
to the cold metal of the car's rear deck. "Are
you a bit chilled, my pet?" he asked with a sound of
amusement in his voice. "It will be my pleasure to
warm you a little before we go inside, " he said as
he lifted her skirt over her hips. He saw that her buttocks
were still a little flushed from the spanking he had given
her before leaving the house. "A finishing touch
is all she needs, " he thought to himself as his open
hand struck her left cheek with a loud smack. He noticed
her first reaction was to tense in expectation and smiled
as he saw her force herself to remain at ease and gave her
a matching swat on the other side of her bottom.
After tenderly standing her upright, he embraced her,
drawing her to his chest. Her soft whimper was like music
in his ear. "You never stop filling me with pride,
pet. You're doing very well tonight." Her mind
was racing, trying to sort out the feelings that were churning
inside her. She was terrified that he was going to lead her
inside the restaurant on that chain with her breasts exposed
but another part of her was delirious with joy that she had
pleased him. She tried to shake off the feeling of dread,
telling herself that she trusted him and he knew her limits.
He often took her to the edge but never beyond where she would
willingly go for him. She felt him pull the cape over her
shoulders and close it loosely over her breasts as he picked
up the end of the golden leash. "Walk carefully, my
treasure, and no one will see that you've dressed so
provocatively, " he stated casually as he stepped
off toward the front of the building with her in tow on her
tether of gold.
She was hurrying to keep up with him, her high heels clicking
across the pavement, and her mind very aware of the way the
cape kept threatening to flip back over her shoulders.
As they stepped through the door, she heard her Master inform
the man inside that they had reservations and smiled at
her when she paled as he asked if he might check the cloak
for the lady. "That won't be necessary, my good
man, " her Master said. "The lady will keep
her cape at our table." He slid his arm protectively
around her as they were escorted to a secluded booth near
the back for the restaurant. "Perfect, " he
said to the waiter. "This will do nicely won't
it, my love?" She smiled and nodded then breathed
as sigh of relief as the waiter took the order for a single
glass of merlot and disappeared into the dim interior.
Before removing her cape and seating her, he reached beneath
the outer garment and deftly slid the top of her dress over
breasts. He helped her into the booth and took his place
at her side. She felt safe with him. She always did. The power
he held over her never stopped exciting her in ways that
she couldn't quite understand and she raised her shoulders
proudly as she considered how lucky she was to be seated
next to him on the smooth, soft leather of the of the booth.
The cheeks of her ass felt warm against the cool seat and
she was reminded that she was owned by this man sitting beside
At the sound of his soft chuckle, she glanced up to search
his face for the source of his amusement. He was smiling,
staring down at the front of her dress and she lowered her
eyes to find what was holding his bemused attention. She
gasped sharply when she saw that the blue silk band stretched
across her right breast was not centered and the deep rose-colored
circle of her areola was peeking out defiantly. Her face
flushed a matching color and she whimpered helplessly
as her eyes pleaded silently to him.
", you are drawing attention to yourself, "
he said as his eyes directed her attention to a table nearby
where an older couple sat whispering and looking in her
direction. She squirmed uncomfortably in the booth, trying
to coax the wayward piece of material back into its rightful
place. "You are only making things worse, "
he laughed and she looked down to see that even more of the
tip of her breast had slipped from behind its thin covering.
She jumped at the sound of the waiter's voice and felt
her face grow warmer when she looked up to see him standing,
his eyes glued to her exposed flesh and his mouth curled
in a slight smile. Her hands jerked unconsciously at the
cuffs that held them securely behind her back as her instinct
to cover herself kicked in automatically. She was comforted
by the sound of her Master's voice as he calmly ordered
dinner for them. "I'll have the steak with a tossed
salad and a baked potato this evening, " he said.
"The lady has just had her dessert so I'll feed
her from my plate, since she won't be eating much."
With that, he turned to her, slipped two fingers beneath
her chin and tilted her head upward. He picked up her napkin
and gently dabbed away the creamy stain on her chin. "My
goodness, love. You still have traces of your dessert on
that pretty face, " he mused and smiled softly as
her face turned to crimson.
When the waiter returned with the salad and vanished again,
he looked over at her and flashed a smile of approval as his
hand slid beneath the table and rested on her upper thigh.
He selected a small cherry tomato, dripping with honey
Dijon dressing, and slipped it between her full lips as
his fingers moved between her thighs and over the moist
petals of her sex. Her eyes widened as his fingers sent tiny
tremors of pleasure through her body and her soft moans
were lost in the juicy orb that filled her mouth. He smiled
at the sound of her low "Mmmmm" and remarked,
"My precious really loves her tomato, doesn't
she?" She could only nod as his fingers worked their
magic between her thighs. With each taste of fresh greens,
he circled the hardened knot between her wet lips and enjoyed
the obvious effects his attention created.
By the time, the waiter returned with the plate containing
a sizzling steak and steaming potato, she was teetering
on the verge of release. He held her there, increasing and
decreasing the pressure against the swollen bud between
his fingers. The waiter could barely take his eyes off the
front of her dress where her exposed nipple was standing
erect on her pale breast. The flush on her face and neck showed
her condition clearly to a man who could read the sexual
language of a woman's body. She struggled to show some
kind of composure but failed utterly when his fingers pressed
against throbbing little nodule that had become the center
of her consciousness. "My pet is thoroughly enjoying
her dinner, " he said nonchalantly to the waiter
who reluctantly pulled his eyes from the scene playing
out in front of him and turned back to his other duties.
He removed his hand from under the table to attend to the
task of cutting the steak into bite-sized pieces and preparing
the potato by adding a bit of sour cream and fresh chives.
"This smells appetizing, my love, " he said
boldly as he sniffed the aroma of the food and then passed
his fingers near his nose. "I can hardly wait to taste
it, ” he added and took a bite of the dinner.
His hand returned to its former location and began to torment
her relentlessly as he alternately ate and fed her morsels
from his plate. Her eyes searched the faces of the tables
nearby for signs that anyone was observing her dilemma.
Only occasionally, did she see anyone look their way and
she breathed a sigh of relief that the room was dimly lit.
At the sound of her sigh, he increased the pressure against
her tiny button and began to take her to the brink once again.
When he felt her reach that delicate edge he slipped two
fingers inside her as he pressed a cube of steak against
her lips. Her lips parted as a deep moan escaped them and
closed tightly around the fork as her wet muscles gripped
his fingers. She could not chew, her mind was swirling and
her throat felt as though it had sealed shut. She needed
to breathe...she needed to release.
"Now, pet, " he whispered hoarsely in her ear.
"Now!" For one second she hung in mid-air, her
mind a mass of confusion. "Not here, " she thought.
"Oh, god, please not here." Suddenly it did
not matter. They were alone in the universe. Nothing existed
except this man, her Master, and his soft breath on her ear,
his demanding fingers buried deep in her soul. Her eyes
closed tightly, her back arched and her body shuddered
against him. She was lost in a dark blue haze of pleasure
and searing heat. Her perception was swept away in the deluge
of ecstasy that washed over her like the waves on a beach
during a hurricane. Never had she flown so high or felt such
Gently his fingers lead her back to reality and he wrapped
his arm around her shoulder to cuddle her against his body
as she trembled with the last spasms of her release. "Thank
you, my love. Thank you for your beautiful surrender to
me, " he whispered softly. His hand drifted down
her back and skillfully released the clip on one of her bracelets,
freeing her hands. He kissed her softly as he pulled the
panties from his pocket and pressed them in her hand. "Use
these to clean up a bit before we leave, my pet, and then return
them to me." When she had regained her composure,
she did as he asked and placed the panties on his thigh while
her eyes once again scanned the faces at the tables nearby.
She sagged slightly in relief as she saw that everyone was
eating or chatting, oblivious to what had just occurred
only a few steps away.
"Ready to go home, love?" he asked and adjusted
the cape around her shoulders. She could only nod and smile
softly. Her heart was filled with such overwhelming love
and joy that words would not come. He stood, helped her from
the booth, picked up the check and started to lead her away.
Suddenly he stopped. "I almost forgot to leave our
waiter a well-deserved tip, " he said and laughed
as he dropped her blue panties on the seat where she had been
sitting. "Let's go home, little one, so my pet
can serve her Master His dessert."

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