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Different Languages


after a lengthy trip from hamlet to hamlet i decided it was time to start heading for home. i had bought a braught and a couple of beers and was sitting on a bench eating as a pretty woman sat down beside me. She spoke to me in the language and i made my apologies for not understanding her and smiled. she made it clear she was traveling the same way as i and i thought nothing of it. The last thing i wanted was to get in trouble for messing with the local women. the train stopped and we boarded and i saat in a seat she across the asile from me . after the train started moving she got my attn. and scooted over and patted the seat with a welcoming smile. It was on then i was not going to pass up my chance if there was one. as i sat down she put her hand on my thigh and leaned her head on my shoulder moving her hand up slowly as we traveled. when her pinky finger touched the head of my hardned i looked at her and she came to my lips with warm set kiss. i reached over and held her breast in my large hand and gave a firm squeeze hearing a slight moan escape her lips . As i kept pressure on her she had a fim grip on my cock with one hand and was working my belt and zipper with the other. when my ridged cock sprang out of my pants she giggled at the lack of underware but started stroking me. She bent down and kissed me several times with a slight suck at the end of each kiss.. she was basically on her side and it was nothing to reach under her dress and fin her well moistened pussy waiting for my touch. She moaned again as i pinched her ample lips and dipped my finger in that hungry pussy. my cock was no where in sight as she had taken it all in her mouth and was doing her best to drain me right now. My finger found her clit and she began to squirm holding my wrist to keep the guiding my hand exactly where she wanted it. It dint take long to feel the bucking enjoyment she was getting from using my hand to please her self.2 fingers slid right in as i felt he inner walls tighten and my hand was instantly wet. after her gasping and moaning ended i pushed her panties down over one shoe and pulled her to my lap facing me. she had no problem finding where she and i both wanted my cock to go. She rode my cock down to the hilt and then moved back and forth till she exploded again with such force I could hear her squirt as she soaked my lap. Burying her warm mouth in my neck she whispered something to me and the way she rocked in my lap i had no doubt of what she said. putting her feet on the seat she almost jumped up and down on my cock holding on to the back of my neck riding me with that sweet suction only a sopping pussy can make. About four or five jumps like that and she climaxed harder than the previous 2 times moaning sucking air between her teeth saying something that was pure delight to my ears. I had no more restraint left and unloaded a shuddering load deep inside her as she put her full weight on me to keep me locked inside. After several racking of our bodies into one another we held each other tight and kissed for several minutes taking turn holding each others faces in our hands and telling each other what a great experience this had been. A tear appeared on her eye lid and i kissed it away as she told me something in a soft whisper. i offered her my handkerchief after she dislodged my now spent member . Putting ourselves back together we noticed the train was slowing and she hurriedly kissed me again and again saying sweet nothings to me.. At the stop she got up from the seat and kissed me lightly on the mouth again ,held my cheek and whispered again into my mouth. As she hurried off the platform i could see her in the lights wanting to wave but restraining herself then turning away. Getting home after dark i walked from the train platform up the hill to the kids' house and my daughter was waiting for me at the door. she asked where i had been and i said that the day was spen ton the train.when asked if i had a good time i told her it was the most amazing train ride i ever had. when asked how i got along with the language barrier i replied"you know sometimes there are no different languages"
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