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Did I save her? (or) Did she save me?


I had gotten up early that morning so I could get into the
forest earlier than usual. At the time I worked for the National
Forestry Service and one of my many tasks was walking vast
acreage of forest, to check the condition of the trees as
well as take samples for our evaluations back in the labs.

It was a great job for me because I loved the outdoors and
it gave me time away from civilization. And as I saw it, life
seemed less complicated when I was alone in the middle of
nowhere. It is so peaceful and soothing to spend an entire
day by myself soaking up Mother Nature at her best.

And on that particular morning, gathering my thoughts
was something I felt I really needed to do. My wife and I had
just had another fight the night before, so I figured it
might be better if I left before she even woke up. I packed
my bag, lunch, water and first aid kit before sunrise and
hopped in my truck for the long drive up north.

Marcy, my wife and I were not getting along and things seemed
to be getting worse by the day. I wasn't even sure if
we loved one another anymore so being alone with my thoughts
would hopefully help me figure things out. Maybe we still
loved each other but were finally figuring out we couldn't
live together any more. This assignment of spending the
day by myself in the forest could not have come at a better
time for me.

And the oddest part of my relationship with my wife was after
a fight we would end up in our bed and couldn't keep our
hands off of one another. We could be mad as hell at one another
but the moment we were in bed, one of us always reached for
the other and it was on. In fact Marcy was usually the aggressor
after one of our fights, so I had been wondering lately if
she didn't start the fight, just so we could fuck the
way we did when we were both still angry.

My wife had big soft tits which she knew I adored and would
use them to torture me after a fight. She seemed to get some
sick sort of pleasure out of getting me super hard and then
tit fucking my dick while giggling at my facial distortions.
"That big cock of yours loves my tits, doesn't
it?" She asked over and over while the pressure just
kept getting stronger. She would not stop until I finally
said, "Yes." Marcy may not have been able to
win a lot of our fights but she won when we were in bed.

Only then would she let me calm down enough before she spread
her legs and let me climb on top of her. She knew I needed her
slippery pussy around my shaft for the relief I was desperate
for. Marcy had a solid frame, very durable and she knew how
to use it.

Once my wife felt my throbbing organ inside of her, she would
grind her hips at me almost as if she was sucking my cock,
in and out of her crack. I began to feel guilty for even achieving
an orgasm like the ones I had after a fight because it was
no longer an expression of my love for her. It was safe to
day Marcy and I shared the kind of sex that made us both feel

So my long drive up north would give me some time to reflect
on my marriage and my life. And hopefully after a long day
alone in the forest to rebalance myself, I would be able
to return home with a new attitude. At the time, I really
wanted to make my marriage work but the fighting had to stop
and I only had one day alone to figure that part out.

I parked my pick up at the spot designated for official vehicles
only. I remember getting out of my truck and instantly feeling
more relaxed while staring out at the vast nothingness
in front of me. I was looking at nothing but miles and miles
except for some trees, birds, animals all living in harmony
together. It immediately gave me a fresh look at my own life
and what I thought were huge problems back at home. So maybe
they weren't so huge.

I chuckled to myself about how stupid I felt before I put
on my back pack, locked the truck and grabbed the hiking
pole I always carried with me. I had a good ten hours of hiking
and many samples in front of me in this particular section
of National Forest. I just knew it was going to be a good day
but never would have guessed how my life was about to change

I popped a piece of gum in my mouth, took a deep breath and
set off on my day long journey already mentally in a better
place. . I really loved this part of my job where there are
no cars, no people and all I felt was Mother Nature .. Other
than a few dirt roads cut into the forest for other purposes,
there is not any other sign of mankind to be found. And once
deep into the forest, I began to hear all the amazing sounds
around me and it was truly awesome to be part of it.

I gathered a few samples and pack them each away with the
proper labels and pretty much my mind forgot all my trouble
back at home. And from time to time, I would stop and check
my compass although I always had the sun to guide my direction
as well. Just the smells of the forest were enough to clear
my troubled thoughts. I was a little over four hours into
my hike when I cleared a large hill and stopped after I thought
I saw something move, at the bottom of the hill.

I looked in that direction for a few moments and when nothing
moved again, I figured my eyes were just playing tricks
on me. And then half way down the hill I thought I saw something
move again but then it stopped again. Was it a deer, a wolf
or even a bear or was it all in my imagination. I was gripping
my walking stick as well as making sure my side arm was in
place, while looking down the hill quietly waiting to see
whatever it was move again.

The last thing I ever expected was what I heard next. "Is
somebody out there?" A woman's voice suddenly
called out. I remember stopping for a few moments and wondering
to myself how in the world could someone else be out here
in the middle of nowhere and why? Any human's voice
was out of place but a woman's was simply amazing.

I made it past some bushes and ground cover before I stopped
when I saw a slender woman standing with a stick in her hand,
ready to attack me. Her eyes were nothing short of sheer
terror as she stared at me waving the stick while trembling.
"Hello. I'm with the National Forestry Service, "
I said to her as she looked at me still waving the stick like
she was going to attack.

I sensed she was not thinking clearly just based on the terror
I saw in her eyes. "How do I know you are telling me the
truth?" She said clinching her jaw like an animal
preparing for battle. I tried to remain calm and slowly
lifted my hand as I pointed to the patch on the front of my
shirt that said, " US Forestry Service."

She blinked very quickly a couple of times before she suddenly
dropped the stick. And then within seconds, although at
the time it felt like a slow eruption, her emotions flooded
to the surface and this woman I had come across fell apart
as tears began to stream down her cheeks. She covered her
face with her hands and began to sob as she fell to the ground.

Just out of pure instinct I rushed up to the woman and pulled
her in my arms while trying to comfort her. "Oh my God.
I was sure I was going to die, " She said as she continued
to sob in my arms. I was still shocked myself, that I came
across another person especially a woman so far from civilization.
Instead of asking her any questions at all, I simply held
her and tried my best to comfort her first.

Her hair had not been combed in a while and her perfume had
long worn off as she trembled in my arms. While I held her,
I wondered where did she come from and why was she out here
in the middle of nowhere? And then I also wondered, how long
had she been lost in the woods? I had spent enough time in
the woods during my life to know a person doesn't just
end this deep in a forest by accident.

"Oh please don't leave me, " She began
pleading to me as I held her and assured her I was not going
anywhere. "You will be alright now that I found you.
I will get you out of here safe and sound, " I told her
as she clung to me like a frightened child would.

But her emotions had been spent so much that she could no
longer manage to stand. I helped her slowly sit down on the
ground but she grabbed hold of my hand and made me sit down
next to her. It didn't take long for my heart to open
up and feel badly for this lost soul who I had accidently
come across and probably saved her life.

Ten minutes after finding her, she began to calm her down
as the woman trembled a little less while her tears finally
began to slow. "Are you hungry?"I asked her
once I felt her body relax just a little. She didn't
speak but nodded her head so l removed my backpack where
I had sandwiches and energy bars.

"Ok, let's sit here so you can eat something,
" I told her she offered me the first smile since I found
her. " Thank you so much, " She said as she pushed
her hair away from her face and sat next to me obviously hungry.
I handed her a bottle of water and a sandwich which she devoured
within seconds of opening it. "How long has it been
since you ate something?"I asked her as she smiled
at me with the most grateful eyes I had ever seen.

I could see she had a pretty face even though she had quite
a bit of dirt on it, but her eyes told me she was truly a good
person with a warm heart. "I don't remember.
It's been a couple of days, maybe more, " she
said softly as I handed her a energy bar next. "Thank
you so much, " She said over and over as she tried to
offer me another smile but her fear still had a grip on her

She told me her name was Lori and that she got lost in the woods
a few days earlier. I didn't feel comfortable asking
her for too many details yet, so we sat next to one another
as she ate some more and drank the water. But her story about
being lost didn't make a lot of sense considering what
Lori had on. No one would go for a walk in a National forest
wearing a pair of flip, flops, shorts and a t shirt.

But I remained quiet, continued to comfort her as she finishing
refreshing herself next to me. "Do you think you can
walk?"I asked Lori next as her smile began to soften
just a little now that she had a full belly. "I think
so, " she said as I stood up and reached down to help
her up too. Lori had a slender frame not exactly built for
the wilderness as I checked my compass although I already
knew which way we needed to go.

"You're not leaving me, are you?" She asked
again with a bit more panic in her voice as she grabbed for
my hand very tightly. I smiled and told her again, I was not
leaving her. It was only eleven in the morning but I knew
that with Lori in the condition she was in, our four hour
hike might take five or six hours before we would reach my

Again I remained silent at first when she held my hand and
I felt her wedding ring for the first time. Where was her
husband and was he also lost out here in the woods. "Before
we get started I need to ask you if your husband came into
the woods with you or did you go for a walk all alone?"
I said to Lori who was still trembling a little.

"No I came here alone, " was all Lori said as
I smiled at her and began to walk holding her hand in mine.
I sure didn't expect anything like this to happen to
me but it felt good that I was actually helping someone and
they were so grateful . I thought I was taking it slow but
Lori was already struggling to keep pace so I suggested
we sit down and rest after just fifteen minutes into the
long hike we had left.

Lori nodded her head as we both took a seat on the ground next
to one another. "I'm sorry. I can't walk
very fast, " she said while still holding my hand
as if she let go, I was going to walk off and leave her lost
in the woods. So I held her soft hand and sat next to her listening
to her breathing a bit more calmly than before.

"Are you married?" Lori asked me after a minute
of sitting together listening to the birds chirping above
her heads. I told her I was and then she asked me if I had children.
"Yes I have two, ' I told her as Lori smiled again
at me and said that must be nice. "Do you have any children?"I
asked her as she frowned for a few moments and simply shook
her head no.

We looked to be about the same age, early thirties and we
were both married so why didn't Lori have any children
yet. I don't know why but I decided to ask her directly.
Lori immediately began to tear up as she squeezed my hand
and started to tremble all over again. "I'm so
sorry. It is none of my business, " I said quickly
hoping to calm her down again.

That seemed to settle her a little before we stood back up
and began to hike again now falling even farther behind
my five to six hour estimate to get out of the forest. So Lori
and I held hands and continued our journey for five or ten
more minutes when she finally said, " I'm afraid
to bring any children into a marriage, like the one I have."
I saw a sadness in her eyes that I will never forget.

I kept my thoughts to myself but it did get me thinking about
the fact I had a bad marriage and I still had children. The
birds continued chirping and the warm breezes blew through
the trees making for a wonderfully calming song that Lori
and I both enjoyed. If there was such a thing as Nature's
therapy, then this afternoon, in the calming forest was
the place Lori and I were supposed to spend time together.

We had hiked for anther thirty minutes before we took another
break and sat down again to rest. "I don't know
what to do, " She said softly as we sat still holding
each other's hands. "Have you thought about
possibly leaving him"?"I asked her hoping
she would not come unglued again. Lori took a couple of very
deep breaths before she turned to face me and said, "
That is why I ended up here in the first place."

At first I looked at this fragile woman and wondered what
exactly she was trying to tell me. "You did what?"I
asked her. Lori said she had another fight with her husband
a few days ago and she left the house and just drove and drove
and drove. "And then I just parked my car somewhere
and began to walk into the woods. I was upset, crying and
I felt like I just couldn't take it anymore, "
she said still gripping my hand like a vise. She then smiled
and said once she calmed down she realized she was lost and
then she began to panic and couldn't' find her
way back to her car.

"Well your safe now and I will get you out, "
I told her as we both stood up and began walking again. I knew
I was helping her but somehow walking with her in the woods,
was helping me a little too. Had I let all the fighting I did
with Marcy get to me too and now I felt as trapped as Lori felt.
We had walked for about an hour total when we came across
a small pond and Lori immediately let go of my hand. "I
want to wash my face, " She said as excited as she had
been since I found her.

"I probably look horrible, " she added as she
bent down at the edge of the pond and splashed some cool water
on her face. She washed her face using her hands before she
stood back up and faced me. "You don't look horrible
at all. You look nice, " I said as I was surprised that
Lori actually looked quite attractive even without the
dirt covering her face.

Her big brown eyes light up when I paid her a complement as
she stood up and locked her eyes onto my eyes. Lori grabbed
my hand and off we went again still hours away from my truck.

I began hearing her grunts and moans as her feet were being
scraped wearing only a pair of flip flops in the forest but
I pushed her to continue anyway. We still had a good two to
three hours before we would reach my truck. I felt bad for
her pain and at one point, asked her if I could carry her over
my shoulder for a little while. Lori didn't look to
weigh much over a hundred pounds so I knew I could handle
her for a while.

"No, I'll be ok, " Lori said but after a
few more moans, I stopped and picked her up like a sack and
tossed her over my shoulder. I told myself to forget her
weight and just set a comfortable steady pace for myself
with her slung over my shoulder. Without realizing it,
this had become a journey and a struggle for both of us and
one that neither of us would ever forget.

I carried her the entire way out of the forest before we found
my truck. I had just let her down as she stood on her own two
feet for the first time in over two hours. She smiled up at
me with such gratefulness in her eyes, I didn't know
how to handle it because I had never saved someone's
life before.

Lori took a few moments to try and wipe some of the dirt off
of her clothes before she walked up to me until we were only
inches apart. Our eyes met and something happened to both
of us because I slowly pulled her back into my arms as she
pressed her warm tender lips against mine. And it was not
a thank you kiss but a kiss that was something much more personal
with a lot more meaning behind it. We may have been strangers
but we didn't feel like strangers any longer.

Our first kiss lasted a good two minutes as our bodies reacted
well and drew closer to one another until her small breasts
were pushing against the front of my shirt. Our lips them
parted for only a second or two before we kissed again and
this time the passion was even more real. "I need to
thank you with more than a kiss, " Lori said after
our second very torrid kiss.

"Not this way, " I said softly to Lori as she
smiled and kissed me for the third time. I just remember
standing there holding her slender frame in my arms as our
hearts began to beat with the same rhythm. Something happened
to both of us and we couldn't stop kissing and embracing
each other for even a second. I needed her as badly as she
needed me and together we sounded like a choir singing in
perfect harmony. It was the first erection I had gotten
in years and I didn't feel dirty about it.

What was even more painful than carrying her out of the forest
was driving her back to where she lived and dropping her
off in front of her house. "I will never forget you, "
Lori said with a single tear running down her face as we got
closer to her street. I didn't know what to say to her,
because my heart was so sad that I was dropping her off . Fate
had brought us together but only for one afternoon.

"I won't forget you either, " I finally
said when she pointed to the house down the block and told
me it was where she lived. "What should I tell my husband?"
She asked right before I put my truck in park. "Just
tell him you were upset and got lost and that a Forest Ranger
found you and brought you back home, "I said to her.
"Just tell him the truth, " I added as Lori smiled
one last time before she got out of my truck and wished me
good luck with the rest of my life too.

She was about to turn and walk into her house when she leaned
into my truck one more time and said "We both know something
more happened between us today." She then turned
and never looked back as she walked up the steps onto her
front porch. I took a deep breath and watched until she went
inside of her house before I drove off and headed the final
two hours back to my house and my own family.

Marcy was in the kitchen when I walked in as she smiled and
rushed up to give me a big wet kiss. "How was your day?"
She asked as the kids were already at the table ready for
dinner. I told her it was nice but avoided sharing any details
especially about the woman I had rescued in the woods. And
in my heart I knew if I told my wife anything about that, she
would have gotten jealous and we would have probably ended
up in another fight.

It was around ten when I showered to get rid of the days worth
of sweat from carrying Lori on my back. I walked into our
bedroom and saw Marcy waiting on our bed totally naked.
My wife's big tits looked like mountains on her chest
and her pussy was already juicy and swollen.

Marcy had the body for sure but if she only had Lori's
heart my wife would have been complete. Still, Marcy and
I shared some very hot foreplay to heat each other up even
more before I mounted her again and that is when the fireworks
always go off. We simply shared some very hard fucking and
nothing more. Still my tingling throbbing cock loved her
slippery hole and when she gripped my cock even harder,
I went off like a bomb that needed to be exploded.

Summer gave way to fall and then winter and Marcy and I continued
to fight and continued to fuck. It was a pattern we either
couldn't get out of or maybe we just didn't want
to get out of it . We shared a volatile marriage and a torrid
sex life but nothing more. And whether Marcy felt it or not,
we continued to drift farther apart as people.

The following spring Marcy began to like it when I would
tell her I was going to spend the day away from home in a forest
doing more surveying. I didn't know it at the time but
my wife had taken a lover and on the days I would be gone out
of town, she had more freedom to meet with him. But at the
time I thought she just liked being alone because we couldn't
fight if I wasn't around.

And to be truthful, I liked those days alone too because
I could let my mind remember back to the day I found Lori and
all that we shared together on our journey. Sometimes I
felt sad and other times I hoped she had found happiness
in her marriage. And then shamefully a few other times when
I thought about Lori and our wonderful kisses, I would get
so hard I had to masturbate in the middle of nowhere.

Summer continued and Marcy and I continued our fighting
and our fucking as if this chain we had created together
would never be broken. That is until one night after a long
day in the woods when Marcy sat me down with tears in her eyes
and told me she wanted a divorce. "I have fallen in
love with someone else. But I never meant to hurt you, "
My wife said sobbing as if her heart was breaking for real.
It was the first time in years that I felt my wife's honest

It was a relief that it was over although I was still very
sad for all the years we had shared together as a couple.
My wife and I had shared a lot of good times even if the last
few years had mostly been bad ones. Marcy reached out and
held my hand as she sobbed and told me she hoped I didn't
hate her. I told her I didn't hate her and then got up
and packed some things and left.

I was lost for the rest of the summer and felt so alone after
I got a one bedroom apartment. I began to feel like I truly
had a broken heart even though I had felt for years that Marcy
and I were no longer in love. But I needed that time alone
to heal and try and figure out what the rest of my life would
be about.

And then one fall Saturday I woke up and for some reason decided
to drive to Lori's street although I wasn't going
to stop. The last thing I wanted to be was responsible for,
was breaking up her marriage if she had worked it out. And
one of the last things she told me before she climbed out
of my truck, was that we both needed to go back to our spouses
and give it everything we had. Because if we didn't,
we might regret it for the rest of our lives.

I grew very nervous during the two hour drive and when I found
her street again, my heart was in my throat. I nearly didn't
turn my steering wheel in time but somehow managed to turn
and head down her street. I realized Lori might not even
live in her old house anymore but just driving down the street
might bring me some happiness.

So I slowed my truck and began to creep five miles an hour
past the houses until I got closer and closer to hers. And
then I went into panic mode when I saw Lori in the small front
yard raking leaves and a sold sign also in the front yard.
I wanted to turn and run but I was too close so I sped up a little
hoping she would not spot me. I glanced at her once and our
eyes met for a second or two as I rolled by.

I have never been so scared as I was at the moment as my truck
rolled a few feet past Lori, so I glanced in my rear view mirror
and saw her throw her rake down. She then began chasing my
truck down the middle of the street, running as fast as she
could. I don't remember hitting the brake but apparently
I did as Lori caught up to my truck gasping for air.

The next thing I do remember was her running into my arms
as we embraced before our lips touched again a year after
they had first touched. And oh my, how perfectly warm her
lips felt against mine as we clung to one another right in
the middle of the street. It was an explosion of emotions
that we both stored up inside for over a year.

Lori and I just hugged and kissed and clung to one another
for at least five minutes if not longer. When we finally
let go of one another she still held my hand in hers just like
she had the day I rescued her in the woods. It turned out her
husband and her divorced shortly after I dropped her off.
And when Lori asked me about my wife, I told her Marcy had
fallen in love with someone else and that my marriage was
over too.

Lori turned out to be an amazingly tender woman with the
beauty and the grace of a butterfly. I backed up my truck
and followed her into her small home still holding each
other's hands. She then faced me, tearing up a little
more and softly said, " I waited to sell for as long
as I could. I wanted you to come back and save me for a second

I hugged Lori again and didn't respond as our hearts
kept beat in harmony. "I wanted you to save me too, "
I whispered to her as she pulled her head back and looked
into my eyes. "I fell in love with you the day you found
me, " She said softly before we kissed each other
again. This amazing soft, tender creature was incredible
to hold as Lori and I continued our private celebration
by sharing our hearts with one another.

I was heated up for sure and so was Lori after ten minutes
of our reunion. She then stepped back and looked into my
eyes and said, "I want us to make love together."
I smiled and nodded my head with a heart filled like never
before. Lori grabbed my hand and led me into her bedroom
at the back of the house.

In some respects I felt like a virgin all over again Lori
smiled and slowly lifted her top over her head exposing
her small lacy bra to me for the first time. She then removed
her jeans and the more of her long slender body I saw, the
more I wanted her.

But Lori was the complete opposite of what I had become use
to getting from a woman. She was not aggressive and in fact
was quite shy. I had already removed my shirt and jeans when
Lori and I came together it felt like the joining of our hearts
and not just our bodies. Neither of us could believe we were
back together again and would never be apart again. Her
kisses were soft, gentle and lingering as if it was painful
for her when our lips did separate for a moment or two.

"I am just as nervous as you are, " Lori said
once after a rather longer torturous kiss. Savoring this
woman was a wonderfully slow experience I didn't want
to rush. Lori and I both knew how it would end but we wanted
to enjoy the journey together and not just the ending. My
hormones had kicked in hard as did hers so at one point in
our standing foreplay, I reached behind and unhooked her

The expression on her eyes was almost the same as the day
I found her holding a stick waving it at me. "Should
we stop?"I asked Lori not wanting to push her into
anything she didn't truly want. "No, I'm
just scared, " she whispered as we kissed each other
again before the straps of her bra slipped off her shoulders.

I had always fancied myself as a boob man and my first wife
certainly had boobs. But when I saw Lori's small delicate
breasts for the first time, they were the most beautiful
things I had ever seen. Small mounds on her chest with bright
pink nipples which had swollen into cute little buttons.
I backed up pulling Lori with me as I sat on the edge of her
bed and slowly placed my lips on one of her nipples as she
stood in front of me offering me her body and her soul.

It was a bonding experience like nothing I had ever felt
before with me suckling her swollen nipples while Lori
stood there cradling the back of my head in her hands. "Oh
honey, this feels so right, " She said once or twice
while I suckled her for more than five minutes. Whatever
bad sexual experiences the woman had in her life were being
swept away now that we were together. I swear I could hear
the woman's heart beating faster and faster the longer
I aroused her feminine essence.

Lori and I finally made it onto her bed as we hugged, kissed
and prepared for the most special bonding of both of our
lives. My ball sack was beyond full by the time my shorts
came off and her pussy was finally exposed. Lori grew more
excited but always kept a gracefulness about her that was
amazing to be part of. I knew in my heart this was not going
to make me feel dirty any longer. This was going to be a true
expression of love.

She had very fine pubic hair covering her vagina which had
become matted from her juices as her body was preparing
for the ultimate union. And she responded as if she was truly
aroused for the first time in her life, once I began to lick
her soft slippery pussy and smell her womanly scent. Her
arms flopped around as her head jerked back and forth once
her orgasm got closer.

"Oh my God. I love you so much, " Lori said as
my tongue just kept swiping across her outer lips and love
button. Her climax came suddenly and without any more build
up as Lori twisted and turned in an attempt to her away. But
I was determined to make this something she would never
forget so I held her hips in place and just kept licking her
as she whimpered, moaned before it became too much for her
to handle.

I then pulled myself back up so we were face to face and just
held her in my arms as she trembled from her orgasm and the
aftershocks. She snuggled in, tight to me and shook at times
still experiencing a few jerks every now and then until
they began to go away too. "I have never felt that before, "
She whispered to me after a kiss with a big smile on her face.

"I want you so bad, it hurts, " Lori said looking
directly into my eyes. "Do you want me to return the
favor"? she asked next. I told her she could return
the favor next time before I used my fingers to feel her juicy
crack for a minute more. And during that minute, Lori jerked
many times from how over sensitized she had become. I then
slowly climbed on top of her as Lori spread her legs for me
while staring into my eyes.

This was truly going to be our moment as I moved my hard shaft
until it touched her outer lips. We then pledged our love
for one another one more time, before I slowly began to enter
her amazing pussy. Lori accepted my shaft with ease although
her body was still experiencing some jerking from time
to time the deeper I probed.

We never spoke again after that and only looked into each
other's eyes while I moved gently in and out of her vagina.
It was the first time in my life that I was experiencing what
it felt like to make love and mean it. Lori and I only lasted
a few minutes but what a few minutes it was. The pressure
grew too quickly even though I tried to fight it, it did me
no good.

But the slow tender way we moved together and created such
wonderful friction was simply amazing. She was tight but
not too tight and slippery but not too slippery as our organs
worked together like they were meant to be together. I am
not a man with a monster cock but my six or seven inches appeared
to be more than enough to satisfy Lori's sexual needs.

I was experiencing what it felt like to be inside of Lori
with my hard throbbing shaft. And Lori was experiencing
what it felt like to have me inside of her womb. There was
something that was just right about it and we both felt it.
But deep within my loins the pressure was building and there
was no way of stopping it for much longer.

My ball sack was too full as was my heart and with both of them
needing this release, I exploded without much warning.
Lori felt my spasms and hugged me with both arms as my chest
crushed her small breasts while I filled her with my love.
I was shaking while she trembled the entire time my cock
kept exploding deep inside of her.

And then suddenly, there was calm as Lori continued to hold
me on top of her as our juices began to blend together inside
of her womb. I was trying to catch my breath as was she and
neither of us were in a hurry for this amazing moment to end.
Eventually we both began to laugh with an childish excitement
about what we had just shared for the first time.

"You were amazing, " I told her with my hard
shaft still tingling inside of her warmth. "So were
you, " Lori said before she lifted her head off the
pillow to kiss me one more time. And then something happened
that had never happened before to me when my cock did not
go down and remained as hard as it was before I had cum.

"Can I?" Was all I got out as Lori eyes were aglow
under me. "I am yours for the next fifty years, "
She said before Lori and I began to make love all over again.
This amazing woman showed me something that night about
her heart and her true feelings that bonded us together
for life.

We both fell asleep naked while clinging to one another
until almost eight the next morning. I remember when I finally
opened my eyes, Lori was resting on her side, just staring
at me while I slept in her bed for the first time. She had this
wonderful big grin on her face as I opened my eyes and smiled
back at her.

"Are we going to make love again?" were the first
words out of her mouth. When I nodded yes, Lori screamed
before she jumped from the bed, rushed into the bathroom
and came back with a warm wash cloth to clean me off. She then
used her mouth to make me hard but it didn't take much
effort on her part before I told her to straddle me so she
could be in top this time around.

"Really? Are you serious?" She asked as she
lifted one leg over my waist with my hard cock standing at
attention again. "This is going to be a first for me, "
Lori said as she slowly lowered her pussy onto my cock. I
can only assume her ex-husband just laid her on her back
and fucked her without much regard for Lori or her needs.
Lori's slender frame was a delight to watch as I reached
up and held her small but very soft breasts while she did
all the work. And she was simply delighted when she got me
to explode in her later on.

We married two days after my divorce was final and have been
married ever since. And two years after our marriage, Lori
gave birth to a wonderful baby girl which she was hoping
for. And if my life couldn't have worked out any better,
my two boys from my first marriage eventually moved in with
Lori and I too, when their mother wanted to run off the Las
Vegas with her new husband to start a new life.

I still love the woods and I love being outdoors but now I
also can't wait to get home and see my wife and my family

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wonderful story, heartfelt and genuine.... doesn't
mater if fiction or not very well written. thank you for


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What a beautiful, well written story -- AS USUAL.. You have
the ability to express both male and female emotions in
a very realistic manner. IT IS A PLEASURE TO READ A STORY
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What a great story, erotic yet very tender and heartwarming
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Very well written, describing both the emotional and physical.


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What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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that is an amazing story


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This is a very good story.


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Like all else said, great story, true love story.


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