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Diary of my affairs. Chapter 13. Part 2. Hubby wanted another guy to assfuck me


I knocked on the door and as soon as Ernie closed it behind
me he wrapped his arms arouprostitnd me and started french kissing
me. He tried to move on from there but I told him to wait because
I wanted to change into something more sexy for him first.
I reached in the bag and set the anal eazy and lube on the bed
like Wayne had asked me to do and told Ernie I’d be right back
and for him to wait on the bed for me. I went in the bathroom
thinking, “Am I really doing this?” I stripped down to my
bra and crotchless panties and put on my black hose. As I
was getting my hose out of the bag I saw my short lacey black
shorts and put them on too along with a black corset and before
I walked out of the bathroom I called Wayne on my cell phone.
Wayne answered and I started hitting a couple of numbers
on my phone which was my signal that everything was going
according to plan and I was ready to walk out of the bathroom
and go fuck Ernie and hung up.

I was excited but nervous knowing I was about to fuck Ernie
and with my heart racing I took a deep breath before walking
out to find Ernie laying on the bed still clothed with all
the lights still turned on. “Wow” he said as I came out. I
said I figured he’d be naked by now but he wanted me to strip
him. So I started with his shoes, socks and shirt. Then I
unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and before I could go
any farther he pulled me to him and started kissing me while
playing with my tits outside my corset. I slid my hand down
to his boxers and slipped my fingers underneath them grabbing
his dick and playing with him as we continued kissing. He
soon rose up so I could take his pants off followed by his
boxers and I stood at the bottom of the bed pulling them off
and looking at Ernie’s naked body in front of me. Except
for Wayne he was the first guy I’d seen naked other than the
stripper I covered in chapter 10 since I got married and
Ernie’s dick was hard as a rock begging for some attention.
I’d seen Ernie’s dick before when I blew him in the past but
this was different because now I was looking at his full
birthday suit and knew a lot more than a blowjob was going
to happen today. I guess he noticed me just starring because
he asked if I liked what I saw and I said yes.

Then I grabbed the camera out of the bag and he asked what
I had in mind because he didn’t want any face pics of him taken.
I handed him the camera saying that’s ok and to just take
any pics he wanted and if he was lucky I’d email him copies.
Ernie remained laying there checking out the camera while
I grabbed his ankles spreading his legs apart looking at
the dick I was about to suck. From the bottom of the bed I laid
forward and licked his nuts at first taking my time before
moving on to his dick. As he took pics I tried smiling as best
I could with his dick in my mouth and not wanting him to get
off before I got fucked I kept teasing him by going back to
his balls. I guess the excitement was too much for him because
while going back and forth from sucking him to licking his
balls he said, “Don’t stop! I’m gonna cum!” He almost shot
before I got it back in my mouth and I swallowed what seemed
to be another of his huge loads of cum. Ernie got up to get
us a beer out of his cooler he brought with him saying, “Here’s
something to wash it down with while I recharge my batteries.”
I mentioned to him that he shoots more cum than Wayne does
and he said it was probably because ever since I emailed
him back a few days ago that I would meet him at the hotel to
fuck he jacked off a bunch of times and always stopped when
he got close to cumming. He added that not having sex at home
probably helped too and reminded me that he did the same
thing before I blew him the first time over a year ago. I asked
if he did that before I blew him at the park and he said no and
that it was a spur of the moment thing and would chalk it up
to not having sex at home.

Ernie suggested if I wanted Wayne to do the same to either
go a long time without sex or tell Wayne to try the jackoff
and stop method. I knew going a long time without having
sex with Wayne wasn’t going to happen but did manage to get
Wayne to try the jackoff and stop method the next time I was
on my period. Wayne was interested in trying it but didn’t
want to wait until I was off my period to see if it worked.
I promised him that as long as he would stop me before cumming
in my mouth I’d suck him every morning, evening and night
until I was off my period but he wouldn’t go for that long.
He bargained me down to three days if I promised to swallow
so I finally gave in and agreed. Wayne said he jacked off
and stopped a few other times like when he was in the shower
or whatever before the third day came. On the night of the
third day I took my time sucking him and teasing him that
I wanted to swallow a big load of his cum. He started his question
game again asking me to bite his dick if the answer was yes
and asked a lot of dirty questions for me to bite him including
some about Ernie. Wayne had a great orgasm vibrating all
over as he shot in my mouth but I really didn’t notice a big
difference volume wise. Maybe he had an accident he didn’t
want to admit to?

Anyway after finishing our beers Ernie took off my corset
and undid my bra sucking on my tits for a few minutes before
asking me to lay back and taking off my black hose which I
thought was odd. I knew guys, including Wayne, liked girls
in hose and Wayne had said Ernie would love to see me only
wearing the black hose but Ernie said he liked my tanned
legs better than he did the hose. Next he pulled off my lacy
black shorts finding out that I still had on the crotchless
panties. He quickly took them off and I was laying there
naked as he starred at me playing with himself. I repeated
what he asked me after I stripped him asking if he liked what
he saw. He said yes and asked me to spread my legs as and hold
them up in the air. I watched as Ernie stood there looking
at my pussy playing around by asking his dick if it would
like to fuck me. I laughed as he made it bounce up and down.
I was expecting him to fuck me but I was wrong. Instead he
continued talking to his dick saying he owed me a few favors
and how he needed to repay me by eating me first. Then he grabbed
a pillow from the other bed and doubled it over wrapping
a bathroom towel around it telling me to put it under my ass
so he could eat me. I rose up putting the pillow under me and
laid back closing my eyes in anticipation of feeling his
tongue lapping away at my pussy.

Now on the pillow with my knees bent, my legs spread and my
feet flat on the bed Ernie laid between my legs and started
licking my inner thighs doing one leg and then repeating
it on the other. He did it for so long that I felt like screaming
at him to eat me but I didn’t say anything at first. I laid
there with my eyes closed enjoying it as I felt his tongue
licking me but each time he would stop and go back to his original
starting point on my other thigh going a little bit higher
each time. He finally made it to where he was going high enough
that he was licking where my leg meets my pussy but was careful
not to touch my pussy lips with his tongue. It tickled and
I would start to squirm every time he got that far to his delight.
After he did both thighs that way I knew the next time he would
at least be licking the outside of my lips but I was wrong
again. He kept repeating it over and over always stopping
an inch away from my pussy lips and going back to his starting
point on my other thigh until I couldn’t take it anymore.
Knowing he was so close and getting a good look at my shaved
pussy with all the lights still on I blurted out for him to
eat my pussy and Ernie said he was wondering how long it would
take for me to ask him. This time he made it to the edge of one
side of my lips licking it up and down before starting all
over on the other leg and doing the other side. On his next
trip he went all the way darting his tongue as deep in my pussy
as he could as I jumped in pleasure. He kept moving it around
in circles licking inside me as far as he could reach causing
me to put a leg lock on his head not wanting him to stop.

He soon started alternating between doing that and sucking
hard on my lips for a while before he ever started licking
my clit. He was also running his hands all over me rubbing
my stomach, legs and tits. Only his nose had touched my clit
when he was trying to shove his tongue as far inside my pussy
as it would reach. My clit was swollen when he finally started
licking it and I started raising up from time to time to open
my eyes and look at his face buried between my legs until
I knew I was at the point of no return. I laid my head back telling
Ernie I was going to cum and he sped up his pace until I let
go with a great orgasm.

Once I had gotten off I expected him to get up but he just kept
eating me and running his hands around my body almost nonstop
and I wasn‘t about to ask him to quit. His only comments the
whole time was to compliment me saying I had the best tasting
pussy he ever ate and that he hadn‘t ate a shaved pussy since
before he got married. Ernie said he tried to talk his wife
into shaving her pussy after they got married but that she
always refused to. Unlike Wayne, Ernie never asked if I
was close to cumming and just kept lapping away for what
had to have been over a half hour since he got me off the first
time. Anytime Wayne eats me for an extended period of time
he always asks if I’m getting close but not Ernie. He had
a tongue that seemed to never get tired. I had once or twice
where I got close to cumming again but Ernie would either
come up for air or change technique. Then somewhere along
the line he started licking my ass, alternating between
that and eating my pussy I was soon on the verge of cumming
again. He kept switching back and forth until I finally
busted out with another orgasm. Both times he got me off
with his tongue only and never used his fingers.

Ernie got up and grabbed us both another beer as we laid there
and watched TV for a little bit before he asked me to pose
for him for some more pics. He took a full body pic of me laying
on my back holding my legs up in the air spread wide and a close
up of my pussy. After he took them he laid beside me playing
with my tits and alternating sucking on them while playing
with my legs and stomach while I was fondling him. After
a while he massaged my legs before he started fingering
me while his thumb rubbed my clit and moved beside me to nibble
on my tits. Soon I thought I was going to cum again feeling
him wiggling his fingers inside me but he stopped a little
bit too soon asking me to get on top of him in a 69. He wrapped
his arms around my legs putting his hands on my cheeks spreading
them wide apart for a minute to apparently give my privates
a good long closeup examination telling me how great the
view was. As I was sucking him I was wondering when he start
eating me. I really didn’t want to suck him off again because
I was afraid if I got him off he might not get hard anytime
soon to fuck me. However on the opposite side if I got him
off maybe I wouldn’t have to worry about anal. Ernie then
moved his hands to spread my pussy wide open and eat me as
I continued sucking and licking him while fondling his
balls. Ernie soon moved on to licking my clit as he started
fingering me and as soon as I knew I was gonna cum I started
slamming my head up and down on his dick thinking he wanted
to get off too. I had a great orgasm but soon after I stopped
shaking he rolled me off before I got him off again. He had
me lay sideways on the bed with my legs spread hanging over
the bed with my feet on the other bed saying he was ready to
fuck me now but first he wanted to take a picture and asked
me to use one hand to spread my pussy with. I’ve never been
the type of girl to touch myself and it aggravates Wayne
that I don’t when we fuck but out of being horny I used my hand
to spread my pussy apart for Ernie to take the pic. He stood
behind the other bed and took the picture before he crawled
over and put my legs on his shoulders as I felt his dick touching
my leg knowing I was about to finally get fucked by Ernie.
I closed my eyes as he took one hand and started smacking
and rubbing his dick around the outside of my pussy. Then
I felt him slide the head of his dick in asking if that was
what I wanted. I said yes and he slammed the rest in my pussy
to my delight. Ernie fucked me standing at the side of the
bed for a while before he moved me to where we were both on
the bed fucking missionary style. Every now and then he
would roll me up raising my ass off the bed with my feet above
my head like Wayne usually does and just pound me stopping
from time to time balls deep to kiss me.

Before he would get off he asked me to get on the bed doggystyle
and thinking he wanted to try anal now I assumed the position
and put my hands on my cheeks spreading my ass wide as if I
was inviting him to assfuck me. I expected to feel Ernie
putting lube on me and was ready to give up my ass to him but
really just wanted to get it over with. To my surprise what
I felt instead was Ernie putting his dick back in my pussy
and just pound me from behind with his balls slapping real
loud. He kept stopping from time to time staying balls deep
before we later returned to fucking missionary style again.
With my legs on his shoulders I was ready to cum and reached
around and started playing with his balls after he took
one hand and started playing with my clit. That lasted for
about a minute and knowing I was about to cum I told him not
to stop. He rolled me up and started pounding me as fast as
he could go. Just as I started quivering like crazy below
him I heard him moan as he shoved it all the way in and felt
his first few streams of cum splashing inside me before
he continued fucking me for a few minutes longer.

After that we took another break and talked for a while and
Ernie told me to thank Wayne and asked how much longer I could
stay and I told him we never set a time limit and he said he
was starved asking me if I wanted something to eat. We ended
up having a pizza delivered and ate it as we continued talking
and drinking before he went out on the balcony naked. I told
him he forgot his clothes but he said to come on out, that
we were on the top floor and nobody could see us. I looked
at the alarm clock in the room and noticed it was after 9 P.M.
and wondered where all the time had went and got up to join
him on the balcony looking down on what was now pretty much
nighttime city lights until he decided he was ready to go
at it again asking if I was ready for another round

I was afraid to ask what he had in mind because I knew he hadn‘t
asked for anal yet even though he had mentioned it many times
in past if we ever fucked. I just said sure and he asked me
to lay on the bed so he could eat me some more. I laid there
as he did that for a long time before using his fingers on
me until he gave me another orgasm. Then he climbed on top
of me pouring some lube between my tits and had me hold them
together and started tit fucking me. I don’t know if he was
ready to cum again or not when asked if he could cum on my face
and I told him no. He asked why and I said my hair is too hard
to do and didn’t want to wash it again plus I didn’t bring
my curling iron and other stuff. Of course Ernie said he
would only cum on my face if I’d get on my knees but I told him
that I wasn’t into getting facials. With that he stopped
and went to the sink and washed his dick. When he came back
he asked me to lay on the bed where my head was hanging over
the edge so he could mouthfuck me and I did teasing him laying
there with my mouth open wide. Ernie told me not to move and
grabbed the camera taking a couple of pics of me before he
leaned over and started mouthfucking me holding himself
up with one hand while fingering me with the other. His dick
was soon rock hard again in my mouth and I felt like I was gonna
cum yet again as I put one hand up to play with his balls to
keep them away to help me breathe easier. Then he asked me
to keep my hands away as he grabbed the camera to get a couple
of pics while mouthfucking me. Ernie must have had some
of Wayne in him because as he was taking the pics he said,
“Make sure your husband sees these.”

Since Ernie hadn’t asked for anal yet I thought if I got him
off again he might not be able to get hard again for anal so
as he mouthfucked me I was reaching around grabbing his
ass pulling him to me trying to get him to cum in my mouth again.
Before either of us did cum again though he stopped and backed
away and grabbed the anal eazy off the other bed smiling
at me asking if I knew what time it was and I was suddenly wishing
I’d let Ernie cum all over my face when he titfucked me but
as always hindsight is 20/20. Ernie asked me to bend over
and spread the ass he’d been dying to fuck and he’d rub in
some in. I’d been assfucked by Wayne before but really never
cared for it because it had never done anything for me except
mostly hurt. Since I’d already promised Ernie that if we
ever fucked he could try anal it was now time to bend over
and make good on my offer.

Knowing Ernie’s dick was the same size as Wayne’s I bent
over the bed spreading my ass knowing that unless Ernie
did something wrong I was about to take it up the ass and wanted
to get it over with as fast as possible. I had voices going
off in my head arguing with each other as he applied the anal
eazy and was poking a finger in my ass. One voice was saying
I don’t want to do this and another other was saying that
I knew before I knocked on the hotel door that I was gonna
get assfucked. Meanwhile I also kept hearing Wayne telling
me as I left not to come home without a load of Ernie’s cum
in my ass.

Ernie said to wait a few minutes to let it take effect and
asked me to get on he bed in the doggy style position for another
picture and I did noticing a flash from him taking my picture
from behind me. Then he asked me to get on my knees for a minute
or two and get him good and hard for my ass and I sucked him
like crazy grabbing his ass and was literally giving myself
a mouthfucking while he just stood there enjoying it. After
maybe a minute he grabbed the back of my head telling me to
let him take control slamming my forehead into his stomach
and holding me there a couple of times until I gagged. I was
moving my tongue as fast as I could hoping I’d get him off
but all I did was get him harder for anal. Soon Ernie asked me to get on the side of the bed with my feet and
ass hanging over the edge. I did and putting my head on the
bed I put my hands on my ass holding it spread as wide apart
as I could hoping it would make the assfucking I was about
to get easier on me. I felt kind of upset knowing he what he
was about to do to me but horny enough that I knew I was going
to let him do it.

Then I saw another flash as he took a pic of me holding my ass
apart and asked how many guys had assfucked me and I told
him only Wayne had done it and that an old boyfriend with
a long skinny dick had tried it once but we didn’t have lube
and it hurt too much. Ernie said that if he got too rough to
let him know and he’d slow down and I thought to myself that
if I told him that he would just slow down and it would just
take longer. Wanting to get it over with I decided I wouldn’t
say anything to possibly make it last longer and would try
to take whatever he dished out. He started by putting his
dick in my pussy and pulling it out over and over before I
felt him putting what he said was more anal easy on my ass.
He kept screwing me while sticking a finger in my ass and
after a while I took my hands off my ass and was holding myself
up with my elbows when he put his thumb in my ass continuing
to screw me which soon set me off for another orgasm. He knew
I was getting off and asked if I was ready for something bigger
in my ass and I said yes.

Holding his dick over my ass he started pouring lube on it
and a lot was dripping off onto my ass. When he started rubbing
his dick all over my ass I returned to holding my cheeks apart
still hoping to make it easier on me. Then I felt him poking
at my ass with his dick as he took another pic. I jumped away
a few times telling him to take it easy before he put the camera
down to hold the base of his dick with one hand and my hip with
the other to try and keep me from jumping away. After lining
up his dick with my ass and using a little pressure he wrapped
both arms around my waist and gave a quick push popping his
dick in my ass as I moaned and started kicking my legs trying
jump away unsuccessfully. Ernie had a death grip around
my waist and told me not to move for a few minutes to let me
get used to it. Then he slowly started assfucking me but
only doing halfway in strokes before finally releasing
his grip on me telling me how tight it was and how good it felt
while I was trying not to moan in pain. Then without warning
he wrapped his arms around my waist and slammed it in all
the way and I groaned and tried to get away. He said that was
what he wanted to hear and pulled back doing it over and over
again as I moaned and groaned with each thrust. He was now
pounding me hard and fast going balls deep each time while
still holding his arms around my waist and I was regretting
that I had promised he could try anal if we ever fucked. In
his excitement one time he ended up backing off too far and
it popped out and I heard him say shit and I wished he’d have
kept it in because now I knew he’d want to put it in again.
Finally he got it in again using more lube and waited for
me to adjust before starting with slow halfway in strokes
again until he was pounding away again. Ernie had a couple
of times where he would stop leaving just the head of it in
my ass to pour on more lube only to slam it all the way back
in after a few minutes, sometimes keeping it balls deep
for a minute before moving. A couple of those times he didn’t
warn me and other times he would ask if I was ready to which
I would brace myself and say yes hoping this would be the
time he would cum in my ass and get it over with. One of those
times he reached around grabbing my tits saying it was a
shame that I’d only been assfucked by Wayne adding that
a lot of guys would love to feel what he’s feeling right now.
Ernie later pulled out again and I told him not to pull out
again unless he’s done because it hurt. He apologized saying
he just wanted to do it missionary style. So over on my back
I went taking his dick up my ass for the third time knowing
my husband will also want to fuck me in the ass when I get home.

Ernie raised my legs up putting them on his shoulders with
his dick laying on my clit and poured on more lube before
he was in my ass again and pounding away. I remember thinking
that since he’d already gotten off twice earlier it might
take him longer to get off this time and started wishing
we had done this first so it wouldn’t last so long. Then he
kept holding my ankles spreading my legs apart like he was
trying to make a wish or something, sometimes letting one
leg go to stick a finger in my pussy and/or rubbing my clit.
Every now and then he would shove it all in completely and
stop for a minute laying on top of me and kissing me saying
how good his dick felt in my ass. While he was also fingering
me and playing with my clit I felt like if he did it long enough
I might get off but after a while he stopped and started concentrating
on the assfucking he was giving me while rubbing my legs
and pouring more lube on from time to time. After we were
in the missionary position for about 15 minutes or so I wasn’t
in as much pain as I was before and felt like I was getting
close to cumming. But it seemed like every time I started
to get that feeling Ernie would stop and lean down to kiss
me keeping his dick balls deep in my ass and I‘d lose the feeling.
Sometimes he would start back up slow and other times he
would pull back slow only to slam it in.

The last time he stopped to lean down and kiss me I wrapped
my legs and arms around his back and he asked asked if I was
enjoying it I said “I am now.” He asked what I meant by that
and I said at first it hurt but now it was a good hurt. Ernie
started back up again putting my legs back on his shoulders
going slow for a long time and I knew I was getting closer
to cumming. I opened my eyes to look at him and although I
wasn’t saying it verbally with each stroke I was saying
to myself “Fuck me.” I guess maybe it was the newness of fucking
someone else other than my husband that excited me and I
remember thinking about the smile I’d see on Wayne’s face
when I told him Ernie assfucked me and how I let Ernie be in
total control and bang my ass however he wanted. Right toward
the end we had both worked up a good sweat and it had been a
long time since he’d played with my pussy or clit and suddenly
I started breathing faster and he knew I was about to cum
and asked if I liked getting assfucked. I said yes and told
him not to stop when he asked if he could cum in my ass. I said
yes and he raised my ass up off the bed rolling me up and putting
my feet way above my head and pounded my asshole.

When I knew I was gonna cum I couldn’t believe I was about
to get off from an assfucking, let alone that I was loving
the feeling of Ernie slamming his dick in and out of my ass.
He had me pinned down and was giving me a punishing assfuck
with his hands above my head holding himself up while pressing
my legs so far back that my feet were hitting the wall. My
legs were now hurting more than my ass ever did as most of
his weight was pushing on the backs of my legs as he continued
to try and pound me through the mattress. I went from wanting
to get it over with and not liking it to loving it and telling
him not to stop. Ernie was drilling away like I was a cheap
hooker when he asked if I was ready for him to cum in my ass.
I said yes and soon heard him moan as I felt him start shooting
his load in my ass which set me off for the most awesome orgasm
I think I’ve ever had. Ernie kept pounding away as I quivered
below him and like I said before I guess maybe it was the newness
of fucking someone else other than my husband that excited
me. Maybe it was getting off from anal? Maybe both but whatever
it was I was glad it happened and I‘ll never forget it. By
the time we were done Ernie had used the whole bottle of lube
and more than an hour had passed by.

Ernie then collapsed on top of me still holding my legs up
with his arms around them now kissing me and leaving his
dick in my ass and asked if Wayne would be glad to hear I’d
gotten assfucked and I said yes. After about 30 seconds
Ernie started fucking my ass again but soon lost his hardness
and climbed off of me to the relief of my legs saying I had
the tightest ass he ever fucked. I asked him how many asses
he'd fucked and he said including his wife mine was
the fifth and he remembered the other 3 like it was yesterday.
Ernie said that ever since I said he could try anal he had
thought about the other girls admitting that one of them
was a prostitute that happened long before he got married
and one was an old girlfriend in his younger days who loved
anal and the other was a one night stand and added that it
had been 5 years or more since he last fucked his wife in the
ass. I was going to ask him when was the last time they had
sex but before I could he said that his wife for the most part
had clammed up their sex life and that it had been months
since they had sex. Ernie also told me that each time he stopped
to kiss me he was stopping because he was on the verge of cumming
and didn’t want to cum yet hoping that if he did it long enough
I’d get off from it too and also admitted to doing that when
he fucked my pussy.

Ernie then wanted me to join him in a quick shower, which
I did but told him I didn’t want to get my hair wet. We washed
each other (some areas more than others) and then had another
beer and chit chat. I looked at my watch by the bed and saw
it was midnight and he noticed and asked if I had to leave
and I said I should be leaving soon. Ernie asked if we could
fuck one more time before I left and I said ok and he took a
couple pics while fucking my pussy in the missionary position
but was having a problem staying hard now and finally gave
up. So I got a washrag to wash him off and he asked what I was
doing as I laid on the other bed with my head hanging over
the edge and told him to finish the mouthfucking he started
earlier and I’d get him off again one way or another before
I left. I was later regretting it because it ended up making
my jaw ache because it took almost a half hour. Finally when
he said he was going to cum he pressed my head against the
bed pushing his dick as far into my mouth as he could and started
cumming and I swallowed my second load of Ernie’s cum for
the evening. Then just when I thought we were done he got
an idea for more pics. The balcony! So he took a few pics of
me on the balcony.

Then we went back inside, got dressed and said our goodbyes
and I told him Wayne’s offer of a three way probably still
stands if he ever changes his mind. Ernie said if he can get
away from his wife again he’d love to fuck me again but that
he’s not into being naked with another guy around and with
that I kissed him goodbye and headed home calling Wayne
as I drove away. Wayne asked if we’d been fucking the whole
time and I told him that we were most of the time and Wayne
said to wait until I got home to tell him anymore.

Back at home Wayne grabbed another bottle of lube since
Ernie had used the whole bottle I took with me and crawled
between my legs to eat me but unlike Ernie, Wayne had me put
the black hose back on. Wayne lubed up one of his fingers
poking me in the ass while he ate me and I got off again feeling
horny as I told him everything Ernie and I had done. My story
lasted long past my orgasm but Wayne kept eating me until
I was done talking and he’d ask questions from time to time.
One of them was if I really let Ernie have his way during anal
and I said yes. When I was finished telling Wayne everything
that happened he said that now that I had my fun, he was going
to have his and that meant he wasn’t going to be trying to
get me off assfucking me like Ernie but he hoped I did. I said
that’s ok because I had so many orgasms already I didn’t
think I could have another.

Wayne fucked my ass so slow I thought he was trying to keep
from cumming too fast. It was around 3 in the morning when
I dozed off waking up to the feeling of him raising one of
my legs to tie it to the top bedpost. He had already tied both
of my hands to it and then went on to tie up my other leg. I asked
why he was doing that and if he had got off yet and he said he
wasn’t done and did it to raise my ass off the bed spread wide
and that I was now gonna take an assfucking like a bad girl
deserves. Wayne poured more lube on his dick before he put
it at the entrance of my ass and slammed it in as I let out a

Then Wayne proceeded to pump my ass like there was no tomorrow
pulling out to where only the head was in and slamming it
back in over and over. I kept moaning telling him it hurt
but he didn’t care and just kept pounding my ass asking questions
like if I liked getting assfucked by Ernie. I answered yes
to all his questions until I felt him unloading in my ass.
I figured it was over when he bent down and kissed me and told
me he loved me. I said I loved him too and that Ernie wanted
to tell him thanks. He left me there, legs and arms still
tied to the bedpost as he got up to get the camera out of the
bag. I thought he was gonna take pics but instead he was looking
at the ones Ernie took and got all horny again and lubed up
to do my ass again. I asked what he was doing and he said looking
at the pics of me sucking and fucking Ernie made him so horny
he had to do it again. I told him that there were no face pics
of Ernie because he didn’t want any to show up on the internet
and that I didn‘t agree to letting him fuck my ass twice but
being tied up I couldn’t very well stop him. I tried moving
my ass from left to right to stop him but finally gave up knowing
Wayne wasn’t going to stop trying or untie me until he did
it again. The second time he fucked my ass was a lot quicker
because there was nothing slow about it. Wayne fucked my
ass fast from start to finish this time never slowing down
and talking dirty about me having had sex with Ernie until
I felt the his second load shooting in my ass. It was a record
day for me that still stands, 7 loads of which 3 were in my
stomach, 3 in my ass and 1 in my pussy.

We had sex at least once a day for a long time after that and
Wayne said he hopes I’ll be able to change Ernie’s mind about
a threesome or find someone else on here or anywhere for
that matter, unlike AL who I covered in the last chapter.

Anyway I didn’t have any more affairs until I fucked Ernie
for a second time so chapter 14 will tell about that.

Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to vote, Mary

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Wow... Way to long (I could have used that speed reading
course) but worth IT. One HOT lady Having some fun. Hope
to see ya around.


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True dome1time but girl meets supervisor, hubby lets girl
fuck supervisor, supervisor fucks girl in ass doesn’t
quite explain how it all really happened


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My cock was hard all the way through. Thank you for a very
good story. Yours are still the best on here. I can't
wait for the next chapter. I just hope your friend Ernie
got to fuck you in that great ass of yours again!


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wow nice story be waitin for more



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I would have no problem being involved in a threesome with
you and your husband. I have no qualms about being naked
with another guy there. And if you really enjoy being eaten,
then I am just what you are looking for as my tongue never
tires out. Just wish that you lived in Arizona.


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I'm on the west coast of Florida and I understand that
you're in Central FL. I may not be your supervisor,
but I'm willing to role play! lol I would love to ass play with you anytime, hell we can even
put on a show for your husband if you'd like... Please see my other profile "SexWithYourWife"
here on AdultFriendFinder. I'll be deleting this one here after the
first of the year. Happy New Year to ALL!



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If you ever want to come over the pond to the UK, I am your man
Mary. I would entertain you and Wayne on my boat in ways you haven't
deamt of babes. An older man like your supervisor Ernie!
Role play and Ass play, all the way an MMF to die for! Staggering stories.... hard and randy as hell for you .
Hope to see you camming on line. Keep those stories coming
as you widen your legs and your sexual experience.