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I reached down and grabbed my cock. It was only semi hard,
but it was slowly getting bigger. It was turning a bit more
red and as I wrapped my fingers around my shaft, the mushroom
shaped head was turning a little more purple. Thoughts of Holly filled my head, I saw her blonde hair and
her green eyes as I slowly stroked my shaft. Seeing images
of Holly in my mind immediately brought me to a full erection.
The thoughts shifted from Holly’s face, to me imagining
taking off her shirt. Holly had nice grapefruit sized breasts,
and a flat stomach. I closed my eyes, and let the tension build as I thought about
having her breasts in my mouth. My hands seemed to take control,
slowly stroking my cock. I fought to keep the pace slow.
I had known Holly my entire life, but this was a new found
attraction for me. Images of her breasts in my mouth shifted to me parting her
legs, and then putting my face in between them. With eyes,
closed, I could see myself smelling her hair, just before
I thrust my tongue as deep into her as I could. I looked up and saw a small amount of pre-cum rolling over
the rounded head of my cock. I gave it a small squeeze as I
realized my breathing was getting a little heavier. Not
having a specific place to focus my sexual energy, my hand
wanted to speed up, to build to a climax, but I wouldn’t allow
that. I kept the pace slow, and continued to imagine the
things that I wanted to do with her. Before closing my eyes again, I switched hands. Instead
of grabbing myself with my right hand, I grabbed my cock,
with my left. It felt a little awkward, being right handed,
but the difference in how the hand gripped my shaft brought
me pleasure. In my thoughts, I could hear Holly begging me to enter her
from behind. I imagined her getting on her hands and knees
on my bed, and entering her from behind. She began to moan.
In my imagination I could hear everything, hear her moans,
hear the slapping of my balls against her as I thrust in and
out. My imagination was getting wilder, and my hand had begun
to speed up involuntarily. I was so hot now that there wasn’t
anything I could do to stop my pace. I could feel a tightening somewhere deep inside of me. I
didn’t want to cum. I wanted to control it, to somehow hold
it in, push it back. I tried with all my might as my climax
built deep inside me. My head began to swim and cum burst
from the head of my cock as I lost the battle to remain in control.
I clenched my butt muscles and as much as I could, and within
my cock I tried not to burst again, but I lost control again,
and the pleasure was so great that I let out a deep gasp of
breath. Cum shot from my cock, and flew in the air. It seemed to fly
higher than it normally did when I masturbated. I certainly
was more turned on by the images than usual. I continued
stroking my cock, making sure all of my cum was drained.
Ever so slowly my cock was going soft, and I lay in my bed breathing
hard and thinking about this blonde beauty that I so wanted.

Later that night I went bowling. The group was all there.
They consisted mostly my guy friends, and a few of their
wives. I was waiting for my frame, when Diana, a friends
wife came to stand next to me. “Doc, can I ask you something?”
“Sure, ” I responded. “What do you think of Holly?” She asked. The question kind of surprised me, but without missing
a beat, I said “What do you mean? I have known her my entire
life.” “Well she came over earlier, and asked to be invited tonight.
When I asked her why, she said Doc, likes me…I just know he
does. Then she left. I think she was embarrassed about inviting
herself out tonight.” “well, I don’t know what to…” I started, and then noticed
Holly holding pair of bowling shoes and walking towards
our lanes. “thanks for the tip Diana, ” I finished. The night was fun. I bowled a 240, which for me was phenomenal.
Nobody seemed to notice that Holly was there, or that we
had been flirting all night. I would have thought everyone
would have noticed, we were the only two single people bowling
in the group. When the night was over Rob, Diana’s husband asked me to
take her home because he was working graveyard shifts all
week. It turned out that Holly needed a ride home too. I was going to drop Diana off first, and then take Holly home,
hoping for a little alone time with Holly. When I got to Diana’s
house she asked “do you guys want to come in for a beer?” I
thought this was a little strange, seeing that Diana was
the one giving me the tips about Holly. In fact it had seemed
like she had wanted Holly and I to get together. If that was
the case then why was she inviting us over for a beer? I was about to tell her no, when Holly seeming very excited,
told her that we would love to come in for a beer. I didn’t
know what to do, so I followed Holly’s lead. We followed Diana into the house and soon we were sitting
around having a nice chat and sipping our beers. As the conversation continued, I found myself, sneaking
glimpses of Holly. When she wasn’t looking I was checking
out her breasts, or her ass. When I was talking to her, I was
making sure that she was looking in my eyes, knowing (mostly
from my earlier conversation with Diana) that I had a good
chance to be with her. I remembered earlier in the day when I had fantasized about
Holly and that began to turn me on. I didn’t know what to do,
I didn’t want to make a move on Holly while Diana was there.
In the end, I grabbed my beer, headed to the sofa and sat down.
The ladies came in and sat down with me. As the night wore
one, we all seemed to keep consuming more and more beer.
My thoughts seemed to slow down, and before I know it I was
asleep. I don’t know what time it was when I woke up, and I was a little
disoriented. I looked around and Diana was sitting in a
chair across from where I was on the sofa. Holly wasn’t anywhere
in site. “Holly is asleep in my bed, ” Diana said. “Oh…I’m sorry I didn’t mean to crash…I think I will go…”
I felt a little awkward. I was really hoping to get at Holly,
but it didn’t seem like I would get the chance now. “You don’t have to. In fact I would rather you stay.” Diana
said. She then started in on how her and Rob were going to
get divorced. I was kind of shocked. When she saw my surprised
expression she told me that they had kept it a secret from
everyone. In fact, Rob had already started seeing someone
else. Now I felt really uncomfortable. Rob was my friend. I only
knew Diana because of Rob. I didn’t know what to say so I just
kind of nodded my head and tried to look sympathetic. Not
knowing what to do I was about to say something when she got
up and went into the other room. Man I was feeling the dilemma.
The girl I wanted was asleep in the other room, and here was
my friends hot wife, trying to turn me into one of her chick
friends by venting to me. That was never a good sign. Getting
divorced or not it wasn’t a good sign. I made the decision to just get up and leave, when Diana came
back with a glass full of ice water. She put it on the end table
close to where I was and said “This might help you before
you drive home.” I took a swallow and as I was putting it down, Diana walked
up towards me. I looked up at her and she was standing in front
of where I was sitting, looking down at me. I looked up, and
before I know it she was straddling me. She put her hands
on my chest and her eyes never left mine. “I was askeing about
Holly earlier cause I’ve thought about you for awhile.”
“Thought about me?” Diana finally looked, away, she looked bashful, and blushed
“fantasized, I guess.” “You guess?” I asked, acting incredulous. I felt a stirring
in my pants. I certainly had fantasized about Diana, but
that was just a fantasy, she was my friend’s wife. “No, I fantasized. When you didn’t seem to answer my question,
I thought I might take a shot.” So many thoughts were now racing through my head, I guess
I didn’t make a decision fast enough. Diana leaned in and
kissed me, here hands resting lightly on my chest. Her tongue
lightly searched for mine, and I followed her lead. We continued
to kiss, and it was nice. I put my hands on the sides of her
stomach, and gently began massaging them. Diana broke our kissing and moved to my ear. She began to
kiss it and nibble on it. My cock started to get hard within
my jeans. Diana was really doing a job on my ear. I usually
took the lead in my sexual forays, but this role reversal
was very hot, and I wasn’t going to rock the boat. Her kissing moved to my neck and her hands moved to rub my
chest. As she continued kissing and breathing on my neck,
her hands reached down and began to pull my shirt up over
my head. She stopped kissing me long enough to get my shirt
off and then she began kissing my neck again. This time her
hands massaged my chest, and she played with my chest hair.
Needless to say that all thoughts of Holly left my mind.
Diana’s kissing moved lower to the crook of my neck. Hot
breath roamed my neck as Diana kissed it, lightly caressing
my chest at the same time. My breathing increased. “mmm
that’s nice, “ I said. She didn’t stop, and she continued
to kiss and nibble on my neck. I could hear her breathing
get louder, and I know that she was enjoying herself too!
Then she slid off of my lap. She took off my shoes and socks
and started to rub my feet. Damn it felt nice. I hadn’t ever
had anyone give me a foot massage before, but I was all for
it! I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. I knew I was getting
the royal treatment, and for once I was going to enjoy it!
Diana massaged both of my feet, and somehow, I didn’t lose
my growing lust for her. She took her time, and it was obvious
to me that she was skilled at it. I don’t know how long it was,
but it seemed to go on forever. I think I heard her move, more than felt her move, but when
she was done massaging my feet, she moved in between my legs
and I looked down at her and smiled as she began to unbutton
my jeans. She unbuttoned the first button, and then kissed
my lower abdomen right above where the button was. I closed
my eyes again, and I couldn’t hold back the small groan that
escaped my lips. She slowly began unzipping my fly, still
gently kissing the abs. I began to run my hands through her hair and when she looked
up at me I knew that she needed help getting my jeans off.
I lifted my butt off the sofa long enough for Diana to pull
my jeans and boxers down in one swift motion. My cock sprang
to attention. It was long, thick, and reddish-purple.
It’s iron toughness was a sign that Diana was very skilled
at what she was doing. My ragged breathing continued as
she took my plants completely off and threw them aside.
Diana again turned her attention to me. She looked me in
the eye, and her hands massaged my thighs. I shuddered in
anticipation. I wanted her mouth on me, I wanted to bury
myself deep inside her. I wanted to lick her all over, and
all of her clothes were still on! All I could do was sit and enjoy the tingling sensations
that were coursing through my body as she massaged my thighs.
Diana finally grabbed my erect cock, and her cold hand on
my warm cock caused me to gasp and from then on my moans flowed
freely. Slowly her hand moved up and down, and her other
hand gently cupped my balls. I could feel her breath on my shaft as she let the heat flow
around my cock in anticipation of her mouth on it. Another
shudder flowed through my body and her mouth enveloped
the mushroom tip of my cock. I rested my hand on the back of
her head as she slowly took more of me into her mouth. I could
feel her tongue on the underside of my pole, and she began
to move it in ways I had never felt before. She was good, and I could hear myself moan. I usually am not
the loudest guy in the world, but that night I was highly
aware of how loud I was. I was hoping that she liked it. I certainly
was enjoying her slow motions, up and down on my cock. I tried to play with her hair, but concentration was hard,
and so was my cock. It seemed to get harder the more she attended
to it. Her hands massaged my thighs, and she took her mouth
off of my cock, and began to lick up and down it. She would
then move back to my cock, and begin sucking on it, and licking
it, working her magic as her hands roamed, my balls, thighs,
calves. “I want you to cum in my mouth!” she said looking
up from her knees. I looked down at her and smiled. She went back to work on my
manhood, and I continued to enjoy every second of it. I lost
track of time, and my whole body could feel the pleasure
as it ran like a river from my cock and into the rest of my body.
“Diana…Diana…Oh.” I couldn’t stop. I could feel myself
nearing a climax. I wanted to hold it back. I didn’t want
her to stop, and I was fighting to keep from cumming. She was pulling out all of her stops as I felt my head knocking
the back of her throat. I looked at her again, and here was
this sandy haired beauty, who I had thought about as I masturbated
numerous times, going down on me. Her hand was on my balls
and began massaging them more vigorously, she could tell
I was almost ready to cum. “Diana…I’m about…” I couldn’t get words out. I could feel
my cum course through my cock and I strained to try to hold
it in, but it wasn’t enough. Cum mingled with her saliva
as it shot into her mouth and continued to mix as she didn’t
miss a beat. She continued to go up and down on me, as one burst
of cum and then another shot from my cock. “uhhh…don’t stop.” I said and pushed her head keeping her
going. Somehow once my load was in her mouth, the feelings
of pleasure increased, and I felt the best I had all night.
I don’t know how it felt better after I came, but I did. Soon, her licking and sucking slowed, and she stopped,
looking up at me. There was a smile on her face, and her eyes
were bright. She squeezed my thighs and began to stand.
I stood to meet her. Her hands again studied my chest hair
as we stood looking at each other. I bent my head to her neck
and began kissing it. It was time for her to receive pleasure
from me. My hands reached down and pulled her shirt over her head.
She stood there in a black bra, and jeans and I looked her
up and down, as I placed one hand on her stomach and again
began breathing and kissing her neck. I let my hot breath
roam around her neck as I caressed her stomach with my hand.
Diana reached down and began to undo her pants, and I let
her take them off. She was wearing matching black panties
which sent a tingling to my loins again. I pulled Diana to,
me and I began to unclasp her bra. Her huge breasts fell free
from her bra, and I cupped one of them in my hand. A slight
moan escaped her lips and I turned her around and put her
on the couch where I had been. This time I knelt between her legs, and she was short enough
that when sitting on the edge of the couch, my head was level
with her breasts. I took one in my hand and gently caressed
it, doing my best to be sensitive to the things that turned
her on. I breathed my breath on the nipple of the other one.
It got hard in front of me. Ever so slowly I licked just on
the nipple, up the side, and then down the other. I spiraled
my tongue around the nipple, careful not to touch the rest
of the breast. The palm of my other hand was working the other breast to
the best of my ability. I would, cup caress, and tenderly
touch her breast. The whole time I was listening to her breathe,
and to moan, noting the things that seemed to turn her on
the most. I then took as much of her breast in my mouth as I could. “ahhh..”
a gasp burst from Diana, as I trapped the nipple of her breast
between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. “uuhh Doc…please…”
she started to say. I didn’t hear much after that because
she wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me onto her
breast with more violence than I expected. After minutes of engaging in the breast play, I began to
kiss lower. I kissed her chest, her stomach, her belly button.
Then I reached the waistband of her black panties. I began
pulling them off, and she moved to help me. I tossed them
aside and turned back to Diana, I pulled her legs over my
shoulders and she was on the couch just enough. I looked
at her and smiled, and then I buried my face into her wet pussy.
“AHhh…” was what I heard, and she immediately grabbed my
head and began pulling my hair, trying to get me closer (if
that was possible) to her. I licked her once, knowing that
if I went slow it would drive her nuts. That is what I did.
I licked her pussy, and tasted her juices. Then I stuck a
finger in her, at the same time I began licking all around,
again searching for the spot the would most drive her nuts.
I pushed my tongue into her as much as I could, and as she began
to squirm I was getting horny again. My cock, hearing her
moans, and feeling her writhing, was beginning to get hard
again. I stopped for a moment, and immediately she was tying to
push my head to her again. I picked up the glass, that had
the ice water in it, got a cube of ice, and went back to work.
“Ahh ahh Ahh ahh AHH!” Diana got louder as I parted her pussy
lips with it, having my tongue and a piece of ice in her cunt
at the same time. She began to writhe even more, and the places that I could
massage at the same time as I went down on her with the ice,
I did. My cock was now erect as I found her clitoris with the
piece of ice, and every inch of her was shaking uncontrollably.
I knew that she was cumming. She was loud, couldn’t talk,
and couldn’t stop shuddering. It didn’t stop me from continuing
my work. The ice began to melt, and mingle with her natural body juices,
but it didn’t matter, I licked them up anyway. Soon the ice
was melted, and I kept on licking and thrusting my tongue
in her. My fingers found a way in her, and I massaged her legs,
and breasts as I was doing my best to return the favor she
had shown me. ‘Doc Doc Doc….I’ve cum twice…I need you to stop a moment, ”
she said. I did as she was asked, but I had a raging hard on
and I still wanted to lick and suck her, but I wanted other
things as well. Sweat covered our bodies, and she took her legs off of my
shoulders. She sat up and took, a breath. I stood up, and
my cock was again near her face. It was at full attention
as she said “damn that is beautiful!” she stroked it again,
and I knew it was time for something else. I was about to take control of the situation again, but Diana
put her hand in my chest and pushed me back onto the sofa.
This time I lay down and she climbed above me. She grabbed
my cock and steadied it as she slowly impaled herself on
it. The tip pushed in and her pussy was tight. I was amazed
that she didn’t just throw herself on me. She was in control
and slowly slid herself down my pole. My cock was enveloped in her pussy and my cock felt warm as
her juices surrounded them and I gasped when she finally
had me all inside her. I grabbed her hips as she began to ride
me at a slow excruciating pace. I looked up at her and again
she was looking in my eyes. The eye contact didn’t last long
as she closed her eyes and began to let out a moan. The extreme slowness of her pace built the tension inside
me and I closed my eyes as a groan burst from somewhere deep
inside me. I held onto Diana, and she was extremely patient
and deliberate in how she moved on top of me. Another groan
burst forth, and I heard her cry out at the same time. “Sounds like you two are having a lot of fun…I am just wondering
why I wasn’t invited.” I heard a voice say. I was quite surprised, and I opened my eyes to see Holly standing
there naked. Her breasts were better looking then I imagined
and I couldn’t see any hair between her legs. She was pointing
at us as if we were being naughty children…and we were…naughty,
at least. Diana’s slow pace stopped and we both looked at each other,
wondering what we were going to do next. “Diana, I don’t
think your husband is going to like this situation. Doc,
you are being a bad, bad boy. What am I going to have to do to
make this right?” Holly was now right next to the sofa looking at us, still
waving her finger around like the naughty children we were.
I was starting to lose the mood, and Diana looked like she
was going to cry. “Holly, please… don’t tell…ahh..” Diana started to ask
Holly not to tell Rob, but her begging was interrupted by
a moan of delight. Holly had reached up and grabbed one of
Diana’s breasts and began to caress it. Diana’s eyes closed again as Holly massaged her breast
and nipple. That was all the invitation I needed. From where
I lay, I reached out and began to massage the back of Holly’s
leg. Diana began riding me slowly again. Holly leaned in and gave Diana a kiss. I was trying to pull
Holly toward me and she let herself be pulled to me. I began
to kiss the side of her leg as she was making-out and fondling
Diana. When they broke their kiss, Holly climbed up and got on my
face. I immediately began to lick her pussy. I wrapped my
arms around her legs and did my best to drive my tongue into
her as deep as I could go. I know that Holly and Diana were
making out as Diana’s pace began to increase as she was riding
me. I tried to massage Holly’s legs as best I could…it was hard…the
three of us were doing our best to enjoy each other. At times
Diana’s bucking would bring me such pleasure that I couldn’t
concentrate, and I would stop licking Holly, while I know
that there were times when Holly would caress or kiss Diana
in such a way that she would stop, and the same happened to
Holly as I would find some spot in her pussy that drove her
mad. All the sounds of our moans, and groans, blended together
creating a chorus that seemed to echo throughout the room.
I couldn’t tell who was who, and if I thought my head was swimming
earlier, it definitely was now. I don’t know how long this
was lasting, but after a time I heard Holly’s voice cut through
the choir of moans. “If you cum Doc, will you be able to get
it up again? I want to feel you inside me.” Neither Diana or Holly heard my response as my face was still
buried in Holly’s lap. I knew that I could, but they didn’t.
I prided myself on being able to go at least three times a
night. I had masturbated early enough that it wouldn’t
effect me this evening. “Let’s switch up just in case he can’t…” Diana was saying.
Then I felt her and Holly both getting off of me. Diana lay
on the carpeted floor, and immediately Holly put her face
between her legs. Her ass was in the air before me, and I slowly
teased her pussy lips with my cock. She began wiggling,
trying to get my cock inside her as she was going down on Diana.
I finally thrust the tip inside her and then slowly pushed
all the way in. Diana was moaning again, and it wasn’t long
before Holly and I joined in. I was keeping the pace slow.
I wanted to last awhile. I didn’t want either of these beauties
disappointed in the morning. It wasn’t long before I had a nice steady thrusting pace
going. We could hear my balls slapping Holly as she was going
down on Diana. I reached forward and grabbed Holly’s breasts.
She let out a loud cry at that and soon she was trying to wiggle
her ass as I fondled her breasts and thrust as far inside
her as I could. I could barely see Diana’s hands on Holly’s head pushing
it down towards her pussy. “doc…Doc..Doc.. I’m umm surprised…you’ve…lasted
this long” Diana barely got out… “cumm uuhh soon.” I said. “I want uhh your uhh cumm in me.” Diana said. I was on the verge of cumming. I pulled out of Holly and sat
back, my erect cock standing straight in the air, with it’s
slight curve. Holly helped Diana up and she crawled towards
me and, sat in my lap. I was sitting up, and Diana wrapped
all her appendages around me and started going wild. She
tried to impale herself even harder on me. Our sweat mingled
and her moans got louder until she bit my shoulder. I could see Holly looking at me, and I kept my eyes on her as
I could feel my climax coming. “doc, I am cumming..please.
Cum with me..cum with me. Cum” I bucked as hard as I could underneath her and threw my head
back as my load shot from me, exploding into her. “ahh ahh
Ahh ahhhhhh” Diana cried and I kept the pace going, unloading
all I could into her. Again Diana bit me and I slowed my pace
as I began to go limp. Our breathing was heavy and I Diana slumped in my arms. I
could tell that she was well pleased. I was too, but I knew
that Holly was right next to us waiting for something. I
knew I wasn’t going to be able to get it up for a few minutes…but
I had an idea. I whispered into Diana’s ear. She got up and took the glass from the end table. I turned
toward Holly and said “sit on the sofa please.” She did as she was told. Diana came back with a glass in her
hand. It was full of ice. She put it on the end table and I stood
and kissed her. She had already had a piece of ice in her mouth.
She passed it to me. I turned and leaned to kiss Holly. She
could feel the ice in my mouth, and as I broke the kiss I trailed
the ice down her neck and went lower, tracing the ice around
her neck, and nipples, as I sunk between her legs. Her legs parted easy and for the second time that night I
went down on a woman with ice in my mouth. I put it insider
her. I sucked it out of her. I drove my tongue inside of her.
My hands massaged her legs and I could hear her moans get
louder. Holly reached up and pushed against the wall behind her
trying to get my tongue farther into her. She grunted as
she did so and three or four times she pushed against the
wall. The piece of ice melted and I grabbed the glass to get
another one. “Don’t stop.” Holly said as she tried to grab
my head and put it back to her pussy. I put the ice on her again.
“Damn this is hot! Keep getting her hotter doc!” I heard
Diana urging me on and I went down on her with more intensity.
I hadn’t noticed my cock getting harder, but now I did, and
it was so hard it hurt. I was in kind of a weird position and
needed to move. I stood up. I was going to take control again.
I wanted my cock insider her. I tried to get her to stand up, but instead she reached over
grabbed the glass and got a piece of ice. Before I understood
what was going on she had grabbed hold of my cock. Holly pulled
me towards her and put her mouth just on the head of my cock.
The ice was cold and she put it on the tip…I let out a groan.
I almost couldn’t stand. I grabbed her head and she took
more of me in her mouth. I almost came right there as she took
more of me in her mouth. “Let him have it Holly! Show him how good we are. Let him know
we are in control!” I was having an even harder time thinking as I was standing
in front of Holly. She was sitting on the sofa., and my cock
in her mouth while Diana was cheering her on. I didn’t know
how long I could last this way, but surprisingly I wasn’t
ready to cum yet. The two earlier times had prepared me for
this time to be longer. My hands were pushing gently against Holly’s head, urging
her on. I struggled to stay standing as the cold ice slowly
rubbed up my shaft and then back down again. “Ahhh…Ahhhhh.” I groaned as a new sensation tingled in
my ass cheeks. Diana had crawled on her knees behind me and
began licking my ass. I couldn’t handle it any more and my
moans were louder than I can ever remember them. I was doing
my best to keep control of myself, but all hope was lost.
This was ecstasy! Plain and simple. I had never had two women
before and the one was twirling her tongue and ice over my
cock while the other was massaging my legs and licking my
ass. I had never had my ass licked before but it was heavenly.
As soon as Diana started I though my cum was going to spurt
into Holly’s mouth. I didn’t but with every lick I was losing
control. “Diana! Holly! Don’t stop! Please…Uhhh” I called
out. I felt my cum rushing up my through my cock and I couldn’t
even begin to try and stop it. Holly didn’t stop. My cum spurt from me, and she kept going
as if nothing had happened. Holly kept on licking and sucking
and so did Diana. I know my ass cheeks clenched as I tried
to keep the orgasm in me, but Diana licked like a mad dog anyway.
As my cock started to go limp I slid to my knees on the floor.
My head was swimming harder then ever and I know that I had
cried out once or twice during what was one of the sexiest
things that had ever happened to me. I lay on the carpeted floor, and Diana and Holly both put
a head on my chest. They both played with my now limp cock
and balls. I tried to regain my normal breathing. It felt
so nice to be with them. We were all laying there and enjoying
the experience. Diana and Holly began talking about things
they liked as I drifted off to sleep.

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